Erotic Ghost Story (1990) - full transcript

Three vixens have meditated for 1,000 years to able to shed their animal natures and become human. For the final month of their rigors, they have moved near a village where women pray to a god of fertility. One sister visits the god's temple and thinks lustful thoughts. As she leaves, a priest confronts her, warning of dire consequences and of demons that will try to stop the vixens' transformation. Soon, the youngest sister saves a poor scholar from bandits and becomes enamored of him. Each sister visits him, and before long, the youth has made love to all three. After they invite him to stay with them, the playfulness takes a scary turn. Where can they turn for help?

What else do you want?

No more

What's your order, Miss?

All l want is a little rest.
A pot of tea please


Mo, the meat buns in Mao's restaurant

really are big and good

Yes, nice, smooth and big as a bowil

A bowl's not big enough. A teapot

Let me show you the two buns I've just bought

Why are they missing?

How come? I really bought them


Just look around

Get away


have you seen my buns?

Brother, she stole them; she's got them

Stop making trouble here

Keep away, old man!

Give me back my buns


Get away

Miss, they really are tough

They'll get help. Run now!

Faces up

Banker takes all


Damn, what's become of you two?

Brother, a woman did it

You can't beat a woman?

You deserve it

Brother, she's excellent in kung fu


So you suffered a glorious defeat!


Brother, her kung fu is no fun

What? Is she equipped with lots of biceps?

And her chest is a big as a teapot

Yes, it's true

You'll too fall for her low-cutting dress

Let's go

Seeing is believing

It's up there

Try to keep up


How strange

Not her

Damn, is it her or not?

You must mean my sister?

Have you got a sister?

She's Fei-fei carrying an umbrella, right?

Yes, she did carry an umbrella

Miss, your sister has wounded my brother

How are you going to make good the damage?

How did they get hurt?


She's rude

My sister's an arrogant man-hater

She's not as sociable as I am

Are you? Let's...

You're tall and handsome,

and their big brother

'd jump at the chance

Great, let's do it now

Hold it

What? You're changing your mind?

How can l alone

cope with you five?

Never mind, serve me first

They'll join later

- Right, you go first, brother
- Follow the queue

Don't fight

Don't fight I still have 4 sisters over here

Come out

Each of you will have a share

This is for me

She's curvaceous

Possessed by evil spirits!

They've gone

Never thought we could've come upon this

Soon after we come here to seek perfection

Don't ever let sister know about it

or she'll blame us for our behaviour

l won't

Well, where has sister been today?

If the Wutung fairy was any good,

I'd offer a pig

That woman next door said he's good

Is he?

Thank you

Hello, Miss, some candles®?

Why are there only

female worshippers here?

No men?

You must be a stranger here

I've just moved in

Wutung is deity of fertility

Any barren women blessed by
him will be pregnant

Come on

Serve some incense now

He's handsome

Taoist priest, be on your guard


You should be on your guard, Miss

My name is Hsuan Kue

What's your name, Miss?

We're only strangers

Let's not exchange names

One not going straight is not a devout believer

Old Taoist, what are you up 10?

You know what you've done

What have l done?

You were lusty in the presence of Wutung

you may encounter fatal disasters


Why are you picking on me

of all the many female pilgrims?

Is it taboo for me

even to think of it?

That's all right for women in general

- But not for you
- Why?

Women are human. Human and demons can't mix

no matter how you yearn for it

- But you...
- What about me?

You're an accomplished vixen

going about your wicked ways in human form

Your lust in Wutung's presence invites disaster

Woe betide only those who ask for it

Repent now

Enough, old priest, you really have the guts

Watch out!

L can't help if you don't take my word

If anything happens, come to
see me at Pi Tan Falls


Have you cleaned up everything?

We've done it most of the day.
See for it yourself

Those who seek perfection must
be in the right mood

When you're peaceful in mind,
there's peace in your heart

You should understand this principle

Sure, sister,

you've said that repeatedly

Though we're sworn sisters

l mean every word of it

Remember that after 36 days

we may shed our animal frame and be immortal

During this period, monsters,

within or without

may try to ruin us

Guard against this

Don't worry, we'll bear this in mind

How can there be monsters

over here?

Speak of the devil, and the devil appears

How could there

be visitors right now?

Fei-fei, go and see who it is

Greetings, Miss

Who are you looking for, madam?


I!'m your neighbor. My husband is Wang

Let's greet you as Mrs Wang then

As you please

It's spotlessly clean here

Please sit down

Thank you

It's a big house. Only the 3 of you here?

Yes, we three sisters only

Only you three sisters, and not a man?


You really are great

Nowadays cases of women getting pregnant

before marriage are not uncommon

l must be off

Ihey say: Aneighbor is closer
than a distant relative

This is only a courtesy call

Please just tell me if you need anything

Be free to come over to me

Just drop in when you have time

What a busybody

She means welI

Where's she now?

Go over to see how our neighbor is

Three girls have just moved
in as our neighbors

You never go out

How do you know?

Well, you're right

l must go for a walk now

Wait, you haven't answered my question yet

l saw them in the garden

Did you dig a hole over there?

No, I climbed up the wal!

Forgive me, darling

l won't do it again

l really won't do it again

l really won't do it again

I'm finished, I'm finished

The old Buddha's statue's fallen. Why?

He needs a rest after such a long practice

Don't make fun of him

It's late. Let's eat and retire

Help, help!

Don't run!




Stop, or !! chop you dead!


How could you use violence

in broad daylight?

Miss, you've come at the right time

Let me butcher this kid

then take you up the mountain to have fun

Brother, are you all right?

Let's go

Forgive me for touching your body accidentally

Forgive me

Scholar, you had a narrow escape

Don't be formal

l remember now

l was pursued by 3 bandits and fell

l can't remember what followed then

I've driven the bandits away for you

You did?

You're only a frail girl

I've learned boxing from a famous instructor

Who are you?

How did that happen?

Im Wu Ming sitting for the
scholastic examination

I've been studying

in the hut for it

l was going to town to buy
some daily necessities

l came upon these bandits and nearly got killed

May I know your name, Miss?

I'm Pai So-s0

Thanks for your help. I must take leave now

Are you all right?

You can't make it

Don't be silly

You can't go back the way you walk

Let me help you

Proximity between sexes is not decorous

But the sage says: Cases of
emergency are excepted

Come on, let's go

Take care

Thank you, Miss

Here l am. Let me go in now

There's a saying:

"See a good dead through"

GOo in

My humble dwelling

can't admit of distinguished guests

I'm neither a distinguished guest nor a priest

You're a mudman

Go back and change

Yes, Miss, please


l cleaned up for you. Are you satisfied®?

You did that in only a moment

Scholar, girls can do such chores

much more efficiently than men

"Men take charge of outside, women, inside"

is the saying

Do you live here alone?


You cook your own meal every day?


Does that take up much of
your time for studies?

There's no other way out

There is

Let me buy you food and necessities

every other day

No, never

Why not?

I'm too poor to afford an amah

l didn't ask you for wages

l can't feel at ease then

Just pay me $1 every day

Are you serious?

No kidding

- lt still won't work
- Why?

It's inconvenient for us

to live in the same room

If this becomes known

It may affect my name and your chastity

l won't live here long

I just put down

the things and leave

Sister, where have you been the whole day long?

Only for a walk

What's she doing?

Why hasn't sister risen yet?


After breakfast, do your morning lessons

Where are you going?

I'm out for a walk. Don't wait for me

Scholar, anything else you need besides food?


I'm only a poor scholar

Who's it?

Miss Pai?

A burglar for a poor scholar's home?

Who...who are you?


l don't know you

I'm So-so's sister

Why are you here?

To see my sister

l happen to see you taking a bath

You peeped at me when I was taking a bath?

That's misdemeanor

Aren't you ashamed of it?

'm sorry

A girl trespasser

peeping at a bathing man

Have you no shame?

This is my study

Please go now

Go now

That man scolded you?

And he loudly threw me out too

Damn you, creep!

Sister, you...

l must settle scores with him

Don't, it was all my fault


Moonlit night and shooting stars

How dare you bully my sister, poor scholar?

Watch out!

See if you can get away

Keep away. Let me splash you

Splash me? II burn all your books

Help, help!

L want nothing but to kill you today

UI fight with you

UI fight with you

Don't get hold of me, damn you!


Where's sister?

Back, and doing her evening sessions

Sister, what've you done to that scholar?

It's over now. Never mind him

Have you killed him, sister?

No, but he's suffered enough

Why are you here again?

I've come to say "sorry'"

There's nothing between us

It's between you and my sister

I'm really sorry

She has a devil of a temper

She sure has

She can hurt others easily

Never mind, she didn't hurt me

You lie

She hurt you badly

Let me dress up your wound

She's gone too far.
She shouldn't have done that

l asked for it

You're badly wounded

t's fatal

Get up

Sister, get up

Is it very late now?

It's late morning now. Get up

I'm so tired

Where have you been last night?

L went out for a walk

You talk like elder sister

Hall of Repentance.
Examination on classics and analects

Miss Pai, please sit down

I!'m not here to sit.

Do you need anything?


Let me fix up everything for you

Isn't it all right now?

Let me fix the bed for you

Thank you, Miss

Wu Ming,

who left this hairpin?

L bought it for you. Satisfied?

You lied

The hairpin is greasy. It's been used

My late mother left it to me

You lied. l must leave

Miss Pai, please calm down and don't go

You've another girl

No point in me staying

She can't match you

Who's she?

Your sister Fei-fei

Fei-fei? You had an affair with her?

When was that?

Miss Pai, please calm down

Speak up

The romance left behind by you and Fei-fei?


Another girl?



Your sister Hua-hua

My foot!

Miss Pai

Miss Pai

Miss Pai, are you all right?

You knew they're my sisters

and yet you...

l couldn't help it

They offered themselves to me

l always respect you

l cherish no evil thoughts for you


You're so pure that l don't

feel like doing that to you

How do you know l don't want it?

You're erudite, elegant and virtuous

And you observe the "four don'ts"

called for by the ancients

Miss, you're chaste

l speak, see and hear nothing against propriety


Don't, Miss, don't touch
anything against propriety

Now shut up

'm waiting for you


Sit down

There's something inside you

Spit it out if you do

And you too

You think so?

Sister, we can see it

l don't deny it

Don't put pressure on us then


let's spit it out in one sentence only


You, first



I've taken away your man

Sister, sorry, I've taken away your man too

And you, sister?

I've taken away your man too

Wu Ming?

I'm here

- Drink
- Drink again?

Eat again?

Darling, l want it

Keep away. Each time you turn me on

you lie down like a worm

I'm your husband

you can't turn me down

- Hell with you!
- My little darling!

Mrs Wang, have you eaten?

Have you got guests?

Only ordinary guests

Not so ordinary, l must say

What social depravity

Three unmarried girls keep a man at home


Mrs Wang, we didn't mean to offend you

You may say S0,

but you disturb others

with your noises

You may have no shame,

but you can't disturb others

You're getting your neighbors involved

Now you've influenced my husband adversely

Sorry, Mrs Wang, it was our fault

MI have to report to the village head

Sister, why did you Iet

that bitch lecture us?

Sisters, she's right

We must practice to become human beings

36 more days

we can shed our past

Wu Ming's presence has ruined us all

Sister, we...

Let's turn over a new leaf

Let's start anew by removing the evils

Otherwise, we may be back to our original forms

And we'll never make it

- What now?
- What now?

Let's go in to explain to Wu Ming


What? Blaming me for getting up too late?

Wu Ming, listen

Go on

This is the place where we sisters practice

You mustn't blaspheme this holy ground

We had a good time together

a few days ago

It was different

Remember, don't ever come here anymore

What about me?

Go on with your studies for the exam

l see

someone must've tried to sway you

l don't care any more

At worst l won't come any more

Wu Ming, we'll come 10 you if we need you

This is in the distant future

Forget it now. Let's have fruit

After that, I"!l Ieave


And a pineapple


It itches

It itches

It itches badly

What are you doing?

Darling, do it with me, I beg you


I'm not yet recovered from the last wound

No, keep away

l don't care, I'm your wife

Don't turn me down


Get me a woman, quick!

Or II become old and die soon


Getting up so early?

Wu Ming hasn't been around for days

That's a good thing

He may obstruct our practice

Where's Fei-{ei?

She hasn't got up yet

How come?

Sister, what happened?

I'm dying, I'm dying

Sister, what happened?

Sisters, I'm going to get back
to original shape


The mirror reflected my animal self

Don't cry. Let's think it over


what caused this?

Practice gone and body turned back

This is the cause of the retrogression

Sister, we didn't do anything

Why have we lost our practice?

We did. It was Wu Ming

Wu Ming?

Since he entered our hearts

this happened. It must be linked with him

Sister, Wu Ming is only human

He can't possibly hurt our works

Right, and he hasn't been here any more

Only for the past few days

There's something eerie about his presence

He may have resorted to evil means

to take away our magic

So we've returned to original form

Right, we must take it up with him


what monster is he so horrible?

He's not a monster

he's Wutung


His name speaks for itself - Wu Tung

He really is crafty

Sister, I'm scared

At worst

we won't see him any more

If we don't, he may come to us

What then?

You go back first. I must go somewhere

Pai So-so0, you've come at last

Taoist priest, I'm ignorant. I got involved

I've come to you to seek help

Men court disasters themselves

You can court them

you can expel them

Wu Tung is powerful

l can't beat him

I!'m seeking your help, Taoist priest

You can't cope with him when you're
still haunted by evil thoughts

Pai So-s0, skeletons and demons have no heart

Don't hesitate at this crucial hour

Please enlighten me, Your Worship

Here's my message for you

Power against power, evil against evil

A devil nas his power, a god has his magic

You won't lose

Thank you. lll take my leave

What a bad smel!

You've gone too far

You'll die without burial

Come on




l really don't understand

what's happened between us

Let's go to bed

to have a good time

Come on


Beast, they've woken up and their lust's over

What are you up to again?

Priest, this is my business

not your business

Doing good is godly; doing evil is satanic

l won't forgive you

Conquer evil with a sword

Keep it

Evil finds its root

Thank you for your help, Taoist priest