Erotibot (2011) - full transcript

A Rich Heiress Receive a Third Butlerdroid for Her Birthday in Which She Begins Lusting After Him

Idon't know whether you are
a butlerdroid or an electric butler,

but I admit you've got guts
to oppose the head family.

I might be a failure or rubbish,
but I'm a butler,

so I will put my life on the line
to protect Lady Tamayo.


Life?. There is no way that
a tin doll has a life.

Cheeky fellow...

What do you think is going to happen
to this defective electric robot?.

I don't know.

Garbage. You are garbage.

Please stop!.
I will do whatever you say.

My Lady!. Don't!



My... Lady...

Azami, take her!


Please forgive me, Sukekiyo!

- The Great Ero-gami Family -
Do Sheltered Young Ladies
Dream of Electric Butlers?.

My Lady, it's morning.


What's the matter?.

Is there something on my face?.

No. I'd like to play badminton today.

Sukekiyo, please play with me.

I'm not good at sports...

- Here you go!
- Yes.

Oh, I'm sorry.

That's bad.

Sukekiyo, how long have you been here?.

It was just after your birthday,
so exactly a month.

Happy birthday to you.

My Lady, congratulations on
your 1 8th birthday.

Thank you, Suketomo and Suketake.

You have a present from your father.

Oh, from my father?.

Oh! Is this a new butlerdroid?.

Recognizing Master

M-Y L-A-D-Y.

Your name is... Sukekiyo.
Let's call you Sukekiyo.

Name recognition:

Name recognition:
Sukekiyo, nice to meet you.

Name recognition:

Sukekikyo... Sukekiyo?. Sukekiyo!


Did you freeze again?.

No. I didn't. I'm fine.


My Lady, may I play badminton with you?.

I have just been updated.

Third, go clean up around the pool.

I wish I was a high-spec
butlerdroid, like First.

My Lady!

My Lady, I'm sorry.

Don't be. It's just as I expected,
considering you are a super-butlerdroid.

Oh, Second. I'm sorry.

Oh, my...


Just as expected, Suketake.

Second's strength is in construction work.

He is a construction worker,
rather than a butler.

- Let's continue to play.
- Yes.

Oh, good. They are safe.

My Lady.

A sheltered young lady and three
butler-type androids...

The Nekogami Head Family Castle

The Nekogami Head Family Castle

The Nekogami Head Family Castle

It seems like Mr. Sahei
personally sent them.

Grandfather did?.

Using the fortune of the Nekogami
financial conglomerate,

he requested that the leading authority,
known throughout the world,

Dr. Philip K. Dick, develop high-spec
human type androids.

The specs vary among the three, though.

Oh! Good-looking!

Please restrain yourself, Lady Tsukiyo.

The bills from the host clubs for this month are
more than thirty million yen again.

Shut up! Is a servant going to
lecture its master?.

I'm sorry.

Good-looking men are treasures in this world.
It's natural to cherish them.

As you please.

By the way, Mr. Kindaichi...

No! I'm not Kindaichi.
I'm Hajime Kaneda.

If you make a mistake here,
a copyright problem will occur.

Light... Shadows...
Science... Illusion...
Reality... Fiction...
Day... Night...

Light... Shadows...
Science... Illusion...
Reality... Fiction...
Day... Night...
Light and shadows. Science and illusion.
Reality and fiction. Day and night.

Light... Shadows...
Science... Illusion...
Reality... Fiction...
Day... Night...

He who resolves the mystery among them
is l, the twilight detective...

Hajime Kaneda. Pleased to meet you.

The Twilight Detective
Hajime Kaneda. Pleased to meet you.

Hajime Kaneda. Pleased to meet you.

Is it true that Tamayo will inherit
everything from my grandfather?.

The Nekogami financial conglomerate
is known throughout the world.

The head, Mr. Sahei Nekogami, is currently
hospitalized because of a stroke.

The will regarding the inheritance
of the massive estate...

has already been written and
was given to the family lawyer.

And this is his entire will...

that Hajime Kaneda, the Twilight Detective,
successfully acquired via hacking.

"The whole estate of the Nekogami financial conglomerate
will be bequeathed to Tamayo."

The whole estate?.

He might cherish Lady Tamayo as the product of
his relationship with the woman he loved more...

than his granddaughter, who is the
result of a marriage of convenience.

How dare the daughter of a servant be...


It was my mistake to have let such shame
to the family live because of my mercy.

Shall we kill her?.

But the Lady Tama...

Miss Tamayo is personally protected
by three butlerdroids.

Quickly plan countermeasures.

You are good at hacking, aren't you?.

Again?. Third?.

You don't have to help us,
but stay out of our way.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Why do you, Third,
have such low specs?.

You must have had the same
software installed.

Your performance is too slow.

I'm doing my best, though.

Dr. Dick probably made you, Third,
out of the remaining parts of us,

First and Second, after we were made.

In short, you are a neglected,
defective machine.

I wish I had half the skills of First...

Oh, this is delicious.
Did Sukekiyo make all of this?.

Yes, my electric brain is programmed to
remember my lady's favorite flavors,

for checking the status of her health,

and for cooking recipes from
all ages and all places.

Great! But there is
a little taste missing.

A little taste?.

Yes... the taste of Sukekiyo's kiss.

My Lady...



Hey, Third.

No use. He seems to have frozen again.

Second. Third is disturbing
My Lady's dinner. Remove him.

My Lady. Please enjoy your dinner.

Today's dinner is French.

Is Sukekiyo alright?.

He will eventually restart.

It's not something My Lady
needs to worry about.

By the way, Suketomo...


Do you know that there is something
called cup ramen in the world?.

"Cup ramen"?.

I've heard that it is very delicious.

Did you find it on the net again?.

I would like to try cup ramen
at least once.

I've heard it is sold at some place
called a 'convenience store'.

My Lady, I cannot recommend it from the
stand point of nutritional science,

and it is originally something that the
lower class ate, because it was unavoidable.


Then, I will make genuine ramen
tomorrow evening.

I have already had software for a thousand year's
worth of Chinese imperial cuisine installed.

- What's the matter?.
- Nothing.

Taking care of bathing is
Sukekiyo's monopoly.

Because I am totally waterproof.

A quality that First and Second don't have.
My only advantage.

Then, Sukekiyo might be a bathroid.

That hurts me a little bit.


I wish I had been made a high-spec
android, like First.

No one wants to be created
as a failure.

- Hey, Sukekiyo.
- Yes, My Lady?.

Would you like to join
me in the bathtub?.

In the bathtub?.

You should be fine,
because you are totally waterproof.

No. It's not about that...

Well, to tell the truth,
I am curious about men's bodies.

Bodies?. But...

- So, Sukekiyo, please show me.
- But...

Then... this is an order.

Yes, My Lady.

I see. This is how it is.

Oops. My Lady, did you use the
'supreme order' mode?.

Because without it,
you wouldn't show me.


You are stingy.

That's enough.

But I'm glad that the eggs were alright.

What?. Balls?.

The bird's. You saved the nest box
in the garden today.

Oh, you noticed it.

I think Sukekiyo is the gentlest
among the three.

So, please don't call yourself a failure.

What's the matter, Third?.
Aren't you recharging?.

There is some work I have to do.

Please go ahead and enter the
energy-saving mode, everyone.

I don't understand what the
defective one is thinking.

Let's see... a convenience store...

Destination Selected
Estimated Time of Arrival: 1 Hour

Destination Selected
Estimated Time of Arrival: 1 Hour
Two hours for the round trip.

Destination Selected
Estimated Time of Arrival: 1 Hour


Starting up Acceleration
Please run according to
traffic regulations

I can't sleep...

Ero-ero lllustrated Guide
Are you 1 8 or older?.
Yes / No

I just turned 1 8...

So it should be fine.

Energy-saving Mode /
Waking-up Mode /
Starting up Escort Circuit

Becoming an adult is a mystery.

Who is it?. Sukekiyo?.


My Lady, I came for your bed service.

My Lady... she will be happy if I return
after buying cup ramen.

Oh, these are for me?.

I ran over mountains and
through rivers...

to carry out my duty to make
My Lady's wish come true.

I'm touched.

Oh no. It's not the time to be
lost in a daydream.

Since My Lady has grown up,
I have been programmed with...

the expectation that this day
would soon come.

This day?.

Hormonal balance of a matured body
is evoking the sex drive.

Sex drive?.
Is that what you call this itchy feeling?.

According to Dr. Reich, to preserve
spiritual health as recommended by the WHO,

men and women who have reached
adolescence should have sex openly.

Where is Sukekiyo?.

He went out,
after saying that he had some work.

I see.

Please leave it to me,
the first butlerdroid.

A program with a variety of sex methods
for this day has been installed.

"A variety of"?.
Are there many methods?.

Yes. From American sex,
which is just rough...

to European,
which quests for the abnormal,

and of course, I'm very familiar
with 48 Japanese methods.

Which one would you like, My Lady?.

Well, then... I would like to go
with the novice course.

I see.

Allow me to operate according to the 'lost-virgin'
edition for the average woman.

Thank you for waiting.
Loading has been completed.


Tamayo... You are so pretty.

May I kiss you?.

Y... yes...

Okay. I will speed up for the
return route.

Oops, I should have gone after
recharging my energy.

Are you embarrassed?.

No, not really.

Should I be embarrassed?.

With this speed, it will be morning when
I arrive back at the mansion.

Cup ramen...

is the best for a late-night snack!

Tamayo's vagina is very beautiful.

Oh, thank you.

Should I be embarrassed this time, too?.

My Lady, human men are very pleased
when women are embarrassed.

I think it is better for you to be
embarrassed for now.

Oh, that's the way it is...
I understand. I am learning a lot.

Then, let me continue.

Tamayo's vagina is very beautiful.

Yes... Yeah, I'm embarrassed?.

I felt a shock like electricity.

Suketomo, are you leaking electricity?.

No, I'm not...
This is sexual pleasure.

No, don't. I feel too good.

Suketomo.. This is...

Oh, I lost a lot.

Please recharge battery

Its shape is quite different
from Sukekiyo's.

Third, who expected no sexual activity,
has a phimotic type.

If you like foreskin,
I can attach it easily.

No, I didn't mean that.

My Lady, average sex is "give and take".

It is common that if you are licked,
you would lick back.

Oh, I know that.
That is fellatio, isn't it?.


This changes shape with licking.

This is shape-remembering silicon
invented and patented by Dr. Dick.

Yes. You are good.

Entangle your tongue by rubbing it with saliva.

Now, firmly put it in your mouth.

Yes, fully in your mouth.

Slide your head like a piston from
deep to shallow, again and again.

I'm at the limit.

Oh, no! I'm at the limit.

The limit?. What is the limit?.

In the case of a human being,
they ejaculate around this point.

The most common ways are facial-ejaculation
or in-mouth-ejaculation.

Of course, a butlerdroid can mimic them,
but let's not for today.

I see. It's pretty deep.

It's just the beginning of getting deep.

Please recharge battery

Oh, a vending machine!

The god of electricity has not
abandoned me yet.

Please recharge battery

Does it hurt?.

Yes but I can bear it.

Then, I will move.

Charging... /
Charging Completed

Okay, after this much charging,
I can dash over to the mansion.

Thank you, god of electricity!

My Lady, soon I will bring you cup ramen!

Please wait for me!

Well then, goodnight.

Third, what are you doing here?.

It's nothing.

Strange guy...

Oh, it's good timing.

My Lady just finished the bed service.

Help her take a bath.


No, thank you.

Goodnight, you two.

I will take a bath by myself.
Always, from this day forwards.

Sukekiyo doesn't have to help me
with bathing anymore.

Third, did you do something to hurt
My Lady's feelings?.

I don't know.
Probably, because I am defective.

Maybe so.

Oh, don't forget to throw away the garbage in
the kitchen before entering energy-saving mode.


What happened to me?.

I didn't want Sukekiyo to
see me naked.

Is this the feeling of embarrassment?.

Mr. Sahei is in critical condition.

At the longest, three days.

It means that there is not much time
before revealing his will.


Mr. Kindaichi,
how is the hacking going?.

I'm Hajime Kaneda.

Please be happy.

I cracked the security for the conglomerate
and broke into the network just now.

If I can only steal the password,
I can directly access...

the butlerdroids' internal computers
and control them remotely.

In short?.

We will initialize the butlerdroids which
were customized specifically for Tamayo.

After that, the orders of Lady Tsukiyo
of the head family...

take precedence over everything.
They will obey you absolutely.

Then the good-looking android
becomes mine, too?.

Lady Tsukiyo...

Azami. We will run to the
hidden mansion now.

Whatever it takes, we have to make
Tamayo reject the inheritance.

If she disobeys?.

Of course, only death awaits her.

The Nekogami family...

The Nekogami family... The Nekogami family...

Neko is mike.

A tortoiseshell cat

What was that shock?.

First and Second, didn't you feel
a strange shock just now?.


I'm sorry.

About last night...

First is the most suitable, because he is a
high-spec butlerdroid who can do anything,

and he is also good-looking.

All human women like good-looking
guys, don't they?.

Probably so...

My Lady, too...


What is it?.

Poison Detected


A bush warbler is upside down
from the beginning.

My Lady!

How merciless, a grasshopper
under a beetle.

Step out!

Under one roof, a prostitute sleeps
with a moon and a glass.

Searching for a Person...

Tsukiyo Nekogami
Only direct descendant ofthe
25 years old
Height: 169 cm
B: 88, w: 58, H: 86

SpecialAbilities: Playing Guitar,
English conversation Tsukiyo Nekogami
Hobbies: Shopping, cooking, Only direct descendant of the
Playing, visiting Hotsprings Nekogami family
She is into collecting small items, 25 years old
and she preserves badges, tickets, Height: 169 cm
train tickets, movie tickets, B: 88, w: 58, H: 86
print club stickers and Polaroid photos

Special Abilities: Playing Guitar,
English conversation Tsukiyo Nekogami
Hobbies: Shopping, cooking, Only direct descendant of the
Playing, visiting Hotsprings Nekogami family
She is into collecting small items, 25 years old
and she preserves badges, tickets, Height: 169 cm
train tickets, movie tickets, B: 88, w: 58, H: 86
print club stickers and Polaroid photos
The Lady of the head family?.

The Lady of the head family?.

Sister Tsukiyo from the head family.

It is a pleasure to meet you for
the first time. I'm Tamayo.

Who are you calling 'sister'?.

The actual relationship is that
I'm your niece.

It means that you are my aunt.

Oh, my. You're my aunt!

Lady Tsukiyo, it is not our
concern right now.

Do you thinkwe can admit the child of
a servant as part of our family?.


If you reject the inheritance right now,
that's fine, but if you say no...

Don't be reckless.

Capture this girl.
That is an order.

Supreme Order Mode

What are you doing?.

Second, too?. Stop it!

- No!
- My Lady!

Damn you! What are you doing?.
Let her go!

Lady Tsukiyo. It seems that your order
is not working on one of them.

First and Second! Defeat defective,
creepy-faced Third!

Suketake, stop it. You're going to
break Sukekiyo!

Now, let me hear your answer.

Do you reject the inheritance?.

Or do you insist that you are the
daughter of the Nekogamis?.

My Lady!

Oh well... Going out of control?.

How dare such rubbish attack
Lady Tsukiyo?. I will punish you!

- My Lady, let's run away!
- Yes!

My Lady, please rush.

My Lady, please go back.

This is an order from the head family.

They intend to kill our lady.

If that is the intention of the head family...

It is the butlers' duty to
protect our lady.

It is our, the service robots', duty to carry out
orders according to the programs.

There is nothing to protect against
orders from the head family.

Damn idiot...


There is no way that an underdog android like you
can win over a victorious android like me.

It is the same for human beings and
robots that creepy-looking guys...

can't win over good-looking guys.

Even so, I will...

The lady you love chose me to
perform her bed service.

You were rejected even for
helping her to bathe.

Don't you understand?.

A defective guy like you will never
be wanted by anybody.


Curse you, who was made as a
creepy-looking defective!

Torment yourself in despair!

And become scrap.

You will be happier than you are now.

Now My Lady, the head family
is waiting for you.

Let's go back inside.

Even so, I will...

You seem like you want to become
complete scrap.

Even so...

- I will protect My Lady!
- What?.!

Water! Don't! No water!

First short-circuited and got fried.

How about you?.
Are you alright?.

I'm a totally waterproof bathdroid.

So, how is it, Mr. Kindaichi?.

Yeah. I disassembled and dried the parts
and reassembled them, but...

I'm not Kindaichi. Hajime Kaneda.
A so-called Twilight Detective.

As you can see, there is no hope
for recovering his functions.

No language ability.
No thinking ability.

Then, how about it?.

"lt"?. Oh, yeah, that...

I don't see any problem.

I'm accessing the net using wireless LAN.

A rumor has been spread on bulletin boards.

I've heard that Mr. Sahei will entrust the
entire estate to the child of a maid.
A rumor has been spread on bulletin boards.

I've heard that Mr. Sahei will entrust the
entire estate to the child of a maid.

It seems that Mr. Sahei wrote a will that
cedes the entire estate to Miss Tamayo.

So that's why Lady Tsukiyo wants
to get rid of me.

Let's hide in the mountains until Mr. Sahei passes away,
and the will becomes effective.

I'm sorry for your hardship, My Lady.

Oh, what is this?.

Maybe you are hungry,
aren't you, My Lady?.

Oh, that's what this is...
Hunger is a strange feeling.


Is the meal ready yet?.

Even though you have given me an order...

Oh, I fell here last night.

I'm going to prepare it now.

The best man is young
and good-looking...

and quiet and air-headed
and stupid.

You are well-qualified.

I will make you into a pet at home.

Lady Tsukiyo, don't you have
to send pursuers?.

Wait a second. I will go now.

It's ready, My Lady.
Please enjoy it.

This is great, Sukekiyo!

You can do anything!

Oh, this is delicious.
How delicious this is!

This is the most delicious food
I have ever had.

This is nothing compared to First's cooking.
I merely boiled water.

And My Lady was hungry.

This cup ramen is the best meal.

And Sukekiyo, you are the best butler.

Well, Lady Tsukiyo...

I hope that I can have a share
of the good-looking guy.

Come here. Let's appreciate the
good-looking guy together.

Oh, I feel so great with such
a good-looking guy.

I feel the power of the
good-looking guy.

Good-looking guys are the best!

Good-looking guys!
Good-looking guys!

Good-looking, good-looking, good-looking!

Is it alright that someone like me
is your partner?.

Of course...

My Lady, please wait...

I will access the net and download
how to have sex now.

No. No need for downloading,
nor installation, nor updates...

No concern about techniques,
nor specs, nor skills...

Just look at me.
Look only at me...

And let me be the
one you love.


Hey, Sukekiyo! How are you?.

Where is My Lady?.

Just as I'd expect from
the best butler...

The first word after regaining your
consciousness is this!

I wanted to talk a little bit.

Me?. Hajime Kaneda.
Not Kindaichi.

I am Hajime Kaneda, a so-called
Twilight Detective. Pleased to meet you.

I have been sniffing around at
Lady Tsukiyo's request.

But the truth is I have also been requested by
the Nekogami family head, Mr. Sahei Nekogami.

So, I guess I'm a double-crossing spy or
a double-crossing detective to protect Miss Tamayo.

So, I guess I'm a double-crossing spy or
a double-crossing detective to protect Miss Tamayo.

So, I guess I'm a double-crossing spy or
a double-crossing detective to protect Miss Tamayo.

Therefore, I'm your comrade.

If your job is to protect My Lady,
please go ahead and save her.

No, no. Devoting yourself, body and soul,
to save her is your job.

A detective helps only a little bit.

Speaking of my body,
my body has already been...

Oh well, the body can't be
used anymore.

And even though a defective like me
tries my best, nothing will be...

Come on, Sukekiyo!
Are you still saying that?.

You have defeated First and
made love to your lady.

I saw the log, so I know.
You are great!

Don't look at that!

Let me tell you.
You are the best android ever.

High-spec with triple "supers"!

Super Super Super High-Spec.
High-spec with triple "supers"!

High-spec with triple "supers"!

First and Second are only experimental
specimens in order to develop you.

No. It can't be...

It doesn't matter...

Atomic power is used in you.

Atomic power is used in you.

Atomic power is used in you.

Atomic power?. That's dangerous.

No. No. Even though our country
created Godzilla and Astro Boy,

they won't use atomic power.
"No more Hiroshimas".

Visual Hallucination Power.
Power to view hallucinations.

Visual /Hallucination /Power
Visual Hallucination Power.
Power to view hallucinations.

Visual Hallucination Power.
Power to view hallucinations.

Visual Hallucination Power
Visual Hallucination Power.
Power to view hallucinations.

Visual Hallucination Power

"Visual Hallucination Power"?.

You are an android who can
have delusions.

Delusions always surpass science.

Delusion /Will /Delusion /Dream /
Delusion /Hope /Delusion /Love /Delusion

Delusion /Will /Delusion /Dream /
Delusion /Hope /Delusion /Love /Delusion
A delusion is will. A delusion is a dream.
A delusion is hope.

Delusion /Will /Delusion /Dream /
Delusion /Hope /Delusion /Love /Delusion

Delusion /Will /Delusion /Dream /
Delusion /Hope /Delusion /Love /Delusion
A delusion is love. A delusion is,
in short, independent self.

A delusion is love. A delusion is,
in short, independent self.

Independent Self
A delusion is love. A delusion is,
in short, independent self.

A delusion is love. A delusion is,
in short, independent self.

This is why your ability to process
existing software is low.

It is proof that you are high-spec,
not low-spec.

This is why my hacking didn't
work on you.

You are the best work created by the
developer Dr. Philip K. Dick.

The world's premier dreaming machine.
Loving machine.

Dreaming Machine /
Loving Machine
The world's premier dreaming machine.
Loving machine.

The world's premier dreaming machine.
Loving machine.

And the Visual Hallucination
Power Android!

Visual Hallucination Power Android
And the Visual Hallucination
Power Android!

And the Visual Hallucination
Power Android!

I didn't know that.

Now, let's go save your loving lady.

But my body is...

Therefore, only one suitable is left.

I will take you there.

Have you made up your mind to sign the
document to reject the inheritance?.

I don't intend to let you live anyway.

It is easier for you to sign quickly
and to get killed quickly.

No! I don't care about the money.

But I won't obey you, who hurt
Sukekiyo so much.

You are so stubborn.

If I cut off one of your boobs,
will you be more obedient?.

Do it.

Azami, do as she wishes.

Please wait!

It's you, Kindaichi!

I don't want to be persistent,
but I'm Hajime Kaneda.

Twilight Detective Hajime Kaneda,
pleased to meet you.

Sukekiyo! You are safe!

As long as I have love for you and loyalty to you,
My Lady, the butlerdroid is immortal.

Lady Tsukiyo and Miss Ninja,
I will make you die.

Please take care of My Lady.


Be ready!

How stupid he is!

You were easily lured by our


That body is not totally waterproof.

See. Water is gradually soaking
into the body.

So what?.

It takes about sixty seconds for water to
soak into Second's big body.

That will be enough to bring about
the conclusion.

Cheeky fellow...


An opening!

I will chop off this patched-on
head again for you.

It will soon be time.

Is that all the power you
can use now?.

It seems that a lot of water
has been soaked up.

Yes. Short-circuiting will start now!


My Lady, it hurts!

Yes, hello, it's Kaneda.

What?. Mr. Sahei has?.

My father has...?.

Did he finally pass away?.

Wha, wha, what?.
He's recovered?.

I mechanized the part of my cerebrum
that was damaged by the stroke...

and seized the opportunity to abandon my body,
that had become rickety here and there.

So, I will not die for a long, long time.
The will has been invalidated.

I will not give Tamayo the inheritance.

I will continue to directly dominate the
Nekogami financial conglomerate.

I feel so great to be only a brain!

Human beings have to be digitized
from now on.

Now, where in the vast ocean of
the net shall I go to have fun?.

My Lady, it's morning.

It seems that because you
love me and trust me...

- I could become a human being.
- Wow!

My Lady, it's morning...


What's the matter?.
Is there something on my face?.

No... I'd like to play badminton today.

Sukekiyo, please play with me.

I'm not good at sports.

By the way, My Lady, your face while
you were sleeping seemed like you...

were having fun.
What were you dreaming of?.

It's my secret,
because it's embarrassing.

Translated by Chie for kemushi
Timing by lordretsudo