Eromanga Sensei (2017) - full transcript

The "new sibling romantic comedy" revolves around Masamune Izumi, a light novel author in high school. Masamune's little sister is Sagiri, a shut-in girl who hasn't left her room for an entire year. She even forces her brother to make and bring her meals when she stomps the floor. Masamune wants his sister to leave her room, because the two of them are each other's only family. Masamune's novel illustrator, pen name "Eromanga," draws extremely perverted drawings, and is very reliable. Masamune had never met his illustrator, and figured he was just a disgusting, perverted otaku. However, the truth is revealed - that his "Eromanga-sensei" is his own younger sister. To add to the chaos that erupts between the siblings, a beautiful, female, best-selling shoujo manga creator becomes their rival.

All right, it's done!

I guess I pulled an all-nighter.

The last time I wrote a novel for fun

was when I was publishing on the web.

That was so interesting!

U-Um, Masamune-kun? Wh-When did you...

I've been here for quite a while now.

What a blunder.

"Dragon Brain"
Masamune Izumi

All right.

Sorry about that.

I had lost my composure a bit there.

How was my "shelved" story?

It really was interesting!

It makes me happy when you say that.

It was so interesting,
I just kept reading right here.

By the way, what about you?

I pulled an all-nighter writing this.

This is...

The new piece I promised you yesterday.

The continuation of Silverwolf!
That was quick!

And it's really thick, too. This is like a dream!

I will read it right away!
Thank you, Masamune-kun!

To Beloved Izumi-sensei

Masamune, wake up.

Come on, wake up.

If you don't get up soon,
I'll play a trick on you.

H-Hey, what are you...

Data. Just gathering data.
We did some yesterday, right?

Collecting data on typical situations
by acting them out.


That was a close one, Masamune-kun.

S-Senpai, what's with that outfit?

Actually, I was helping out
preparing some breakfast.

I cannot have that Yankee
dominating the honor of home-cooked meals.

Damn this girl with 8th Grade Syndrome.

How dare you interrupt at such a timing.

More like, stop calling Elf a Yankee!

Senpai, you can cook?

Well, I can cook as much as anyone else.

I cannot make feasts like the one last night.

But, I think I can put up a fight against
the Yankee if it is Japanese food.

I'll be looking forward to it.

Y-Yeah. It will be ready soon,
so please come to the dining room.

It looks like this is my loss.



U-Um, M-Masamune?

I-I just tried saying it.

Don't surprise me like that!

Do you want to die!?

Don't get so mad about it.

Of course I'll get mad!

I told you to use that name only
when you're going to propose to me!

Why are you using it so lightheartedly!?

Sorry. You were so calm right now.

It felt like yesterday's thing was a dream.

It wasn't a dream! I tried so hard, too!

I'd be furious if it never even happened!

I'm really sorry, as you can see!

Oh, it's fine. Let's head out to the beach
after we eat breakfast.

We all played together yesterday,
so let's do some work today.

After we eat breakfast,
it's time for slightly lewd beach swim part 2!

We'll have barbeque for lunch, and then a
strolling date with Elf-sensei in the Fairy Forest.

After the sun sets, we have a courage test
and fireworks, and the night will be tee-hee...

Pardon my little sister.

O-Oh no, I'm used to it.

Now, Sensei, let's put
some effort in until breakfast.

That game supervision is so behind
it's not even funny.

No! Help me, Masamune! I didn't come
to an island on the south seas to work! No!

You look so amused reading that.

Yes. It is the epitome of amusement.

When I see you happily reading,
somehow it makes me happy as well.

Hm? What, what? Do you have
the hots for Muramasa or something?

You gonna date her? Or even marry her?

That is an enticing suggestion,
but probably impossible.

Muramasa-san seems to be
in love with someone else.

Wh-Why do you know that as well?

Why do you think we don't know?

The story you submitted to
the Light-novel Tenkaichi Budoukai

was about you and Masamune, right?

If you read that, it's a no-brainer.

That means... M-My readers also...

Muramasa-chan, I'm sure word of your pure,
first love went around to all your readers, too.

"Muramasa-sensei is confessing
her love through a story! So cute!" and stuff.

Actually, the "search for Muramasa-sensei's
partner" is causing quite a stir on the internet!

Oh, and there was a round-up
on the internet with the title,

"Muramasa Senju-sensei's First Love".

To tell the truth,
I was the one who made that round-up!

You really are the worst.

I do not care anymore!

Fine! Now that the cat is out of the bag,
there is no choice!

Listen up, all of you!

I am in love with Masamune-kun!

I do not feel embarrassed at all
with these romantic feelings!

Senpai, you're awesome!

But please stop, because it embarrasses me!

While we are at it, I shall disclose everything!

I went along with the Yankee's ploy
to come to this island

not just to read Masamune-kun's
"shelved" stories!


She said I can sit next to Masamune-kun
on the rides to and from the island!

A-And, there might be chances
to chat all alone if we went on a trip together.

Okay, okay.

Masamune, don't be fooled
by Muramasa's simple cuteness!

When she's alone in her room, I'm pretty sure
she mumbles with an imaginary-Masamune.

Yup. I see. That's how it is for you,

For Me? Me... well, hehe, that's a secret.

Of all things, that can't be true.

Right, Muramasa-senpai?

H-How did you know that?

W-Wait, it's true?

Is that... bad?

Sorry. Can you stop doing that?

Oh, no!

I'm sorry to interrupt, but I'd like
Yamada-sensei to concentrate on her work.


Looks like you're done reading.

Just like you said,
it was a "super-interesting piece of junk"!

Wasn't it?

What is a "super-interesting piece of junk"?

A story where all the characters who died
in the Silverwolf series comes back to life,

and lives happily ever after.

What a piece of junk!

But it was interesting, huh?


This was what I've been wanting to read.

Thank you, Senpai.

I'm sorry, but I will be away for about an hour.

Don't you dare goof off while I'm gone.

Yes, Big Brother.

I will never goof off from my work, not at all!


Everyone, it's time to play!

If you don't do your work,
won't you get scolded later?

Just a little bit! Come on, come on, please!

All right. Just a little bit.


I really love how you are so easily persuaded!

Then, what shall we do?
Something that ends quickly would be good.

Then, we should play the King's Game!

Huh? Th-The King's Game?

Muramasa, you're going to play, too.

No, but I...

Listen up, Muramasa-chan.
In a King's Game....

And there, you can make Masamune...

Oh my, such a thing is possible?

we shall play the King's Game!

We'll use these instead of picking straws.

Okay, all of you, draw a card.

You're the King if you draw a King card.

You can give any command to the people
who drew the numbers from 1 to 3.

Oh, I'm the King!

What should the first command be?

First, let's try things out.

Number 1...

...kisses number 2!


Damn you! That wasn't the plan
you discussed with me!

And I even told you my number!

Hey, planning things out beforehand is unfair!

Since one person dropped out, we will replenish
one member to resume the game.

I heard there's a King's Game.
I can't say no to that!

But you can't pick a card over Skype, right?
How would we do this?

Then, let's just have
Eromanga-sensei always be King.

What, really? Is that okay?

Okay, let's draw.

All right. Make any command!

From this instant, we are all...

...servants to the Great King Eromanga!

I-I don't know anyone
with such a dangerous name!

Let's see...
Number 3, take off a piece of clothing.

That's me!

Elf-chan, that's unfair.
You've got a swimsuit on!

I thought something like this might happen!
I'm glad I was ready for it.

So unfair! Though you look cute.

All right, next turn, Great King Eromanga!


Number 1...

...tell me what kind of panties you're wearing.

What's wrong? Muramasa-chan,
what kind of panties are you wearing?

Oh, I know! Muramasa, you must—

If you say any further, I will kill you!

Muramasa-chan, can it be that you're...

...not wearing panties?

I-It is because, this kimono...

It is because I am wearing a kimono!

Hey, it's turned into a really awkward game
because of you.


Kunimitsu, you betrayed us!

You tattled on Big Bro that we were goofing off
and playing the King's Game!

That's not it! I just happened
to bump into Chris-san over there.

I see. Sorry I doubted—

Oh? So you were goofing off and playing
the King's Game instead of working?

You are so hopeless.

Why don't you follow
Muramasa-sensei's example a bit?

Please don't compare me with someone
who has stories

springing out of her fingertips
just by breathing.

I am terribly sorry you had to play along
with the whims of one of our authors.

By the way, what you're writing there, Sensei,
could it be Demon Sword volume 13?

No, it's not.


I won't write novels anymore.

Wow, so amazing!

Here, have some shrimp!

This really goes well with the booze!

You get just the shrimp!

What in the whorrle ish going on!

What are you talking about?
Wait, are you okay?

It seems like you're really drunk right now.

I'm totawwy fwine!

More like, what Muramasha-shan
shaid earwier!

What I said?

Where you shaid
you won't write novelsh any-moh!

Are you sherioush?

I am serious.

No wai! Why're you gonna qwit?

Because my dream came true.

To acquire lots of stories I feel is the most
interesting in the world. That was my dream.

And I was writing novels for that dream.

But, I realized something during this camp.

If Masamune-kun writes novels for me like this,
I no longer have to write any myself.


There's nothing to worry about.

A novel nut like her
won't be able to stop writing.

I mean, it won't even last overnight.

When she sleeps and wakes up,
she'll have second thoughts.

That makes me sound like a nutcase!

I just said you were a novel nut.

Damn you.

You seem to want to say something, Kouhai.

Yeah. More like something I want to tell you
rather than something I want to say.

From: Hana Umezono

Masamune-kun, what did you want to tell me?

Before I do that,
I wanted to show you something.

From: Hana Umezono
Chiba Prefecture

What do you think this is?

Th-That is...

My most treasured of fan letters.

I-I-I see... Oh, a fan letter, huh?

There's someone who always sends me
really passionate fan letters.

The newest one I received had 50 pages in it.
Isn't that amazing?

From: Hana Umezono
Chiba Prefecture

The sender seems to be a middle-school girl.

She even draws illustrations in colored pencil.

I'm always cheering for you.
I drew Beniusagi-chan.

D-Do you always carry
your fan letters with you?

I just got this from my editor. I brought it
because I wanted to read it as soon as possible.

That, and, I wanted to show it to you, Senpai.

Ever since my debut,
she has consistently sent me letters.

I read them over and over again,
and they've always cheered me up.

Even when I couldn't publish anything,
and times were rough.

Even when my books had bad hype
and I got depressed.

Thanks to this person,
I could hold my head high,

knowing my stories were interesting
and they were worth writing.


You were the one who sent me
these fan letters, right?

N-No, it was not me.

You sent me the handwritten manuscript for
Demon Sword volume 12 the other day, right?

I noticed right away
that the handwriting was identical.

I can only think of one middle-school female fan
of mine with such beautiful handwriting.

If you have found me out,
I guess it can't be helped.

But what does that have to do
with whatever you wanted to tell me?

Thank you.

For the longest time,

I always wanted to tell you how I felt.

To tell the person
who enjoys my stores so much...

And now, my wish I've had
from when I debuted finally came true.

Hold on a second.

Your dream was to turn your novels
into an anime,

and watch it together
with your little sister.

Oh, I do have that, too. But, what I talked about
just now is a different dream from that.

A different dream? I-Is that really all right?

Of course it's okay
to have as many dreams as you want.

So, don't you think it's a shame to stop writing
just because one of your dreams came true?

I don't think I'll stop writing
even if that other dream comes true.

Because I have someone who sends me
fan letters that make me feel like

I'm at least a million points out of a hundred.

I made up my mind, Masamune-kun.

Writing the most interesting novel in the world,
and reading it myself...

I will now try to make that wish come true
with my own hands.

That "I won't write novels" statement
didn't last hours, let alone a whole night.

That Yankee's predictions were totally off!

And one more...

Just now, I have found a new dream.

What kind of dream?

My "new dream" is something
that I cannot turn into reality alone.

I cannot give you the details, but...

I know.

For the time being, I shall have you...

...fall in love with me.

Muramasa Senju Sensei

Next Episode:
How the Two Met and Future Siblings