Ernst Thälmann - Führer seiner Klasse (1955) - full transcript

The second part of the Ernst Thaelmann films encompasses the time period between 1930 and Thaelmann's murder in 1944. It shows Thaelmann's battle to achieve a united front with all German workers against the National Socialists, his arrest following Hitler's seizure of power and the eleven years of his incarceration, in which he unwaveringly clings to his beliefs until his death. An attempt to free him on the part of his comrades ends disastrously, and a corrupt offer of freedom from Goering himself receives Thaelmann's refusal. He must also witness how his brave fellow socialist Aenne Jansen in the women's prison across from his tragically loses her life during a bombing raid. The second primary character of the film is Aenne's husband Fiete Jansen, who already proved his loyalty to Thaelmann's side as a friend and fighter in the first part. As the commander of the Thaelmann Batallion, he fights in Spain on the side of the people and later in the ranks of the Red Army toward a speedy end to the war against fascism.



Give me a "red flag"

Here are the flowers...

Will you buy flowers
for your wife?


-One token.
-How much;

A brand

Please take it

Thank you

Where is Wiece Street?

Turn left after Chapel Street

You came early.

For you

You are being sent to Amsterdam
for the anti-war conference

Come in

Our delegation leaves tomorrow


Fitz gets out of jail tomorrow.

I heard you got
married in prison

It's been seven years


-Always ahead -Red



My love

You came today, why so suddenly?

I don't have anything ready

and I didn't clean the house.

I wanted to take your favorite
lilacs and come to the station

What will I do with you;

Ah... Fitz

Why did you come today?

Tomorrow is 13

If you want, I can go back to jail.


Member of the Central Committee of the
Communist Youth Union

Anne Jansen

Ah, Fitz

I forgot that

I have to go to Amsterdam tomorrow

Look, I'll go a day
later, okay?

The conference is only for two days

I will stay with you forever.

Where is our doorman? How is it;

Do you want to see him;

Of course

He'll be my housekeeper when you're gone

This is where Telman lives

Dear friend

After seven years in prison,
you are finally back in our big family.

I'd love to, but
I can't shake your hand

Dear comrade, because there is something
important, I must go to the Ruhr today

Revolutionary greetings, Telman

The miners at the Mussel mine have
not worked here for 7 weeks

Actually! They have been on strike for seven weeks

Tough and strong men.

Kohler, can you go over there and see them?

Have you forgotten, when do we get to the Ruhr?

Yes, this is a problem

I can't be everywhere

To listen here, pull
back your junk, quick.

You can't go through here

Ah... Mr. Lance

Since when did you become a traffic warden?

Better leave the wits behind, eh?

We are on a mission

Talk to your dad.
He's in the back car.

You go ahead

Do you insist on nonsense?

-Lift the fuse

You are the heroes, who want
to take the bread of the poor

This is for the striking workers

You better not advise your
husband to go to work

to earn money to
support your family,

instead of helping him strike.

I swore to God to be faithful to my husband.
He is on strike and my heart goes out to him.

Less nonsense.

Take it easy.

What are you doing;


Senator Telman

Who made you do this?

Go in the car to the strike committee,
they will send two more people to help you.


It's hard to pull it off.

This cow is going
to be taken away from me.

I have no money to
pay my debts.

So why are you helping the workers?

We must help each other.
When workers are fired,

our own resources are also limited by the bosses . That's the point

Under the heavy blow
of a common destiny,

the representatives of Industry
and our Government,

dear families of the victims,
with immense sadness

they bow their heads with you
and Mourn.

They send a final farewell to the victims
of the last sacrifice in...


Heroic victims
now sleep in our land.

I spoke on your behalf, on behalf of
the Party Central Committee.

You did very well, that's the right thing to do

Your words are so touching

Your words touched our hearts.

On behalf of the Central Council
of the National Trade Union, thank you.

We care about the workers.

So do we, Mr. Tel Nov.

Someone was going from
Jerusalem to Jericho

and fell into the hands of robbers.

The robbers took off his shirt,
beat him and left him for a slow death.

Our own William Mayer
and some other brothers

they had the same fate.

They worked in this
coal mine for 15 years.

They fell into the hands of capitalist robbers

and tortured to death.

It is unacceptable

See you tomorrow...

What is this;

According to my declaration, I accept to
reduce my salary by 12%

Good deal guys.

I don't agree with that

We don't agree

If we didn't sign, we'd be

Strike without signature.

Like the miners of Lewis
-You don't understand anything

Does not matter


Look, half the workers
in the mine are getting fired.

We are categorically opposed

That's the deal.

Take a look

It's not like this.

We must not accept it

Let's go

What happens;

Comrade Telman is here

Telman is here

You have come at the right time, Comrade
Telman! do you take a look at it?

The capitalist wants to close
the coal mine

It's like our bones are being broken.
Capitalists are very cruel.

There is no food at home, we are hungry,
with this note he threatens us again.

What are we doing;

How desperate are the capitalists

She just buried her husband and
now her son is going to be fired.

Disaster after disaster

Capitalism is our undoing

Why there are so many
accidents in the mine.

Coal is precious and workers' lives
are worth nothing.

We must resist.



Yes strike

What you say is not so easy.

If I lose my salary again,

how will i live

Can you live on this salary?

Look this;

Comrade Telman

Denoff says, no strikes
during economic crisis

That is correct;

This is his fear that the strike
will deepen the economic crisis.

It will weaken Capitalism

But we hope so.

Capitalism must be beaten constantly

We do not protect the interests of the
capitalists, but of the workers.

Thousands are now unemployed

shall we go on strike?


Whether the trade unionists can
follow us is a big problem

And at home? I'm afraid
the women and children will starve.

They will crush our legs.

The Mines at Mansfield
have been on strike for 7 weeks

A woman said that once,
I swore to be faithful to my husband.

He is on strike and my heart goes out to him.

Don't underestimate yourself

Don't underestimate the power
of worker solidarity

One finger is easy to break,
five fingers together is a fist

The whole team.

Comrades, unite.

Get the bats ready

Mr Mayor


22 police teams in the
Essen area are waiting for your orders

Thank you.

Have you got my
report? Severin

Telman's activities are quite
serious and the situation is not good.

The government gave me special authority

Telman's hopes
will not materialize

It's not Mansfield here.

But miners in many
countries support us

With us the Soviet miners,

French, British,
Czechoslovakians, Belgians

and Poles.

And Poland supports us.

Now everyone is on our side.

Hallelujah, with us.

Comrades, I agree.

I'm not a good speaker.
I won't say much.

I just want to say this.
I will not live like this, no way!

We must strike.



He is right

We must demand
that wages not be reduced.

The dismissal decision must be withdrawn.

If the government rejects our demands,
all the mines must go on strike

You didn't say a word.

What is your opinion;

Of course, our requests are reasonable.

But if we want to start
a general strike in the Ruhr,

it won't be that easy.

This is true.

Does Comrade Florin understand this?

The enemy does not sleep.

It's okay, we'll turn the night into day.

I think it's over.

First we measure the leather and
then we make the boots.

What do you mean;

Let's check our powers first.

Then, we do a very careful
preparation and start.


This is what we say in Poland, first
measure the leather and then make the boots.

The difference in wage growth in
the Ruhr region affects the construction of warships

There is no way you can decide
anything without consulting us.

I agree, Mr. Counsel!

The skills of German Workers
are world-renowned.

First of all our workers are cheap.

They are not expensive, but in the US
steel companies are worried

for the availability of
grants in your factories.

The new military budget can
bring great prosperity to our factories.

The new batch of warships, the new tanks,
get a significant amount of government subsidies.

This subsidy barely relieves
the interest on our funds.

I can honestly say we are very reluctant
to give our dollars to incompetents.

Unless there is a Strongman
to rule Germany.


Let me remind you.


The Session of the National Assembly begins.

Mr Papen, in my opinion
there should be military men in power.

Our time is coming.

Wait until
the new presidential election is over.

Mr. Attorney General, Telman
is speaking to Congress.

Let's go.

Our response to the government is that,

we Communists categorically reject
this military budget.

According to our party's program
for national and social liberation,

we believe that revolutionary militarism
is a threat to our people.

This is treason.

National and social liberation
can never be achieved by war.

National and social liberation are linked
to the overthrow of capitalism.

We don't need the Bolshevik system.


Soviet workers proved that they
can live well without capitalists.

But the capitalists have never proved
that they can live without workers.

What a blow!

Well done! Telman

You, Thelman, want to disarm Germany.


You are wrong.

We want to empower people,
to take their destiny into their own hands.

Like in the Soviet Union.

We are fighting an unbroken struggle against
capitalism, at home and abroad.

We strongly condemn the Treaty of Versailles

And the strict US plan.

Tear down Versailles and
beat the strict plan.

Tear down Versailles and
beat the strict plan.

Who leads capitalism? Your Nationalist
Party defends capitalism,

he is the champion of capitalism, he supports
the Treaty of Versailles and the strict plans.

They want to see the communist MPs.

Hello comrades.

Hello! Florin.


I heard you are ready.

We're not late, are we?

Did Telman speak?

We are waiting for you.

Please come in and talk.

The capitalists in the United States,
Britain and France are thinking wrong.

They are thinking of rebuilding Germany.

To take advantage of German imperialism
to attack the Soviet Union.

In fact, when Germany
arms itself, it will attack them too.

But after a long struggle, our working
class has regained its strength.

Here is proof that the working
class is ready to fight.

300,000 workers in the Ruhr
stopped working.

160,000 workers strike. Prepare
to give them a big raise.

This is an unprecedented
violation of national law.

Mediation to resolve
labor disputes has not been completed

The Union has not taken a position
on this issue.

It is against the law.

Go ahead, Mr. Telman

We recognize only one law.

That of defending the interests
of German workers.

Quiet everyone, please.
Keep order.

The emergency law
was signed by the president himself


But we do not agree with him.

You made Hindenburg
president of the republic,

while it is nothing but a tool
in the hands of the owners, the capitalists.

Be careful what you say Mr. Telman.

I can stop you talking.

Hindenburg said without shame,

how he has read no other book but
the military regulations and the Bible.

Hindenburg also said publicly
that war was his medicine.

Serious discussion of peaceful
development in Germany,

we can only do
with the peasants and the workers.

The Communist Party is the only one that can
solve all of Germany's fundamental problems.

We don't need to enslave
people from other countries.

Aggressive warfare is not required.

All together for Thelman President.

Vote for Hindenburg,
it's Hitler's choice.

A vote for Hindenburg
is a war choice.

Darius ' steel helmet team
is ready.

Long live the helmet team.


March forward...

Don't sit awkwardly.

All civil servants have
gone to the polling station.

Only you are stubborn.

Allow me not to lower the party
flag in support of Hindenburg.

I will not do it.

He sees war as medicine.

But my son gave his life.

You talk about political issues.
Don't get emotional.

I know.

But I will never be his standard-bearer.

The election of Hindenburg
is the election of Hitler.

Electing Hitler will support the war.

The election of Hindenburg
is the election of Hitler

Maybe you want to vote Telman.

I would rather go with Sundenburg
than the Communist Party.

I'm not voting for Telman.

But I'm not voting for Hindenburg either.

You know you don't discipline
if you don't fly the flag.

This will be bad for you,
the old Social Democrat.

Don't be stubborn. I am not very
happy with Hindenburg.

But the trade union leadership of the
big Berlin companies,

he must not backstab him.

You can do whatever you want,

but for the benefit of the party
we must act together.

Vote for Telman, the representative of the proletariat.

Telman will make a campaign speech.

Vote Telman...

Telman is a worker representative.

Vote Telman.

I know social democracy.

Their goal was achieved.

Hindenburg and Papen came to
power, leaving the Commandos out

The social democratic workers themselves
are stuck in the mud.

They want to move, but they can't
without the approval of their leadership.

We communists can
not cooperate with them.

They are confused and stupid.

Have you been to the supervisory department?
What is the mood of the employees?

Have you spoken to
union president Gilhagen?

What did he decide?

He is eccentric, he walked with their Flag
next to the portrait of Hindenburg.

Both look alike.

I can't contain my nerves.
How will a fight with them turn out?

That's what they say...

I was wrong.

Together we set up the Party in Hamburg.

We had successes and failures.

Where are the successes due?
In our party.

Where should we
attribute the causes of failures?

To ourselves.

Comrades, we must not compromise.

It is not difficult for him to solve the problem.

All Party members
have embraced Severin

Besides, the police are listening to him.

Social Democrats.

-What is this;

What are you doing;

Take out the badge.

- What are you talking about;
- Take it off

They are robbers.

Do such things happen?

Why don't you intervene?

What could I do?

I am also in the social democratic party.

There are commands for this.

This is a violation of human rights.

Our lives are not insured

It doesn't go any further. The workers are waiting for the
Party and the Government to take some measures.

Instead of sitting there watching the craziness
of the reactionary forces.. day in and day out,

Why are you not interested?

It's not like that at all.

Comrades, do not be swayed by
Communist propaganda.

Are we motivated?

The policeman let them go...

If you don't stop Papen's actions now,

no one will be able to stop them.

He is afraid to do this,
and Hindenburg won't let him.

What are you going to do;

I still have the police with me,

he obeys my orders.

Is not that right; Colonel.

Yes, my minister.

Comrade Severin would do well to give
weapons to the workers.

Equipment of workers?

This stage has passed.

There is now a legitimate government
to solve any problems.

And the government is me, please
excuse me, I'm busy now.

What should I tell the workers?

Mr. Minister, the President declared the
country in a state of emergency.

First he appointed Prime Minister Papen
Prime Minister of Prussia.


Second, executive power
was transferred to Wing-General Lund

Third, he has fired you.


He will be tried at the Supreme National Court.

If you are able to do this.

Show respect.

Don't make me do it.

What kind of action do you want me to take?

How to explain all this?


Will the military manage
national affairs? That's bad.

Not allowed here.

No gatherings


Do not gather, gatherings are prohibited

Go away, go away

Get away.

That's what I told Severin.

He kicked us out.

At first he resisted.

But then he surrendered.

I couldn't figure it out.

A minister
obediently surrendered to a lieutenant.


A real shame.

What are we going to do;

We must move, comrades.

I visited the Siemens factory just now.

The workers there opposed Hitler
and Papen, the two capitalists.

Everyone wants to do this.

But no one moves.


The leader of the Social Democratic
Party rejected our proposal.

Proposal, to jointly deal with
the reactionary forces.

These ridiculous...

Brethren, let me
repeat our proposition.

We do not need conditions as a
condition for our life together.

We just have to fight
against the reactionaries.

Fight them to the end.

Dear brothers,
reach out your hand in unity.

Correctly! Correctly!

Are you honest Comrade Telman?

You are very mysterious, you don't
trust people.


If you have something in your heart, you
must say it.

You're right

for what we are facing now.

The Nazis will fill Germany with gallows.
In this dangerous time,

can't we be honest?

Faced with the threat of war,
with grave digging across Europe,

can we be dishonest?

Seeing so many dangers,

we communists are fighting
for the unity of the working class.

Can we be dishonest?

Read the newspaper

Read the newspaper...

Comrades, today we have a conference

with special significance.

So our members decided that
the conference should be held in secret.

Close the door.

Dear comrades.

He stands on this pedestal,
the faithful friend of the French people.

The Outstanding Son of the German People,
our beloved comrade Telmann.

He wants from this step
to send to the honest French,

the most urgent call to battle.



Long live Telman!


In Paris, the Commune of 1871

in the city where the revolutionary movement of the workers began ,

a conference is being held today, honoring the celebration
of the 15th anniversary of the October Revolution.

I want to blame the bourgeois
governments of Germany and France.

Get out! get out!

Good evening to all.

Hello sir

What fair wind brings you here.

hello hello

There is an unwanted person,
named Telman in the conference room.

Welcome Telman!!

Who told you he's not popular?

See how welcome he is.

I have orders here to deport him.

Then I don't know if
that person is in there.

Because the Constitution doesn't give me
the power to check everyone's documents.

The Constitution;

If you invoke the Constitution,
you must first explain to us.

Please be careful!
I am a national official,

I am doing my duty.


We German workers and
peasants are not your enemies,

but your natural allies.

French workers are not
enemies of German workers.

But their class brothers, their comrades.


However, since the German
Imperialists are threatening France,

and the danger of war increases,

We must be more decisive, make
the words of Carl Lee Berkey our motto.

"The enemy is in our country"

Capitalists struggle to
strengthen their arsenal.

But we Communists must
emphasize to all people,

that the weapons in the hands of the ruling class
are turned against the workers.

Fight the challenges of
war in Germany and France.

Eliminate war.

Read the newspaper...

Telman's word! ...


Who wants the Berlin afternoon .

The French police are looking
everywhere for Telman.




This is Comrade Telman.


Let's go.

14 years ago,

at the end of the war,

we're right up there
on the hill.

We were on this side of the hill.

I would like to say that for all
those who were killed,

we must fight tirelessly.

May a new war never happen again.

We can live like brothers.

The World War that began in 1914
for me and all veterans,

it's not over yet.

But the leader of the Communist
Party Telman, suggests

to get rid of the restrictions
of Versailles, in a... peaceful way.

He wants to deceive the German people.

But Germany is better,

not compared to other peoples.

The French are particularly opposed to us.

Such a chaotic situation
is a shame for France.

They and Bolshevik Russia,

sooner or later, they will know
the power of the Germans.

Miners contribute
about 1% of the total amount

to the campaign fund.

-How much can you secure?
- About a million marks.

Victory to our beloved leader! Ask!

Win! Ask!

I would like to make another prediction today.

The future parliamentary elections
will bring a brilliant victory of my ideas.

They will go down in German history.

Workers of Hamburg.

We are not saying that Telman's election
will bring jobs and bread.

We say it's up to you.

Now, this is the fate of the Germans.

Regression or progress.

War or peace.

Hitler or Thelman.

Vote Telman...

Buy a newspaper
buy a newspaper...

The campaign has reached its climax.

Only unity can
empower the working class.

Only struggle can make it a
dominant force in the country.

More than 800 strikes
last week.

Combating the growing
threat of fascism,

proves that the interests
of the working class,

they are completely compatible with
our national interests.

Comrade Hubble calls on
Berliners to support the strikers.

Gilhagen told me just now, how

kicked out of the top

Why was he fired?

Because he chaired the strike committee.

Many others have also been fired.

I have been involved in the Union for more than 10 years.

I was kicked out of the porters union


Because I am the chairman of the German
Communist Party.

Yes, I admit it!

I am the President of the Party,
of Livernese and Luxembourg.

I recognize that I am against
hunger and exploitation!

I admit that I oppose war!

Everything now depends on the
unity of the working class,

and the will to fight.

Berlin workers.

The Nazis suffered a major
defeat in these elections.

They lost over 2 million
votes across the country.

And our Communist Party
won these elections.

It became a stronger
in many cities of the country.

In Berlin we are the
strongest of all Parties.


After a hard fight we won.

This is a heavy blow to fascism.

If our working class can unite,
that would give them an even bigger blow.

Our motto is "United!
United, all together!"

Even if these 2 million
stupid pigs have betrayed me,

I can't change my course.

- I don't allow it.
-Fuhrer, don't take it seriously.

I can't stand this.

Go to Babern at once.

You have to make him understand
that we are not going to finish him off.

Führer, please listen to me.

I cannot see Jews, and Bolshevik
conspirators, ruining my success.

I want to kill all these criminals.

I will tie them to the gallows,
hang them one by one.

The workers would
never recognize a Hitler coup,

that's why the capitalists used the
election to bring him to power.

This is obvious.

Gobern has publicly stated that
once he has legally obtained power,

then to abolish legality.

The Nazis will use the harshest means
to deal with every worker.

You will never be asked whether you are a
communist or a social democrat.

Hublisi, you must go to the
council of the Social Democrats.

This afternoon I am drafting the
Party's message for the New Year.

This time to unite all
workers, non-communist and religious.

At this time, we must unite
the entire vanguard.

Matsenin is coming.

I have information that the Turkish capitalists
will meet Hitler again tonight.

Telmann spoke again to
workers in the Ruhr region yesterday.

I didn't expect it to have
so many followers.

And not only the Communist Party.

Do not fool yourself.

If we don't find a solution now, there will be a
worse accident than in 1933.

What can we do;

First Hitler must rise to power

At first he will purge
the Communist Party.

Then we will get rid
of the Social Democrats.

And then he'll bust the unions.

Hitler could be
a good player.

Blackmailing him is not simple

We know his cards

He is very impatient.

His words can easily
damage our relations with France.

If you hesitate again, then our relationship with America can easily be broken.

Please don't worry
that I'm talking about socialism,

see my action

The world war. Bulwick,
will start from Germany.

What do you believe;

Will he be elected in the next election?

The Communists will get more
votes if re-run..

Election season is over.

Hello, Ann.

Hello, Comrade Telman.

How do you feel;

Not long ago,

ok, this is from 1933.

Where is fitch?

Don't worry Ann,

he will return home tonight.

Check out this book,
it's very interesting.

Thank you

The Comrades are waiting for me,
I must go.

"What was the steel called"

Okay, stop.

I don't want to hear anything about
joint action with the Communist Party.

Even 10 proposals to be made
We will say no 10 times!

If the Party leadership continues
to refuse, it would be extremely unfortunate.

We are all against Hitler's government.

What are you talking about;

Now it's time to check the government.

Go to hell.

What do you say;

Delnoff is right.

See what Hitler can do
when he takes office.

Is he easy to drop?

He will hang the pioneer workers on the gallows.

The Party leadership does not say such things.

You know nothing about current politics.

I've heard enough.

I'm going home.

Gilhagen, come! don't be stubborn.

Tonight is New Year's Eve.


Comrade Delnov, does the party leadership
want to bring Hitler to power?

What is it you ask?

I want you to tell me,

because you rejected Telman's proposal, thus paving
the way for Hitler to power.

Is this the policy of the party leadership?

I have no obligation to answer you.

I have been in the Social Democratic
Party for 36 years.

I always had the obligation
to apologize to the party.

From now on... I won't do it again.


This guy...

He did the right thing.

Hitler would never dare undermine
the principles of democracy today.

he wouldn't even think about it.


Everything is over.

What happened.

Sit down.

They followed Delnov like blind men.

Blind people.

It is done.

What happened to Delnov?

I cut off all contact with him.

He wants Hitler in power.


Comrades in the party will be dragged into the abyss.

It is done.

Tell me what do you think.

The leader of the Social Democratic Party
does not accept that we are all against Hitler.

But the Social Democratic workers
are willing to work with us.

So our current mission,

is, to build a militant alliance
with the Social Democratic Workers.

The social democrats do not understand,

that the Nazis won't feel sorry for them
once they get power?

The Nazis will push
the German people to destruction.

It's obvious to me.

Here is the problem.

Goodbye mate.

What should we do, Comrade Pike?

Everyone must fight from his position,
for the solidarity of the working class...

We are communists, Corey.

Even if the format of the
fight changes, we have to rely on the masses.

Our Party is right and will surely win.

If the Workers' Parties
fail to be united,

the Fascists will build an
unimaginably bloody regime.

The fight will be long and arduous.

Good evening, Fitz

Good Evening.

I brought the envelope.

Letter from Ubrissi.

leader of the Underground party.

Shall I take you to the Party Central Committee?


I'm going to Kaseli.

Do not go. Let Archie go.

Go see Ann

You shouldn't leave her alone.

Comrade Corey, you haven't eaten, have you?

Does not matter.

You can eat first.


I sat too much.

Thank you, Comrade Telman.


Come on, let's go to my house.

No, Ann is waiting for me.

We go to the party office across the street.

-Red forehead.
-Red forehead.


are you back

Don't move, sit down.

You will become a mother.

Sit down.

How are the partners in Hamburg?

See you later.

Your new book?

Telman gave it to me.

This book is very good,
I always wanted to buy it.

look at this

let me read it to you

The most valuable thing in a man's life
is his own life.

We only live once

and we should spend our lives like this

that when we die, they
can tell. His whole life

and all his energies were devoted
to the most wonderful cause in the world.

In the fight for the
liberation of humanity!

I would like to write like this.

this is how you should Live.


Wait a minute

our child,

maybe become a writer.

Maybe he's doing something extraordinary.

There is such a possibility,

the hidden talents of the parents

to manifest themselves unexpectedly
in their children.

She will be a very active girl.


Boys are.. boys.

Why don't you just admit it's going to be a girl?

Why don't you like boys?
Do you like girls;

Because I would call her Anna.

Can a boy be called Anna?

But also,

when one has a child,

his life has more meaning.

The responsibility is even greater.

For this child, for all humanity.


Be careful, Gilhagen.


They killed him.

Corey... Corey.

It was a good new year.

Gentlemen, For a Europe
without Communist Parties.

We Germans are God's messengers.

To build a new world
order, let's have a drink together.

Hello, General.

Thank you, Mr. Papen

Hello, Mr. Prime Minister.

With the national spirit alive,

the desire of millions of ordinary Germans,

he made me head of state.


Victory... Long Live!

I deeply feel God's message.

It helped me succeed.

I'm glad to have you with me

And you should be glad to have me as Führer.

Victory... Long Live!

We will not allow a general strike to occur.


Delnov of the Social Democratic Party
declared the strike illegal.

He issued a public warning.

Let me introduce it.

My plan, it's here and then here!

Here is an underground tunnel,
leading directly to the Capitol.

What if we killed

I think this would stir up more
opposition to the Communist Party.

This old man of ours is still useful.

This is a new method.

I have seen her since the days of the Nile.

You see, what the
Communist Bolsheviks did.

I must destroy communism,
I must uproot it.

Communist Party, United Front. I
will never ally myself with those who set the fire.

A friend of Thelman's stands there,
a Communist Party official, Jansen

Where is;

Up there.


What happened to him?

They arrested him.

Come on, Ann.

Who was this guy you were talking about?

Where was he talking to you a while ago?

I do not know.

Where did he go;

There he went.

Take him.

That's him.


Come back.

Do you refuse to talk?

Think about it.

But don't think too much about it.

Do you want to go
to the music room?

Will you talk or not?

Where is fitch?

They bring Dimitrov.

You set fire to the Reichstag.

I see you act like you don't know.

Who made me burn down the Reichstag?

Be strong partners.


Tie him up.

Come back.

towards the wall.


pull closer!

Today is a day of important events
in the history of the national socialist movement.

After the Reichstag was burned
by the Bolshevik devils,

Congress decided to
meet at Crickley's house.

The flag of the National Socialist Party
flies in front of the conference hall.

I want to sue Goeringk.
As President of the National Assembly,

I have the power to uphold
the parliamentary constitution.

They have a two-thirds majority.

The Communist Party was expelled.

This reduced the seats by 81 and
changed the ratio of votes.

I won't vote for the Nazis anyway.

Let's vote as one in this meeting.
Nazi politics is a dirty scandal.

Listen to me, didn't the Nazi party adopt
many of our foreign policies?

After our policy
was adopted by the Nazis,

should we object?

Comrades, the problem is...

We have to get out of here.

We will not attend this meeting.

You must not leave the party.

Ok let's vote.

Please let's take a seat now.

Who supports Hitler, and the foreign
policy proposed by the Papen government?

Gentlemen, out of here please.

What do you think about this place?


-What are these people doing here?

They are some workers from Sar
and two journalists.

Please stop talking nonsense.

I insist on meeting my husband.

-I have that right.
-What else do you want?

I have the right to ask you this.

This is my world.

But there is more
than you in this world.

What does this mean;

What I say.

hi! Hitler!

I would like to inform you that the National
Councilor has arrived, with the delegation of Sar.

Abroad there are
absurd rumors about our new class.

Let us now take a look
at the life of the communist leader Telman.

Mr. Telman, the gentlemen are from the
Saar and want to speak to you.

Gentlemen, please do not
refer to political matters.

Are you allowed to meet
your family here?

They don't even let my wife see me.

Did you get my letter about our visit?


Guys, we all knew you were coming.

Not here already?
So the letters...

Have you received any
indictment against you?

No, I haven't.

How will you be treated here?

They treat me brutally.

-And not just me.

Don't say that again.

Please everyone get out.

They are cruel to everyone.

There was also a brutal massacre.

Notify employees.


Let the world know.

Tell the world the truth about this.


Don't procrastinate.
The guardian is ours.

Who do you think should
take on this task?

Who; But me of course.

No, there are too many people
in Berlin who know you.

Find a guy with a burger.

I can get Tillman out of the country.

And after...

Who are you thinking of?

York! He participated in the October Uprising.

This is the anti-key.

Employees will never forget you.

It is not easy to get this key.

My commander
only leaves it for a minute or two.

Diggy? Does he represent Goering?

Yes, he is
Goeringk's special representative.


will you help us

It won't be easy.

Look at the situation.

It is not bad.


- we'll see you tomorrow.


Have a cigarette.

- Exactly one.
- I don't know if it's for tonight.

Diggy, they're playing cards in there.

Great, I will keep the
batch for a long time.

exit gate 3.

I'll take the police dog away.

If something happens, I'll shoot twice.

Ten minutes to get dressed.


Look at them.

Is this the key to Telman's cell?

At the first opportunity, hang him.

Strangeness. How can the guards
open the door to Telman's cell?



Stop, don't run.

Close all doors.

Come on, York.

Defendant Kerry York.

Still refusing to tell us who
else was involved in the escape?

Don't you want to say who made this key?

You said you made the key yourself?

Bring the imprisoned Florin here.

Stand up straight.

I have been tortured 6 times.

Your original occupation was a plumber.

Once a member of the German parliament.

You also served as secretary of
the Hamburg German Communist Party.

Are they like that?

It's not wrong.

Are you related to the accused?

It's a great idea

make us relatives.

Can you answer that?

Wasn't that enough?

I am so glad you got
my letter so soon.

I will get to know the children.

It is very painful for me
to be separated from my child.

You know my situation.

We are family.

Great ideas unite us.

Go with your aunt.

Mom will be back to pick you up in two days.

Thank you Marda.

Mama's good boy.


Not bad at all.

That's the way it should be.

I just got back from Paris.

I brought something.

to celebrate
Comrade Telman's 50th birthday.

It's a letter from
Roman Roland, Gorky and Jimmy Toroff

Not here.

Up there, no one will notice us.


Take her.

There is no place for this
flag in Germany.

We will keep her ahead.

I'm going to Spain

to fight fascism.

Our two peoples could
live very well,

together as brothers.

We must fight to the end.

Only by persevering in the struggle
can one live.


This, also Telman..


These stupid mails.

It's really annoying for all of us

Another Telman.

They consider prison ..a dance hall.

Go get the record player.

Okay! You've grown so much.

I want to ask you a question.

What is the problem; Miss Telman

Did you get the letters?

Ernst, we all celebrate your birthday.

We wish you health.

Thank you.

All hail you,

William Peck.

The whole British Party.

You really deserve sympathy.


You are a guard here,
but you are like a prisoner.

Something is wrong with your mind.


Why are you so late?

They made us wait for hours.

I protest your behavior.

On my birthday,
don't keep the meeting time.

What do you want; Telman.

No one came to see you.

Your 50th birthday is very good.

Except for your wife and
daughter, who came to see you.

Everyone else forgot about you.

What the hell;

Give them the bag.


Who told you to listen to this song?

A 70-year-old greets you.

You are the great symbol of the peaceful
coexistence of the peoples of the world. Roman Roland

One day people's hearts
will turn into fire

that will burn fascism.

Rest assured, Gorky.



At gunpoint, comrades.

Comrades, Company Telman is here.

The Telman company pays homage
to the Paris Commune.



You are all here.

Comrades, at gunpoint! Come on.

Comrades, go ahead with Telman's ideas.

Forward thinking to Telman.

One day people's hearts
will turn to fire,

to burn fascism.



This is a result of our war
action in Spain.


we pay particular attention to the strength
of plains conflicts.

Shame. This is embarrassing

This is...

Someone, clean the wall.

Shoot them all

Dear Führer,
leave that to me.

Don't call me Goering if Thelmann's influence
doesn't subside.

Here we are. We have
a distinguished guest,

act smart

All guards standing, Goering.


I am reporting on behalf of Dege

everything is fine.

Where is Telman?

He is in this corridor
completely isolated.

All the cells around it are empty

Hi Telman.

I came to you personally, Telman

I could have brought you
to the Home Office.

Or the Air Force.

Or the secret police.

But I always wanted you to
make a move on me.

I always respect you, Telman.

Your beliefs are hostile
to mine.

But your fortitude makes me respect you.

Telman is a tough guy.

Not at all.

Göring softened him up considerably.

Now we are building the new European order.

Can you lend a hand?

I can give you complete freedom, Telman.

There are no conditions.

We are not asking you to join our party.

As much as you can...

Don't treat
my good intentions like that.

I'm telling you, Telman.

I will never shoot you.

I will never hang you.

I will never let
my dog ​​kill you.

It hurts you so much to be a boss.

I'll let you stay in
a cell for a few decades.

You will rot like a corpse.

And we will rule all of Europe.

Poland has the cheapest
human resources.

Norway offers Northbound coverage

Denmark and the Netherlands are
suppliers of meat and vegetable oils.

Belgium has coal and iron ore.

France has coal, minerals
and fine wine.

In North Africa our target
is the Suez Canal.

The Balkans are a cover to the South.

The black sea has oil.

Donbas has coal mines.

Ukraine food.

In a few days our troops
will enter Moscow.

No one can stop us.

Until then everything will be German.

This is an unexpected vision.

But war ...

Which is rather long.

A lot of people would like that.

Mr. McFrier, you don't seem to believe it.
I think we Germans are lucky.

I like my luck better.

My son in Poland in Golis
manages the Oriental factory

Where we have good production conditions

and labor from the
concentration camps.

Mr. Councilor.

Something is wrong

Equipment No. 3 of the third Eastern project
was ready to be loaded into the car,

but when it was checked, it was all about rubbish

For the trash?

5% less than standard.

They had changed the plan.
We caught a Frenchman who was indifferent.

Take a look.

Come with me.


There is no way.
60% of our employees are foreigners.

This is also an unexpected vision.

Arrested for inaction.

I know you.

You were in Farr's delegation.

Do you know Telman?

You do not even know me.

Do you know what the
crime of inaction does?

Take him.

Long live the world struggle
of the peoples against fascism.

Long live Ernst Thelmann.

In the past, we were a nation
with no margin for survival.

For a long time ...

You can't swallow this easily

We must conquer the world.

Yes, that would be great

That's wonderful.

Drink up.

Good drink!

Attention attention! we will now read
a message from the Führer.

The war on the eastern front
is almost over.

The Soviet Red Army was annihilated.

The occupation of Moscow is
a matter of a few days.

We won!
Let's go to Moscow for a drink!

Guys, let's go to the yard.

Let's go.

Stalin is dead.

I want to go to the front line.

Next week I will be sitting
in the Kremlin.

I want to go too.

Be quiet, all of you.

It seems to be saying something.

What are you talking about;

The Soviet Union has existed
for 20 years.

Hitler does not have the strength
to insult her.

German workers
Tellman is right.

Stalin will crush Hitler.

Central Committee of the Communist
Party of Germany.


The illegal group led
by Comrade Woody

and the regional party
committees were disbanded.

This is the fifth time.

You have to be active.

We need to get in touch
with some big factories right away.

Tell me Thomas' address.

I have to see him now.

Go to 17 Helba Street and
ask for Streig, the coalman.

kiss my child

I miss it a lot.

Give me a ticket
for line 8

You will burn another coal.

I can't even heat the
house with so little coal.

Where did the coal go?

It is all lost in the war.

We have half the world. But, the distribution
of coal is getting smaller and smaller

Where did you see this?

No one is freezing,
no one is hungry.

Why don't you wait in line?


Are you Mr. Thomas?


He no longer works here.

-ok -Ann

Follow me.

In many battles the Guards of
the 143rd tank division were incredibly heroic.

In honor of these brave deeds
the division is named

"Ernst Thelmann. Glorious Fighter of the Struggle for

The Armored Division is called
"Ernst Thelmann Tank Division"

Companions of the Guard.

In front of you is the Battle Unit of the SS.

It is the Hitler Guard most
hated by the workers.

Our purpose is...

Let's win

Long live our beloved comrade Telman.

Long live our glorious great country.

Long live the great comrade Stalin.

Goodbye mate.

Our purpose is...

Let's win.


It seems that the situation is not good.

Once a member of the Central Committee
of the Communist Youth.

Just like your closest friend
Don't know his name?


I believe in everyone.

Let me remind you.

We're talking about the year
you turned 30

At that time...

You were in Amsterdam at
an anti-war conference.

do you remember

Who had gone with you from Berlin?

I do not know anyone.


You don't betray others.

That's wonderful.

We will be able to find a common language.

Put this cute kid inside.




Mama's good boy.

Mom, what's going on?

My child.

How pleasant life is like this.

You have a child, a book...
Your books are not bad.

I took a moment to read one of your books.

Your points in this
book are very interesting.

The most valuable thing in a man's life
is his own life.

We only live once.

We want to know the Hamburg Party Committee
that went to Amsterdam.

The year of the Anti-War Rally.

Rotky, now called Eli, where is she?

Forget everything.

If you don't answer my question again,
you will never see your child again.

Do you understand?

Hurry up.

My good child, do not be afraid.

All this shall pass.

Take the child out.



I report Mr. Governor.

There is an important news.

A classified update has arrived.

The Sixth Army was destroyed at Stalingrad.

The Führer ordered three days of mourning.

Go away.

What are you doing here;

Reinforcement of guarding.
Our army was defeated at Stalingrad.

Comrades, The Soviet Red Army
won at Stalingrad.

We do not talk.

Are you happy Telman?

Thousands of people are dead.

And my son is dead.

How can you be happy?

Stalingrad is the beginning
of the end of the war.

It is the beginning of Hitler's downfall.

Millions of lives could be saved.

Our program.

Hitler launched a general war.
If the German people, at this last moment

if this crime is not stopped, the war
will lead Germany to total destruction.

Our propaganda minister answered 10
questions on behalf of the entire nation.

The British say the Germans are against
the war our government is waging.

The British say that the German people are
unwilling to wage a general war.

But he is willing to surrender.

Are you willing to fight
on all fronts?


Win! Ask!

Well done!

Well done!
-Don't interrupt the movie!

Sit down.

Are you willing to make
war more meaningful,

stronger more radical
than it is now?


No one is allowed to leave the theater.

Don't read this stuff.

Please don't push.

Pay attention in class.

You can go to the emergency exits
from both sides


Save the women, you cowards!





Open the door, dogs.



Well, on the first Ukrainian front,
we have a strong force on the Lviv line

and a large number of support tanks,
in two positions in our 52 Corps.

In this area, our army
is in danger of being surrounded.

Report to the Führer.

The criminal who attempted to
assassinate you, on July 20, was executed.

Dear national audience.

Victory has never been so close as it is today.

Although we have lost a lot, at the
same time we have gained a lot.

We throw away the unnecessary burden and act strongly.

Wrong move.

I was on the chief's staff.

The Führer is still
strong and calm as ever.

Have full confidence in the final victory.

We thank God
for protecting our Führer.

Keep him safe.
This adds a lot to us...

Hitler's plan fails.

Who expected this?

The only way to prevent a crash
is to negotiate with the West.

Otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.

Our best factories, our pride.

Poor Germany.

Try to save Raul.

Dear Sirs, Mr. Mark Freer
wrote to me from Switzerland.

What he said;

He has high hopes.

Can he stop the Russians?

The Russians, the Russians...

Which POW section is it?

The third regiment caught them.

Are they members of the SS?


Where is the Certificate?



Do you urge me to ask
the captives a question?

Ask them.

Do you know where Ernst Thelmann is?

I do not know.

Don't you know Telman?


Kovadki, you are the commander.

Goering's permanent representative

Never heard of Telman?

Have you never heard of
Dachau, Auschwitz?

We will find out.

Get them out of here.

My Führer.

According to the Report of the Southern Legion
Enemy forces in the south surrounded us.

Führer, in my opinion, this part
of the army has no hope.

What do you mean with that;

Are you showing me or threatening me?

The word tradition has been deleted
from the German dictionary since 1933.

Let the last
soldier fall, and the last one.

If we fail, no one can be left
alive in Germany.

I tell you, before we leave history
we will shake the whole of Europe.

If Germany disappoints me.

I will never shed a single
tear for the German people.

What happened to you.

How can you stop the Russians?

They surround one troop after another.

Hitler cries out for new weapons.

But it is too late.


It seems you have something else to tell me.

My sons, the two eldest are dead.

My youngest son enlisted,

went soldier to Rivo

He is only 16 years old.

What will happen Mr. Telman?

He's the only one left for me.

What should I do;

Asking what to do?

Run, keep him alive

For the new Germany, for the beautiful Germany.

We must urge the
besieged army to surrender.

There are 60,000 Germans.

Every hour you earn
can save thousands of people.

At 12 noon, the Soviet
headquarters will send troops.

We should work beforehand.

It's about 60,000 lives, Fitz.

Do it right.

Do not worry.

General I report that according to your orders
, 640 wounded are ready to leave.

Get out as soon as possible. We are
unable to defend the position for long.

Wait a minute.

The Soviet Red Army threatens
the railway lines General.

I want you to send the
wounded to the firing line as well.

Why do not you do it;

This is the Führer's order.

The beleaguered army must
advance, not retreat.

Mr. Military Director.

It is inhumane to treat
the sick and injured like this.

Captain Slade, you are insulting the officer with this.
The only forgiveness is to go to the front line.

I already asked the general
to send me to a combat unit.

It's the Führer's order, what are you still hesitating about?

As soon as possible, liquidate the workers
and prisoners in the concentration camps.

Your job is to carry
out the Fuehrer's orders.

Avrolah, please answer.

Avrolah, please answer.

Did you get in touch?

Yes, Avrola.

Watch out, our motto is
shoot Hitler.

Mobilize all forces
to liberate Germany.

Execution of the command.

A car will come, it's the rebels.

And they bring weapons
to arm the workers here.

What are you doing;

Officer, we are the workers,
we came here to work.

You're too late.

These tools are for the construction site.

Go with them.

Go to the factory yard.


Even wounded send,

- So we are in a desperate situation.

Have you come to replace us?

Are you the Death Squad?

Go Fu ck yourself!

German soldiers surrounded.

Watch out, the Russians are talking..

We are sending military envoys
to negotiate with you.

Soldiers, avoid certain death.
Save your lives.

Why did he do that?

They are negotiators.

we saw it clearly.

Kill their emissaries
The Russians will not feel sorry for us now

Expect an attack.

They were coming with a white flag.

They didn't want to negotiate.

You do not understand;


Wait a minute, stand.

Get down, motherfucker.

It is done.

The tanks will be here in a minute.

Soldiers, as chairman of the
German Communist Party,

and representative of Ernst Thelmann.
I call on you all to lay down your arms

William Pike.

Don't make a needless sacrifice.

Hitler's regime
is about to be destroyed.

But as a German people,

You must live for a new Germany.

The people, our people,
we will build a free future.

a peaceful, independent Germany.

We invite all German patriots
to take part in this creative enterprise.

Our Germany must become
a truly great and happy country,

as Telman said in the program
for democratic liberation.

Are they honest?

No, they will kill us all.

This is what the attacking army does.
They're never going to give it to us.

Guys, the Red Army has you surrounded.

They can clean you up.

But they don't want to do it.

That's why they stopped the bombing.

Stalin said, Hitler will go,
the German people will stay forever.

Isn't it red?

What are you doing.

What if we surrender?

It depends on you.


do you have the courage to come with me?


Let's go.

Get ready to surrender the area.

Please take me too.

It's a big deal.

Telman spoke to my father
Let me go there.

Did they talk in prison?

Yes, he's guarding Telman

Please take me.


Let's go.

You said you were German.

But why are you fighting your country?

You're wrong.

I'm fighting Hitler, not Germany

For Thelman's ideas, against Hitler.

We must save Germany.

What are we doing;

Where are we going?

We move forward.


Red Army tanks
crossed the railway line.

Give the order to block
the enemy tanks.

60 tanks are coming at us.

Comrade Colonel,
the enemy command has been captured.

Colonel, on behalf of
my officers, I want to ask you the following:

First, we can, as prisoners, take
food and our personal belongings.

Second, we can have
our correspondents and companions as prisoners.

Third, we can follow the law and
the rules regarding prisoner officers.

Don't you think about your soldiers at all?

We will respect everything
mentioned in international law.

I order you to immediately sign
the letter of surrender,

of your Constitution.

Do you understand?

Where is the military director?

Where is he hiding?

Mr. Director is a simple politician.

War criminals for us, they are the same.
They either wear civilian or military clothing.

And who are you?

A shipbuilder from Hamburg.

German Patriot.

Pupil of Telman.

Our Telman.

Yes, it's Telman! This is our emblem.

We took her from Stalingrad.
He made it this far.

Fitz Jansen.

The liberated working class,
Will take the national flag in their hands.

to elevate her to
the people's Spring Festival.

You're ready Telman.

Do you know what will happen?

I know.

A future Germany without you.

The most valuable thing in a man's life
is his own life.

We only live once.

And we must live our lives like this,

that when we die, they can tell.

All his life and all his energy,

dedicated to the world's most wonderful cause.

In the fight for the liberation of humanity!