Ernesto (1979) - full transcript

Triest in the year 1911. Ernesto is the priviliged, seventeen year old son of a jewish mother and a non-jewish father, who has deserted his family. He is raised by his uncle Giovanni and ...

You ... You

You ... hot today.

You ... You ... You

Things are as they are.
We can't go on like this.

There is not too much work.
We have to be patient.

But what patience? Patience!

What do you want?

Let's go. Go to work.

How much do you pay?

As usual.
A florin by each two bags.

No at all. It's very little.

Then we agree.
I'll launch the bag to the soil...

and I say: "We don't work any more!"
But don't leave me alone.

I've got wife and children, don't
forget it. Don't worry about.

Move, Mario.

Here it's always the same

When it's time to stand up in front
all you guys leave me alone.

What's wrong?
Are you tired?

No, I am furious with the boss.

He is a real miser!

Only a florin
for loading and downloading...

two carts.

You arr right
I neither bear it.

When he need
workers, I will call you.

But this misfortune of wage
is a shame.

Do you have cigars?

No, I don't smoke,
but Mr. Wilder does.

Look at this one...

No, ho

Buy one of those beautiful birds.

Ah, how much it costs?

A florin...

Good price!...

OK. Thank you

Oh, another blackbird!
Do you like it?

The aunt is resting.

But do you like my blackbird?
Yes or no.

You don't make noise.

With all these birds it's impossible to sleep.

They are better that a lot of men
... and that some women.

L go for a walk.

And you more polite.
Don't be disrespectful to aunt Regina.

Now she doesn't go...

Aunt, why did you stop
working in the shop?

I'm not going to say anything.

Perhaps you don't like to work.

Ernesto, go to you room how.
In five minutes I'll go up.

Sara, please.

Take this hen out of here.

Como here, Camilla...
I'll put it in the kitchen.

Good morning, Mr. Wilder.

This is the last cigar I smoke!

Give me the cigars,
so you have no temptations

I'll give cigars to you. This is the last...
Bye, I go now.

And the cigars in the strong box?

Didn't you tell the cleaning lady
I don't bear the smell to naphthalene?


Yes I told her.

Personally ... Right?

Now get down to work.

The cigars! The Cigars!

Cigars, right. Take them...

Let me see if this time
I have strength of will.

And I don't want to be bothered.

I've to write a very important letter!

Keep a close eye on the workers!

Especially on the ones at the warehouse.

A cigar?

Keep the box.

My ideal is to steal to the
rich and give it to the poor.

L am a socialist. And you?

I'm not interested in politics.

You say you are a socialist, but ...

young people today
side with the powerful.

L should not smoke here.

But I don't mind.

Is it good?

You are a very nice boy...
and very good-looking.

Nobody told me that before.

Not even your mother?

Not at all.
She fears to spoil me.

We are very different, but
I wish we could be friends.

Don't think I am rich.
ll only make 30 crowns a month

And half is for my mother.

And you spend the rest in women!

No, I have decided to wait
until I'm eighteen.

And you? Are you married?

No, I am not.

I'm alone.
I don't lose my time with women.

And you father?

L didn't know him.

He left my mother six months
before I was born.

That's why my ugly uncle Giovanni
has turned into my tutor.

He is a fanatical, you know?.
He hates me...

Cause he hates all the socialists.

Or perhaps because he loves your mother a lot.

What I don't understand is
why he doesn't love you.

Why are you saying these things?

L don't know. I think itis a sin ...

it is a sin that we can't be friends...

have some fun together.

Cause the difference of age?

No, that's not why.

Do you know what does it mean
that a boy like you...

makes friends with it fellow man like me?

And if you don't know it,
I'll not be the one who teaches it to you.

Do you know what am I speaking about?

Then you have understood it.

Sure I have understood it,
but where?

Where what?

Where we can be alone.

Well, how we can?

In the countryside there is a place...

No, I'm afraid.
Somebody could see us.

Tonight, in the forest.

No, let's better think about it. Right?

We'll talk about later..

"Blessed are you, oh,
Gentleman, Creator of the Universe"

"That created the
fruits of the earth"

"This is the bread of our
Parents in the earth of Egypt"

“That the hungry
eat of this bread"

"we Celebrate Pascua,
this year that are here"

“the next will be
in the earth of Israel”

"Here we are in slavery.
The next year"...

"in the earth of Israel
will be free".

But I am hungry.
We've been three hours here now.

The requests...

Nobody wets the vegetables
in oil before eating...

But what means this ceremony for you?

What means this
ceremony for you all?

This is the way
you behave during the Seder?

He is the son of his father
What did you expected?

A son of a man that turned into
Jewish by money.

By the way, we have got a good
offer by the shop.

We should sell it,
if you are tired to work.

I'll regret It, but
ll don't want to continue.

And that's all .

It is a pity.

L could manage the shop.


Handle a shop, after all
you have done?

You married a man who left you
when you got pregnant.

L warned you...

When I saw him, I knew
the Kind of person he was.

"“This guy is a bastard".

The food is very good, mum.

He is like his father!

Socialist, socialist
but he loves to eat well.

But what socialist. He is a boy.
He doesn't know about politics?

Explain him when you were
with the Garibaldinos ...

If Garibaldi were alive...
he would be a socialist.

Who told you this atrocity?

L have read It in a newspaper,
in \"The worken\".

L had forbidden you you read it.

Hard and unkind
still after dead!

Mum, don't tell me that ...

...We are eating my Camilla?

It was very annoying, and that's all.

No longer eggs
and littered it everything.

Besides, the other day it spoiled
Aunt Regina's hat.

The day that the socialists get the power,

people like you
will be hanging from a tree.

"A novel by Carlo Wilder"

"And he said"...

He said...

What did he say?

One... Two... Three... Four

Balls of naphthalene!

Naphthalene? It is impossible.

Everybody know that you ...

gave an allergy.

My head...

it is throwing smoke.

L want to smoke.
And the box of cigars?

L threw it to the rubbish.

But what have you done!

It's for your own good.

Of course, you are concern about me.
Ernesto... you are my father revived

I threw them because
you told me.

What do you do now? Work!

L am working.

Then work more!

Thank you.

L told you to keep an eye on the workers
of the warehouse.

If you throw the bags like this...

they will break.

L worked enough today.

Come on, raise the bag.

If you does not pay two florins
the bag remains here.

Two florins!
A florin is a fair price.

L am the one who pay better
and you know it.

It Is useless to put to argue
now with the heat.

Go on. Tomorrow,
there will be work for all...

with the same wage.

We have two hours
before nightfall..

Come on! We go!


Begin to work!

Get out of the way.

By the way, you, tomorrow come here
an hour before.

You will repair some sacks.

And you too, Ernesto...

you will keep an eye on
the workers.

Today we are alone.

But only an hour.

In an hour we can
do so many things...

Tell me, what do you mean?

Do you remember what we agreed?

You had promised.

And ll am eager to do it...

Fuck me off?

Something enjoyable?

It is the most beautiful
thing of the world.

For you perhaps... But for me?

For you too.

Have you do it with a man?

No, never.

And you, with other boys?

With many.

But no one so beautiful as you.

And what did they said?

They were happy.
And some of them thanked me.

I'm afraid..

But I know what to do the firs time
with a boy.

L believe you...

but I have fear that
you hurt me.

Hurt you?

But if I love you very much.

That's what you say now...

to convince me... But once
you begin to feel pleasure...

I would castrate myself,
before hurting you.

Please let's do it...

there is no more time to lose.

Do you really want to?

Yes, and you too.

That's why we are here.
You'll not regret. You'll enjoy it.

L will see.

OK, but with a condition.

What condition?

Swear me that if I say stop,
you will stop.

It does not matter when.

You will not ask me that it stop.

But don't worry, I promise.

This is not sufficient.
Give me...

your word of honour.

I'll stop when you ask me to!

That God bless you.

Very well. I am ready.


Don't be afraid.

You'll feel no pain.

You'll be delighted.


Why did you call me angel?,
Angels don't do these kind of things.

L was feeling in heaven.
You enjoyed. You must admit it.

At the beginning, a bit.
Afterwards I began to...

to feel badly.

Do you know something?
We came at the same time.

And how can you know that?

This can be seen .
Besides, look there.

Then we should invert the sack.

Forgive me, I've have to warn you...

Please don't go explaining
what we have done together.

L am not stupid. I know what can
or can't be told.

It's dangerous.
You can finish in the prison.

And die of shame.

L am not silly.
I closed all the doors.

If ll don't finish now, who
knows what the boss would think.

Is it truth that in the army...

they review you there and they refuse to the...

But who told you that?

Still some pain?

Yes, a little.

Next time, I will bring something...

so that don't feel pain.
They sell it in the pharmacy.

Are there medicines for this?

No, it is not for this...

It's for those who suffer annoyances.
They are some cones.

You put it inside
and they melt .

And then, it doesn't hurt anymore
neither before neither afterwards.

What are these cones made of?

It's like Cocoa butter.


Cacao butter in the ass!

My collection of stamps...

My stamps...

V"When with naphthalenCatalina you are annoying\"

\"On your stamps I sneeze\"

Of course, it hurts.

L would also cry.

But they are only stamps...

The stamps with the edges cut
are not very valuable.

It is necessary to have sense
of the humor, not only...

when you do a prank...

but also
when somebody do it to you.

Come on, Ernesto.

Well, take this.

L give it to you.

L know you always liked it.

Now I'm very sorry. Be good now...

I did not know you would feel that way.

Now stop crying...

cause I'm going to cry too.

Mr. Wilder, I go.

Don't forget it. Be determined.

They have money. Get it.

And don't take the tram.
Use your long legs!

Look at this.
Go out of here.


Go and look for a job! Move!

Your too.


Is this a tram?
No, it's a carriage Why?

L know why. Carry me
to the Maria Teresa beer factory.

L don't have the money for the rent.

L sell very little,
and work so much.

L hardly earn enough to eat.

But if I go back with my empty hands.
Mr. Wilder is going to nag me.

Wilder has money
more than sufficient.

L would have closed the shop,

If 1 hadn't to feed these people.

L know, you always tell me the same.

But never pay me.

How a socialist like you...

can collect money
for somebody that explodes...

the workers.

Yes, I have heard it before...

Well, let's deceive him them.

He is just a dirty capitalist.

Health... and Socialism!

Hi, Andrea
Hello, Ernesto

You don't show your face since
they expelled you of the school.

Where are you hiding?

L have been busy.

A thing after another...

Businesses I need to attend...

and I have no time for me.

It's evident, the superiority...

of Italy on Austria:
in earth, the Bersagtierl

in the sea, the battle Duilio.

And Lissa?

Lissa has betrayed us.

Forget it, let's go to drink something.


L am happy to see you, guys

Who knows when
should we meet.

Besides, I'll go to London soon.

Today I recovered some credits .

With me everybody pays.
It's a question of style.

Since I do this job,
Sr. Wilder has not a delay.

And how do yoo manage the accounting?
In the school were more than a donkey.

Andrea, school is a thing,
and life is another.

Will you come next Thursday
to navigate in my boat?

Have a boat?

Yes, my father gave it to me
cause I passed my exams.

Come with us if you want to,
it is a sailboat.

Sorry I have a commitment.
Of course.

Good boy, Ernesto.

Have you done it...

with some girl?

Oh, many times.

If, I explained you...

Well, now I have to go.

Oh, good...

It is the life!

No. Let us pay this.

L work... So I pay.

Good boy, Andrea!

It is not truth what
I have said about girls!

I've never been with any girl.

And what's wrong with you?

What do you want?

The boss send me
to look for Mr. Ernesto ...

It's about some bills.

Come in, please.

L did not want to bother you.

It's fine. Come in, please.

What a beautiful place. I like it.

Thank you.

But, you are...

Of course...

Ernesto speaks a lot about you.

He is a good boy.

Sit down, please...

Perhaps I am bothering you..

Not at all, don't worry.

I'm going to inform Ernesto, he is in bed.
Make yourself comfortable.

Just a minute.

Somebody from the work
is asking for you.

But what a mess!

Ay, mum, why such a scandal?

Let me fix your bed...

at least.

Please, go in.

Put on your shirt.

It will be only a minute.

Seat down.

You had fever, put it on.

Stop it. Let me alone!

The boss told me
that were ill.

1ll? He almost dies ! The doctor...

He is not here to listen
that kind of things!

What does the boos need?

He can't find last bills,

Perhaps you have them in the pocket.

He is so angry.

You are so absent-minded .

Did he look for them in my desk?...

Mum, bring here my jacket...
The jacket!

What a manners!

Now you can give them to this scoundrel.

L don't know why he
speaks like that about Mr. Wilder.

He did not mean it.

My mother is with capitalists too.

Why don't you offer him a bit of wine?

L am going home already.

Please, it will be a pleasure.

Why are you so mean
with your mother?

L figured out...

she was different.
The way you talk about her

It is not that I don't love her...

but sometimes I can't stand her.

Something new in the warehouse?

Nothing in particular.
Only that...

we miss you a lot. A lot.

L am better, now.

I'll get up,

I'll clean myself and after having lunch...

I'll go to the warehouse...

and I'll do what you want to, but ...

Well, here ll am.
Taste this wine.

Thank you

It's nice.

Only that...

a bit strong, I think.

Ah, the boss...

gave me this for you.

Don't forget the cacao!

Let me dry your hair.

Now it seems that you are better!

But you had a very high fever.

Now, the only thing you
have to think about is working.

Who are you?

What are doing here?

L am the new assistant.

Mr. Wilder hired
me personally.

Do you want to listen me?

Are you listening?

You talk and talk
but never do anything.

All you do is to speak.

Carry this out to the warehouse.

Give these papers to Mr. Ernesto...

and buy a cigar for you.

Very well, Cesco!

That's enough.
Don't be angry.

I'll let you smoke half the cigar.

What is this?

L promised you. The cone.

L thought that it was
like a chocolate bar.

Do you like sweets?

They are my weakness.

You are my weakness.

How did you feel?

Neither bad neither well.

You want me to ...?

Do you like it?

Soft, softly.

Listen to me...
l want to do what you do me.

With who?

With you.

Not with a man.

It's beautiful to do it with a boy,
before beard grows...

and he begin going out with girls.

What pleasure could you obtain,
with me that even have mustache?

Then shave it!

It would be the same.
I would keep on being a man.

At least we could try.

What a mess.

Oh my God!... It's disgusting!

But what do you do with my things!

Always browsing through...
What is this rubbish?

They are worms for the blackbird.

Look at your hair.
You need to go to the barber's.

Perhaps I'll go tomorrow
or the day after tomorrow.

By no means.
You will go today before eating.

I'll go when I want
and where I want


Sorry mum.
I'll go right now.

Even you abuse me.
This is too much.

L was just kidding.

L can't neither open my mouth...

Mum, don't cry, please.

If I had married a Jewish...

we would enjoy a better life.

And I would have a sailboat,
just for me.

Hi cute boy, do you want to do something?
No, thank you.

Here is where you study, right?

That's right, but what do you do here?

L go to the barber's.
and this way is a shortcut.

Look up there.

Pay her a visit.

It's only a florin.
and she is so nice, you will see.

For you that is kind of sport...

but prostitutes are victims
of the bourgeois society prejudices.

But where do you read
these foolishness?

L don't know where we are going ...

Ah!, you seem an Indian prince.

No, don't put your hands ...

on the hair of Ernesto.

I'll do it personally.

Your uncle Giovanni
was here yesterday.

He told me that...

you are a socialist.

That's true, but only because
I want to disturb him.

He is bullshit.
It hates socialists.

And the violin?...

Do yo still play it?

I've done incredible progresses
and although uncle Giovanni doubts it.

I'll become a famous soloist.

No please, this is not good

for Ernesto.

Oh, it seems fine.

Perfect, thank you.

But you beard is growing.

If you have a bit of patience
I'll shave you in a moment.

Alberto, the soap.

This is a real beard, you are growing...
You need to shave it.

\"It's beautiful to do it with a boy,
before beard grows...\"

...\"before beard grows...\".

Ah, Ernesto is a man already

Yes he's a man.

Do you remember when you where a child?

A charming boy...

with a lot of curls in the hair.

Hi, finally you decided to come.

It was time.

What do you prefer?
With me or with my friend?

And then?...

What are you doing here,
you should be at school!

Do you want to go up?

Hello, darling, are you looking for me?

No, I'm sorry.
A Miss is waiting for me...

It was time enough!

As usual..

The other girl tried to
trap you. They are terrible.

Sit down...

while I fix this.

Here always there is a lot of met.
Sit down, sit down.

And your hat?

Take it of.

You are not going to make love
with the hat on.

It will be your first time, truth?
No, no.


Come on, undress yourself.

I'll help you.

What's your name?

Ernesto... Wilder. And you?


It is not my true name,
but everybody call me Sandra

No, no.

Something wrong?

No, it is only that...

Come here besides me.

I'll be very sweet,
since it is your first time.

It will be nice, you will see.

Do you like it?

Don't worry, she will leave soon.

Do you smoke?

L imagine you don't.

You are still very young.

L should stop smoking.

That is what my father always said.

If you want a puff?.

I'm going to light it up.

Why so much money?

Today I am rich.
I picked up my salary.

It's too much.

L don't want so much. But listen...

I'll keep it and next time
you will not have to pay me.

That's fine pick up some money.

Ernesto, you are angry
because I hired a new assistant.

Not at all. I don't mind.

That is not truth.

You are very proud.

L don't say that the
boy is a genius...

but, you will see.

When I finish to teach him...

he will be a good assistant.

You two are going to share the work.

He will handle the correspondence.

And you, the workers...

He could be at charge of the workers.

No, somebody...

has to do the work office...

due to the fact that you don't do it.

Can I go now?

Wait a minute.

L have a surprise for you.

Look at this...

Beautiful stamps.


Thank you.

But collect them yourself.
1 “m not a child anymore.

So you don't want them? Very well.

But I want my whistle .

Which whistle?

The one who you took from my desk.

How did it arrived here?

Take it, now
give me back my walking-stick.

Do you want your whistle?

Then I'll take my stick back. It is mine.

It works.

Then go out whistling.

How many do you think you deserve?
How many what?

How many with this wand?

L have always done what you wanted me to,
and now you want to scourge me. Why?

It's nothing.
Just a small punishment.

Perhaps what we do is a sin
but you don't have the right to punish me.

Not because it's bad.

But because you are too beautiful.

And also you are wicked.

Cause you enjoy
getting me to lose my head.

Remove your trousers.

Give it to me.

If you promise you give it back to me.

L don't promise you at all.

Give it to me.

Now give me your hand.

Come on...

How many were you giving me?


Now, remove me the trousers.

My angel

It Suffices... It suffices...

You seem Ali Baba.


L am not a girl. You know
that baba is \"girl\" in dialect?

Ali Baba is a character of
V'Thousand and One Nights\".

\"In Baghdad...

there was a youngster that
never knew his father...

a night, when the
moon shined on the city...

he had some coins...

to buy an ice cream, so he got into
an ice cream shop and asked for one.

The tender...

offered it for free.
It was so exquisite...

that the boy accepted
another. After which...

attracted by
the beauty of the boy...

the man invited him an ice cream.

Every night.

And while the youngster
ate the ice-cream, the man...

stared at him, fascinated
by the beauty of the boy.

Be when he tried to touch him
the boy said:

\"Be quiet, and
content with admiring me...

and with serving me\".

But you forget the pleasure we obtain
each time that we make love.

But we could finish in prison...

if we keep doing this.

But nobody knows about it.

Don't speak so high.

We could look for any excuse...
For example that we need ...

to arrange a bag.

We will see...

Perhaps in some days...
But it will be the last time!

How are you, Mr. Luzzato?
Well, well, thank you.

By the way...

Did you hear about the scandal with Ravagnani?

No, I don't read the newspapers.
It went to the failure, this subversive?

Himself, the banker Ravagnani had
some charms by socialists...

but this is not related with to banks.

He had a muddy adventure
with a young servant.

L see, a very particular fellow.

Exactly, and now
all a family is in the mud.

The men who does these Kind of things...

doesn't have other option,
than shooting himself.

And what did Ravagnani?

This morning.
It shot himself in the mouth.

Look how beautiful.
Do you likes it?

Forgive me, treasure
don't you present me?

My friend, Giovanni.

Do you know something about art?
What do you think?

It's wonderful.

Then I'll buy it.

It is late, we have to go now.

Goodbye. Come on, Carlo.

Can I leave now, uncle?

A florin... Take it.

Cause the slaps you give to me?

Which slaps?
Don't you know what is this for?

You should have to know it.

To buy some sweets?

For theater?
For a concert?

And for not to fall in some vices.

A man has to test
that he is a man. Understand?

Yes I do. Thank you uncle.

One of these days
I'll send Mr. Wider to hell.

Mr. Wilder and his
literary pretenses.

L go Him to say: "Dear sir,
it's useless that you try to write...

...cause your lack of
inspiration and talent."

And then what?

I'll be free like the wind.

And I'll be able to do a long trip...

and I'll trade in spices and coffee.

But you wanted to be
a famous violinist.

Perhaps... l can do both.
I have time for everything.

That way I'll be able to buy my own
ship, with 50 sailors.

How are you paying
for 50 sailors?

They will fall in love with me.

We were worried. You had never
arrived so late to the work.

L had to walk.

You must be really tired.
Next time...

I'll send you a carriage...

or a cabriolet.

I'm sorry but...

Do you know that I spent...

more than 6 florins in your exits.

And as far as incomes you have
earned rise to... Zero...

you are a total loss.
You'll have to trot!

You have long legs.
so you will have to trot.

He runs a lot.

L arrived second in the marathon
of the school of trade, Sr.

The second! I was always the last .

From today I'll give you
neither a cent more

for your exits.
Now go to work!

Give me a leaf of paper

Fast, give me a leaf!

Oh, leave me alone.

He arrived second.
and I always was the last!

Work! Work!

What are writing
to Mr. Wilder?

Things that a slave
like you can't understand.

Spartacus said.

"And he said"...
He said... What does he said?

What is this?

Some bills that it is necessary to sign.

Leave them here and go out.
Don't bother me. I have things to do.


You have forgotten me...

but I don't.

L can't forget you, Ernesto.

L call you when I am alone,
and nobody can hear me...

I repeat "Ernesto” like a silly.

L pray it... Give me this wish.

L can't continue without you...

Will you do what I ask you to?

Then lay there.
Today I'll do it inside you.


Do it for me.

L promise you that
you will have a great pleasure.

It will hurt me a lot,
but it does not matter at all.

Get out of the way.
I'm sorry

Listen me boy. You will not think that
you are hired here

to teach me something...

Listen boy: you never
have taught me anything at all.

You can't teach me

because you are a useless,
lacy and vicious being.

Unable to do anything at all.

This is your letter!
According to you...

I bleed the
legs of my employees.

Well, your legs are sacked.

You are sacked!

Go to my office and I'll pay you.

Get out of the way, stupid.

Second in the marathon! It would be
because all of them tripped with you.

The naphthalene. Save it.
I'm not going to use it any more

Tell me the truth, Ernesto...

All this and the letter is just a pretext.

You want to go you because
you feel trapped here.

And how do you know it?

Because I also feel that way.

L hate all here inside.

Everything ... The letters, the sacks
the flour, and the assistant... Everything.

The big Wilder!
The genial trader!

I've been here for 40 years.

This place never was
very attractive to me.

But still I make lots of money,
don't ask me how.

Why didn't you left it?

Escape doesn't solve anything.

Going where? Where should I go?

It's like stop smoking...

Sit down Look

I hided them. You see?

Full of cigars.
I never stopped smoking.

It was a prank.

You wanted to have
a silly boss you could trick...

and I have written the character...

allergic to the naphthalene,
the cigars...

only to amuse you.

L played this role
but never stopped smoking.

And what are you doing now.

Something that will surprise you
Mr. Wilder.

L heard that you want to be...

a violinist. We will see.

A bet?

L bet that you will never get it.

L would bet anything.

And I would be happy to lose,
dear boy.

But you will return.

You will return in spite of the
violin, in spite of the trips...

and the adventures.

What would you do
if you had my age, Mr. Wilder?

At the beginning you will believe
you can get anything.

But wait...

one day you will notice...

suddenly, in some point.

Perhaps sooner than
you imagine.

As when one get to the point
that can't already stop smoking

Can I go now, Sir?

Take my walking-stick with you,
it will bring you good luck.

Now go ...go ...

Why you arrive so early?

Mr. Wilder has sacked me.

Ernesto... you can't be serious.

Itis not a prank.
It has sacked me.

Better that way. It was more than fed up.

Unemployed! First was your father.
Now, you.

But It's different. He escaped
when you got pregnant.

Mine is an act of courage.

Why should I do this Kind of job?

Imagine I could not even take the tram.

But you are young and
no need to take the tram.

Everyone against me...

I will not go back to be an employee.

And what will you be then?

A violin soloist.


And who tells Aunt Regina?
She will throw you from the house.

That's enough mum... Please.

Always tale about our misfortune.

L grew always with this message
and I discover now...

that we are loaded with money.

If uncle Giovanni heard you...

You are not poor.
The true is that they mistreat you.

After your marriage failure,
they subdued you entirely.

Are you also going to
lecture me?

Do the same I did.
Send them all to the hell.


We will travel a lot.

Madame, do you want to dance?




St. Petersburg...

What a coincidence you were sacked
at the beginning of the month.

What atrocities did you
write in the letter?.

You should visit Mr. Wilder.

Perhaps he will give you
last week money.

What a bad boy...

Don't worry. I'll go.

But you don't tell aunt Regina.

To be sacked just today...

Aunt Regina ... Aunt

You scared me!
Do you want to Kill me?

Dear aunt, give me 2 florins for the theater.

The theater? 1”m Killing you.

Which theater?

You should be at work?
And if you are ill, then...

go to bed.

Going to the theater!
A purge is what you need!

Tonight Ondricek
the violinist plays...

He is the greater soloist in world.

Socialist, socialist
but you'd like to be an artist.

It's serious music, you see?.

Not the kind of shits you use to hear.

Please, give me 2 florins.

Mr. Wilder is an angel.
Who knows the stories he told you.

L read your terrible letter.

It was not easy ti convince him

but he forgives you.

You are hired again.

I'll not return
with Mr. Wilder.

Not even paying me
100 crowns a month.

Did he give the money to you?

If you don't come back to the work...
You will not see a cent.

Come on, help me.


I have to explain you something.

So you understand why
ll don't want to come back there.

Tell me...

Did you steal money from Mr. Wilder?

No, I didn't, mum.

Do you remember to the man...
who came when I was ill?

Yes, he seems a a good person...

And do you know about banker Ravagnani?

The one of the scandal in newspapers?

But ll don't understand...

Uncle Giovanni said that...

a man who does these things,
should shot himself.


This man and ll...

have done these things...

Do you understand now why
I can't come back to work?

L must not meet this man again.

Criminal! Murderer!

Abusing a boy like that!

1 wish I had him between my hands,
because I would kill him.

Mum, promise me you
will not do anything at all.

It's all done now.

He said that he loved me.
It did not leave me alone.

He even bought me sweets.

He deserves to be punished.

Such a straight boy like you.

L am not a straight boy at all.

L am guilty too.

L consented to do it.

Did he take advantage of you?

Then, why?...

Forget it.

What you did is horrible, but...

if you don't meet him any more ...

and anybody knows about. it..

Thank heaven
that you are not a girl.

For sure I am not a girl.

L did it also with a woman...

only once...

Oh son... l thought...


Please give me
money for the concert?

Two florins.

OK, I will.

Looking for somebody?

Second part was extraordinary.

Did not know I was waiting for you?

L also wanted to know you.
What's your name?

Emilio Luzzato, Sir.

But everybody call me lllio.
And you, Sir?


No need to call me Sir.
How old are you?

Fifteen and a half.

We could be friends.

L almost have eighteen,
and I shave my beard.


Do you think Ondricek
as a genius too?

His music is quite good,
precise, but nothing more.

He is very good.

With all modesty,
I play better than him...

not only technically...
but also the feeling..

Who are your favorite violinists?

To be honest, none. Only me.
My style is very original, personal.

Imagine my teacher says
he has not got anything more to teach me.

These old-fashioned and tedious teachers.

My instructor is like that.
The entire day doing scales.

1 wish I could study with a young
violinist. Would you teach me?

Do you know what does it
mean a boy like you...

making friends with it
fellow man like me.?

No I don't. What?

It doesn't matter.

You have got nice hands.

Do you live with your mother alone?

And also with my father.

- He is a bit severe.
- Then forget about it.

Oh, please, teach me to play.

Well, perhaps some day.


Let me think... Next Sunday?
Fine, next Sunday.

Neighbors will complain...
Oh, this violin!

He is playing so well that
when I woke up I thought:

V"I Am death in heaven
and listening to the angels\".

He is practicing with obstinacy, eh?

Anyway being a soloist violins...

is best that being a trader.

I'll not puts on airs
if it got to be famous.

L can imagine that.

Excuse me, the entrance?
Go straight ahead this way.

Come here...

Dad, he is Ernesto.

Nice to meet you.
How are you?.

Go inside...

I'm always here when I am alone.
Do you like it?

Very nice place!

Good afternoon, boys.

So yo are Ernesto, truth?

My son is always talking about you.
Some snack and tea.

- Not now. We have to play.
- Have the tea first.

Oh, mum please,
leave us alone.

How you want boys
Have a good time.

Your mother is very nice,
mine is always complaining.

Mine is worse.

Before the lesson
I would like to listen you play.

OK, but only this time.

He will never play anything.

Am I doing fine?


But don't stop,
you heed a little more practice.

Such a good-looking boy ...

but absolutely out of tune.

Let me help you with your hands.

Your little finger... Here.

And your annular... Here.

Now it is much better.

What are you doing?

Nothing... Nothing

I'm not upset.

No secrets between llio and 1.

She is Rachele, my twin sister.

Ilio, the violin.

Ilio be quiet please..

L am bored!
Let's fight now.

Come here right now.
I want to finish the picture.

L surrender...

llio is a very nice boy...

llio don't wash yourself with cold water
or you will get a fever.


Listen! Give me a hand.

L think I saw somebody...

somebody we Know.

As far as you are so eager to work,
give me a hand with this trunk.

Somebody you know?
There are only gentlemen here.

Sometimes you can figure out
many things.

Specially if you are drunk.

Ernesto is a very good-looking man.

Loose the rope a bit...

Fine. Now tighten it.

Tighten more...

So you are in love with Ernesto.
Aren't you?

Dad thinks that he is courting you.

Am I doing well?

Loose, loose the rope a a bit.

Go down!

Let me out...!

We always did it...

They always showed us
to visits as we were monkeys.

Guests never noticed

we changed the one by the another.

It was funny deceiving dad and mum

but mum always discovered it.

L can imagine.

You two are a little crazy.

I'm ready.

I'll look myself in the mirror.

You are very pretty now, lllio.

L don't know how to do it..

Help me please.

If it was fuller here...

I would be prettier that she is.

Well, do you help me?

I'll try.

Don't tickle me.

L need some make-up.

Come here...

You will see...

Don't do it.
Are you going crazy?

Now I am as your dear llio.

L Am your llio...

your llio...

It is enough!

L tired bored of this game.

Tell me what you see there inside?

Nothing At all.
ll don't know who this device works.

Poor Ernesto!
It is so busy.

Did you know he is giving
violin lessons to Luzzato's son?


L am pleased Ernesto
frequent the Luzzatos.

It's a truly important family.

It's convenient to make friends
with people like that.

Your son is improving a lot.
You know?

Let's not pretend anymore.
You like me

and I like you too.

L know It.

But what about llio?

Ilio is a poor
imitation of Rachele.

The game finished.


Why is Ernesto
here now with you?

It's a date and you are hiding.

Rachele you are a thief a thief.

Stop it, llio,
don't be childish.

Women always ruin everything.
You are a bad copy of me.

L taught you everything.
To be a woman. To be as you are.

You are my ghost! I hate you.

Ernesto, you have to choose.

Sorry, I will better go now.

L did not know you were here.
Yes, but I am going back home.

What's wrong?

Ernesto and I love each other.
We were explaining to llio,

and llio is very happy.
Aren't you, llio?

Well, well...

there is not need
to shout like that...

although you are so happy.

Then llio has a twin sister!

We have met her some days.

She painted our portrait.

Why all these questions?

Let's tell him.

The Luzzato have invited
us next Sunday.

L imagine his sister is who
really invited us.

What's her name?


That's true. Rachele.

They are very young.

But if their friendship
turned into something serious...

Yesterday, Giovanni spoke
with her father...

and he did not object anything.

A marriage with
the Luzzatos would counter...

your unfortunate marriage.

You are charming...

Good-looking! Really good-looking!

These beads are for you, darling.


I love you very much.

Fly while you are able to.

Fly little bird, fly.

Ernesto, Ernesto.

Ernesto, hurry up
or we'll be late.

Aunt Regina and your mother
have already gone.

Mr. Ernesto, how are you?

Take it and buy a glass
of wine or a pure.

Hurry up...

Villa Luzzato, please...
Who was that man?

One of Wilder's workers.

L was right, true?

It's a beautiful party!

Everyone is her.

Some concert?

Don't worry about.
You will touch the violin.

But only when you are alone...

Of the contrary those
will laugh to you.

At the moment, Ernesto...

will work in my Company,
No more childish pranks.

She will mature when she is married.
Ernesto is...

such a prudent boy.

Listen Rachele,
Ernesto is...

he is very shy, sensitive person...

with a mania for animals.

Why are you saying this?.
His hen eat on of my hats.

By night
you with your violin, and...

1, with write my novel.

What would do you, Mr.
Wilder, if you were my age?

Now, we are the same age.

Let's enjoy the party!

Stop it, llio, don't behave that way.

And stop shouting.

Leave me alone!

Somebody told me Marina
is cheating on his husband.

This wedding will compensate
his previous marriage.

You are carrying You like a boy.

Leave me in peace!


Ernesto is like a sunshine.

Socialist, socialist but
he likes beautiful girls.

Where is llio?

L don't know. Why?
It's not enough with me?

How we sacrificed...

to bring him up,
poor boy.

They are very good-looking!

I'll buy him an automobile.

- Thank you!
- Thank you!

By our children...
and his happiness!

- By our children!
- By our children!

Imagine that Rachele and I
still play with dolls.