Ernest & Celestine (2012) - full transcript

There is a world where the Bears live above ground in their cities and the rodents live below in their underground ones in mutual fear and hate. However, Celestine, an apprentice mouse dentist, finds at least momentary common cause with Ernest, a poor street Bear musician, that gets them rejected from both their respective worlds. In spite of this misfortune, the exiles find a growing friendship between themselves as their respective talents flower because of it. Despite this, their quietly profound challenge to the founding prejudices of their worlds cannot be ignored as the authorities track them down. When that happens, Ernest and Celestine must stand up for their love in the face of such bigotry and achieve the impossible.

What are you drawing, Celestine?

A bear.

And what’s that?

That’s a mouse.

And this is her friend.

What? That’s not right.
They can’t be friends!

- Well, they are friends!
- No, they’re not!

- Yes!
- No!

No! A bear and a mouse
cannot be friends.

Alright, which story
shall it be tonight?

The Big Bad Bear?

Yes, the Big Bad Bear!

All winter long,
the Big Bad Bear...


And when he wakes up,
he is what?

When he wakes up,
he is hungry.

And what! What is he
hungry for?

Just about anything?

Absolutely anything!

Lamposts, bicycles,
benches, buses, bridges...

Entire buildings! Oh! I..mean..

Oh! I, uh, mean...

Absolutely anything!

But of all these,

what does the Big Bad Bear
love to eat the most?

A little mouse?

ONE little mouse?

Try ten...

one hundred...

one thousand...

one million!

Baked, roasted and skewered!


Deep fried!

Even raw!

- Raw?
- Especially raw!

All alive and kicking,

with their tiny little coats
and backpacks.

That’s what he likes the best!

One hundred percent raw and

But, uh, how can you be
sure he’s so bad?

Do you know the story

of the little mouse, who did
not believe in the Big Bad Bear?

Everyone warned her!

“Beware of the Big Bad Bear!”

But no...

she thought she was
so clever, so smart!

the nasty little

Oh no, that’s not what
I meant at all...

the foolish little...
the insolent... uh...

Smart aleck!

She refused to believe
in the Big Bad Bear.

She would say,
“Oh no, the Big Bad Bear...

that’s just a story the
Grey One tells us at night,

while she’s endlessly
sipping her chamomile tea.”

But she was wrong!

Because one day,
when she was...

Did you draw this, Celestine?

Listen to me, children,
for it’s the truth!

Mice can only be friends
with bears in fairytales -

- What’s she saying?
- I have no idea.

- What’d you say?!
- I said I don’t know.

Shhh... I can’t hear!

It’s not like you can
understand her!

- Can too!
- You cant understand a word!

I could if you’d stop talking!

You’re nothing but a big fat

What’d you say?!

I thought you had
perfect hearing -



Come here, little birdie...
Nice little birdy...

Come back, you nasty
little creature! Come back!

I said come back!

The King of Candy


So, is it safe?

Hang on.

Let’s go!

Look, Lucienne!

Leon has lost his first tooth.

Aww, our poor baby.

And not a trace of decay.

Oh, like a little pearl.

Don’t cry, sweetie!
Everything’s going to be okay.

We’re going to put your tooth
right here on the nightstand

so the little mouse can find it.

The little mouse?

What do you mean
the little mouse?

Why, the little mouse fairy,
of course!

She comes when you’re asleep,

and replaces your old tooth
with a shiny new coin.

Hmm, well what kind
of coin is it?

A huge coin!
Your very first paycheck!

The seed of your future wealth!

Assuming you make all the
proper investments, of course

Hmm, okay...

Well how come I’ve never heard
of this tooth fairy mouse

It’s because you’ve never
lost a tooth before!

That’s ridiculous!

There’s no such thing as
a fairy mouse, so it can’t be

Oh no?

Then where do you
suppose our old teeth go?

Well, uh...

Sweetie, I have an idea.

Why don’t you go to sleep now,

and when you wake up,

there will be a shiny
new coin right there.

How much will I get?

Um, a quarter?


Well done!

That’s my boy!

Okay you two, it’s time for bed!

- It’s a mouse!
- Yes!

A mouse? Where?

Over there! In the teddy bears!

Wait until I get my hands on

Get out! We don’t want
any mice in here!


Do something! George!

- Where is it?
- Over there!

Come out of there!

Come back here, you beast!

Hey! My tooth...
and my coin!

What about my coin?

You dirty little...

Keep it down, George.
Leon is sleeping.

George, garbage.

My name is Ernest,
I sing on the street,

such beautiful songs,
for something to eat.

No bread in my tummy,
no soup in my bowl,

please bring me a cow
and I’ll swallow it whole

I’ve nary a bite,
for many a night,

I’ve lost so much weight,
that I can’t get a date.

My pants are so loose,
I could eat a moose,

so please wont you share,
with your fellow bear?

Ernest, Ernest,
my name is Ernest.

I’d like a roll,
can you give me some dough?

I don’t need a whole baguette,
just one slice or two,

how does that sound to you?

And do you have any cheese?

Ernest loves mommies
and children the best,

They’re brimming with goodness,
much more than the rest.

Would it be so awful
to share some of that waffle?

So warm and so sweet
It would be such a treat

Please don’t walk away,
you’ll make my day,

Just one little bite!
Ask your mom, it’s alright!

Honey, no!

A morsel to spare,
for this pitiful bear,

Is there nobody there,
to answer my prayer?

A sausage, a steak,
a chocolate souffle,

some fancy fondue,
and I’ll bid you adieu!

You’ve got five days to pay.

I’m hungry!

No! Don’t eat me!
Please don’t eat me!

But I’m hungry.

- What’s your name?
- Ernest.

I’m Celestine.

We need to talk
about this, Ernest!

What are you doing?

Bears only eat mice in fairy

You don’t still believe
in fairy tales, do you?

- But I’m hungry!
- Come on! Use your head!

Do you really think a little
mouse like me will fill you up?

Look at me Ernest, I’m nothing
but skin and bones.

Hasn’t anyone ever told you that
the garbage is full of

I mean, there’s the flu,
typhoid, hepatitis, cholera!

Ernest! Do you want to catch
a terrible disease?

- Well, no, Celestine, but I
- Let me see.

Nose is wet, glassy eyes,
matted fur...

Let’s look at the ears.

And the teeth?


What? Am I sick?

No, but soon.

Listen, Ernest.
I can show you a place

that’s filled with delicious
treats for a bear to eat.

Like marshmallows?

Marshmallows, pinwheels,
nougats, caramels, chocolate...

gummy bears... okay?


In there!

Go on! Help yourself.

No, wait.

There you go. Bon apétit!


Thank you!

You’re welcome.

Out of the way!

Dental floss, here!
By the foot, or by the yard!

And one and two,
and one and two...

C’mon, put your back
into it, rookie!

Cheese fondue, nice and hot!
Come have a taste!

There you go, ma’am,
don’t burn your whiskers.

Watch where you’re going,
young lady!

Sorry, ma’am, I’m in a hurry!

It hasn’t started yet.

They told us to wait here.

Ugh... something smells
like garbage around here.

Did you hear?

Hurry up, get in line!

We don’t have all day.

You’ll be in big trouble,
if you don’t!

So, how many did
you collect?

Uh, seven.

Is that all? I got twelve.


That’s nothing.
I usually do even better.

What about you, Celestine?

How many did you get?

Who, me?

Stay right there.

Relax, it’s a lot easier if
you’re not so tense.

This could hurt quite a bit...


Here you go, twelve teeth.


I can do better, you know.

Okay, next.

Seven? That’s it?

Yes, but these are incisors.
And look at the quality!

Incisors? I’ll take one.
This one here is too short.

Alright, let’s see
how this one fits.


Repeat after me...

“Beware the Big Bad Bear...

for he will give you
quite a scare!”

( unintelligible mumbling)

Not quite there.

Try again?

“Befare of the Fig Fad Fare...”

Allow me, please.

Now then, one more time.

“Beware of the Fig Fad...”


Again, please.
“The Big Bad Bear...”

“Beware of the Big Bad Bear,

for he will give you
quite a scare!”

There we go.
It’s all in the wrist.

- In the wrist.
- What!?

Only one tooth! What were
you doing all night?

But I was stuck
in a garbage can.

Yeah? And how did
you get out?

Actually, a bear...

A what?

No, no, nothing...

Then you won’t mind
if I look inside your bag?

Ah! So this is how we’ve been
spending our internship?

Drawing pictures,

instead of gathering teeth?

You’re never going to
become a dentist that way.

But, I don’t...

I don’t want to be a dentist.

Hmm? Oh, I see
what’s going on.

You’re behind 50 teeth,

and you don’t think
you can possibly catch up.

But all you need is a
little bit of motivation.

Come with me.

Look here, Celestine.

You and I are rodents,
we are not bears.

Our strength is not
in our body mass,

our muscles, our claws,

our ridiculously large jaws.

No! We are far more
delicate creatures.

Elegant, refined.

Look at our
entire civilization,

Think of our achievements
over the centuries.

To what do we owe them all?

Well, what?

Speak up, my little one.

- Our incisors...
- Speak up!

- Our incisors.
- Our incisors, exactly!

They are the foundation
of our society.

Thanks to them,

we have built
the greatest cities...

gnawed our way through
the hardest stone...

constructed the most
complex machines...

and we have rerouted the
largest rivers in the world!

And all thanks to
our adorable,

our precious, our invaluable,

our delicate and yet
perfectly precise cutting tools,

our incisors.

But, what happens, Celestine,

if a mouse loses
one of their incisors?

He dies.

In agonizing and
unbearable pain.

He can no longer eat,
or speak.

He dies. Tormented by hunger.

Let’s review again from the top.

What kind of tooth is the best
replacement for a mouse’s tooth?

- A bear’s tooth?
- Indeed!

Bears have the hardest,
and most durable teeth.

And the easiest
bear teeth to find,

are the ones that bear cubs
place under their pillows.

So, Celestine...

You’re going back up there.

and get as many teeth as
possible from those morons.


I do not want to see your
back down here, Celestine,

until you have collected
no less than 50 teeth!

Is that clear?

Fifty teeth, Celestine!
Fifty teeth...

Good luck, Celestine.

Are you coming?

Yeah! I’m coming!
I’m coming!

Wait up!

Welcome! Welcome children!
You hungry?

Can I have one
cream puff, please?

Of course, I’ve got
one right here!

Bag of lemon drops, sir.

Okay! Here’s your lemon drops.

Five lollipops,
and some marshmallows.

Yes, very good choice!

Here you go.

Right, there you are!
Who’s next?

- Some candy canes, please.
- There. Thank you very much.

Strawberry ice cream
please, Dad.

One ice cream coming up!

Wait a minute!

Over here...

I’ve already warned you.

You are not to have
any sweets! Not ever!

- But Dad...
- Listen to me, mister!

You are forbidden to have
the slightest bit of sugar.

Do you want your teeth to
rot right out of your mouth?

Do you want to end up across
the street, at your mother’s

Huh! Is that what you want?!

Go on home right now.
This isn’t over.

Ah, Mister Schubert,
it’s so good to see you!

How are you doing today?

Fine, just fine.

I need a new tooth,
so I can eat my toffee.

Oh, I see...

Now what were you thinking?
An incisor...

- Or perhaps a canine?
- No, I need a pre-molar.

Let me see, let me see...

Aha! Here we are!

I have the exact model you need.

It’s a pre-molar
of premium quality.

Try it out!

It’s perfect. I’ll take it!

There you go, buddy.

And what about you, sweetie?
What can I get you?

Candy canes?

Cotton candy?

How about some jelly beans?

I just want marshmallows.

Why, of course...

I’ve just run out.

No, no, no!
Don’t cry my little one!

I have more downstairs.

Don’t move. I’ll be back
in just one second.

What are you doing in here?
A thief! Get out!

Watch out!
You’re breaking everything!

Oh no you don’t!
I’m calling the police!



- My marshmallows!
- MY marshmallows!


Over here! He stole all my

Here! Look!
This is him, you see?

Okay, what’s going on here?

Wait, Ernest?

This morning you
were panhandling,

and now you’re robbing
candy stores?

How did you even get in there?

There was this
little mouse, and she...

- Uh... oh...
- A little what?

I just got a bit hungry, okay!

Okay, come on.

Hey those are mine!
Give me my marshmallows!

Stealing from
honest working folk.

No respect.

Psst... Ernest, it’s me.

Do you need help?

Do you want me to set
you free, Ernest?

If I set you free...

will you do me a favor?

It’s a big favor, Ernest.
If I set you free, will you do

It’s a really huge favor,
Will you still do it for me?

The biggest favor in the world?

Yes! The biggest favor
in the world.

Can I get some more peas
for you, sweetheart?

I’d rather have candy.

Come on Leon,
don’t start this again.

We’ve told you
a thousand times,

you are not allowed
to eat any candy,

and that’s final.

But how come?

Well, that’s simple.
It’s supply and demand.

Daddy rots peoples teeth
on one side of the street...

And mommy replaces
them on the other side.

And one day both
businesses will be yours.

Which means you are
going to be doubly rich.

So long as you keep smiling
at the customers, of course.

And as your grandfather
used to say,

“To have a beautiful smile
you must have healthy teeth.”

Listen carefully, Leon...

To make money, we need
to rot other people’s teeth.

But not yours.
Do you understand?



Well I’m up early,
so it’s off to bed.

Tomorrow I have to replace
all the candy that Ernest ate.

At least we don’t have to
worry about anything like that

happening at my store...

I mean, who would ever want to
steal teeth?

Over here, Ernest.
Hurry up!

This is it. Right here.

Okay. Here we go.

Stop, wait! You’re making
too much noise. Be careful!

Stop it! You’re going to
wake everybody up.

All done. Here we go.

Ernest! Wait!

Alright, so where are the teeth?

They’re probably stored
in a safe somewhere.

Like that thing
over there?

Yes, that’s it. I’ll go and pick
the lock.

No need to. I can handle it.

Handle it? But what are you...


That’s not how you’re
supposed to do it!

- I got it.
- What is wrong with you?

What? You wanted it open, right?

Hey, wait! Aren’t you gonna
help me carry this?

Oh, no. I’m too tired!

You promised me, remember?

One last thing and then
we’re even, right?

We’re even.

Wait here, I’ll check
if the coast is clear.

Got it.

Okay it’s clear...

Ernest, wait!

Bears are heavy sleepers.

Especially in the winter time.


I thought I told you to
not to come back here until...

Celestine, I... look at this!

Look at... I can’t, this is...

this is fabulous, how did you?

Bravo, Celestine!

I am so proud of you!

Hooray for Celestine!

Celestine! Celestine!
Celestine! Celestine!

It’s... it’s the Big Bad Bear!

- Ernest?
- Celestine, you know him!?

And did YO U bring him here?

It’s her! I warned her,
but she refused to believe.

Everyone told her,
“Beware of the Big...”

Celestine, I uh...

Ernest, this way, hurry!

C’mon, Ernest, we have to jump!

There! He’s over there!

No Ernest, that way!

Excuse me, excuse me!

Ernest, we can get out through
the tunnel over there.

Go left, look, there!


It’s terrible! I’m sure I had
everything locked up.

A mouse! In the van!


Stop right there!
Get out of there right now!

Don’t you dare, Ernest!
Come out now!

You let them escape!
What are we going to do now?

What were you thinking, Ernest?
Why did you stay down there?

Are you crazy?

Hey, I dozed off.
It’s not my fault.

Well it’s not mine, either.

You’re the one who brought me
down there in the first place.

But I couldn’t carry
the bag by myself!

And besides, you never showed
me where the exit was.

You said you could
find it on your own!

I did?

Ernest, give yourself up
and turn yourself in!

Ram him!

Now pull over to the curb!

Okay! If you insist.

We’re not gonna let go, Ernest!

Just watch out for
the lamp post, then.

Ernest, turn yourself in,
we’re not giving up!

Well, this is my turn. See ya!

United we fight!

End of the line.

So long, Celestine.

What do you mean,
“So long, Celestine?”

I mean, I’m home.

Well, what about me?

You? I have no idea.

This is my home, I guess
you go back to yours.

But Ernest, I don’t have a home!

You saw, they chased me out.

Celestine, we made a deal.

You said it yourself,
you set me free,

and in exchange I do you the
biggest favor in the world.

- Please, Ernest...
- So there. Now we’re even.

What? Even?

But it doesn’t count.
Things have changed!

Sorry, no mice in the house.

Ernest, will you just listen to

I already told you!
No mice inside the house, ever!

You let one in, you get a

That’s what you all are like.
Just ask any bear.

Now scram!

But, Ernest...

I said no mice allowed
inside the house.


C’mon Ernest, you have to
things are different now.

No mice inside the house!

- But...
- No buts!

- Ernest!
- I said no!

No... mice... in the house!

And stay out!

Thank you.

Celestine, I told you!

You know you can’t get rid
of a mouse, Ernest,

any bear will tell you that!

Unless you kill it.

Your chocolate’s burning.

You want to kill me, Ernest?

You can forget about the broom,
I’m too quick for that.

I suppose you can try
the mouse trap...

but we all know that one.
It’s the oldest trick in the

So, I doubt I would fall
for that, either.

That leaves... rat poison,
or glue traps.

Those glue traps are terrible!

The poor little mouse gets
and she can’t get away,

and so she gets so scared,
her heart starts to beat so fast

too fast... and then finally
her heart explodes!

Is that what you want, Ernest?
For my heart to explode?

Of course not, Celestine.

but it’s just that
a mouse and a bear,

It seems so... you know...

So what? Improper?
Is that it?

Bears above and mice below?

Well, yeah... It’s always
been that way, you know?

Fine. Have a cellar?

Yeah, but why...

Okay, I’ll go down there...

and you stay up here!

- But...
- No buts! Good night.

And you better stay upstairs.

And you stay downstairs,
I don’t want to see you, or hear you.

My chocolate!

There she is!

The one who refused to believe
in the Big Bad Bear!

Everyone told her,

“You must beware
of the Big Bad Bear!”

Wake up, wake up.
It’s okay Celestine.

Don’t be afraid.

Celestine, I’m not your

It’s me, Ernest.

Ernest, what should I do?

Calm down, calm down.

Wanna tell me what’s bothering

I have nothing!
I’m all alone in the world.

Nobody loves me and I don’t have
a home.

Oh yeah? Well what about me?
Does anyone love me?

Did you draw this, Celestine?

It looks wonderful!

It looks exactly like me!

If you can do this,
you can do anything.

Take it from me,
you are a great artist.

But that’s it!
That’s why I’m alone.

They don’t like my drawings.

They want me to be a dentist.

Yeah, I know just
what you mean.

It was the same with me.
I wanted to be in theater,

to play music,
to perform on the stage.

But no, they wanted me
to become a judge.

Like my father, and my
and my uncle, and my great uncle...

“Go play your silly music
somewhere else!”

“Ernest, quit pestering us
with your stories!”

“Stop singing, Ernest. You
be studying your law books.”

My turn!

“No, Celestine!”

“You have to stay downstairs!”

“I don’t want to hear you,
or see you!”

There, much better!

I have an idea...

Grab all you drawing stuff,
and follow me.

We’re going to make you a

A proper artist’s studio.

This will be my first real

So, what are you going to paint?

The Big Bad Bear, of course!


Okay, look ferocious!

Like this.

There you go.

Lift up your leg.


Now don’t move, Ernest.

And keep looking ferocious.

- Can I see it ?
- I said don’t move!


Are you okay?

It’s just a little cold.

Into bed, right now!

Lots of water, Ernest.

When you have a fever,
you need lots of water.

No! No! Stop, what are you

Ernest, calm down.

Ernest, I’m not your nightmare.

It’s me, Celestine.

Are there any
marshmallows left?

Of course.

Don’t eat them all, okay?

Of course I won’t.

Do you promise?

Cross my heart.

- Good night, Ernest.
- Good night...

Hey Celestine!
Guess what? I’m all better!

Yep, take a look at this!


Bet you can’t do it with four!

You wanna bet?

Let’s do it again!

Come on Ernest, get up!

... the chief of police
that warrants have been issued

for the arrest of the two

Are we the burglars?

... the arrest is imminent,
and authorities expect

to have them in custody
in a matter of days.

No, I’m sure they’ve
forgotten all about us.

We will not rest until we have
the perpetrators,

Ernest and Celestine,
in our custody.

The department has already
formed search parties

- To force them out of hiding...
- However long it takes,

months if necessary, they will
be located and captured!

We cannot sit by and allow
their actions to go unpunished.

They will be prosecuted to
the fullest extent of the law.

Ernest will receive no mercy.

Celestine will be severely

The authorities are moving

to bring these two
criminals to justice.

The crimes of Celestine strike
the very heart of our society!

Ernest will receive the maximum

Justice will be swift
and severe.

Ernest and Celestine
will not get away with it!

Ernest, did you call me?

No, Celestine.
Everything is just fine.

Yeah. Just fine.

You’ve made so much
progress, Celestine.

I’m tired of drawing
the Big Bad Bear.


Well, can’t you think of
something more interesting?

I wanna go and paint the

You’re gonna have to
wait ’til spring.

Us bears know all about that,
waiting until spring.

But all the snow will be gone.

Oh, Celestine wants to paint the

Celestine wants to paint the

Okay artist, go to work!

Thank you, Ernest.

And now, I present
to you... winter!

If it was a song, it would
sound just like this.


Ernest, the van!

What about the van?

It’s like a big red target!

They’ll know that
we’re here...

There’s only one thing
to do, Celestine.

Ernest, come look at
these strange fish!

Nah, that’s okay.
I see them.

But don’t you want
to see them close up?

No, no, I can see
them just fine.

Come on, we should
probably go back now.

... the search remains active.

The authorities have
vowed not to rest,

until Ernest and his
accomplice Celestine

are safely in police custody.

Yes. It’s true.

If there is anyone out there,
who thinks they may have...

Don’t worry, Celestine.

They’re never going to find us.

No leads are too small,
all leads will be investigated.

the police are still looking for
two suspects, Ernest and Celestine...

- What was that?
- Was it the fairy mouse?

George, go see
what happened.

My van!

My store!

Is this paint?


Lucienne! Lucienne!
Call the police!

I know where Ernest is!

Good morning!
Look how sunny it is!

Oh no, is the
Big Bad Bear grumpy?

Does the Big Bad Bear
not want to wake up?

Is the Big Bad Bear
gonna eat me?

Good idea. Then I could sleep.

Then I better give
the Big Bad Bear

a nice big breakfast...

That way I can live
to see another day.

That’s pretty tasty.

How can you
possibly sleep in

on such a sunny day?

Ernest, come look!

I have an idea.
We can hide you in the cellar.

But wait, Celestine.
We have to hide you, too.

Don’t worry, I have a plan.

A plan?

Celestine, are you
sure about this?

Don’t worry, Ernest!


He’s in here! Go, go, go!

Where is Ernest?

Uncle Ernest? Uh...

He went to town,
to buy some honey.

He’ll be back tomorrow.

For the last time, Celestine...

Where is Ernest?

Very well.

You had your chance.

I’ll ask you one last time,

Where is Celestine?

Alright. But don’t say
I didn’t warn you.

Heave ho! Heave ho!

Now release!

Read all about the trial
of the terrible Ernest,

right here, in the
Mouse Weekly!

The shocking scandal of Ernest,
and his accomplice Celestine.

Hey look! That’s him!
Over there!

All rise for our honorable

You may bring in the accused.

Will the accused please stand,
and state your name?


Alright, then...

Will you please tell us where
the bear Ernest can be found?

For the last time, tell us
where to find Celestine!

Very well! Then I shall be
forced to charge you twice.

First, for all of your crimes,

And second, for the
crimes of Celestine.

Celestine! What has
she done wrong?

- She’s done nothing!
- Nothing?

Nothing!? She brought a
ferocious bear into our midst.

Is that what you
call nothing?

But he’s harmless!
He was just hungry, that’s all.

Do you want him to starve to

Shame on you!
As fat as you all are!

Do you know how heavy
a bag full of teeth is?

- I had to carry it for her!
- Silence!

And she doesn’t even want
to be a dentist. So there!

Silence! That’s enough!

Ernest, you and your
accomplice Celestine,

have been accused of the
following list of heinous

breaking and entering a
grand robbery, theft of a car,

evading of arrest,
destruction of public property.

To which, there are witnesses!

A countless number
of witnesses!

But what is worst of all,

you have been accused
of a most dispicable crime...

you, sir, frighten our children!

Children, do I
frighten you?

Me? I frighten mothers?

Madame, do I frighten you?

No, uh, um...

It’s a mouse!

And now, we will hear from...

And now, the defense will
present their case.

Ladies and gentlemice,
and honorable judge...

What is my client
being accused of?!

Being a bear!

- What’s he saying?
- I don’t know.

- What was that?
- I don’t know!

Will you please
keep it down?

You understand
what he’s saying?

- Perfectly.
- Liar! You cannot.

Order in the court!


Celestine, in light
of the accusations...

That’s enough!

All I’m guilty of is being
friends with a bear.

And that’s not a crime, is it?

What? How dare you!

All of you are just
being prejudiced!

Yes, Celestine is my friend!

That’s what you accuse me of?
For being friends with a mouse?

“Bears above and
mice below,” is that it?

Is that really what you
want to teach your kids?

To be afraid of a
tiny little mouse?

You want them to be
dumb or something?

Silence, Celestine!

You’re the accused, not the

You will come to order or
I will clear the room!

I will clear the room!

Clear the room!

Come back here!

Celestine, let me be
absolutely clear!

Nobody questions
the foundations of our society.

Least of all a mouse!

But Your Honor, if you
would just listen...


Sit back down!

Wait, what are you doing?
He needs help.

I’m sure he’ll be alright,
let’s get out of here!

You stay back!

I want you back in your
box where you belong!

That is an order!

But Your Honor,
you’re on fire!

That is enough!

Take your seat!

Don’t make me say it again.

Get down from there.

Get down from there
this instant!

I will not tolerate
this behavior!

Let go of me!

I said unhand me sir!
Let go of me!

Your Honor!

Come on, quick, let’s go!

We have to get out of here.

Let go of me!
Have you lost your mind?

Where is everyone?

Everybody left,
and we should, too.

They abandoned me.

But not you...

We have to go now, come on.

Tell me, Celestine, if we
get out of here alive...

what will make you happy?

To find Ernest, and to stay
with him forever.


But really Celestine, living
a bear is such a strange idea!

But why? You live with
a bear, don’t you?

Yes, I do.

Such a strange idea...

Are you okay, Your Honor?

What just happened?

You caught on fire,
Your Honor.

Ernest, you saved my life.

How can I repay you?

- Well, it was nothing.
- It was NOT nothing!

Now tell me, what would
make you happy?

- You mean now?
- Of course I mean now!

Finding Celestine, and
staying with her forever.

Then you are free.

She saved my life.



- Celestine!
- Ernest!



No, Ernest.

- We can.
- No.

No Ernest, it’s just
not possible.

But I think it is.

And I say no. We can’t
possibly tell our story.

It’s too sad.

You found me in a garbage can,
and then you tried to eat me.

- It was a joke.
- Well it wasn’t funny!

No, I don’t want to
tell anyone.

We can just change it
around a little...

Imagine this,

you were just a tiny thing,
left lying in a trash can...

an abandoned baby, your
eyes weren’t even open yet...

Draw it, Celestine, draw it.

I was a street sweeper,

sweeping up the leaves from
the sidewalk. You know?

And that’s when I heard it,
the faintest little noise...

Was it me?

Yes, it was you.

And then what did you do?

Well, let’s see. I picked
you up out of the trash,

and I slipped you into my
coat pocket.

- And then what?
- And brought you home.

And you seemed so happy
that I decided to keep you.

I made you a little bed,
next to mine.

And we started to live
together as a family.

And that is the story
of how we met.

And after this, will there be
other stories, Ernest?

There will be plenty of
other stories, Celestine!

Dubtitles: David Jesteadt