Eréndira la indomable (2006) - full transcript

A young woman fights Spanish Conquistadors to protect her people.

They had told us of the Warriors...

...that came from the sky...

...destroying all...

...who dared oppose them.

Only one did not fear them.

A young girl, barely a woman.

Her name was...


Lord Tangaxoan?

Weren't you marrying today, Nanuma?

My brother Tsihue watches
over my bride, my Lord.

Besides, women should wait.

Let's pray to the ancient gods...

...that Nanuma and you wed well.

If he should mistreat
you, Er?ndira...

...never reproach him.

And it'll please the ancient gods...

...that you have
many children with him.

I don't want to marry...

...that boy's brother!

Besides, where is Nanuma, aunt?

Tsihue, where's your brother?

Lord Timas, you're late!

My apologies, lord Tangaxoan.

Fathers, I'm hungry!

Fathers, feed me!

My Lords, this woman says
that a white eagle...

...who was our
ancient god Curi-Cahueri...

...came and spoke to her.

The god Curi-Cahueri told me...

"Climb upon my wings!"

And he took me flying... a high mountain.

Where I saw...

...the assembly of the ancient gods!

Xaratanga, have all
the gods arrived?

All are here.

The mother goddess told me...

"Ancient gods,
prepare to suffer!"

"For new gods are coming...

...and they'll conquer the world...

...and also the heavens. "

"All of you go home. "

"End forever the voice of drums. "

"Tear them apart...

...and smash all
the jars of liquor. "

"All must be deserted. "

"All must die. "

And you, woman, go and
tell lord Tangaxoan...

...that his head will be severed...

...and that the new gods...

...will destroy all!


Where is he?

Er?ndira! Where are you going?

I'm going to fetch Nanuma!

Don't dishonor your forefathers!

Goddess Xaratanga, forgive us!

That's an ill omen
for your marriage!

Tsihue, help us!

The ancient gods sent me a dream...

...where people came...

...bringing beasts unknown to me.

That entered the temples to sleep...

...leaving them filthy!

Where we spend sleepless
nights and pray.

The new gods are white-faced!

They have weapons that
roar like thunder...

...and that kill from afar...

...dismembering all who hear them.

My lords!

The Intruders have killed the
Aztecs and all our enemies...

...and now they come against us!

Many days have passed...

...since I sent
Lord Cuynierangari... fight them off...

...and I haven't
heard from him since.

That's the will of the Ancient Gods.

What should we do now?

While we wait for news...

...on Cuynierangari's failure
or success.

You are in command, Tangaxoan...

...that is if you still
are our great lord!

Perhaps I won't be a lord
for long, uncle Timas.

If you aren't our lord, Tangaxoan...

...kill yourself!

How dare you, uncle Timas!

If we'll all be killed
and our houses burned down...'ll be better if
we drown in the lagoon!

That's enough talk!

Let's drink pulque and be merry!

Custom must prevail...

...without it we are
nothing, Tangaxoan.

Prepare to suffer!

"Prepare to suffer!"

As we won't be here for long...

"We won't be here for long!"

Kill the dogs and the animals...

...and eat them all.

"Kill the dogs and the animals...

...and eat them all!"

Since you cannot...

...take them with you while fleeing!

"Since you cannot
take them with you...

...while fleeing!"

This land will be abandoned...

...and darkened by smoke!

They say that lord Tangaxoan went
to drown himself in the lagoon!

Hurry, woman! That the
new gods are coming!

Er?ndira, let's go to
town, Nanuma isn't coming!

You're stubborn and
you dishonor us all!

Tsihue, come with me!

My duty is to care for Er?ndira!



Lord Tangaxoan, lord Tangaxoan!

Drown yourself in the lagoon!

And we'll all follow you!

Lord Tangaxoan! Lord Tangaxoan!

What's going on?

Who's arriving?

It's Cuynierangari, back from
fighting the New Gods!

I bring good tidings...

...the Intruders come in peace!

What's that, Cuynierangari?

Lord Timas, they don't want war!

Only gold and food.

You were sent to raise an army... fight the
Intruders, and now this?

Do you want us to be their slaves?

Lord Tangaxoan! Why do you
want to drown yourself?

I don't want to wage
war; I'd rather stay here...

...let the Intruders
slay me and eat me here!

How come?

I know what the Intruders want!

Our ancient gods sent them... kill the Aztecs
and all of our enemies.

It's best to join the Intruders!

Lord! Don't listen
to Cuynierangari...

...who brings such tidings!

I spoke to them,
they don't seek war!


Flee and hide that Timas
wants to kill you!

We'll face the Intruders, so
that they can kill us first!

Then you can drown in the lagoon!

You're no Great Lord, Tangaxoan!

And where they kill you, they'll
stick your head on a spike!

...and the new gods arrived...

The Devil has descended
and his rage is great!

Are these the new
gods, Cuynierangari?

Be silent, Nanuma!

And Satan was cast away to Earth...

...along with his angels.


These offerings are
for your New God.

We beg you that they may...

...deliver us from captivity.

Lord Domingo Ni?o, this is the Indian
who was baptized as Don Pedro Panza.

Ask him for gold and silver.

Why do you give so little?

Bring out more. You
have a lot of gold.

Where is your lord?

Lord Tangaxoan is dead...

...drowned in the lagoon.

Tangaxoan wives, hurry!

Lord Gonzalo de Vargas, Ruy, hurry!

Warriors, help us!

They're stealing our lord's gold!

Ladies, let the new gods be!

The gold belongs to them!

Aren't you brave men?

Aren't you ashamed?

The new gods must feed on gold.

That's why they want it so bad.

And you call yourself a warrior?

You can't even defend what's ours!


What's she doing here?

Go home!

You've taken too long, Nanuma!

I'll take as long as I please.


Let me through!

The Intruders are abducting
lord Tangaxoan! Hurry!

Cuynierangari, don't
let Timas kill me!

The Intruders shall
occupy all the land...

...because their new god will
conquer it with great might.

Then maybe it's better...

...that each one of
us dies on his own!

Watch Timas closely!

I'm leaving.

We won't forget lord
Tangaxoan's offenses.

We're ready to fight the new gods!

And who'll fight at your side?

Lord, I want to die before you
do, because if I were a man...

...wouldn't I have
already been slain...

...and my body would
be rotting somewhere?

You refuse to listen to me, but...

...didn't your
grandfather's father...

...have a brave daughter...

...who was sent to slay the enemy?

It's true, Timas.

That woman went amidst the enemy...

...beheaded their lord and
brought the head back... an offering
to our ancient gods.

You may come, Er?ndira!

But being a woman...'ll keep your place!


Leave her alone!



Stay with the women!

Keep your place!

Go fetch wood!

...and the Intruders gave
us back our great lord...

The Intruders destroyed
the city of the Aztecs...

...where the smoke
from burning corpses...

...rises thickly into the sky daily.

I don't wish the same
fate for our city...

...neither for those under my care.

That is why I've made an alliance...

...with the great lord
of the Intruders...

...who told me:

"Go home in peace
and give me your gold. "

"It'll not longer be as it
was, as my lord and yours... the King of kings,
who lives beyond the place...

...where the waters
from sea and heaven...

...join together. "

Tell me, Cuynierangari...

What should we do with
those who tried to kill me?

Remember to avenge offense, my lord!

Timas must die!

I escaped from him...

...but he will not escape me!

Loyal Nanuma sends word...

...that Timas has sought shelter... the ruins of a fortress.

Take warriors, Cuynierangari...

Kill those who did me wrong!

You can trust me, lord Tangaxoan!

Let this be a warning... all who oppose this alliance!

Come on, Er?ndira!

Don't rest! Gather much
wood for the temple's fire.

As through the fire, the
ancient gods shall speak to us.

Ladies! Timas wishes you
to return to the fortress!

Lord Tangaxoan has sent
warriors against us.

The new gods are with them...

...bringing along hornless deer!

Those deer... What are they?

They say they can talk...

...and that when they run... sounds like a rain of stones.

When my family died in the lagoon...

...lord Tangaxoan ordered that I...

...should become
your brother's wife.

But now everything has changed.

I shall not be Nanuma's wife!

Nor anyone else's!

Wear these packs on your backs... merchants do.

Early tomorrow climb up the hill.

And as soon as
Cuynierangari arrives...

...come and tell us.

Go, then!

It will be as you command, Lord!


What are you doing here, niece?

I also want to be spy!

Uncle, let me go with them!

Being a woman no
one will suspect me.

If you go and die...'ll be your own doing.

You are right, uncle Timas...

...let my death be my own doing.

Get back to your chores...

...and let men...

...perform their lot.

Did they send you to watch us?

No! I want to be a spy!

Where have you seen warrior women?

We wage war...

...when men...

...don't defend what's ours!

We'll have an ill fate...

...if we don't kill this woman!

And you call yourselves warriors?

Lord Timas has said...

...that this is the
path of my death!

What can we do?

Let's go tell lord Timas!

Go if you want to!

How arrogant can you be?

Who told you... go and get rid of Er?ndira?


My lord, Er?ndira took
risks on her own...

...besides, Tangaxoan's
men outnumbered us.

And they came with the new gods...

...with their frightening beasts.

Frightening beasts?

What are you talking about?

About the deer that
the new gods ride.

They're huge and dangerous.

With fierce eyes!

Fierce eyes!

I'm about to kill you all!

If you go and die...'ll be your own doing.


Lord Timas!

Lord Timas! Er?ndira is back!

Your relatives are coming.


...and the intruders.

Do you know what they want?

What's your name?


Are you Nanuma's wife?

I'm Timas' niece!

What are the news
from Nanuma and Timas?

My uncle is at home. Why do you ask?

Good! We've come to
fight him. Go tell him!

Alert Nanuma!


Let them come...

...and savor my arrows!

I'll also taste their spears.

Welcome, lords! Sit
here, by my side.

Timas, lord Tangaxoan has
sentenced you to death.

Why? What have I done?

Shall we fight with
arrows or with mallets?

We'll fight with mallets.

You think you're so brave?

You will not kill me!

I'll rather hang myself
tomorrow, or any day!

It's you who wanted
to kill lord Tangaxoan.

Why are you ashamed to die?

Why did you spill it?

Did I come by chance to drink?

I'm hungry, not thirsty!

And I'll eat your flesh!

Our ancient gods
Curi-Cahueri and Xaratanga...

...will lead us against the enemy.

Fill your hearts with strength.

Let the game begin!

You, who talks to your New God... us into battle.

Since our ancient gods are now dead.

Gonzalo de Vargas,
Domingo Ni?o, help me!

Don't fret, we are wolves
among the sheep, Friar Tapia!

I came to spread the
gospel, lord Gonzalo!

Yes, but the wolves' gospel,
by dint of gun and sword!

What kinds of gospel can
a wolf preach, Domingo?

The voice of gospel is only heard...

...where the Indians hear
the thunder of firearms.

Isn't it so, lord Ruy?

You are not Christians...

...but demons!

You, common people...

...our lord Tangaxoan...

...expects us... kill his enemies!

Take care not to disobey his orders.

Prepare to die!

"And I heard a
mighty voice crying...

Pour upon the earth, the
7 bowls of god's anger. "

"And I saw an ?ngel
standing on the Sun... "

"... and he cried out to all
birds that fly in mid heaven... "

"Come and devour the
flesh of kings... "

"... of generals and brave men... "

"... of horses and
those that ride them... "

"... of freemen as
well as of slaves... "

"... and of small ones and great. "

"And brother will kill brother...

...and father his son...

...and children will rise against
their parents and slay them. "

I'll feed the Sun with your flesh!

Uncle Timas, beware!

Er?ndira, the mallet!

"Who kills by the sword
will die by the sword. "

Look at the "boy" with his captive!

Get out of my way!

How painful it has been... slay and take prisoners!

The ancient gods killed our men... feed themselves.

To die in war is beautiful!



This is the way Curi-C?hueri...

...and goddess Xaratanga punish.

Ancient gods from
heaven, come to us!

We have brought you food!

Receive it, Curi-Cahueri!

Receive it, Xaratanga!

Descend and take your vassals!

Young brothers!

Bring the hornless deer!

Timas, Er?ndira stole
the hornless deer!

She must be punished!

Where do women meddle in war?

We'll be doomed if we don't
kill that crazy girl...

...and throw her
carcass in the lagoon.

Whoever captures an enemy chooses
the moment of his sacrifice...

...whether it's today or tomorrow.

Which of you caught the deer?

We all caught it!

I'm old, and not
very bright, Nanuma.

But I recall that it wasn't
a warrior who caught it.

It was rather a young boy...

...with very long hair.

Is he among you?

This is the boy
that caught the deer.

Well, it's Er?ndira,
the beast belongs to her!

She will decide on its sacrifice.

The courage of Er?ndira
reminds us of our ancestor!

It's not the first time
that our women make war.

It belongs to mother Xaratanga.


Hail our mother Xaratanga!

At the battle we saw that
the Intruders are mortal.

They're not gods!

Neither the beast, since
it could be captured!

It's just a weapon!

Uncle Timas, allow me... ride it into battle.

The deer is your prisoner!

Learn to ride it before the battle.

But if you fail... will be sacrificed.

That is not the custom.

The ancient gods
won't favor us anymore!

It'll be best if we
join Cuynierangari.

Let's go to Cuynierangari!

Are you a lord?

Go to your master Cuynierangari!

I'm no lord, neither are you!

Let each one of us die on his own!

What are you doing, Nanuma?

I'm taking my wife so
she'll cook for me...

...have my children
and weave our blankets.

Can't you see that she's lazy...

...and doesn't
deserve such an honor?"

Er?ndira, is the beast
already your ally?

No, Uncle. Not yet.

Your time has finished.

Tomorrow you'll appear
before the warriors...

...and tell us when
we'll sacrifice the beast.

Oh, deer, I don't want you to die!

You don't understand my words!

Tell Don Pedro Panza
that we have enough men... attack again!

Let's end this, lord Ruy!
They're just avenging themselves.

And there isn't even enough gold!

Tell him that we order him to do so!

For all the devils,
tell Don Pedro at once!

Tell the New Gods that
at Timas' fortress...

...there's much gold and silver...

...a great treasure
of moons and suns.

Lord Cuynierangari,
I bring news from Timas!

What does he say?

More Indian dumb talk!

It was dawn, my lord,
and I was at my post...

...and I saw goddess
Xaratanga arrive!

Timas told me: "Go
to Cuynierangari!"

"Tell him that we are tired and that
we want to join the god of hell. "

"That the fight will
be in the forest... "

...and the men that I
kill, will be my deathbed. "

"And those he kills,
will serve him as well. "

"I'll be waiting
for him in two days!"

Lord Timas is very powerful to
send a goddess as his messenger.

Are you a child to
believe in nonsense?

His men captured a hornless deer.

That was no goddess Xaratanga!

How could a woman ride
a beast from heaven?

No, lord Cuynierangari...

Lord Cuynierangari speaks the truth!

That was Er?ndira, Timas' niece!

I have seen her ride the deer.

Only a goddess can do that, Nanuma!

This New God is more
powerful than old Xaratanga.

There's nothing to fear!

Let's get ready for the battle.

Lord Tangaxoan ordered
us to kill Timas.

Who are we to oppose his
will? Let's get ready!

Uncle Timas!

I delivered your message...

...and Tangaxoan's guard, told me...

"Goddess Xaratanga!"

"I'll deliver your
words, goddess Xaratanga!"

Well done, Er?ndira.

We are ready to go to
the place of our death.

I don't want you to die, Er?ndira!

Don't go into the battle.

Obey your old Uncle for once!

The ancient gods have
only lent us life.

Someday we'll have to return it.

No one knows when the ancient
gods will call us back... the place from
which everything comes.

They'll fight the Lamb,
but he'll conquer them.

Because he is Lord of
lords and King of kings.

Cuynierangari, come to me!

Answer me Cuynierangari,
you snotty boy!

You brat, answer me!

Cuynierangari, it's
Timas who's calling you!

Hey Timas, reply!

It's Cuynierangari
who's looking for you!

I'm here, and I've brought you food!

That's good, Timas!
Because I'm very hungry!

Get ready to pay for
your faults, Timas!

You brat... respect for your elders!


Timas! It's time to
punish your disloyalty.


Prepare to die, I'll
soon feed on you!

These Indians
finished their revenge.

Let's get the gold!

The great warrior Timas
has died in battle!

He became food for the ancient gods!

It's a beautiful
death of great bravery!

What shall we do, Ladies?

Should this home stay in darkness...

...and filled with fog?

It's Xaratanga!

The goddess Xaratanga!


Oh heavenly gods of old... come you don't hear us!

Xaratanga! It's Xaratanga!

Tell Don Pedro to send
someone to help us!

Go and help them!

That was goddess Xaratanga's will!

Don Pedro help us!

Damned Indians, you'll
all burn in hell!

It's the custom that
when a lord is killed...

...the blankets are
taken off his women...

...and everything in
his home is taken away!

That is the custom,
Lord Cuynierangari!

Don't cry, keep your children...

...and don't be afraid.
We have only killed Timas!

We don't want more hate
within our own blood!

Let's all of us be
allies of the Intruders!

Woman! Where are you going?

Goodbye, "Goddess" Xaratanga!

What are you doing, brother?

Didn't you hear lord
Cuynierangari's words?

You're right!

It's better if no one sees us.

Let's go!

Grandfather Curi-Cahueri,
god of my ancestors...

...I'll give you food and drink.

Where did that woman go?

She's gone. Let's go back.

You go back!

Someone has taken
grandfather Curi-Cahueri.

The deer's footprints!


What happened here?

Where did she go?

We're going to lose her!

It's late, it's useless to continue.

What are you saying, brother?

Don't you care about your honor?

Mother Xaratanga!

You, who had the most
sadness within him.

You, who spawned the
head that they severed.

You are nourishment...

...for God Curi-Cahueri!

Er?ndira, little brother!



It's an ill omen to kill someone...

...during the rites for the death!




Then I looked for her in vain...

...that was the last
time I saw Er?ndira!

Since the Intruders
wish to be our lords.

Since they yearn for
gold and women and land...

...and lakes and all of its richness,
we'll better get all baptized.

So that they won't kill us,
and thus we and our children...

...and grandchildren can
die of old age upon our land.

Thus, it's my will...

...that we all worship
the God of the Intruders...

...since it's the same one
that we already worship.

For my mother.

For my daughter Pau.