Ernani (1982) - full transcript

Hurrah! Let?s drink! Let?s drink!

Let?s find some pleasure at least in wine!

Let?s find some pleasure at least in wine!

What remains for the brigand,
shunned by all, if he has no glass?

Let?s gamble, for gold is useless treasure,
it comes and it goes.

Let?s gamble, if life
is not made more agreeable by smiling beauty!

In the woods and on the slopes are our only friends,

musket and dagger.

When night is upon us in the horrid cave
they serve as our pillow.

Let?s be merry and drink!

Let?s drink! Let?s find some
pleasure at least in wine!

Ernani, so thoughtful!

Why, brave noble, are you so pale?

We share the same fate in life and in death
with our arms and our hearts we are yours.

Like an arrow directed
we can find our chosen mark.

There is no mortal who by the bullet
or dagger cannot be wounded.

Let?s be merry and drink! Let?s drink!

Let?s find some pleasure at least in wine!

Thank you, dear friends,

for such love I am grateful ...

Listen now all to the troubles of my heart;

and if you deny me your support

maybe Ernani will be lost for ever.

Like dew on a cluster of faded flowers

the voice of an Aragonese maiden
descended on my heart:

that was the first heart-throb,
the first awakening of a love in which I rejoiced.

Old Silva dares to offer his hand to her ...

tomorrow the villain intends
to lead her to the bridal chamber ...

Oh! If she is snatched from me, oh woe is me! ...

I?ll die of grief!

She must be abducted.

And so she shall be,

but will she be bold enough to follow us?

She swore to me that she would.

Then we will come,
and follow you to the castle.

When night covers the sky,
you will have companions for the deed;

every dagger will be a shield for
you against the guards of a rival.

Come, Ernani: your sweetheart will be the brigands star.

The delights of love
will be the reward for your courage

In the pain of my exile
she will be my comforting angel.

Oh you whom I adore come adorn my life.

Our love will lead to happiness above all other.

To see laughter light up your lovely face

would relieve Ernani
of his hardship and suffering, ah!

Come, Ernani:
your sweetheart will be the brigands star.

The delights of love
will be the reward for your courage.

Oh you whom I adore come adorn my life.

To see laughter light up your lovely face
would relieve Ernani of his hardship and suffering, ah!

Night is upon us
and Silva is not back!

Oh! Would that he never returned ...

This hateful old man, who like a
foul spectre in constant pursuit

with words of love implants Ernani
ever deeper in my heart.

Ernani, Ernani, save me
from his loathsome embrace.

Let us flee, if love permits me to live with you

through caves and hostile moors my foot will follow you.

Those caves will seem to me like an Eden of delight.

You will be the envy of many Iberian maidens, my Lady!

How many will desire Silva?s bridal bed
whose adoration is yours.

These splendid jewels
the groom reserves them for you,

you will look like a queen with
your gems and your beauty, ah!

Tomorrow you will be greeted by
all in jubilation as a bride.

The sincere compliments from your
heart are sweet to my ears.

(I scorn all words which speak not of Ernani to this heart,

there is no gem that into love
this hate can transform, ah!

Fly, o time, and bring soon the
happy moment of my escape.

Fly, o time, this lingering is
agony for the lover?s heart.

She is to marry, not from love,
if she shows no jubilation.

Get her to come to me immediately.

Sire, for many days now
she is constantly lost in thought,and avoids any company;

with Silva being away ...

I insist. Now, do as I say.

As you wish.

Why has Elvira destroyed my peace?

I love her yet my power and
love are nothing to her.

It is not me she prefers, but a sworn enemy, a brigand.

Let?s tempt that heart just one more time.

My lord, can this be so.

To find you here and at this hour?

It was my powerful love that brought me here.

It?s a lie. You do not love me.

What is this talk?
A king does not lie.

Then leave now.

Come with me.
God forbid!

Come on, come with me, you?ll see how much I love you.

What about my honour?

You?ll be the honour of my court.

No, stop, please, stop!

And you allow a brigand
to be the champion of your heart?

Every heart harbours a secret.

Heed that which is in my heart.

From the day I set eyes on you,

beautiful as a first love,

I lost my peace of mind,

my heart beat for you.

Yield, Elvira, to my wishes;

I desire pure love from you;

ah, you shall be the joy and life
of your lover and your king.

Proud blood of Aragon

flows through my veins,

not even the splendour of a crown
can dictate to my heart.

I am not worthy to aspire to the throne nor do I seek
the favour of a king.

Ah, your love, my lord, is too great or
too worthless a gift for me.

Submit Elvira to my wishes ... etc.

I shall not listen, you shall be mine, come, follow me.

Il re dov'??...
Nol ravviso...

You?ll find out.

This I know will do me.

Release me or out of desparation
I shall stab us both in the heart.

I have my faithful attendants!

Quale orrore!

I stand here as one in attendance.

You are Ernani!...

I can tell by the scorn which engulfs
this heart at the sight of you.

You are Ernani,

the brigand, the disinherited provocateur of these parts

A signal from me and you would be lost.

Go, I despise you, I have pity on you.

Before all the anger in me is aroused,
flee your insulted king, fool.

You know who I am!

Then you must know the extent to which my heart detests you;

you have robbed me
of my property and honour,

my father was killed by yours.

We are equal in our hatred and in our love
so come, o king, I challenge you!

What is this I see!

In the most sacred interior of my abode;

near her who is to be the wife of a Silva

I perceive two seducers?

Ho, enter my trusted knights.

Bear witness each one of you to the dishonour,

the shame that is brought upon your master.

O unhappy man!

And you believed her to be flawless as a beautiful lily!

Instead, dishonour hangs heavily
over your snow-white mane.

Oh, why have the years preserved
a young heart in this chest,

they should at least have turned my heart to ice.

You have offended my honour, gentlemen,
and it will not go unpunished.

Squires, my battle axe,

my sword, old Silva seeks his revenge, and immediately.


But sire ...

Silence when I speak.

Duke ...

The swords will do the talking

outside, cowards!

Come, I?ll begin with you.

The royal attendant, don Riccardo.

Welcome, witness of my revenge.

Only loyalty and homage are the king?s dues.

Heavens. He is the king!

See how the good old man
now casts the anger out of his heart,

his reason is restored to him

in the presence of his king.

Listen Elvira: at sunrise
I shall be able to rescue you

from so many troubles, resist your tyrant.
Keep your pledge to Ernani

I could not suspect
I the presence of my king.

Ah, though he suppresses
such fury in the presence of his king

My lord, my sincere apologies.

Rise my friend, I pardon you.

This disguise you put on

I fully understand, it tricked you.

Death surprised my noble grandfather,

now they are thinking of his successor.

On your loyalty and heart I can rely,

I seek the advice of a loyal man.

I am honoured ... highly honoured.

If it please you, we shall put up tonight at your castle..

What is this I hear.

I shall save you.

This loyal man will be leaving now.

Heaven has taken pity on me.

I? Loyal?

That I shall be, constantly,
as a ghost seeking revenge,

my father expects it who was killed by yours.

I shall be able to to appease
the fury of darkness.

I shall be able to finally extinguish the unavenged hatred

that beats in my heart.

Flee, Ernani, my love is reserved for you,

escape from this morbid atmosphere;

everyone here detests you, I can see.

Go, one word can betray you.

As my whole heart is yours I can keep my pledge to you.

Silva?s fury is transformed into joy

now his heart appears quite content,

like the calm returning to the sea

when the fury of the winds has passed.

The king?s stay has brought
new honour to Silva?s castle

Let us be joyful! Fill our hearts with cheer!

May the world smile on Silva?s castle;

no, never has a more beautiful day

dawned over the eastern crag.

Let us rejoice and be joyful!

Like a bloom that brightens the
flower-beds with the sweet fragrance

from its virgin stem at which heaven
and earth gaze lovingly

so too is the rare beauty of Elvira.

Such a flower is to be picked and adored

by the most handsome and genteel knight

who now abounds in wisdom and knowledge

greater than those whose valour he surpassed.

Let the marriage be a deservedly happy one

and if it can be fruitful with offspring,

as the sun?s rays are reflected in the sea

bestow upon them their parent?s graces.

Be of good cheer! Rejoice!

lago, show in the pilgrim immediately.

May heaven smile on you.

Approach, pilgrim.
Tell me, what is it you seek?

I seek hospitality.

It always was and will be sacred to the Silva?s.

Your identity and where you are from
I have no wish to know.

You are my guest,
sent by God, I shall protect you.

I thank you, sire.

There is no need; here the guest is lord.

You see? My bride approaches.


In an hour.

Why do you not wear the ring and ducal crown, Elvira?

Bride! In an hour!

Then I wish to present you with a wedding gift, o duke.


What is this I hear!

What might that be?

My head.

Ernani, ?tis you! Good God!

Gold, as much gold as is needed
to satisfy every avid desire,

I offer it to you all, take
the price of my blood.

A thousand knights are in pursuit,

like hounds after a wild beast,

I am the brigand Ernani,

And I hate myself and the day.

Alas, alas, the poor man is lost.

His reason has become confused.

My routed men are in flight,

I am your prisoner,

hand me over to the king, and the reward ...

That shall not happen, I swear it:

you are safe here.
Silva has never been disloyal.

hand me over to the king,

Silva has never been disloyal.

Every guest within these walls

has the rights of a brother.

Ho, my faithful attendants,

arm the castle towers.

Follow me.

You treacherous woman!

How dare you look me in the eye?

You can strike me down,

but I have been faithful to you, I have.

Rumours were rife
that you were dead

Dead! I?m still alive!

Mindful of the oath I swore

I wanted to kill myself
at the altar with this dagger, ah ..

I am not guilty as you are cruel.

Dry your tears, forgive me, it was wild talk.

I do love you, yes, I love you still.

Sweet words!

They sound stronger in my heart than the pain.

Oh, I could so easily die right now

my Ernani (my Elvira) in your arms.

This embrace would be a preview

of heavenly happiness.

Our love will cause us
only trouble on earth.

Villains, my rage

has no respite, nor restraint;

I will pluck out the ungrateful heart,

at least I can seek my revenge!

The king has reached the castle gate
with a troop of soldiers,

and he seeks admittance.

Open up to the king.

I beg you to kill me now.

No, a worse revenge

will you suffer by my hand;

come, I will hide you, everyone
will try in vain to find you.

Only Silva will suffice
to punish the terrible infamy.

Let your hand inflict
the most terrible revenge upon me,

but have mercy on him (her)
show just a moment of pity.

Direct your anger at me alone;
you have no quarrel against her (him).

Only Silva will suffice
to punish the terrible infamy.

Cousin, why the armaments that I see around your castle?

Answer me.

Sire ...

I see ...

You wretched counts and dukes,
do you reawaken the hydra of rebellion?

Well I am also on my guard,

and in their embattled dens I can wipe out all these hydrae,

and both dens and defenders will I conquer.


Sire, the Silvas are loyal.

We?ll see ...
The last defeated crowd of rebels was dispersed;

Their brigand leader, Ernani was allowed into your castle.

Hand him over to me,

or I swear to you I?ll set fire to everything here!

You can be sure that I will keep my word.

I do not doubt it ? ?tis true,
a pilgrim is harboured amongst us,

and in the name of God requested hospitality;
I cannot betray him.

And you wish to betray your king?

The Silva?s are not disloyal.

I shall have either your head or Ernani?s.

Do you understand?

Take mine.

Riccardo, you take his sword from him.

You others, search every corner of the castle,

find the traitor.

The castle is loyal, like its lord.

We?II see, bold old man,

if you can resist me,

if you will calmly defy the revenge of your king.

It roars over your head;

think before everything comes down,

more fierce and terrible

than a thunderbolt upon you.

No, a king of Iberia cannot
seek the dishonour of the Silva?s.

Your head, traitor,
choose as there is no other alternative,

Every secret innermost recess in the castle
has been searched without result,

not a trace of the rebel is to be found.

The sentries have been disarmed;

your anger shall not go unavenged,

show no pity for him
who betrayed trust and honour.

They will talk with torture

and they will expose the brigand.

Oh! Stop,

Let not the king?s heart be mute to pity.

Do you ask it of me?

All ill feeling will be silent for Elvira.

Let this maiden stand surety for your loyalty.

She must come with me or the culprit.

No, no, that cannot be;

No, sire, you would wound me
right through the centre of my being!

Oh, I love her,

she is the only comfort I have let in the world,

don?t take her from me,

rather you cut off this head first.

Then, Ernani?

Let her go with you.

I cannot go back on my word.

Pleas for mercy are of no avail,

you must obey.

Come with me, I want your life to be surrounded only by roses,

come with me, there will be no painful hours for you.

Wipe away your tears, young maiden, from your pale cheek,

think of the joy awaiting you,
how happy you will be.

That quickens Silva?s death

more than the dangers of old age

Believe it, the joy that awaits you

will make you happy

May heaven also watch over you always.

The hatred will always remain
in my heart, my king.

Come out.

Here, take one and follow me.

Follow you? Where?

To the battlefield.

I don?t want to,
I cannot?

You miserable man!
Do you pale at this flash of steel?

Follow me.

I cannot fight someone of your years.

Come, youth, I challenge you;

one of us is going to die.

You have saved me, kill me,

listen to me, for pity?s sake.

You will die.

I shall die, but first my last prayer.

You can say it to God.

No, no, I direct it to you.

Speak, go ahead ...
(I?ve got the devil in me.)

Ah; let me see her,
just once, one last time ...


She has just gone,
the king took her with him.

Old man, what do you mean?

He is our rival.

Oh, rage, oh, rage!
The king!

.. Are you telling me the truth?

He loves her.

Vassals, to arms, to arms!

You must call me to join
in with your revenge.

No, first I will kill you.

I want to carry it out with you,

then you will kill me.

La f? mi serberai?

Here is the pledge:

At the moment you wish to end Ernani?s life,

one blast will he hear
and immediately Ernani will die.

tosto Ernani morir?.

A me la destra... giuralo.

I swear it by my father.

May God hear us,

and punish
the traitor with a vengence;

may he be short of air and light.

and may disgrace befall the liar.

Safe as you see, and free
at your orders, sire.

Into your saddles, knights,
arms, blood and revenge.

You see your knights ready,

for you they breath blood and revenge.

Silva himself leads you and spurs you on,

We will know what just reward to give you.

These swords, omens of death,

will find the way to every heart.

Anyone trying to resist will fall first,

any feelings of pity will be a crime.

Is this the place?

Is it time?

Yes, it is.
The league meets here ...

... that plots against me!

Charlemagne?s tomb will conceal me
from the eyes of the assassins.

l'avel mi celer? di Carlo Magno.

And the Electors?


they remove the rights of your entitlement

to the finest crown in the world,

the undefeated laurel,
splendour of the Caesars.

I know. Leave me.

Listen, if I do happen to be chosen,

then let the fire-spewing cannon thunder
thrice from the great tower.

Then come down to me;
and bring Elvira here.

What do you have in mind?

...Enough ... ln amongst these tombs
I shall converse with the dead

and uncover the rebels.

Great God!

These people whet their daggers
on the marble tombs to slay me.

Sceptres! Wealth! Honours! Beauty!

Youth! Where are you?

Boats bobbing on the sea of the years,

which waves pound with endless worries,

until, reaching the precipice of the tomb,

your name tumbles with you into the void!

Oh, dreams and false shadows
of my youthful years,

if I believed too much in you,

the illusion is now passed.

If I am now to be chosen
for the highest throne,

on the wings of virtue will I soar like an eagle ?

ah! and as victor of the centuries
my name shall be made.

To noble acts!

Who goes there?

Through danger!

It is well.

May holy fervour fill our souls

and kindle our hearts for the league.

To noble acts!

Through danger!

The will of destiny
will speak from the tombs for the holy and just league.

Has someone not responded to our call?

There is no coward here.

Then let the mystery be revealed.

Carlo yearns for the Holy Roman Empire.

May he fall first like a doused torch.

He took away the rights of the Iberian lands

every right hand that is here will carry arms.

One is enough.

Let his death be the lot of just one man.

Each is ready in any event
to strike or be struck down.

Who is it to be?


It is him!

Oh, qual gaudio m'? concesso!!!

Oh, what joy is now granted to me!
Father, ah father!

If you fail, you will be fully avenged.

Let me do it..

Old man, do you believe I am such a coward?

I give you your life and all l own.


I could demand your death now.

No, no I would first like to strike the blow.

Then, youth, the most terrible
revenge awaits you.

Let us brothers at such a moment
form a pact and swear an oath.

A pact!
An oath!

Let the Iion of Castile awaken,

and every mountain and part of Iberia

answer the cry of the tremendous roar,

as once they did against the oppressor Moor.

We are all of one family,

we shall fight with our arms and our hearts;

no longer shall we remain unavenged slaves and neglected
as long as there is life in our hearts.

Whether death should take us, or victory smile,

we will fight, and the blood of the slaughtered

will give fresh courage to the living sons,

and new strength in the fight.

Let the sun rise finally radiant with glory,

let the day break and shine upon us

when Iberia will be fertile with heroes,

and saved from slavery.

What is that noise?

What can it be?

Fate will decide.

Charlemagne, emperor!

Charles the Fifth, you traitors!

The electoral assembly

proclaims you august Emperor, sire,

and now sends you
the imperial insignia

May the will of God be mine.

These rebels are conspiring against me.

Do you tremble now, you villains?

Too late!

I hold your lives in my hand,

I will clench my hand and you will fall.

Separate only the counts and
the dukes from the common people;

the commoners take to the prison
and for the nobles, the block.

Decree then, o king, that I should die too.

I am a count, the duke of Segorbia, of Cardona.

Let everyone recognise me as Don Juan of Aragon.

Only now did I wish to avenge
my father and my country.

I did not kill you,
I offer this head to you, o king, cut it off.

Yes, it will fall with others to follow

Ah! Sire, if the greatest of all the thrones yields to you,

cover over this neglected dust now with clemency;

let contempt be your revenge
which remorse will satisfy.

Quiet, woman.

Ah, no, let it not be so,

the heavens speak through me.

Pity is an august virtue.

O supreme Charles, more than your reputation

I wish I had your virtues,

in your name and God?s, I swear

that I shall follow your example.

I pardon everyone.

I have tamed my desires.

May you be wed, and love each other always.

Honour and glory to Charlemagne!

Glory and honour to Charles the Fifth!

Eternal praise, Carlo, be to your name!

You, merciful king, resemble God,

in your name and God?s, I swear
that I shall follow your example

for you cover the offence with oblivion,

and you forgive the offenders ? praise!

The august laurel over your hair

takes on an unusual
and divine hue.

Glory and honour to Charles the Fifth!

Oh, how happily the bridal couple are rejoicing.

They will be like flowers growing
on one stem.

The storm is passed of the tempestuous days;

heaven will always want to smile on them.

Who is that who hangs around here
wandering about in a black cloak?

He is like a spectre who has cast
a spell from the grave.

He appears to conceal his anger with difficulty.

His eyes are like burning embers.

Go, leave these happy people,
his appearance distressed them.

May only joy and happiness resound here,

may the heart?s bliss be on everyone?s lips!

The sounds have faded, the torches are gone,

love enjoys silence and mystery.

See, my Elvira, how even the stars themselves

seem to smile on our happy union.

I saw them shine
in this way from Silva?s castle

when I was sadly awaiting you,

and to my impatient heart
the hours lasted eternal centuries.

Now finally here l am with you.

And for ever more.

Oh happiness!

Yes, yes, yours for ever more.

Till our final sigh

we shall have one heart alone.

The curse of God!

Let me see
the smile on your face.

Ah, the tiger demands its prey!

Heavens! What is it? Such anxiety!

Don?t you see, Elvira, an infernal sneer

that mocks me glittering
amongst the shadows!

It?s the old man! It?s the old man! Look!

Alas, you are losing your senses.

He wants me!

Listen, dearest Elvira,

I am troubled at this moment by an old wound.

Go now and fetch some medicine, beloved.

But you, Sire!

If you love me, go, and hurry.

Now it is quiet around here,

maybe it was a false illusion on my part!

Being unfamiliar with happiness maybe my heart
dreamt the anguish of the past.

Let?s go.


It is him!

He has come to exchange my myrtle for cypress.

This is your pledge:

At the moment you wish to end Ernani?s life,

one blast will he hear

and immediately Ernani will die.

Will you break your word?

Listen, listen to one more word.

Solitary, a wanderer and miserable,

from my earliest years,

I had to drink a whole goblet of bitter sorrows.

Now that the heavens lie calm over me at last,

allow me at least to sip the cup of love.

Here is the cup.

I allow you to make your choice, be swift.

Great God!

If you delay or hesitate ...

I see dagger or poison!

Duke, my soul takes refuge ...

Where is that Spanish honour,

perjurer, liar!

Well, give it to me, I shall die!


Stop, you cruel man,

why do you wish to put an end to two lives?

What hellish demon has hatched such plots?

You plan from the tomb
in carrying out such revenge!

I shall hasten the death
that awaits you, old man.

Ah, what am I saying? Forgive me.

My anguish speaks out.

It is useless crying, woman, useless.

It?s useless, I do not forgive.

His fury is relentless.

Daughter of a Silva am I.

I love him,

is the bond that ties me to him.

You love him?

Die he shall,
for such love he will die.

I beg pity for these bitter tears
of mine.

Hide your tears from me, Elvira,

I have need of constancy....

The suffering in this heart
surpasses all pain.

A terrible oath
now condemns me to death.



My happiness was mocked by fate

Heaven had no pity on us, on us wretched people.

He will die, he will die, for such love will he die!!

"One blast will he hear

and immediately Ernani will die."

I understand, I understand.

Let my fatal destiny be fulfilled..

Whatever have you done? Oh, you poor man!

I want to die! Give the dagger to me!

No, wretched woman, stop,

your raving is futile...

Elvira, Elvira!

Wait for me.

All I want is to follow after you ...

Live, my dear,

I order you, love me and live, farewell...

For us, love?s bridal bed
was the altar of death.

Elvira, Elvira!