Ermo (1994) - full transcript

Women's roles and consumerism in a Chinese village. The independent Ermo supports her son and disabled husband, rising early to make noodles she sells as a street vendor. A snooty neighbor has a TV, so Ermo wants a huge one. The neighbor's husband, Blindman, offers her transport to sell baskets she's made. After he gets her a city job making restaurant noodles and more money, their relationship becomes an affair. She's also selling her blood. When she discovers Blindman is subsidizing her pay, she throws the money at him and quits the job; he covers their affair and her reputation by getting beaten up over a woman in the city. When she has enough for the TV, she's exhausted.


Noodles twisted!

-They're expensive.
-It is fair.
Noodles twisted!

-They're expensive.
-It is fair.

Lower the price.
It is fair.

- 80 cents a fist?
- A yuan.


- Let the people haggle.
- It is not necessary.

They will sell faster,
and you earn more money.

Come on, it's no hassle.

It is not necessary.

Noodles twisted!

- You go home?
- Yes.

- What's going on?
- Nothing.

- Finally you arrive.
- What's going on?

I lost those baskets.


It hailed.

The fruit is lost.

They're no longer needed.

They took all summer.

It was the decision of the cooperative.
We can not do anything.

Do not worry.
I sell them.

- It would be too much trouble.
- Anyway.

I lost my entire summer
weaving baskets?

They say that...

...they may not guarantee
the next years purchase.

I will take those
in two trips.

It's too much trouble,.
the fuel is expensive.

I have to go to town
either way.

Ciego, we have no vinegar!

I know. It is fixed.

I'll take care of it, boss.

Boss? For years now
I am not boss.

They say they do not want mine.
and it's final.

It is final.

It is 'Empezandro' the program!

Mum it's starting.

And you have to run there.
You do not understand?

- Tigre, it's starting!
- Mum, it's beginning.

We'll buy a television.
for the child.

They are useless.

Like you.

If you were useful,
I would only eat.

All summer
making baskets.

They say they do not want
them, and it is final.

- You first.
- No.

Come on!

Why not change them?

Please, how could I?

They can not braid
when the are already dry.

- Tia, what's on television?
- Nothing.

Tigre, out of there!

We're watching cartoons.

Get out of there!

Silly, remember your
food and no beatings.

You think your so beautiful
like your pig?

You think your most beautiful?
I don't like you or your husband.

At least I have a son!

Meat sucks,
and there are still perches.

Besides, he's not the boss.

You're right, he is not
boss, and meat stinks

It's time for your meat
to hang on the hanger.

I'll rip out your tongue!
Come on, damn it!

Ermo, try and calm down.

-I'll rip out your tongue.
-Come on, damn it!

Your medicine.

It's useless. And they spent two
Years on it, no point.

How much is a
colour television?

It depends on the size.

Should be bigger
than hers.

If a television is an egg.

A house is a chicken.

I said it was useful.
Nothing works.

What are you doing?


What's going on?

-You're ready.

Iv'e started, so no more.

Better together.
Go on, go.

It's too much trouble.
-No... No.

They do not fit,
then take the rest.

And if we can not sell them?
No I think you can.

Ciego, the pig does not
seem to be well.

If more alive it would
be a serious dog.

Ermo goes with you
to help you.

it's okay.

Ciego, I go into town
to see my nephew.


Ermo, get in the truck.

I'll sit on top!

If you kill her it will
be your responsibility!


Stop, stop!


You're all right, Ermo?

Yes, I am fine!

They are 109 in total.

Take a cigarette.

Not much fruit this year.

I'll take them anyway.

109 baskets
to 3.20 each.

They said 2.50
This is much more.

I told you would
have no problem.

348.80 Yuan in total. I'll count it.

- it is not necessary.
- you should do it.

it is not necessary.

I must go to work.

Then get me in the store.

Do not get lost,
many people in the city.

Twisted Noodles!

Twisted Noodles!

Twisted Noodles!

Twisted Noodles!

'What will happen if we
stop now? '

'What will happen if we continue?'

'It's over.'

what happened?

A power fail.
No more television.

how boring!


Let's go.

That television is very large.
-the biggest.

- No one will buy it.
- The Foreigners speak Chinese?

They can speak any
language they want.

what's going on?

The pig died. I told you that it
did not look good, and I kept silent.

Shut up, let me see.

No case is lost.

It was okay last night,
but today its not eating.

He really is dying.

He is lying and growling.

-It's a curse.
-Shut up.

In that big television...

... You can see every hair on
the blond strangers head.

The colour is beautiful.

Who authorized you
to poison the pig?

Ciego said the television will
be the largest in the village.

No one could buy it.

For just a fight. The
gods will punish you for this.

We were paid well
for the baskets.

At 3.20 each.

Smells, like it's new.

Iv'e never seen
so much money.

Why did you get on the
pick-up truck?

What is the problem?

I returned with the money.

You'll end up in jail.

- I'm hungry!
No, you see your mother's busy?

Why do you not cook?

What else do you serve?

Tigre, help your dad.

Tigre, the program has started!

No, do you understand?
I said no.

When I save to buy
a television...

... Bigger than hers.

Take a cigarette.

- Continue.
- Thank You.

Back up, back up.

more more...


Is there enough space
for the pork?


Do not hurt your back.

Shut up!

Please no braiding

Come, boss!

Years ago, I am not now boss.


- Boss.
- What's going on?

We have killed the pig.
it's not much.

I think that we cause
many problems.

I tolerate only
for you, boss.

I'm not a boss.
I'm not the village boss.

Have you finished the baskets?
-Yes Yes.

Ermo can not distinguish
right from wrong.

Treat it like a gas:
It is wrong to keep it inside.

Relax and let go.

it does not bother me.

Twisted Noodles!

They're expensive.
- It is fair.

- 80 Cents, and take them all.
- 1 Yuan.

Well, I take them all.

Buy mine, these are
good but mine are better.

What happened to the store?

They make inventory.
- What does that mean?

Means that will not open.

- You helped a lot.
- It was nothing.

- A cigar.
- No I don't smoke them.

They are not good for you?

All Right.

What are you doing?

- Where are you going?
- We are going to eat.

I do not.

Come, all food
Chinese and Western.

- You do not like it?
- Come, please, please.

- It is very expensive.
- Nonsense.

- Come in!
- It's an unnecessary expense.

- You go, I'll wait.
- None of that, come on.

We have private cabins,

It is a waste.

Too much food,
what a waste. it's too much.

That is all.

- What is that?
- A New product.

Try it.

It looks like pig's blood.

It will not kill you, it's sweet.

I will not fool you, right?

It tastes like sugar, agree?

I know it to be sugar and water.

Come on.

If you do not eat,
I will not either.

You know ... you're pig ...

...I did it.

It's just a pig. Forget it.

You will not do it again.

Don't be so sure.

You ate enough?

More than that, I can not walk.

the bill!

It's not easy for a woman
to do the things you do.

Bad luck, your wife
has done well.

She has to loose her fat.

But is a man capable.

With money in smoke from each

Money is useless
without a son.

I like you ... well,
I like your son.

Tell her to give you a son.

She lacks intelligence.

She gets angry when he sees
children of other women.

When we visit Tigre,
she gets upset.

She gets angry!

I would beat her.

- Have you eaten?
- No.

- Neither of you?
- I'll eat at home.

Your wife took Xiu
to visit her parents.

I already did the food.

It is your pig's ear.
Eat it.

Come on.

Not eating much, come on.

This will satisfy.

It takes a little
pig ear.

Twisted Noodles...

- It's very expensive.
- It is fair.

- Take it down a bit.
- It is fair.

- 80 Cents?
- 1 Yuan.

- I have a job for you.
- Some work?

A friend has a restaurant,
you do your noodles.

Can I earn a lot of money?

The restaurant has machines.
Less work and more money.

- More Than what I earn now?
- Much more.

- How high do you want your house?
- Three bricks more than that.

The floor is
lower here.

- Level the stones.
- All the ground?

Only the foundation.

- What do they do?
- Measuring the lot for a house.

- Then?
- A new house.

It will not do.

No way.

A television is an egg,
a house is a chicken.

Do you want an egg,
and not a chicken?

Makes no sense.

When you have money
You build a house.

Is that all, boss?

I'm not the boss!

Why not act
just like a woman?

I have a job in town.

They pay very well. I'll go tomorrow.

I will buy television
largest in the village.

what's going on?

Nothing you care about.

It is very thick.
Add water.

Add oil as well.

Make them longer.


- It's going well.
- We'll have a wedding.

How is Ermo?

Very well, you go in.

Congratulations and have
long life.

Emergency in the kitchen!

- What happened?
- Someone cut their hand.


are you okay!

- He cut his hand in the mixer.

To the hospital, quick!

Take him on the truck.
He's lost a lot of blood.

What will I do
if he dies on the way?

We'll, get
blood donors.

Everyone in the van.

Sit down. Still.

Now hurry!

What's happened to the truck?

I do not want to, I'm afraid.

Stop, I'm afraid!

Nothing will happen.

Stop, I'm afraid.

Take the pass, it's receivable.


-Take more.

Do not be silly,
blood is not water.

Women lose
blood anyway.

It can not be done

Use the other arm.

-Ermo, Where were you?
-Where were you?

Eat something to nourish you.

I do not need it.

of course,
just donate.

No, you eat it.


Why not me
once you kill?

If you were a real man,
and you had killed me!

I'm unhappy!
I do not want to live!


Who are you looking for?


Close the door!

She is living in a pigsty,
better get her back home.

Making money is not easy.

What are you doing here?

I came to see you.

I'm not a girl.

These women have left
home for money.

Now women
They do whatever they want?

Ermo does so,
you and Tigre.

No point
to have a lot of money.

The woman should be in their
place, that is their home.

Who does not want more money?
That does not hurt anyone.

Not you, boss?

Boss? I'm not the boss.

How is Tigre?

He won a prize,
second place in a race.

Not so good
student as a runner.

Why stay in the doorway?

I want to watch television.

I want to watch television.

Carry on.

- Well, turn it on.
- Which?

- The biggest.
- To purchase?

- First I want to see it.
- I'll Pay, I shall see later.

How do I know it
will still work?

It will be alright
for an 8 year old?

Why not buy a pair?

The man says
"I am a cloud."

The woman's says
"I am a blade of grass."

I will take them.

That is 20 Yuan.

Leave the goods!


Forget it.


What else should I bring?

A person.

To whom?

Is it okay?

Just two years old
and can no longer work.

The donkey looks alright.

Do not interfere.

what can I do?

You hit my donkey,
I can no longer work.

I can give you money?

What good?
I can no longer work.

300 Yuan is enough?

I can no longer work.

- And 400?
- I can not work with that.

500, and we are agreed?

You can buy another
donkey with that.

It's not the money.

What about my hand?

- What do you want?
- At least another 5.

- What's going on?
- He broke the truck.

- You can fix it?
- Not now.

- What will we do?
- Nothing for now.

It's almost dark.

Therefore dark.


Don't cry out.

I thought you were gone.

What kind of car is this?

It is nice but they say
it does not handle well.

There are the people.

- Let's go.
- No.

- Why?
- It is too early.

Manage to return
after dark!

'Back up, back ...'

- What are you doing?
- Twisted Noodles.

Do you want to die?

Give, or do you want to hurt you?

I'll be fine.

and me?


You bought a television?

And my medicine?

What is this? a joke?

- Sufficiently stiff?
- Yes, it's perfect.

Why pay me
more than others?

You make more. All receive
according to his work.

I do not understand.

I know, but the
money does not bite.

So I understand.

- Has the price of blood climbed?
- No.

Wang, when does
your shift end?


a bun.


She wants to be killed?

I return..

- It's occupied?
- I'm leaving.

I brought an anti-wrinkle cream.

- What?
- An Anti-wrinkle cream.

What is that?

Prevent you getting wrinkles,
and that you put on fat.

When that happens
you'll look like my wife.

I'm not fat
or wrinkled.

Look what I bought.

Your opinion?


What are you doing?

I've been blind all my life.

I'll leave that old woman.

Tigre and you will move into my
house, and he plays with Xiu.

You will not need another
Television with one will sufficient.

Some on your face.

And the father of Tigre?

We will keep,
and treat you well.

You will eat and wear what you want.

We will have some more Tigres.

That will be easy.

Selling your blood.
You want to kill yourself?

I have much blood,
women always lose it.

This is monstrous!
It is monstrous!

Forget it, I always take
salted water before.

Half blood draw,
and half salt water.

If you do it again
I'll break your legs.

Shut up.

Not worth the money.
You'll ruin your health.

It's just a television.
I have a lot of money.

I do not want your money.

It will be a loan,
then you'll pay me back.

I'll talk to your boss,
and will increase the salary.

I do not want your money.

Why do you work so hard?

Why does he give?

Why should he be
giving me money?

There is something strange,
on my salary.

As I said, a little more.
It will not hurt you.

- What's going on?
- We are going to eat.

- No need to spend your money.
- Eat.

Perhaps you find gold?

Come on.

- What's up?
- Not starting. I can eat?

I'll stop.

Ermo ...

What's this all about?

You know, I'm not a whore.
I'm not.

What are you talking about?

I earn my own money,
I do not need your help.

Everyone knew you
subsidised my salary.

If true, so what?
I want to stay.

Well, it does what it diced.

Abandon your wife. I Will Have
a man for husband.

good idea...

Ermo, it is a bit difficult.

But it's a good idea.

Why not say it
straight out?

You do not know how to be grateful?

You asked the boss to give me
an extra 10 Yuan a day.

50 days are 500 Yuan.
Count them.

Ermo, why are you so stubborn?

I'm not that cheap.

With this just like you reached
out to pay for the donkey.

Turn off the television.

I said shut down
the television.

They're going to wear.

Ermo, climb in!

Twisted Noodles!

Twisted Noodles!

The medicine.

You need to cook it slowly.
Put more sugar in.

It is very bitter.

Heat it first.
You always forget.

Where is Tigre?

Xiu invited him to
watch television.

Tigre, come home.

Ermo, your skin looks whiter,
and it smells good.

Tigre, come now!

It's easy for a woman
you win a fortune.

She opens her legs,
and lets go.

You want a beating?

Prostitutes know where
you get the money!

I will kill you and sell your meat!


I'll rip your legs off!

Do not fight, mama!

I will butcher you!

I will break your legs,

If it were up to me,
They would all be in jail.

You know what you are?
You're a damn fat!

Get in now!

Ermo, that was very cruel.

Tigre, before the Spring
Festival, your mum is ...

.. To buy a television, the
biggest in the County.

I refresh to work
and help.

I do not need you to work.

Win more money to
buy a television.

Above above.

By the time you
saved enough ...

... it has already sold.
what a waste!

do not worry,
no one could buy it.

... Down ... Up there.

It is very cold, not warm.

Ermo, remember:
you are a good person.

I am not.

Do not touch me there, it hurts!

what's going on?

They beat up Ciego.

- I stick it.
- Soon.

It does not hurt me!

Maybe they would have killed him!

Look What they brought?

They beat Ciego ...

... for going with any one
from town.

She learned about his clan.

Look and see it. he has been
very nice to you.

Wow, what manliness.

I did not realize
until recently... kind he is.

Are you at home.
I have not been here for years.

Please do not blame me.

What happens, happens. Sit Down.

a cigar.

Ermo. Bring these cakes
from Ciego.

what have I done
to deserve this?

Ermo ...

We're neighbours.

If you do not care
for my dignity, yes.

Why did he do it?

Because I can not give him a son,
that's it.

He was poor,
and starving...

... before I bought the
truck two years ago.

Now that I have money, people
think I'm fat and ugly.

He falls asleep as if
I was not around.

He tells me i'm fat and ugly.

If you want someone on your side.
I sleep with a pole.

It's the first time.
It will not happen again.

Ermo, I deceived saying
it was you.

Nobody would have suspected
He had a sneaking harlot.

How low can
a woman fall?

They undress to see his money,
and he gives it.

All are the same.
Not worth it.

Why were they not killed?
They are hopeless.


Dad can not turn.

Or with the help of dad
or Tigre. They need you.

He can wait
the bastard.

When he recovers he will
be lying over there!

Stories for sale. Here it is.
The Journey to the West ...

... The white Viper. The
Spring Festival nearly arrives.

- Calendar With beauties.
- Beauties? They are skinny.

Buy a TV, boss.

It is very small,
and I'm not the boss.

- Medicinal compresses.
- They work?

Sure, take it.

It is not sweet.

It needs more.

It's okay...

money left.


There are two ten-in
the wad of five.

Tia, Tia!

Tigre, I'll call you if
they put on something good.

Mom has counted up
to buy a television.

Turn the truck.

- What's going on?
- Nothing!

When Tigre grows,
let him be my son.

Xiu will be your daughter.

What language are they talking?

Some foreign language.

-Why is it spoken?
-They talk a little every day.

- After, you speak Chinese?
- Clearly.

I want a television.

Which? You must pay first.

The biggest.

How much electricity
does it consume?

Careful, careful.
Do not go and break it.

Do not touch!

The door is
too narrow.

Take it through the window.

Slowly, carefully.

Why not put it
on the tub?

How will we get the water?

Here, lay it here.

We can't open the trunk.

Put it on the bed.

- Where do we sleep?
- There, a little tight.

Smoke a cigarette.

A little higher.

Turn it over here.
No wait.

Retain it there.

Tie it well.

- Why don't we see anything?
- Easy, it's not connected.

We will have mash,
I already made the stew.

They are also invited.
Come and eat.

Ermo needs help to connect it.

Ermo, sit down.
You look tired.

I'll call when
the meal is ready.

Papa, Mama said to come
to help when you finish.


Do not remove it,
What if it does not work?


I thought you'd understand.

A man can cause a scandal,
but not a woman.

How can I do noodles? They used
my strainer as an antenna.

Ermo ...

What's wrong, Ermo?

Ermo is sick!

you are a strong person.

I'm coming, I'm coming.

Xiu, has already begun!
Why are you taking so long?

What's wrong with ours?

Tigre's is the greatest!

Let her.


Is there a television
bigger than that?

although I have not seen it.

- Hey, what more do you want?
- Shut up.

Alright, Ermo?

Nothing, just tired.

do not worry.

Ermo is very ill.

The television is very big.

The only village.
No one could buy.

- Move, we can't see.
- Sit down.

The outsiders
They fight among themselves.

It's a gang fight!

It is not a fight, it's a game.

- What game?
- It's called basketball.

Laifu ...

...Everyone wants
to watch television.

During the holidays we can
bring chairs for the children.

No problem, boss.
For years now i'm not.

I'm not the boss.

'And your love life?'

'You want to know about it?'

'I'm not interested.'

'Well, my salary doubled,
spend the night in my bed.'

'Stay with me, not with her.'

'I want to have fun.'

'Do You Know. Tex ... we no longer have fun. '

'Want fun?'

'Let's start now.'

Twisted Noodles!