Erik of het klein insectenboek (2004) - full transcript

In this movie -after the classical Godfried Bomans novel of the same Dutch title- with musical elements, Erik is a Dutch ten year-old schoolboy who is studying insects at school, and gets shown and explained a bit about them by his kind and knowledgeable nature-loving grandfather, whose country estate is a good place to do so and turns out to have a book on insects, which allows Erik to pass for one night, rather like Alice in Wonderland, as a miniature man among thus giant-looking, talking insects, who discuss their and other species and their lives with him, mainly winged ones, such as bee, fly and wasp.

Okay. You were right.

They were nice yesterday, But now...

I used my intelligence once
and thought about...

...whether to put my right foot
in front of the left or vice versa...

Come on, guys!

I had 583 broken bones and 322 sprains.

Spent months in plaster.

You can laugh.

Since then I have only followed my

And, Mr Bookworm... should do that too.

Quick, hide under my legs.

Hello, Mr Millipede.

You're looking for that fraud,
Mr Bookworm too?

No, I had an appointment with him,
but he didn't turn up.

No, I can see that.

No, he's not in his room either

The coast is clear.

Listen closely, Mr Bookworm.

Look beyond the poppies in
the dark shadows of the bushes for...

...the earthworm!


What did you do?

Evil spider, go away.

Get lost!

How can this be?

You could've been a wonderful butterfly

Okay, follow me.


Do I know you?

You're here!

I'm where?

In the snailotel.
- The Snailotel?

He's in here!

Bookworm, where are you!

We have to leave!
- Where to?

To the earthworm.
He'll help me with my talk.

How can we find him?

Fly. You can fly.
We're sure to find him from the air

Hide behind the door.

How dare you show your face
after what you did.

Mr Bookworm.
- Hey, who are you?

The butterfly! He was right! The butterfly

Hello, look, the small print.

Right, Now this way!

Not so fast!
- Don't complain! Hurry up.

Where are you going.
- Come on.

Grab them! Do something.

Stop them!

Come back!

Let go of me.

Follow me!

No, follow me!

Come on.

It's scary.

Bookworm, I've got you.

Bookworm, Bookworm, Bookworm.

- Quick!

I only want the bookworm.

Fly, like this!

No, not with your arms. Use your wings.
- I can't fly. I don't dare.

I can't do it.
- Flutter.

I can't do it.
- Butterfly fly! Use your instinct!

Come on, jump!

Where are you.

Stop it.

What's up?

You can fly.

Now you can't laugh.

Let's go?
- How?

Just fly.

There goes my money.

Your a butterfly, so flutter by!

Sit still. You're tickling me!

But you're leaning over.
- Sit still.

You're squeezing so hard.

Watch out!

That's better.

And that, is that all right?
- Yes, that's fine.

That's nice.

And what now?

Go up to that big flower.
- Okay.

That one?
- Yes...

- Hold tight.

Oh, look out.

Great view!

That was a lovely day.

I had butterflies in my belly

Wait a moment.

Butterflies mate in the spring.

Hey look.

That's you.

Papilio machaon.

The Swallowtail, it says.

Papilio is a nice name, isn't it?
- Yes.

But you're a boy.

Of course. What did you think?

I thought all butterflies were girls.

And that one? What's that?

That? That looks like a girl.

A butterfly girl?
- Yes!

Hey, Papilio, what are you doing?

We were going to see the worm together

Yes, but something tells me
I have to go over there.

There we go: Instinct.


I think you have some competition.

I think so too.

Hey, don't be silly, Go away.

Stop it, you creep.

Won't he every stop his tricks?

He's a moth, they sleep
during the day, don't they?

No, some moths are active night and day

But they see worse in daylight.

I'll never get to her like this.
- Calm down.

Can't you help me once more?

I won't interfere again.
It only gets me in trouble.

But... I promise I'll always
obey my instinct.

Okay, let's see.

I may have the answer.

What are you going to do?
- Find me a few grass stalks

Leave me alone! Go away!

Hurry up.

He won't fall for this.

I can see a mile off that this is fake.
- Yes, but he can't, not without glasses.

I think he would.

Don't be afraid. Just do it.

You start talking...
- Go on then!



I don't know...

This is no use.
- Why?

You didn't even talk to her, did you?

I don't dare.
- Oh no! You don't dare!

How do you know it won't work
if you don't try?

Can't you do it?
- What?

Can't you ask her if she'll meet me
in the poppy... you know.

You feel so strange inside

and not very smart

until your head spins faster

than the beating of your heart

As the wind plays with a butterfly's wings

your love drives you mad as it sings

whatever you do it feels
like butterflies in your belly

it transports you

so high, it feels like you can fly

and yet your wings are clipped
but it will do

that feeling called love

whatever you do, makes no difference

butterflies in your belly
it transports you

so high, it feels like
you can fly and yet

your wings are clipped
but it will do

that feeling called love

He calls himself a friend!
You were going to help!

Wait till she finds out your wings are fake.

If you weren't such a coward,
there'd be no problem.

Look for a bookworm to fall in love with!

I'm not in love.

At least, not with her.
- Get lost!


Papilio, hey Papilio,
what are you waiting for?

Save her. He'll kill her.

What can I do against...
- Come on, Papilio! You have to help her!

Hurry up!

Papilio. Papilio!

How's he doing? Help!

Hit him back!

That's better. Now kick him!

Watch out, behind you!

Hit him!
- Careful, Papilio!

Come on!

Papilio, stand up.

Come on. I have an idea.

Listen. When I say "now",
fly up suddenly.



- You did it.

Well done, Papilio.

Oh, Papilio.

Hey, I say!

Now my instinct says
we have to go to the worm!



You're right! But...

Yes, but?!

We're working on a baby caterpillar
- Of course.

Why don't us three stay here?

I have to go! I have to see the earthworm.

I've been away so long.

I miss my mother and grandpa.

I can manage.

Have a good journey!
- Bye!


What is this?

Help Papilio, help.

Let go.

There's one lying here

one beast dead gives another one bread
the meaning is clear

What a pity.

I thought he was dead.

What's a pity?

I'm still alive.
- Yes...

But, d'you feel all right?

Are you giddy?
- Why?

Maybe feeling sick?
Want to lie on your back?

With your legs in the air.

I feel fine.
- While there's life, there's hope.

Maybe you can die later.
We can wait.

I'm not dying. No way. I feel fine.

We've heard that before. One moment
right as rain, the next dead as a dodo.

Don't tell us.

What are you?


- Yes! Gravediggers!

We bury dead insects and
let them rot for a day or two.

It improves the taste.
And then we dig them up again.

The longer they lie, the better they taste.

This one is only from yesterday but...'s already pretty tasty.

I'm looking for the earthworm
and he must live near here.

Do you know?
I have to go and see him.

You don't have to go anywhere.
We found you so you're ours.

Forget it!

Wait, boys.

Not so fast!
- Hey.

What now?
- Listen. I have a proposal.

You go home with me.

If you still feel fine, then I'll let you go.

And otherwise...

...I'll have you for dinner

No thanks. That's very nice of you,
but some other time, I have to go.

We'll do as I say,
- Where are we going? What's all this?

What's going on?

What's that?
- The front door!

I live here. Cosy, isn't it?

Well, what d'you think?
- Darling, I made leg of fly

Oh, we'II...

He's alive!

Sorry, darling.
I should have warned you.

It's only a matter of time.
It can't take long.

Give me a hand!

Are you sure he'll die?
- I will not die.

Come and sit down.

Let's sit at the table.
I can feel your paws. Well!

Lovely leg of fly...


Father, will you serve?
- Yes. Here you are.

Here you are, Beetie! Oh, lovely leg.


I'm not hungry.
- What?

Maybe you don't feel well?

There you are, Beetie!

I'll dig a hole.

Oh Jacob, you're lovely, you are!

Dig a hole?

Wait a minute.

I feel just fine.

Really! And you were going to
free me if I felt fine.

But sooner or later you're sure to feel bad.

Worse and worse.
And I have plenty of time!

No, that's not what we agreed.

If someone feels better,
then he stays alive.

Then he certainly won't die.

The mole! The mole!

The mole?

Come on!




Look beyond the poppies...

...the dark shadows...




I can't stand that tickling.

The earthworm!

Hello, anyone there?
- I'm here!

Would it help to take off your shades?
- Okay. Is that better?

Oh, sorry. I didn't know you were blind.

I consider myself lucky
not having to look at ugly things.

Everything is beautiful in my head.

Who are you anyway?
- I'm Eric Campion.

You came at last?

They say you're wise.

They do? Is that so?

And that you can help with my talk.

Is it true that you never die?

Oh, what's life and what's death?

Look, if I am cut in two,
is my old self dead?

Or are there two new selves?

It would be great without death...

...if my father was still alive.

But he still is?

In your head.

As long as you think of him,
he lives on.

Yes, he could do everything.

He dared do everything.

I didn't.

I don't even dare hold a talk at school.

Or talk to Rosalie.

Look behind you in the wall.

The other half!

Yes! Well?

What does it say?


"We are all exiles...

" within the frame
of a strange painting.

"He who know this lives grandly

"The rest are insects."

But what does this mean to me?

Keep calm, boy,

Read it again.

"Life is a great party."

A note from my father!

He's alive!
- I said he was!

In your head.
- So he's been here too.

You said it.
- Snail and Ms Mosquito were right.

Eric, look in the wall again.

Well I never.
- Eric... something.
- But I can't play the mouthorgan.

You can, now you know anything is
possible in Woolly Meadow.

You know what's so nice?

What works here, also works
on the other side of the frame.

So follow your instinct
with common sense.

Now play.

You see? You can do it.

You're just like my father.

Come closer and look in my glasses.

Eric, you can do it!

Look at that!

See? They think so too. And now together.

One, two, three, four...

if you're all in a tangle

and fear it's a strangle
you go through a deep, deep dale

don't take it too seriously
act rigorously

and Eric, just cut the knot

just cut the knot
then you're on the spot

but that doesn't bother me

life is a great party.

You don't live it up
if you don't know that

Look at that!

Oh dear. Eric?

Now you have to help me.
- Okay!

Come on.


Go up and ask for help
from the ant colony.

They know how to deal with this.

But how to I get up there?

Third on the left, second right
and then up.


Oh yes. Before I forget...

My cousin the woodworm
lives in the frame.

Give him my regards
and he'll help you to the other side.

Bye, Eric!

Bye, kid!

Of course, there's only
one kind of insect...

...that scouts the land so clearly

Those are the hardworking....

Goodness me.

Oh, what's all this?

No, ouch, let go of me.

One, two, three, ant...
One, two, three, ant...

Stop it!



We found this in the woods, spying.
- I was not!

I'm not a spy.

Who are you?

Eric Campion.

Aha, one hears
the strangest stories about you.

One says you're very clever.

And the other says
you're extremely stupid.

But at least you have two paws.

But what's the truth?

What should I say?

The truth is somewhere in between.


Right. Sit down.

Can I ask you something?

My friend the earthworm down below...

...has got himself tangled up.

He asked me to come and fetch help.

And one, two, three, ant...

One, two, three, ant...

What are you doing here?
- I'm the scout.

I record new explorations.

So you scout the insect world.
You must know where the frame is.

The frame?

What frame?
- Come on!

The frame of the painting.
Where the insect world ends.

Look at that.

That is unknown terrain.
No ant has ever set foot there.

It's probably the end of the world...

...but I can't be sure.

One moment.

That dotted line!
The frame must be here.

Yes! The frame!

Don't do it.

That's not allowed, Mr Campion.

Come on.
- No! Please.

Come on! Now you can visit my world.

Is that possible?
- Of course. Grandpa'd be pleased.

That sounds good!


Yes! This is it, of course.

This is the frame.

Come on.


Is he coming, or not?

Be quiet!

- Hello?

Mr Woodworm?

Regards from your cousin the earthworm.


Can you hear anything?

He's coming!

The woodworm!

Well! So you're Eric!

And worm sends his regards?
Was he tangled up?

Yes, come quick, Eric.

Dawn's breaking on the other side.

Hurry up.

And good luck with your talk!


He's coming, he's coming.

Darling, it's dawn.

It's high time. Come on.

Oh, I want to see him first.

Nothing can be done about it.
Rules are rules.

Our great-great grandson's
a star, isn't he?

A Campion, you mean! Come on.
And sleep tight Henrietta. By the way...

...nice hat.

Oh Henry!

Good night cheri!


The small print.


Where is he now?


Ah here you are! Come on, hurry up.

You're late for school, come on.

Eric, he's your talk.


Well, it's very nice of you...

...but I think I'll do it myself.

Are you sure?
- Yes!

I have to get something.

Typical Campion!

Good morning!

We'd almost given up on you.

Is this for your talk?
- Yes.


Put it on here.

Are you ready today, Eric?

- Good!

And what's it about?
- Insects.

Well, go ahead.

You have two kinds of insects.

You have large insects
and very small insects.

And you have insects...

...who live in Woolly Meadow.

Sit down! That comes later.

Carry on, Eric.

It started last night in the attic
of my grandpa's coachhouse.

There's a large wasp nest hanging there.
But this wasp was great at golf.


That's where I met most of the insects.

This is where I met Papilio...
Fly! Like that!

Flutter! Flutter! Watch out!

Then I flew all the way to this poppy field.

And that's where we met Poppy.

And then Papilio married her

On the way to the earthworm,
life got difficult.

I was attacked by a huge spider.

Roast leg of fly is quite nice
when you're hungry.

...the dark shadows...

They say you're wise.
- They do? Is that so?

One, two, three, ant!

And through this hole...

...I escaped from Woolly Meadow.

Finish off, Eric!

I'd love to.
But that was all.

I want to say one more thing.

I don't think you should interfere
with insects' instinct.

That was great, wasn't it?

What an incredible story Fantastic.

Shall I help you?

Grandpa, stop.

What's up, Eric?

I want to go and see Dad.

Hey, Grandpa?

Are there gravediggers here?


In a graveyard?
I should think so.


Not any more!

Oh, I see what you mean.

Bye Dad! Come on, Rosalie, let's go!

Who's that?

Glass of wine?
- Please.

Butterfly love!


Look at those butterflies!

What a nice girl.

Hey, it went well, I heard.
- He had a great talk.

What a relief. Cheers.

Come, let's go to the attic.
- Okay.

Look. And there...
- Yes?

That's where Papilio lives.

You came through that hole?
- You're like snails!

Stand at ease.

Hello, Eric.

What are you doing?
- Oh, nothing.

One, two, three, ant!

We are all exiles, living
within the frame of a strange painting.

Those who know this live grandly
The rest are insects.

Give me my instinct

it's better than sense

things only go wrong when I think

so I'll stop that now because
it all works on its own

it all works on its own

well I do it and
don't think too much

I feel it
I follow my instincts

it all works on its own

it all works on its own

well I do it

and don't think too much

I feel it

I follow my instincts

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Erik Of Het Klein Insectenboek - Eric The Golden Book Of Insects (2004) English CD
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