¿Eres tú, papá? (2018) - full transcript

When her father goes missing, 13 year old Lili uses a spiritual ritual to find him but she gets it wrong and her life turns into a nightmare.

I'd like to sleep now.

I can't do it today.

You really haven't taken it off?

Not even once?

Not even once.


Come with me.

You're going to be late.

Enjoy yourself.

See you later.


When are we going to come with mum?

One of these days, love.


Did you feel scared?


But I trust you.

That's great!

Don't stop.

Do you have it?

Thank you very much.

It's okay, no problem.


Go and wait for me on the porch.

See you tomorrow.

We won again.

Let me try.

I want to talk to your mother.

The day you make me forget all of it...

this house will be very peaceful.

I want you to think of her.

I'm doing...

what I think is good for my family.


I'd like her to have dinner with us again.

I know she would if you asked her.

I'll see what I can do.


So the photo...

simply disappeared.

Why are you awake?

Please just listen to me.

Trust me.

Please sweetheart.


Don't do this.

Go away.

Let go of me!


I can't live here anymore.

Please, come with me now.

I beg you.

Why are you like this with me?

I'm your mother.

Not if you leave.

I don't want to go without you.


You turned me into this.

Stop it.

Stop it, please.

Can you forgive her?


But I'm not ready yet.

I don't know what else I can do.

I know.

You two are all that I love, sweetheart.

But you'll always be my favourite.


Can we talk?

What is it you want to talk about?

I've been wanting to ask about your wife.

I never see her.

Is she ill?

What did I tell you the
first day you came here?

Wasn't I clear with you?

You better stop asking
those kind of questions.

Just come here and work.

Or I'll find someone else.

I can't believe that your
mother didn't cook today.

And she's lucky...

that I let her get away with it.

We could have one of them for dinner.


You're going to eat tonight...

because she begged me.

I'm about to go to sleep.

Did you like how I cooked the piglet?

You see?

We had dinner in the end.

Dad, please don't do that.

Please forgive me.

Are you really sorry?


You sound like your mother.


Mum said she'd kill herself if I told you.

What is it?

Last night.

When mum tried to leave.


Carlos was there outside.

Waiting for her.

Are you sure about this?


Where are you going?

I brought you a bottle of rum.


Can I ask you why you came?

There's somebody I don't know well...

who's bringing me some leather tonight.

I want you to come with me.

And help me check the quality.

If everything goes well tonight...

we'll have business
with this guy for ages.


I want to hear you begging me
for forgiveness all night.



Where's dad?

He went out last night
and he's not back yet.

Have you seen my dad?


When you see him...

tell him I want to talk to him.


I'm scared that something
bad has happened to dad.

It's all my fault.


Don't worry.

He'll be back later.

If dad finds out...

that I lied to him

He’s going to be really angry.

What did you tell him?

I told him that Carlos was outside
waiting for you...

the night you tried to leave.

Why did you do that?

He was going to hit me
when he saw what I did to his photo.

And I got scared.

I'm sure...

he's going to forgive you.

He loves you.

And if he doesn't?


I'm not going anywhere without you.

Let's wait for him here.

Is that okay?

Cheers dad.

Have a sip.

Tell me.

What happened to your dad?

How do you know?

You kept mentioning him when I found you.

He went out.

And hasn't come back.

Where's your mum?

She's scared of going out.

Because of my dad.

And I don't know what to do.

I think I could help you.



What are you doing here?

I can't find Lili.

I think she suspects something.

You need to calm down a bit.

She doesn't know anything.

Please come in.

It's time...

to do something for your dad.

Did you finish?

Come and sit with me.

How are you feeling?


Will my dad come back soon?

It doesn't work like that.

You'll have to have faith.

Good evening.

It's not exactly a good evening.

I can imagine.

Good luck with everything.

Who is she?


Please, don't ever do again
what you did today.

Hello Lili.

Follow these steps carefully.

When your dad is back...

break the egg

and leave the egg white and yolk

inside the cup.

In the meantime...

speak to the egg
as if it was your father.

Break an egg at each
entrance to your house.

Have faith.


What is it she is doing?

I don't know.

I better go back.

So tell me.

What did that woman give you?

It's something she told me to do.

If I do it with faith

It’s likely my dad will come back.

Sometimes faith isn't enough.

Don't you think we should
report him missing?

If you do that

My dad will lose everything.

You're lucky my dad's not here.


You're not going to believe this.

She put lipstick on today.


I don't know why.

I love you very much.

Very much.

I wish you could talk to me.

Where are you, dad?

You should make your own altar.

Put a picture of your dad...

next to a glass of water.

Place a white flower near it as well.

Offer your gratitude.

Give something of yours.

What are you doing there?

Have you turned into a believer?



Do you want to talk to me?

Is that you for real?


There's something
I've been wanting to tell you.

What is it?

Promise you won't get angry?

I promise.

I never saw Carlos outside.

It doesn't matter.

Maybe I'll eat later.

What’s happened now?

He's here.

Did you see him?

What are you going to do?

Take her to see a doctor.


Can you imagine
when they start asking questions?

Don't worry.

I'm not going to do it.

Please don't forget about tonight.


Blow them out.

Happy birthday.

Is it nice?

That'll be Carlos.

You'll see when my dad shows up.


It's better if you give it to her.

You're fourteen today, right?

He seems very keen on you.

I'm going to call him Carlo.

Can you give him another name?

It doesn't matter.

I am...


You could've at least
said goodnight to him.

You two seem as if
you know each other quite well.


Carlos has become a friend.

You should accept it.

Close the door when you come in.

Stop please.

I can't.

Lili is acting strangely.

She just misses him.

I need you to find out where Caridad lives.

Maybe she could help me.

You should know.

In this house

We only accept gifts from the family.

Do you feel what I feel?

I'm very proud to have
a daughter like you.

Everything is going to be okay.


Give it to me, please.

I found him inside the pressure cooker.

Let me have him a couple of weeks.

I promise I'll feed him well.

I don't know what to do.

She's going to be okay.

Give her time.

We should tell her the truth.

It'll be worse for you.


Because it was you who did it.

What are you talking about?

The truth.

I thought you loved me.

I do.

But if I have to say the truth

I will.

Get out.

Did you hear her?

I heard...


What are we going to do now?


Forget what I said.


Let's talk.

I'm sorry.

Why did you choose him?

Let's get him out of here.

Did you think I would never find out?

Everything I did...

was for the good of this family.

It wasn't me who killed him.


He never told me what happened.





Drink some water.

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