Erasing His Past (2019) - full transcript

Karen Miller has it all. The perfect marriage, the perfect husband, the perfect life. But when her husband disappears on a business trip and is presumed dead, Karen's perfect life falls ...


I did not.

David: Yes, you did.

I remember.

I'm telling you.

I didn't.

I fell asleep on your
shoulder on our first date.


I love you.

I love you too.

Yeah, I remember.

Our first date was mini golf.

Do you remember?

You kept hitting the windmill.

And you were getting
so frustrated.

And the little boy behind us...


He got a hole in one.

All right.

We don't have to
relive my humiliation.


Wait, how could I
have fallen asleep

on your shoulder
during mini golf?


Yeah, I guess it must have
been another first date.

Oh, that's very funny.

Oh, I've had a lot
of first dates, hon.

Oh, really?

Well, you've got to
check a couple oysters

before you find a pearl.



You guys are home already.

How was your anniversary dinner?

It was OK, right?

At sunset, steak and lobster...

Isn't that your favorite?

I hate you.

Oh, well, that's
too bad because I'll

have to eat that apple
cobbler all by myself.

Ice cream?

Two scoops.

I'll heat it up.

The, uh... the cobbler, not the...

We get it.

Ice cream.

You get it.

You're late.

You guys said you were
gonna be home by 11:00.


We told you to be home at 9:00.


You told me that.

David doesn't care.


Well, when David goes through 18
hours of labor and an emergency

C-section, then he can
weigh in on your curfew too.


Mom, gross.


Come on.

It's melting.

I can't even remember what
life was like without you.

I know.

I know.

Yeah, that's good.


You know, when Jeff died,
I thought I'd be alone.

Then you came along.

And I stalked you till
you said yes to a date.

'Cause you were... you
were 10 years younger, babe.

I thought you were joking.


And I thought you were perfect.


You know you and Annie
are the best things that

ever happened to me, right?

How many days are
you going for again?

Just overnight, hon.

Yeah, my boss wants an
aerial survey of the island.

And he needs you there for that?

Well, he'd like to know
what he's getting himself

into before he
invests $60 million.

Real estate developers
tend to be funny that way.

Yeah, so I'll be just
flying into Sea-Tac,

and then Carter's fly us
back out in his private plane

to do the survey.

La de da.

Oh, yeah.

And his plane's the
size of a hatchback

and about as airworthy.

Oh, really?

And that's supposed to
make me feel better?

When... when were you
at the Heights Hotel?

Isn't that downtown?

Oh, yeah.

No, this is where we had
our conference this year,

back in April, remember?

Oh, right.


But wait.

They give you a hotel room
key for the conference?

Well, yeah.

I mean, we gotta take
meetings somewhere.

Their conference rooms stink.


All right.

My car's here.

I gotta run.

You're gonna pick me up from
the airport tomorrow, right?


Just text me when you land.

The bank keeps calling.

Oh, yeah.

I'll take care of that.

Should I answer it?

No, no.

Don't worry about it.

I'll call as soon as I land.


She keeps leaving messages.


No, it's fine.

I got it.

Bye, babe.

I love you.

I love you too.

Good morning, sweetheart.


You all set for
your English test?

I should be.

I studied last night
when I got home.

You mean when you got home late?


Oh, by the way, I might be a
little bit late picking you up

after school today.

I've got an assignment
this afternoon,

and I think I have
to edit tonight.

I'm just going to walk.

Are you sure?


OK, will you make sure you
come home right after school?


Because you're on thin ice
after being late last night.

When am I not on thin ice?

Oh, I don't know.

There was maybe two
weeks in the sixth grade.

Goodbye, mom.



I love you.

I love you too.


Hey, Neil.


Checking up on me?

I haven't seen the
sun in a couple weeks.

I just figured I
should, you know,

make sure it's still here.

Long day?

It is.

It's hard keeping the
newspaper afloat these days.


Especially with how
much we got to pay you.

Can I see?

I think this one's good.

You're great.


Who's writing the story?

Who knows?

I just look at the pictures.

Look, what's it going
to take to get you

to come work for us full time?


You know, I'm kind of
liking my freelance life.

David's been so busy with
work, and Annie, well, she

probably wishes I'd
spend more time at work.


Just turned.

When Kaylee was 17,
she wrecked two cars

and tried to run away.

After the second car, I just...

I wish I just... just
let her, you know?

Yeah, but she
turned out, though.

You've been a good dad.

I know Faith would
have been proud.

So how is David
handling fatherhood?

Oh, he loves it
and she loves him.

I'm the one she's not so
crazy about these days, but...

Everybody loves David.

No, I know.

The three of us should
get together soon.


That'd be great.

He's traveling a lot, but I'll
talk to him when he's back,

and then we'll put
something in the books.


And I'll get those pictures
by the end of the week?

You'd get them by
the end of the day

if you'd let me do my work.


All right, I'll talk to you when
you check doesn't clear, OK?

All right.

Bye, Neil.


Yes, this is Karen Miller.



Are you OK?


Um, some... it's... it's David.


Well, where is he?

I thought he was
on a business trip.

He's... he's... he's gone.

He's gone?

Um, he was in
his client's plane,

and, um, the plane went
down over the water.

And, um, they couldn't find him.

Well, if they couldn't find
him, he could be OK, right?

He could be fine?

Yeah, I know.

Um, but they searched,
you know, for hours.

He's dead, Annie.

He was just here.

I know.

He was just here this morning.

I know.

Hey, Neil.

I hope I'm not calling too late.

Karen, I...

I'm... I'm so sorry.

David was a great guy,
and I know how much he

cared about you and Annie and...

I know.

How is she?

She's good.

I just... I'm worried
about her because she's...

She was just
starting to, um, you

know, to recover
after Jeff's death.

You think she still blames you?

I was the one driving.

But that drunk guy, he
crossed over into your lane.

There's nothing you
could have done.

I just don't know how
she's going to process this.

You know, it's a lot
of loss for a kid.

For both of you.

I don't know how we're going
to get through this again.

It's OK.

You'll be fine, I promise, OK?

You were there for me
when my Faith died.

Now let me be there for you, OK?

Thank you.

Oh, here's your
memory card back.


Are you sure you're OK
editing those things for me?

Focus on your family.

I got this.


If there's anything
you need, please call me.

I will.

I mean that.




We should probably
go to the church now.

Everyone's waiting.

You go ahead.

I just need a few more minutes.

I'll wait with you.

No, you should
get to the church.

Are you sure?


I'll be right there.

Oh, David.

Excuse me?




Excuse me.

Please stop.

Are you OK, sweetheart?

I'm fine, I guess.

For a second there, I
expected him to open the door

and ask us how his funeral was.

So stupid.

It's not stupid, baby.

It's just... it's going to
take us some time to adjust.


Do you remember when I first
brought him over to meet you?

He really wanted to make
a good impression on you.

He brought me that
pink teddy bear...

Kept making those
dumb bear puns.

It's beary nice to meet you.

The spaghetti's beary good.

Why didn't you want
me to wait with you?

What do you mean?

At the graveyard.

Oh, no, no, no, sweetheart.

It wasn't like that.

It was just because
there were people waiting

for us at the church,
and I thought one of us

should get there.

I could have waited.

Sometimes I just feel like I...

like I'm in the way.

I turned it off.

I'm gonna get changed.

No, wait.

Annie, hold on a second.


Mrs. Miller, hi.

This is Barbara
Waldron from the bank.

I've been trying to reach you.

Hi, Barbara.

I'm so sorry.

David was going to call you.

I'm sorry.

I know it's a terrible time.

Would it be OK if I
called you next week?

I'm afraid not.

It's about your mortgage.

Our mortgage?

You're two
months behind on your payment.

And I talked to them
today, but they...

Barbara, I don't...

I don't have a mortgage.

Mrs. Miller, I
think you better

come into my office tomorrow.

Have a seat.

Thank you.

Would you like some coffee?

Uh, no, thank you.

Thank you, Lexi.

Please, have a seat.

Barbara, what is this about?

First of all, I am
so sorry about David.

And I'm sorry to have to
do this so soon, but...

Did he talk to you about
the messages that we left?

Uh, no.

He just said he was
going to take care of it.

You better take a look at these.

You're more than 60 days
past due on your mortgages.

And the bank is preparing
foreclosure procedures.

Yes, but I don't...

I don't understand.

Like I said on the phone,
I don't have a mortgage.

I paid it off five years ago.

Yes, but you took out a
new mortgage early last year.

No, I didn't.

I didn't agree to this.

That's your signature, isn't it?

Yes, but I...

I... I didn't sign it.

Are you sure?


I think I'd remember if I
took out a six-figure loan.

Let me talk with the
home lending department.

But, Karen, please
take my advice.

You need to get current on this.

You need to pay this
as soon as possible

within the next few days.

How much are we talking?

Now, if there's
been some mistake,

we can get it corrected.

But, trust me, you
do not want to go

into foreclosure proceedings.


Hey, Neil.


What are you doing here?

Sorry, I'm just
dropping off your check.

I don't want to disturb you.


Your memory card's in there too.

Thank you.

Is everything OK?

You wanna talk about it?


Would you like to come
in for a cup of tea?

Yeah, sure.

All right, I don't understand.

You're behind in your mortgage.

Do... do you need to
borrow some money?

Karen, I'm happy to
help you if you need it.


No, see, that's not the problem.

I don't have a mortgage.

I paid it off after Jeff died.

So then where'd it come from?

It was taken out this year.

Apparently I signed for it.

And this is the first
you're hearing about it?


After we got married, David
took over the finances,

so I just signed off
on all the paperwork.

I didn't think to ask him
if he took out a mortgage.

So then if he did, what
happened to all that money?

I don't know.

Maybe he invested it?

I mean, that's what I
keep telling myself.

But then my mind goes to
the worst, and I think,

David was this perfect
husband, but what if he wasn't?

Karen, if there's
one thing I know,

it's that David
loved you and Annie.

There's got to be a good
explanation for this.

Yeah, I know.

I know.

I'm telling you.

I'm probably just not
thinking of something.

We'll figure it out.

Thank you, Neil.

I appreciate you
coming over like this.


Annie, have you
been in my office?


Well, then why is my
file cabinet unlocked?

I don't know.

Sweetheart, there's
important things in here

that are private, and
it's not nice to go

through people's stuff, OK?

I didn't.

Why would I look
through your files?

I don't know.

Just don't do it again, OK?

Hey, Barbara?

Karen here.

So I've got my 401.


Yeah, I'll fax it to you.



Oh my god!




How are you?

It's been forever.


What are you doing here?

I thought Joe got transferred.

He just got transferred back.

Yeah, we just came into
town a couple of days ago.

This is so funny.

I was going to call you.

I just saw David this morning.

I kept waving at
him, but he didn't...


Karen, what's wrong?

Do they know what
caused the crash?

No, they're still investigating.

They found the pilot's
body, but David's...

Karen, I am so sorry.

I had no idea.

No, no, no.

It's OK.

You didn't know.

You were in the
middle of a move.

You couldn't have known.

Is there anything I can do?

I mean, not unless you can
find his birth certificate.

I couldn't find it in our files.

I spent all morning on the
phone trying to track it down.

Joe might still have a
friend or two in the Capital.

I can ask him to make a call.

Would you mind?

Not at all.

Anything to help out.

But, you know, the truth is,
I'm more worried about Annie.

I mean, things were already
tense before this happened.

And, now, with David gone...

You've lost your buffer?

She really bounced
back after losing Jeff.

She's doing well in school.

She's got great friends.

But it just feels like
everything could fall apart now

if I say something
wrong, you know,

or if I don't do
something that I should.

Hey, hey.

She's a good kid.

You're a great mom.

She might not be able to say
it, but she sees it, Karen.

Oh my god, speaking
of Annie, I gotta go.

I've gotta go home.

Oh, I didn't realize
it was so late.

I should get back to the hotel.


Yeah, we're having some
work done at the new house,

so we're staying at the Heights.

The Heights?

Yeah, you know, downtown?

That's where I thought I
saw David this morning.

It was the weirdest thing.

I would have sworn it was him.

Is something wrong?


Um, no.

It was so good to see you.

Call me if there's
anything you need.

I will, I promise.


It was so good to see you.

You too.

Hey, I'm home.


I thought you were gonna
to be home for dinner.

Oh, I know.

I'm sorry.

I just lost track of time.


It's fine.

Why don't we order in?

We can watch a movie.

I already ate.


Well, we can still
watch a movie.

I'm just going to go to bed.

Annie, wait.

I want to spend time with you.

I want to know how you're doing.

I'm fine.

I'm just tired.

See you later.

Good night.

Good night.


Karen, hi.

I'm sorry to call you so late,
but the clock is ticking,

and I really don't want
to wait until tomorrow.

Oh, right.

Did you get the 401
that I sent over?

I did.

But, Karen, the
account is empty.

What do you mean it's empty?

Well, it looks like you
closed it out a few weeks ago.

No, that's impossible.

Well, it's not just your 401.

It's your money market
account, your CDs...

Annie's 529.

Her college money?

You closed them all
over the past six months.

Barbara, I didn't
close any accounts.

Where's my money?

Look, I've got our fraud
department looking into it.

Are you telling me I'm broke?

Well, no, not broke.

With David's insurance... he
had a double indemnity benefit

in case of accidental death.

How much was that again?

Like, $300,000?

No it's... it's $3 million.

$3 million?

Now, I've talked to
the mortgage department,

and with the incoming
money, they've

agreed to give you another
extension while your claim is

being processed this week.


Are you still there?


I'm here, Barbara.

Look, we're
investigating on our end.

My accounts... how
could this have happened?

It looks like you've
signed off on all of these

before David filed them.

David filed them?

I'll give you

a call back when I know more.

Is that OK?

All right, thank you.


My husband stayed
here a while back,

and I think he might
have left something...

David Miller.

I have the room key.

Would you mind looking up that
reservation for me, please?

I can't give you
that information.



All right, thanks anyway.

Um, excuse me.

What are you doing here?

Um, my name is Karen Miller.

I think you might have known
my husband, David Miller?

David Miller?

Yeah, I thought I did.

Please just tell me the truth.

Were you with him
here in this hotel?

I found a room key.

You really have no idea, do you?

No idea about what?

Did you know him?

I knew him like you did.

What do you mean?

It means not at all.

Look, we can't talk here.

Wait, why?

I don't understand.

Meet me in front of the
drugstore at Plymouth and Green

at 3 o'clock.

And make sure
you're not followed.


Go and fetch the morning coffee.

And treachery.



My phone.


You left the door open.


This child.

You left the door open.


Oh my god.

Oh my god!

Oh my god, somebody
broke into the house.

Oh my god!

Oh, Jesus.

Yes, hi, um, 9-1-1?


Uh, somebody broke
into my house.

Yes, it's 14752 Chestnut Street.

Yeah, they came
through the front door.

Oh my god.

Oh my god, my daughter.


I don't know where
my daughter is!

Annie, are in there?


Oh my god!

Oh my god, where were you?

You scared me.

Oh my god, I'm so
glad you're safe.

Are you OK, sweetheart?

Do you want to talk about it?

Look, I... I really
appreciate your patience.

I'm sorry this took so long.


You said you didn't recognize
the intruder, is that correct?

Like I said, he
was wearing a mask.


And you are 100%
sure it was a man?



Now, could you tell
me anything about him?

Was it... was he tall?

Was he short?

Was he big?

Was he small?

I didn't get a very good look.

I just turned and I ran.

I'm sorry.

Hey, hey, hey.

You have nothing to
be sorry about, OK?

No, no.

You did what you had
to do to stay safe.

That's what's important here.

You did well, Annie.

What happens now?

Well, we talked to
all the neighbors,

and nobody saw anything
out of the ordinary.

We'll dust everything
for prints.

We'll try and find
some surveillance video

cameras that maybe captured
a vehicle coming in or out.

But other than that, with
what we have right now,

that's pretty much
all we can do.

That's it?

This guy broke into our house
and he's still out there.

It's OK.

It's OK.

We could still use a little
more help from you, OK?

If you remember
anything, anything else

about this intruder,
even if it's this small,

and you think it'll
be irrelevant,

you promise you'll
call and tell me, OK?


All right.

Can I talk to you
privately for a second?


No, no, no, no, no.

It's OK.

I'm just going to talk to
the detective..

I just want to talk to
your mom for one second.

The filing cabinet...

He was going through
the filing cabinet

like he was looking
for something.

Does that help?


Yes, it might.

Thank you, Annie.

That was very good.

You've been very brave
through this whole thing.

You should be proud
of yourself, OK?

Look, I don't want
to upset her any more,

but I have to ask you
a very direct question.

Do you think you know who
broke into your house?


Why would you ask that?

Because it was a robbery
and nothing was stolen...

No cash, no jewelry,
no electronics.


And when that happens, it's
usually one of two things.

It's either insurance fraud...


Or they're looking for
something very specific.

So I want you to think, and
I'm going to ask you again.

Who broke into this house and
what would they be looking for?

I don't know.


Well, judging from the
condition they left this place,

you have something
that these people want.

And if they didn't get it
this time, I'm telling you,

they're going to come back.

Excuse me for one second.

Uh, yeah.


Where are you?

It's OK, sweetheart.




Excuse me.

I'm sorry, sweetheart.

I got here as soon as I could.

Are you OK?


No, just... you know, we're
just a little bit shaken.

But... but we're good.

Thank you for coming.

I just... I don't want
to be alone right now,

especially with everything
that's happened.

I'm glad you called.

How's Annie?

She's freaked out.

She's staying with
friends tonight.

I didn't want her home while
the police are investigating.

How are you holding up?

I'm OK.

I just think she was home
alone with an intruder.

I mean, thank god she's OK.

You're gonna get through this.

First things first, OK?

Did they take anything?

No, it doesn't
look like they did.

But the detective said
that they were probably

looking for something specific.

Like what?

I don't know.

I keep thinking over and
over again, you know?

I don't know.

I don't understand any of it.

Tell me about this woman again.

She... she... she just
never showed up?


And it was the weirdest thing.

The way she looked at me,
it was like she saw a ghost.

And... and you don't know
how they knew each other?


Between that and the
call from the bank,

I almost had a heart attack.

And then Barbara calls and tells
me about the life insurance.

I did have a heart attack.

And meanwhile, I still can't
find his birth certificate.

I mean, it just
seems like he's...

I don't know.

Like he's what?

I don't know.



Well, at least he had the
foresight to take out a policy.

And you and Annie are
gonna be taken care of.



You're gonna be good.

Hello, Mrs. Miller.

Hey, detective.

I'm glad I caught you.

Can give me a minute?


Come on in.

Thank you.

Uh, would you
like to have a seat?


No, thank you.

I'm fine.

I'm fine.

Thank you.


Um, so do you have a lead?

Well, I'm sorry, Mrs.
Miller, but I'm actually here

on another matter.



What is it?

I have to ask you
about Jessica Reid.

I'm sorry, who?

Jessica Reid.

How do you know her?

Oh, I don't.

I don't know a Jessica Reid.

You don't?

You sure?


Because you were seen talking
to her yesterday in the lobby

of the Heights Hotel downtown.

We have surveillance footage
from the security camera,

so do you still say you
don't know Jessica Reid?


I only met her briefly,
but I don't know her.


Why are you asking me about her?

Jessica Reid was found
dead in her car this morning.

Oh my god.

I, um... no, I don't know her.

I... I think she might
have known my husband?



Oh, I don't know.

Oh, I, um... there was a picture.

I had a picture, but I
seem to have misplaced it.

You misplaced it.

Maybe... maybe he took it.

Your husband?


My husband's dead.

Maybe whoever broke
in here took it.

So let me get this straight.

They broke in.

They ransacked your whole house.

They terrorized your daughter
to get a photo of your husband?


I don't know.

You're the detective.

I'm hoping you can tell me.

Who was she?

We don't know.

We only have a name
from the hotel.

She paid in cash.

She didn't leave
any ID on record.

We're trying to figure
out who she was.

Actually, I was hoping you'd
be able to help us out.

Yeah, I...

I don't know.

Yesterday, I... I happened to
see her at the Heights Hotel,

but I didn't get a chance to
ask her how she knew my husband.

That's convenient.

Well, it's the truth.


So why were you at the
Heights Hotel yesterday?

The morning that my
husband died, there was, um...

I found a card key
in his suit pocket.


So I just...

He told me that he had a
conference there last year,

so I...

But you didn't believe him.

I don't know.

I know.

I don't know.

I don't... I don't really
know what to believe anymore.

Mrs. Miller, it was
brought to my attention

that you took out a very large
life insurance policy right

before your husband died.

Is that true?


He took that out.

I didn't know
anything about that.

But you are the
beneficiary, right?

What are you implying?

I'm not implying anything...


I'm just asking questions
and gathering information.

Well, I'm sorry.

I... I don't have
any answers for you.

Thanks for your time.

Here, let me get the door.

No, no, no.

I'll see myself out.

Thank you.


Mrs. Miller, if you
plan on leaving town,

you need to let us
know in advance, OK?

Because there are going to be
a lot more questions, and, um,

I think you need to
have better answers.


Are you OK?

I'm fine, sweetheart.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm fine.

How are you holding up?

I don't know.

I just... I keep
wishing David was here.

I know.

I keep thinking maybe if
he was here, none of this

would have happened.


What's wrong?


Mom, it's obviously not nothing.

Tell me.

Did David ever talk
to you about a woman

named Jessica Reid?


The police came here last night

asking questions about
this woman that David knew.

She died yesterday.

Why are they
asking you about it?

David might have been
involved in some things

that we didn't know about.

What kind of things?

Well, it's... it's complicated.

There's money missing,
and this woman.

But it's nothing for
you to worry about.

How could you talk
about David like that?

He was our family.

He's gone, and you're
just tearing him down.

No, no, no, no.

It's not... it's not like that.

No, first of all, David
loved you very much.

It's just... there's
these questions,

and I'm just trying
to be honest with you.

I don't want to hear about it.

I'm going to school.

Are you sure you're
ready to go back?

So soon?

After everything?

Well, it's safer
there than it is here.


Please, Annie.

Good bye.

Hey, Molly.

What's up?

To be honest, I'm not sure.

I had Joe check
in with his friend

at Vital Records about
David's birth certificate.

Oh, good.

Thank you.
I've been waiting for that.

They couldn't find it.

What do you mean
they couldn't find it?

They have no record of a David
Miller with that birth date.

OK, well, there
must be some mistake.

That's what we thought.

Joe asked them to conduct
a nationwide search.

And they did find a David Miller
with your husband's birth date

and social security
number from North Dakota.

OK, well, maybe he's from...


He died five years ago.

What do you mean?


He wasn't who he said he was.



I don't understand
what you're saying.

Your husband had
a stolen identity.

The man you married
wasn't David Miller.


Are you still there?



If my husband wasn't David
Miller, then who was he?


I thought you were dead.

How are you...

Yeah, Annie,
Annie, I'm so sorry.

There's been a terrible
mistake, and I...

I want to explain
everything to you,

but you need to come
with you right away.

You, your mother, and
I, we're all in danger.

What do you mean, danger?

Hey, listen.

I'll explain as soon as
I can, but right now I

need to do everything I say.

Can you do that for me?

Of course.

Good girl.

OK, come on.

We don't have much time.


There's more.

Joe did some digging.

What did he... what?

Tell me.

Karen, I don't
know how to say this,

but he thinks that David
might have had another wife.

There's a woman named Jessica.

Jessica Reid?

How did you know?

Jessica Reid was here in town.

We think she might have
tracked David down.

Molly, are you saying
David's still alive?

I don't know.

But if he is, he might
try to contact you.

Oh my god, Annie.


I have to go.

Oh my god.


Rebecca, is she there?


No, she's not
answering her phone.

I know.

Becca, will you please
tell me if she shows up?

All right.


Oh my god.

Oh my god!





Hi, this is Karen Miller
for Detective Baldwin.

It's an emergency.

Can you...



Thank god you're OK.

Karen, it's me.


Let's not do this
over the phone, Karen.

Meet me at the house.

David, where's Annie?

She's safe... for now.

Come home, and
she'll stay that way.

David, I need to
know that she's OK.

Come to the house, Karen.

Oh, and, uh, let's not
involve the police.


You wouldn't want this
to get ugly, would you?

Mrs. Miller, is everything OK?

I got a message you called
about your daughter.

Yes, detective.

You know what?

Everything's fine.

I just... I made a mistake.

A mistake?

I was told you
said it was urgent.

No, no.

I... I'm so sorry.

I... I made a mistake.

Look, I could
come by your house.

No, no, no.

Please... please... please
don't come by the house.




Thank you so much.

Thank you.


She's not here.


Hello, Karen.

You're... where's Annie?

Oh, come on.

We'll get to all that.

How have you been?

I've really missed you.

David, I don't understand.

Honey, I will
explain everything.

But, first, we have just
a little bit of business

to attend to.

You have something,
and it belongs to me.

What are you talking about?

Where's Annie?



You're not listening.

I have her.

She is safe.

Now, whether or not she
stays that way, I mean,

that's... that's kinda
gonna be up to you, babe.

You lied.

You took everything from us...

The house, the retirement.

How could you do that to us?

I mean, what?

Fake my own death?

It's not rocket science.

Those little planes
aren't very safe.

They go down all the time.

Nobody takes special note
if one more crashes, right?

Yeah, but you were on it.

Apparently not.

No, I had a last
second change of plans,

so they didn't even have time
to update the passenger manifest

before they left.

David, where's Annie?

Tell me where she is or I'm
calling the police right now.

Then you'll never see her again.

What do you want?

Before I took off for Seattle,
I seem to have

misplaced some fairly
important account numbers,

and I can't get to my money.

You were the one
that broke in here.

You trashed the place.

You're looking for
account information.

And they appear to be gone.

Now, as you can imagine,
it's not exactly easy

for me to head on down to
the bank and clear this up,

but there's good news.

You have a very large sum
of money coming in today.

I will take it.

David, you've already taken...

I can't... I...



You know I don't like to argue.

This is very simple.

Go see Barbara.

Tell her you want the
cash, and I will tell you

where to bring it, OK?


I'm not doing it until
you give me back Annie.

You don't seem to, uh,
understand your situation here,

Karen, so let's try again.

I have your baby.

I have her.

Now, if you get me my money,
you will get her back unharmed.

But if you don't, you have
no idea what I'm capable of.

Be smart, honey.

Annie's counting on you.


Where were you?

Where's my mom?

It's OK.

Annie, come here.

Sit with me.

Sweetie, listen.

Your mom is fine, OK?

And she's going to be
here real soon, I promise.

Can I call her?

Sweetie, I'm sorry.

It's just not safe yet.

Why aren't you telling
me what's going on?

Look, Annie, I know this sucks.

Believe me, I hate
this more than you do.

Thank god, I so want to just
tell you everything, you know,


But your mom, she's
going to be here soon,

and we will explain
it together, OK?

It's just how it has to be.

Can I at least
have my phone back?


Don't you trust me?

Of course I do.

That's a good girl.

Now, in the meantime, I
got us some Thai food.


Yeah, that's great.



That's yours.

Hi, Barbara.

Karen, hi.

I was going to call you.

Please, have a seat.


I'm... um, I'm here about
the life insurance.

I... um, I know that
the payout is today,

but I'd like to
cash it out please.

Karen, I hate to be the
bearer of more bad news,

but your insurer is
denying your claim.


They found some irregularities
in David's background,

and they've opened a
formal investigation.

Now, we can appeal...

No, no, no.

Barbara, I need that money now...


I know you're behind
on your mortgage.

No, it's not about...

Um, what are my assets
as of right now?

Between your checking
and your savings?

That's it?

I'm sorry, Karen.

That's everything.

OK, please give it to me.

You want to close
out your accounts?

Karen, I really strongly
suggest you don't do that.

In hundreds, please.

Fine, I'll be right back.


Is it done?

Where is she?

She's here.

- I
- wanna talk to her.

And you will in one hour.

I will text you the address...

Just you and the money.

And, Karen, if you
call the police,

if you mess with me in any way,
you will not see Annie again.

Do you understand?

David, you love Annie.

One hour.

Oh my god, Neil, you scared me.

I tried to call.

You didn't answer.

Is everything OK?

You know what?

Right now is just not
really a good time.

We need to talk.

Neil, I can't talk right now.

Karen, what's going on?

I got a tip at work.

The police are opening an
investigation into David.

OK, look, promise me you won't
run the story until you and I

have had a chance to talk, OK?

You have a chance to talk now.

Neil, I can't talk now.

I'm so sorry.

I... I have... I
really have to go.


What is going on?

I'll call you later, OK?


Hey there, sleepyhead.

OK, so I need to take off
for just a couple hours,

but there's leftovers in the
fridge, so just sit tight.


What about my mom?


No, she's... she's
coming back with me.

Yeah, don't worry.

We're all going to be
together again soon.

I want to go with you.

No. You're
staying here.


Just do what I tell you!

Stay put.

See you soon.



Is that it?

Where's Annie?

Money first.

Where's my daughter?

This is unbelievable.

Karen, do you... do you not
understand the parameters

of our little game here yet?

I'll try again.

You give me all of the
money, and then you

get back all of your daughter.


1, 2... A, B.

This is not a family
discussion here, Karen.

I make the rules.

No, Annie first.


God, you've changed, Karen.

What the hell happened
to the woman I married?

You used to be so easy
to get along with.



I don't even know you anymore.

This is fake.

You lied to me.


Da... no!


I warned you.

Where's Annie?

Now you pay.


Don't hurt her!



What are you doing?

I, uh...

Oh, Annie.




There just has to
be something in here.


You don't have any
idea where he might be?


No, I spent all afternoon
searching everywhere

where I thought he might have
taken her, and there's just...

There's no sign.

There... I've... there's no clues.

You think he might hurt her?


He wants his money.

He's just using her
as a bargaining chip.

He's going to call.

Karen, we gotta call the police.

They're... they can
track her phone.


I'm not calling the police, OK?

I'm not calling them.

Look, he wants his money, OK?

He came here this morning.

I... I met him at the parking
lot, and I tried to trick him.

And now, I'm... I'm worried.

He has my daughter,
and I don't want

to risk anything, Neil, OK?

I don't want to risk anything.


Where are you going?

The office.

I want to make some calls.

The police aren't the only ones
that can investigate, right?


All right.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Please call me if
you hear anything.

I will.

That's my 401.

Hi, Barbara.

Karen, hi.


I know.

I know.

I'm... I'm so sorry to show up
first thing in the morning like

I just... I really just wanted to
apologize to you for yesterday.

I think I might've
been a little hasty.

Would it be OK if I
reopen my accounts?

Of course you can.

But you know they can help
you with that out front.

Oh, no, no, no.

I'd really appreciate it if
you would help me, Barbara.

I... you know, after
everything I've been through,

I just don't know if I can
trust anybody with my money.


I'll just have to go
get some forms, so...

Oh, yes.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.


Karen, is something wrong?


I, um... you know, I should
probably do this later.

I don't want to make
any sudden decisions.

Sudden decision?

Thank you so much, Barbara.

I'll call you tomorrow, OK?


No, no, no.


This is Barbara Waldron.

We have a situation.

What the...


What did you do, Karen?

I have your account
information, David.

I took your money.

Karen, you don't know
who you're messing with!

No, you don't know
who you're messing with.

Give me my daughter back now!

Give me the account
numbers and we'll talk.



That's not how this
is going to work.

I am in the driver's
seat now, David.

So help me god, if you
don't do exactly what I say,

I will burn every last dollar.

Do you understand?

Get me my daughter
on the phone now.




Are you OK?

Mom, please!

Help me!


OK, it's enough.

I want my money.

Give me my daughter back.

I'll see you.


Mrs. Miller.

Um, now's not
really a good time.

Well, I'm sorry
about that, but I need

to ask you a few questions.

Please, I don't know anything
more about Jessica Reid.

Well, it's not
about Jessica Reid,

although it might be
related to Jessica Reid.

A detective at my
precinct got a call today

from a Barbara Waldron.

You're being investigated
for bank fraud.

It's some sort of

Well, maybe there is a
misunderstanding, but please,

you need to come with
me down to the precinct.

We need to talk about this.

Today is not good.

I... I... I can't leave the house.

I'm asking you
politely as a courtesy.

You need to come with
me to the precinct.

OK, I, um...

I have to use the bathroom.


Mrs. Miller, please.

I'll be right back.

I just have to use the bathroom.

OK, fine.

Mrs. Miller, we need to go.

Mrs. Miller?

Oh, Jesus.


Michelle, I... I...

I... I need an APB right
away on Karen Miller.

Her stats are on my desk.

She's driving a silver BMW.

Put it out right now.

Yeah, thanks.


What the hell, Karen?

Molly, I need your help.

What is going on?

Joe said the police
are looking for you.

It's David.


He's alive, and he has Annie.

You have to call the police.

No, I can't.

I just need a few more
hours to get her back.

But I need a favor.

Karen, if David is threatening
you, we need to get help.

The police will be better...

No, he will hurt Annie.


Molly, please.

What do you need?

Are you sure about this?

Yeah. the police are
looking for my car.

I'll just take it
for a few hours.

I promise.

Oh, thank you so much.


Be careful.

I will. I promise.



David, where are you?

Meet me at the house.

Is Annie with you?


David, I can't go to the house.

The police are looking for me.

Police are nowhere
near your house, Karen.

I have a scanner.

They're all downtown.

Wait, David.

Gotta go.

Ready to go see your
mom for the last time?

Excuse me.

I'm sorry to trouble you.

Did you happen to see who was
driving that silver vehicle?

I think she took off on foot.

On foot?


Thank you very much.

Have a nice day.

Welcome home, honey.

Where's Annie?

Oh, she's waiting...

In the truck.

I need to see her right now.

I want my money.

It is in a secure account.

You give me Annie, and I
will give you the number.

I will get it for you after
you give me my daughter.

I don't want any your phony
account information, Karen.

I'm sick of you
playing games with me.

What do you want?


I want the money!

The bank is closed.

Well, then I guess we better
get comfortable because we're

in for a long night of waiting.


No, you can't leave her
in the truck like that.

Yes, I can.

She can wait till...

No you can't.

I need to see her right now.


I need to see my
daughter right now.


Yes. Yes. Yes!

Or you're not
getting your money.

Do you understand me?

Right now!

Oh my god.


Don't threaten my money again.


David, I just need to see her.






Safe and sound.


David, let me have
a moment with her.

You can't leave her like this.

OK, Annie, I love you.

All right, that's good enough.

Have a seat.

David, you have to let her go.

She's cold out there.


I'll do whatever you want.

All I want is for you to relax.

How about some wine?


Red OK?


Why did you do it?

Why'd you marry me?

Well, I married you
'cause I wanted you.

And I left because
I don't anymore.

How could you do that?

It's not easy.

I mean, not the first time.

The second time was
a little bit better.

By the time I got to you...

You've done this before?

You know, I think you met
my third wife, Jessica Reid.

She was trying to track me down.

When I saw you two yapping
it up at the Heights Hotel...

Obviously couldn't
have that, so...

You killed her?

Well, not just her, Karen.

See, Amy... now, that...

Amy was a good girl.

She didn't give me any trouble.

And she's doing fine now.

She's in Arizona.

She's remarried.

But Danica... mm.

Danica wouldn't cooperate.

You're sick.


No, but... they make me do this.

Kid, I have had to kill
myself four times already.

Do you... do you
think that's easy

for me, coming up with
a plausible way to die

and leaving no body behind?

But, you know, I
think this last death,

I think it's my best work yet.


Oh my god, that is something.

Do you remember
that trip to Napa

we took where we
picked this bad boy up?


Oh, what was the name
of that lovely bistro,

the one with the view?

Cafe Laurent.

Cafe Laurent!

That's it!

Oh, that was driving me nuts!

Thank you, honey.

Cafe Laurent.

David, Annie's out
there in the cold.


She's fine.

She's safe.

She can breathe.

Just stop with that.



Incoming call from Neil.

You have to let me get
that or he's going to worry.

I'm sure he will.

How long has that been going on?


I've been watching you, Karen.

I see how often he's
been over here, how...

He's helping me.

Comfortable you two seem.


Oh, I'm sure he's
been very helpful.

Here he is helping now.

Now, between you and me, I
think you could have done

a little better than old Neil.







Come here.

What'd you do?


Where is she?

I don't know where she is.

I don't know.

Where is she?

I don't know.

I'm right here.





Annie, why didn't you run?

I couldn't leave you.


You have to run.

You have to hide, please.


No please.

You have to go.

You have to hide.

Mom, please!

It didn't have to
be like this, honey.

You and Annie could have
lived long, happy lives.

All you had to do is
give me what's mine.

But you're just
like all the rest!



You're not as
smart as you think.

Oh my god.


Why did you make me do this?


I didn't wanna do this!







You make a sound,
I'll blow your head off.

Got it?







You home?

I always knew you wanted her.


Shut up!



Gimme the gun.

You kidnapped my daughter.

You tried to kill us.

You took everything.

Do it.

Do it!


That's what I thought.


I never really knew you, David,

but you never really knew me.



You're OK.


You're OK!

Oh my god.

We're gonna be all right.

Everybody all right?



He's upstairs.

I shot him.

He's down.

You shot him?


I'm OK.

I'm so sorry.

It's OK, Annie.

It's OK.

We're OK.

We're safe.

♪ Move me.

♪ And you'll move me.


Oh, cute.

That's great.

All right, let's
do a serious one now.


You're going to have the
most beautiful yearbook photos.

And you definitely have
the best photographer.

And the best mom.

OK, I think we got it, guys.

You guys want to go grab
lunch at that Thai food place?

We need a couple more shots.


I think we got
everything on your list.

Not quite.


Neil, what are you doing here?

Annie asked me to...

I wanted to make sure I
got some photos with my mom.

Plus, I knew you two wouldn't
mind seeing each other, so...


That's a great idea.

Here you go.

Come on I'm starving.


That is... that's really nice.



My baby's graduating.

Oh, no. Hold up.

Hold up.


I love that.


Oh, hi, honey.

No, I'm sorry, babe.

I got to stay an
extra couple days.


No, I just got a project
I'm finishing up,

and I need to make
sure I get it right.

Pot roast... you know
that's my favorite.

How did I get so lucky?