Erasing Frank (2021) - full transcript

1983. Frank, an angry kid from the streets with "no future". The state banned their music because their words are political. Frank escapes to a psychiatric ward where Hanna, a young enemy of the system, joins him.

A lot I wasn’t told
and many more was deceived about.

In fact, some, the very opposite,
to the point where I had no more questions to ask.

Words has no meaning
as you still have visceral sense of truth.

Whereof one cannot speak, thereof must be silent

whereof can be speak at all, thereof must be said clearly

or fuckin’ screamed out loud!


Greetings! Good evening!

We trusted them!

We believed their words!

He spoke well...

like he was one of us!

He spoke...

and spoke,

and spoke!

He kept speaking...

until you believed...

that everything you are...

is what he wants!

The words vomitted out of his mouth...

while he was sucking the rest up!

When all words...

were his...

he looked around...

and saw himself everywhere!

He looked up to the sky...

and it was only him!

And he flew...

and flew...

faster than sound!

*distorted lyrics*

What the fuck's happening?!

What the fuck?!

Get the fuck out of here!

Apologies for the technical problems...

What the fuck are you doing?!

What the fuck are you doing?!

Get the fuck out of here!

What the fuck do you want?


Out, out!

Against the wall!

Three individuals, anti-state arousal and propaganda.


No laughing!

Let's go!

Come on, come on!

You two stop!

This cuckoo comes with me!

Don't look around!

Go on!

Stop right there!




Which one?

This one shouted into the mic.

You two piss off!

Get out!

Who's laughing now, you prick!


We're leaving.

What did you do this time?

I got negative results...

We've got him on file...

... both organics and addictology.

We’ll send his files!

By lunchtime!

They're destroying you.

Can't you keep quiet for a few days?

They already knew the lyrics...

... all typed up.

You think I like forging papers?

And the doctor...
“Why did you do this, do that?”

Fucking arsehole!

Come on.

Come on!

*State Radio Propaganda*

Freedom comrades!

Odd, how we always meet on state holidays...

Cock, cunt, pussy!

Smoking area’s that way!

betrayal, doesn't make sense...

and so if everything is God's plan...

Go to the front!

His police report please.

Have a seat!

You want a rest in the open ward?

A psych vacation?

Have you been here before?

They bring you from?

Bodily problems?



Number of this attempt?

Sleep well?


Try to answer!

What would you do in case of fire in theatre?


Speak! I want to understand!

No idea.

Maybe scream.

First memories of screaming?

How long you haven't spoken?

I was a quiet kid.

Forced to be quiet?

Never ending.

You ever feel you're being watched?

Everybody's watching somebody...

Try to pay attention!

How long haven't you spoken?

Were you a planned child?

Don't know.

Why don't you speak?

Maybe not.

Mother, father are alive?

I want to understand.

Stop this!

Last time you spoke?

Your relationship with your father?

What's it like?

Your relationship with your father...

I don't know!

He’s an idiot...

You think I don't get it?

Are you under extreme psychological pressure?

Are you not?

It's not about me.

What year is it?


Speaking is pointless?


Cold feet in the morning?

Try to focus on me!


Not important.

Can't you?

Okay. Follow my finger with your eyes!

I've admitted you to the open ward...

... but inform us if you sleep elsewhere.

*Radio Free Europe is an independent radio station
funded by the United States Congress.*

*Our radio station facilitates the free flow of

All trust has been lost.

*This principle was stated in
Universal Declaration of Human Rights*

*and was adopted by the Organisation
for Security and Cooperation in Europe.*

Never seen you here before...

I was interviewed in the closed ward once...

for Radio Free Europe...

smuggled it out of the country.

Nothing’s safe here.

That's it!

Get an instrument!


Come on, we’re not hanging around!

Sit down!

No! You can't do that!

Stand up!

Can't you find it?!

...betrayal, doesn't make sense.

and so if everything is God's plan,

He also planned Judas's betrayal...

Then actually Judas carried out the divine plan

and should be in Heaven...

Don't move!

Look around!

Can you tell, who were sick
and who healthy upon arrival to the institute?

You don't look sick to me.



They always bring me here in November

and then let me out after the state holiday.

They watch us in here, too.

The bricks!

He is not! Look at his eyes!

And her?

She doesn't speak.


Leave me alone!

Based on human rights treaties...

Leave me alone... let me go!

The closed ward!

No one’s symptom-free.

There are lots of paranoid schizophrenics.

And the writer? The blacklisted one?


It’s hard to deal with reality.

The sociologist?

Pacifist, homosexual, artist, writer...


They’re recovering from stress in the open ward.


With lunatics.

And who’s normal?

Only professionally speaking...


We saved them and...


We're helping.

Helping... right!

What else can we do?

What about you?

We help you too!

We’ll get on the plane and forget this forever.

Are you insane?

Don't waste your talent.

Not this posh in the psychiatry, right?

I can leave but just have to sleep there.

Come on.

Fuckin' bourgeois spot!

-politically fuelled poem-

-intellectual conversations-

I write to have something to ask...

not for you...

Here is the crispy samizdat.

So, after that, they congratulated me one by one...

Listen! Why don't you listen?

No one tells me about this...

Not now...

Which issue is it? Let me see!

Hello! She’s outside.

Give me a light!

Sun’s rising in New York now.

They’re here again!

What are you doing?

Are you fuckin' insane?

Just hate them!
So we’re leaving.

I’ll take two.

Don’t let them see on the street.

Thank you!

Want one?


Thank you!

Here he is.

You're welcome.

Thank you!

How long do you think it'll take?

A week.. I guess.

And then?

New York.

They’ll never get passports.

My mum said one week.

What does she see in him?


Can you stop?

They don't let dissidents back in.

Which camp were you in?

So disgusting!


Is he direction or energy only?


I don't understand you.

They're laughing at us.

Passports ready in a week.

Let's get the fuck out of here!


Are we going?

Yeah, come.

*I could quote various reviews but
the essence is that time silenced their critics*

*and they have made history and not only in music...*

*The so-called establishment,
representatives of existing social order,*

*both in the West and the East,
found themselves at odds with all of this...*

You're not planning to defect, are you?

We’ve been listening for months...

to your barbaric lyrics...

which you’re using ...

to arouse the youth.

There’s a power in you...

It’s a shame...

you’re using it...

to destroy.

I partly understand you

because several years ago

I also wanted to destroy, destroy everything.


What does your father think about what you do?

Good afternoon.

You've got talent.

You can have anything you want.

The only thing I ask in return...

that you stop your arousing.

Don’t mislead the youth.

You can't seriously think...

you can stop the most progressive regime in the world?

Your mates didn’t think so much...

Tunes can stay but new lyrics needed!


Let me have a look.

Important scripts.


This style, this...

The lyrics...

They’re great.

Is that her?

You go to jail.

Listen, it’s full of
years of diary entries.

It shouldn’t get lost!

Can you get it out of the country?

Let everyone hear it.

Is this why we brought you out?

Where are you taking her?

Let her go!

To the closed ward! Come on!

Let her go!

Let her fucking go!

What are you doing?

Let her go!

Let her go!

You understand what I’m saying, right?

You're not alone.
I'm with you.

I’m staying.

Manic syndrome.


So if I disagree, I'm already sick?

You’re God?

Where’s my file?




What are you doing?

It's unethical to look at records!



Let's check out someone like me!

I'm not in charge of the institution.

Your task is to get rid of me by defect?

I am helping. I'm a professional.

Right! You're just a professional, are you?

No one's running this place?

It's just running by itself.

Want a jab of Hybernal to calm down?

Sure, because I'm sick!

You need a lunatic to keep the norms in control!

Some stealing pills.

Some of them are murderers or
schizophrenics! Sick people!

And many others gone
crazy from all the lies.

But you...

Luckily, you're healthy.

You’re normal.

Were you sent on me, right?

You're keeping track of me!

You're out of your mind!

Thanks God!

I remember you asking me all those questions.

I'm covering for both of us!

You're the only reason I'm still here!

Am I?

Don't bother!

Some people are here from the Ministry.
Just cool it and wait!

What do you want from me?

Music is also politics.

Get off the stage!

Never stay silent!

Understood? Never stay silent!

Let me speak for you!
They're everywhere, amongst you!

Fucking speak up! Fucking speak up!

Rotten filthy bastards!

Good morning!

Looking for a detainee.




Only one.

Who is this?

Looking for 101!

First floor!

Darling, on the fourth!

They told me third.

Definitely not!

Not on the third.

Fourth floor!

*State Radio Propaganda*

Looking for a detainee

Anti-regime provocation 404.

*State Radio Propaganda*

If it's all a part of the divine plan,
then the death of Jesus was also the divine plan.

Judas carried out the divine plan

and should be in Heaven as all those
who carry out the divine plan...

They'll release her!

You told them, she is out with me?

You're another fucking rat?
Fucking spying on me?

Wanna ruin me?

Hey! Stop it!

Shut your mouth!

You're a sick man!

Everyone shut the fuck up!

Fucking sick!

You shut up before,
so keep shut up now!

Hey, stop it!

Who else is ratting on me?


Who are you people?

Tell them, they won't get rid of me!

Is that you?

Who is it?

Is that you?

Is that you?

Can I help you?

I'm with you.

But don't make a hero out of me.

You can kill me, but the system lives on.

The problem with you

is that you are delusional.

Handcuffs off!

Fuck you!

*State Radio Propaganda*

...performing miracles...

...resurrecting people and surrounded by his disciples...

...why betray him?

All they have to do is ask who Jesus,
but he hung himself...

He committed suicide: another sin,
doesn’t make sense.

*State Radio Propaganda*

We should know that the son of God bore all our sins.

So what is betrayal? Sin.

What if God has two sons?

Why aren't you eating?

Don't you die on me!

These are normal people! Let them go!

Why aren't you eating?

Let them go!

You think you’re special.

The brain

is just another organ.

It functions the same way for everyone.

We're all the same.

Her farewell letter.

*Passport d'emigration*

Leave the country!

You're paranoia is getting worse...

but we will help you.

Leave me alone!

I want to die!

Doing better now.

You're not alone.
I'm with you.

Who said you can’t sing?

Of course you can.

It's a free country.

Come on!