ErOddity(s) 2 (2015) - full transcript

A Texas teen and wanna be actor knocks them dead at "The Audition" Two soldiers are on a secret mission in the jungles of South America. Once captured, their last night together will reveal dark secrets and create sexual tensions that will cause wide spread collateral damage in "The Private War of Joseph Sargent". In "The Caretaker of Cook County" A cemetery worker hides his recent disfigurement under the cloak of a sinister hood. But it doesn't hide his twisted attempt to recapture the one that got away. An attempt that includes the help from young male bodies fresh from the mortuary!

We have entered a realm
where teenage boys make new

discoveries behind
locked bedroom doors.

We take you behind these doors
and offer you a voyeuristic

window into the world of the
young and the inexperienced.

We'll bring you
the slightly odd,

we'll show you
the highly erotic.

We welcome you to ErOddity(s).

Did you find him?


And what about radio?

Do you want a cigarette?

Adjust it.

I thought you were saving
that for our last night?

Oh god.

Where the strong hold
somewhere in South America.

In just a few moments, two men
will be tied at the wrist and

left tired and hungry
on the hardwood floor.

The leader is Joseph Sargent.

He and his subordinate, Micah,
will be left here to savor

their final moments together.

Their meeting with the drug
lord they were hired to kill

will surely be their last.

As for Micah, his service
is about to come to an end,

but for Joseph, his own private
war is only just beginning.

His secrets, past and present,
are on a collision force that

would thrust him head first
into a world of eroddity(s).

A Big Deal O'Neil here and I
will make you a big Texas-size

deal in a New York City mill.

Oh, fuck New York.

What the hell do they have?

Lucky here we got a 1997
Dodge Charger over here and...

We're in a fine
fucking mess, aren't we?

He speaks.

I only speak when I
have something to say.

His server is
talking about Fernando.

He gave us up,
that's all I know.

He's messed the
radio and took our ammo.

I had a bad feeling from the
very beginning when the Miguel

put a new team
together so quickly.

I'm sorry.

I have no complaints with you.

However, you don't look
much like a mercenary.

I'm not.

Then where did
Miguel find you?

He saw me shooting at a rifle
range I go to every morning.

I don't know, I guess,
he liked what he saw.

He came back the next day
and offered me the job.

Just like that?

Just like that.

Damn it, that little Mexican
could be very persuasive.

It's like his wallet.

One minute, I'm a computer
store nerd and gun enthusiast.

The next, I'm in some South
American jungle trying to kill

a drug lord.

It's a strange world.

Why do they call
him L2 Blow anyway?

When they take you,
you get the name part.

They call him that because
he takes an anti-cigar tube,

he fills it with gasoline,
seals one end with a small

fuse and then shoves it
up the ass of his enemy.


He then sits back with a
good Cuban while the guy just

sweats it out and when
he's done with his cigar,

he'll bring it up
to the guy's ass,

brings a new meaning to
the term fire in the hole.

Huh, the guy burns
from the inside out.

Oh god.

No, don't worry.

He'll probably just shoot you.

Now, I'm going to tell on me.

He's a busy man.

How many cigars can
you smoke in an hour?

Oh, I'm sorry, baby.

Hmm, what's that?


Uh, do you think Fernando
worked for them all along?

I only know one thing about
the guy and that's he's a big

fucking asshole.

I only met him the
night we arrived.

He was drinking and
he got obnoxious.

I just wanted to hit him.

Did you?


Well, something
must have happened.

Well, believe me it will.

If he thinks he can
get away with this,

he's mistaken.

The cartel will
never trust a traitor,

especially an American.

Don't worry we'll soon all
be on the same boat to hell.

I commend you for your action.

It was right of you to
turn in your friends.

Now, we want you to
stay in your room.

Soon, someone will be
there to give you your reward.

He'll love the cigarette too
and gas staying up on his ass.

Somehow I think it's
too late for that.

Someone's coming.

Hey, we're thirsty.

Can we get something to drink?

He said we can...

I get the gist.

Tell me about your home.

Is there anyone
waiting for you?

I'm married.

Huh, really?

What is her name?

Do you have kids?

His name is Austin.

I guess you'll never
know about a person.

Tell me about him.

Austin is a free
spirit and an amazing kid.

I'd know it.

He has no family?

I mean no one he speaks of.

He's got a crazy ass cousin
that keeps an eye on him,

but he's only a few years
older but more like friends.

Does he work?

It's hard for him to find
meaningful work in a small

town we live in.

Work's work.

Maybe he's just lazy.

He's not lazy.

He's deaf.

Hey, thanks for
waiting for me.

Right back at you kid.

Oh, why the hell am I even here
for that little piece of shit?

Why would he do this to us?

Hey, asshole, we're
still thirsty over here.

Oh, I think I'm
about to throw up.

Calm down.

It could have been worse.

He could've taken that...

Don't even say.

Tell me about Austin.

How do you two communicate?

Uh, we sign.

Did you know it or did
you have to learn it?

No, I know it.

Huh, in addition to
the six languages,

that's impressive.

Tell me more about him.


I told you he's bit
of a free spirit.


Oh, Austin has a certain level
of difficulty keeping out of

If it's there to be found,
he's a master of finding it.

FeI'm getting
tired of waiting,

Eddie, just make
the fucking deal.

I'll fire your ass.

Love you.

What the -- you've
got to be kidding me.

I'm ready this time
you little skank.

Say hello to my little friend.

It'll be loaded next
time you little shit.

I hate to say it but he kind
of reminded me of myself when

I was a kid.

Uh, I can't wait.

I'm never going
to see him again.

You'll never know
what happened to...

If you will, you know,

amigo, I wish, not like
you, I'm perfectly here,

here to offer my services to
whoever needs them at that

time and whoever is
willing to pay the most.

Who are you and
why are you here?

Oh, my name is
Ricardo Fuentes,

amigo, and I'm here to make
sure the two of you are kept

well so that they'll do
can break you in dos.

How good of you.

Ah, that's the line of
business I'm in,

my friend, hospitality.

Did you two piss yourselves?

No, that asshole guard
used our faces as a urinal.

Oh, well, I guess,

that's why the Americanos call
the washroom the head, no?

Okay, it's a bad
joke, okay, so wait here.

We're not going anywhere.

Come on.

Let's go.

Wait, whoa, whoa,
whoa, let's not be crazy,

okay, I've got a gun and
I'm very good with it.

What are we doing?

Oh, what are you doing?

Well, let's talk while
taking off your calzoncillos.

Let's go.

Okay, that's
nice, that's nice.

Okay, we're going
to take a shower.

Let's go.

Use the soap, okay.

Don't worry it's only gay
if there's no gunpoint.

Amigos, don't worry.


Okay, that's it, let's go.

You're done.

What are we supposed to wear?

can wear the towels.

What's wrong?

Yours is bigger than mine.

That is not something
you want the

senyoritas to hear.

Mine's too small.

That is another one.

Now, come on, I have
something to give you.

Don't worry.

I'm not going to tie you up.

You just need to behave until
the duo comes tomorrow morning

and to help you behave,
there is no phone service,

there's no TV, no internet,
the bars on all the windows

inside and outside and
we are five stories up.

Oh, and not to mention, there
are two guards on the roof and

the electricity
goes out at 11.

That's a beautiful moon.

That may be all the
light you need tonight.

On that note, I
say good night.

Since, escape is impossible,
I'd recommend you'd be taking

this time to square
things with the man upstairs,

but if it's pleasure you seek,
maybe you can find comfort in
each other.

Only the angels will know and
they know how to keep a secret.

Good night.

I am so sorry
for your position.

What just happened?

I have no idea.

What did he mean by
seeking comfort in each other?

I think he made himself clear.

It would be
weird, wouldn't it,

if something
happen between us?

It would.

Do you want it to?

I have a wife.

Oh, I didn't know, I'm sorry.

I bet she's beautiful.

She is.

And I'm sure she wouldn't want
you to spend your last night

What do you mean out of that?

What about Austin?

Um, this is our
last night, Joseph.

Austin's in my heart, but
we have other needs tonight.

Was that your
first time with a man?

You don't have to answer that.

What happens in college stays
in college, right?

I'd give anything not
to be here tonight.

With the way things are,
I'm glad I'm here with you.

Once again, you're silent.

Tell me what you're thinking.

I'm just thinking about
being unfaithful to my wife.

I don't think...

I, I, I'm not complaining.

I'm just thinking
about it, that's all.

Do you think your wife
is being faithful to you?

I have no reason to
believe otherwise.

What about yours?

He's 18.

Did I mention he had
a crazy ass cousin?


Don't tell me
they're kissing cousins?

They do a lot
more than just kiss.

And you condone this?

It's a small town.

And you condone it?

They're fun to watch.

Whatever floats
your boat partner.

Whatever floats your boat.

Buenas diaz, amigo.

Where's your kumpadre?

In the bathroom.

Well, that's too bad.

I'm a little pressed for time,
so you're going to have to

tell him the good news.

What good news?

You're free to go.

And two holes no more.


What, what do you mean?

There was not a hitching?



You said you were
good with a gun.

amigo, but on this case,

I gave him a little
taste of his own medicine.

Oh but, how would
you, how did you do...

Amigo, look, I can't talk,

okay, I'm a little
pressed for time.

I need to go, you need
to go, we need to go.

Look, there's a
hotel down the street,

there should be a team
coup of Americanos there,

I am sure you can
find that ride.

Okay, good bye my friend and
good luck to you and your amigo.

Ricardo, gracias.

Are you all right?


He was an assassin all along.


An assassin?

Are you shitting me?

Did he, did he
kill the bastard?


He said the
Americans are coming soon.

Uh, oh my god, I can't believe
that we're ever going home.


How can you be so
stoic at a time like this?

I never thought this
could've happened.

Joseph, how can we
handle last night?

I mean, talk to
me, it's important.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Nothing happened last night.

That's the way it has to be.

Last night happened whether
you want to admit it to

yourself or not.

Quit lying to
yourself, Joseph.

I know it wasn't
your first time either.

Well, it will be the last.

I wont betray my family.

You betray your family
by betraying yourself.

Come on, let's go.

You'll never see me again.



You're right.

I'm sorry.

I have been with a man before.

Then, why did you
marry your wife?

It felt like the
right thing to do.

You mean it's the
safe thing to do,

wasn't it?

It was.

Now, I know if we
could've met then,

things would've
been a lot different.

Well, I'm here now.

And Joseph, whatever
happens, we'll work it out,

I promise.

I know we will.

FeIt's okay.

It happens.

You've been under
a lot of stress.

We have tomorrow and the next
day and the rest of our lives.

Hey, why don't you
go take a hot shower,

it might relax you.

I'm going to go to
bed now to be up early.

Welcome home, baby.


Hold on back there, we'll
get you as far as Mexico.

They said there
were two of you.

My friend didn't make it.

I just wanted to hit him.

Did you?


Then, something
must have happened.


You've been a
bad boy suddenly.

Joseph Sargent's private
war has only just begun.

He has caused collateral
damage to those known and

unknown to him.

His actions on the spat of
what we call life will forever

keep him a prisoner as Joseph
himself becomes just another

casualty of a darker
side of ErOddity(s).

I realize now, the
most important thing in a

relationship is trust.

Jet plane flight 1417,

departed on schedule at expected
arrival time of 4:35 PM.

In less than three
hours, we'll be together.

Two hours after that,
we'll be together forever.

And from this day forward,
I'll never cheat on you again.

Even if some southern twink
couldn't know any better came

knocking at my door,
I'd save myself for you.

I love...


Howdy, I'm here
for the audition.

Thank you.

Sorry I'm late.

My doctor appointment went a
little later than expected.

You need my headshot?

I have a photographic memory.

Oh, okay.


Whenever you are.


That's enough.


Why don't you go ahead and
take off your clothes now?

Excuse me?


Start from the top
and work your way down.

I don't think this
part calls for nudity.

Life's full of surprises.

Hey, thanks
for the audition.

Oh, you know you have room 118
written on the casting call?

It'll be known.

Sorry about that.

No worries.


My girlfriend doesn't
have any complaints.

Are you straight?

Well, I hide it to you?

So, do I get the part?

That depends on how
badly you want it.

Is this what you
call a casting couch?

We can start on the couch
and work our way on the bed.

There's something I
should probably tell you.

I know.

You're straight.


Good thing for
you, I'm a bottom.

A what?

This isn't so bad, is it?

Do I get the part?

How the fuck should I know?

The audition's
in the next room.

Stupid little Texas twink.

Yeah, he insists that
I sign the pre-nup,

so, I know, I know.

He says people need to be
cautious before jumping into

It's the
opportunity of a lifetime.

I'm not going to mess it up by
not signing something that can

be challenged later anyway.

Good bye.

I'm getting married to a
very generous silver cowboy.


Good luck with
your acting career.

Good luck with
your next check-up.

There's something I
should probably tell you.

And from this day forward,
I'll never cheat on you again.


Somebody's got some
explaining to do.

His new husband might be a
tad sore about the situation,

not nearly as sore as some of
the victims on our next film

about a caretaker
with an unusual habit.

There he is.

Garret, turn yourself
in, there's nowhere to go.

He's jumping the fence.


I think he's hit.

Jeffrey, stay with
Dennis and call an ambulance.

The man behind the mask is
31-year old Garret Garken.

Both mentally and
physically scarred for life,

this caretaker of Cook County
will soon embark on a journey

from which there is no return.

I think I see
something by the playground.

Forty-eight hours from now,
this desperate man will make

the final effort to
obtain what he most desires,

but in doing so, he'll learn
something about himself he

wished he hadn't, for Garret
Garkin is about to take a one

way plunge into the
world of ErOddity(s).

Where's he going?

What is he up to?

Mother, come away from the
window and leave that poor boy

He's up to
something, I tell you.

I would hope so or he'd be
a customer not an employee.

Uh, don't you have
any homework to do?

No, I graduated from
college last year.

Then go read your Bible.

Yes, mother.

Ready to go home?


I just can't
believe he's gone.

It was only a matter
of time for this one.

He was always so
goddamn wreckless.

We all were.

Not anymore, right?

I'm ready.

Are you boys hungry?

I just want to go lie down.

Well, then I see
leftovers in your future.

Watch your head.

What are we having?

Whatever Dennis wants.

Come on, I'm the husband.

Good, cause you're buying.

Thank you very much.

You're welcome very much.


Come in.

I just came to see
if you need anything.

I'm good, thank you.

Mind if I turn on the light?

Knock yourself out.

It's cold in here.

Do you mind if I
close the window?

I didn't realize it was open.

Is there anything you'd like?

My vision?

I wish I could give
that too, Dennis.

I saved you some food
for when you get hungry.

It's in the fridge.

Hey, there.


How was your job?

Oh, I was up finding
that (inaudible) again.

Did you have your spray?

To hell with that spray, I'm
going to shoot that son of a

How are you?

How's Dennis?

I think I embarrassed him.


What did you do?

Something I shouldn't have.

If you're thinking about a
blowjob from the sister-in-law

is nothing to be
embarrassed about.

Would you be serious?

I walked in on him naked.

Oh, god, I'm sorry.

I'm not looking.

I'll turn off the light.

I'm not worried, Kelly.


I just want you to know, if
you ever need anyone to talk

to, to yell at,
scream at, I don't care,

I'm here for you.

Anyway, I just want
you to know that.

Oh, lucky you, two west boys
for the price of one, huh?

See anything you like?

Done be obscene.

I wasn't looking.

You're always looking.

I'm always observing.

There's a difference.

Did you know your
brother had another tattoo?

No, where is it?

On the back of his thigh.

Umm, what does it say?

You don't want to know.

There's an arrow pointing to
his ass with words "Heavens



Okay, you're right, I
didn't want to know that.

I told you.

Anyway, I'm worried about him.

He's been acting
strange lately.

Dennis has always
been a little odd,

you know this.

Did he say anything?

Kelly, tell Darren that he
doesn't have to worry about me.

It will all be over soon.

What will be over?

All of the bad things.

All right.

Well, that sounds
really optimistic to me.

I know he's been in a deep
depression lately but Dr.

Xavier says he's
slowly coming out of it.

He's seeing improvements
with every session.

I hope so.

He was Benny's
doctor too, you know.

Benny was a fucking idiot.

Hmm, comes know better.

Stop, you're
getting me all wet.

I hope so.

This is going to
be a rough go.

I know but it's going
to be a no (inaudible).

Oh yeah?


Do you really think
he'll pull through?

I do.

And you know what, I love
how much you care about him.

How do you not care about the
sexy ass boys even if they do

have a one-track mind?


Do you think I should get a
tattoo on my thigh like my

No way.

Two locations only specific,
because where I'm sitting,

heaven is below.

Um, I love the way
your mind works.


Now, what?

FeSheriff, there's been a call
about teenagers camping in the


You turn on that switch and
I'll let your girlfriend of

yours know that you wet the
bed all through high school.

Really, mother?


Let me explain this.

I never want to see you again.

Sorry for the
late call, Julia,

you see I kind of wanted to tell
you something before mom did.

This is awkward, um, well...

Are you going to bed?

Yes, mother.

Did the Morrison
woman ever arrive?

This afternoon.

I wish they'd take
their business elsewhere,

those damn nudists.




It's starting to get cold.

I wish I'd
brought some alcohol.


Where did you get it?

From your
parents' liquor cabinet.


And they're really
invested by your locks.

That's all I've got to say.

So have you talked
to Dennis lately?

I saw him at the funeral.

He didn't look so good.

Well, what do you expect?

First his best friend kills
himself then calls and chokes

on his own barf, I mean,
what the fuck is up with that?

I don't know.

Let's get this place started.

I thought we already did.

Oh, okay.

But we're not
doing it outside.


What's the sense
of having a tent?


Oh, don't forget the vodka.

Uh, what happened?

That was so fucking amazing.

Yes, it was.



I should know, me and Julia
had been serious for quite

some time now.

So much in fact that even the
subject of premarital sex has

come up.

She doesn't want it?

Oh, no, no, no.

She, she wants it.

So much in fact, she's
even let me touch her.

Boobies, they didn't
look anything like these,




I was going to say I'm ready
to explore the subject of,

you know, but I don't know
if Julia's ready and mom even

knew she'd let me touch her...

Jeffrey, all the girls let
their boyfriends touch them.


Do they let them put cold
bottles in their vagina?

It sounds like
she's more than ready,


The question is are you man
enough to stand up to your mom.

Who's here?

Service doesn't start
for three more hours.

I'll check.

It's the sheriff.

Mrs. Helgenfeld?

Mrs. Helgenfeld.

Hi, Jeffrey.

Hi, Sheriff West.

Mrs. Helgenfeld?

Mrs. Helgenfeld is not here.

Hello, Garret.

Well, well, well.

This is what all
the fuss is about?

I was wondering why they
wanted two extra deputies.

This place is
going to be packed.

And I'll bet Mrs.
Helgrambell's going to be

quite pleased.

Huh, sad.

She's a beautiful young woman.

Anyway, I just dropped by to
talk about the arrangements.

Uh, will you let
her know I was in?

I will.

All right.

It's good to see you.

You too, Sheriff West.

Garret, you know my name.

I've been meaning
to talk to you.

I'd like to ask your
permission to see Dennis.


I just want to talk
to him, just one...

I don't see what good
talking to him would do.

You both just need to move on.

You need to
forgive and forget.


Like how you did with me?

I never forgot
about you Garret.

And I never tried to hide
what we did that night.

My wife knows everything.

That's where I
was at the time.

I'm not embarrassed by it.

You're only
embarrassed it was with me.

That's not true.

Then, why did you ignore me?

I didn't.

I changed and you
couldn't accept that.

I was lying to myself, Garret.

Straight men can come
out of the same closet.

What does that even mean?

I don't know.

It sounded better in my head.

And then, it was Dennis.

16 years old at the time?

What the hell
were you thinking?

It was consensual.

It was wrong and you know it.

And because of you, my
brother lost his sight.

Because of him, I lost
my face and my life.

Sorry about the way
things turned out,

but I don't see what good
talking about it would do now.

It would give us closure.

I'd want that.

I know he does too.

We deserve it.

I'll come by tomorrow
morning with his answer.

Thank you.

Come in.

What's up?

I ran into Garret today, we
had a nice long talk and he

says he wants to see you.


Why does he want to see me?

Uh, he says he wants closure.

I didn't think it
would be a good idea,


I want to see him.

What would seeing him after
all this time accomplish?

Like he said, closure,
for both of us to move on.

Okay, um, I'll see if he's
available to come over one of

these nights.

How about tomorrow?

Can't do it tomorrow.

I have a meeting but I'll
see if he'll come over soon.

I don't care.

I don't care what
my friends say.

If Benny and Colin can't
handle us being together,

then they're
immature assholes.

Benny and Colin hate me.

They think I'm
too old for you.

I mean, look at
me, they're right.

Age is only a number and I
find nothing wrong with the

number 30.

It's the number 17
that's the issue here.

Huh, it's my decision.

Besides, we haven't
even had sex yet.

We're taking it slow,
we're being smart about this,

but it's my life.

So, when I'm ready, I
want you to be my first.

Colin and Benny can
go fuck themselves,

my brother too.

Speaking of which, he's going
to be home in about an hour.

So, quit wasting
my time, bitch.



I just wanted to
tell you something...


About your brother.

I just want to get
it out in the open.

We used to be lovers.


It was a long time ago.

You used to see Darren?

You fucked my brother and
you're telling me this now?

Right, I didn't want you to
find out later and have him

get in the way of our future.


Wait a minute.

You're the person
he left, for Kelly?

And that's why you wanted me
to wear my brother's uniform.

You sick fuck!


Get out of my room.

Let me explain this.

Get the fuck out of my room.

I want to see you.

I never want to see
you again.


Oh my god, Dennis.





Are you having
problems with your car?

It won't start.

Dead batteries or something?

You want a jump?

No, it's the starter.

I need to go home and
call the tow truck.

Listen, Garret, I wanted
to talk to you about our

conversation yesterday.

I want to let you know I'm not
ashamed about what we did in

the past, hand
to God, I'm not.

But I did lie to you
about ignoring you.

I did.

It's not because I
don't care about you.

It's because I was afraid.

You know when I came out,
man, everyone in the brother

welcomed me to the fold
but the road to Kansas,

man, that's a
road less travelled.

My family treated me like
I just got out of prison,

my straight friends treated
me like I was a recovering

alcoholic and at church they
wanted to hang a sign around

my neck making
me uncomfortable.

Listen, I'm sorry about your
troubles but I've got to call

a tow truck and I've
got a lot of work to do.

Did you talk to Dennis?

Yeah, I did.


Yeah, I'm afraid he
doesn't want to see you,

man, I'm sorry.

I'll ask you to
leave it alone.

I'll contact you if he changes
his mind but I wouldn't count on

Good luck with your car.

Good luck keeping us apart.

How dare you judge me?

You have no idea how I met
your sweet little brother.

It was he who found me, he
and his fucking little friend.

I'm going to take a shower.
Whatever you say, sexy.

He and Jason came to scam me.

I let Dennis go.

I buried his friend alive.

It was he who came to me.

Who is it?

It's Dennis.

May I come in?

I'm sorry, yeah,
of course, come in.


Just call me and let me know
when you want me to come get

you, okay?

I will, bye.

Try to head to your right.


Mrs. Helgenfeld?

It's Kelly.

Can you do me a favor?

Why are you here?

Your brother told me...

My brother lied to you.

He didn't want me to see you.

Why would he do that?

It doesn't matter.

I'm here.

I'm glad.

I just wanted to tell you that
I don't blame you for what

happened to my room that day.

And I hope you can forgive me
for what happened in the park.

But what the hell were
you doing in the bushes?

What the hell were you
doing driving a car?

Colin, I know what
we can do tonight.


Let's go tear up the park.

The park?

What the fuck?

Let's go cruising.

Cruising in the park,
man, on a Saturday?

Yeah, man, it'll be great.

We'll put Dennis
behind the wheel.

Dennis behind the wheel?


Huh, okay man, I'm down.

Colin and Benny thought it'd
be funny to see a blind guy

drive a car.

I should never have let
them talk me into that.

Well, they both paid for it.

Don't say that,
don't ever say that.

We all did.

Huh, I guess none of our
lives went as we planned.


They say if you want
to make God laugh,

try to make one.

It doesn't have
to end like this.

We can still be together.


Blind boy and hood man?

Sounds like a bad comic book.

I'm willing to try.

Listen, Garret, I don't
mean to hurt your feelings.

I think we started our
relationship off on the right

We weighed all the obstacles
and decided it was worth it

and then, God laughed and
now we must face reality.

I face reality every time I
look at myself in the mirror.

And so do I when I can't.

Do you still have the mosaic?


And did you ever finish it?


Why not?

You had a change in direction.

Never done this before, take
my clothes off for a stranger.

Well, there it goes.

Hmm, you found
someone more photogenic.


You used to love
modeling for me.

What's not to love?

Being naked and
worshipped by the lens?

And the photographer.

Would you like to
photograph me now?

I would like that very much.

How do you want me?

I'm sorry?

What I mean is
clothes on or clothes off?

Wow, I must not be as
desirable as I used to be.

Clothes off.

Did you know the
West boy out there?

The sheriff?

No, his brother.

The sheriff's wife called
and asked to keep an eye out.

I wonder what they're up to.

Mom, I'm pretty sure
they're talking things over.

I mean, they both have a
lot to get off their chests.

I thought you were going out?

Hush your mouth child.

If they're just talking,
then why haven't I seen flash

lights for the
past five minutes?

Well, Garret's
hobby is photography.

He's a real artist I hear.

They better not be running
around naked that's all I have

to say.

That's the art.

That's their business.

Oh, really?

Why are you always
sticking up for that boy?

And what's he
hiding behind that mask?

People just ought to love
themselves for who they are.


Are we done?


Can I get dressed now?



I want you to touch me.

Are you naked?


That's not very
professional of you.

As desirable as you may be, my
brother could put you in jail

for a long time for taking
advantage of an innocent


I'd stood my life in your
brother's jail for one night

with you.

No, Garret.

Let's stop
before it's too late.

No, it isn't.

I want you.

Only you can make
me whole again.

No, Garret.

What's the point?

I want to fuck you;
that's the point.

You're hurting me.

Okay, go ahead, go ahead.

Do it.

Do it.

But I never thought
it would be like this.

I never thought you
could do this to me.

I'm sorry.

I put you in this position.

I should've never
fucking come here.

I'm such a fucking idiot.

Can you ever
forget this happened?

No, but I forgive you and I
never want you to come near me


Got it.

Okay, okay.

Where's my phone?

I need to call Kelly.

Please, please let
me take you home.

I mean I know I shouldn't
ask you that but it'll be one

thing and everything would
look okay if I take you home.

For me?

You'll never have
to see me again,

I promise.

Okay, fine.

Where's your car?

It's in the cemetery.

Yes, I think it's out too, my
son finding ways to reason.

He's checking on them now.

Well, like me,
he hates to pry.

He went on the preempts of
asking if the double cops

could arrive.

Yes, for all the good hire.

I know, poor thing,
totally embarrassing.

They could
literally fit in the oven.


I got to go,
Mildred, my son's calling.


What's happening?

They're gone.

Who's gone?

They are.

Well, where are they?

I, I don't know.

But, I found these, but I
probably shouldn't show you,

I mean, they're not proper.

Uh, for heaven's sake.

I've had a husband, a
son, I've seen it all.

Uh, oh, what kind of
man does such a thing?

I'm just going
to get the keys.


I just remembered my brother
is saying something about your

car breaking down.

You had to have it
towed this morning.


Are you there?


Mother, there's more.

I found this on
his night stand.

Well, maybe there is
some good in him after all.

Not exactly.

See, it's been hollowed out.

You're not going to like
what you're going to see.

Huh, my god!


No one must ever
know about this,

not even the sheriff.

We have to call him.

We could lose our license.

Garret has Dennis.

Call him.

I'm sorry I had to hurt you
but I did it so we could be


Please understand.

I have to go but
I'll be back soon.

Nothing can keep us apart.

There he is.

Garret, turn yourself
in, there's nowhere to go.

He's jumping the fence.

I think he's hit.

Jeffrey, stay with
Dennis and call an ambulance.

I think I see
something by the playground.

Uh, thank God he's gone.

Yeah, about raping
those dead guys,

what's up with that?

Seriously, he even killed
some of them before he did it.

Yeah, I'm just glad I
don't have to worry anymore.


That's what I said, me.

Yeah, I was worried, okay.

Bitch, who'd want to
rape your skinky ass?

I gave you a chance
but you rejected me.

You made me do this and I'm
sorry it had to be this way

but nothing is
going to keep us apart,

believe me there are
those that have tried.

Never done this before, take
my clothes off for a stranger.

Well, here it goes.

Tristan asked me to take
provocative pictures of him in

the hopes of gaining the
attention of a young man.

I was obliged until I found out
that the young man was you.

Let's just say that his
modeling career came to a

tragic end.

I would dig you up from
the ground if I had to.

We will be together
and we'll be one always.

I'm sorry about your friend.

Thank God this night is over.

Your brother and I will be
meeting with Mrs. Helgenfeld

and the reporter.

We'll be in the house.

Do you think you'll be okay?


Mrs Helgenfeld is looking
forward to having you come

work here.

But they want you to take your
time and get better first.

Hey, um, uh, the
reporter's here,

so, yeah.

Sheriff, the doctor's able
to take anything that would

suggest he would turn out
to be a serial killer not to

mention a necrophiliac?


And the killing came
about towards the end.

Until then the victims came
by way of his profession.

Garret suffered
from depression.

It started with the
break-up of a relationship.

Do we have a name?

He never said.

His relationship problems went
from bad to worse when he met

a hustler
operating at a hotel.

Jason Chadwick.

Before it was all over,
something happened that would

shape the future
serial killer.

I'm going to take a shower.

Whatever you say, sexy.

Only he stood in the bathroom
until the drug he slipped in

Garret's drink took effect.

The reports say
he used Rehipnol?

Correct, it would become
Garret's drug of choice.

I thought we'd have a
drink before dinner.

Since sexual
activity was a given,

I assume robbery
was the motive?

Yes, only it wasn't Garret
going into that being robbed.

Garret was an artist with
keen observational skills.

He saw the powder being
poured into his drink.

It also didn't hurt that Jason
wasn't the sharpest tool in

the tool shed.

That's when Jason's accomplice
who had been hiding in the

next room made a run for it.

He never made it to the door.

The accomplice
was your brother,


But there were never any
charges filed against him.

And the boy has seen
the error of his ways.

The two started
dating for a while,


Until Garret got hit by the
car that Dennis was driving.

That's when things
really went bad for Garret.

His artistic
motives turned deadly,

not at first.

It was more about beauty.

If he can no longer have it,
he would take it from others

or at least in
his mind he would,

as he continued to digress,
that's when it became more

about power and control.

And what more control can you
have over a person than when

you're no longer alive?

He was now
killing just for sex?

And in the case of
Colin and Benny,

for revenge.

Good bye, Benny.


How can a man think so low and
be capable of such depravity?

I asked Dr.
Xavier the same thing.

He said it's no mystery and
not as difficult as it seems

with the right
combination of anger and lust,

hatred, any man is capable of
being driven over the edge.

Add to this trauma and
stress, it no longer becomes a

question of will he but
rather a question of when.


This is Cory
Tyndall, signing out.

Until next time, good
night from ErOddity(s).