Epic (2013) - full transcript

Young Mary Katherine (M.K.) returns to her eccentric scientist father's home, but his all-consuming quest to discover a tiny civilization in the neighboring forest drives them apart. However, M.K. soon finds herself shrunken down by Queen Tara of that forest who was mortally wounded by the putrefying Boggans, and charged to deliver a pod bearing the new Queen to safety. Together with a veteran Leafman warrior, two goofy mollusks and a young maverick, M.K. agrees to help. As the villainous Boggan leader, Mandrake closes in, M.K. and her new friends must draw on the best of themselves together and discover what they have to save their world.

Somebody told me once...

that if you stand still
in the forest long enough...

you'll see signs of a hidden struggle.

Raging between forces of life and decay.

That the survival of the forest itself
depends on the outcome.

And that the good guys need
all the help they can get.

And that if you don't believe it,
take a close look.

And if you still don't, look closer.

Need a lift?

I don't need your help!

You're running out of branch there, buddy.

Still don't need your help.

Why aren't you with your group?

What? I fly faster alone!

How do you not get this?

You're not the only one on this team,
you know.

So yell at one of them for a change.

You hear that?
What am I supposed to do with this kid?

You're right.

You've got your own problems.

You're a Leafman.
You know how important today is.

You know what? I'm thinking maybe
I'm just not cut out for this.

That's the problem. You are cut out for it.

But I'm tired of waiting for you to prove it.

Get a bird and get back to Moonhaven,
or you're done.

What, you're not going to help me now?

I just did.

That's cool!

I could probably just jump from here!

Just follow that last guy down!

Whoa! Incoming.

Bet they didn't have bugs like that
in the city.

Yeah. I miss it already.

She talks!

Something on your mind, kid?

What do you say to a total stranger?

You and I go back twenty minutes.

Not you... Larry.

I mean the person I'm visiting.

I'm leaving you out here
with someone you don't know?

It's okay, Lar. We weren't always strangers.

Maybe now things will be different.

That's not a house, that's termites
holding hands. No offense.

Don't worry, Lar. I'll be--

Call if you need a quick getaway, kid!



Anyone home?


No, actually, you know what?
I should check this bee.

No, that's right there.

Do we have-- I had it we-- No, it's over here.

Okay. Yeah. Let's see.

Made of-- Gosh!

I don't know, polished acorn shell
and thin leather? Perhaps mouse hide.

Pardon me, excuse me, sorry.

Correction: not mouse hide.
Shrew, perhaps.

Or, you know what,
actually, it could be vole.

Hi, Dad.

Mary Katherine!


You're here!


I didn't realize today was today.

It always is.

Hey, let me look at you!

You look just like your mother.
Like she did.

-You would, if you know what I mean...

Do you want to talk about it, if that's--

Thanks, but I've been reading up
on the five stages of grief.

I'm working through them myself.

I'm good like that.

There actually are a few things
I would like to talk about.


Look who's back!

Ozzy? He's still alive?

Well, you know, most of him.

He may be down to three legs,
but he'll make a break for it...

the first chance he gets.

Ozzy, go say hi.

Here, boy!

There he goes.

His depth perception's a little off...

and he has a tendency to run in circles.

Hey, but that was closer
than usual, you know?

He remembers you!

So, I have a little surprise for you up here.

Just follow me, take a look.

Ozzy! No. No kisses.

Well, here we are.

Welcome home.

It's like I never left.

All your things are here,
you got your dolls and...

your pictures, your turtle.

Oh, dear.

It's good to have you back, Mary Katherine.

Actually, I go by MK now.

Oh! MK.

I like that. It's more grown-up.

Do you have to get that?

No. That was just one of my sensors.

I got a lot going on right now.

Today is actually a highly unusual day.

There is both a full moon tonight
and the summer solstice...

which only coincide
every hundred years or so.

You can imagine, it's just crazy over here.

You probably want some time to settle in.

I'm just going to let you
make yourself at home, Mary Kather--

No, who's Mary Katherine? MK, I mean.

Okay, Mom, I'm trying.

That was the deal.

Oh my.


Come on, Mom, you're going to miss them.

Hey, Leafmen!


Queen Tara, we need to discuss
today's ceremony.

The Boggans have crossed
our border again.

You're not getting enough sunshine.

Yes, it's Ronin.

I think he looks silly kneeling, too,
but I can't get him to stop doing it.

I think the Boggans
are scouting our defenses.

You know they'd do anything to stop you
from choosing an heir.

But don't worry, I've got a plan.

When we were kids he wasn't so serious.

Would you like to hear my plan?

And he had the sweetest smile.

Look, instead of a public ceremony,
I go in with a small platoon...

pretend we're stopping for a drink.
We grab a pod, bring it back to you.

It blooms, the life of the forest continues.
We're in, we're out.

It doesn't work that way.

I can't choose unless I'm there.

It's about the feeling.

I get it from the pods...

I get it from the forest...

I get it from all of us.

There we are.

Don't you have feelings, Ronin?

Yes, I feel this is a bad idea.

The Boggans have never
been this aggressive.

I'm not completely helpless, you know.

I am aware.

But you're the life of the forest.

Looking after you is my duty.

Is that the only reason you do it?

Isn't that reason enough?

If that's the only reason there is.

Your Majesty.


I'm not ticklish.

You used to be!

Very well. I understand your concern...

but this is the one day
in a hundred years I can choose an heir.

If I don't do this today...

there won't be a future to protect.

I don't think I saw a salute, Boggan!

We had a little skirmish
with some Leafmen this morning.

A rat got caught in the crossfire...

so I got a new coat.

It's, uh, just like yours!

Did you find the location
of their ceremony?

Yes, sir!

It's way outside of our borders.

You mean their borders?

The Leafmen think
they can keep us contained...

surround our beautiful island of rot...

with their hideous green forest.

So arrogant!

All in the name of balance.
I'm sick of balance.

No matter how much of the forest
we destroy...

the queen regrows it
with one wave of her hand.

She needs to be cut down! At the root!


Today we'll show them
you just can't stop the rot.

If the queen dies without an heir...

the Leafmen can't regrow anything.

The balance swings in our favor forever.

Leaving you and me...

rulers of a desperate, desiccated kingdom.

I won't let you down...


I know you won't.

You look good in rat. It's slimming.


Look out, look out!

Here comes your star pupil.

Where have you been?

Wait, you're mad?

You told me to get back
and I'm back. On this!

And you want credit for that? You're late.

Find a real bird and get back to your group.

You know what? No.

What did you say?

I'm not doing it.

I'm not a kid anymore
and I'm tired of you treating me like one.

I'm trying to help you,
I'm trying to look out for you.

I never asked you to do that.

Your father did.

Well, you can stop.

I absolve you of all further responsibility
in the raising of young Nod.

Don't walk away from me.
I'm your commanding officer!

Not anymore!

I quit!

Thatta girl. Easy, easy!

What are you looking at?

Nothing. I have no opinion on this.

Everyone, mount up!

Parade! Fun! Smiling!



Is this a good time to talk?

Hold on, I'll be right down!


Ozzy, stop!

Fetch the camera!

Why do you have
security cameras, anyway?

Do people around here
steal old newspapers?

No, no. They're not security cameras.

No, I have an extensive network
all through the forest, yeah.

I don't know how much
your mother told you about my work.

Um... nothing.

Just that you have a delusional belief...

in an advanced society
of tiny people living in the woods...

and it ruined your career...

not to mention your marriage.

Or something?


your mother had a wonderful
sense of humor.

But I'm not delusional.
I know they're out there.

It's intuition,
like scientists intuited the atom.

These little guys
are a big part of the ecosystem...

the engine, if you will,
and I will prove it. Here.

You have bat sounds on your iPod? Why?

To study them.
They don't really fly in your hair.

That's a myth.

But I was trying to identify...

the frequencies that draw bats
to gather with their own kind.

So I slowed the sounds down...

and I put them through
some proprietary filters...

and guess what I heard.



Isn't that cool?


if tiny men are flying around in the forest...

how come I've never seen them?

No, that's easy.

It's the same reason we can't hear them.

They just move too fast, like insects.

Didn't you ever wonder
why it was so hard to swat a fly?

My theory is they're actually living faster.

Like in a different dimension.

So, no matter how fast we think we are...

to them we're just big and dumb and...


Have you ever seen one?

Well, you know, uh...

You know what? Just because
you haven't seen something...

doesn't mean it's not there.

I, you know, that's...

Come on.

Okay, we need to talk.

I know it's a lot to take in.

I mean about us.

No, we'll do it together!

Yeah, both of us. Here, I made this for you.

Dad, look...

I am almost old enough
to be on my own anyway...

so I think it would be better if I just...

You don't want to live here?
That's what you want?

No, it's not what I want.

I want you to stop! All this!

And be normal.
I just, I want a dad who's not--

Oh, um, okay. This is big.

This is a big thing going on right now.
Let me just find--

Where are you going?

I'm just going to investigate, rather--

Okay, something must be happening.

Let's see. Where's my camera?

Are you serious?

You have to catch these things
in the moment...

while they're happening...

otherwise you miss a chance
that could be gone forever.

You're missing a chance right now!
Are you even listening?

Look, you've got to believe me.
I am so close.

All I need is one little breakthrough.
This could be it!

I will clear this all up when I get back!

I promise!

Sure, Dad.

I'll be here.

In reality.

Bye, Ozzy.

It's not you.

Larry? I need that getaway cab.

I said, pick me up by the-- Hello?

No bars!

Ozzy! Heel!

Stop! Play dead!

How are you so fast on three legs?




Isn't she pretty?

She's awesome!

She moved those trees with her mind!

Mom, can I be queen when I grow up?

Honey, it doesn't work that way.

Today, Queen Tara gives her power
to a special Pod...

so the life of the forest will continue.

It's all very mysterious, and--

Sweetie, what are you doing?

Mom! I did it!

Did what?

She's coming!

Don't do anything to embarrass me...

or it could ruin my chances
of being a Leafman.

Why do you want to be a Leafman?

They gotta wear uniforms.

Me? I like to let it all hang free.

You see this, you see that?

Yeah, don't do that. That's vile.

Come on, I know you got a little belly, too.


Hey. Your Majesty. Hello.

It's all right. Relax, it's just me.

Mub, Grub,
it's a very nice-looking group of Pods.

I might have a hard time picking one.
Do you have a favorite?

Your Majesty,
we have had quite the debate.

Really gone back and forth.

You'll note the carefully curated
selection of sizes, densities, color.

With so many variables,
you can't be too hasty.

Boom! Right here.

Biggest in the bunch.

Well, that's one way to go.

How about that one?

What? That one?

For real? But it's so--

Perfect! It's perfect.

Excellent choice, Your Majesty.

Sometimes the biggest one
isn't the best one.

I told you, she doesn't like gaudy, Mub.
Unlike you, she's got class.

This is it.

This is the one.


Your Majesty! Get to the barge!

I told you she was awesome!

Hold the formation!

This is it, Mub! My chance to be a Leaf--

What? Your chance to be a what?



Oh, come on, Ozzy.

We had numbers,
and we had the surprise part!

How are we losing?

Patience, son.
The forest wasn't grown in a day.

But we can destroy it in one. Right?

That's the spirit!

You take the Pod, I'll take the queen.

Nice one!

You're stealing my moves, kid!

Your Majesty, come with me!

Take her to safety!

I have to lead them away from the crowd!

You're totally my hero!


so maybe you were right.

Remind me to gloat later.

Son! No!


Are you okay?

Are you all right?

Oh, my gosh, that's an arrow.

Should I pull it out?
I don't know what to do.

Take the Pod to Nim Galuu.

Nim what? You need a doctor.

Somebody call--

What is this thing?

It's the life of the forest.


So serious.

I'm so sorry.

What did she say to you?

Something about glue? Or a canoe.

Nim Galuu.

The scroll keeper.

We don't know anything
about the Pod without Tara.

Maybe he does.

Take the Leafmen to Moonhaven.

Fortify it. Keep everyone safe.

What about you?

Mandrake will be looking for this Pod...

but he won't be looking
for a Leafman traveling alone.

That's not what I meant.

I know what you meant.

I'll send word when I reach Nim's.

Who are you people?
Is this some sort of reenactment?

That's a big bug.

No, it's about average, actually.

Then what? I'm tiny?

Oh, no.


No, no, no.

I'm not sure why the queen
brought you here either...

but she gave you that Pod,
so you have to come with me.

-Make me big!
-Excuse me?

I'm not going anywhere
until you make me big again!

You know what? I don't do magic.

You can talk to Nim Galuu about that,
he might know something.


Whoa! Not so fast, soldier boy.

You do not yank on a Pod, okay?

Especially when it's attached
to something so lovely.

Talking snails.

Actually, he's a snail.

I'm a slug. No shell over here, baby.

It just slows me down.

Ronin, right? Head of the Leafmen?

Big fan.

I just love what you do with your jaw.

Yes, that!

We are the official Pod caretakers, sir.

It can't survive without us.

We keep it moist.

Moist is what we do.

You're kidding.

You're not kidding. Fine.

Word of the queen's passing
will travel fast...

we have to travel faster.

With all this extra weight
we're going to need another bird.

Bird. Of course.

By any chance...

you don't happen to be part of
an advanced society...

of tiny people living in the woods, do you?

Some are more advanced than others.

And that's another lap down.
These racers are in it to win...

and they'd better be, we've got some
heavy betting in the crowd today.

They're clustering together--

I'm telling you, this is where I belong!

You belong in the back of the pack!

I mean racing! The best man wins.

No other rules,
nobody telling you what to do.

You talk too much!

And you ain't winning this race!

Sorry, can't hear you! Going too fast!

Hey. Nice old fleabag you got there.

It's not the bird, it's how you ride it.

Yeah? Prove it.


That's a dirty trick, which, let's face it,
is exactly what we've come to see.

Final lap!

This is bird racing, folks, it's not a parade.

Looks like Nod's out of the race.

Wait a minute, is that--

Nod is down but not out!

Don't let his old bird fool you!

The kid's on the comeback trail!

You know what we'll do if you win?

I don't know, lose?

It's the final lap.
They're beak to beak, wing to wing...

and it's Nod by a tail feather!

The odds-on favorite takes it home.

I bet there's a lot of happy faces
in the crowd right now.

Is that the best you've got?

How was that?


Nod, you know I like you.

Yeah, I like you, too, Mr. Bufo.

And yet, you don't do what we agreed.

We agreed that you would lose,
but then you win.

Now, I can't help it if I'm fast.

You want me to lose, you gotta give me
some better competition.

It's called teamwork.

Maybe if you understood that...

the Leafmen wouldn't have kicked you out.

They did not kick me out. I quit.

I admire your independent spirit, Nod,
I'll miss that.

Feed him to something.
A snake would be good.

No, snakes just swallow you whole.

Now, if you put him in a hornets' nest,
that's a show.

Look, it's Ronin, defender of the weak...

pooper of parties, here to ruin the fun.

I didn't ruin all of it. I let you hit him.


Hop along now, little froggy.

Easy, Ronin, it's a big forest out there.

Even Leafmen gotta sleep.

You're wasting your time.
I'm not coming back.

I'm not asking.

I see. The old reverse psychology.

Make me feel guilty, get me to beg you.

I didn't come for you. The queen is dead.

What? How?

Boggan ambush.

Ronin, I don't know what to say.

She was your...

I'm sorry.

What's going to happen to us,
to the forest?

If we don't get the Pod to Nim Galuu's,
the forest will die.

Let me grab my saddle.

What? No. I didn't ask for your help.

Really? Because it sounds like
you could use a rider with my--

Ability to absorb punches?

The situation's desperate.
Let's not make it hopeless.

All right, who's with you?
Who's riding point?


-Get your saddle.
-I'll get my saddle.

This doesn't make any--
I mean, it makes sense.

Mary Katherine, you're not
gonna believe these readings...

they are off the charts!

The wind, and the rain and lightning!

And the birds were flying! In a storm!

Okay, and that's not normal.

Which would prove--

Actually, you know what?
I'm going to make some lunch...

and I'll tell you all about it.

Ozzy, what are you doing outside?

Did you see it, too? Tell me you saw it.

Hey, Mary Katheri-- Or, no, MK!

MK, what did you want to talk about?

What? What is it, Ozzy?

Hey, I'm Nod, by the way.

Hi. MK. Yeah.

Could you just face the way
the bird's driving?

No, don't worry.
She practically flies herself.

Great, because this whole
bird-riding thing's new to me.

Are you serious? We gotta fix that.
Here, put your arms around me.

I just met you.

Okay, but you're gonna
want to hold on to something.

What is wrong with you?

Do you know how hard it is
to do that without falling?

I do now!

Nod, perch your bird.

Hey, I'm just trying
to keep things...


What did that?


Tara's power always kept him in check.

Now nothing can heal what he destroys.

Except that Pod.

We have to go around.

Just for one scout?

Ever see just one Boggan?

-Hold on to me.
-Still barely know you.

Nod, wait!


Get to the ground!

This way!

Other way!

What was that thing?

What, you've never seen a Boggan?

Someone had a happy childhood.

Come on, let's regroup.

You mean up there with those things?

They almost killed us.

Don't turn around.

Is it a Boogie?

Walk towards me slowly.

Oh, it's a mouse.

Hi, mousie!
I was gonna scare it away.

What are you doing?

Look at its little hands
and its little whiskers.

Hello! Other person!

-I can't jump that high!

Did you see what I just did?

Out! Jump out!

Oh, great.

Hey, over here! Over here!

Whoa, whoa!

Fuzzy mousie.

Nice tail. It's flexible.


They have very sensitive whiskers.

You know, I had this.


Are you all right?

Dad? I had the most messed-up dream.

There were talking slugs
and tiny little soldiers and--


Ah, man!

Now let's move.

Where there's mice
there's bound to be chipmunks.

New seating arrangement.

You're riding with me.

Thank you.

You're with the slugs.


Do you and me have a problem?

I don't think so.

What was that over there?

A little chit-chat? That's real cute.

You trying to jump in?

What are we talking about?

There's a code amongst men.

It goes something like this.

I saw her first.


You're a slug.

So? You think she'd want you?

Look at yourself!

Oh, that's right, you can't...

because your eyeballs are stuck
all the way inside your head.

What's wrong, flatface?
Are you gonna cry?

Do you want me to call
your flatface mommy?

You know you're not insulting me, right?
You're just grossing me out.

You've been warned.


Hey, if this is a bad time...

I can come back
when you're done gardening.


I imagine you're wondering
why I invited you here.

I was frog-marched here at spearpoint.

How is that invited?

I let you keep your legs.

Comedy. Terrific.

Funny psychopath.

There are rumors that the Leafman Ronin
was at your place of business...

and that he may have rescued
a Royal Pod.

Real smooth.

You got rid of the queen,
but let her Pod get away.

Plus your idiot general
gets himself mulched.

That idiot general...

was my son!

Of course he was.
He had your good looks.

And your healthy gray complexion.

And forgiving nature.

Shut up!

What's it gonna be, Bufo?

Are you gonna talk?

Or are you gonna croak?

Where are they taking the Pod?

It's clear.

Why is he even with us?
He's not helping.

Well, when he's not being an idiot...

he's a pretty decent flier.

Could be one of the best.

Plus his father was my friend,
so I do what I can.

"Many leaves, one tree."

What does that mean?

We're all individuals,
but we're still connected.

It's what we live by.

Maybe you're connected,
but I'm kind of on my own.

No one's on their own.

Not even him.

Hey, Nod, how's the view?


here we are.

I thought this was a secret
Leafmen mission.

How many people
did the queen tell about this?

They're here looking for answers.

Nobody knows that the queen is gone...

only that the blight is spreading.

So, this Nim guy can tell them?

He's the keeper of our history...

but even he may not know
about the queen.

He's not always up to speed.

But he'll help, right?

He's, like, the wise old man of the forest.

He's more like the crazy uncle.

The whole meadow just died.

Everything was green, and now it's gone.

I grew up in that meadow.

Why isn't the queen doing anything?

If anything happened to her,
everything's going to rot!

We're doomed! We're doomed!

Get a hold of yourself!

Oops. Sorry.



Prepare to see your worries...


I know rumors have been flying...

but the truth is never as bad
as it seems.

I have just returned
from deep inside this tree...

from the Rings of Knowledge...

where every memory...

every event that ever happens
in the forest...

is recorded in these scrolls.

Listen, party poopers,
I've got something to say

Dry your weeping eyes,
we're gonna be okay

So you don't have to worry
about a dog gone thing

The Rings of Knowledge know everything

The scrolls never lie and, honey,
neither does Nim

It's right here in my hands,
all six of them

So tuck your little fears
and put them right into bed

It says right here that the queen--

That the queen is--


-Just tell us what it says!
-What's it say?

He doesn't know anything!


Dry your weeping eyes,
we're gonna be fine

Everything is really gonna be all right

Ronin! Did you hear about the queen?

This is terrible!

I know, but--

We gotta do something!

We gotta keep everyone
from freaking out!

Yes, that's why we--

And the Pod! We gotta make sure
the Royal Pod is safely hidden...

far away. And--

What'd you bring it here for?

The queen's last words were
"Bring the Pod to Nim Galuu."

She say anything else?
Specific instructions? Maybe a note?

Those were her last words.
I thought you were magic.

Magic might be stretching it.

I'm charismatic. Possibly charming.

Do you know what to do
with the Pod or not?

Not a clue, but I do know where
to look it up.

Follow me!

There he is!

Um, no, it's this way.

The Rings of Knowledge!

Is everything that happens
really recorded right here?


And you've read all these scrolls?

I've skimmed them.

So, is this event being recorded?
Right now?

Of course.

Is this?


How about this?


What about this?


That should be it right here.

Thanks, Marty.

Okay. Blooming a Pod.

Gotta go way back for that.

Here we go.

Let's see.

Pod, care of. Must keep moist.

Well, good news is,
once the queen chooses it...

it's going to bloom no matter what.

But it has to open tonight...

in the light of the full moon
when it's at its highest peak.

Yep, solstice...

full moon, highest peak,
mentions it a bunch of times.

What happens if it blooms
out of the moonlight?

Unclear. The last part's missing.

I gotta be honest,
termites have been a problem.

So here I thought we were doomed.

This calls for a celebration!

I suppose we've earned it.


this is gonna sound weird, but...

I'm not from this world.

And I thought maybe something
in these scrolls could tell me...

if there's a way for me to get home.

The scrolls don't tell the future...

they only guide us
with the knowledge of the past.

Hey, that's a great line!

You guys got that, right?

So you can't help me?

I didn't say that.

I can't read this.

It's just dusty. Blow it off.

It's you.

But I saw you turn into moss.

Come closer.

This is perfect!
You can make me big again.


It's a memory.

If you can hear me now...

it means you got to Nim's.

The Pod needs you.

I can't be around for it anymore.

No, don't do that!

Why would you give that to me?

You don't understand,
I have to get home...

this has nothing to do with me.

You're here for a reason.

Maybe you don't see the connections yet.

But just because you don't see them
doesn't mean they're not there.

I know you're scared.
Just stay with the Pod...

be with it when it blooms...

and then you'll get back
what you've given.

You'll get back.

Well, that was intense.

I gotta read more of these.

That means I can get home!

Well, if you want to go home so bad,
then why did you leave?

Lose the sword, Ronin, we're done.

We're not done until the Pod blooms.

We're bringing it home to Moonhaven.

I need you to watch it while I tell
the rest of the Leafmen to expect us.

Hey, I helped you get here,
but I haven't changed my mind.

Do you think just because
you're not a Leafman anymore...

you're not a part of this?

The fate of that Pod affects all of us.

The queen is gone.

But, as always, she looked out for us...

even in her final moments.

Tonight, when this Pod blooms,
a new queen will rise!

I know you're sad.

I am, too.

But Tara wouldn't want us to mourn!

She'd want us to celebrate her life!

And the life of the forest!

So, stay with it.

And don't lose the sword.

Look, I'm thinking that I didn't make
the best first impression.

It's okay. I've never had a guy
fight a mouse for me before.

You're not from around here, are you?

What makes you say that?

If you were, I would remember you.

To Queen Tara!
To the queen!

You wanna go somewhere quieter?

Will that be okay with Ronin?

Yeah, he said to watch the Pod...

but there's nowhere safer
than Nim's tree.

I think he's just pretty upset
about the queen.

Here, let me show you something.


That actually gets easier.

What is--


-Grab on!

Put your arms around me.

But I barely know you.

Do you want to ride him or not?

The scroll said there was nothing
you could do to save her, Ronin.

You have to know that.

Send a code to the Leafmen.

Let them know the Pod is safe
and we're bringing it home.

You heard him. Go tell them, boys!

And it's happy hour at Nim's!

Or just do the first part.

I gotta admit, flying is nice,
but this is riding in style.

Yeah. Not everyone can do it.

You have to be gentle to ride a deer.
My dad taught me how.

It's one of my best memories of him.

You must really miss him.

I know how that feels.

Fruit fly, huh?

So, what's it like,
having such a short life cycle?

It's great, mister! When I grow up...

I'm going to...

wish I had done
more with my life, sonny.

The forest trembles
at the passing of the humble fruit fly.

Excuse me,
but I've lost something very dear to me.

It was left by a friend
who's no longer with us.

You found it!

If you want to take this Pod,
you're gonna have to go through us!

Relax. I'm not going to hurt it.

I need it alive.

Well, we're the only ones
that know how to keep it that way.

Thanks for the tip.

Stay with the Pod,
that's all you had to do.

Yeah, but I just thought--

Do you ever think about
anyone besides yourself?

It wasn't all his fault!

And you. I expected as much from him.

But I thought you would know better.

We're really sorry, okay?

I don't want to hear it.

That was the last part of the queen
that I--

That any of us will ever have.

The queen gave it to me.
I should have been here with it.

I'll do whatever it takes
to help you get it back.

I appreciate the offer,
but Wrathwood is too dangerous.

But you can't go alone.

What about the whole
leaves-tree thing that you said?

Nim, tell him.

Look, kid, the moon's coming up.

That's bloom-or-die time.

So if no one has a better plan--

Why don't we sneak in, in disguise?

Great idea.

I'll go as a grasshopper
and you can be my cricket ladyfriend.

It's dangerous, I might get killed.
I thought you'd like that.

I don't have any Boggan armor handy.
Do you?

I know where we can get some.


I gotta say,
six hands are better than two.

That's been my experience.

You might want to hang on.

Stop! Please!

My son was born on a night like this.

These were his baby fangs.

And here's the first skin
he ever molted.

He was big for a larva.

He took after his mother.

Your stories are boring and torturous!

And the Leafmen took him from me.

So I took something of theirs.
It's basic etiquette.

An eye for an eye.


Tonight your Pod will bloom here.

And when a Pod blooms in darkness,
it belongs...

to the darkness.

It will become my little dark prince.

I'll destroy the forest with the
very thing you hoped would save it.

I hate to break it to you,
but it doesn't say that in the scrolls.

It does in the part I have.

Hey, the Boggan armor...

where is it?

Over there.

Let's make this quick.

Come on.


That was awesome. Here.

Up we go.

That is some static cling.

No, that's metal, don't touch that!


Knock it off.

Ow. Quit it.

Ow! No, you quit.

-I'm not doing it.

Ow. I'm not doing--


Come on.

You know...

some of this stuff looks familiar.

Hey, that's my saddle!

Where are we?

Oh, it's where this guy lives.

I can't believe it.

He's been crashing around
the forest like a bear for years.

Most stompers just come and go,
but this guy's relentless.

Wait. Stompers?


Like us, but big and dumb and slow...

always stomping on things. Stompers.

And this one is obsessed with finding us.

Obviously that's a security risk.

Can't have one of his big fat feet
stepping on Moonhaven.

One of his ginormous, flabby, dirty, stinky--

Okay, I got it.

So we've been throwing him off the trail.

So you're just messing with him?

But he's found all this stuff.

He only finds what we want him to find.

Look at his map.

We've got him looking everywhere
but where we are.

I love how this guy talks.

"Look at this flower."

"I hurt my elbow."

I think that's kind of mean.

"Who said that?"

It's his life's work.

He's my dad!

He what?

I'm a stomper.

What happened? You got shrunk?

Yes! Which he knows.


It's been a weird day for everybody.

You got a problem with stompers?

A stomper squashed my uncle.

Oh, my gosh. Really?

No. I'm messing with you.

Too far?

Try it again, maybe she'll punch you harder.

I'm sorry.

I guess she's right about me, huh, Ozzy?

All I seem to be able to do is...

drive people away.

No, Dad, you didn't! I'm here!

And you're right about all of it.
Don't stop looking.

Not now.

Dad! Dad, just turn around!



no kisses.


Hey, how do I look?

Scary as ever.

Are you okay?


Ozzy, will you please stop?

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

They're here! They're in my house!



I hurt my elbow!

Did you hear that? He said it!

No! Don't let go!

Don't let go! No!

Hello there, my little friend!

Dad! Dad!

Dad! Dad!

Let's go.

You can't stay. You're with us now!

I'll come home soon, Dad. I promise.

Come on, MK, we gotta go.

You think he's okay?

Yeah, he'll be fine,
their heads are like rocks.

Smart rocks.

That's a whole lot of ugly.

It smells like something died in here.

Something did.

How do we know where to go?

I've been here before...

with your father.

He never told me about this.

He never got the chance.

How's my dark prince?

It's fine!

Good. Because if it dies, you die.

We know. You said.

Ugly says "what"?



There's our exit.

Meet me back here when
you've got the Pod and the slugs.

How are we supposed to find them?

Follow the slime.

Aren't you coming with us?

I'm gonna make sure nobody follows you.

Don't worry, you get the easy part...

I get the fun part.

Hey, look! It's a Leafman!

I'll keep this simple.

I run...

you try to catch me.

Let's go.

When I get big again, I am so coming
back here with a can of bug spray.

Mub. Grub.

We're down here!

I told you she'd come for me.

This girl is smitten.

Hand me the Pod!

Come on, you should work on
your grip, my dude.

It's a bit womanly.

No, no, no!

Hurry, before the guards come back!

Too late!

I have a plan! Quick!

Everybody hide in your shells!

Oh. I have another plan!

Go! Go!

Ow! That hurts!

Those are my eyes!

Can you go any faster?

It's kind of hard
when you're pulling on my brain!


What a surprise.

I get so few guests.

Could be the stench of death.
Some people don't care for it.

It's all right.

Ronin's an old--

What do you call someone
you've known a long time...

and always wanted to destroy?

I expected you to come.

But I didn't think you'd come alone.

Who said I'm alone?


So, what's the plan here?

A hundred Leafmen? A thousand?

Don't flatter yourself.

Well, now I'm just embarrassed.

I completely over-prepared.

Go, go, go!

I'm afraid you'll find getting out...

is a lot harder than getting in.


Hang on!

Go! Take the Pod to Moonhaven!

I'm not leaving without you!

Now you're starting
to sound like a Leafman!


Come on!

We've been waiting for you.
Where's Ronin?

He gave us a head start.

But the Boggans aren't far behind.

You guys made it! I knew you would.

You got that from the scrolls?

Some things you just know.

Let's see.

Moonlight comes in here,
moves along here...

reaches the Pod here.

At the moon's highest peak.

Only time it can bloom.

Do you know what this means?

We single-handedly saved the forest!

Eye five! Down low. Too slow.

So, when the Pod opens,
what happens to you?

I think I go home.

Well, I guess this is--

Yeah, I guess it is.

Mandrake's bats!

They're not attacking,
they're just blocking out the moon.

Are you ready for this?

Are you kidding?

We're outnumbered, out of time
and the fate of the world is at stake.

Why did I quit again?

See you up there.

As soon as I can find my helmet.

Thank you.

Hey, guys!

I'm going to need a uniform! And a bird!

That's all right. I'll find them myself.

A Leafman makes do.

What are you doing?

-I'm going to help.
-Whoa, whoa.

You heard the queen!
If you want to get home...

you have to be here with
the Pod when it blooms.

Isn't that what you want?

So I should just sit here?

I didn't say that.

Then I'm going up there.

I didn't say that either.

You don't even know what you're saying.

I'm saying, who gives up everything...

for a world that's not even theirs?

Dad. My dad does!

I have to get my dad!

Where do you think you're going?

The queen said I was here for a reason.

This must be it.

That's my girl.

Oh, come on!

Mandrake! He's headed for Moonhaven!

Grub! The Pod! It's blooming in darkness!


Hey, Dad!

Come on, I need your help!

They're all right about me, Ozzy.

All these years just chasing things
that aren't even there.

I actually thought I saw my daughter,
two inches tall, stuck in a bug jar.

I've lost my mind.

And I am talking to a dog.

Hey, Dad!

Come on, I need your help, Dad!

What? No! No!

Dad, look at me!

I'm right here!
Just check your cameras!

Ozzy, please.

I've made up my mind, okay?


I don't care anymore.

All I want now, is to find my daughter!

Dad, please!

Please, I need you.


I am so over Boggans.



Don't faint!

I won't!

How did you find me?

I got your message.

You were right.

About what?

About everything.

I'm sorry.

Me, too.

How did you get so small?

Dad, it was amazing!
They're real!

And they need your help.

Follow me!

Missed me.

I wasn't aiming for you.

This must be the delivery room.

Whoa! Boy, are you lost!
Down the hall...

make a left, and then when you see
the janitor with a weird eye--

Shut up!

My dark prince.

Come to Daddy.

I don't think it likes you.


You know how many Boggans
I had to fight to get here?

Seriously, I lost count.

Well, what's one more?

It's all real!

It's really here!

Dad, the bats!
We have to get them away from the moon.

It's so beautiful.

There's no time!

But what matters most is--

Not now!


You want me to play
the frequencies that...

attract the--

Run! I'll find you, Dad!

I just have to get back before--

They really do go in your hair!

This time, when I leave you for dead...

you'll stay that way!

What's that little saying
you people have?

"Lots of leaves, something-something"?

Very inspiring.

But in the end
every leaf falls and dies alone.

No one is alone.

Not even him.

Look after them for me.

There's that smile.

Your Majesty.

You look terrible.

Hey, did you see how many times
I got hit?

I learned that from you.

You're not going to make me say
all the stuff...

I learned from you now, are you?

Well, you'd have learned
a heck of a lot more from your dad.

I was a pretty poor substitute.

Don't beat yourself up.
Lately you've shown some real promise.

Oh, please.

Just say you love each other.

I thought we just did.

Hey, you're still here.


I guess I missed my chance.

I'm sorry.

But not completely sorry.

Wow! Strong grip!

What's happening?

A queen brought you here.
How about a queen sends you back?

It's working!

We have to say goodbye!

What for?

You're part of us.

Many leaves, I always say.

I mean, the Leafmen say.

Not that I'm a Leafman.

Says who?

We'll find each other!

Just follow the slime!

I will, Mub.

You're really leaving.

Put your arms around me.

I always hoped if I...

if I proved it to her...


you know.

Well, what do you think?

It's perfect, Dad.

Except, the boots are higher
and the sleeves are longer.

And they wear actual helmets,
not acorns.


They should seriously consider
the potential.


Here you go, boy.

Go. It's always for you, anyway.


How's work?

No, it's not work
when you love your job.

"Many leaves, one tree,"
that's what I always say.


What do you think you're doing, Leafboy?

Leafman. You know it's Leafman.

Is it?

I wasn't sure.
Hey, MK!

What's going on, baby girl?

Hi, Mub.

We were talking.

There's a big sack of "shut your
flat face" over there by that tree.

Why don't you go pick it up?

Listen, slick.

Guys, don't fight.

It won't be a fight. I could whip him
with both eyes behind my back.

I'd like to see you try, jelly butt.

I didn't want to have to do this!

Mub, get him out of your mouth!

Dad, I gotta go
Heimlich my friend out of a slug.

Yeah, that looks pretty weird.

Here don't forget this.

Tell them about the acorn helmets.

Or you could tell them yourself.

Come on, Ozzy!