Eorin uiroein (2019) - full transcript

A rookie lawyer blinded by success, meets a 10 year old girl as his first client, who insists she killed her younger brother.

the film is adapted from real events

small principal

He died working in the open gateway was attacked by a group of robbers

Kitty case Jinuoweisi

This is a very famous case

public job interview scene of the 13 law firms

long knife stabbed more than 30 minutes

Witnesses reached 38 people

But nothing helped

If the judge guilt or innocence of 38 witnesses

In the end is the guilt or innocence

The presence of the witnesses knew Jinuoweisi will die

Although the prosecution could not be captured in any legal action

But it was indeed guilty

Because we know that the innocent will die

But guilt can not be sued

This means


Get someone else to answer


I think not guilty

Why are only 23 elected not guilty

Her killer was brutally stabbed with a knife 35-minute Jinuoweisi

Position the witness stand

Of course, he may choose to run away from the threat of

I think it's human nature

It is necessary to suppress the legal settlement

There are 119 emergency teams after the case Jinuoweisi

This case really should focus

But can not stand idle because they are responsible

Legally without problems

Oh, idiot

That's how innocent people

Not guilty

So in the end, why not guilty

If innocent Why this case defines a social blunder

Even if there is no definition can be regarded as a patent error

Is it true

I participated in this percentage is a discussion on his prior

Do nda pharmacist by writing your own recipes

The doctor writes your prescription

you are weak

Things like that happen again that she had died of it

Is not that

Counsel also did his

Do not say today we are to Ye An Weizheng

he often too comfortable with his problems

The bigger question is entertaining

Sister how you think

But the law is not guilty ...

From a human perspective to guilty about it

I Benar2 sick

Your brother who became a member of the judiciary still has this notion

Will be lodged in the interior

It's sunny today

why this child here

lawyers must go to seoul

I'm not close to him because he may not find a drink shochu

Your mental state will not succeed

Do not talk

Do not say what she did not say then do not say you call

or you never say ny

Well Drink alone

you guilty

You are guilty of patent

You know the killer was

64 years after the murder when he died

A year before his death

It says live up to 81 years

deal with it



Not a bit longer

her hair

long hair

I miss you

Her back hair short


Now how long the last time his


After a certain period of time

Those eyes


Your brother will not forget his mother's attitude is right

That does not

Why not the same every day

Sun Jun you hungry

We eat



this is good

Bar some good

one two Three


your back

What are you doing this

I asked if it was

Nothing is clean ...

Min Joon was

go to sleep

wake him

I say wake him


Please come in

tell me what your mother pd news

You are Sun Jun Bin?

--Ya ya

Very funny

After her mother's familiar

Eat when hungry

Let's go

I would like to ask you if you really want it

Why every time I see you

Like you, I miss you

Why every time I talk first

Like you, I miss you

Why every time I talk first


how these children

This celebration allows multiple band groups to play

Why not quickly answered

--Ya ya

You have to work hard

my June



Your sister really wanted to be a singer

Ah ... it's possible

Wah brother later in the days to come will be a famous artist

When I do not know can not oh

Do not know when you want

no kidding

It goes without saying that you know it

Sister you said was true.

100 paper plane fly with mother

Ny sister can do to become a true singer


Bar fly again

this is good


I would like to ask you if you really want it

Why every time I see you

Like you, I miss you

Why every time I talk first

Min Joon has memantangku

do not do it

Stretch your imagination wings

Felt very comfortable

The arrival of spring envy book

duck quack

- Do not know - not good


--Ya ya

Ms. Sun Jun said several times not to spill food

Do not spill


Do not spill


... if you learn how to use chopsticks along with your mother


Today is the last summer

Generally, this time will be sooner or later, the weather suddenly cold

would freeze

Indeed, this morning in line with the throttle ...


This Chopstick multi-use and think about how

Today, she'll let you eat with a fork


I really - really do not know who can not use chopsticks with

Not with me

It is okay

Dad, I can not use chopsticks in high school that Shihai

Also on display

do krna ruled

It is also an internet cafe all night

Do not sleep fainting

Sleep is not aware

stand up

I'll call you

uda early morning mad


because you have to stay all day at home

leftovers ga wrong guy

Since your parents died, I like dirt

You do not have any mistakes on me

There niece brother who was not embarrassed by your

I certainly understand that you speak two days ago

Do not worry, I will reply to you


I have settings that do not control

Your Path is straight i to work with the right company with Chen Wen

Do not mind the big butt of the company that will menindakmu

On a larger damn company

What is this

It is designed to test how well his

It was because of boredom


You are crazy

kau came

social work qualification certificate

I am responsible for the area, and cafeteria children

You give me income there

Can not leave

I just let him to take me away

I let him wake me up and I thank

For its time thanks

Is it true

Why do not you just take his wallet

Dan Xiang Liu kembali

Child welfare authorities in the future

Please introduce yourself

Hello everyone, my name is Yin Zheng Ye

clap tanganlah

- finished yet - finished

it starts

It was originally

- static element - is

He would not do it a few days

Notify their transfer phone

You called just to say that this

It should not have the possibility

I will never forget

You be careful in the future I probably would have fared very well

who take legal action

If I am afraid of the law in this case would not be alive

How dare mention that damn law

Mom will do, I will teach him well


Your small things

I told him to teach at

Hi Kim Da-Bin, head

Now do not go away, will be considered late

In the latest law well enough to have to be vigilant

You seem to know a lot about the law

Who is watching inu know that the settlement is very clear at a glance

This year there were many

Hello here is the future of the child welfare agency

Li Sujing adviser

But to patrol the river. Hey, you're done


Always say I'm sorry

many cases of violence and drunk people

it has not been

he is coming

about the boy

- Give me his address - For what

For his family contact

sgra I contact

name recognition Kim Da-Bin Q: Shu Jiangzhi suspects have applied violence against the presenter (Kim Da Bin) do? A: Yes. Sister and my mother applying excessive force

Can last not for you

Mother was beaten several times for fear

The latest child ah really awful


Da Bin Are you okay

I did something wrong to you

Experiencing bad things in connection with his uncle to the police

Here's what I learned

Did I do something wrong to you



Am I doing something wrong

Not a bad thing ... encountered in connection with the here

Uncle previously never did


We come from a child protection agency

You come

I just received a notice


This is not painful

I'm sorry your mother pd

But you can not reach him

please come

I'll go first

Please come in


His condition is not good can be brought up two children

So I unwittingly gave rise to hatred

This can make children feel happy

Kata Print

You pinch the neck

Choking ... Da-Bin says so right

Is not that

Start lying

Here's how

In summary, we received reports

NOTE: the treatment of psychological problems through artistic activities to improve

Art therapy requires 10 times

But also by telephone supervision and conduct family counseling therapy

Of course, more than Bin I'll do anything

Thank you run so far


ya ya


how teachers

there was no farewell speech

please stroll

Home visits as often as possible


Anyway, we can not do anything without search

That said, you do not need to go to school

Just do not hear it at the police station

However, he

If you can not open the door, we could not get

Today, we do not have time to ask the other party in order to meet them tomorrow

While the laws so it is not possible

Try to hit small children alone

He would not call her child

Just as this polite Interview Survey

But police still leave this issue to us

We are not the police and nothing more can be done

and this has become a legal issue

According to the law does not work very effectively

Very tired

That is why I intend to resign

It looks like you're tired

Please come in

Mom, I was wrong mother

Mom, I was wrong

These people should continue to live together with you

Do you think I like ah?

Children with the name of a collection of various money

Relatives organizations District Office

Send money to all children with that name

You do not need money

You will want to go along

Before coming not know

Enough of this nonsense

Take the right

da bin why do not you go home?

I want to tell you something ...

What is wrong

Which ituâ ?? |

teachers da bin bit busier now

Let's talk later


c ?? |



We went with my sister ... then what's uncle

Social workers came to our uncle's house

after reporting agencies will do what? With the investigation of child abuse ...

Oh, it is very difficult, ah yo

What if we also do it for you


However it is not difficult to do if the dedication

Without realizing it after a week it was

It seems quite suitable for you

After that we have to get along


Ah she

The uncle's brother




Please let me go to the zoo

- Zoo - he does not like the nursery

There will be a relief to see it

He was not active

How about you

Do not go

Uncle, do you think we bored


Ah no

Do not bother Uncle okay we also can make it

Do not disturb ...

Do you see how the first time in Hamburg



The first skin

then eat while telfon

Hey you stupid ah

so she was on the telephone while eating

describe how it's done

so optimislah

spill kak

sprinkle deck

Children Children Wait, calm

Do not worry it's not a problem


sprinkle all of her at the side of the hamburger

It is okay

Is it true

Do Aixun

You want Aixun ah

how feeling maternal uncle

What can be felt by the mother

My mother is a mother

Mother and mother feel how it feels ...

You eat it

Uncle ah

Child my mother died early so he does not know

Is it true

Wow uncle and we do

But one thing can be considered

Uncle childhood nickname called artisan bedwetting

it was small

Turn off lights when sleeping so not too scary

Very much

But one day the ceiling is very bright

You know the stars shine,

--Ya ya

Mom is in the ceiling attached to all kinds of luminous stars

My uncle then stop bedwetting

Every time she thought Pee Pee

I say

How can we not remember it

Uncle slightly better than us

So dutiful uncle ah

Whenever I think of my mother when urinating

You see my sister

Does not work



This is your uncle who makes stuffed orangutan


He is the nephew of Uncle

Does not work

Wow bu

simply gorgeous

It also

But sister

Her aunt had to have the photo

Show Yongge have to wait until when it

Not reach an agreement

I do not think you get a lot of good things

You know what I'm doing here

This is just a child ...



- Hello - children come

Who is this

Can you come help aunt?

Can not

why uncle


When you are here, there are people from the company's private detective come

Whether it is a private detective firm

he asked for the money to help find people

Why go to a place like this and come here

That is what must be done

This is a child welfare agency

Improving the quality of life for the welfare of the children of children

... Why do you say this with his

uncle was

Uncle Ganhao Shi Shi is the person who Ganhao

Well today the end of the question

That one

The kids have been so often do


occasional case


Its business will be quite busy

So I have nothing to lose

... I said all behavior is the reason

Slowly look and see

This time we will play a dedication

Do not want to do it, then resigned on the phone


Why do things happen as well on his

I want to stop ah


Listen to your dedication

I hear you

Yes, it's here

OK back

Do not look elsewhere

Wait elsewhere

Wait a minute I feel sore foot

Wait a minute

Go elsewhere to see

You've heard figures of speech like looking for a needle in the desert

You know the desert


There is a lot of sand desert

You think there's only one needle

Know what that means, right

Uncle like camel desert

there are camel

have seen it


Wow, bear

Bigger than my mouth


Excuse me

Excuse me

Kah can you help me take a group photo

In particular, I would not shoot sorry

Uncle children have not seen this side



Children walked off his right dies

Last Seen it down

Where camels uncle was

Luo worked on camel ...

What is a camel?

Camel jerk ...

Shit really ...

Sister goes on like this I'm going to die

Children well

very hot

I will do it

I continued my life weak

Until the date of retirement

I dedicate my life to the welfare of children

Is it true

My husband soon became confused because of illness neurasthenia children

They do it every day

The problem does not come

Always say see camels

Why not ask camel camel

Camel blame me all day ...

I hate animals camel

Catatan: Middle Respiratory Syndrome

Also with the virus Mers

When they brought it to them

Kids these days will soon be bored


They have a conscience, then it is enough

Uncle how can you not draw


Uncle Because the three of us he can not remember my mother's face

So what if we paint with her mother

Mass will be

Why should my sister hearkens

It would not be a mother like sprt

My mom

This is not a mother, but also face similar alien face

My mom

mother-like alien

I do not know mama ma tai

I will try to draw optimism

And then draw a line right eye

so like her

show Yongge

show Yongge

The first time you play

Ah show Yonggi

You rushed to Seoul

Volkswagen law firm will contact you

and much more

- Surprise arrived suddenly neck

Well, go

You go back to Seoul

not sure

Will return

Of course, going back ...

Uncle da bin busy

Other busy times to know it

Well, go

Tomorrow is a hamburger ...

That the uncle will give you money

Buy your own

Only a quarter million residual

- all right - it's Uncle

Pam ?? |

Do not lose money you can bring

Know when I come back to eat, to know


Now his uncle went together tomorrow

Orangutan doll you want

- is - it will give you help

- Really - you should always bring with you

- Yes, good

Furry Furry

Hey, quick down

fast download

Children are quick to fall down

Players Zhaoxian You

Hello Yellow Dress Yellow Dress

Yellow Dress your friend come

Come along to play football

Min went sunxu

Uncle went



Can you tell me your phone number

to hold

Uncle really go


The next scene investigator team of child welfare researcher Yin Zheng Ye

My dear

Da Bin This is your sister


Very funny

Do not touch the deck

- to touch her? - do not

Tuan Yin Zheng Ye

Shame suddenly there was a meeting

I often hear about you show courage

I only had 10 minutes


Zheng Ye, do you know this book?


Theory of Justice is

Could you talk about what is inside you

If we have to worry about their parents in what the social status

Have to worry about what kind of person you'll meet

So our society is not quite fair

There are many things we need to do

This view of the proposed book

Public goods, but we do not agree with the law


If the General Assembly, how long in other contexts

Our company does not consider that kind of thing

Zheng Ye what do you think

I think so

Well, then you can start working from tomorrow

Ah, tomorrow

just kidding

Next week to do


this is good

Thanking you in advance

thank you

What I said about it

I said that I will reply to you

Sister, brother-Joon-ho

I let you go to Europe sixteen days 15 nights tour group

Sister? rain will come

Starting was enjoying

I never doubted you

When did it happen?


You are male

When his uncle became a sister

We will come alone while eating

I do not want to eat together with uncle

I then asked the Justice

Is that your answer

Then be happy to answer things that are learned at school

gratitude once

already done well

Do not worry, you call the representatives of Italy may I

smile are the future of our child welfare agencies in the future

Sister uncle, have not signed

He said that the past does not come back to Seoul

Did not he say he was going to eat burgers at the bar

Ah, he promises

Well at that station

What is this

I say you go all day to run to where I need to play

And report them to the body well-being is not

This is exactly the girl with her mother

Very cruel

It also looks very unlucky

I do not want to see it

Then you also have two children

I do not know unconsciously as

What is said is not useful


listen to teachers da bin

This is your house who first who appears to be the same

When can I start, I say keep ah

I can move immediately opened

do you like it

In addition to a rented house from the beginning I felt satisfied


I received a phone call



Does this phone Yin Zheng Ye's uncle

Yin Zheng Ye ah I was wrong. Who are you ah


finally finished

so when his

Who are you ah hey?

Ah it


Hello, I was a classroom teacher Dabin

Ah teacher

Hello Is there something wrong

Which ituâ ?? |


But he's looking for you

What other words are not spoken

I am so sorry

Would I visit you?

My teacher ...

Now in Seoul, things are a little more afraid to be a little difficult



I think you can not come

Will the teacher ...

Did you know that things like that would repeatedly appear


I knew in advance

Uncle came therefore

Do you feel better now


I see your face like uncle

Why are you looking uncle, ah

Because you're a good uncle

Am I a good uncle ah

Everyone says I'm wrong

Only uncle say that I was

other people

the speech will help to know

Actually, no help

But it will play with uncle

I also told my mother to feel what it was


Mother and father who were not in love when giving birth to a child

Still can not live like that is not like the others

How can you say it

said father

I somehow have ...

I think, somehow, said some children

Can not suffer with such adversity


Can you take me and Min June


We will obey

Do not cause problems

With the latter not uncle

Why could not come

Uncle looking for a job in Seoul

Seoul decided to live and stay there

it Diaa ?? |

So, da bin?

Uncle is here to help you greet a good uncle oh

- Your mother ... - You can not take it

I lied to Sun Jun

I say uncle would come to take us

so Dabin

Her mother did too

your uncle say if you help her

Uncle will listen ...

the woman ignoring her

It's up to how you want to manage how to do it

At least to demand his

Zheng Ye

We are not a parent consultant

and not the scarecrow

Which ituâ ?? |

Well it is when you sue

if you write about women who experienced it?

Do you have proof?

Obviously it did not work does not take long

This is not to criticize for what fishing

and also

The statement has also been recorded class instructor

What does it mean

He alone while playing and fell

you asks you to do this

Not how to make children themselves ...

You are now free to me

Police hospital Ye Hao matter whether you do not know the legal procedures have been completed

Not ...

Nothing to say, please return

Damn you mean to say that my wife might have killed their children

That does not mean

I want to say is ...

Ah does not matter anyway

How great is this child

and also

You take care of my own children I Da Buda is not dead

None of your business is missing

Really fed up with it

security personnel outside hoon Water World


Why are you really

Why ah what?

But I'm sibling you

Nurse care still does not work

oh my little adek eat

wow you are very fond of your brother Benar2

I say you do not have to come in any case be able to visit also

Invoke the case that one can imagine as themselves

After dinner you right back


No, thank you

I was able to return to complete the ritual

Then you go to work how to do ah

I think

Air Capital

for watering

Help me open

Oh, I see

You do not cultivate it

Take yourself back

Oh do not think my brother can do things that make sense

Kah you will actually see pictures of our mothers

Hey, I'm open to see

Not walk


how proud

You are the one who returned to Seoul with a feeling of loneliness

Choose a nice photo taken from da bin

Take this thing what ah

Choose one Kanma

It's quite nice

Very good

1991 Nian 11 Yue 20 hari beech tree hillside

What is this

I also got a first look


Perhaps before our mother died a month now

He asked me to go to the hospital to get his photo album

Originally also write these things ah

Our mother ah Oh, hey, really

Very clever

1990 Nian 6 Yue 23 Ri Ye studio political Sejong according to age


After all the family

At least hamillah in the first row

Thank you for his name


Zheng Ye do well




I live in your home. shared aunt downstairs

Are you alright

No one can help you do that


Has overall

Tell it how you want to play this game

It should be a different color

Ah and this color

On the left sixteen

Nothing was blocked on the line

Quite good

- Long-ho - ah

What happened

I was able to borrow a phone

- The customer you are calling is temporarily unavailable ... - Da-Bin

I'm going to answer the ringing telephone reply

The next call to answer ny

Customers that you are calling can not connect

Please contact later


And play with Diamond Well

According nose

There will be a very pleasant laughter

We are mothers Diamond

must take care

Well it baby

Min Joon Sorry

We play again tomorrow

Today my sister a little tired

Said my sister

uncle was

When my uncle came,


did not come


Because he and everyone

that there are other things to do uncle


No one came

After no one will come



one sister

Uncle will come

How can

We shared a delicious hamburger membuar

Uncle will comply with the agreed

Mother has not spoken to you since he went to bed early

Why you still can not sleep is because a lot of noise?

That's where the money is

Look at these people

Ah, you actually start to steal money from his mother's purse

give it to me

I told you to give it on by

You are crazy

I say give it to me!

To eat together with the uncle in Hamburg

Stealing from his mother to pay the money that you want to get a hamburger traded Utk

Are you angry, I told her to give me the money

Children's mix

Kim Da-Bin dropped me


The actions are in no hurry

I told you that one of the responsible

This is me

That is wrong

my responsibility

give him a lesson


Your sister is not listening to me?

I ask you to give him a lesson

how lesson

How do I mendapatkanya

You how to


stop doing that

You kidding me do it

Forgive your brother, Min June

It's quite get thrown

- Jun Min sorry - finished

Likewise fight

I tell you this fight

this fight

Mind you've been hit pretty clear enough

Mom, I was wrong

Do not hit me

Today, more and more serious

You do not have to look past ah

Hey, do not control other people's stuff

Quite manage their on-line


Hey begin already begun

some places teachers

Hi teacher


Which ituâ ?? |

I have always felt this to tell you about

- to da bin ... - What

Giman end of your teachers news

That is not true

We can confirm about it

According to the police

Min Joon stole fifty thousand won from my mother's purse

It was to buy a hamburger for lunch on their own



uncle was

Do not eat with us.

Do not lose money you can bring

Do you understand

I returned for lunch

da son wanted to take home

June at Min ...


You walk along to keep Sun Jun

I still live here together to take care of his mother

If you want to stay here as the words of a good mother

Mother to death will not leave

Do you know what this means, right

the following

Beat your stomach some x

Now do not you feel

Tell me

until some x

Under seven ...


there he is

like that

stand up

Well have to stand up and do

there he is

like that

like that


the foot

like that

mother will not feed if not hungry

After dinner we try again

exit out

Da Bin I ask you why you want to kill his brother

Why fight brothers

In the end what is the reason

- da bin? - more than you feel now Bin

he began to have difficulty saying some words now

What about the mood Bibi

thousand ??



Halo Da-Bin

- You can not do this - more than Bin

da bin? behold uncle?

thousand ??

Da-Bin thousand ??

thousand ???


wait da bin ??


Young age, the regrettable death cases occurred again

The boy was found drowned this year with family ny

alleged cases of violence against children News sister 10-year-old boy

What is even more worrying is that a sister of the first year of its representatives admitted the deed

Are himself killed his brother

because the suspect is not the target of a criminal justice minor processing

Kim is thought to have done around 23:00 on 7 November

At his home several times to fight with younger brother

because the criminal law applicable to the case of 10-year old will not receive any punishment

Resulting in the death of his brother

Police-related personnel revealed

Due to financial difficulties the family often quarrel

Today as well as civil disputes trivial

tragedy finally

Is currently investigating certain crimes through

You think about it from the standpoint of common sense

A child how another child might be named

Their relationship is not good these days

So now where Dabin?

Her home, ah

How to make it and killed a child killer to get together

Children themselves to Tell

I also want to help her

But those people are her guardians

I got exactly what we can do

the government has no legal rule that sprt

When you are a lawyer

Well also do not understand the law

You always do it for me, ah



You really do

Is that true


Do you want to try this?

So pretty

how about that

This size is suitable for you

Look at this sister

wear this? -this is not for her

There he is

do you like it

- Check that there is no other suitable one for you but this cardigan

Sister, mother's round face

Her hair is not long

But her mother wanted to see her go to heaven

King Kong


I do not have to say that the fish

Is my fake mom will let me say it

You are crazy

Adults can not believe

Tell me what?

June Min is not all dead

Leave you alone

If you trust in adults

You will die

You will be killed by the false mother

But I still feel guilty, ah

Even a little aggrieved

Better still alive

Children's clothes really ...

Oh finally point Spacious

What happened


I would like to ask you to help Dabin

Casing has ended

he claimed

Not that one

Which ituâ ?? |

We are not ready to say

Our company will not consider to live in different environmental conditions


Some children grow up in this family

Type very bad

The unlucky man ah


You are not in vain

Actually point to a busy work really successful


I want to do a real job

You and I have received the blessings that our school


thousand ??

Line line stop

leave it a couple of drunks

This is what you do

This is not the way you want it in legal proceedings

Back to Seoul and quickly return to your care in Seoul


What was quite ah

and orang2 you do not see it when the child dies with the correct action

Problem. Her uncle you will not feel pain

I almost spit

Hi Hi Hi


Hi Hi Hi


What are you doing here

Do not think about how it was to accompany others


You let me do what I do to help me this once

I love you so much in the United States to explain how ah


In the past such cases frequently arise

Good fight



Perempanku brother ...

I am wrong


- I was wrong - oops

Sister helped me once



All of this is my fault

only one time

Help me, sisters

find out the truth!

signature campaign to save the multi-bin

Also loved to help

Love him for help

See this issue

Please see this


There were workers ...

Look at the problem

thank you

Look at the problem

The nice lady much ah

Relied on fraud law school graduation

When the insurance planner just defrauding customers there dozens of times

Even finally sentenced

Also very strong in prison

Anger more determined dysregulation

This situation I do not want to know

Can not be the basis for prosecution

It is

The hospital because we do not have the right parents are unable to tell us the details

Data police in turn forwarded to the prosecution

Prosecution is to enable us to do the right thing

In the end there was only a group of crazy people

They want the case in accordance with the general process of handling cases of child abuse

That will happen

If the criminal case of minor offenders will not be punished

Seoul Daejeon police

Women will use this

Prior to this we have to sue him for child abuse and murder



- Long time no see - is

I really appreciate you

Thank you so do not say I never

I really appreciate your courage

This is da son who had been abusing the evidence and complaints

You also say you want to help is not the only thing

I really want to help da bin

Please help

You can see the direct cause of death ny

Rupture of the intestine caused by external forces

forensic specialist

It was a traumatic peritonitis

To say that this was caused by a ten year old girl

his freedom can be fabricated

can I help you

I ask you to do ny with Jiangzhe jangnan Shu



Problem signature

Okay, thanks

slip (suspected)

You have not called

I am wrong

Forgive me

- I was wrong - do you have a grudge against me

I am wrong

Actually been bothering me with tight

Mom, I was wrong

Today is going to die




What happened


How can I do ah of course, must complete a very nice

I do not have anything,


why, thank you

Oh, thank you very much


Ye Zheng menjadi

claims received

Now considered as early ah


that should be done is very difficult to admit Bin

bit worried

we have to find a way for him to be able to speak

The woman could not deal with her

no problem

I've thought about it

Oh, I Blade

There is a personal thing for you to wave

This trick does not work

If I fool you that my life would just go


I'll help you carry out the task of sending a gift

Be sure to open Kane


Today, eating cake

Eat a satiety


Uncle allows you to do so

Hai Oh

Do not give up after him

Now you know


My mother does not hurt does not have a mother, I can not live in the future. I wanted to stay with my mother and my brother and I often grow quarrel in the playground. play with, I'm kidding let him eat dirt has been pushed down the stairs if I killed my brother, my mother was there there will be no such thing I regret killing brother was sorry mother cry now thinking of mothers who die or brother would cry if someone mistakenly thought my mother killed my brother ...

then I also want ... and his mother lived together ...

glowing star



Uncle really do not know how you membuka.nya

For your trouble signing your name

But one thing I can believe

The problem the next time I will do it

- Maybe now you know - ah right

- Oh predecessor - but worried that you really have a lot of people

There are cases like that before the co-teachers are also aware of it

You might want to think about it this way

Maybe June Min did not look fake mother but my mother really saw


- You are very sick now - uncle

Uncle mother was not at home

A child really feel the pain once

You have to survive, no matter how painful it

I miss you more than anything da Bin

Uncle day before to know when you will be with Min June

Playing together under the bridge waiting for you

You can always come

Now you know

Where are you going

What is that

It is okay

Meet me

turn on

Do not open the door


The girl who was crazy


Do not pay

No, this is not mine

crazy girl

From here they come

You want to die

You are not disposed of properly so that you write a petition

You do not mind not too long

I saw you play too little

Not clear



Oh, I Blade


da bin beaten


Mom false

Uncle borrow

bad girl

I think you want to die today

Wait, give way

Then you'll die today

thousand ??

Da-Bin Multi-Bin

What are you doing

Da Bin Bin you more than anything


This is my little child that you touch

You also can calculate the right


do you still feel sprt people

Da Bin Bin Arise

this uncle

Banguiya bin ??

Your uncle back

I come

Do you know what you are doing now

You can calculate the kidnapping. Do you think I'm going to support you?

You are more than Bin

come in

Uncle I'm sorry for what you have to do

Do you have to apologize for my taste

I have to hold diamonds

But I can not help it


Min Joon's mother put it together with his membelika For clothing

Is that

Uncle buy

I quickly opened the door. Damn carefully remove the door

I say this man

I look at my children, where you have so many words

you are my father da bin?

Because I'm her mother and her father da bin

I quickly opened the door

Kim Da-Bin

I rushed home

Do not listen

This is why people think

You sick

How old were you when doing something that vile to take my son

- Do not quit, do not quit Ye Zheng - Zheng Ye do not go out

how about you

you have to lose your child because you are his father who had let her go

You listen to hear the murder case

You are also the same litter as she knew

That shit you

You kidnapped my daughter

I want to remind you to cop it

Why did the police come together court tomorrow

You then go ahead

Advanced prior to the police station

Oh shit


But I do have something to say pd da bin so that you give me the time to bring it down

da bin instead of my clients, I am a lawyer

There are words that you say that to me

Very very sick

I listened attentively to the line

Kim Da-Bin you listen good father

Mom and Dad can not live without a mother and can not live without you

Mom will never leave

Understand what I mean, right

- What to say - Ye Zheng


- Ye Zheng - Zheng Ye

Out quickly

No matter how you upset with your child da bin he will always be my daughter and I will brusaha get it

And I can only live with

Kim Da-Bin gave me out

Do you plan to do good

How do you feel now

Tell me about it

Look here

Are you going to admit that you are suspicious

How do you feel about children who are not worthy

Tell me about it

- Why do things like that for the kids - Tell me about it

Are you going to admit the crime?

Please, let

Time to go

The presiding judge sitting

Before this session

Jiangzhi Shu, if you have something to say

Say no

Dear Chief Judge

And everyone here

First, as a mother from my son did not fulfill my responsibility

In this case I apologize to everyone

Even if the accident was due to an accident

But also because I was not being a good mother

It is my fault

And so, I will fulfill its responsibilities, a good mother

Will take care of Da-Bin

I beg,

Nan Jinzong you do not have to say


The defendant claimed that the witness had been hit min jun Dabin

Do you think a ten year old girl to commit violence against others

is that possible

I'm not sure but it is usually more than one to Bin Min Joon let it fall from ladder

I do not know in the end it did not stop the fight

June Min autopsy photos you read

It did not look so brave

According to the standpoint of forensics found several injuries caused by child abuse

Is da bin looks like it

Since I was busy working jd I do not know that I often do not exist at home

I am not at home when the children in the end how I do not know

I am so sorry

Do not say a word

After his father came without saying a word

Here's how

The second trial a few days

How work should be declared Bin

What should I do

Continue like this, you're tired fainted

Home and rest

Where ah Diamond

I know where King Kong


Maybe the way you play the mother's hands are missing out

Uncle asleep silently

Uncle uncle

I do not see the gorilla doll

Ah uncle did not see

Hey, where he recorded a lot of videos

Is it true



Junho looking doll how he recorded his film will tell

Ah there is a kind of nose that can be recorded by the film's gorilla doll

You give him room and bar. then always bothered me

Be careful caution

Do what

- Uncle Uncle - what do you do

Wait a minute I have to find something

What is really wanted here

Very important

On your child's life

You will find this begging you

only one time

Please ask the defense witnesses



Have you eaten

Have your brother right

You say that the police uncle beat him on the cheek


You said hit her cheeks one after another with his hand and hit her belly



Is the presiding judge

I see a lot of defenders are not suitable answer Bin

I would first and then ask questions after the delay was

Good's not a problem



If the answer is still in a delay of witnesses

will retire

Do not talk

It's nothing you can say

I see very difficult

I'll talk to him about this



You say uncle was a good man

But the really bad uncle

You know that Min Joon and Da-Bin has been through it all

Also pretended not to know has tried to avoid

But think about it because I did not come to an agreement before letting Min Joon become like

Uncle really feel very sorry for you

How Bin other hand the first time at the police station to make a confession

Definitely want to take advantage of this

If da bin pd could not open their hearts, brand jd absolutely no hope lg



Application lawyer Zheng Yin Ye to testify

What is the reason the witnesses refuse to talk about da bin?

Do you understand

I think it's because of fear of misuse


The witness only speak on behalf of his comments and the fact that is not related

Acceptance of objection

Dear Chief Judge

Let me ask one thing of you

You say

Can I just say a few words with more pd Bin

Now more than Bin did not say a word

How do you tell him


Long time no see King Kong kan

King Kong

King Kong

the presiding judge

It is okay to continue

You scared now do not worry

Uncle and King Kong will jointly protect from bin

Do not lie

Why do you think do not lie

Nowadays these people are more concerned about people than Bin


No matter how much people like me, they will not distribute

Min Joon when he died

I ask everyone asks why

I also said that if the dead

But I still continued to urge

So we are not concerned with security Dabin

Great people too bad, is not it great to be so

We now say clearly

In the face of this adult

You have not played it June Min

not playable

Mom let me teach him a lesson

So I just played the cheek Min June about two dozen under Shimoji

That's why I feel so guilty

I think Min June killed

Dear Chief Judge

da bin should watch his brother die

His mother was murdered by his brother's killer

But do not beat them this time until they were arrested earlier because the parent-child relationship is still there

So do not take quarantine measures

So da Bin must kill his own brother killer and continue to live under the same roof

Da Bin must make a choice

Even carrying costs should be kept alive

The reason why da-Bin confessed to killing his own brother

Only to undergo the final fight


Anyone who plays his brother can you tell


If it is not convenient to say the line is not a problem

... call a cab

Mother are playing ...

Mom was playing

The presiding judge did not agree

This case is no conclusive evidence or witnesses are unfounded

Plus now to encourage this kind of question

Not enough to prove suspects accused

The presiding judge submitted video evidence

Video is recorded in the camera is in the doll

Images are not clear, but enough to distinguish who is content in his film footage

The mother play correctly

There is pressing his nose sounded very interesting

Mom, I was wrong

I laugh, you make me laugh

I am wrong


You are now daring to touch his mother's purse, ah

Mom, I was wrong

Die ah die

Mom, I was wrong

But for you I would not be so tired

Bu I'm sorry I was wrong.


- Mom, I was wrong - dead

I die

Mom, I was wrong

I feel like I ate too much rice

Bu how



I thought I saw her in a dream yesterday

Very makes you jealous

But I do not remember

She really wants to look like a mother

After that I would give her attention to look like mom

Ah, what a great proof of this

I admit acted a little lower

But I also educate their children as mothers wanted them to recognize the error

As a mother of children they hit some errors it will not work

Jiangzhi Shu

You are completely out of the mother's identity

You really mother

You still have that motherly love

And even da bin and Min Joon know love doll. Do not you dare feel ashamed

As a mother

Can you shut up

The presiding judge in the witness now is the personality of the accused ...

I would strangle the children to help detoxify the blood with a finger

But also for the children of her hair tie

I'm going to the market to buy food for her and then cook for my children

They buy clothes to take them to school

As a mother I should have done

If it was not my son, I can do it

This is not from the judge ketua.tapi karen's exactly what it artk mother's love

Also his mother how

I also like how


Community emotion in her mother's care

Learn to grow

No more

da bin ask me

What is it like mom

A little boy asked me this question

I now ask the same question

Jiangzhe Shu to your mother what it was like

I got to know the mother, what questions do you ask his mother

Jiangzhi Shu

You think you ah, tell me how old


you bastard

Jiangzhi Shu

You calculate what his mother disrupt our lives


Please leave the courtroom

Why come to me with problems

you bastard

Ah, the big problem what makes you think you want to intervene

Shu Jiangzhe defendant as a liability

Does not fulfill the obligation to protect children

Children were subjected to harassment proof and vile nature

Should be severely punished

However, given the direct cause of his death

It has been some time since violence

Inadvertently killed them because executions following injury

Shu Jiangzhi accused of child abuse because of injury death and sentenced to sixteen years

Nan Jinzong defendant as forgiving of child abuse and sentenced to five years in prison

6 months

my June

Just to meet contractual sister for so long after I'm sorry

- Today uncle finally found a picture of his mother - Thanks

Kafetaria Jeonju

- walk - nice

As you say uncle do not lie




my June

See yourself

You can see my mother's face it

Now I see my sister like a mother should be able to reunite his mother with child

da bin Let's go

all right

Ah well

Min June also sure to see my mother again

child abuse in South Korea reported in 2001 Total 4133 2015 19 208 2017 34 169 pieces of pieces of 10-fold increase

but the majority of offenders sentenced to probation or fines of every five people with four child abuse perpetrators of human parents