Eolomea (1972) - full transcript

Eight space cargo-ships disappear without a trace within three days. And the orbit station "Margot" has suddenly fallen silent. The space council is faced with a mystery and the scientist in charge, Maria Scholl, sees no other solution than ordering a total flight stop to this mysterious sector of space. Her colleague, Prof. Tal seems to be suspicious since he knows things before they are even released. A forbidden look into his personal file brings to light that Tal was part of the Eolomea project that never found approval of the commission in charge.

Luna 3, where are you?

Can you see me? Right here.

Here I am.

The cosmos never again.

Earth Central calling Margot.

Attention all transmission stations.

Earth Central calling Margot.

This is Luna 3.

I'll connect you to Margot.

Margot calling Earth Central.

Earth Central. Go ahead.

Urgent report.

Spaceship T-S 68 and crew of 3
have not returned to base Margot.

Awaiting orders.

Griva reporting. Over and out.

Quiet please.

- Could you put out your cigarette?
- Of course I can.

I suggested convening the council

because this situation exceeds
any usual incident.

The first report came
three days ago.

A T-S 22 disappeared
on its return flight to base Margot.

Now we've had six such messages.

Six spaceships in three days.
More than an unfortunate coincidence.

- Someone must be held responsible.
- Quite right, young man.

- I fail to see the humour in it.
- Don't start heckling.

Strange that it only involves
ships from the same base.

Strange that our colleague
drags us here to tell us something

we could have read
in the newspapers.

I expected more detailed
information from Ms. Scholl.

At least a working hypothesis.

- I don't have one.
- But I do.

I suspect our spaceships
have collided with antibodies

that happened to enter
into our solar system.

A simple case of annihilation.

Please record in the minutes that
the council isn't responsible.

Is that what concerns you
Prof. Tal? Whether it's our fault?

People may have lost their lives.

That is exactly what I mean.

Jackie Bernstein is right.
Someone must be held responsible.

Margot calling Earth Central.

Urgent report. Spaceship T-S 340
transporting crew of 16 scientists

has not returned to base Margot.

TV and radio contact suddenly
ceased at 12:00 Greenwich time.

Griva reporting. Over and out.

Seven accidents in a row.

Unbelievable that you're having
meetings while people are dying.

You're not a council member but
we welcome your opinion.

Order Margot to send out
rescue squads immediately.

We've commanded just the opposite.

We have forbidden that anyone
leave until the causes are known.

These are the locations where all
radio contact with ships ceased.

There are now 7 ships with
60 people aboard who haven't

Margot calling Earth Central.

- Transporter stopped transmission.
- I'm afraid that's the eighth.

Connection lost at 12:10,
quadrant 62.15 after K.

Griva reporting. Over and out.

You just said 7 ships
and a total of 60 people.

Yes. And now there are eight.

May I say something?

Everything has a simple explanation

and it has nothing to do
with mysticism.

- I suggested it was annihilation.
- If you're serious, Prof. Tal,

then I'm disappointed in you.

Speculation like that is mysticism.

And I suppose you have a better
hypothesis? I'm listening.

I already said, I don't have one.

But it doesn't make yours
more convincing.

Quit the guesswork. We're here
to prevent further accidents.

Only the entire council can decree
a prohibition of space flights.

I support this proposal.

I don't. This proposal
is complete nonsense.

A flight ban would cripple
the stations, isolate the bases.

It would paralyse entire programmes.

A flagrant violation
of the statute.

Human lives, Prof. Tal.
Not statues.

Who agrees with Prof. Maria Scholl

to ban all space flight
until further notice?

I'm against it.

Please record my opinion
in the minutes.

Bases Luna One and Three.

Venus Bradburyville.

Mars Gagarino.

Calling all personnel.

Am I disturbing the peaceful flow
of your thoughts?

I thought I'd enjoy the view
with you.

Even today the sight
of the heavens still thrill me.

Strange that things
can still thrill you.

You're right. It's more difficult
and happens less often.

After being an interplanetary

You don't care what happens
to the people flying today.

Don't care?

- Did I say something that hideous?
- You said something else entirely.

The fact that you don't care
is obvious.

Well, years add up
and the sclerosis gets worse.

It's a case of a scholar
becoming a bureaucrat.

-I didn't say that.
- You're virtuous to think that way.

But you're not entirely correct.
My head still works.

- Want to bet with calculations?

Because you're afraid.
You know I'm superior to you.

I didn't believe one word
you said today.

- And it seems you don't either.
- The antibodies hypothesis?

That was an amusing idea,
wasn't it?

Eight explosions.
It stimulates the imagination.

-I don't understand you.
- No matter. That happens.

I don't want to disrupt your work.

Please forgive me, if I offended
you at the council meeting.

I'm not sure if I should
tell you this, but

your daughter was among those
who didn't return to Margot.

I know.

We'll do everything possible
to try to save her.

You're a good person.

What's the matter? Why are you
looking at me like that?

How did you know
that your daughter

I received the list of names
only moments ago.

I didn't know. I just assumed.

See you later. Come by for coffee.

Dan, where are you?

I'm so alone.

I have holes in my socks.
The last pair.

My toes are freezing.

But among the useful articles
on this charming asteroid

we have a special patch,
such as this glue called Util.

What else could I want?

Everything is perfectly organised.

But there's just one wrinkle.

One idiot writes how to use it,

and another moron
stuffs the boxes.

Here we have

a tube of carpenter's glue.
And office glue

I guess it's for gluing
our sandwiches together.

- Are you listening?
- Did you say something?

Not a word.

I've finished the calculations.

If the parameters are correct
he will be here in twelve moons.

In 12 moons your boy will be here.

And I'll be down there, at home.

Then I'm quitting this rotten job.

I swear it. I hate this job.

I've heard that old story.

The Galapagos Islands and
the girl, Maria. Tell it again.

The story is old,
about five hundred years.

About Johnny Kosar and his guitar.

I'm not 18 anymore.

At my age, most folks have
a nice set-up on good old Earth.

A wife, loads of children.

And perhaps one's own helicopter.
What do I have?

A delivery van in the third ring.
I'm a cosmic baggage handler.

But I'm through with all that.

The letter of resignation is in my
pocket. And then, andiamo a casa.

And never will I return to you

What's going on?

I'm afraid I've got bad news.
It says here,

your boy is just as trapped
on Margot as I am trapped here.

They're announcing a compulsory
moratorium on flying until

until further notice.

Damn. There has been a disaster
somewhere around here.

It shouldn't last too long.

I'm leaving.
They don't know me yet.

These are the last ones,

Kyber proposed 8000
possible trajectories.

That's quite a few isn't it?

- Did you find the personnel files?
- They wouldn't give them to me.

So I took them.

It's our secret.

Now you can go home and sleep
if you'd like.

That will be great.

Earth Central. Personnel office.
Personnel file 25 A 400, Tal.

Oli Sigmundevitch, Director,
theory of trans-galactic links,

Professor, member of scientific
council, born in Novosibirsk

It's wonderful here.

I wish I were young, then I'd do
somersaults down the mountain.

Do it.

Unfortunately I'm grown up
and a little tired too.

I noticed.

Where is your search for the
missing rockets leading you?

To you.

Strange. Why to me?

When we were kids our favourite
game was hot and cold.

Would you like to play?
You'll enjoy it.

We could give it a try.

Be honest.

The hunt for the missing rockets
has led me to you, right?

Sure, okay. Let's say, warm.

A few details reveal that you know
more than you said at the council.


As a young navigator, you and Kun,
the pilot, proposed a project

that was rejected by the UN's
scientific council at the time.

The Eolomea Project.

- Hot.
- The coffee?

The coffee too, blast it.

Tell me about Eolomea.

I'm proud of you.

- You took two of my classes?
- Three.

You failed me
in theoretical navigation.

I don't remember
but I'm certain I was right.

I knew you'd find out
about my trick.

- Just not so quickly.
- A bad conscience betrays itself.

You knew about your daughter
before I got the list.

That's impressive.

Please tell me about Eolomea.

Childish whims, nothing more.

You promised to be honest.

Oh, right. I almost forgot.

How did it all begin?

At the end of the 19th century
English astronomers discovered

a strange light in the
constellation Cygnus.

The phenomena occurred again
in 1905, 1929 and 1953.

Every 24 years.

After Gagarin's space-flight
Soviet astronomers hypothesised

that it cannot be a naturally
occurring source of light.

They thought it was a laser beam
of extreme intensity

probing our solar system for contact.

It was only a hypothesis,
nothing more.

Supposedly Orpheus was born here.

Very beautiful.

Pierre Brodsky is mentioned
in your personnel file.

So, you've pilfered
my personnel file.

You're not playing fairly.

Taking your file was no game,
it's about human lives.

And now?

Now you're going to tell me
about Pierre Brodsky.

He calculated the planet's
revolutions at Ararat observatory.

- The presumed planet.
- Correct.

He theorized its mass,
duration of orbit around its sun,

and numerous other factors.

He concluded the planet was a
symmetrical equivalent of Earth.

Without poles or tropics.

Young Brodsky was a dreamer.

He called the planet
Eternal Spring or Eolomea.

He preserved the spelling of it by
using light signals in Morse code.


For a while the planet
was a sensation.

It provided plenty of material
for dreamers and journalists.

But quickly the line between myth
and science became blurred.

- Is it all scientific fact?
- Strictly speaking, no.

In spite of it, Pilot and I
proposed to send two people

in a rocket to Eolomea.

We calculated the most detailed
optimal trajectories.

And of course,
we both volunteered.

We were prepared
for this endeavour.

The scientific council found
the idea over-inflated.

They refused us everything
with the reasoning that

given our tiny, slow rockets
the whole thing was silly.

Later came Luna 2 and 3

and the bases in
the first and second rings.

It just wasn't the right time
to decipher the legends.

And you believe the time has come?

Don't try to trick me
with your questions.

We are playing hot and cold.

You have to reveal
the hidden object.

No, professor.
Eight hidden objects.

Eight tiny ships, the T-S model.

I don't understand one thing.

Lost ships will get you to Eolomea
as well as a bicycle to the moon.

Cold. Very cold.

Did that wake you?

If you snore like that again
I'll get even with your tin heap.

Do that and I'll knock out
all your teeth.

The only thing from Earth
I still have.

A good, old alarm clock or a nice souvenir.

It's something very important.

It's seven o'clock in the morning.

Don't talk nonsense.

It could just as easily be
11:00 or 3:15.

When this heap was built
it didn't occur to anyone

that it would fly 3 km per minute.
And 3000 per second.

Now a stupid alarm clock
thinks it's 7:00.

There it is 7:00 a.m.
and everyone is going to work.

And the birds in the trees
are chirping with joy.

And the old seal yearns
for the mainland.

Go to hell.

I'm already there, ol' Beelzebub.

I can't sleep.
I'm going for a walk.

A lovely place for walks.

I have an idea. Let's pay
Pierre a Christmas visit.

And the flight ban?

No one will notice
way out here in the sticks.

If we get caught, we'll say
we had to bring him oxygen.

Am I not a genius?

Not quite. You know Pierre has
a three month supply.

Sure, but they don't know.

How are you, old lion?

Dan, do you think the flight ban
will last long?

None has ever lasted
more than 1000 years.

What could have happened?

What are you up to?

I'm playing with the tortoise.

- You're lying.
- I'm lying.

- Shall I say what you're up to?
- Not necessary. I know.

Explain to me how your friends
manage to stow bottles in the pod.

That's the last secret of our era
and it should remain that way.

Watch out. They'll get you.

Three disciplinary actions
should be enough for you.

People need a change of pace.

These things make life interesting:
Breaking the rules

and idiots who send
carpenter's glue to mend socks.

It's almost as cosy as home.

I'm going to check
the transmitter.

When do you think
he'll be able to come?

- Who?
- The boy.

I don't know.

Then I'll return to Earth with him.

It's high time I leave this rock.

Imagine, he has never
been to Earth.

I want to be the first one
who shows him around.

He has never seen rivers
or forests.

Daniel? What are you doing?

Dan, can you hear me?

Yes, I hear you.

I asked you,
what are you doing?

- Nothing. Checking the emitter.
- You're lying again.

You're looking at the sun.

Is that against the rules, too?

Why are you so cynical?

Imagine, Pilot.

Orbiting around this star
is a tiny ball.

With islands on it.

- Galapagos and so.
- Very funny.

Do you believe the fairy-tale

that this tiny ball has six
continents and 12 billion people?

The same kind as you and I.

And that a woman lives there,
a blonde professor.

Do you still believe in it, Pilot?

Yes, I believe in it.

What's the matter?
Dan, can you hear me?

Pierre from Planet Orange.

- Do you read me?
- Yes, I read you.

How are you?

Dan, are you still singing?

I don't feel like singing.

I waited for you to come up.

- How are things with you?
- As usual.

Have you heard about
the accidents on Margot?

I was on duty when they announced
the names of those missing.

Do you know who was among them?
The boy.

Pilot's boy.

I was just going to call you two.

No, you better not, Pierre.

The old man was sleeping.
He doesn't know yet.

- It's better that way.
- You're right.

We are coming to visit you
tomorrow. We will launch early.

- And keep quiet about Margot.
- All right.

Say hello to him for me.
Take care.

- Over and out.
- See you tomorrow. Over and out.

Listen Dan, I don't like to talk
about myself.

But now it cannot be avoided.

Maybe you won't understand
but I am at the end of my rope.

These are my final orbits.

I thought I was finished after my
wife died in the Venus disaster.

It was not your fault, Pilot.

No one in the world could have
foreseen that cataclysm.

What is guilt and innocence?

The important thing is that I,
the expedition leader, survived.

Just me and
the children's transport.

My son was there. Sima.

He was born on Margot.

I have not seen him for years.

That's why I cannot imagine
what he looks like.

- Are you even listening to me?
- Yes, I'm listening.

And since then
I have been waiting here.

Waiting for Sima to graduate.

And then I wanted to return
with him to Earth.

But you know how things are.

Maybe it was nothing but
a strange dream.

But it was the only one I had.

That's why you shouldn't have
lied to me.

Forgive me, Pilot.

I thought it would be
better for you.

Lies are never better than truth.

The display is working again.

- Are you still angry?
- No. What for?

Yesterday you forewarned Pierre
and now I'm forewarning you.

He is seriously ill.

Yes, I know.

I heard. There is talk
about some virus on Margot.

They talk about
all kinds of nonsense on Margot.

Nobody knows what it is.


I'm afraid so.

I brought his blood samples
to the base. No outcome.

The institute for cosmic diseases
fitted a hermetically sealed box.

But he didn't want to
get inside it.

I tried to convince him
to do nothing.

He is afraid of spreading
an unknown disease.

I don't think I could handle that.

Don't smother him in pity.
That would make him feel worse.

I understand.

This entire cosmic adventure
is demented.

What has it done for us?

A few dead asteroids that
shock us out of boredom?

A few extraterrestrial colonies
falling over with joy when

they discover some stupid galaxy
over 100 million light years away?

What for?

And for what price?

No one asks for
the price of knowledge.

- And the sacrificed people?
- They weren't sacrificed.

They volunteered.
Thankfully, without asking you.

You think everyone can act upon
his own free will.

See, that is why I have
ended my cosmic career.

Done. Have a nice life,
you stars.

Knock it off. I've had to listen
to it for over a year.


Excuse me. Could you tell me
what my room number is?

Please forgive me.
Your name please?

Daniel Lagny.

Number seven.
You have a telegram.

May I ask you something?

These puzzling signals from space:
is there any truth to it?

Mars is preparing to attack Earth.

I am so sorry.
I'm a complete idiot.

That's true.
But don't take it to heart.

It's alright.

Why are you laughing?

You look like you
just fell from the moon.

I did.
From Luna 3, two days ago.

I quit.

Man has the brain, but
the administration has control.

My resignation was denied.

So I am finally taking
a real holiday.

Hide out on the Galapagos.

But nowadays they would find you
if you hid at the south pole.

On top of that
I'm tired as a dog.

Maybe you should get some sleep.

Oh, that's nice of you.

I'm actually very nice.

You don't need to try
to convince me.

Sorry about the glass.

You may change on the first floor.

- I didn't order anything.
- Room 7 ordered it, Professor.

- I thought you would be asleep.
- Don't feel like it.

It'd be stupid to sleep during
my few hours on Earth, with you.

The boys from Luna 3
would not approve.

Do you know what Luna 3 is?

Maybe a way to conquer
a romantic woman's heart?

It works on
cold-hearted women, too.

And these women forget their
duties and fall into your arms?

Well, not right away.
It takes about half an hour.

It's 3:00 now,
so around 3:30?

What else do you do?

I could imagine that
you're a secretary.

Something like that.
And you?

Captain in trans-planetary

I was. Simple past tense.

The first past tense,
you understand.


Wanderer among the stars.

Romantic. Masculine.

Why did you quit?

Because I'm sick and tired of it.

Because I want to sit here
and have the sun shine on me.

At least until 3:30.

Is that so difficult
to understand?

It's difficult to do.

Daniel Lagny.

The singing Dan.

The sleeping Dan.

This is Pilot from K-R 217.

- Come in.

I heard you.

Bad reception.

I can't see.

I think he is saying
'department' or 'damn it.'

Give green signals.

Move toward the light signals.

Pierre, do you read me?

Pierre, come to the lens.

My face isn't for polite company.

Don't make a big deal about it.
Come on.

Doesn't it look like
the measles?

Yes, could be.

What's new on Earth?

Quit pretending.
I heard about the missing ships.

Better anyway.
I can't stand half truths.

But don't worry.
You will see your boy again.

How do you know that?

When space swallows someone
it doesn't give him back.

You know, that just depends.

Did you bring a blood sample?

It doesn't matter anymore.
No more doctor & patient games.

They are deceiving me by saying
they are close to a breakthrough.

I deceive them
by pretending to believe it.

Now it's over. I caught one.

What did you catch?

- A shadow.
- Are you insane?

I have been watching them
for a long time.

How shall I describe them?

They look like wet spots
on the rocks.

But when you get closer
they crawl into the crevices.

- They are living shadows.
- That sounds nonsensical.

No, they are really
living wet spots.

As alive as you and I.

Just a few days ago
I watched one of them.

I saw it close up.

Do you know what's very strange?

They are covered in black spots.

Exactly like these I have here.

But it's all right,
we have agreed to get along.

They won't bother me
and I won't bother them.

Everything is fine.
I observe and take notes.

Please take this container.

Someone will come by soon
and pick it up.

- Give him my greetings.
- What's in it?

- Don't worry. It's only paper.
- Who should I give it to?

You ask too many questions.
Someone will pick it up.

Is this for me?

Cognac for New Year's Eve.

It comes in handy sometimes.

Now get going.
This fog is uncomfortable.

Are you my friend?
Word of honour.

- You are my friend.
- Word of honour.

Do you even know who I am?

You know nothing.

When I was a pilot and led
the first caravans

you were still in diapers.

I wasn't the old Kun then.

I was the great Kun.

They called me the Cosmic Pilot.

Just like that. That was me.

So have a drink.

Back then there were two of us.

Oli Tal and me.

We brought over the first
research groups.

He and I.

To Luna 1, to Luna 2,

To both of the Mars poles.

My God, those were the days.

We had men. Those were real men.

And now?

A bunch of weaklings.

You too. That's right, you too.

A bunch of weaklings. Me too.

Want some?

You understand nothing.

You're a blockhead.

But I like you anyway.

Do you like me too?

Who else, darling?

It's obvious they keep me here
out of pity.

Stop the nonsense. You always
do this when you're drunk.

Yes, I'm drunk.

But I mean what I say.

Dan, it's time.

The flares. Are you mad?

Cheers, Maria.

Cheers, Dan.

- You're sure the data is correct?
- It's not a joke.

Remember the hoax
by the Ararat boys?

Two years ago an unidentified
object approached Earth.

Not this time. The object's mass
is the same as an A-4 ship.

It is all very peculiar,
given the flight ban.

- You must enforce it.
- They are complying with the ban.

In the areas we can control
from Earth.

Then it is a ghost.

Attention. Coordinates.
Pulkovo orbit to second relay.

[Pulkovo is connected].

- It has been pulling away.
- It doesn't answer on any frequency?

Not even the computer
is emitting mandatory signals.

- It is one of the missing ships.
- Of course, what else.

Then it is certain
that the crew is dead.

Where is Oli Tal?

- Don't know. He didn't come tonight.
- Get Prof. Tal right away.

What do you suggest we do?

Find this ghost ship.
Then we will know about the others.

- No, we have to think twice.
[-Telegram from Prof. Tal].

[If you need him
the address is Eolomea].

- What is that?
[-A hotel in Majorca].

Good, connect me.

[I tried. The line is overloaded].

Then connect through New Zealand
or Patagonia.

I need Prof. Tal immediately.

Find it, you say?

Which rescue squad is on duty?

Five. And I'm flying too.

Too great a risk.
The men are fine without you.

The boys are used to
to all kinds of things.

They will get used to me.

Perhaps you should not only
be strict with female dispatchers.

It is an opportunity
to clarify the situation.

[Hotel Eolomea said
Prof. Tal was never there].


First he disappears
without notifying me?

And then gives a false address?

Or a phony address.
Or a coded address.

I have no talent for criminology.

I always feel as if I will burst.

Whoever doesn't burst
the first time, won't.

There it is.

Try it again.

A-41, this is rescue squad five.
Do you read me?

Sorry boys, you have to get out.
Enjoy the weightlessness.

This is rescue squad five
calling A-41.

A-41, please come in.

Boss, they're not answering.

Go ahead, cut it.

They're not even dead.

Did you see how they took off?

The dead are alive
and the insane are normal.

Check their course.

It can't be true. They are on
a direct course to Margot.

Call Margot immediately.

Rescue squad five calling Margot.
Come in.

They don't want to respond either.

They must stop this silly joke.

I have a better one.

We cannot contact them
until they reach Margot.

But Pilot's course is nearby.
Dan is there.

His wasp is quick enough
to cut them off.

Can he do it?

You don't know him?

We once had
a stimulating conversation.

I quit and that's it.

Where do you get the idea
to take me from Luna 3?

What am I supposed to do
around asteroids in the outer ring?

What anyone would do.
Supply the station with materials.

Delivery van.

Race horse for a manure cart.

Would you like some juice?

You can't buy me
with a sip of grapefruit.


Here you are.

Listen Dan, someone must
take over this position.

And this someone has to be me?

That's awful stuff.

Your transfer would be temporary.

We are opening a fourth ring soon.

And I suppose
I am the horse on that track too?

No. I promise, we will relieve you
as soon as possible.

Then you will get four months

Very funny. I'm familiar with
that holiday.

What's that?

Honey. The real thing.

- Made on the Moon?
- Bees aren't that stupid.

My mother sent it
from the countryside.

Thanks, Dan.
But don't think you can

bribe me with a pot of honey.

How about if we talk like people?

It's about time.

Orion launches tomorrow at 9 a.m.

Have a nice trip without Dan.

Here, so you won't get lonely.
I found him yesterday.

What is it?

A lion.

Prof. Scholl, I hereby submit
an official statement:

I do not feel like
obeying your order.

Captain Lagny,

I am officially reminding you:
you've had 3 disciplinary actions.

The fourth would send you back
to your mother's bees.

That is exactly what I want.

Wait, my lion.

It is not my style
to violate the statues.

If I bring an animal aboard
I need a special permit.

It looks like the base
has been abandoned.

- I have to go.
- Get a grip.

What do you want, Madame?

- I don't want a trial, I want
- Him to remain dead.

If it will cost 24,000 francs
then let's go to court.

Sure, let's go to court.
It's too expensive.

I earned almost a million for you.
You haggle with my misfortune.

Fine, I'll take you
for everything you own.

- The relays have been destroyed.
- Be quiet.

It's only the air conditioner.

Poor cat. Starving with
so many mice around.

If we don't find the sectors soon,
we will meow like him.

That will be fun.
Let's get out of here.

- Tell me you're not a ghost.
- Are you wounded?

He didn't want to smash the glass
and knows it is prohibited.


I found a broken toy.
He's called 0/560.

- Dan darling, how do you feel?
- Wonderful. Couldn't be better.

For four days I have been here
like a fly in a jar.

What's going on around here?

You should know. You are the ones
who sent me chasing that ship.

Where is it now?

Somewhere out there.

Could you be more specific?

Who are they? How many?

If I knew, I would feel better.

They tried to lose me,
I tried to cut them off.

But they landed in Sector C
and locked me out.

All I could do was go to Sector B
where you also ended up.

Everything is locked down
and the relays are destroyed.

- And the people on the base?
- Hard to tell.

There is only that half wit
but I can't get anywhere with him.

You can try.

Don't be afraid.

You're a little slow.
Shift to second gear.

Show us what you can do.

What does a well-behaved robot
say to a lady?

All-purpose robot,
model number 0/560.

Good day.
May I kiss your hand, Madame?

You taught him that nonsense?

He is a respectable fellow,
only stupid and a filthy liar.

Number 0/560,

You serve the base, correct?

Now listen carefully.
Where are the people from Margot?

I do not know.

Why is there a lockdown
between the sectors?

I do not know.

Who destroyed the relays?

I do not know.

Who destroyed the relays?
Be honest and tell us.

I destroyed them.

- Why?
- It was an order.

Whose order?

See? I couldn't get anything more
out of him.

Have I told you what I do
to robots who lie?

You said:

Can opener.

Yes, and who will get
your electronic soul?

The dogs.

You see, your memory does work.

Why did say you don't remember who
ordered the relays be destroyed?

Come on, I will give you
a new battery.

Three o'clock local time.
Check environmental aggregates.

Try harder.

Stop, where are you going?

Listen up, Number 0/560.

Try to understand what I am saying.

You possess nothing but logic.

And they are after your tin
with emotions.

You have been programmed
to keep quiet about the truth.

Am I right?

I have a programme.
I fulfil the programme.

I kiss your hand, Madame.

Nice of you. You are a respectable
robot who does his duty.

But I must remind you
of the constitutional law.

A robot may not follow any order
that harms a human.

It cannot do that.

By lying, you follow an order.

But people are now in danger.

By not telling the truth
you're causing them harm.

Where are the people and who
ordered you to destroy the locks?


Algorithm storm Louisville
no shared quadrant systems

That's enough. This is inhumane.

We'll only make him more insane.

He's already loopy.

The constitutional law
is his conscience.

You pose him a problem
even humans haven't yet solved.

Should an order be obeyed when it
conflicts with one's conscience?

The mechanical Hamlet.

I'll bet that noise
isn't coming from the power unit.

There are people in there.

You can't even scratch it.
It's a special alloy.

Come on.

Ready for launch?

T-S 340 ready for launch.

Ready for launch.

- Chief operator?
- Chief operator. Go ahead.

This is Sima Kun,
Commander of Operation Eolomea.

Nine spaceships with a crew of 146
ready for launch. Awaiting orders.

What should I say?

I think speeches are unnecessary.

Lots of luck on your way
through the stars.

Take care.

My God, was I dumb.

How about that.

What's wrong?

There are no lost ships.
They were all here in the hangars.

Sorry, I might be slow
but I still don't understand.

Don't worry, your boys are
healthy and happy.

What about the A-41?

They needed a guide ship.

And they needed a certain
colleague to prepare for launch.

Yes, but where to?

To Eolomea.


- They're insane.
- Not at all.

If I haven't been completely fooled
a certain colleague is here.

- Did you see what he was carrying?
- A coffee pot and three cups.

If he's not completely mad
there are three people here too.

Come closer, Ms. Scholl.

Thank you. You can go.

You don't seem surprised
to see me here.

No, not really.

Pardon me, who do I have
the pleasure of meeting?

Captain Daniel Lagny
from the third ring.

Pleased to meet you.
Very pleased.

Help yourself. Please.

It has become quiet.

They left.

I saw that.


Unlike migratory birds
that come back.

They will be gone forever.

You know what they're undertaking.

I believe so, yes. Eolomea.

I'm afraid.


That something may have not
been thought through.

That some random factor
has not been considered.

I know you.
Everything has been considered.

Everything within the limits of
human knowledge.

But what's beyond it?

Other limits.

They set forth to find them.

- Will you pass me a harsh sentence?
- That's trivial at the moment.

- They don't have a navigator.
- Yes they do. Pierre Brodsky.

They will pick him up from his
poisonous little planet.

I visited him.

Pierre is sick, very sick.

He will guide them as long as he can.
Everything else is on paper.

If this crumb of Eolomea
does exist

then certainly not
where you are looking.

Excuse me?

I've read the observatory annuals.
My friend Kun hoards them.

Pierre used a 40 inch telescope
but miscalculated coefficients.

I imagine he didn't consider
the infra-red shift

caused by Andromeda
and Supernova NGC-205.

Very unlikely, young man.


I spent weeks calculating but
never took the story seriously.

You are a mathematician?

Taxi driver.

Supernova 205.

Very interesting thought.

Pierre will notice his mistake.

Why did you occupy yourself
with Eolomea?

Because otherwise I would have
died of cosmic boredom.

When I'm back on Earth
I know better things to do.

Continue, Prof. Tal.

I have accounted with myself
for my conduct.

As dean of the trans-galactic
flight centre and council member

my actions will likely lead to
my dismissal from this institute.

I take comfort in the thought
that you would have done the same.

No one has been able to prove
that Eolomea even exists.

No one has disproved it either.

The boys from Margot will respond.

- In the next century.
- In 136 years and two months.

136 years. I understand even less
how you prepared for such a risk.

The reason is ancient and simple.

Fathers want their children
to succeed where they haven't.

For centuries
humans have longed to make contact

with civilizations from
outer space.

146 young scientists
have volunteered

to take the first step in reaching
this distant goal.

Could I refuse my own experience
and knowledge?

I ask you:
could I have prevented them?

I offered all my knowledge
and my heart to help them.

I have one regret.

That I am no longer young enough
to fly after them.

And that I lack the courage to do
it anyway, like Pierre Brodsky.

No, I will not allow it.

You can't stop them.

You don't know me.
I'm not giving them the container.

You'll give it up.

This venture is insane.

But when you were young
it wasn't insane.

The only difference is back then
your crates were too slow.

But they can make it this time.

You can talk. He is my son.

Every man is someone's son.

There they are.

Captain Sima Kun.

I am...

I'm your father, Sima.

- I am happy to see you, father.
- You too, Sima.

You have really become a man.

I always pictured you differently.

- Like a kid, you know?
- I'm not a child.

Do you know why I'm here?

Yes, I know.

- To return to Earth with me.
- We're going the other direction.

Give us the container.


- I'd rather destroy it.

Eolomea means everything to us.

Entering your shadow.
Interrupting transmission.

Their chances are one in a million
of finding such a civilization.

People have always found
each other regardless of chances.

So that's how you intend
to apologise for your conduct.


Which institute would risk
so many young lives?

Would you have permitted
this mission?

That's why they handled it
in this way.

They took the responsibility
so you wouldn't have to.

Can we punish doctors who break
minor laws but make huge advances

for humanity and progress?

Those who tested new serums
on themselves.

They did it without asking
for permission.

Because they wouldn't
have received it.

That's all.

Ms. Scholl, have I done
something wrong again?

Pilot, try to see it their way.
Let your conscience decide.

I know, so far away from Earth,
it's difficult to decide all alone

something that will affect
all of humanity.

What happens next is
entirely up to you.

Consider it carefully.
Do you have the right?

Here's a report from Luna 3.

To all stations
in and around the third ring.

The station on Planet Orange
ceased transmission this morning.

Pierre Brodsky.
Our Pierre is dead.

Father, this is the third orbit.
Please give us the container.

Listen, Sima.

- Did you know, Brodsky is dead?
- Yes, we know.

But you need a good navigator.

We know one.

- No one else is that foolish.
- Let me speak to Dan.

We've searched every ring for you.

I'm here, there, everywhere.

We're calling on you
to take Pierre's place.

If you do it, I'll kill you.

Don't forget, someone is waiting
for you on Earth.

Too bad, Maria.

Now we can't even say goodbye.
Everything happens so fast.

I have to go away for a while.

Forever, Dan.

Don't you understand
that it is forever?

Let's just say, it's for a while.
Then it doesn't hurt so much.

Take care, Maria.

You've got it good, Sima.

You never think about that little
ball with 6 continents on it.

And a few tiny islands.


The loveliest
of the entire cosmos.

Will you really miss it?

Then why did you come with us?

I couldn't do otherwise.

It's funny.

I'm off to find a new civilization
in socks full of holes.


Very funny,
as your father used to say.