Eoh-neu-nal-gap-ja-gi D-Day (2006) - full transcript

ROOMMATES is the third part of a 4 horror movie series, FOUR HORROR TALES. Roommates Yoo-jin, Eun-soo, Bo-ram, and Da-young are cramming for a college entrance exam. It's difficult for them to adapt to the stifling atmosphere of the women's lodging institute - and to get along with each other due to their differing personalities. Yoo-jin has the most difficulty with the stuffy institute life. she begins to have visions of events that took place at the institute in the past - like the tragic fire that occurred years ago. Yoo-jin gradually becomes consumed with fear, and the relationship among the four intimate friends begins to suffer.

CJ Entertainment and SBS present

In association with CJ Venture Investment

A CJ Entertainment Production
A SOFTLAND Production

Production team Kim Joo-seong,
Kim Ha-Jeong, Jang Gil-hoon, Choi Joon-hwan


I'm Mi-Ja Hong, the principal
of the 36-year-old Younghwa Academy.

Those who are preparing again
for the college entrance exam,

and those who fear yet
another year of studying,

our girls-only academy helps

you boost your concentration level

with beautiful scenery

and the state-of-the-art facilities.

4 girls share a dorm room.
A quite study room.

A clean bathroom for
their sanitation.

And a systematic diet plan
to nourish them.

It's so quite that
I can concentrate really well.

No problem with my health
since there's the nurse.


The best lecture I've ever heard!
Very easy to understand!

So delicious,
just like a home meal.

You only need determination.

If you can go through
one year with us,

you're already
half successful.

Dreams definitely come true.

Kim Lee-na, Lee Eun-seong

You Joo-hee, Heo Jin-Yong

Produced by Ahn Byung-gi
Executive producer You Il-han
Production Manager Choi Ah-ram

Cinematography Kim Hoon-gwang
Lighting by Go Young-gwang

Line Producer Lee Hanna
Assistant Director Kim Myung-hwa

Producer Kim Yong-dae

Written, Directed by Kim Eun-kyung


Hello, everyone.


You haven't even got one year
till the examination.

I'm Myung-Hwa Oh, the dean,

and will be responsible
for your stay.

Only if you follow the rules,

we'll be able to become a family.

Now, please change
into the uniforms.

Geez, how tacky!

Please change your clothes.

Now, we will check
your belongings.


Accessories are forbidden.

It's against the rules
to adorn yourselves.

Um... this is my favorite book.

Restrain yourselves from anything
that can disturb your studies.

for a year... like music, accessories,
mobile phones and novels.

Ladies, welcome to
Younghwa Academy.

You're already losers.

The year ahead of you may
determine your life.

Please restrain yourselves
from every desire

and just learn to
be competitive.

Do your best.
If you do...

- Na-Ri Jang.
- Yes.

Go to number 33.

- Song-i Shin.
- Yes.

Number 40 seat.

- Eun-Su Kang.
- Yes.

Take the number 1 seat.

- Je-Il Lee.
- Yes.

Go to number 31.

- Eun-Young Kim.
- Yes.

Go to number 43.

- Bo-Ram Lee.
- Yes.

Take the 25th seat.

- So-Mi Yoo.
- Yes.

Take the 18th seat.

- Jae-Rong Lee.
- Yes.

Go to number 14.

When I first came here,

I felt only confused
with both despair

from failure and hope
for a new start.

But hope or failure were
just luxury for us.

If we feel hope or failure,
we'd rather study.

- An-Na Lee. Number 1 room.
- Yes.

- Kyung-Hwa Seo. Room number 5.
- Yes.

- Eun-Su Kang.
- Yes.

- Mi-Young Lee. Room number 5.
- Yes.

Hi, I'm Da-Young.

Oh, I'm Eun-Su.

This is Bo-Ram.

- Hi.
- Hi.

You had the highest grade, right?

What was your grade on
the college entrance exam?

When I first met them
Da-Young was too talkative,

Eun-Su's face shone,

and Yoo-Jin...

She was a bitch.

Hi, I'm Da-Young.

This is Bo-Ram and
this is Eun-Su.

Let's all get along.

- I cannot sleep on the top bunk.
- Huh?

It doesn't make sense
that you pick first

just because you came in first.

I didn't do that on purpose
I just put my stuff here for sec.

By the way.
What's that stain?

Didn't you know?


There was a big fire
3 years ago. Didn't you know?

All the kids dropped dead.

Stop! Stop!

Fire's burning.
But doors are locked.

It must've had been real hell.

Can't you smell?
The smell of burning flesh.

I didn't know.

Everyone was said to
be burnt to death,

but it had nothing
to do with me.

The most important thing for me
back then was getting good grades.

06:00 Get up

Shit, so loud.

One, two, three, four, five, six.
06:10 Attendance in the morning


Eight, nine, ten, eleven,
twelve, thirteen.

06:30 Morning Exercise

National bodily exercise, start!

One, two, three, four
five, six...

Hello girls. Such a beautiful morning!
08:00 0 class


I like your spirit. Where were we?
09:00 1 class Mathematics.

Let's read together.
10:00 2 class, English

Thinking about the meaning.

Now, you have to read the first sentence.
11:00 3 class, Society

Usually the first sentence has
all the answers.

Nitrogen and oxygen. 78% of nitrogen and 21% of oxygen.
12:00 4 class, Science

12:50 Lunch time

I have no appetite.

It's more brutal than
my senior year.

After all we're failures.

What are all those medicines?

This is for headaches,
this for insomnia,

this to wake you up,
this is vitamin.

And this is for digestion

No ecstasy?


When the temperature goes up by a degree...
14:00 5 class, Science 2

It means fair opportunities for everyone...
15:00 6 class Society 2

Started dating D.
16:00 7 class Mathematics 2

Does that mean
P and Q will date?

No, P loved the one below.

What is this? Did you recognize that?
17:00 8 class, Discourse

Yes, the answer is 'wolf and dhole'.

Here, 'Kore' this means a dictionary.
18:00 9 class, 2nd foreign language

And 'Are Wa Notedesu.'

'Are' means that...

21:00 Free studying


What is it?

May I go to the bathroom?

Individual acts during classes or
study hours are against the rules.

Stand up.

You may go.

Even a nature's call
is a violation?

I guess we'll have to go
at certain hours.

We may have to get whipped
to do number 2.

If I get constipated,
I should ask the dean to spank me.

Fuck, they're never home!

Da-Young. What's that?

It's nothing.

Then why are you hiding it?

When did I hide what?

- You had it hidden over there.
- No.

Still lying?

- What is that you're hiding?
- Nothing. No...

It's a fucking mouse.

It's not a mouse.
It's a hamster.

Hamsters are fucking mice too.
Why are you talking smack?

I can't live without Happy.

Happy? Do you know
what kind of animals hamsters are?

They kill and eat each other,
even their own children and parents.

That's not true.

That only happens when a female

hamster's pregnant and super sensitive

or when they're stressed out.

If you have just one and
take a good care of it,

there's no problem.

A good care? Yeah, right.

It'd be so happy to be locked up
and fed only veggies.

Right, but you must be happy.

I'm sorry.

I've had it since last year
and couldn't leave it at home.


Let's forget about it.

It doesn't do any harm to us.

No harm?
Then what's this rotting smell?

It doesn't smell like a hamster.

- OK, only on one condition.
- What is it?

From now on you keep
my cigarettes and the lighter.

If you get caught,
it's all your responsibility.


I didn't know at the moment
that would be big deal.

Yoo-Jin, what happened
to your pants?

I've cut them.

Such unusual behavior is
a violation of the rules.

I didn't do any harm to anyone and

I don't think hemming pants
is that unusual.

Then why did you cut them?

It's too tight around my ankle
when I sleep so I feel uncomfortable.

If I can't get good rest.
Then, it affects my study negatively.

And if it affects my study,
I'm going to fail again.

What a bitch. I feel great.

That was it.

We never heard
her laughter again.

National bodily exercise, start!

One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.

Two, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, leg exercise.


There's one person who just
can't keep up.

We'll start all over again.


Can you read the next sentence?

Of course it's not easy for
everybody to say no,

to someone who...

Horrible pronunciation.

Read it again.

Of course it's not easy
for everybody...


Read slowly and think about
where the stresses are.


That's not the right equation.
Start from the scratch.

Do it again.

What the fuck are you looking at?


Clean up your own mess.

Clean up.

Please continue with your meals.


Son of Bitch!

Fucking bitch, I'm gonna kill her.

Hey, What are you guys doing now?

You must know,
smoking is prohibited.

There were other people.

So you saying
you didn't smoke this?

They were at the kitchen and
in the hallway.

It was crowded.

What are you talking about?

Don't you know everyone's
at the study hall during the study hours?

Shit, I saw them in the hallway
and in the kitchen.

Yoo-Jin, what's wrong?

- I'm serious.
- Yoo-Jin.

We were all at the study hall.

It was that day that her life
started to become a total mess.

Good morning, Happy!

It's almost the time for attendance.
Wake up, Yoo-Jin.

Shit, leave me alone
I can't do this any more.

Is Yoo-Jin still in bed?

Yes, ma'am...

Well, get ready for
morning exercise.

National bodily exercise, start!

One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.

Two, two, three, four, five,
six, seven

Leg exercise, one two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight

Two, two, three, four, five,
six, seven

You must obey the rules.

Can't really concentrate
because someone's sobbing.

Let's begin when it gets quieter.

Now, listen again carefully.

Question two, Listen to conversation,
think about her emotion...


Fuck! I can't put up with
this shit anymore.

I can't do it anymore.

It's strange here.

Why don't you believe me?

Yoo-jin, you're supposed
to be in class.

Yes. Hello.

Yes, of course.

Some students cause trouble
when they're stressed.

Yes, yes...
it's the adapting period.

There are some girls...
who take longer than others.

Don't mention it.

We'll take care of her.

What are you talking about?
Take care of me?

I'm leaving now!
Let me talk to her!

- Let me talk to her.
- No...

Let go of me!

- Let me go!
- Yeah... I will call you later.

I said I was gonna leave.
What are you doing?

Yoo-Jin, calm down.

We need your parents' permission
to let you go.

There are certain procedures.
So calm down and give it one more try.

You must overcome your weakness.

Fucking bitch.

Weakness? Bullshit...

Open the door.

Open the damn door!

Ah, open it!

it's almost time for bed.

Please go into your rooms.

Open it!

Can't do that now.

Why not?
You have the keys!

It's time to sleep.

And being rude to your teacher
is also against the rules.

Against the rules?

You're not getting it, are you?
I'm going to leave now!

you want to be a loser again?

Open it!

If you can't overcome life here,
you can't do anything in the world.

You want to fail again?

Fail? You saying I failed
because I didn't get into a college?

Let me go!

What's wrong with Yoo-Jin?
I mean it's not too bad for me.

Well, there are people
who can adapt and who just can't.

You OK?

You were sick all night.
Look your bed is wet.

Tomorrow we'll have practice exam.

Think of it as your midterm test
and do your very best.


I was traveling alone
back to my house.

I was traveling alone

back to my house.

You feel bloated again?

No, I got a headache.

It's getting bigger and bigger.

Please go. Now!

I didn't know then,

what made Yoo-Jin shiver in fear...


What do you want to do
in college?


I'm going to get plastic surgery
on my face and get liposuction.

Liposuction? Why?

Because I'm fat.
Look at my arms and thighs.

- What are we then?
- Yeah exactly.

Why are you taking
one more year?

You were good enough
to go to a nice college.

That's right.

Yeah... but in our family,
we have to be the best in everything.

So I have to go to
the Seoul National University.

I seriously don't know
why we have to study.

Another day...

Happy, when are we
going to be happy?

Are we going to be happy?

Get in, get in.

Sun-Mi Kim.

Da-Young Lee.

An-Na Lee.

Seung-Hee Kim.

Here are your marks.

Some of you did well
but others did worse.

Those whose grades
dropped twice in a row

will have
an individual counseling.

Come to the office
after the meal.

It's OK.

It's not only us
who didn't have appetite.

Both who did well and who didn't,

felt awkward and couldn't
look at each other.

Are you OK?

I feel better now.

Then clean up your mess.

How are you feeling?

I'm OK. It's not the
first time I puked.

I thought you had
too much food earlier.

I'm not good at taking notes...

But I hope this helps.

It's not that I'm going to
help you unconditionally...

Let's help out each other.

Thank you.

Eun-Su lent us her notes.

To us... Rivals...

That's probably harder than
showing your own diary.

We were grateful and excited
with hope,

that we'll get better grades.

Come quick!

You haven't changed at all.

Thank you so much
for coming all the way here.

Don't mention it.

Please take her back
one more time.

It's really up to
Yoo-Jin's willpower.

We've done everything we could.

She's always been uncontrollable.

But she even promised to her father.

She'll do well this time.

According to our regulation...


Mom... Mom... Please.

If you can't handle this place,

then what will you do?



Happy shouldn't get wet...

Happy! Happy! Happy...

Yoo-Jin was crying.

I wasn't sure if she was crying,

because she came back or because of
her parents who didn't understand her.

But anyways she looked really sad.

Yoo-Jin, the uniform doesn't
bother you anymore, huh?

Isn't Yoo-Jin weird?

Yeah, she's not herself.
What's up with her hair?

They must have beaten her up.

I know... she seems like
a different person.


Yoo-Jin, what are you doing here?

Teacher, I have a question.

The fire incident 3 years ago...

was it only a fire?

But why do I see
bodies torn to pieces?

I was scared at first,

but now I feel sorry for them,

because I know exactly
how they felt.

Can't you see them?

They're lying around here.


I'd like to go to the bathroom.


Bo-Ram! Bo-Ram!

Hurry up! Quick!





It seems like
Yoo-Jin knows something.

What are you talking about?

How would she know?

She said she sees dead bodies
covered with blood.

Stop talking nonsense.

Ma'am, there was
this one other student...

That was not our fault.
Forget about it.


What are you doing?


Happy! Happy!

Happy! Happy...



I'm sorry.

Are you aware of
what you've done?

Health is the most important thing,

especially with the exam
just around the corner.

How could you bring in
such a filthy animal?

It's not filthy.

When are you going to leave?

I'm sorry. If I leave,
my mom will kill me.

Please forgive me.
I want to study here.

Please forgive me.

I'll study harder
I will do anything.

Please forgive me.


Why aren't you taking it down?


It was a chaotic day.

Everyone had to get shots
for food poisoning.

and Da-Young had to put
Happy to death,

in exchange for
staying at the academy.

Who was the kid
I saw in the kitchen?

And why isn't Yoo-Jin coming back?

I didn't know back then.

Maybe Yoo-Jin successfully
escaped this time.

I know... she's not coming back.

Hey! What's the matter?

Are you sick?

No, I'm fine.

- Umm...
- Oh, what's this?

I've had this since I was young.
Whenever I felt weary,

I prayed holding this rosary.

It's pretty.

Sorry, I have nothing else
to give you.

Hey! What am I then?

I'm sorry... I'm the one who really
has nothing to give you.

What are you saying?
We're friends.


Let's kick ass
on the practice test.

Yeah, let's do it.

Pray for me, OK?

Of course.
But I'm not a devoted Christian.

I wonder if God will actually
listen to my prayers.

Isn't this impure then?

What medicine is it?

My head's killing me.

You just took another one
to stay awake.

But now I have a headache.

It's not good to consume
many drugs.

It's OK.
The big day is almost near.

I'll survive.


- Lucky for me.
- Hey!

I thought I screwed up the exam.

Eun-Su, you alright?
Do this. Are you OK?

Eun-Su! Eun-Su!


Eun-su was losing her smile,

and our conversation was
gradually decrease.

Eun-Su. What's going on?

Don't you want to
go to a college?

How can your grade drop this much?

I don't know...

I don't know.

With this grade, you won't be able
to go to the university you want.

Please put yourself together.

We only have 100 days left.

Mom, I got grade sheet today.

I increased my grade.

Don't worry, mom.

Don't worry, mom. I'm doing fine
I can do it for sure this time.

Yes, yes.

- Da-Hye Yoon. Number 35.
- Yes.

- Da-Young Lee, Number 7.
- Yes.

Good job!

- Eun-Su Kang.
- Yes.

Number 37.

- I'm sorry but...
- Yes?

- Can I have my notes back?
- Huh?

It seems like you won't
need it anymore.


Please don't get me wrong
I have no other intention.

No, thank you so much
for lending it to me.

Can you be quiet?
My head's aching.

Sorry but this is my seat.


You look so tired.

Take this.

Sweets are good when you're tired.

Sorry. I don't like sweets.

is there anything I can do?

I will lend you my notes.

I think you need to get this right.

I was just not feeling well that day,
that's why I goofed up the test.

Do you think
I need your help?

- I didn't mean that...
- You think I don't know?

I know you guys stay up
and study while I sleep.

What are you talking about?

Time flew by and Eun-Su
became stranger and stranger.

K 2 plus 1 minus sigma...

K from 1 to 9...

Shut up!

With these marks you can't
go to any university.

What happened?

You came here with
the highest grade!

I just don't get it.

If your grade goes down again,
we'll take necessary measures.

when did Yoo-Jin come back?

She doesn't come into the room
but is always sitting at my desk.

I tell her it's my seat
but she doesn't budge.

What are you saying?

And she talks too much
in the class.

I can't study because of her.
Please warn her.

And she always wanders about
during the study hours.

I can't take it anymore.

Oh, class is starting.

What's wrong with you?

My head hurts,

and my body is so cold.

That's not enough.

I hear things
and see weird stuff.

My head is pounding.

It's OK.
It's because of stress.

Take the drugs and sleep.

Don't worry too much.
Everyone's having a hard time.

You'll soon be fine.
I promise.

Come on.

Take them.

Seriously something's weird.

Are you OK?

Am I OK?

Do I look OK?

Didn't you say
you'd pray for me?

I pray for you all the time.

You pray for me and
what's happened to me?

You probably didn't pray...
rather cursed me.

so that you can step
on top of me and beat me.

No, Eun-Su.

What's up?

Right I thought it was strange.

Since the day you gave me this
I've had bad luck.

Eun-Su, don't do this!

Had I not entered then,

Eun-Su could've killed Da-Young.

- Why didn't I notice then that Eun-Su
was going through a tough time?

Number 45, sit down.

Number 45, sit down!

Number 45!

I'm sorry for what
I've done just a while ago.

Please forgive me.

And lend me your notes.

I have no idea what to study.
Help me.

Please help...

What's wrong with me?

I really studied hard.

You said all I needed
to do was to study hard.

And why is it not working?

Should we call an ambulance?

Give her some tranquilizer.
She's stressed...

What are you doing?
Are you trying to kill me?

Don't touch me!

Today is the final practice exam.

Think of it as a real test
and do your best.

Are you alright, Eun-Su?

Yes, I'm good.

Eun-Su looked very strange.

But it's not just her.

Time went so fast.

And girls got nervous
because D-day was coming.

The D-day we've been waiting for
is only 3 days away.

Let's get through this...

Bring yourselves
to best condition.

I'm sure all your efforts will
be rewarded.

Please pack your stuff
and get ready to leave the academy.

When did you find Happy?

We're going to pack our luggage
today and leave tomorrow morning.

Hello? Hello?



How strange!
Why isn't anybody here?

What are you doing here?


Where's everyone going?

I'm not ready to leave yet.

Ladies, welcome to
Younghwa Academy.

You're already losers.

The year ahead of you may
determine your life.

Please restrain yourselves
from every desire

and just learn to
be competitive.

Do your best.

If you do your best,
victory will be yours.

You think so?

All we need to do is
to do our best?

There was a big fire at a college prep school
Gas explosion in Yonghwa academy

in Daejeon around 1 a.m. this morning.

Police said a gas tank exploded and killed

most of the students and teachers.

The same thing happened 3 years ago at the same place.
Death people: Eun-Young Kim, So-Young Ahn, Ji-Eun Lee, Sung-Kyung Go

Then again the school was illegally established.
Ye-Jin Ahn, Myung-Hye Woo, Young-Ah Suk, Tae-Young Lee

Due to strict regulations
the students had been completely

shut off from the outside world. This led to heavy casualties.
Ji-Jeong Park, Oh-Kyng Seo, Jae-Eun Lee, Yoon-Joo Kim

The Education Board conducted special inspections
Hye-Jin Ahn, Ji-Hye Yang, Eun-Su Kang, Da-Young Lee

in February and July,

but did not notice
the institute's wrong doings.

There were many suspicions

But it concluded
by fire accident.

People said that was about
an entrance examination,

but they didn't care about
our 1 year like hell.

Soon the accident were forgotten.

And another academy were built.

Next news,

At studio apartment in Seoul,
there was serial murder incidents.

I had the last job interview today.

I've been trying hard
to get a job but it's not easy.

Everyday was like a battlefield...

8 years ago,
I thought l'd be happy

if I put up with
one more year of studying,

but my life has been painful
all along.

The train is coming now,
please take one step back.

- Bo-ram.
- Bo-ram Kim!

Bo-ram, how are you?

How would other friends be?
I sometimes wonder.