Envy (2005) - full transcript

Set amidst the urban decay of modern-day Detroit, this indie drama follows two cousins, AJ (Ray J) and Caesar (Az), as they navigate the perils of the drug trade. Despite his family's best efforts to keep him off the streets, AJ is nonetheless drawn to Caesar's underworld lifestyle; in a matter of months, he graduates from tag-along to full-blown player in a massive criminal organization.

[wind whistles]

[electricity crackles]

[chattering in background]

- [Narrator] Envy.

Resentments roused by ones
success or worldly possessions.

If you are laid by the spirit,

you won't obey your
selfish desire.

The spirit and your
desires are enemies

of one another.

They are always
fighting each other

for control over your emotions
to do what you know is right

but when you obey the spirit,

your selfishness has
no control over you.

- Let me see the ball.

- Where is he going?

[kids chattering in background]

- Hey, what you doing?

- We came to hoop, didn't we?

I don't know about y'all fellas

but I'm gonna play some ball.

I want to play before the
street lights come on.

- Hey look out!


- Get off the court, little man,

before you get yourself hurt.


- What's up, Alvin?

Look like somebody
just kicked your ass.

- I was trying to hoop before
the street lights came on.

They was messing with us.

- Hey, yo.

Who was fucking with little man?

Everybody don't
speak at one time.

Which one of y'all
fucking with little man?

- They um, they got
in the way of the game

so I had to
straighten shorty out.

- Yo, give me the ball, man.

- Little man--
- Hey, yo

shut the fuck up.

I aint even talking to you, man.

Now what you say?

What you had to do
to my little cousin?

- Little cousin?

Caesar, man, I didn't know that
was your little cousin, man.

- Yeah you skin, huh?

- Yeah, we skins.

- Okay so since you like
showing your ass off

in front of my family,
do it for me, then.

I want to see.

Nigga, strip!

[crowd grumbles]

Hey, yo, man y'all
motherfuckers heard what I said.

Man, strip, man.

- Strip?

- Y'all want to finish
this fucking game, right?

Y'all fucking gangsters, man.

Play ball, nigga.

- Right here, man.

- Fucking clowns.

[upbeat tense rap]

[upbeat tense rap]

♪ Coming short on the

♪ Can get you killed in my

♪ Thinking that its cool

♪ But its not in my

♪ Its real in my city

♪ We pack steel in my

♪ Post up on the block

♪ Moving work in my

[upbeat rap music]

♪ Full of hard knock goods

♪ With a plan to do

♪ Just to come up on your kush

♪ My city

♪ Roll in cars you
only dream of ♪

♪ My dogs so crazy

[upbeat rap music]

♪ Got a bad rep on TV

♪ Best believe me

♪ You can get shot
for knowing me ♪

♪ The only place
that I rather be ♪

♪ Detroit murder

♪ Area code 313

♪ My city

♪ Home of the 45

[upbeat tense rap music]

- Damn, AJ.

Your cousin the shit.

- That nigga had a fresh
ride and a fat pocket.

Did you see the way
niggas was staring?

- Hey didn't get that
from selling no insurance.

- Man I don't care.

That's gonna be me one day.

Niggas wanting to be me, too.

- Don't we got that thing to do?

- Hey, yo.

Why don't y'all get
lost for a couple hours?

Go play a game or something.

Yeah, follow me
around like this.

[soft muzak]

- Hey little man following.

- Hey where your
little ass going?

- With you.

- Yo, man, come on, man.

Go get something to eat.

Stop following me all day.

Yo, I want you to
sit right over there

and don't move, don't say
nothing to nobody man.

I'm serious.

[soft muzak]

- What up, C.



- This nigga was
illing earlier today

at the basketball courts.

- You bullshitting.

What happened?

- He was on some straight
Scarface type shit

talking about somebody
had to straighten

out my little
cousin or something.

- Real man, he had
the nigga stripping

and everything.

All you seen was assess
running down the court.

- You bullshitting.

- No, that nigga was
being real ruthless.

- That's why they call
that nigga Caesar.

- Hail, Caesar.

- I don't know what the
fuck you laughing for.

You supposed to met us
here three hours ago.

- Damn, chill out, C.

Just taking care of
a little business.

- Aint no business
like family business.

You know that.

- Yo, that's my mans I
was telling you about.

Dirty Red.

- Oh, so this the
motherfucking coming up

on the west side, huh?

- Yeah.

Moving a lot of shit, too.

Got some selling my
niggas backing his ass up.

- Flex.
- Dirty Red.

- What's up, baby?

- What's up.

- Red, this is my man,
the one and only Caesar.

- Finally to get to
meet the man, huh?

- Okay, so you the one
I heard is coming up

on the west side.

- We doing our thing
but its nothing

like you and your clique.

Y'all niggas been
banging for real.

- Yo, pull up a chair.

While we do the oldest visit.

- Yo, Bread got his
hands on some major shit.

Aint got enough
soldiers to move it so,

he want us to be his protection

so he can lock down the
west side and suburbs.

- Caesar, its bigger than
the west side, though.

The suburbs is where its at.

Check it.

I got clients snorting three 0s

of that pure white shit a week

and they don't mind
paying the price.

I already moved
15 birds and shit.

You need to be part
of this shit for real.

- Thought them seven mile
niggas had your back?

- Man, fuck them
seven mile niggas.

They aint got my back for real.

I'm trying to fuck
with your organization

cause you got the connect,
you got the soldiers,

and your name in the streets
is like John Gotti's name

in New York, and that's
what I need to fuck with.

- You're right.

The reason its like
that, is cause we stick

to what we know and we
don't fuck with outsiders.

And besides, you sell
a key in the suburbs.

White society catch me
out there, move away,

aint nothing my connect can do.

As long as we on the east side,

they don't give a fuck
how brown the coke is

or how many niggas we smoke.

You know what?

I'ma stay there.

- Fuck it.

It is how it is, then, man.

Flex, I'll get with
you in a minute, aight?

- All right.

- See when you see you, playboy.

- See you when I see you.


Hey yo, where the fuck
you think you going?

- I didn't get to
ride in your car.

- So what, I look like your
motherfucking chauffer?

Where we going aint
for kids right now.

- So?

[mumbles] my neighborhood.

The punks that keep yanking us

don't care if we're home or not.

Man if moms aint there, they
come and take all our shit.

- You was there when
somebody took your shit?

- Man, twice.

Come on.

I just want to sit in your ride.

- Come on, man.

This what we riding in.

I aint getting in
that car, come on.

- Yo, C, what if
something go down?

- His little ass will be aight.

[soft tense hip hop music]

♪ Everywhere I go

♪ They hoes be trying
to spit at me ♪

♪ When they see I'm VIP

♪ These hoes be
trying to get at me ♪

♪ When they see my

♪ That's when I
lay my thing down ♪

- Hey, baby.

- [mumbles] open this
god damn door, huh?

I don't want [mumbles].

Everything aight?

- Yeah, everything's fine.

- Good, that's
good, that's good.

So everybody gone for the night?

- Everybody's gone,
I just locked up

before you guys got here.

- Okay.

- Everybody's out, its just me.

- That's good.

Hey yo, why my
shit out like this?

- Come on, we doing
the best we can.

Shipment came early.

- And you just now pager me?

- Baby, I was trying
to get it ready first.

They dumped it on us
about an hour ago.

- How they brought
my shit up in here?

- Like they said they would.

- How?

Hey yo, Flex.

Call the crew, we got to
get this shit out of here.

- Why you tripping?

- Listen, you know what
happens to sloppy niggas.

They get busted.

You understand me?

- I understand you.

- This is not how I get down.

- I understand.

Come on, let's go to the back.

Come on, I told you
it be all right.

- Stop, not now.
- You stay the night?

- Listen, I'm gonna have
some business, all right?

Come on, let's take care.

What's your little
ass doing in here?

- Shit, I thought
somebody was moving.

Just wanted to see
if I could help.

- Man, come on.

[soft piano music]

Hey, yo, where the fuck is Toy?

- Yo, slow up.

There you go right there.

- That aint no
motherfucking Toy.

Hey yo, who is that?

- Fuck, I bet that's
one of Dig boys.

- Hey, turn this
bitch around, man.

Motherfucking Dig
trying to move in.

Nigga, know that's a violation.

They got to bleed for that.

- Yo, roll up on
this nigga, dog.

- For sure, I'm on it.

[tense rap music]

♪ Got a problem

♪ Got a problem

♪ I got a problem

- Let me holler.

You lost, motherfucker.

Who you working for?

- Man, man.

D said man, your
boy was slipping.

- What the fuck you
stuttering for, nigga, huh?

What the fuck you
stuttering for?

That mean you can
come in my kingdom?

Pound this motherfucker.


- Yo, yo, yo.

Move, watch out,
watch out, watch out.


- Run that nigga pockets.

- Yo, let's go, man.

[soft tense rap music]

♪ Got a problem

♪ You got a problem

♪ I got a problem

[distant mumbling]

- For real?

- Its about time we start
letting everybody know

that when we roll,
we roll like a mob.

- Them our motherfucking
streets out there,

you know what I'm saying?

I would of did the same
motherfucking thing

if it was another nigga,

they would of done
the same thing to us.

So fuck it.

- Most definitely

and I hope everybody
saw us, too.

Let suckers know
we mean business.

You heard?

Don't even ask.

- Yo, I can't believe
that nigga Dig

had that nigga buying stuff
any motherfucking way.

- Was it me or was
that nigga stuttering?

- D-d-d-don't, don't
hit me, don't hit me.

- Fuck is you laughing at?

You think you done
some foul shit, huh?

Got a story to impress
your little friends

with a show and tell tomorrow.

- Man, that nigga
not saying nothing.

- Hell no he aint saying shit.

- Can't be your cousin.
- me, me.

I done seen more

by the time--
- I know.

- You know?

- Yeah.

You seen some real beat
downs in your life.

Starting with your pops
beating your mommas ass.


- Oh that shit funny?

That's funny?

Yeah okay.


- Supposed to be the veteran.

Don't even know the basics.

Think before you speak.

- Yo, C, what you said
this nigga name was?

- This little Alvin,
its my cousin, man.

- No, that aint my name.

- What's your name now?

- Its AJ.

- Okay, its AJ.

- Still a little fella to me.

- Hey, yo.

If a motherfucker break
in your house again,

you pop him with this.

And you call me 911.

Lets see you go put that up

before your moms find
that and try to kill me.

Yeah, take your
ass in the house.

- Whoa.

How you doing?

- You think you grown, huh?

You think you can just
be staying out at night.

- Mom, I was just
hanging out with Caesar.

- Excuse me, child?

How many times I told y'all

I don't want hanging
out with Charles.

Boy, you getter get over here.

I am not gonna chase you.

[banging at door]

- I hear you, ma, dang.

I was just down at the festival
checking out the females.

- Until four o'clock
in the morning.

Boy, I won't
tolerate no nonsense.

- What nonsense?

- I will put your butt
in a detention center

before I see you get
dragged in Charles' mess.

You know they found Mrs.
Stewart's son in a dumpster.

Messing around with them drugs.

I know Charles has
something to do with it.

He's been a menace
from the very start.

Its shame my sister didn't do
something about him earlier.

- Ma, why you always
ragging on Aunt Rhonda?

- She was too busy
partying, wasn't thinking

about those kids.

She should of put her
foot down a long time ago.

- And do what?

- All I'm saying is, don't
make me do something drastic.

- Drastic like what, ma?

- I've already made some calls.

- What calls?

- You know Tommie's
intern with the FBI.

- You spoke to Tommie?

- All I'm saying is,
stay away from Charles.

- Look ma, I got to go.

[upbeat rap]

- Aint it passed this
little nigga bedtime?

You know how that nigga
momma be tripping.

- Whatever.
- moms aint no joke.

- Listen, we got a job
to take care of tonight.

- What's that?

- Remember the nigga Toony?

- For sure.

- Time to pay his ass a visit.

- Are we gonna
fuck that nigga up?

- Yo, that nigga need a
good ass whooping anyway.

So think about twice about
coming up short again.

- Come on, let's go
get this motherfucker.

- Hold up, hold up.

Tell me let's go
fuck that nigga up.

Its time for little cuz, man.

He on the come up.

He got to put that
work in right now.

- You sure this
nigga can handle it?

- Come on, man, it
run in the blood.

- Now you sure picked
a fucked up spot

to meet his motherfucker, man.

You sure he coming?

- There he go right there.

Minding his business.

Passed us.

- Don't chicken
out either, nigga.

Boss up.

Bro, you gonna get
that nigga fucked up.

- Handle himself.

Yo, something aint right.

- What you talking bout?

- Little cousin need the strap.

- Hold on, C.

We all had to make our way.

So will that little nigga.

- Hold up, dog.

Fuck you doing here?

Where the fuck Cs at?

- Hey, Caesar said you came up
short for the last time, dog.

I'm running your
territory from now on.

- What the fuck?

This some kind of
motherfucking joke?

Sending some little
bitty ass boy

telling me you finna take
over my motherfucking spot?

Nigga, fuck you.

You aint running shit.

Tell Caesar I'll give him
his motherfucking money.

- Fuck you, nigga.

[blows landing]

- Gonna tell me what now, nigga?


Take my shit--

- What the fuck?

- Shit.

- Get off me, man.

Hey get this nigga off me.

- Man get the, come
on, come on, man.


- Rhonda, you in there?

- Quit knocking on my
door like you crazy.

- You gonna let me in?

- The maid has today off.

- You been too busy job hunting

to clean the house, right?

- Are you gonna get my
prescription for me or not?

- Did you even go to
the employment office?

- Ma, you in there?


Hey what's up.

- Hey.

- Don't come around here
using my refrigerator boy.

You barely said two words to me.

- I know what you want, ma.

That's enough?

Want some, Aunt Sharon?

- See, what do I need a job for?

My sons taking care of me.

- With his drug money?

- Don't start that
bullshit, Sharon,

I don't want to hear it today.

- If it was my son,
I wouldn't tolerate.

Its type like him that's
ruining this community.

- Types like who?

Ma, she's must be
talking about my smile

and warm personality.

- Yeah, you such
a bad ass, right?

Where was you when my son was
getting beat up last night?

- Aunt Sharon, I'm gonna
take care of whoever

did that to Alvin.

- Child, don't do a damn thing.

Just stay away, just stay
away from my son, Charles.

I mean it.

- Can I come see how
he doing later on?

- She's always coming
over here talking shit.

- Man, fuck her.

She don't know nothing
about the streets or Alvin.

[soft tense hip hop]

Yo, turn that down.

How you doing?

I told you earlier,
I was gonna stop by

so I can see my little cuz.

Looking at me like
that, Aunt Sharon.

He's only got hurt, I want
to make sure he aight.

- [TV] Its all good,
we preforming tonight.

We the hottest thing in
this bitch right now.

- Really?
- Who is it?

[TV in background]

- Look at you, all off point.

- What's going on, man?

- You aight?
- yeah I'm good.

- Okay, okay.

You know Brenda and Shanquia
was asking about you, man.

- Oh for real?

- Yeah.

Gonna be laid up for a minute.

So, might as well
get some pussy.

That's if your
dick still working.

- Yeah my shit still work.

Man, why you think they asking?

- Hey I can't tell.

All I heard is how you eat
pussy or something like that.

- Oh this nigga crazy.


- Yo, listen.

Your mom still work
the night shift, right?

- Yeah.
- good.

- Might as well
call them hoes over

so we can get it popping.

- Yeah man, listen.

Got to talk to you
about some serious shit.

- Aight.

- Listen.

You know the industry territory?

- Yeah.

- That's you now.

You just gonna have 10
soldiers reporting to you.

All you got to do is
supply and just collect.

The only thing you
got to worry about

is them motherfuckers that's
loyal to that Amazon cat.

- What about Rio and Flex?

- My man Rio, he just like me.

You know, we getting older.

We trying to enjoy the
fruits of our labor.

Now Flex, that's another story.

You know he trying to be
the Frank White of Detroit.

The problem, matter of fact
no problem, I call the shots.

You put the work in,
you on the come up.

You can handle it, right?

- Yeah.

I got your back, cuz.

- Aight nigga,
have your own back.

Got a present for you, too.

- Yeah.

- Big boy shit right here, man.

- This shit tight.

- Still got [mumbles]
at the other joint.

I know you needed
something to hold you down.

We like the wonder
twins now, you know?

You like it?

- Hell yeah.

This shit tight.

- Aight man, let me get
the fuck out of here

before your moms throw me out.

You know she mad at me.

You tell the crew we said
what's up man, get better.

Let's get this fucking money.

- All right.

- [TV] You can't
handle all of that.

[soft tense hip hop]

[upbeat hip hop music]

[people chattering
in background]

- Yeah, yeah.

Let them young ladies
for Flex, my man.

Got a treat for you, brother.

Have some fun.

Doublemint twins.

- Look at that nigga over
there grinning ear to ear,

looking like its first piece.

- You sure that's what
he's smiling about?

Word is Flex is doing some
business, man, on the side.

You know anything about that?

- What kind of business?

- Business.


Mushroom, ectasy, shit
that we don't fuck with.

- Flex?

Man get out of here.

- Hey yo, this is business.

Dirty Red already told
me the motherfuckers

getting his shit from
the seven miles nigga.

- Dirty Red?

You gonna believe some shit
Dirty Red did told you?

That nigga been trying to get
down on the team for years.

You need more
evidence than that?

- Is this enough evidence
for you right there?

- What the fuck is that?

- What's about Latoya
bought from Flex.

- Who the fuck is Latoya?

- Stripper bitch that's
dancing with him right now.

Now do that look like our work?

- Maybe.

- Maybe?

He dealing on the side.

The team aint seeing
none of that shit.

He got to get dealt with.

- So what you
talking about doing?

- Listen, I already spoke to him

a thousand times about this.

He got a hard head.

He got to get dealt with.

Fuck it.

I'ma do it myself.

He's out.

[low hip hop music]

- Yo, man.

Who keeps letting this young
motherfucker in the club?

- What the hell you
talking about, Flex?

- Nigga, we just took your
momma's titty out your mouth

last year.

- Hey look, fuck you homie.

I own this bitch.

I don't got to be
21 to get in here.

I don't got to be no age.

- Fuck you.

Fuck you.

- Balls.

Bitch ass nigga.

- Get lost.

- What up, C?

- What you think about Flex?

- He cool.

- Between me and you,
I had plans for him

but it aint working out.

- Shit, what you want to do?

- I want to put
you in his place.

- Me?

- I mean you think
you can handle it?

- Yeah, I could handle it

but what about Rio and
the rest of them though?

What they gonna think
about a young nigga like me

taking Flex spot?

- They gonna hate,
its all they could do.

- Hell yeah they gonna hate.

Shit, y'all been hustling
since the beginning of time

and shit, since I was a baby.

- Know what?

Its time to silence
the haters now.

- How?

- I mean you got to
do what they can't do,

what they aint got
the heart to do.

You see Latoya, the chick
he dancing with now?

- Yeah.
- She gonna take him up

to VIP, she got
the gat up there.

Just go up there,
creep, lay his ass down.

- All right.

- As soon as you're done,
meet me at the house.

Okay, that was fast.

[low rap music]


[tense instrumental music]

♪ Yo

♪ Yeah yeah yeah

♪ Got a bang right
here for this shit ♪

♪ Yo

♪ Yo

[tense rap music]

- Yo, in the very instant
a man take his last breath,

another one is reborn.

From here on out, aint
no more looking back.

I'm sure y'all understand that.

- Do we?

How many years Flex
serve, you see?

- Hey yo, the nigga don't exist.

Don't talk about shit
that don't exist.


- Why you got this little
motherfucker running

round the hood acting
like he the big shit?

- Nigga, I did what
you aint had the heart

to do, motherfucker.

- What the fuck you
mean heart, nigga?

You wish you had as
much heart as I got.

Killing motherfuckers we
love aint cool, nigga.

- Yo, this shit aint
cool right here, man.

If you wasn't drunk,
I'd throw your ass

off this roof right now.

Flex don't exist.

AJ is the only name
I want to hear.

Anybody disagree,
then speak now.

[soft energetic R&B music]

- Now this the place I been
wanting to show you, man.

- What's this?

- Its the new spot
I've been working on.

I'm telling you,
Caesar, its a whole lot

of money coming out
of here already.

- Listen man, I thought we
talked about this already.

We don't need new business,
especially on the west side.

- I put him in the crew already.

He been bringing
in loot for months

and we aint feeling no
extra heat or nothing.

For real.

Everything cool.

- What spot is this?

- Just come in for a minute

and check out this
niggas hookup.

Come on.

[pounding at door]

- What's up?

- Its AJ.

What up, nigga?
- What's up, baby?

- What up.


- Yeah, for sure.

- Hey did all that
shit come in right?

- Oh yeah, yeah.

You know how we do
on the west side.

- That's right, all day.

Oh boy.

- Look, just make it an even 50.

- Hey, I'ma get out
you later, aight?

- All right.

- Hey, C?

Hey, C.

Hey, nigga.

[soft rap]

- Hey yo, didn't he
used to roll with Dig?

- Shit, he stopped fucking
with Dig a long ago, dog.

For real.

He straight, man.

Look, Vic aint never made
this kind of loot with Dig.

- Hey yo, man, Dig
whole crew got indicted

by the Monaco, you
know that right?

- Huh?

When that shit happen?

- Hey listen man.
- I aint hear about that shit.

- I got a little connect down
at the 36th district court.

DA trying to keep it low.

They don't want motherfuckers
to stop disappearing.

You better stay on point.

- I got you.

[phone rings]

- Hey man tell that
bitch to call back, man.

Fuck that, that bitch
calling when we chilling man.

Fuck that, that
would be killing me.

But um, how's shit looking, man?

- Its looking real good.

Real good.

- I mean yeah, niggas waiting
for like two weeks, man.

[cocks gun]

- Hold on, nigga, aint
that that nigga Vic?

- Hold up, hold up, oh shit.

- Who the fuck is that he with?

Is that mini-me or something?

- Yo, this motherfucking
Dig is on the streets, man.

- Dig?

That's that motherfucker Dig?

That's the nigga that
control the west side?

Man get the fuck out of here.

- Man listen, that nigga used
to control the west side.

They all just got indicted.

This shit bugging me out, man.

- Indicted?

If he indicted than
what the fuck he doing

on the street, nigga?

That shit aint cool.

- Yo, you got your cell, man?

Call Jabbar.

We need some
surveillance over here.

This shit is bugging me out.

This nigga on the streets.

- What up, though?

Holla at your boy.

- Hey, yo.

Where the fuck you at, man?

I need you over here right now.

[upbeat tense hip hop]

- Mrs. Crawford,
Detective Russell.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

- My son doesn't peddle drugs.

- Its not your son we want.

Your nephew's wanted
by the FBI, CIA--

- Is not involved with Charles.

- Your son still live here?

- No.

Alvin's been trying
to find a decent job

so he can pay for college.

He's not like Charles.

Really, he's not.

[chattering in background]

[soft tense rap music]

[soft upbeat rap music]

[tense R&B music]

- That's good right there.

Just a little harder.

[phone rings]

go get that for me.

Yo, what's up?

- Hey yo, what's up man?

What you found out about Vic?

- Yo, C, you was right.

That nigga playing
both sides, man.

As soon as AJ leave,
that nigga Dig pull up

just like clockwork.

- Yeah, what else?

- There's been a
van parked out front

for the last couple days.

The place is definitely
under surveillance.

I don't know by who though.

- That's real.

Hey yo, stay on point, man.

You hear anything
else, holler back.


- All right, one.

[tense hip hop]

- I knew it, man.

Dig and Vic is up
to some bullshit.

You know what?

Holler at AJ.

Let him know we shutting Vic
shit down tomorrow night.

I want it to be in and
out, nice and clean.

- For sure.

- You want to be a
sneaky motherfucker

and I'ma holler at
Marston for that shit.

- The heater?

- You know it.

- Let's do this.

Consider it done.

[tense hip hop music]

- Too risky?

Man, I know that's your
damn cousin and all, man,

but nigga aint
hungry no more, dog.

I mean he already got his vault.

- Yeah man, that niggas
getting too comfortable

and shit.

He's losing his heart,
you know what I'm saying?

- So what you want
to me tell the dude

you want to meet
up with him anyway?

- What dude?

- Your dude I was
telling you about.

Has new ideas for
some new ventures.

- I want you to plug in with me.

- Plug in with you?

- Yeah.

I am gonna take
over this operation.

Plug in with me.

- I got you.

- What do you
think you're doing?

- I'm about to play
one or two games

and then we gonna bounce, aight?

- No, its my day.

We going shopping.

- Horseshit, I'm about
to play one or two games.

Be patient.

- Yeah, okay.

I'm not gonna be here long.

- Always impatient.

- I'm still going shopping, AJ.

- What up, though?

- What's up?

Is that Tommie over there?

That is Tommie.

He hold to.

I'm about to go holler
at my girl, real quick.

- Yeah, whatever.

Girl, come get me.

This nigga tripping.

[chattering in background]

- Yeah a lot, a lot, she does.

- Hold on, is that okay?

- Okay.

- I'll be right back.

- Y'all want to go play?

Let's go play.

Come on.

- What up, though?

- What's up?

I didn't think you
still came here.

- Of course I come here, girl.

- For real?

- Yeah what up with you, though?

What the fuck you doing?

- I told you I was
going shopping.

I was gonna take the whole roll.

[horn honks]

- Look, here pick me up
in an hour, all right?

- Darling.

- What up, though?

What you doing here?

- I'm about to move.

For real, for what?

- I got a new job.

- All them pictures you
took of them hood rats

worked out for you, huh?

Somebody liked that shit?

- Yeah something like that.

- Damn, well I'm
glad you not fucking

with the feds, at least.

- What do you mean?

- Shit they the ones bringing
all our shit in the country.

They want to lock
us up for moving it.

Motherfuckers be tripping.

- Yeah, well some of
us are actually trying

to make a difference
in the community.

- Huh?

- Look um, I'm having
a party tonight

and I invited a
couple of people.

So if you want to stop by
and celebrate my new job.

- Who you working for?

- The FBI.

- I thought that
shit was a joke.

You fucking with
the feds for real?

That's bullshit, man.

- So you gonna come?

- I don't know.

If I got some time, I'll try
to stop through, all right?

- Holler at this
motherfucker and shit.

Man lets get this loot.

- I guess this the spot.

- Yeah man I hope
this don't take long.

You know Tommie's
in Venice today.

- Dog, man this is business.

This niggas here a plug dog,
with the straight up [mumbles].

- Aight.

- Same shit you been asking for.

- All right, cool.

I'ma do it then.

Let's do it.

- For sure, man.

- Oh here we go, right there.

- Yeah that's it.

- What up baby?

How you feeling?

- Fine, you?

- Pretty good.

- That's cool, that's cool.

- Jack, this is my
man I told you about.

- What's up.
- This AJ.

- What up, AJ?

- I'm good.

- Come on in.

- Aight.

What you moving
or something, man?

- No, baby boy, I aint moving

but I got something in
these boxes you might like.

- Is that right?

- That's right.

Go ahead, take a look.

- Aight.

Aint nothing in the box
but some styrofoam, man.

- You sure about that, homeboy?

- Yeah I'm sure about that, man.

Hey, who is this guy, man?

What the fuck?

- That stuff right
there you're holding

is worth about 50 gs, my boy.

Come on, let me holler
at you for a minute.

- 50 Gs?
- 50 Gs.

- Oh yeah.

Holler at your boy.

- Sit down, have a seat.

Let me see one of them.

This styrofoam right
here, its melted down

and 100% pure.

Odorless, colorless,
and non-detectable.

So when you bringing
your man to take a look?

- No you don't have
to go through him.

You can go through me.

Look, he's not what you
call an early adapter,

you know what I'm saying?

I just convinced
a brother to throw

out his 8-track last week.


you feel me?

Anyway, I'm running
the operation now.

- So I'm gonna be
dealing with you?

- You dealing with me.

Me and me only.

[upbeat rap music]

- Damn it.

[upbeat rap music]

- We coming to do some nigga
in a bright white ass truck.


- That's some real shit, though.

We don't give a fuck, man.

This nigga
disrespectful and I wish

a motherfucker do
see us a snitch, man.

Burning the whole
motherfucking house down

with the family in it.

Where's AJ, man?

Did you holler at him?

- Man, I called that
nigga over an hour ago.

- Tell him we shutting this
shit down tonight, blood.

Tell him we going to do
what the fuck we got to do.

- You know this.

- Hey yo listen, keep
this shit running man.

Be in and out five minutes.

Take this faggot down.

[tense instrumental music]

- Who you here to see?

- Oh we came to see Jeff.

- All right, hold up.

- I don't like this shit.

- No its cool, its
cool, I'm sure.

[tense dramatic music]


- Tell y'all motherfuckers
to shut this shit down.

- You sure about that nigga?


[man shouts]

- I'm hit, come
on, come on, man.

- Yo, what up baby?

- What up, what up?
- You all right?

- Yeah.
- What's going on?

- Good, man.

- Things cool?

- Yeah, everything cool.

- Hit this?

- Yeah.

- Come on, let me holler
at you for a minute.

- Aight.

- Come on.

Come on, baby.


Bet I know what you thinking.

- Yeah, a whole lot of dough.

- Come on, come
over to my office.

- Aight.

We about to get paid.

Come on.

- For real.

[tense dramatic music]

- Know what I'm saying?

Man you see all that shit?

- Yeah.

- Man it was tight.

- Shit crazy, man.

- That's what I'm talking about.

New drop top, nigga.

- Drop nigga, new crib.

- Oh what up though, C.

You all right?

- What up C?

Motherfucker, don't
give me no [mumbles].

- Get the fuck in here.

Shut the fuck up.

- Have a fucking seat, man.

Look at this old
ass nigga over here.

- Get the fuck up and shut up.

- Get the fuck over here, man.

Where the fuck was
y'all at earlier?


Where the fuck was
y'all at earlier?

- What the fuck, C?

Man we out to ride out
to west Bloomfield.

- Bloomfield?

What the fuck is in Bloomfield?


- AJ said--

- Who said?

Who said?

- AJ.

- Nigga, I told a nigga
to go to Bloomfield.

Nigga, that's my crew.

- Hey yo, get these hoe
ass niggas out here.

Me and you got to talk.

- Man what the fuck is this man?

- Me and you got to talk.

Listen man, do you realize
what happened tonight?

We got ambushed.

Rio almost got killed.

- Dog, I got my
own shit to handle.

Something had to be dealt with.

- Something had
to be dealt with?

Do you realize what the
fuck you saying right now?

- Look, like I said, man,
something had to be dealt

with in Bloomfield.

- Yeah, okay?

Listen man, I brought your
motherfucking ass in this game

and I'll take you out, nigga.

Get the fuck out my office, now.

- Its like that?

- Get the fuck out!

[somber tense hip hop]

- Yo, C, I wasn't going
to say nothing, man.

But we got to take
that nigga out.

How long you think its gonna be

before niggas in the
street start hearing

about all the motherfucking
disrespect that nigga give us?

- Hey yo, man, let me
worry about that shit, man.

- Man, you the one who gave
him all the motherfucking pull.

Now he about to ruin the
whole damn goddamn operation.

- You jealous motherfucker,
you acting like you want

that to be you or something.

- Man I aint never
disrespected you.

- At least the nigga got heart.

That's what got him
where he at now.

- Heart?

Man I can't believe
this bullshit.

- Motherfucker.
- You killed my nigga

for what?
- Nigga, I run this shit, man.

I aint gonna kill
my blood over this.

I'ma teach him a lesson, man.

Call Jabbar, tell him
this shit is on, man.

[low tense hip hop]

[soft dramatic music]

- Yo Jack, who was that man?

Who the fuck is that?

Man what the fuck
you doing here?

- Motherfucker, who the
fuck you talking to?

New plan, Caesar orders.

I'm riding in on this on.

D, you ride shotgun.

- Man, he aint said
shit to me about that.

- Look motherfucker, soldiers
on a need to know basis.

What's the motherfucking plan?

- Man, look.

AJ been shaking up at Portia's
for the last couple of days.

We had the place
under surveillance.

They normally stumble in the
club around three o'clock.

We'll be waiting inside.

We'll fuck they ass up
real good but that's it.

Caesar wants his ass alive.

We'll trash the place,
make it look like a robbery

gone bad and then we bounce.

[tense rap music]

- Come on, so I can trick
your ass out tonight.

- Its on tonight.


- Motherfucker, don't move.

- Man what the
fuck is this, man?

Hey nigga, do you know
who the fuck I am?

- Shut up, bitch.

- Hey don't.


- Get the fuck in here.


Bitch get off me.


- Motherfucker, you
done lost your mind.

- What the fuck wrong with you?

- We weren't supposed
to kill nobody.


- Get the motherfucking jewelry.





- Hey, yo I wasn't
supposed to make it through

that night, was I?

- It took us seven
hours of surgery

to remove that bullet
from your abdomen.

- What does that mean now?

- Well it means that if
there are no complications

from the surgery, we can
expect a full recovery.

- Excuse me no, a coma, with
little chance of recovery.

- Excuse me?

- That's what I
need you to report.

Look, this man is under
protective custody.

He's gonna be moved as
soon as his condition

is stabilized.

Can I talk to you outside
for just a second?


[TV in background]

- [TV] Good morning,
this is Rochelle Mann

for Channel Six News.

We have a developing story
from northwest Detroit

where three unidentified
African American males

and one African American
female were shot

during the early morning hours

in what is being called
a grisly home invasion.

Hospital officials report
that one of the victims

is in a coma with little
to no chance of recovery.

Detroit police do not have
any suspects in custody

at this time but do
believe that the shooting

was a drug related
robbery gone bad.

We will bring you the full story

as well as the condition
of the victims live

today at 12 noon.

- Baby don't you want
to get dressed at least?

- Not right now, baby.

Can a nigga get a
little time to himself?

Close the door behind you.

- Oh you want me
to close your door?

- Yeah.

- I'll close your door.
- Thank you.


- Everything gonna be all right.

It gonna be all right, ma.

Everything gonna be all right.

- Hey, could you use some help?

- Man y'all tripping.

I can walk.

- Oh really?

Then we're making progress.

Thanks, I'll take it from here.

- Man.

I thought I was dreaming
or hallucinating.

That was you earlier, huh?

- Yeah.

Now its time to get
you up out of here.

You ready?

- Up out of here?

Where we going?

- A safe place where
you can recover.

- What's the catch?

- Look we have a
long ride up there.

We can talk about
this on the way, AJ.

- Can I have a minute
to think about it?

- Okay, you have 20 minutes.

Make up your mind.

I'll be in the cafeteria.

- All right.

- Was it worth it?

This is it, Alvin.

This is your opportunity to
start on a new direction.

- A new direction?

What by being a punk?

- No by doing something
positive with your life.

- Ma, you don't understand.

Look I love the streets.

I love the respect I get
when I walk in the clubs

or when I pull up in my new car.

My people envy me

- Do they envy you now, all
shot up laying in the hospital?

What's wrong with you?

You have to make
a decision, Alvin.

If you go back to the streets,

I'm not going to
support you anymore.

[birds chirping]

- Are you sure you're ready
to try some of my cooking?

- Hell yeah.

Shit I'm tired of being
fed through a straw.

- All right, here it is.

- Nah, nah.

I'ma eat it in there.

Hold on.


fuck it, man.

- What's wrong, are you okay?

- Yeah I'm cool.

Hand me some of them
weights over there.

Now you know I'm gonna need
more weights than that.

- Don't you think you're trying
a little too much too fast?

- Tommie, just hand
me the weights.

- Okay.

Okay, AJ, wait stop.

Look, I'm not gonna let
you kill yourself, okay?

I'm not gonna stand here
and watch you kill yourself.

You got to take things slow.

I'm going to bed.

[somber reflective music]

- You know the
industry territory?

- Yeah.

- That's you now.

You have 10 soldiers
reporting to you.

All you got to do is supply and
collect, collect, collect...

You got to do what
they can't do,

what they aint got
the heart to do.

- Nigga, I did what you
aint had the heart to do,

motherfucker, motherfucker...

- That aint heart,
killing niggas we love.

- I brought your
motherfucking ass in this game

and I'll take you out, nigga.

Get the fuck out my office, man.

- Its like that?

- Get the fuck out,
fuck out, fuck out...

[somber reflective music]

- Talking about some hoes.

Niggas can't use no cell
phones in the wilderness

and shit, motherfuckers got
to run out to the outhouse

and use cans with
the strings and shit

to talk to the motherfucker.

- Get this blunt
rolled up real quick.

- Where your hoe man?

What time we at man?

What time does business
come in here and strip?


- Shit.

Damn, that was really funny.

- Fake ass pimp
with no hoes, nigga.

- Hey but on the real,
word in the streets,

your ass is dead, nigga.

- Oh yeah?

- For real.

- Yeah look, I'ma be ready
to make moves real soon.

- Oh fo sho?

- Fo sho, my nigga.

Its time.

Its time to take over
the whole operation

but I need y'all to do a couple
things with me first, aight?

- Slay me, my nigga.

- I need y'all to pledge
y'all loyalty back to Caesar.

- You're tripping.

- No listen, listen.

He'll put you back on
because my soldiers

will follow you.

Understand, y'all
gonna be followed

so y'all got to do all
that necessary shit

to prove you're down.

You feel me?

And once they loosen
up, once y'all back in,

I need y'all to find
out everything y'all can

about the operation,
especially that nigga Rio.

Can you handle that?

- That's a done deal, baby.

Got you, got you.

- Roll up.

- AJ?

- Yeah.

- I know you're not
going back, are you?

I wish you could be
here for me, Alvin.

- I got to go, Tommie.

- When am I testifying?

- What I'm supposed to do?

Lay my life on the witness
protection program?

For real?

I didn't get no degree
at Michigan State.

I got my degree on the streets.

All I know how to be
is a street nigga.

- Can't you forget
about the money?

- Its not about
the money, Tommie.

- What is it about?

- Its about the respect
I get on the streets.

Its about the look in
people's eye when I pull up

and drop like two
Gs without blinking.

Niggas envy me.

- Envy?

- Yeah that's right, envy.

- They won't envy your
ass when you're dead.

Or locked up.

- Hey.

- What's up, baby?

- How you feel?

- Aight.

- Sure?

Maybe you should see him.

- What?

- Go see your cousin, Caesar.

- You're right, I
should go see him.

- You know you didn't mean
for it to go down like this.

What's wrong with
going to see him?

- You trying to gas me up.

- Well?

- I'll go see him.

Say how you doing.

- You promise?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

[people chattering]

- Hi, how you folks
doing tonight?

Would you like anything
else with your entrees?

Well just call me if
you need anything.

- Hey yo, C.

I need to holler at you, man.

- State your business.

- Look, C.

I'ma cut to the chase, man.

Since that nigga AJ
been up out of here

shits been real fucked up.

Niggas are starving.

Niggas need some work, man.

- Dog, yo look at this
shit, look at this shit.

- Oh shit.

Hell no.
- Look at this shit right here

Niggas try to eat like
a motherfucker do.

- Hell no.
- This shit wild.

- Right in front of the nigga.

- Damn.

- I feel sorry for
niggas like that, man.

- What?

- They got nobody to
look out for em and shit.

- Man you fooling, nigga.

You hear this nigga, man?

Wasn't saying that shit earlier

when you had your foot
up that crack head ass.

- Oh yeah, don't get it twisted.

You know if a nigga
gets out of line,

you know, we got to
straighten his ass out.

Straight up.

You know what I'm saying?

- Fo sho, you know we do, nigga.

- So all these niggas missing
is a little bit of leadership.

I'm that nigga to give it to em.

- Why are you looking like that?

- No reason.

I just thought your
son took care of you.

- Don't come around here
acting all high and mighty

and shit just because I
ask you for some money.

Your son is selling rocks
like the rest of em.

- Alvin learned his lesson.

- You don't know?

You don't know, do you?

AJ's back in business.

That's right.

All those years you
spent telling me

if it was my son, I'd
do this, or I'd do that.


Now you can put your
money where your mouth is.

- You know what, I'm
tired of this bullshit.

- Get the fuck on then.

- Hey?

Hey, homie.

This it right here

and them shoes up there
that I got, aight?

Chop chop, though,
homie don't got all day.

I got shit I got to do.

For real.

What up, though.

No this AJ.

Oh I went on a
little vacation, man.

I had to clear my mind and shit.

No, no everything is cool, man.

No I'm back in business.

Everything is straight.

We still straight
though, cause I'ma need

that shit real soon.

All right.

That's what I'm talking about.

I'ma hit you up a
little later then.

All right.

Oh no, not that shirt.

That hustler gear shirt.

Yeah man, that one.

♪ Yeah

♪ All my niggas on some
getting dope shit ♪

♪ When they feds is near

♪ They like oh

♪ When they start
questioning me ♪

♪ I don't know shit

♪ Cause I aint got
time to snitch ♪

♪ Now you want to hit me up

♪ And throw fit

♪ Cause I aint giving up info

♪ You got nothing on me

♪ Talk to my lawyer

♪ He's like a hungry pit bull

♪ And he will destroy you

♪ I promise you

♪ I play the game of
life with caution ♪

♪ I'm trying to live a mark

♪ Before I leave in a coffin

♪ To often too many niggas

♪ Pointing and talking

♪ So I stop flossing

♪ When a cop two
rides off an auction ♪

♪ One of them windows tinted

♪ So when I shoot moves

♪ Its hard to tell who's in it

♪ You may see

♪ Two badass freaks

♪ One of them driving

♪ One in the passenger seat

♪ Pulling

♪ Snatching my heat

- What up, though?
- Damn, boy.

I thought you was dead.

What you doing in the spot?

- Checking up on
business, you know.

- That's all?

Word is you had your own
little corner in the streets.

- Nah, that was then.

- Long as Caesar take
care of all us right?

- Don't you mean Rio?

- Yeah, he running round here
like he got that big head

like he running shit,
you know what I'm saying?

Like he running the blocks,
you know what I'm saying?

- Yeah that's
right, that's right.

- Fo sho.

- Well look, just watch
your back in the streets.

All right?
- all right man, good looking.

- Cause you know that
nigga Rio a snake?

- All right, fo sho.

- So keep your eyes
open, little homie.

- All right man.
- all right man.

- Shit I wish this
nigga hurry up, man.

Get this shit over with, dog.

I got to piss.

- That nigga be here,
dog, hold it down.

- What the fuck is this, man?

Is that the nigga right there?

- Yeah, dog, that's that nigga.

- Oh yeah, hell yeah.

- Yeah, that's real right there.

- Word.

- All right dog,
real smooth, dog.

Get in there quick and quiet.

Hit every motherfucker in there,

get the money and
get the fuck out,

you know what I'm saying?

- Fo sho.

- Dog, don't forget that money.

I got Rio.

- Dog, I got you, nigga.

- You ready to roll, dog?

Make sure that motherfucking
silencer on tight, baby.

Y'all ready to do this?

- Let's do this shit.

[tense hip hop music]


- Playboy, what up?

Everything well?

- Shit nigga, we
got hit tonight.

- Come on, man.

- Somebody set us up.

- Set up like what?

What you talking about?

- Look, I got to the
location about an hour late.

I was flying down the
lights, hit a pot hole

and tore the Benz up.

- The Benz is fucking up now?

Pot holes is
fucking the Benz up?

Come on, man, that's 10
million dollars, man.

Tell me something.

- Police was everywhere,
niggas was stretched.

- How I know you aint got
nothing to do with this?

- Fuck you talking about I
got something to do with?

- Man, that's 10
million dollars, man.

- You think I'd be here at
your motherfucking house

at three o'clock in the morning

if I had something
to do with it?

- I don't know what to
fucking think right now, man.

- Nigga, that's our money.

Think about it.

Who the fuck knew our operation?

Who know how we move?

- You know what, know what?

Its too fucking late
to be fucking play

the guessing game, man.

Who the fuck you think?

- Nigga, I think AJ did it.

- What my little cuz AJ?

- Yeah, your little cousin.

That's who the fuck
I think did it.

- So my little cousin now,
he robbing motherfuckers.

He's gonna rob from me?

- Nigga--
- I put food in his mouth.

He gonna take from me now?

- What you think he
won't take from you?

What you can't see that that
nigga want to be just like you?

You can't see that we've
been raising that nigga

since he was little?

You don't think he want to
be the motherfucking man?

- I can't see shit no more.

You know what?

I'ma call him.

If shit aint happening,
somebody getting hurt.

Hey yo, AJ, what up, man?

Hey yo, you spoke to Rio lately?

Aight, aight.

Hey yo, call me right back, man.

Yeah, on the landline.

[phone rings]

AJ, what up?

Listen man.

What the fuck you heard in
the streets lately, man?

Be straight up.

You know this
motherfucker disappeared.

Aint nobody heard shit.

Shipment is gone, package
is gone, everything.


He walked away with
10 million cash.

100 million worth of dope.

That's your motherfucking
explanation, nigga.

Okay, first things first.

I got to replace
the shipment man

or niggas going to
war in the streets.

I'll have motherfucking
sniffing fly

before I shut my spot down

and after that, man we got to
lay this fucking cat down, man

okay, that's a lot of shit.

You sure you gonna
be down with that?

That's good, that's good.

So you get on top of that and
you holler back at me, aight?


[tense hip hop]

[doorbell rings]

- What the hell you doing here?

- You not going
to even let me in?

I didn't even know you
were back in Detroit.

- Why did you come over here?

- What you gonna do
now that you're back?

- Look, I don't have time
for this shit right now.

- Answer me, Alvin.

- I'm not about to
get into this, ma.

- You're working with
Charles again, aren't you?

How could you, Alvin?

After what happened?

After laying in the
hospital all those months.

You got so much potential.

Why you want to go
back to that life?

- Potential for what?

Mom, what kind of fucking
fairy tale you living in, huh?

Look, I wasn't not athlete.

I didn't get no academic
scholarship or whatever.

Look, I couldn't even
hold down a decent job.

So you tell me what kind
of fucking potential

you got for me, ma.

[phone rings]

For real.

- Have some.

- What's up, baby?

- I was at the Lexus
dealership today

and I test drove that
new little convertible.

It looked kind of cute on me.

- You know we got
to stop spending.

Got to chill out now.


- What do you mean?

I thought things was
going good, baby?

- Maybe its time to get out.

You know?

I've been lucky for
a long time, baby.

- What you talking
bout, Charles?

Baby, you starting to scare me.

What's going on?

- Listen, I've been
hustling since I was nine.

Come a point in time the
hustling catch up to you.

You hear me?

I don't know.

All the shit that went
down with AJ and now Rio.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

What happened with Rio?

- Listen, I got some
money tucked away for us.

- So how much money
we talking about?

- You know my style.

Enough to last us a lifetime.

But from here I'm
gonna let AJ take over.

I can't do this
shit no more, baby.

- You really think
you can walk away?

- I can do anything
I put my mind to.

Just one thing I
got to do tonight

and we'll be out of here.

- You're serious, aren't you?

- Like a heart attack, baby.

- I love you.

- Show me how much.

[soft sultry R&B]

- Hey, its Sharon.

I don't know what I'm
gonna do with Alvin.

He's working with Caesar again.

I don't, I can't
take this anymore.

You got to do something.

Look, I know they're
up to something.

I heard Alvin say him and
Caesar were gonna meet

at the warehouse
district tonight.

Mean some Jack somebody.

Tommie, I got a bad
feeling about this one.

I don't trust Caesar.

Please promise me, you
got to do something.

I don't want him to end up dead.

Please, promise me you
got to do something.


thanks, Tommie.

- Agent A11920092.

Yes, can you connect me
with William Casey, please?

- [Phone] Hello?

- Hi, Chief.

This is Tamia.

I have a bit of an emergency.

Can someone take my shift.

- [Phone] Look, things
are bad right now, Tamia.

We got a major bust
going down in two hours.

All of our standby
personnel have been assigned

to flight detail.

We're gonna get
him tonight, Tamia.

- Get who?

- [Phone] Caesar and
the rest of his crew.

We got a sleeper agent on
the case for a couple years.

He's name is Jack Kelley.

We arranged to have
Caesar buy a shipment

of cocaine from him tonight.

- Jack.
- Hello?


- Chief, why wasn't I
informed about this?

I have been working this
case for at least a year.

- [Phone] Don't get excited.

You got to take it
up with the director.

He's got a lid on this one.

I just found out about it at
the beginning of this week.

Anyway, I need you
to hold your position

until things cool down.

Can you do that for me?

- Yes, sir.

- [Phone] Thank you.

- Damn it.

Damn it, AJ!

What am I gonna do now?

- I'm gonna take
care of that business

I was telling you about.

- Okay.

- I'm out of here, baby.

[tense dramatic music]

Watch your step, man.

[tense dramatic music]

You aight?
- Yeah, yeah.

So you ready to do this?

- Yo, what's up with your man?

How y'all connect?

- Oh Dirty Red hooked
me up with him.

Yeah he got some good shit, too

and its a whole lot cheaper.

- That's good.

I'm getting Rio to
come down to the spot

so he can check homie out.

- When you talk to Rio?

- This morning, man.

Somebody hit his car.

Came here going crazy.

But yeah, he be there.

- All right, word.

Hey, can I use your
bathroom real quick?

- Yeah, nigga.

You know where the bathroom at.

You acting funny for, man?

[tense dramatic music]

[upbeat tense hip hop]

- You ready to do this?

- Fo sho, fo sho, fo sho.

- Where your man at?

- Shit, he should be here, man.

[upbeat tense hip hop]

- All right, so you
ready to do this?

- Yo, man.

I hope this motherfucker
is reliable, man.

You know you got to start
minimizing your risks.

- What you mean you?

Don't you mean we?

- I mean man, this
is my last deal.

I aint gonna lie.

- Huh?

- I'm turning the whole
operation over to you, man.

Leaving it all to you.

You do what you want.

- You're giving it to me?

- This him?

- Yeah, this him.

That's him right here.

- Glad you guys could make it.

- Fo sho.

You all right, homie?

- Yeah, you?

- Fo sho, how you doing?

- This Caesar?

- No, no, no.

This my man Rio.

Rio, this is Jack.

- What's going on?
- Thought I was

expecting the big man.

- He'll be here in a minute.

- Oh I'm supposed
to be happy now?

- Yo, man, who else
get it this easy?

- You acting like
you giving this shit

to me on a silver platter.

I'm the one that took
this whole operation

to a whole nother level, homie.

- Smoke?

- No man, I aint
come here for that.

I came to handle business.

- Yo Shawn, why
your boy tripping?

I just want to meet the man.

- Who the fuck you calling boy?

- Hold on, Rio, damn chill out.

- Yo my man, is
he coming or not?

- Man I didn't I tell you
he'd be here in a minute?

- Think we better get in there.

- We're waiting on Caesar.

That's who we came for,
so let's just wait.

- And if it was easy, its
because I let it be easy.

- Nigga, you aint
make this happen.

I put this shit together, man.

- If I didn't, then why you
send them sucker ass niggas

to come kill me?

What, what you
aint think I know?

- Listen man, that shit
aint supposed to happen--

- Shit aint supposed to happen?

Then what was
supposed to happen?

You rape my girl and rob me.

- He's in trouble,
we got to go now.

- No man, be cool.

This guys going down.

- You know I enjoyed
our time we done spent

but time is money.

The fuck?

Yo, D, its a set up.


- Go, lets go.
- Let's go, go!



- Listen man, family is all
I got in this game, man.

- Family?

Come on, man.

Flex was family.

- Yo fuck Flex.

Man you blood, man
don't let this shit

go to your head, man.

- I made this!


[men shouting]

[tense dramatic music]


- No!



- [Narrator] When people give
in to their sinful desires

they live in immoral ways.

Idolatry, jealousy,
lust, adultery,

fornication, arguing, [mumbles]

self ambition,
murderers, division

and envy.

I warned you.

As I did before.

That those who live like this

will not inherit at the
kingdom of the lord.

[tense low hip hop]

♪ This your boy young

♪ And I'm back

♪ Yeah

♪ You niggas
thought I was gone ♪

♪ Nigga

♪ I'm on some new shit nigga

♪ The swag is
definitely on, nigga ♪

♪ And I'm thinking about getting
this motherfucking money ♪

♪ You understand what
I'm talking about ♪

♪ Sitting in my living room

♪ Thinking about a record deal

♪ Plus I'm make it here

♪ I'm trying to step 100 here

♪ And I'm high rolling

♪ Off a couple blue x pills

♪ Watching television

♪ Got me thinking
like a superstar ♪

♪ Tired of sitting at the crib

♪ Go and buy another car

♪ If you looking for me

♪ You can probably
catch me at the bar ♪

♪ Throwing up some champagne

♪ Couple bitches on my arm

♪ Money getting niggas

♪ Know exactly what
I'm talking bout ♪

♪ Making money everyday

♪ We making money in the drive

♪ Flip a couple things

♪ Take the money to
the stash house ♪

♪ I know how to do it

♪ Have the money
and your ass out ♪

♪ From my motherfucking
paper route ♪

♪ Spend a little money

♪ Show you what to think about

♪ I stay in the hood

♪ There aint shit
to feel safe about ♪

♪ I know niggas in the pen

♪ And they aint
never getting out ♪

♪ Put my niggas

♪ This aint even
on the rap shit ♪

♪ Plus I'm down to

♪ I'm talking on
that trap shit ♪

♪ Hang around niggas

♪ You can get money

♪ And laugh with it

♪ Nothing better
than a real nigga ♪

♪ To count your cash

♪ What you talking bout

♪ Real niggas

♪ Know what I'm talking

♪ Real niggas know just
what I'm talking bout ♪

♪ Real niggas know just
what I'm talking bout ♪

♪ You aint talking money

♪ I don't know what
you talking bout ♪

♪ Get around 40 counts

♪ Bread everyday

♪ I keep my gun right by

♪ You don't really understand

♪ Mostly all been lied to

♪ That's why I keep my head

♪ Protecting what that ride do

♪ I will probably never

♪ Be the American idol

♪ My city got my back

♪ Like we just won a title

♪ We give a little right back

♪ My city I would die for

♪ My people losing money

♪ Like their pockets got lipo

♪ Yeah nigga always
on the realest shit ♪

♪ Bitches love me

♪ Cause I'm always
giving up a real ♪

♪ 72 Cadillac

♪ I'm cruising like
them other shit ♪

♪ Keep that 40 on me

♪ Just in case you
niggas want to trip ♪

♪ Let a few shots off

♪ To make an acrobatic flip

♪ I aint really in

♪ Go pack it up

♪ Red 98

♪ Imported my tomato whip

♪ If you don't understand life

♪ You don't understand shit

♪ Do it for my niggas

♪ This aint even
on the rap shit ♪

♪ Plus I'm down the city

♪ Yeah talking on
that trap shit ♪

♪ Hang around niggas

♪ You can get money
and laugh with it ♪

♪ Nothing better
than a real nigga ♪

♪ To count your cash

♪ What you talking bout

♪ Real niggas know just
what I'm talking bout ♪

♪ What you talking bout

♪ Real niggas know
just what I'm talking ♪

♪ What you talking bout

♪ Real niggas know just
what I'm talking bout ♪

♪ You aint talking money

♪ I don't know what
you talking bout ♪

♪ Sunday afternoon
I got a call ♪

♪ From the fucking plug

♪ He just want to
throw a couple birds ♪

♪ To a fucking thug

♪ Phone off the hook

♪ Niggas trying to get
some kind of drugs ♪

♪ If you get your ass in here

♪ You probably aint
gonna get no love ♪

♪ Smoking like a motherfucker

♪ Yeah that burnt the broccoli

♪ City man I'm winning

♪ So they're probably
aint no stopping me ♪

♪ You say that you getting
all this money nigga ♪

♪ Not to me

♪ You the type of nigga

♪ That I tell my people

♪ Flossing like a mother yeah

♪ I hold it down for my city

♪ Niggas want to kill young

♪ They better come and get me

♪ I'll stick to the g though

♪ Plus we suck a
couple titties ♪

♪ I'm just trying to feed fam

♪ Come up on a couple million

♪ All through my neighborhood

♪ I don't know my plug name

♪ Everybody call him

♪ I got what you need

♪ Whatever I got it plenty

♪ I said I got what you need

♪ Whatever I got plenty

♪ I tell my niggas this
aint even on the rap shit ♪

♪ Plus I'm down the city

♪ Yeah I'm talking
on that trap shit ♪

♪ Hang around niggas

♪ You can get money
and laugh with it ♪

♪ Nothing better
than a real nigga ♪

♪ To count your cash

♪ What you talking bout

♪ Real niggas know just
what I'm talking about ♪

♪ What you talking bout

♪ Real niggas know just
what I'm talking bout ♪

♪ What you talking bout

♪ Real niggas know just
what I'm talking bout ♪

♪ You aint talking money

♪ I don't know what
you're talking bout ♪

♪ Yeah

♪ I told you niggas

♪ You niggas thought
I wasn't coming back ♪

♪ You a motherfucking
fool nigga ♪

♪ Look what the
fuck I do nigga ♪

♪ You aint no g nigga

♪ Till you up on me nigga

♪ And that's real rap

♪ Fuck out of here

[tense rap music]

[tense rap music]

♪ Coming short on that icky

♪ Get you killed in my

♪ Thinking that its cool

♪ But its not in my

♪ Its real in my

♪ We pack steel in my

♪ Post up on the block

♪ Moving work in my

♪ [Tense rap music]

♪ Got a bad rap on TV

♪ Best believe me

♪ You can get shot
for knowing me ♪

♪ The only place
that I'd rather be ♪

♪ Detroit murder

♪ Area code 313

♪ My city

♪ Home of the 45

♪ Young ceiling

♪ Where outsiders die

♪ [Tense rap music]

♪ Home of the 45

♪ Young ceiling

♪ Place where outsiders die

♪ [Tense rap music]

♪ I'm from that
land in the jungle ♪

♪ Where them lions
and them tigers roar ♪

♪ Known for them gators

♪ And them diamonds and the 24

♪ Eight miles going down

♪ Seven mile 2020

♪ Six mile BA

♪ Real niggas running

♪ [Tense rap music]

♪ Riding on the east side

♪ You bound see
them cheddar boys ♪

♪ You want to fuck
their bread nigga ♪

♪ Look for them street lords

♪ When it comes to rap

♪ And you know we
got that lock to it ♪

♪ Trick trick