Entropy (2022) - full transcript

On the same day Abbey is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she and her girlfriend, Miranda, are invited to dinner by Miranda's former self-help group to celebrate the return of their estranged friend, Scott, who left to discover the origins of their practices. Throughout the night, Abbey realizes that all is not as it seems, that no one is as who they've portrayed themselves to be, and that Scott and the others have their own sinister methods by which they intend to heal her cancer-wracked body.

I'm still here.



Soon as possible.

No, it's not...
it's not your fault.

Monday at nine is fine.

Hey, babe?

- Yeah?
- You feeling okay?

- Yeah.
- Okay,

well, I made breakfast.
It's downstairs

whenever you're ready, okay?

You sleep okay?

- Not really.
- What?

Really? How come?

There's no news.


Okay. Okay.

I know it's not really
a no news is good news

kind of situation.

- Sure isn't.
- Anything I can do?

You could get me a new body.

I like your body and your brain.

Nice save.

I like it all. I really do.

That's good because
by the time this is all over,

there's probably
not going to be much left.

Oh my gosh,
you're gonna hate me.

I signed us up for
a get-together tonight.


Cody and Will invited us over,

fucking Scott's in town.

- Scott, when did he get back...
- Just yesterday, I guess.

Guy's been gone for so long

I almost forgot
about him, but...

Cody made it seem like

he wasn't saying
that long, though, so...

There's no way that
I can talk you out of this?


They're not even my friends

and I... I've tried.

Just, I just don't...

I don't think I'm up for being
around people right now.

It might
be nice just to get out!

No, but last time...

They're just asking
too many questions.

I know they're weird
and they're odd,

but I promise
they won't ask you a thing.

Do they know?

Only what they knew then.

I swear I haven't
told them anything.


I swear to God.

One question,
one pathetic look... I'm out.

I'll go to a party,

but I'm not going
to a pity party.

Abbey, it'll be fun.

I promise.

You are getting awfully liberal
with your promises.

I know.

Don't you guys hate Scott?

Wasn't he in a cult?

What are you,
a priest or something like that?


Scott's not in a cult.

That's literally
what you told me

on our second date.

"I have this friend
who's in a cult."

More of a self-help kind of...

Well, isn't that why he went

out of the country
in the first place?

Yes, Abbey. Yes.

Yeah, I know. It's just...

Oh, my God. Ugh!

When's the last time
you watched this thing out?

- What?
- Oh, it tastes chalky.

There's a chalky undertone.

- Do you have anything else?
- No, I'm sorry, babe.

That's it, just take a big drink

and pretend it's something else.

Wine it is.

So, Cody's been
talking to Scott,

it sounds like
he did some soul searching.

Cody or Scott?

Sounds like Scott did
some soul searching

between Europe and Africa.

Finally got things
all figured out.


But he's a good guy,
you'll like him.

Yeah, you mean
he didn't try to rope you

into his self-help bullshit?

Yeah, he definitely did.


does Cody go to a doctor
at the hospital?

I saw him at the hospital
the other day

and I didn't say anything.

Did he see me?

Didn't mention anything to me

- he was at the hospital.
- Yeah.

Why didn't you say anything?

I was a "see you next Tuesday"
last Tuesday.

Oh, gotcha.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, Cody goes there.

Not as much as
he used to, though..

It's this rare thing.

Morgellons disease.

It's like maybe medical
or psychological.

There's par...

there's particles under his skin

that make him feel like
he's been infested with bugs.

- Jesus!
- I know it's fucked up,

but I don't know.

He seems to be doing
a lot better.

He told me that he takes
medication for it,

but when it gets bad,

he usually scratches the hell
out of his shoulder.

He seems to be, you know,
a lot happier, I guess.

You know, he didn't like
his body, either.

That is not even close
to the same thing.

But I get what you're saying.

Yeah, I didn't know that.

It's actually how I met Will.
At the hospital.

- Really?
- Mhmm.

Huh. Well, wasn't he...-

Wait a minute.
Where are we going?

I thought
we were going to Cody's.

Speaking of places
where people meet.

Oh, okay, so you mean
we actually left early

once for a good reason?

I am what I am.

You're ridiculous.

Watch your step.

Hey, isn't this the spot
we had our first kiss?


You want to check it out?


What's in the woods?

Oh, my gosh, can you believe

we made it
all the way back here?

No, I'm surprised
that this is still here.

I know. Oh my gosh.

Hey, I'm sorry, I'm making you
go to this thing tonight.

I mean, it's fine.
It'll probably be...


You know, it's not
our anniversary right?

Give me
a little credit. Come on.

I will say, it's...
it's nice to be outside.

We should probably
do this more often.

We've had so much going on.

I'm sorry, it feels like
everything has to stop.

Yeah. It's just, I mean...

It's definitely hard
to multitask with...

whatever's growing inside of me.

I'm sorry, you know,
I know my friends

aren't your friends,
but tonight...

Can I just not be me tonight?

What do you mean?

Pissed and worrying
all the time.

A "see you next Tuesday."



You have a reason to be.

I know, and I think
that's part of my problem.

Like, somehow,
if I'm not like this,

that it'll just be worse.

I think it's the opposite.

You're probably right, but...

- Fuck.
- Hey, listen,

we're going to make you
a new you tonight, okay?

- Okay.
- Yeah, close your eyes.

From your favorite little shop.


All right, open.

What? Tourmaline?

- Yes.
- I love it. This is beautiful.

A little hippie lady,

the little crazy hippie lady

said it was good for healing.

Oh, that hippie lady's name
is Parker.

Well, Parker's little nuts
but she did say

it was good for healing, so.

Okay, well, let's try it out.

You're going
to have to tighten this.


How does it feel?

Perfect. I feel better already.

Good, good.

You actually went into
Maiden, Mother & Crone

- all by your lonesome?
- She's a little wild,

but it was worth it.

- Anything for you.
- Well, I'm going to need

all the help I can get
to get through tonight.

Oh, come on!

I'm kidding, but seriously...

you've got to be
the designated driver.

Okay, deal. That makes sense.

- I can do that.
- Okay.

But we do have to stop
and get wine for Will

because he's a little weird,

so we should probably
do that now.

Oh, okay.

We don't have to stay too long.

Pinky swear, bitch.

Oh, my God, ladies.

Oh, come in, come in.

Sorry, we ran a little late.

Oh, it's fine.
I'm just glad you guys are here.

Oh, my gosh, give me a hug!
It's so good to see you too.

Good to see you too.

Been way too long. And hello.

- You look great.
- Oh, thanks.

Here, I brought you
some medicine.

Ah, merci beaucoup.

We know it's your favorite.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Cody's in the kitchen for once.

Hey, what's up?

- Cody, how are you?
- Abbey, how are you?

Good to see you.

Nice to see you, Abbey.
How have you been?

Oh, good. Good. Good.

- How about you?
- Great. Everything's great.

We've been looking forward
to this night.

Oh, Miranda got this
for me today.

- Love it.
- Thanks.

So is anyone else here?

On the way. Scott'll be late.

Like usual.

Come on, it's funny.

I really love the house.

Oh my God. Right?

Come on,
I'm going to give you a tour.

- Okay.
- All right.

I'm going to go with him,
salvage his cooking.

Well, I love what you guys
have done with the place.

Yeah, we love it.

Something always needs doing.

But we love it.

Come on, I'll show you
the rest of the place.


I'm sorry that

we haven't been
over here sooner.

Ah, you're fine.
We totally get it.

I mean, it's not like
we haven't been busy.

You ever met Scott?

No, but Miranda's
told me about him.

Yeah, I think you'll like him.

He's a little... crazy,

but he's interesting.

He's actually been emailing us
while he's been gone.

- Miranda too?
- Yeah. Everyone.

Has she not been
showing you the pictures?


Oh, well.

Well, I don't have my phone
on me to show you.

But I gotta say,
that sounds like her.

What do you mean?

She, uh...

always kept to herself.

Not in a bad way.

You know, a bad thing.

No, it's okay.

She's always
got something going on.

So... Scott's in some cult?

Kinda... sorta...

but no, not anymore, at least.

- Mainly...
- Self-help?

Yeah. We all bought
into it a few years ago.

That's actually
why he left the country.

To see if there was
any truth to it all.

Was there?

So, Cody said he saw you

at the hospital the other day.

- Everything all right?
- Um, I...

- Hey guys!
- Hey!

Sorry, we're late.


Oh, well,
look who it is!

Abbey, how you been?

Oh, great, great. I'm great.

- That's cool.
- Thank you.

So, what's the status
on Cody's dishes, Miranda?

Everything's decent
with enough salt.

I heard that.

This means so much
to Will and I.

Every day,
we go through so much shit

that life throws at us.


I just think
we all need an escape.

From all of this.

We're always better
who we're together.

Hear, hear.

So let's shed all of this.

And be what we should be.

Okay, admittedly,
I'm a little drunk.

Just a little.

But everything's set up
outside, so come on.

That sounded pretty self help-y.

What up, Scott?


- I don't even know where to...
- You must be, Abby.

Oh shit, sorry,
I forgot to introduce you guys.

Um... yeah, sorry.

It's good to finally meet you.

- Heard a lot.
- Not all of it's true.

How long have you
and Miranda been together?

Oh, you mean she...
didn't talk to you about me

in any of your emails together?

Three months and some change.

That's... that's great.


So what do you think is true?

Actually, Scott,

this is the first time
we've gotten together,

since they started dating.

Yeah, I guess that's on me.

No, no. We've all been busy.


What do you do?

I do make up for
a local theater company.

And, you know, I just started
and I really like it.

Oh, I...

I thought you were wrapped up
in the medical scene

like the rest of them.

Cody said he's seen you
at the hospital a lot.

I don't mean to pry, Abbey,

but I know a good
gynecologist, if you...

No, no, no.

Wow, wow. Yeah, sorry.

- Went right through me.
- You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.
Went straight through me.


The fuck's her problem?

Shit just got awkward.

Oh, fuck.

Hey, hey!

I saw you walk
right past, and...

I'm, uh...
I'm just not feeling so good.

Okay, that's fine, you know,
we don't have to stay long.

Let's just get through
dinner, okay?

No, I want you
to see your friend.

You don't like him, do you?

I know, it's just been
a few years.

He's jetlagged.

It's all the questions,
isn't it?

I'll make sure they lay off.

They just really like you,

and they want
to get to know you.

I feel like they already
know everything about me.

They're just being coy.

Oh, I haven't told them
anything, but,

I know you will
in your own time.

Do they know about
your seizures?


Well, Cody said that thing,

and you have your seizures.

They're just clique-y.

- I don't think...
- Scott was talking about

that medical shit...
Just got me thinking.

What about Will,
Kristen, Robert?

I don't think
they'd want me to say.

I'm your girlfriend.

And they're my best friends.

They know about me, don't they?

Abbey, I don't even
know about you.

You're all vague about it.

You know what? Fine.

Kristen has Ehlers-Danlos,
Robert has diabetes,

Will has migraines
that feel like somebody

is fucking drilling
into his brain.

And I used to have seizures.

Seizures, damn it!
Everybody has their shit.

Is that how you guys
all became friends?

We all became friends
through Scott.

He was the one that was
in the nurse's office the most.

We all met that way through him.

That's fucking weird.

Weird? Seriously?

If anybody's gonna understand

what's going on within you,
it's gonna be them

and me if you just
fucking let me.

And so this patient's been

requesting me all night,
all night.

Sorry, go ahead.

Go ahead.

But when he would talk to me,

he would use my full name.

So of course I'm avoiding him

because I know
what's coming next.

He's what we at the hospital
call a "frequent flyer."

So there I am,
off in 20 minutes,

and then here he comes.

Butt ass naked,

dick swinging...

balls flapping,
big stupid grin on his face.

Hey, is this the...

Oh, they haven't heard this one.

So he's been coming
to the hospital every week

for the last two months.

He's 300 pounds,

clearly never missed
a meal in his life...

and always naked.

So when I tell you that
I've seen every inch of him,

trust me,
I have, inside and out.

Oh, no.

Yeah, yeah, so,
all this time, though,

it never clicked with me,
but you know who this guy is?

An ex-boyfriend?


Oh, my God.

- Who?
- HIPAA, Kristen.


yeah, he was somebody I dated

in, like, high school
for like a month.

I think we made out once.

Wow, sounds like you saved
yourself for a really long time.

Pretty special guy?

Oh, he's special, all right.

Paranoid schizophrenic.

You must have done a number
to him back in high school.

I was still coming
into my powers.

You broke him.

Wait, how did you break him?

We're joking, Abbey.

Will had a reputation
in high school for being...

- A bitch.
- Selective.

I had high standards, okay?

Excuse me.
You had high standards?

Why didn't he make the cut?

He was boring.

See... I was, well,

I am into the esoteric.

And he just didn't get it.

You're a nurse.


Aren't nurses supposed to be
all medical and scientific?

We are.

So how do you
reconcile the two then?

You can be both.

You can do both,
personally and professionally.

I don't... I don't think you can.

I don't think anybody can.

She's got you there.

How did you break him?


We're kidding.

Well, I don't think
it's all that funny.

I mean, you can't go around
fucking up people's lives

and then laughing
about it later.

I mean... things have
fucking consequences.

It's like... social genetics.


If you have something to say,
we're all friends here.

No, no, no. Abbey...

Abby doesn't drink, so it's...

Yeah, this much is fast.

Thanks, Miranda.

I think, Abbey thinks that

you have the power
to drive men crazy.

Just this one.

So tell us everything.

Okay, man. Don't hold out.

It's... it's nothing fun,

it's just for nausea.

Okay, tell us about your trip.

Pretty please.


I guess I should have
figured this was coming.


I guess I'll start...

somewhat at the beginning...
for Abbey.

I went out of the country
about a year and a half ago.

Right after college.

Honestly, you've probably heard

all of this from Miranda by now.

Yeah, probably not.

Towards the end
of high school...

all of us
got pretty deep into this...

obscure practice
known as Velis Vall.

Kristen was actually
the first person

to find out about it.

Finally, some recognition.

But, uh...

me and Cody were the ones

to really take it
to the next level.


Velis Vall...

is mindfulness,


and metamorphosis.

It's the idea of being
aware of everything

and your place within everything
and changing yourself.



Depending upon...

how in tune you are.

For a bunch of rejects
with busted bodies

who didn't seem
to fit in anywhere,

yeah, why not?

Also didn't hurt that
no one else knew what it was.

We made it our own.

There wasn't a manual, really.

Well, is it a religion?

At one point.

There was so little
out there on it

that we didn't know that
at the time.

That's one of the reasons

why I left the country.

See... these guys,

they've gotten
their lives together.

They, um...

they'd fallen into the flesh.

I know...

I know that sounds strange, but,

that's one of the main tenets
of Velis Vall, to...

fall into the flesh and...

find out
what's on the other side.

Acceptance followed by

- metamorphosis.
- Metamorphosis.


But, like I said,
I left the country.


unlike these guys,
I was falling apart

in all the wrong ways.

But, uh...

maybe we can save that
for another time.

Yeah, man.

Of course, Scott.

I needed to get away.

And I needed to find out
more about Velis Vall.

We knew the practice
originated from

somewhere in southern Africa,
and I spent...

God, I don't even know, months

just researching
and talking to people.

But eventually, I made my way

to the Okavango Delta
in Botswana.

There was this village there,

in the swamp.

The locals called it...

Velis Vall.

You can only get there by boat,

and only after a lot of begging
and palm greasing...


locals thought
the area was cursed.

And it was.

Velis Vall was this
tiny dead village

in the middle of a crater
on the edge of the swamp.

And everything about it is...


Color was off...

the crops didn't grow right...

the animals were just...


I saw crocodiles that were...

inside out and...

cheetahs that walked around

with their placental sacs
hanging out of them.

Oh, Jesus.

Antelopes that had horns growing
out of their stomachs, and...

those are just the things
I could recognize.

This sounds like
some kind of scientific marvel.

How are you
the first person to find this?

I'm not.

I wasn't.

The thing is,
the locals don't let you

into the area
unless you've got...

the aura.

Unless you're attuned.

If you don't got it
then you don't go in.

And if you try...

they kill you.

What did you find?

Just this...

village that looked like a...

bomb went off in it.

And this...





It was blooming.

To the locals...

it was a religion.

Not some self-help thing

like we made it.

The thing is,
they weren't worshipping a god.

Everything that had happened
in that area

had been done by humans.

Bomb tests,
chemical spills, experiments.

They were just worshipping
the aftermath.

And someone packaged it,
put it on the internet.

And we fell for it.


That's why I left the country.


now I know...

that it's all lies.

And I feel...


I know I've been
emailing all of you,

trying to convince you

but I felt like
I had to be here tonight

to tell you myself.

Velis Vall...

is tainted.

It died in that swamp.

And that's where
it should have stayed dead.

And, we...

We didn't know that.


now we do and now...

now... it's time.

Now, it's time to bury it.

I don't, uh...

That's not why
you went out there.

- That's not why we're...
- It's disappointing.


I appreciate what Scott did.

For sure, for sure.

But that... that's just
the abridged version, right?

Mm, for sure.

Sorry, girl,
this is probably why Miranda

didn't want to bring
you around us.

It gets really intense
and weird.

Not anymore.

I mean, Scott got it
figured out for us.

I don't fucking buy it.


We wasted all this time,

I mean, you had to come
back with something.


Just what I told you, I'm not...

I'm not trying
to fuck with you guys.

Not this time.

Cody, man, it's cool.

I'm sorry, guys...

but this is a lot.

I just wanted
to have a nice dinner.

And it is.

This is a nice dinner.


it's just nice having you back.



I thought
I was ready for this, but I...

Hey, it's okay,

it's fine.

Yeah, like...

nobody's mad.

I just didn't know anyone
else was gonna be here.

Hey, Miranda's told you
about me, hasn't she?

One of you.

One of me? What?


What the hell
is that supposed to mean?

That's fucked up.

What are you doing?

Miranda, answer me.

I had a bad breakup
a couple of years ago.

And I dated a lot of women...

I'll say.

Shut up.

It was ridiculous.

She was hurting.

But we meditated on it...

and she got through it
and she met you.

Abbey, I...

I'm not trying
to start something.

No, no, no. It's not your fault.

I'm gonna get some water.

Fucking genius.

You all are looking
a little empty.

I'm gonna get some refills.

No, no. You are our guest.

Let us get it.

No, it's fine. I want to.

I-I need to stretch
my legs and...

do what needs to be done.

Sorry, sorry, I was...-

I was in my own world.

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm great.

I live over there.

Okay, just go back there.

I'm drunk but... you okay?

I'm good. You're drunk.

Get home safe.

This way.

Oh, my God.


Miranda! Miranda!

- What, what? What?
- He's...-

- Tell me.
- He's... he's...

He's doing what?

What're you doing?

We... we already
drugged the drinks.

Oh, no!

She has ovarian cancer.

She doesn't know I know, but...

we have our ways, don't we?

She doesn't know
how grateful she'll be

when this is all over with.


make her take the sickness...

so the sickness
doesn't take her.

She'll fall through the flesh.


Abbey, Abbey, wake up!

Abbey, you need to wake up.

Get up. Abbey. Abbey.

- Abbey.
- Fuck you.

- Abbey.
- Fuck you!

Everything is okay, it's fine.

Stay back! Stay back!

- Listen to me...
- Don't touch me!

Shut the fuck up
and listen to me.

Everything I said at dinner...

The fuck is that?

What is that?

Take that off.

Take that off right fucking now!

There's something
in the darkness calling to us!

Take it off!

Oh, shit.

Abbey. Abbey.

- What the fuck?
- It's okay.

It's okay. Abbey, it's gone now.

It's okay.

It's okay.

- You okay?
- I don't know...

I don't know.

What was that?


I said during dinner...

it was a lie.

Velis Vall...

- It's real.
- No.

- It can't be.
- 100-fucking-percent real.

- No, no.
- The power of it.

The god of it...

- it's all real.
- What the...

what the fuck
was that about upstairs?

What the fuck just grabbed me?

Just, please, listen.

Just listen to me.

It's. All. Real.

I left the country,

I left the country
fully indoctrinated


when I saw what I saw...

There's a reason
for faith, Abbey.

We are not meant to look
behind the curtain.

Why... why were
you drugging the drinks?

- I... I...-
- I wasn't drugging the drinks.

Not... Not like you think.

The drinks?

They were already drugged.

For this.

What I put in the drinks
was just meant to...

counteract the seed.

Seed, it's...

You plant a seed
of Velis Vall inside you.

It's like, um...

It's like a... it's like a beacon

and it draws it to you...

and it finds you, it changes you

and what I put in the drinks

would have...

it would have
neutralized the seed,

knocked everybody out.

- Oh, okay.
- But...

But for all of that to work,

for... for a seed to work,

there has to be an idol.

It's like a...

it's like a locked window

that lets you see Velis Vall

and Velis Vall see you.

But you need the seed

to unlock that window.

And then... and once you do...

then it finds you
and then it changes you.

No, no, you need to give me
the fuck out of here!

I am, I will.

I'm here because
I came back to save them.

I get it. They're insane.

They're way...

way fucking deeper than I was.

But even still,

I came back
to save them. And I tried.

I tried emailing them,
feeding them bullshit,

trying to convince them.

But it wasn't enough
so here I am.

What's wrong with you?

The reason I came
into the house, and I did...

is I think
in the garage is an idol.

You can't...
You can't keep it in here.

It saps life wherever it stands.

And I'm pretty sure,

I'm pretty fucking sure

it's in that garage.

Kristen and Robert saw me,
so I had to stop.

But I think
if we can get back out there,

I think we can...

We can destroy it
and save... and save them.

I don't care what you do,

but you need
to get me out here right now.

I am. I will.

We have to get the medicine
in your system first.

What do you mean?

What medicine? Why?

Why? What medicine?

If we don't...

your cancer
will take over your body...

and you'll become the thing
that's killing you.

What the fuck?

Those morons up there...

they don't know that part of it.

The part
where you become a slave...

but it's true.

You weren't some
sacrificial lamb

or anything like that, okay?

Miranda loves you so much

in her own twisted,
fucked up way

that she thought that

that was somehow
a way to save you.

No, you know, fuck her.

It was never that serious.
Let's go, come on.

Okay, okay.

Listen, listen...
Okay we're going to.

Okay, we'll...
We're going to that right now.

You hand me...- Hand me that.

Pick up the knife.

Bring it up here.

- We're going to out, okay?
- Okay.

I don't know where the fuck
this basement came from

but I guess
this is part of the house, now.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

So, let's... let's go.

- We can do this.
- Okay.



Oh, my God!

Oh, my gosh.

Oh, my gosh.

Scott, you did it. Thank you!

This is something
I've never seen before.

Abbey, I know, I know it hurts

but Scott knows what he's doing.

And this is the purest pain...

[distorted growling

[guitar plucking

Oh. fuck.

Let's get you looking decent.

Oh, you fucked up.

You thought that
you were the only ones?

You left us,

but your journey
gave us so much more.

Destroy the idol!

You didn't come back
from Africa alone, Scottie.

To see has made you blind.

Blindness will make you see.

Have faith.

What do you think?