Entre pitos anda el juego (1986) - full transcript

With the help of her voluptuous dear friend, an insatiable but neglected housewife is going to teach her husband a lesson he will never forget.

Between dicks is where the game is.

Won't you fuck your baby?

Not now.
Let me sleep.

Don't my tits tell you something?

Yes, tell them to shut up.

What a finger I have.



Look, darling.

Look this way for a moment.

Haven't you noticed this
little hole I have here?

Didn't you notice?

This little round hole?

Cover it. It's cold.

OK, it's fine. Your loss.

You spend all day at the office

and when you come home
you don't give a fuck about me.

So fuck you.

I'll leave and fuck
the first one I meet.

And you're laying there so calm!

You don't believe I will,
but you will believe it.

Goodbye and keep sleeping!

Come in.

You have a very nice house.

Who do you like the best?
Me or my friend?

Let's see.

Let's take a look at you.

Let's see.

And let's see this one.

Let's see those dicks.

Let's see this.

And also this one.

It's not bad at all.

Pigs, go wash yourselves.

Good day.

- She's so squeamish.
- She's a capitalist.

Should I leave it like that,
or put a pink ribbon on the tip?

Here you have it. Just like a rose.

Wanna try it?

I warn you it's the only one I have.

- What do you think?
- I think it's perfect.

Can I, lady?

Go, lie down there.

As you wish.

- Let's play a game.
- Whatever you want.

You too, lie down.


A little closer.

If what you want is a show
just for you, don't count on me.

What are you doing, girl?

Stay calm, I'm not gonna hurt you.

Yes, like that. Like good friends.

Dick with dick.

It tastes better like this.

What a thrill.

I'm already wet.

Watch it, it's not made of rubber.

- What do you think?
- Keep going.

And you don't know me yet.
I'm just beginning.

Damn. I was waiting for you at the club.

- Come in, Lola.
- So inconsiderate.

Hey you, don't be so insolent.
I saw them first.

Didn't you hear me?

- Lola!
- Candy!

Oh, what are you doing here?

I was near here so
I just came for a blowjob.

I had no idea you also liked to work
your tongue in your spare time.

These boys are too nice,
they deserve a favour.

That's what I say,
you have to give them a hand.

- I don't much like that dick of yours.
- Yeah, it's a bit dull.

True, and to think many women
think all dicks are the same.

Maybe the dicks with no character are.

This one is pretty good.

- But it's not like Juan Carlos' dick.
- You don't say! Really?

- You never blew Juan Carlos?
- No!

Remember that night
we went to Flamenco?

- Oh, yes! That's Juan Carlos?
- Yes, the very same dick.

Did you know he left his wife?

You don't say! What a bastard.

To me, that kid's not a man.

Well, you know how they are.
They're all useless.

It's so good.

- I told Marisa he wasn't one to trust.
- Oh, fuck her.

- This dick is really cute, isn't it?
- Yes, very cute.

- Do you know Paco Morales?
- No

Or maybe I forgot him.

I have a terrible memory for names.

I have a fantastic memory for dicks.

Once I suck them,
I never forget them.

I always remember them.

- Shall we swap?
- Oh, yes. Great!

I love doing this between friends,
democratically and with no grudges.

One dick for you, one dick for me.

This dick is very nice.

But this is much better.

What a tasty dick.

How could that bastard Juan Carlos
cheat on his wife?

Men are like that.

They're pigs.

- I don't think my husband's different.
- Angel?

Yes, and neither is yours, huh?

- My husband cheats on me too.
- Devastating!

And yours cheats on you with Manoli.


Are you sure he cheats on me,
with that vicious slut?

I see, she must do to him
everything I don't.

But you're his wife,
you have to do him what he wants.

There's some things I wouldn't do.

- Mine wants me to blow him.
- Mine too!

You shouldn't do it.

What would he think?

That his wife is a slut.

Oh, how it grows.

Are you sure he cheats on me?

Of course, that's why he's always
so tired and I can't get him to do it.

I can't make him do anything.

He's tired of fucking with Manoli
and then he's a stiff.

But I don't care. It's all the same.

Shut up and suck.

This girls are great.

I've seen better.

What about you?
Are you gonna come or what?

Let's swap or we'll get tongue cramps.

- Go on.
- No, don't think you're so great.

- How's yours?
- Barely hard.

Think he'll come soon?

- Do you swallow cum?
- Only when it's a close friend.

Guys nowadays have terrible tasting cum.

Maybe it's because
they smoke too much dope.

See these two.

- They have no virility.
- They are like puppets.

They don't appreciate our blowjobs.

This one likes it when
I lick it with the tip of my tongue .

- Like this?
- Yes.

Look, this one turned to shit.

Maybe if, instead of talking so much,
you'd suck it like you should...

Shall we make them work a little?


By the way,

did you know Cuchi has separated too?

No way. It's impossible.

Yes, she caught her husband
in bed with a bearded guy.

- Really?
- She caught him by the hair!

She forced them to fuck her.

The bearded guy was Mario!

Mario!? You don't have
to tell me about Mario.

He may be a fag but
has a dick that could kill you.

The problem is getting him hard.

Oh, what a tongue this sucker has.

You have such a tongue.

You're making me horny, bitch.

- I didn't know you were such a slut.
- This is the life. I love these boys.

Oh, that's great. I'm so horny.

They're two pleasure dolls.

I'd like to have fifty like these,
two eating my pussy all day long.

Oh, you're turning red.

That kid knows how
to move that tongue, huh?

It's perfect.

It'd be too much if he couldn't eat it.

- There are many who can't.
- Seems like this one was born eating it.

You'd like it if your
husband ate it like that.

Of course, but the poor guy
is so rough and clumsy.

It's the same with mine.
They just lack the dedication.

That's right, they lick your pussy
like it's just any other thing.

My husband can't do anything.
I don't even know how I take it.

I give my whole life to him,
and he's not even that bit grateful.

Forget about him and
let's focus on these guys.

We're lucky we've got these two jewels.

We'll have to have more
parties like this, right?

Definitely, I agree!

Oh, how he eats it.

Oh, yes, like that. Keep going.

It's like it's electric.

Oh, that's so nice.

- They did it so well.
- Oh, it's a pleasure, girl.

How nice they are.

A cigarette?

It's the best I've had
my pussy eaten lately.

- Give me one.
- Take one, my love. Take one.

- Look, your shoes are exactly the same.
- They're two of a kind.

Oh, we have the same taste.
Where did you buy them?

- At General?simo.
- Girl, now it's called La Castellana.

- It's like we are sisters.
- They are exactly the same.

You are our princes and
we are the cinderellas.

I had an idea that's the bomb.

I'm under the impression
that you're a little horny.

- You want more already?
- I'd do it for you, kid.

- Gimme a light.
- Give him a light.

So annoying.

- Shall we fuck them.
- It's OK with me.

Let's do it then. Come.

Do you like to get fucked in the ass?

I love it, I love it, I love it!

But this guy's dick is too big.

He would kill me.

Motherfucker, what a cock.

This makes me think of the
first time I got fucked in the ass.

- Long ago?
- A year ago.

- It was my husband, that bastard.
- Don't you say! How could he dare?

He said he just put it in the wrong hole.

- And you believed him?
- Well, the bastard's blind as a mole.

If my husband did that,
I'd knock his teeth out.

He'd look handsome with no teeth.

Let's come at the same time.

Go for it, slut.

I can't keep it up any longer.
He's about to give me a load of cum.

All this talking about my husband

has kind of killed my mood.

I'll think of Robert Redford's dick.

Oh, what a beast.

Oh, my Robert Redford.

Keep going.

You too.

Oh, Robert.

I want some of your tongue,
like as if you were Robert Redford.

Do you like that?

Oh, my Robert!

Give me your tongue, girl.
Give it to me.

Oh, you animal!

Oh, he's killing me!

Oh, how I can feel it.

What tasty cum he has.

Got you! Where were you?

Wherever I want.
It's not your business.

Not my business!?
Where were you?

Who were you with?

How can you dare ask me?
What were you doing?

- Me? Well, I was sleeping-
- With who?

- I was here sleeping like an angel.
- Like an angel?

Look, we'd better not talk
about it or I may explode.

And you haven't see me explode yet!

- Why do you get like that?
- Shut up or I'll explode!

- I won't shut up. You're a cynic.
- A cynic?

I'll go to my mother's.

What's wrong with you?
Can't you tell me?

You're gross!


Evil! Son of a bitch!

Oh, c'mon...c'mon

Leave me!
Leave me alone!

Come on.

With that cute little butt... c'mon.

Come on.

I don't know where you've been
but it's made you cranky.

You should have stayed with
your husband who loves you very much.


Your loving husband is understanding,
has never cheated on you and never will.

- Are you sure?
- Sure.

You don't want me any more.

You're bad.

And this one is also bad, very bad.

He forgot about me.

He used to love me very, very much.

But now he doesn't.

He leaves me alone.

He's sick of me.

He despises me.

He's a son of a bitch.

Look at him.

Look, he says he doesn't like me.

Don't listen to him.

He loves you very much.

He's bad. He doesn't like me.



He's good and likes you a lot.

- Suck it.
- No, he's bad.

Suck it just a little.

I can't remember how to do it.

Because you never let me.

He used to like it a lot
but I don't know if I'll remember.

Well, try, woman.

For instance, I can't remember if I should
start with the tongue or the mouth.

It's the same.

Begin how ever you like,
but just begin.

Same thing.

I like it anyhow.

We haven't made love in so long

that I though you didn't like
my pussy or my mouth any more.


Stop theorizing and suck it.
I'm too horny.

He's a pig.

God knows which holes he's been in.


You are mean.

You're a pig and a whore.

I don't know...

I don't know why you insult him.

Why not?

Put it in your mouth will you, OK?

I'm thinking about it.

I don't know if he deserves this,
or he deserves a good bite on the tip.

Oh no! Not that, please!

Look at these little balls,
so indifferent. Bastards.

Ugly. Mean. Take that.

Take that. For being an idiot.

A bastard.

A son of a bitch.
For being mean.


You don't deserve my tongue.

Bastard. Pussy.

You don't deserve this for being mean,
a bastard and a pussy.

Keep talking and it'll be limp forever.

And I have.

Boy, you've really got sensitive lately.

Look. I bet you I can get it up.

Oh, pretty thing.

Little thing.

Grow for me.

Grow for me.

What a shame.

Come on, grow.

Keep going.

Come on, more.

See how it grows?

It looks like it's smiling at you.

Oh, you didn't forget at all.

Very nice, huh?

On the balls.

He's the same as always.

Like when we met.

You'll see.

For your mother's sake,
just shut up a suck it deep.


Miss, you have visitor.

Come on in, Miss.


- Hi, Candy. How are you?
- Not good.

Oh, come on. Sit down.

Want a drink?

Yes, hemlock.

Oh, woman, don't be like that.
It's not that bad.

I'm so miserable.

The rumba, the rumba of love.

Forty two... forty three...
Tell me about it.

It's my husband's fault.

- That bastard.
- OK, what is now?

He's cheating on me.

He cheats on me with that bitch.

- But you already knew that.
- You had told me.

But I didn't believe you.

And today I found out it's true.

It's OK Candy, anyone would say...

With that slut!
God knows what she does with him.

She must do the usual stuff with him ,
but she's sluttier than most.


But I'm a lady.
I can't do that kind of stuff.

Oh, poor girl, everybody likes to do
some nasty things sometimes.

Not me, I don't.

Could you stop knitting
and pay me some attention?

I've got to finish this today.

How can knitting matter
when your friend wants to die?

You made me lose count. Let's see.

Oh, come on, cheer up.

What's wrong with my little thing?

Who's gonna suck these very nice tits?

- You think so?
- Girl, they are like two bonbons.

Come on, don't get like that.

If your husband cheats on you,
we can cheat on him.

Don't worry about some lame husband.

You can have all the men you want.

And all the women too.

You have everything that's
required for anyone to like you.

Really? You're not just
saying that to cheer me up?

Your tits are like two sweet pears.

Better than Manoli's?

I think mine are pretty big, right?
Manoli has smaller tits than mine.

Let's see.

You stay still and don't worry about
the maid. Nothing impresses her.

This damn zipper.
It makes things hard for one.

What are you doing?

What is it with you, Lolita?

You want some fun this early?

There's no wrong time for that, girl.
They're beautiful.

That little nipple.

And yours? Let me see.

I want to see them.

OK, look.

- You like them? I like yours better.
- Oh no, no way, yours are softer.

Oh. You think so?

They're not that bad.

No, neither are mine,
I don't want to exaggerate.

- These nipples are funny, right?
- What a cutie.

Oh, I left a spot. I'll clean it.

Doesn't matter.

What a nipple.

Oh please!

What will the maid think?

She doesn't care. Also, she's a slut.

We could go to the bedroom.

What for?

We can look at our tits in the mirror.

Also, I have a collection of
holy cards that you would love.

Look at my tits. They are bigger.

They are so soft, so nice, so divine.

You think so?

You're such a slut,
you're corrupting me, provoking me.

- Do you like that?
- Haven't tried yet, but I will.

Let's get in bed.
I can't resist it any more.

Watch it, I'm not attracted to women.

- Neither am I.
- We'll sacrifice ourselves.

It's so funny. It looks like
a bunny. What a cutie.

- Where did you get it?
- In Barcelona. In a sex shop.

You should give me the address, I love it.

- Why don't take it off with your mouth?
- OK.

Eat my pussy. Oh, c'mon.

I don't know if I can.
I warn you, I've barely tried that.

Don't lie to me now.
I know you're a whore.

That's true, but I swear women
were never my thing.

It's time for them to begin to be.

- Your pussy is very pink.
- Go on, eat it, whore.

Eat it?

Hey, this is not that bad.

Of course it's not, it's good.

Keep doing it.

A little higher up.

Right here.

Keep going.

Right there.

Now you're really getting it.

Like that, open it, suck it.

Come, my whore.

Come here, come.

Take your clothes off.

Get naked.

It's very yummy. This is really good.

Oh, my rumba of love.

You again?

Why did you come?
I don't want to see you.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

Why do you look at me like that?

What are you here for?

To ask your forgiveness
for all the wrong I did to you.

- I'm your slave.
- Idiot.

Get on your knees.

- Get on your knees!
- Oh, yes, ma'am.

You know how much I love you,
how I admire you.

Lick my boots.

Go on.

You're useless, you're worthless.

Yes, yes I am.
I deserve a severe punishment.

Have no mercy. I don't deserve it.

Look at your husband.


Get naked.

You're worthless.

Yes, yes, ma'am. Yes.

I'll do whatever you wish.

Get naked.


On your knees.

You're a sucker.

Lick my pussy.

Yes, ma'am. Whatever you wish.


So that's what he likes.

That's why he came with her.

Let's have some fun.


You don't even know how to do that.

I'll kill him.

Let's get some fun.

- Good evening, my husband.
- Oh, Candy!

Why are you here?

I'll explain.

Don't be quick to judge me.

- I'll explain.
- Good evening.

- You too?
- Hi, Manoli.

You've come round here, Lola?

I was in the neighbourhood so I said,

"let's visit my friend Manoli
and surprise her".

Come on in, boys.

Are you fucking?

No, sucking.

Killing time.

I'm sorry, don't get the
wrong impression about me.

Aren't you ashamed?
Get up when a woman enters the room.

Why didn't you tell me
you liked these kind of things.

Or were you ashamed of telling me?

I couldn't dare, out of respect.

Some way of respecting me this is.
We could have had a great time.

Are you mad at me?

I'll forgive you this time.

But I'll teach you a lesson.

You'll learn that in these times,
one can't be so phony and exclusive.

The wife stays at home, huh?

And the wife is holy, right?

I have the same right to love.

Forgive me.

- Should we fuck them in front of him?
- Why not?

We'll let him join in.

Get this, I don't want any
reproaches or sermons later on.

But I...

You'll watch me fucking

right here, with one,
with two, with everybody!


On the count of three the show begins.

Candy! Candy, please!


And who will fuck me?

Who's this?

Let's see that ass.

Whose dick is this?

I know this one, it's my husband's!

You're crushing me.

You're tickling me.

Hey, man, that's my ass.

Oh, your balls are so nice.

They are like pigeon eggs.

Who's getting that tongue in my ass?

Oh, a free dick.

It's so limp.

The rumba, the rumba of love.

The rumba, the rumba of love.