Entre Nous (1983) - full transcript

In 1942 in occupied France, a Jewish refugee marries a soldier to escape deportation to Germany. Meanwhile a wealthy art student loses her first husband to a stray Resistance bullet; at the Liberation she meets an actor, gets pregnant, and marries him. Lena and Madeleine meet at their children's school in Lyon in 1952 and the intensity of their relationship strains both their marriages to the breaking point.


Everybody off!

Hurry it up!

No suitcases on the table.

Wait there to be checked.





Helene Weber.

Women who are ill or have
young children

please go to the infirmary.

Are you French?

No, I'm from Belgium.

Where'd they arrest you?

At the demarcation line...

In Chaumont-sur-Loire...

The town has a castle.

You all alone?

My mother died 2 month ago.

You've been here long?

We came in June.

The worst part is about
my husband.

He's with the men.

We see each other every day,
talk in signs.

He can't take it.

Isn't Galicia in Spain?

There's a Galicia in Poland,
another in Spain.


There must be a way to get
out of here.

2 Polish girls were arrested
last week...

They were disguised as nurses.

Got them at the train station.

"Dear Lena...

"I know your first name.

"I learned it from the infirmary.

"My name's Michel.
I'm in the Foreign Legion.

"I'm stationed in Rivesaltes,

"waiting for my discharge.

"The camp commander authorized me
to get married here

"and to take my wife out with me.

"Will you be that wife?

"You can trust me. I only want
to save someone like you...

"The next convoy leaves for
Germany in 3 days...

"And you could be on the list.

"Let me know your decision by
nodding yes or no,

"once you've read this.

"I'm the one... serving the beans."

What do I say?

Phony marriages don't count.

You don't have to stay together.

Helene Weber,

do you agree to wed Mordeha,

Isaac Simon Korski?

I didn't have time to tell you.

Nobody knows here.
It's not obvious, is it?

Where can I go with a name
like that. I'm not even Weber now.

Weber could pass for Alsatian,
even German.

It could so be German!

But Korski! That has to be Jewish!

How come you're free with
a name like that?

I'm French.

An Isaac can be French.
They're not arresting the French.

Isaac Mordeha Simon Korski!
You call that French?

You don't even know where you're
going. People need a place to live.

Look... never mind.

Thanks... Thanks a lot.

I'm sorry. Good-bye.

I bet you don't even have
any money, right?

Give me that...
Where do you think you're going?

That's good.

Thought it over?

I'll go to America.

How will you do that?
Know what it costs?

I have a diamond in my lining.

A big one?

No, small...

Why're you looking at me like that?

You look nice with your hair
like that.

Blitzkrieg my foot.

It's 3,000 miles to Moscow...

They forgot the Russian winter...

Like Napoleon.

Hitler has lost.

They're screwed.

In two months, the war
will be over.

They have some great generals
in the Red Army...

Malinovski... Timoshenko...

The Voronovs... Jukov.

Come to bed and forget about
the Russian generals.


What time is it?

Ten o'clock.

You must help me.


Hurry up. What are you doing?

I'm happy...

We gave up on you.

What's happening?

The Germans crossed the
Demarcation line.

The Steiners are gone.

Leon and Sarah, too...
even the Mandels.

In 2 days, there won't be
a Jew in the area.

They're all in Italy by now.
Even the Italians are going home.

Trust me. If we get
across the border, we're safe.

I'm thirsty.
I see a water tap.

There's time, no?

OK, but hurry!


The Germans are everywhere.

- What'll we do?
- I won't get on that train!

- But everybody's going.
- We're not sheep.

It won't get through?

The border's been closed.

Some are going over the
mountain to Italy.

Via the Madonna Pass.
But it's 50 miles.

Lena, Hurry!

Get aboard!

Get off the train!
They said it won't get through.

Who told you?

Those people... The suitcase!

The black suitcase... Quick!

Lmages were first made to
conjure up

the appearances
of something absent.

It soon became evident that
an image

could outlast what
it represented

and, by implication showed
how others saw it.

Love me?


Am I Mr. Right?

Not at all...

He is.

Go see what's happening.

The militia!

- How many are there?
- Four.

Warn Senechal. You, upstairs.

What'll we do?

If we all go together,
they can't take him.

Roland Carlier?

Come with us.

Please, keep calm.

Stop, for God's sake!
Stop shooting!


Good God, stop shooting!

We'll never make it!

I can't go any further!

Keep going!

Come, I'll carry you.

Italy! We're home.

France... Italy.

We're saved!

There's Carlier!

Come on, he's here.

Who's that? Do you know him?

My dear Carlier, I'm glad
to see you with us again.

I thought a lot about you
while I was a prisoner.

It helped...
I felt less lonely.

So you're living with
your parents.

Promise me something.

Don't stay there.
They'll suffocate you.

When you were arrested,
there was a rumor

that you'd been shot
in the main square.

You're the Indian chief, no?
So put on your feathers.

No, they're not pretty.

Your mother's feathers?
You want a wack? Put it on!

You don't want to put
anything on.

You're not an Indian chief.
You're chief of the dummies.

- I bet you have a daughter.
- Two.

I wish I did.
Even one would have done.

All I could manage was a boy...
That one,

without feathers.

He's ashamed to wear it.

Know what time it is?

Quarter to four.

Where is she?
Ought to be there by now.

What's your husband do?

Runs a garage.

Must bring in plenty nowadays.

And otherwise?


So what's your mother up to?

Would you mind keeping
an eye on him?

Not at all.

I'll leave you the feathers
because they're hers.

You'll stay with this lady.
Now be good.

Sorry and thanks.

- And you're...
- Ren?.

I'm so sorry.

- Please don't be.
- Then he's left.

It's crazy.
He could have waited for me.

My fortune-teller took forever
reading cards.

I don't believe in it,
but I love it.

Do you believe in it?

I never tried it.

He wouldn't wear it.

She wants my mask.

She looks silly.

She's just playing.

Florence, give Sophie the mask.
They're terrible!

Your girls?

The little one's a riot.

Why wouldn't you wear
your feathers?

They fall off.

What a dummy!

Don't you want to play with
the girls? Go on.

I don't want to.

He's shy.

I don't know how to manage him.

I'm just the opposite,
aren't I, mouse?

I've torn my stocking.

You go bare-legged?

It wasn't cold out... I put on
suntan lotion.

It smells good.

He's scary!

Coal men are all dirty.

Stay long in Italy?

Nearly a year.
We lived in an attic.

Then, in France, we were
quarantined for lice.

It was hard at first: No friends,
no money...

He wheeled and dealed...

Smuggled some gold.
That got us going.

Lena's a pretty name.

It's Russian for Helene.

I prefer Lena. "Madeleine"
sounds old, no?

No, I like it.

I'd like...


Nothing. I never find the words.
I'm shy.

Everyone's shy. That's life.

Well, here we are.

Can't we meet again?

I was trying to say that.

Really? BURDEAU 7712.
Will you remember?

- Call me.
- I will.

- Tomorrow?
- Tomorrow.

Again. Nothing but men
in your cards.

What's it mean?

You're the romantic type.

I'm going.

Where'd you put Filliolet's

I gave it to you this morning.

I can't find it now.

What do the cards say?


Wine's gotten warm.

Jack of hearts: That's me.

Ace of spades: No good.

Ten of clubs: That's better.

And what's this?

Filliolet's address.

OK. See you tonight, honey.

I almost forgot the main thing.

What are you doing? I won't sell it.

It's just to show him,
give him an idea of it.

- You trust me, don't you?
- No, I don't.

Honest, it's just to show,
not to sell.

What's this?

Oh, that...

It's not finished.

My problem is I never finish
anything. I'm lazy.

Is this you?

That's not finished either.

I was 19... It was as if
my life had stopped.

I shut myself in... for months.

I was called the little widow
of Rue de Cuire.

Then, one day, I put all my
black dresses in a big suitcase

and bought some crayons.

I met Costa at the end
of the war.

He was fun. We made love.
I got pregnant.

I stayed slim all through
my pregnancy.

What do you mean?

You couldn't tell...
right to the end.

That's him?

You're home: Hi!

Like a drink?

Have you decided?
When shall we have them over?

You'll see... you'll like her.

We can have them...
Saturday night.

Or the following Saturday.

We never entertain.


What's up?

Tell me a story.

Sophie's asleep.

No, she's not.

- What kind of a story?
- A Fernandel's story.

There was once a fat lady with a
big beard and a little moustache.

When she went to market,

the people she passed
laughed at her

and made her cry.

The more they laughed...

Maria, answer the door.

It's for you.

You're out of your mind!

It's gorgeous!

You only have to water it
once a week.

Can we have some tea?

I got cream puffs!

It's magnificent...
Really magnificent.

I changed names 5 times,
Lena twice.

What do you mean, twice!

Called herself Watteau, like
the artist.

And our Italian ID cards.

Yes! Our fake papers!

Listen! We'd waited 8 months in
Genoa for ID papers

to go to Switzerland.

We finally got them and left.

When we got to Milan, they were
searching people in the station.

The Germans ordered us out.

We were scared stiff...

Your papers!

We hadn't even seen the
German coming.

He looked at me, took the papers,
read them,

looked at me again.

"All right!"...and he let us go.

And the name on our papers
was Piperno!

In Italy, that's like Levy...

Very Jewish.

No kidding!

But we didn't even speak
a word of Italian.

The guys at the city hall
were told:

"We need cards for 2 Jews"

so they picked a Jewish name:

That's wild!

That's a good one!

Well, good night.

I'll stop by the garage
next week.

You're not made for each other...

Good night, Michel.

Politics, that's all...

And soccer.

At first, he claimed he knew
all kinds of things,

was educated,
that he'd teach me...


At the time I was naive.

I realized later he'd never
gone to school.

He told me he knew how
to dance. I loved dancing...

The last time I got to dance
was in 1939.

Make him take you dancing.

He doesn't know how.

We could go together.
Can you mambo?

Stop! Or I'll never
get it done!

We should take it in a little
in the bust.

Even been to Paris?

Once, 2 years ago, for the
Auto Show.

We stayed 2 days.
I didn't see a thing.

I wanted to go to the theater.
I'd never been.

He refused.

Not exactly...

I'll mark off the hem.

He fell asleep almost instantly.

At intermission...

he wanted to leave, said the
play was vulgar!

He likes nothing?
What does he like?

Me! He loves me.

Go get it!


Stop it, Michel!

"I'm down to my nightie and
I say: 'There! '

"I look defiant as I
casually rub...

"the ridges my girdle left
around my waist..."

You're expecting a baby?

That's all I need!

Costa got a part?

You won the lottery?

Carlier found me a job.

Really? In Paris?

No, he's opening a gallery
in Lyons.

That's wonderful.

Let me climb up!

No, you're getting to be tiresome.

- What does Costa say?
- He's delighted.

As long as it brings in money.

She won't let me climb the tree.

Look at that!
Look how dirty you are!

She's annoying us.

I'm not!

Time to clean up.

Ren?, what did I tell you?
Be nice to Sophie.

I don't believe it!

Carlier, would I sell you a fake?

I didn't say that.

It's a genuine Modigliani.

But it's stolen. That's worse!

- Are you sure?
- It was part of the Kahn collection.

It was taken to Germany at the
war's end.

- What's that? Brandy?
- I don't know.

You're such a bore about
your pension.

I can't make it.
You can't cut corners that way.

You don't remember anything.
What can I say? Stop!

He'd hidden it, the old fox.

Then there was some left?

There was one left.

I'll take Madeleine a glass.

No thanks, not for me.

A drink, Madeleine?

It's too strong. I'll be drunk.

I love your parents.
They're so nice.

Where's Lena?

She's all you care about.
What about me?

You never look at me.
I often look at you.

That blouse suits you.
Isn't it a bit transparent?

One day your schemes will land
you in jail.

You're unbelievable. Maybe it's
a stolen painting...

It is stolen! I got gypped!

- What'll you do?
- Borrow from your folks.

No, not again!

I'll repay them.
They needn't worry.

They're too stingy...
Mr. And Mrs. Tightwad!

The Tightwads!

There was a party at the
grocery store...

The camembert jumped in the air...

The livarot followed suit...

The roquefort displayed
its usual flair

and the cantal romanced all
the fruit!"

It's them.

Pass them, dad!

Stop, he's about to throw up!

Couldn't you warn us!

Ren?'s throwing up!

Can't you throw them out once
you've read them?

Look at it! There's a ton of
paper in this office!

When will you fix up this place?

How can you live in such a mess!


I'd like to get a driver's license.

Would you let me do that?

I don't know, I could be a
sales-girl. Or a cashier...

You can't even add!

I asked you to work in the
garage, and you refused.

Why go to work for someone else?

Feels good.

The winner of the Tour of France
bike race in 1952

was Fausto Coppa?

No, Coppi.

You got it all wet!

But she loves that!

Is dad coming with us to the Alps?

Yes, but he's going right back.

Why doesn't he stay?

He has to earn money so
we can go on vacation.

She loves to be scratched all over.

It froze last night.

Care for a shave?

Play elevator?

The froggy elevator.

Which floor please?


Which floor?


My turn.

Shall we go ring at mom's door?

Not in front of the kids.
That's enough.

Let's all get in the elevator.

Sit, Tito!

What's its name?


It never obeys!

Really. I can't train it.

I'm going to sell that dog.

I bought it for the kid.
But it's a lousy dog.



Got a good second hand car?
Time I changed mine.

I'd like a Fregate.
Can you find me one?

Maybe. How much do you want
to spend?

I don't know yet...

I'm onto a deal...
It could even interest you...

You'd have to put up
a little money.

How much?


What is it?

A batch of American shirts.

There's a whole trainload.
18 cars full.

All sizes. We'd be partners.


Or I could borrow it from you.

10% interest for a week loan.

I didn't dare mention it before...

When did it start?

About a month. The first time,
I hung up on him.

What does he say?

Nothing. Nonsense...

He wants to see me,
get to know me...

He's crazy.


I can't get over it.
Michel phoning you...

But he won't call again.

I told him if he did, I'd tell you.

What did he say?

Nothing. It's over.
He won't insist.

Ren?, you through?

I told you not to drink tap water.
You'll get polio.

I'm not drinking.

Are you still going on
vacation the 20th?


Could I borrow your apartment?
I'm expecting a visitor.


Sort of...

Ren?, you've had long enough!

I can't get out.

He's locked in. I'll get dad.

There's no need...

How many times must I tell you,
you don't need to lock the door?

It's crazy!

Turn the lock.

I can't.

You're such a ninny!

Is it the kind you push or turn?

I don't know.

Take a good look.
Is it like a little butterfly?

I don't know.

- What's going on?
- The kid's locked in.

I can't get out.

Move aside, I'll try.

Out of the way, Ren?.

Did you wee-wee at last?

We put in down?

OK, I'll manage... Thanks, fellas.

I'm sorry.

Go ahead... Make yourself at home.

He was shocked.

We dressed in a rush. Ludicrous:
We couldn't look at each other.

I'm laughing, but it's not funny.

Here's Costa...

So how are you?

What do you do evenings?

Isn't there a movie house?
Go to the movies.

Is there snow at least?

Sounds like a gas!

Then you found someone?

I'd better hang up.
Call you tomorrow. Love to the kids.

Me too... I miss you.

Well... I got screwed!

What is it?

A batch of American shirts.

But they only have one sleeve.

I realized once I'd paid.
I had no way of knowing...

They're made on an assembly line...
By machines.

I don't believe it.

It happens!

It's inedible chewing-gum,
or stolen pictures...

Or sleeveless shirts!

Not sleeveless shirts!
One-sleeve shirts!

Get the facts straight!

What was the idea?
Who did you plan to sell them to?

It's simple: I'll turn them into...
short-sleeved shirts.

He came after all... Great!

Come in.

Isn't he in bed?

It's New Year's eve, he's up
till midnight.

He sleeps in the hall?

I should put a door there.

You shouldn't have.

Give me your coat.

Well, how are the shirts?

They're there. Take your coat off.

There's lots of them.

That's nothing.
There were loads more.

Then you can pay me back.

No problem. How long do I have?

2 or 3 weeks...
Till the end of the month, OK?

Midnight! Time for a hug!

Happy New Year!

You could've taken the car!

The girls like it. Right, girls?


Get in.

I'm sorry about the other day.
Madeleine told me.

She said you were great...

Let's forget it.

Can you see me living with Carlier?

My art-school teacher.
Mrs. Carlier!

- My gallery's down the drain.
- Why?

He spoiled everything. I could
never think of him the same way.

It's my first love letter.

That's enough. Not again!

What shall I say?
My dear Roland, dear Roland...

No, Roland...

Nothing to start.
Get right to the point.

Mom, it's burning.

What if we found

a nice poetic phrase

about life, feeling...
I don't know.

We could find one in a book.

Let's leave it a bit longer, love.

Watch out, girls!

I'm going to jump!

Haven't we met before?

Didn't you try to drown me
last week?

It's my first time here.

Must be your sister!

14! That's enough!

Seen my thighs?

What about them?

They're too fat.

Don't talk nonsense.

You have a wonderful body!

I have terrible breasts.
You don't.

I've always felt ashamed of
my breasts.

Mine are too small.

They're adorable.

Why do I feel so at ease with you?

...And a stationer's?

I love anything to do with paper.

Why not a haberdashery?

Or a tea-room?

Waiting on people all day?
No thanks.

No, a dress shop is best.

That's best of all. Everyone's
into fashions today.

But you need some knowledge...

All it takes is good taste.

We should go to Paris collections.
See what's being done.

You won't find out in Lyons.

Custom clothes are a pain.
Let's stick to ready-made.

And lingerie?

No, that's the worst.

You have to stock all sizes.

Some women are D cups, others are
flat as pancakes.

Looks OK... A bit small.

You can't see. It needs work.

Nice neighborhood. Like it?

My parents will help us, but
it's a large sum.

Michel has to put up the
other half.

That's not counting the stock.

We don't have to pay cash.

We only buy the business.
The rest is rent.

Let's not get big ideas.
A small store is enough.

This one's ideal. Well located.
That's what counts.

Can't you see us? Lt'll be great.

We'll have a large house.
With music... We'll see people.

We'll live it up!

And Sophie?

Where's Sophie?

She didn't get on.

We forgot her!

My God!

Cook yourself some noodles

with butter. You can manage
on your own for once.

Can't you even make pasta?

This isn't the time...

Of course, we went to the police...

I have to hang up.
So the line's free.

Where was she?

You should know.

She showed up at the garage
all alone.

"They forgot me", she said.
Forgot her!

Does one forget a 5-year old child?

Do you realize?

What goes on in your heads?

Say good night to dad and
go to bed.

I'll be right there.

Don't wake your sister.

All you have to do is take care
of the kids.

You can't even do that.

Sophie, come look.


They're licking their tongues.

My wife is the star of the
sidewalk caf?s.

You want me to stay home all day?

No, it's too crowded in the

What do you want?

Should I beg forgiveness on my
knees? Kiss your feet? That it?


I want peace and quiet!

That's all I want!

I've had it!

Her machine doesn't see straight.

You don't know how!

Took me all day to do 4.
There are 2000!

I'll never finish!

I must find someone...

These shirts'll cost me more
than I paid.

Then again, I didn't pay.

Too bad for the guy who
lent me the money.

They want tickets for my show?

Of course.

All I needed.

I've sewn up the collar.

Do you like it?

You don't?

Madeleine lent it to me.

She didn't dare wear it?

Take it off at once.

What's got into you?

Know what you look like?

It's so tight, I can see
you panty line.


No more panty line.


OK, you win! We won't go!
Solves everything.

We're not going?

Don't spoil my one evening out!

You look like a hooker.
I don't go out with hookers.


I'll go alone.


See, it suits you.

You alone?

He's not coming.

And Costa?

He's in a real state.

He's taken so many pills,
he's groggy.

I hear the press is coming.

What's wrong, you seem upset?

Did Michel lend Costa money?

I think so. Why?

He won't get it back.


Michel will be furious!

He'll never forgive him,
hate him for life.

I don't know what to do.

Don't worry. I'll fix it.

Hurry, it's about to start.

It's the owner. He's hot for me.

Gilles, turn on the fan and
get the ice.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
the "White Elephant"

is proud to present the Lyons
premiere of Costa Segara

in "Waiter on a Tightrope".

Go right ahead... Don't stop!

Don't bother about me...

Just pretend I'm not here...

That's my wife:

Usually, this doesn't
make her laugh.

Not when I rehearse at home, right?

You OK, Lena?

It's tough enough for him.
Don't make it worse.

Don't worry about me.
It's almost through.

Anyway, I'm through. Make way!

I'm fired.

Looks like rain!

There's Michel.

Why didn't you come?

Toothache. Didn't she tell you?

Let's move on.

Right, it's pouring.
Lead on between the drops.

American suspension...

And new tires...

One can tell.


You'll screw up the clutch.

It's always stalling.

It stalls! What'd you do to your
examiner to get your license!

The phone!

Answer it!

Hold on.

Who is it?

Not your day...

Happy, happy birthday...

Our best wishes come your way...


Take it from the vase.

There's no need now.

I want to blow out the candles.

We'll light them again.
No problem...

The $200 my husband owes you.


Open the champagne.

Thanks, dad.

These flowers
May they bring you joy...

May we all be happy and be
of good cheer...

And may we all meet again
next year...

- What is it?
- It's Costa.

We had an awful fight.
We said terrible things. I got out.

- Did I wake you?
- Doesn't matter.

Let's go to the kitchen.

It was about that money.

He thought my parents put it up.

I never got to warn them.

He made a big scene.

I admitted it came from you.

- He got mad about that?
- Yes...

Well, no...

It's an excuse.

The truth is, he's having
a nervous breakdown.

Feels he'll never make it...

Thinks he's a loser...

That I'm keeping him down...

Stifling him...

He's got some nerve!

I want a divorce.


It's not definite.

I don't know...

It's not working.

But how will you manage?

What will you live on?

Alone with a child?
You realize what it means?

Can't one start from scratch
again at 30?

I think I'll go to Paris
for a while. Feel like coming?

I feel like kissing you.

I need a new mechanic!

Roger's stealing from the till.

I did the accounts:
$200 is missing.

I'm sending Florence to
dancing school soon.

And Sophie?

Sophie, too.

Does it do any good?

If this goes on, I'll shave
my head. A bowling ball!

I did it.

You did what?

I took the money.

You filching money now?

You steal from the till?

I needed money.

If I'd asked, you'd have said no.

I don't believe it.
You've sunk that low!

It was for a marble gravestone
for mother.

I sent a money order to Belgium.

To the stone cutter at the cemetery.

Don't you think I should go?

Sure... Can't just send $200
like that, blind.

Have to go see,
check on everything...

If not, you've had it:

They won't put anything up.

They'll keep the money
and do nothing.

I could have an inscription.

Mind if we sit in here?

Going to Paris?

So are we.

Should have seen Paoli when I told
him we had a pass...

Do you smoke?

Bother you if we do?

Not at all.

Lie down!

You're not on my list.
Are you from Paris?

Lyons... Rue de la Republique.
Our shop's not open yet.

My friend must be here:
Madeleine Segara.

Of course! Go right in.

Leave your bags out here.

...with a pink satin tucker.

For dancing, a strapless gown
in black satin...

Full skirt in ivory satin,

and tulle edged with creamy lace.

For dining at the palace...

a white moire gown

with pink panels.

I couldn't resist... I'm sure
the other two soldiers were awake.


We didn't make love.
He just caressed me.

But I was so excited, I thought
I'd faint.

I can't explain... I'd never
experienced it that way before.

But you came!

It was the first time?

Well... yes.

It's wild.

I'm ashamed.

Not him. He's old.

And the other?

I'm completely crocked.

Fresh air!

- I wasn't in the mood.
- Why not?

- He had no ass.
- You like ass?

I like there to be a little.
Anyway, I'm too drunk.

I won't go back with you.

I'm staying in Paris.

I'm leaving Costa.

Are you serious?

And our plans?

The shop?

What future is there for me?

Stay with me.

Shut up, will you?

Stop it, Michel! Calm down!

I believed your story...
I trusted you...

Can you understand?

Why'd you go to Belgium if
you trusted me?

What were you when I married you?

I tended you like a plant.

I slaved so that you'd lack
for nothing.

I gave you everything.

And what've you given me?

What have I got?

An urge to vomit, that's what.

I know you saw her! You don't
even hide your filth, now.

Know what that's called?

Dykes! Dykes, that's what your are!

That's enough!

Why? Isn't it true?
Have they been telling me lies?

Tell me if I've been lied to.

Tell me it's not true!

Using your Mom's grave!
You've lost your self-respect!

You've gone crazy!

It's your fault!

You can't understand.
Madeleine helps me live...

I suffocate without her!

It's my fault. I should have
suspected right off.

I could have kept you apart.

She's always tried to set you
against me. She's jealous.

She has nothing with Costa.
Look at the life he leads her.

She doesn't love her son...
She's no mother.

I should've known she'd hurt you.

Come on, it's over now.

We'll start over, erase the past.
I'll forget everything.

It's all over.

Want to work? Want to open a shop?

I'll stake you to a shop. OK...

It's OK with me.

Come on, you'll see...

Mustn't see her...

Never again... Right?

My darling... after a horribly
depressed day

I woke up in form again
this morning.

I was glad to be alive and
breathing the air of Paris,

glad to be free at last.

Besides, I may have a job in a
stationary store: $100 a month...

Not much, but it's a start.

Costa finally let my parents
have the child.

That's best for now.

Dad and Ren? are both pleased.
Did you speak to Michel?

What did he say?
I can't wait to see you here.

Hurry and pack: Paris is ours.


Please understand...

For the moment, I can't break
my promise.

Michel wouldn't forgive me.
God knows what he'd do.

I'm afraid for the children.

If we're patient, I know
things will work out.

In a few months, I'll have
enough money saved.

Then nothing can keep me here.

As for our dream shop...
You see, I still say "ours"...

It's musty and small, but
it has possibilities.

Careful, girls!
Florence, come down!

Michel says yes if the price
drops a bit.

I pretend to be happy,

but I miss you terribly.

You like it?


How can you simply scrap
our wildest dreams?

I can't believe it... I shouldn't
have let you return to Lyons.

I should've forced you to stay.

It was time for you to leave

If you don't leave him now,
you never will.

You're letting yourself be

because you're afraid.
But of what?

$12! What kind of business cards
are they?

Engraved. That costs a bit more.

Why engraved cards?

They tell you to do it and you
do it, without thinking.

Velvet, $100.

For the back wall.

$100 for the back wall?

You're not selling the walls.

Why not gold hangers?

Be chic... Parisian.

To pay, that's what I'm here for!

You didn't sign it.

This is my 4th letter and still
no reply... But I keep trying.

Work began Monday and I'm
already in a flap.

If only you were here
to advise me.

The girls go on vacation the 18th.

They'll return all red-cheeked.

We could have used yellow.

I look everyday for a letter
from you.

Please, if you love me a little,
don't leave me in the dark.

Your silence pains me.

I so wanted to share this
adventure with you.

We dreamed of it together,
but here I am alone.

How could it be as satisfying?

I can't believe you've
forgotten it all.

Where are you? What's happening?

Answer me, please. Lena.

Oh... here!

All this came back to you...
arrived this morning.

Left. No forwarding address.

Anybody home?

It's open.

It's you.


Where is she?

- She's not in Paris.
- I know that.

Her job with Carlier
didn't pan out.

It was really a secretary's job.

She spent 3 weeks in a
mental ward.

She was starting to...

I wanted to call you.
She wouldn't let me.

She's better now.

She's with her parents, resting.

Don't say I told you!

- She won't see you!
- She needs me.

She needs no one. Only rest.
Leave her alone.

If you love her, you'll understand.
I know she's here.

What do you want? Haven't you
done her enough harm?

If he finds it too daring, I'll
exchange it. I know how it is.

You were great! What a pitch!

Cut it out.
You almost blew my sale!

- Why?
- I lost control.

I felt you behind me.
I wanted to giggle.

No, you've become a real pro.

It'll be warm...

It's weird hearing my voice again.
I'd forgotten...

I'm so happy! It's crazy!


What's wrong?


I was toasting the grand opening.

Want some?

To hell with your shop!

Your whorehouse!

Goddamn whorehouse!

Sophie, your mom has come for you.

Go pack your bag.
You too, Florence.


We're going on vacation.


...Come, be free...

No, my destiny is here.
I must stay.

Are you mad? Am I sane?
God knows!

Same look, some face...
Your hand...


- Ruy Blas...
- My Lord?

This morning, when you came...


What are you doing here?

Come on, we can't stay here.

You know where they are?

In Cabourg, at my in-law's
beach house.

I thought you knew.

What are they going to do?

Open a boutique in Paris.

They'll manage, they'll make out.

Feels weird, eh?

Mind you, I lost mine long ago.

I lost her right after I met her.

What about yours?

By the way...

Could you take one off my hands?

Ren?, bring me some small knives.

Dad's here!

Having fun?

Go for a swim?

Come on!

You just got here?

Did you come by car?

Shall we go?

How long d'you plan to stay here?

You can't spend your life
on vacation.

It's just for a while.

Till when?

How will you get by?
And the kids?

We're moving to Paris.

With Madeleine?

How will she manage?

She taking her son?

I have a right to know.

Yes, you do.

So, I'm crossed out.

Just like that.

What about me?
Have you thought of that?

What about my future?

What about my future?

We never had a day's truce.

We fought from the start.

What a waste!

A waste...

I'm sorry, Michel.

What a waste!

You can sleep on the sofa.

But please be gone before
the kids wake up.

My father left at dawn.

He never saw my mother again.

Madeleine died 2 years ago.

This film is dedicated to the
three of them.

Recovered by (c) dCd / July 2005