Entranced Earth (1967) - full transcript

Eldorado, a fictitious country in Latin America, is sparkling with the internal struggle for political power. In the eye of this social convulsion, the jaded journalist Paulo Martins opposes two equally corrupt political candidates: a pseudopopulist and a conservative. In this context, Paulo is torn between the madness of the elite and the blind submission of the masses. But, in this complex tropical reality, nothing really is what it seems to be.


Eldorado Country in the Atlantic

Alecrim Province, Governor
Vieira's Palace

Calm down!

Any news?

The President demands your
resignation in five hours.

Anything else?

Federal troops
are going to Alecrim.

I don't want any bloodshed.

Now we have to go to the end.

The blood of the people is sacred!

Blood isn't important.

It'll be the beginning
of our history.

If we fail,
Diaz will rise to power.

It's useless,
we'll be crushed.

You cannot betray! We...

Our adventure is over.

You call our work adventure?


You call it "adventure"?



Write down what I say.

Obey my orders!

Disperse any resistance!

The contradiction
that rules our lives

has brought us to this
political stalemate,

so familiar to those
who are engaged

in great decisions.

What is this document for?

It's about economic
and social development.

Thus, our fate is sealed,

at the head of great
national decisions...

Speeches, principles,

We hand our government over
to the Supreme Federal Power.

We're sure
that any resistance

would provoke a civil
war among innocents.

Who are the innocents?

I devote my path to God.

And I hope God,
once again,

blesses us with divine grace,

filling our hearts
with love and union.

Do you see, Sara?
Who was our leader?

Our great leader?!

I used to say he was weak.

The time had not arrived.

The struggle would prove much!

People would die.
Blood, Paulo!

History isn't changed by tears.

If they take up arms,
if they do!

Even people like you,

people like us, bourgeois,

But I accept the risk.

Stop, Paulo, your madness...

My madness is my conscience,

now, in the hour of truth!

Time for decision!
Even in the face of death!

We don't need any heroes.

We might resist,
I need to sing.

I need to sing!

No more condecorations...

This joyful pomp of glories...

This golden hope on the Plateau.

No more this regal parade...

With war and Christ,
side by side!

No more the naivet?
of faith.

The impotence of faith...

"I was not able to ratify
the treaty between

the bloody cosmos and the pure soul.
A gladiator defunct, but intact

(so much violence, yet so much tenderness)
Mario Faustino

I'm dying now,
at this time.

My blood and tears
are shedding.

Oh, Sara!
They'll say I'm crazy,

a romantic,
an anarchist, as ever...

I don't know, oh Sara...

Where I was 2,3,4 years ago?

Sailing with Dom Porf?rio Diaz.

The god of my youth,
Dom Porf?rio Diaz.

What I cannot explain
to my enemies

are my reasons for abandoning
the pleasures of solitude,

for the priesthood
of public life.

But neither could
Christ explain,

but by offering
His own life.

And so,
I'd reply to my enemies

that Christ gave
His life for the people

when the exploiters wanted
Him to join

exploitation itself.

He died, but didn't betray!

Nor will I, by proclaiming
the greatness of man,

of Nature, of God!

There he was, dancing
with Silvia, what a happy day!

He was overwhelmingly
elected Senator.

Such a happy day!
He was alone

with Silvia and I, at home.

I was always following him,
almost lost,

in those useless,
empty days in Eldorado.

A hell called Eldorado!

stealing my youth.

I've been following
Diaz for years.

And that night
he came to me

so loving and tender...

Our poet will be
elected deputy soon.

To Silvia,
who will be Mrs. Paulo Martins.

Aren't you happy?

It's not that.

You know about my friendship
and admiration.

But, starting with your help,

when I could do it on my own...

Don't you want to be
Dom Diaz's prot?g??


I don't know, but,
it's my poetry...

I myself, a new poetry...

If I could write about
serious things,

if I could talk about...

political ideas?

We're radical and extremist
when young...

I've been thinking...

We don't have to meet again.

You and your friends...
You and Alvaro!

It was my decision.

What can I do about Silvia?

I don't know, I don't care.

At least allow me this.

Let me choose my own path.

I've never been wrong, Silvia.

Some day, one fine day...

Good night. Excuse me.

I see fields of agony,
I sail seas of denial...

On my sword,
I bring remnants of passion,

born in those wars,
some more, some less,

cloistered witnesses of
the blood that sustains us.

Death growing, flowing
and devouring.

We live with death.

Inside us,
death becomes the failure of

our daily employment,

as we advance, we retreat.



I see.

Children without schools,
overcrowded hospitals.

Look at this one.

A campaign must be undertaken.

Oh, my God, look!

The donations aren't enough.

Something must be done.

We need a political leader,
that's it.

"For the poor all that is offered
are scraps of fortune.

Because no one will
take a stand to defend his kind.

The orphan must have a home,
school, church and rights".

Mart?n Fierro.

Someone like you could
never work for Diaz...

I owe him a lot,

you know...

Reading your article,
I never thought

you could be so funny.

Funny, me? I am tragic!

Sara also came to light Alecrim.


She's an efficient teacher.

You're lucky to be with her.

I really liked your last book.

Youngster things...

I'd like to get involved
to politics.


It's a tough career.

I came from the bottom,

with my own hands.

Sara knows my struggle.

I started as a simple
town councillor.

I had to confront
cynicism, corruption.

Always the most noble causes,

which are the hardest.

Mr. Vieira,
I think you're an excellent candidate.


I offer you my humble services.

He's formidable.

To Vieira.

The country needs poets.
The good ones,

the revolutionaries,
like the old romantics...

Voices that stirred the crowds.

The streets belong to the people,
like the sky belongs to the condors.

We'll hold big rallies
throughout Alecrim.


Better days to the poor
and new life for all my people!


It'll be like this...



My dear, speak, don't be afraid.

How lovely they are,
Your Grace. Write it down.

Take note of everything!

Take note.
All for you, my dear...

Don't worry.

It's going to be all right.

Don't worry, go!

Vieira, Vieira, Vieira...

Quite! Quite!

Mr. Governor...

Say, son...

In the name of these people,

I'd like to ask your attention...

Water here, to wet our lands

Now, if you would, you could...

you can, but...

My son, we're going
to stop these abuses.

Write down, Marinho.
He's writing down, you see?

Write down.
Isn't it, Your Grace?

I'd like to say one more thing.

Say it... Say.

How is it?


My main objective is
to do peaceful work,

through free elections,
we'll lead to power

the legitimate representatives
of the people!

These representatives are

those who will fight
for the very needs of the people!

Food, school!

Vieira, Vieira, Vieira...

And we won!

What I saw in that campaign...

A tragedy,
bigger than our strength.

on that calm veranda

where we've planned
our struggle joyously,

and then, at your side,

I thought about possible problems

and asked myself, "How could
an elected Governor answer

to the candidate's promises?"

I asked myself and the others,

"How could we react to that?"

'Cause our families arrived
in these lands,

over 2o years ago.

And we worked the land,

we planted them and our wives
gave birth in these lands.

Now we can't leave

just because some "men"
appeared from nowhere

showing papers and saying
they're the owners.

That's what
I wanted to tell you, Sir.

We trust you, but...

if Justice says we have
to leave the land,

we'll die, but we won't!

Be quiet, Felicio,
show some respect for the Governor.

Mr. Paulo, Mr. Paulo...

We must shout!


With whatever we have,
bones, everything!

Shut up!
You know nothing!

Mr. Paulo,
you used to be my friend,

- you used to promise...
- I never did!

I'm not a liar!

You wretch!
Weak chatterbox! Coward!

Mr. Paulo, don't say that,
Mr. Paulo...

Don't say that,
Mr. Paulo, don't.

Mr. Paulo, don't say that...

Do you see?
You're worth nothing!

Mr. Paulo, you were my friend!

I went there.

I beat a poor peasant because
he threatened me...

He could have cut my head
off with a hoe,

but he was so cowardly
and servile!

And I wanted to show
he was a coward and servile.


Weak people!

Always feeble and terrified!

Blessed is the fruit
of your womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,

now and at the hour
of our death, Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace,
The Lord is with thee,

blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit

of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,

now and at the hour
of our death, Amen.

Hail Mary,
full of grace The Lord is with thee,

blessed are thou amongst women
and blessed is the fruit

of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners...

I used to tell him not
to get involved,

I think it was a disgrace.

We were walking that night,

he walked forward
and turned another way,

and as he opened the gate,

I heard a shot, a scream,
a light!

My husband...

It was Vieira,
he is the murderer.

He promised
and didn't keep his word.

This bastard
has betrayed our people.

The murderer works
for the Government.

He works for the Government.

Vieira is guilty for everything.

He is the murderer.

The people are in the streets.
I await orders.

Don't disperse. Everybody
has the right to protest.

I advise you to arrest
Colonel Moreira.

Is there any evidence against him?

The widow's testimony.

And, it's not the first time,
we've known it.

It has to be done!

We have to choose between electorate

and commitments.

I can't arrest him.

I must warn you,
it'll have negative repercussions

for you in the
Federal Government.

Where is Paulo?

Break off!
Let the boat go!

But first I have to fire
those aides you suggested me...

Professionals of disorder...

A man has been killed.
The family, everybody, wants justice!

Politics requires ability.
I am the Governor!

The elected one!

Moreira and the other
farmers financed a great part

of my campaign.

And I? And Sara?
And the students?

What about the support
of the people?

They knew about
the commitments...

But I have my own commitments,
to myself.

I can't accept such a huge lie.

I'm not your government's
police to use

force to solve
the conflicts you should confront!

The streets belong to the people
like the sky belongs to the condors.

The brave poet of the slaves
used to say.

If we arrange it all,
I might get more money for schools.

Funds? Money to be stolen
by your fiends. Funds.

Charity only
postpones or worsens poverty.

It's very easy to be reasonable
when you are on top.

A leader must take
a moral stand!

Arrest Moreira!

Maybe you're right,
but that's impossible.

So, tell me your plan?
How is it?

Waiting would help...

And now? What to do?

Police oppression.

So, I quit!

One day,
when it'll be impossible

you'll be devoured by the hungry,

then we'll see that
the lack of courage,

the indecision...

And who are you, Vieira?
Tell me, a leader?

If you don't have the abilities,
you should never have gone to the rallies.


Disperse the riot! Do it!

When the woman
was crying in front of me,

you know who's the killer?

It's your fault, Mr. Paulo,
you're the one to blame!

We have to protest in the streets.

Who did it must pay!

And it was Governor Vieira.

Something must be done.

We have to fight, he has to die.

Someone must pay for it.

But I refuse the certainty,
the logic, the balance...

I prefer Porfirio Diaz insanity...

So easy, like this.

Easy? Put an end to it all?

Sacrifice deepest ambitions.

What do you know about ambition?

I wanted to marry, have children,
like any other woman.

But I was thrown into the
heart of my time.

I was raised in
the streets my first banner.

And they shot us.
Friends died and they arrested me.

And sent me to a filthy jail,
with rats,

and tortured me with
electric shocks.

They raped me, and,
set me free with the scars.

And I continued the struggle,

raising banners, never for pride.

It was a greater thing,
in the name of logic

of feelings!

And if it's an ordinary
woman's ambition,

what's the other
ambition but happiness?

Solidary and happy people.

The hunger of the absolute...


I'm hungry. Come with me, Sara.

Don't behave as a fanatic,
waiting for things

that never happen until
we're finished.

Come with me!

Life is bigger than
the time we live in.

Life is an adventure!

You don't understand.

A man can't be divided this way...

Politics and poetry
are too much for only one man...

I'd love you to stay with us.

Return to writing.

I do not announce songs of peace...

Neither do I care
for the flowers of style.

Bad news everyday

that defines the world
I live in.


Sunsets do not make
me feel the pain of adolescence.

I give back to the landscape,
the vomits of experience.

Poetry is senseless...


Words are useless...

When I came back to Eldorado,
I don't know when...

When I saw once again
the same landscape, nature,

the same people lost
in its impossible splendour.

I brought the sadness
from lost encounters

and once again,
I got lost

in the depths of my senses.

I didn't believe in dreams,
in anything.

Only my flesh could burn and there
I could find myself.

I, Julio Fuentes,

declare a permanent
state of joy in Eldorado

and I greet Paulo Martins,
poet and patriot.

Get up, worm!

Go on!

Here is the very image
of a ruined man.

A mistake.

Take it, genius,
prop up this ruin!


Paulo, my friend...

Silvia, your man is back.

Paulo, my friend, he's back.

Don't touch my wife!

Leave her, you scum!

Leave my wife!

Take it!

We live with worms...
But it's dangerous,

they can devour our intestines.

The people.
They should invade the palaces!

The people, Paulo!

The guerrillas!

The guerrillas!

When beauty is overtaken by reality,

when we lose our purity
in these gardens of tropical diseases

when with anaemic people we breathe

the same air of the
worms in the animals' pores,

or when we flee from the streets
and inside our homes

poverty follows us in
it's most lethal forms,

like food, books,
records, clothes, plates, skin,

your liver bursts in rage,
your throat panics

and an inexplicable
oblivion of ourselves.

we feel that death converges,

into an aggressive form of life.

Wild sea that involves
me in this sweet continent...

On this forgetfulness
I bestow my sad Latin voice,

sadder than revolt, and more...

I vomit in the streets
the acid dollar,

marching amongst dirty children,

with their blind birds' eyes.

I see the Atlantic dawn with blood,

under a constant metal jet threat.

War and wars in foreign countries.

I can say, an astronaut
was fulfilled on the moon.

Any joke is possible
in everyday tragedy.

I, for example,
I do the vain exercise of poetry.

I know you don't want weapons

not, as well...
not to ask for more

that I came to you.

I agree,
it's the best way.

There was a time
and time ends.

But see,

you're not gone yet,

you're anywhere
I breathe

Or I see, I dream,
or I dream about

the mutation of things.
Tell about you

about us,
without us.

You've forgotten
to take yourself...

It was Vieira who asked

to see you and explain

that he can't do all by himself.

I know,
I'm worth nothing...

Oh! My beloved...

He's been tortured!


the worse things has happen to you...

Worst than anything you saw
in Alecrim.

I've been writing
about the misery of our souls...

You're a kind of anarchist,
but you can be useful.

So, please, don't be so kind.

Let me ask you something,

What was your deal with Vieira?

To change Eldorado.

Do the opposite of Diaz...

And what Diaz wanted?

To be preserved, as a mummy...

Why did you leave Vieira?

Because he doesn't yet have...
You know...

Vieira also didn't want a change.

Vieira is, at best,

I don't care about
his personal qualities...

His qualities...



So, historically Vieira can save Eldorado

from underdevelopment...

from the International
Extraction Company's colonisation...

Do they allow it?

Do you think
Explint will let you go on?

Enough theories!

Explint supports Diaz.
But if Diaz get weakened...

Diaz weakened...

Diaz weakened...


If you destroy Diaz

Using Julio Fuentes's press.

You know everything about Diaz...

I, betray Diaz for...

You know you can't ask that of me.

You have a commitment!

I have commitments? Which ones?
I've never assumed any...

You know better than I.

You know we all have commitments...

You know and you write about it.

With time...

Before, I wanted to change...
And if we do?

Change what for?

Go where?
With what weapons?

My inspiration
came from the punished flesh,

from these travelled eyes.

In this oblivion,
horizons searched by other poets...

I imported the best equipment...

Look! I was born there.

I'll do great campaigns...

Even confront Diaz...

Diaz will have a new network.

With whose money?

Our senator is a man with
no material ambition.

I think he is a kind of

saint, genius, martyr...

Some day he will hurt you.


Actually, I had dinner

with Mr. Cassius at the Embassy...

He visits his friend everyday.

They talk about tropical plants.

I've imported some seeds.


I gave them to Fernandez,
for the palace's gardens.

I've got new funds from
the National Bank.

Fernandez wants to appoint Silvia
to be our Ambassadress of beauty in...

Do you know Vieira?

- Vieira?
- He's much more serious.


Vieira is a provincial, a demagogo.

- Besides, I told the truth.
- He'd show out the farce.

What a farce?

Is there any other solution
for the country?

Which one?

Mr. Cassius is travelling?

He didn't sign the new contracts?!

It's absurd! Absurd!

They cancelled
the advertisement contracts.

What's the use of working?

I want to develop this little country,
I promote the arts,

I perform acts of charity,
I do useful things!

Paulo, Paulo warned you.

Shut up!
What you know about business?

I have the right cards.

And when one loses the game?

Lose the game? How?

It's dangerous to face strong enemies.

I'm able to face
any domestic or foreign company.

Can you confront Explint?

I ask, if they can confront me!

They are already doing it.

They've begun by cancelling the

My newspaper
and my network are independent.

I'll be supporting
pro-nationalist policies.

The Fuentes Empire, the biggest
economic organisation of Eldorado!

It claims to defend our wealth

from Explint exploitation!

But Fuentes have forgotten
one thing:

To do a political scheme
to face Explint.

And what have you done in politics?

I've been supporting Fernandez.

And who keeps him
in the presidency.

The constitution.


Listen, Fuentes.
Don't you read your own newspaper?

I have warned you,
but rich people never think

that one day they'll wake up poor.

I've done many favours for Fernandez.

He prefers the opulent side.
The sons of the Enlightened City,

the civilised men.

They placed him in the presidency,

to protect our wealth from
the exploitation

you intend to defend.

They're all very nice,
as long as you don't threaten them.

J?lio Fuentes has grown...
so much...

that Explint can't take him anymore.

So, if Explint pushes the button,

J?lio Fuentes is dead!

No! No!
I can't die!

I'm richer than all Eldorado.

I own gold, silver, uranium mines.

I own the fruit fields,
the petroleum reserves...

the steel companies, the network...

I can't, I can't die!

A few days,
at the height of your glory,

you were the most
powerful man of the world!

I need you!

You and everybody!
I can't die!

Be afraid! Suffer!





I'll destroy them all!

You'll manage the newspaper
and the TV,

I give you full liberty,

and full power
to do whatever you want.

Even I couldn't say why
I attacked Diaz.

At that moment I'd hurt
the one who had done most for me.

I was starting
a political adventure.

I couldn't have foreseen the outcome.

The only thing I knew was that
I couldn't stand that life,

and I had to find new ways.

Anyway, even leaving them

half-done, and waiting for others

cleverer than I,
who could reach the end...

But, if I wasn't dying now,

I also would reach the end.

I would,
because my roots aren't putrid.

Only one thing I knew, Sara.
I'd go for your love,

Although I was far away,
I loved you more

than I hated Eldorado.

By destroying Diaz, Sara,
I was to be free to go back to you...

To come back to Vieira's promises.
To believe in your love for the country.

You have to link Vieira
to Fuentes and destroy Diaz.

You're the only one who can do it.

Eldorado can't wait!

And you'll get nothing from it.

It's just a job.

Nobody will thank you.

Because it's nothing,
facing what you have to do.

You have to,
even if you don't believe in it.

Even if you adore Diaz.

Even if you hate Vieira.

Even if you die!

Even if everybody dies!




And attention,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

See how a politician is made.

See how a man, without
any contact with the people,

can be great and honoured,
in this land, Eldorado.

Here's the main headlines
on Porf?rio Diaz's life.


He appears as an extremist leader,
promoting students' strikes.

Elected to Congress.


He betrays the students' movement
and supports Villa Flores's dictatorship.

He is appointed Secretary
of the Treasury.


He betrays Villa Flores and supports
Pancho Morales's dictatorship.

He is appointed Secretary
of Culture.


He betrays Pancho Morales and supports
El Redentor's dictatorship.

He is appointed Secretary
of State.


He suggests the purchase
of a war arsenal

from Explint.

He makes one million dollars.

1941, 1946.

Eldorado goes to war.
13,000 men die.

Explint finances his run
to the Senate.

1948, 1957.

The Senate overthrows El Redentor.

Diaz leads Fernandez's election.

He forces Fernandez to agree
with Explint's demands.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen,
the profile

of this man, who never
saw the people,

plans to overthrow Fernandez

and uses any possible weapon
to take him to power.

And for that, he will fight
he will manage

any policy, affirming
today yesterday's lies,

denying tomorrow
today's truths.

So, this is the face
of democratic virtue.

This is the father of the nation.

He was dying like me.

We were both suffering from it,
even before

he asked for me,
and I went to see him.

I was full of hate and remorse...

I insist on it.

I gave you the first opportunities.

I have been betrayed by the most
sordid and despiteful men!

I shouldn't be betrayed by you!

And how do you thank me?

With gestures full
of political interest.

What is political
interest compared to friendship?

There's nothing above friendship.

A friend always accepts another.

Under any conditions,
a friend is a friend.

Have you forgotten everything?

Won't you apologise?

Neither a "pardon"?
Won't you kiss my feet?

Who can save Eldorado but me?

In whose name do you act?
For what?

What ideas foment

such hate against me?

What do you want? Money?

I give you all the money you want.

Stay with me and it will be yours.

If I wanted...

If I wanted now.

Politics is a weapon for the elect.

For the gods.

The extremists have created
the mystic of the people,

but the people are worthless.

The people are blind and vengeful.

If one bothers about the people,
what would they do?

Where is your conscience?

Not for all the gold in the world!

We're rotten for our crimes.

For your crimes!

I've washed my hands in blood,
but I've been humane!

The blood of students,
peasants, workers!

The blood of the worms!
We wash our souls.

We purify the world!

Our wealth, our flesh,
lives, everything.

You've sold everything!
Our hopes,

our heart, our love,


Last chance, say yes!

An epidemic rage, Diaz!
I destroy!

With your fragile hands?

Alone, Paulo? Alone?

Paulo, alone!

A candidate from the people!


Accept my support, Vieira.
Our President wants to be

a new Napoleon
and Diaz a new Caesar!

Only you could be a new Lincoln!

Peter denied Christ three times!

But it was he,
who founded God's Church.

And Judas, the traitor,
hanged himself naked, naked!


we will open trails in the forests,

we will found cities,

where there were savage lands.

Bridges over rivers,

roads crossing the desert,

machines ripping
out minerals from the earth!

What would have become
of the Americas without priests?

What about the Aztecs and the Mayas?

What about the Tupis,
Tamoios and all the Amerindians?

What about the Faith?

What is the meaning of coherency?

They say it's wise to observe
history without suffering.

Until one day, by conscience,
the people takes over...

I walk and see these skinny,
apathetic, depressed people.

These people can't believe
in any party.

These feeble, bloodless people.

These people need death above all.

The blood that
incites a brother to grief

the feeling of nothing
which leads to love.

Death like faith, not like fear.

Why, Paulo?

Why do you wallow in this chaos?

Which chaos?

Look, Vieira can't speak.

Nobody won't, for over a century.

You've thrown Vieira into an abyss.

Me? The abyss is here, wide-open.

We all march towards it.

But it's not the people's fault.

It's not the people's fault.
It's not!

But they go after the first

who shows them a sword or a cross.

Jer?nimo is the people.
Speak, Jer?nimo.

Speak, Jer?nimo. Speak!

Don't be afraid!
Speak! You are the people.


I'm a humble man, a worker.

I'm the leader of my Union.

I've been in the class struggle.
Everything is wrong.

I really don't know what to do.

The country is in crisis
and the best thing

is to await the President's commands.

Do you see what the people are like?

An illiterate!
A petty politician!

Can you imagine Jer?nimo in power?

A moment!
A moment, folks!

A moment!

Let me speak.

I'll speak.

Excuse me sirs! Jer?nimo

does the people's politics,
but he's not the people.

The people are me.
I have seven children

and have nowhere to live.

Extremist! Extremist!

Extremist! Extremist...

And illiteracy...

are extremist propaganda!

Extremism is a virus that
infects actions,

infects the air, the blood,

infects the water and morals...

In Eldorado

there is no hunger,
no violence...

nor poverty!

Political irresponsibility...

Your anarchism!

Political irresponsibility...

political irresponsibility...

Your anarchism.

Political irresponsibility.

Political irresponsibility.

- Political irresponsibility.
- Your anarchism.

- Political irresponsibility.
- Your anarchism.

- Political irresponsibility.
- Your anarchism.

- Political irresponsibility.
- Your anarchism.


I'm almost 5o and I haven't
lost my dignity.

Tell me, what you, Fuentes,
and the others want?

I'm not here to be
a political clown.

If you want power,
you have to bite into the struggle.

I've told you,
inside the masses, there's man.

The Man is hard to control...
Harder than the masses.

No more reactionary theories!


We've gone too far.

Maybe now it's late to go back.

I understand...

The trance of the mystics.

Look in our eyes, our skin.

If we observe it clearly,

or only through violence.

Every time I fought
for the underprivileged majorities,

I was stupidly threatened.

I stepped back many times,

delaying today's
problems to think of the future.

But if I send the present
to the future,

I'll only find a future
drowned in tragedies.

That's why I must now face

Eldorado's enemies,
here and abroad.

Unite the masses.

Break away, once and for all.

Cast off the boat!

Do you know what he wanted?

To use the press to support
the extremists.

Use Vieira for this end.

And where is he now?

With the President,
saying Vieira leads the populace.

The populace.

Mr. Cassius visited me yesterday

to say how disappointed
he was with you.

He was the one who forced
the President

to use freedom of the Press.

But how could
I know you'd surrender

to Paulo Martins madness.

You know, Silvia,
why do they think we're irresponsible?

Explint, for example,
helped you to buy the equipment.

Paulo guaranteed me that
their competition would be disastrous.

Paulo! Does he have
any political coherency?

And Vieira is a democrat.

He comes from the Extremist Party.

You too.

But I met God!

I know,
but the cards have been dealt.

We're on opposite sides.

Bravo! Bravo!

Don't use this proud language.

Because you're not prouder
or more impetuous than Paulo.

Silence, J?lio.

Then, ?lvaro came
to tell about the betrayal.

?lvaro came as dead as me.

He felt sick on blood.

The revolutionaries...
A bunch of clowns!

Do you know what the result of Paulo,
Vieira and the extremists' pact is?

Vieira, once in power,
they will eliminate you.

They don't respect pacts.

I am left-wing.

Left what?

Look, idiot...

The class struggle exists.

What is your class?
Go on, say it!

If we develop industry,

create jobs, perhaps...

Like starving beasts,
they'll want more and more.

Even your own blood.
They want power.

The people in power? Never!

Understand? Never!

For freedom, we'll die,
for God, for power!

How can I take power without
Paulo and Fuentes's help?

Without the best men?

Paulo betrayed me long ago.

Fuentes is reluctant to support me.


How can I explain it to my partners?

You have to explain nothing.

Let's take the power in a coup.
Change the game.

Let's write history.

But they have the guarantees.

I have the guarantees!

Which ones?

By elections, Vieira wins.

Without elections, I win,
overthrowing Fernandez.

Only with your ideas?

With Explint's support,

by using its propaganda machine.

Explint will pay.

Paid propaganda.

Then, ?lvaro came
to tell about the betrayal.

?lvaro came
as dead as me.

He felt sick on blood.

While the mini-genius of politics
was planning a revolution,

Fuentes and Diaz...

Fuentes and Diaz?

Together with Explint to defeat you,
Vieira and Fernandez.

Did you see?

With these blind eyes,
these dumb mouths...

Look, Paulo,

all I can do is to advise exile.

And me, working night and day,

Your naivet?...

So much work, so much effort...

Actually Fuentes and Diaz
want you to quit everything

and go back to them.

And I am dirty, the monster?

I don't know, I'm not interested
in your convictions.

Your life interests me.

What counts is that I am free!

And I won't step back.

Who's free? Who?

Diaz. Diaz is.

Your images, dreams.
You're a poor copy of Diaz.

No. Diaz is my enemy.
He's not in my blood.

It's too late!

Maybe we can resist, with Vieira.

He doesn't have the greatness
of a leader.

?lvaro, I don't know, I don't know...

Don't make me smash your face!

Smash it! It's worthless. Smash it!

I have no pride. No vanity.

Nor ambition. Smash it!

My friend...

My friend?

You were my friend?
I was your friend...

But you took advantage
of my weakness

and betrayed your style.

React! React!

React against what?
Against whom?

Only you can react to survive.

Call Fuentes, sell your soul.

For Silvia, she loves you.

Beyond hate, beyond life, it's late.

I'll be with Vieira until the end.

I can do nothing

to avoid these
coming days of darkness.

That's why I gave up.

That's why I died!

Democracy is the exercise
of the will of the people.

We've been elected by the people,
so we're representatives of their will.

It's a time of decisions.

The reactionaries will eat
the dust of history.

Let's do our historical duty

by forcing the President
to exterminate Vieira

and his agents
all over Eldorado.

I'll defend our wealth from
the foreign invader!

God is my emblem!
Work is my flag!

My destiny is happiness!

My principle, purity of character!

With strong arms, clean hands,
conscience at peace,

we will build a great nation.

The nation is untouchable!

The family, sacred!

My hope is the sunshine...

Only one force can change history

and nobody will stop it.

This sunshine will light our lives.

Dawn follows every night.
The mornings are never late!

This strength, is the people.

Vieira! Vieira!

He is the people.
He is the people!

The shining mornings, alive, eternal,

everlasting, unchanging, infinite!

Let's divide the country.

If you say so, we'll bombard Eldorado.

I don't care about bloodshed...

I say!
The blood of the masses is sacred!

It will be the beginning
of our history.

If we fail, Diaz will rise to power.

See Sara? Who was our leader?

Our great leader?

Obey my command.
Disperse any resistance!

No more condecorations,

this joyous pomp of glories.

This golden hope on the Plateau.

No more this regal parade

with war and Christ
marching side by side!

No more the impotence of faith,

the naivet? of faith...

It's no longer possible...

We are eternal sons of darkness,

of inquisition and conversion!

And we are forever, sons of fear,

of our brother's blood!

And we don't accept our violence,

we don't accept our ideas,

neither our barbarian hate.

We don't assume our stupid
and feeble past,

plenty of prayers and laziness.

A landscape,
a sound over indolent souls...

These indolent races,
servile to God and the lords.

A typical passive indolence
of indolent people.

Ah, I can't believe it's all true!

How long can we stand it?

How long, beyond faith and hope,
can we stand it?

Until when, beyond patience and love,
can we stand it?

Until when, oblivious to fear,

beyond childhood and adolescence,

can we stand it...

What does your death prove?

The triumph of beauty and justice!

They will learn! They will!

I will dominate this land.

I will put these hysterical
traditions in order!

By force,
by the "the love of force"!

By hell's universal harmony,

we will be a civilisation!

What does your death prove?

The triumph of beauty and justice!