Entrails of a Beautiful Woman (1986) - full transcript

This is a story about a pretty psychologist (Megumi Ozawa) who is raped, murdered, and dismembered while trying to avenge the suicide of a patient who was raped by a Yakuza gangster. Buried along with the remains of a rival gangster, Ozawa somehow melds with his corpse and comes back from the grave as a hermaphrodite zombie. A bloody and sadistic revenge is ahead.


Entails of A Beautiful Woman

That's okay.
-Thank you very much. Come again.

Let me go.

We prepared everything.

My turn? I'll pass, thank you.

Did the Ichiyama clan
bring her here?

Does it matter
who brought her here?

Are you mad?
Apologise immediately.

I'm very sorry. I said too much.

You said too much?
You mean it slipped out.

Sorry. It will not happen again.


No. Please stop. Your are
really weird people.

Leave me alone!

Higashi, explain it to her
what has happened to her sister.

We sold this bitch to Africa.
Higashi arranged it.

Come on, tell her.

You will never be a really tough guy.

Isn't this enough?

No. We just started.
We have 10 punish such scum.

That hurts.

Higashi. Give her some Angel Rain.

Angel Rain?

That is too strong for her.

I think the usual drug will do.
Do what I say!

You should be thankful.
Angel Rain is a very expensive drug.

This moron sold your sister
at an auction.

You will be next little bitch.

Look what this drug does!
And she's still a virgin.

Fuck her. But don't take the drug yourself.

Go on.

Listen! Take care about the next job.
Don't screw it up.

Hey guys, take it easy.
Don't overdo it.

Aquarium Clinic. Help me!

What's happened?

Help me, please.

I was in town with my sister.

She transferred 206 million yen...

...to an unknown account
via computer.

Her boyfriend forced her.
His name is Higashi...

...I figured out where he is.

My sister vanished a month ago.
Higashi wanted to help me.

I was tricked.
Oh god, I need that drug...

...Angel Rain.

Angel Rain.

No, don't jump.
You are all confused.

Please. Calm down.

Let me help you.

Higashi, along with the Yakuza...

...cheated my sister out of her money.

My sister didn't realize
she was being tricked.

She trusted Higashi
and continued to give him money.

The end he sold her to Africa
via Philippines.

She will never come back alive.

Finally I found Higashi to ask for
my sister's whereabouts...

...but they gave me drugs
and raped me, again and again.

I wish I could help.


I understand.

What's up?

The bitch ran away.

Kill the guys who had to watch her.

Are you serious? How's the boss?

I don't know.
Do you know where he is?

What if I knew?

I haven't seen him in a while.
The idiot.

He's probably out
chasing some young girls.

Hey. Give me some of the drug.

I gave you some last time.

I don't have it anymore.

You use too much.

Never mind.
Just leave some for me.

If the boss finds out,
you'll be in trouble.

Not if you keep your mouth shut.
-You know I can't say anything.

That's right. And I can't tell him
that you screw me for drugs.

I don't think that anyone saw anything.

You think?
-No, no... I'm sure.

You have no confidence at all.
-I'm sorry.

Listen, you must remove all traces
of the dead girl.

At an autopsy they might find
traces of the drug.

Have you been using it too?
The drug, I mean.

No, no, just one or two times.

You're a bunch of losers.

You were responsible for her!

What do you think will happen
if the boss finds out?

Damn Idiots.

You two idiots.
Why should I take responsibility for this?

Hello. Higashi speaking.

You drugged me and raped me.

Who's speaking?

You all raped me.
I curse you all.

Who's speaking?
-I'll get my revenge.

What do you want?

Yes, Ichiyama here.

It's Higashi.
There seems to be a problem.

It's me. What'? From that girl?
You're joking.

Dead girls don't use the telephone.
Don't be an idiot.

I have already remove all traces
of her, so just shut up.

Don't ever mention it again.
Shut up.

Did you understand that?
Keep your mouth shut.

Listen. You are not allowed
to tell about it.

Even if you are threatened,
you keep your mouth shut.

How could that happen?
I'll find out.

I am Kenji Higashi. I ha a feeling
we have met before.

So do I. How do you do?
My name is Yoshimi.

-What's wrong?


Tell me.
I can see something is wrong.

It's nothing, really. It's just that
I used to know someone...

You knew someone named Yoshimi?

Was this recently?

You didn't treat her well?
-Let's change the subject.

Good idea. We just met.

We should not be talking about
another woman.

Excuse me.

I didn't take a shower yet.
Can you smell it?

What's the matter, Higashi?
Don't you enjoy it?

I'm sorry.
I don't know what's wrong.

Maybe you have been
under some stress?

That's nonsense.

I am a psychiatrist.

Trust me and lie down.

I'll make you a real man.

Just relax. Think of nothing.

That's good.

Pretend you are a bird
flying in the sky.

Can you see the ocean?

It is the ocean.
Look, there is a plane.

What is its destination?

The Philippines.

That's right, the Philippines.

Look, it is Keiko Ito.

She is waiting for you.
Can you see her?

Keiko Ito, don't go.

It wasn't my fault.

It was the Ichiyama clan.

They sold you.

It wasn't my fault.

That's right.
Blame the Ichiyama clan.

You should eliminate them.

Yoshioka, Nishibashi, Ichiyama.

That feels good. Mama...

You are not a bad boy anymore.

The Ichiyama clan corrupted you.

The next time you are with them...

...and they call you an idiot,
you will stab them. Understand?

You have to start fighting back.

Don't forget. Promise me.

I am scared.

If you can promise this,
you will become a real man.

Then you will be able to ejaculate.

I promise.

U will be a man and you will screw
a lot of girls.

Don't forget. If they call you
an idiot, you have to kill them.

Now you will ejaculate,
and when I count to three...

...will wake up
and not remember anything.

You just want to go home.

One, two, three.

Well, Higashi, you have become
a man.

Did you do that with your mouth?

I am a little uncomfortable.
was my first time.

I love you, Yoshimi.
Thank you.

I should be going home.

Can I meet you tomorrow
at the same bar?

You're an idiot.

If you call me an idiot
I have to kill you.

Just wait.

Let's hear him out.

That hurts. Call an ambulance.

Who did you meet, Kenji?

Call a doctor.

Call doctor Yoshimi.

Who should we call for you?
Stop it!

No, a doctor... psychiatrist.


At a bar in Shinjuku.

You idiot. That is the place
where Yoshimi jumped.

Higashi, one more thing...

Aquarium Clinic.

Yoshimi, is that you?
It's me...Higashi.


I killed them all. Help me.
Or the clan will kill me.

Calm down. Calm down, Higashi.
I'll meet you at the bar.

Please be there.

I did it. I did it.
Yoshimi, I made them pay.


Can I help you, miss?
-A highball

Coming up.

Is there a Yoshimi here?


Sit down, Yoshimi.

We are all of the same clan,
resistance is futile.

Let's talk and have a drink.

You don't look like a member of the clan.

Is that so?
Well, we're a mixed bag.


Nhat is your relation to Yoshimi?

I am Yoshimi.

Is that so?

I am impotent. Do you think
you can treat me, Dr Hiromi?

With hypnosis, for instance?
What do you say, doctor?

Higashi is dead because of you.

It is his own fault.

You're not even related
to the dead girl.

Why you are making so much
effort for a stranger?

I hate the yakuza.

The yakuza clan must always
be on guard in order to survive.

How can you still look
yurself in the mirror?

We do what we have to do.

That's what happens when you get
involved in other people's affairs.

You have incited Higashi against us.

I am ashamed we belong
to the same human race.

Then you can stop being human.
I'll personally dig your grave.

You destroyed my tattoo.
You'll pay for this.


Okay, do it.

She's biting me. Let me go.

I would also like to fuck her.

Hold her.
There's no escape.

Angel Rain. This will make you
feel better right away.

Your orgasm will be gigantic!

Later you can do me a favour.

You can surely cure my impotence.

What kind of drug is that?

That's nice.

Seems we gave her too much.

It was an overdose.

It's a pity we killed her.

Hiromoto, get rid of her
together with Higashi's body.

Takiguehi, you wait here
for our business partners.

You are alive?

Give me more of the drug.
I'll do anything.

Come here. I will lick you.

I will come inside you.
Tonight we'll have a lot of fun.

Does that feel good?

From now on, I will teach you.

You have to ride harder.
Go, show what you've got.

Yes, like that.

Where did everybody go?
Stupid idiots.

Who could it be?

Are you kidding me?

What's that?
I know that tattoo.


Please don't kill me.

Please, I am just an unimportant

Please, don't do this.

Okay, Tuesday next week.

This feels great.

Whenever I need drugs in the future...

and as long as the yakuza exist...

...I will always get drugs.

That makes me so horny.