Entity Project (2019) - full transcript

A director and her friends renting a haunted house to capture paranormal events in order to prove it and become popular.

[Pastor Duna] Jesus left...

...his message with us...

...and it is up to us...

...to follow... his... model.

[Father Jon]
I can't wait. I've got to start.

We have to take this
on our own hands

because we have not gotten

And I can't wait much longer.
Let's proceed.

[screams and grunts]

Step outside. Step outside!

[screams] Fuck off!

This footage was originally
intended to be

an amateur investigative

filmed by an amateur director
and her friends.

The footage was later found,
salvaged and reassembled

by an unknown entity for the
sole purpose of preventing

similar outcomes.

...and to serve
as a warning to the public.

[Talisha] Yo, that balcony
is super creepy...

[Gia] There's something weird.

[Jandae] What's in there?

I don't think it opens...

[Gia] Yo, there is this thing
that looks like a cage.

I don't know if you're going to
be able to see it

through the window.

That's so weird,
it's really creepy.

Come check it out.

[Gia] Do you see it?

Like something lives in there.

Look at the pictures.
Then we know what it says.

Can't really see inside.

It's so creepy.

[Jandae] Why the hell
are you putting makeup on?

We're in the woods.

Because if I die, I still want
to look nice.

Jeez. What are you now? Demon?

It burns! It burns!

Oh, you're going to die with
your makeup on.

I'm still going to be beautiful.

Crazy ass.

[Caro] Looks like the Gods.
These are the Gods. The Gods -

it's like
they're praying to God.

Can you see it from there?

[Gia] What? No. This door
doesn't unlock either but...

I wouldn't try to go in there.

It's like painted shut.

Yeah, it's definitely painted

They are probably not using it.

They are probably using the
other one.



Carolina. You look so cool,
let me see your outfit.

Look at this girl. You're so LA.

- Let me see you, come close.
- She could be so London as well.


Thank you.

Look at that...

Hold on. I need to focus...
on your face.

I love it.

I love this thing.

I know. This place is so old.

Let me see, right? Inside it's
something - looks like a cage.

[Jandae] Yes, I saw it. I tried
oh my God.

What the fuck is that?

[Jandae, laughs]
I couldn't see it.

Can you see it from there?

Yeah yeah yeah, oh yeah.

Well, maybe they used to tie

...or lock them up inside while
they were performing...

Oh wow.


There is definitely
something sexual in here.

Or they had werewolves in there.

I don't know about that.

We can come tonight, around the

the dick and
make like a dance...

I'm sure something will

We can...

Maybe it's like a magic stick
and it'll turn into something...

Like a fairy...

...or like a tree fairy.

It's hard to believe someone
actually used to live here.

[Jandae, laughs]

- We got a witch in the house.
- I have a stick!

- [Jandae] We're good.
- I'm ready for the hiking.

Do you see this shit?!

Oh my God. No...

[Jandae] Wait... what?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Yes, I see a rope. I'm trying
to get it in the camera.

There it is. Wow.

- I touched it. This a bad sign.
- Do it again.

I dare you.

Yeah, you will probably die
just for doing that.

You will probably die.

Everyone is going to die.

It looks like they strangled
people to this tree.

No, I think they strangled
people to...

Yeah, I think they - bad people.

The one you touched, that's why
you're going to die...

First... just saying.

Say hello to my production
assistant. Hello.

What are you doing?

I'm doing my homework
that you gave me.

Did you find anything?

I'm just like reading up kind
of on the house, and like...

The types of ways that people
performed exorcisms.

To see if we can see any clues
of it but...

...to be honest... like...

...I don't think we're going to
find anything.

Why? What did you find about the

I mean this stuff is
so farfetched, it's like...

...you have all these stories
from people who are

not having any real evidence of
what's going on.

So of course
like you can see a shadow

or you can like have a
negative energy.

But like... who has really

any of this stuff on camera?

- Hm...
- I mean...

So you think these people...

...were wasting their time
for decades?

- Who? The Andersons?
- Yeah, along with the Church.

It's just so like
out there to me.

I really don't think like
if I see an item...

...I'm not going to think it's
like possessed by a demon.

But that's just me.

Bitch, you're
supposed to say hello.

Oh, hello...
ladies and gentlemen.

- Welcome.
- [Caro] There's no gentlemen.

Oh, true.
It's an only ladies crew.

Exactly... Girl power.

[Jandae] What am I, a boy?

This house is where...

- A priest and two demonologists.
- Which one would you choose?

Isn't this one just like the
other one but even better?

...used to perform exorcisms.

[Caro] It's bigger than
the other one. It's thicker.

I take the other one.
Yeah, I take the other one.

What do you think this is?

I don't want that one.

[Stephanie] A big dildo!

- [Caro] I'll take it.
- [laughs] You would.

[Jandae] Thank you.



[whispers] Hi!

[girls laugh]

I'm so ready to crash...
in the bed.

- Tired, right?
- Yes.

Is there enough light down

I don't know. I haven't been
down yet...



[Jandae] This is a beautiful
house. It has a fireplace

in almost every single room.

Yeah, and it's spacious.

Two bathroom. So, two bathrooms
is like a huge deal -

I mean for a New York City

Yeah, but it's a really
good price.

- Are you talking about my place?
- Yeah.

How much is the rent?
Is it like $35...?

- Like $36...
- Whoa...

Oh but it's okay.

You have two bathrooms, right?

Yeah, two bathrooms,
so it's good.

Let me see.

How do you guys like the house?

It's nice and cozy.

It's my birthday and nobody
invited me!

[girls laugh]


Ah, it's cold...

Sorry. I want to be
in the middle.

I don't want to feel left out.

I can't breathe.

I wish I could see myself right

- I can't breath.
- Hi!

Let's get up before somebody...

Hi, this is Jandae Percem.
We are...

...in the haunted home of
Joanne and Curtis Anderson.

OK, I want to go down
to the basement.

[Caro] If I die, tell my family
I love them.

Okay. Caro's family...
She loves them.

What are we having for dinner?

I want to go down to the
basement. Who's in?

- Jandae?!
- I want to.

Okay. One. Two. Bye bye, Gia!

So what they did... They applied
exorcisms in their basements.

Sometimes they went to other
people's homes...

...if, ya know, somebody called
them saying the house is haunted

or someone is getting possessed.

They collected artifacts from
those sessions they did.

Because based on what they
believed in

if an artifact was possessed by
a demon

that was the way of the demon
trying to possess

the owner of the artifact.

So once they performed an

they collected the artifact.

They first blessed the artifact.

And then they brought it
to their home

and collected it in their

Because they didn't want anybody
else to have

a hold of the artifacts.

- Bye!
- Anybody else?

I want to investigate.

Look at this one. She is so

She does not want to go down.

I'm not going down there.

- Let's go down.
- I refuse...

- I'll do it.
- I have to pee first.

I already been down once -
that was enough for me.

I have to pee.

I want to record you
when you pee.

[girls laugh]

It's so nice and...

Are we going?

- [Jandae] Do you want to go?
- Yes.

Let's go. Go down. Caro!

How did you get that?

- Oh, you got my favorite one.
- I deserve it.

I come from far.

She came all the way from LA.

Alright, let's go.

Okay, I have to go to the
bathroom first.

Okay... Do you want me to hold
the camera?

[Jandae] Bye bye.

- Do you want me to get you?
- Bye.

Apparently things got pretty bad
for the Andersons...

in the last few years.

They were... The house was kind
of out of control for them.

They believed it was the house
itself, as an artifact also...

...was possessed by several
or couple... demons.

No matter what they did,
it wouldn't leave them alone.

It was pretty much disturbing
the peace in the house.

So they decided to sell the
house and move out.

They were hoping that first,
you know,

the next person who bought
the house...

...would actually get rid of it
because it's very old...

...and rebuild a new home.

But what happened, the person
who bought the home

knowing the history of the home

they have been renting the house

People like myself have been
renting it.

But there are a lot of news
about the house saying that

people who rented the home -
they heard, you know...

...weird noises in the house.

[Talisha] Check out this map,
it's pretty cool.

Yeah, I was looking at that

- New York City?
- Yeah.

- It's pretty old.
- Yeah - super...

Everything in here is old.

Look at this thing.

This is really old.

It's creeping me out.

The house is about
200 years old.

- Really?
- Yeah.

[Talisha] Wow.

Oh, that's insane.

That's why I want to go down
the basement.

Uhhhh... I don't think so.

Definitely not going down there.

This looks like it's about
200 years old.

- Yep. That sounds about right.
- [Jandae, laughs]

These are cool.

Why would they put angel babies?

- No idea.
- [Gia] Jandae!


They were being bothered
by something

that they couldn't see.

Some people ran
in the middle of the night.

Some people left the second
they arrived on the premises.

Some people couldn't sleep until
the morning, and they

just... took off.

Okay. We're about to eat dinner.

Last year I was in LA.

And... um.

So last year I was in LA and
then he said:

"Hey, are you in LA? I'm going
to come and see you."

I was like "It's not really
working out."

So I'm going to show you
my mom and my uncles.”

Is everyone going to have pasta?

- Yes.
- Yes.

I mean everyone is going to eat,
so they will need a plate.

Either way...
Pasta or no pasta?

- Hi, Stephanie.
- Hi, Jandae.

- How are you feeling?
- I'm good. How are you?

I'm great.

How do you feel about
being in this house?

I feel good. It's nice...
I mean, it's very old though.

...famous I guess - given its

But it's beautiful.

It's very European style, so...
It's a nice getaway.

- What are you talking about?
- It's about Josh.

You know Josh. I've been seeing
him for four years.

She met him at Vegas.

- I met him in Vegas.
- I know the story.

But you know... we saw each other
over the - like. He's a

consultant and we were seeing
each other.

What's wrong with Josh

I mean... I believe in God.

I'm a very godly person. I grew
up... you know, Catholic.

My father, he...

He taught us the values of,
you know, Jesus Christ.

And... I believe in angels.

I'm sure there is good and bad
but I think, you know...

You choose. You choose and it
will protect you.

If you choose the good...

...then demons won't have any
space in your life. So...

OK, psychologically I think he
is 10 years older.

And he wants to get married and
have kids. And he wants me.

And... But I don't want that
right now. And...

Who's an aspiring actress...

An artist.

An artist.

And, and, and he wants me...

He, not bought - he built a
house himself. He designed it,

he built it.

And he just wants me to live in
this golden cage.

Which is beautiful but I...
It's not the life I want.

It sounds like a typical man.

And you like him?

- I like him a lot.
- And you miss him?

You said you like him?

Yeah... Yeah.

Hi, Carolina.

This does answer your question?

[girls laugh]

I mean...

Where the fuck is the
supermarket close to here?

We need rolling paper.
I'm improvising.

Look, this. Look, this, this...
I'm like doing...

Oh my God. I'm crying right now.

I don't know about you all, but
I feel fucking good.

Ah yeah, because you have the
good one, eh?

It's dying now, but hey,
it was good.

That's funny.
But I'm getting so tired...

It's the same as that.

No, where's the Bible?

Hold on, hold on. Hold on. Is
that what they do in Colombia?

No, but since we don't have
anything else...

- No, you know what is good?
- Remember that guy in school?

He met you and he was a like:
“Oh, you're from Columbia...”

Uh yeah, I do remember.

[Jandae] I'll never forget that.

“Oh you... So you're
an expert in drugs?”

And I'm like...”Uhhhhh...”

- Yeah, he was a pothead.
- “OK, whatever.”

“Yeah like oh yeah yeah, they
have the best stuff there...”

“Okay, so what?”

Say “Thanks for reminding me.”

Yeah, I was like “Hm, OK, dude.

[Gia] He was trying to hit
on you for your drugs...

He was a pothead.
His eyes were like bleeding.

No, but you know what? For real.

You can roll a joint with the
Bible shit.

It's a good paper.

I did that before.
I did that in the school.

Speaking of the Bible...
Why do you have a Bible?

She find it in there, somewhere.

She was reading it.

- Where did you find a Bible?
- She was reading it. No way...

I was feeling like I need to get
in touch with the Bible...

Yo, this place has so many
angels, I'm not really surprised

there is a Bible in the house.

Jandae, we're trying to get in
touch with the Bible, okay?

Get in touch with the Bible.
Let's see you get in touch...

Yeah, give me...
give me a shit to roll.

We got to get really
in touch with it.

We can have it inside ourselves.

I don't want to read this
religious shit...

[Caro] No, me neither.
I want to smoke it.

You're trying to ruin my high
right now...

Listen, listen. Well, it's
getting better. Go for it.

[Gia] This gets interesting.

Saul died for his transgression,

which he committed against
the Lord,

even against the word of the
Lord, which he kept not.

And also for asking counsel
of the one

that had a familiar spirit.

And he inquired,
not of the Lord.

Therefore, the Lord slew him.

The Lord slew his ass!

[Stephanie] What is slewing?

- [Jandae] What does slewing mean?
- I don't even know.

But it sounds really bad, guys.

She's like, I don't even know
but it's cool.

That is so bad. “He slew him...”

He - he and then - he turned the
King - the Kingdom against him.

That's the end.
That's the whole story.


- Why are we reading the Bib-...?
- [loud noise]

[Gia] What was that?

I think that was the door,
or something...

Who's...? What door? We are all

I don't know...

So you believe nothing bad will

No. No, because I...

I know I will... I'm protected.

Because I grew up living an

...an honest and...

You know, good life. And -
and I believe if you do good

it comes back to you.

So, I - I don't have anything
to fear...

- [Gia] She's choking.
- She's choking. She's choking.

[Stephanie, coughs]

Umm. Boy... Okay, that's good
chocolate. [Laughs sheepishly]

[Jandae] Oh God, you scared
the shit out of me.

- Jesus Christ...
- Is everybody here?

- You okay?
- Yeah, of course.

You know the house was being
used for exorcisms.

Maybe sometimes people died.

So, since you know a lot about

why do you think God would allow

his human to get possessed
by demons?

I think we as human beings, and
that's what Jesus Christ said...

you know, we have a choice.

We can let it in. And we can
give, how do you say? We can...

...give in to anger or fear,
or we just breathe and...

...wait and...

...let it go. And...

- Be patient?
- Yeah.



Well, I'm glad you're here.

I mean it sounds - it sounds
a little bit scary of course

if you insist on it, but I...

I believe there - there is good.

You know, it'd be horrible if
there was just bad...

- Yeah.
- So there is good... And...

...if you believe that good
will win, it will always win.

You just got to be strong.

Alright y'all, let's lighten
this mood up.

How about we get this party


How are we going to start it?

Oh, someone's getting naked.

Oh shit...

Let me finish to roll this
shine pipe. We need this.

Oh shit, you're getting naked.

- Oh yeah.
- Who's coming with me?

You realize I'm filming this,

Oh, are we seriously getting

Yeah, put some music -
something on.

Let's put some music on.
I'm ready to...

Hold on. I know what I'm doing.

- Gia, keep playing it.
- Oh man.

[Valentina] Woohoo!

Talisha is going to twerk
for us.

Oh shit...

Oh my God. The twerking battle!

[girls shout woohoo]

Twerk, twerk...

Who's twerking with me?
Come on, let's twerk.

Valentina - her clothes are off.
Oh my God.

Valentina, yeah.

Salsa, salsera, salsa!

Somebody play music for them -

Take it off, take it off.

Gia, keep playing it.

Ohhh my God...

[girls laugh]

Why are we the only ones
who are getting naked?

We need some music.

Okay, I'm going to play
something for you guys - here.

[plays music on the table]


Jandae, Okay, we're in this
video. What are you doing?

- I'm filming...
- Put it there.

Everybody it's a party!!!

[girls all laugh hysterically]

Yasss... It's a party.
Tutu party, Okay.

She just wants to party -
tutu party. That's hot.

I find this upstairs.

Okay, now let's read the Bible.

Oh my God, no... Not the Bible,

I think that's a great idea.

Now you start.

Not for me.

OK. Oh my God.

And the Philistines followed
hard after Saul

and after his sons,
and Philistines... [yelps]

What is happening?

[Jandae] So hold on. We got
to do something with this.

We got to do something with

I'm so glad I'm not
a boy right now.

[Jandae] Okay,
I think the light looks good.


See if we have any entities
in this house...


...that way we can film it,
Talisha, Okay?

Oh God, I left my phone

Do you need it?

No, I'm just used to play
with it before I go to bed.


Hey, Jandae.


I can't sleep in the dark
in this house.



I can't sleep like this.

What are you going to do?

I'm just going to grab something
from here.


That goes here - alright.

Okay. That's a lot better.

That works.

- Okay, good night.
- Good night.


Yeah, honey is good.

Yeah, honey.

Yeah, we should record all the
time maybe...

Yeah, and then just put all the
material together.

La cucaracha?

La cucaracha, la cucaracha.

[Caro, speaks in Spanish]

Alright, you guys need to get
out of here.

- What the hell?
- What the fuck was that?

Who put something inside there?

[Caro, speaks in Spanish]

No way, there is something...

[Jandae] Okay, I need you all
to leave.

We've got some basement scenes
to do. Out.


- Out we go.
- Peace out.

We are out of here.
Don't miss us.

- Later, Okay?
- They won't. Just go.

- Later gators.
- Bye babes!

Alright, have fun. Just don't
get raped in the woods.

Oh, we won't.

And you guys take care. I don't
know what are you going to do.

But don't touch each other
too much.

Okay - oh yeah, that's fine.

Don't make any weird movies
down there...

Will do. I'll get some
weird movies down there.


Which coffee? Here, here.

What the fuck is that,
that glass?

Is that - that's what you
drink coffee out of?

All the mugs are in the


Time to go down the basement.

OK, so...

...once again we are
in the house

of the Joanne and
Curtis Anderson. The Andersons.

We're going to go down
the basement.

Apparently that's where they
used to perform...

[whispering] ...exorcisms.

Exorcisms. And that's where they
used to keep the cursed items.

They moved a lot of it out.

They left some down, based on
what we know

and they never came back to get
anything else.

So, let's check it out...

- Ready?
- Yeah.

You go first.


Wow. This is old.

[Gia] Ew.

I think these are Bible pages.

They look burned. Did the house
ever burn down? Did you read it?

Uh -not in the stuff you sent
me. I didn't read that.

OK, so... Hold on.

Let me adjust my camera a
little. Here it is.

Alright, so...

...this is weird.

Well, I don't think anything
should be weird anymore

because knowing what used to
happen in this place.

Yeah, there's a... There are...

...Bible pages all over the...

...floor of the basement.

These are the old windows
of the house.

[Jandae, sighs]

Yeah, so this is...

...based on description, this is
where they used to keep

the cursed items that they
collected from haunted homes...

or whatever they thought was
invested by... demons.

That's a huge - huge cross. Look
at this.

I need to hang this on my neck,
because it keeps moving.

[audio noise]

It looks burned too.

So did they say they actually
used the items

in the exorcism, or...?

They collected them from
different homes...

in which they had the exorcism -
I mean haunt - you know, demonic

activities from...?

[Gia] Right.

And, they started collecting...

cursed items in which... This is
fucking weird...

[audio noise]
Look at this.

[Gia] Looks like an ang -
like an angel?

With no eyes.

Hm, okay.

Yeah, this is here too.
[music box sound]

Oh, it's a - it's a music box.
Wait, bring it over here...?

That's burned too. I have
feeling this place might have

burned down at one point.

Let me see.

See if it still works.

It's missing its head, hmm.

Okay, let me see...

Aw, I want to put it right here.
Right there...

[music box plays tune]

[Jandae] What's going on?
Don't do that. I need the light.

I'm not by the switch.

[a faint whisper]


[audio noise]
[music box stops playing]

[audio noise]

[Jandae] Shit! What the fuck?

[weird, eerie sounds]

What the fuck happened?


Guys, are you back?

[knocks on the door]

Oh my. Are they fucking serious?

You're kidding right?

Oh, hi.

Hi, I'm... Father Jon.
The parish priest. I...

Did you buy this place?

- No, we're just renting it.
- What are you doing here?

We're filmmakers. We're just
shooting a documentary

about the house...

You shouldn't be here.

What do you mean, “a documentary

Well, the house was a - belonged
to the Andersons, right?

Two demonologists. And
apparently people think

the house is haunted.

That's right. That's why you are

...some risk being here.

You shouldn't... film here.

Wou - would you like to come in?

Okay. Okay.

We'd like to, you know, hear
about the house,

- a little bit more.
- Right this way...


First we're just...
all a little spooked.

[Jandae] Jeez.


One of the doors just slammed.

Father, is it okay if I keep
recording to get some

some information from you?

- Sure.
- Yeah?

That's fine... That's fine.

So... So to tell you how,
you know, we...

...we got in here...

We - we were...
We're actresses, right?

But I decided to get into making
documentaries, directing.

And we heard...
I heard a lot about this house.

We did some research, and it
belonged to the Andersons...

- I'm assuming you know them.
- That's... Yesss. Yes.

Okay, so we rented the house
from the new owners of the home.

They're kind of using it to rent
it to people who...

...you know, have interest in
haunted houses I guess.

I don't know.

Um. So, we are just... staying
here a few nights

to see if there are any
paranormal activities going on.

- That's what we heard.
- I wouldn't be surprised...

Hm. You know there were
exorcisms here. You said so.

- You said you know about those.
- Yeah.

The Andersons, yeah? Well...

Up at the church -
we'd occasionally...

...help here, help them on...

...exorcisms. When...

when we couldn't wait for the
Vatican to approve...

We came here and...

...did them here, in this house.

And do you think that's ethical?


These were things that...
Decisions had to be made.

There was no time for...

This was ethical. This was...

This was proved by the Church

But we had to sometimes
accelerate the process a bit.


...that's why you...

You're taking some risk being
here. I'll just tell you that...

I don't think you should stay.

I don't think you should stay

Besides the fucking door

I'm sorry, excuse my language.

We haven't really seen
anything yet

but we were in the basement

May I have some water please.

Water? Yeah.

- I can go grab it.
- You got it?

[sighs] Some water...

So... Father thinks we shouldn't

...anybody here.

Which is interesting because

- I paid so much money...
- Jandae!

- Yeah?
- Bring the water. I think he...

He looks really bad.

Okay, okay, coming.

- Jandae, I...
- Are you OK?

Thank you.

Uh... are you - are you feeling
sick? What's...? Are you Okay?

Uh... It's not safe here for any
of you.

You should not be here.
You should...

Yeah, we're - we're going to
leave anyway. So...

Um. Well. Okay, um...

- You've heard my word...
- Yeah, yeah. No of course.

I can't stay.

We'll definitely get going very

Yeah, I'm sorry. I just don't
feel welcome right now.

No, thank you. Thank you so much
for - for coming.

We - appreciate it. We will
leave here soon, in a few days.

It's not safe.

It's not safe here.

Here, I'll get the door for you.

You've been warned. Yeah?

Yeah... yeah oh we totally got

We're going to leave. We're just
going to do our thing and...

leave in a few days
and... like...

I - I don't think you...

I think you should leave now.

I think you should leave
right away.

I don't think you should be
doing any of this.

Yeah, we will.

I don't think you should be...
taking this risk.

Th - thank you, Father.
Thanks for stopping by.

[Gia] That was really bad...
He like broke out into a sweat.

He is an old guy.

I don't know, it was like really
weird. I... like...

We should seriously consider...
Are we - are we going to go?

Dude, you don't believe in this
shit. Come on.

He's an old guy. He's like 90 or
80, or whatever.

Your call.

What the fuck was that?
The door slamming?

I kind of thought there was
someone in the house.


Alright, let's maybe find out
where - where the girls are.

And join them or something. And
turn this off...

Come, talk about the Andersons.

Well, apparently they used to
work with the priest

we met earlier.

And what I heard is that they
used to work with a few...

different churches,
not just one.

So he must be one of the
priests, I don't know.

Um. It was creepy down there.


- We're back.
- Hey ladies.

- How are you?
- Hi.

How was the hike?


Here, here. We'll get you some
more coffee.

Caro is not feeling well.

I'll sit here.

...so we came back a little
earlier than we...

What's wrong, Caro?

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Do you need some cookie or

We should just let her rest.

The hike was fun though.

[Jandae] How was it?
Did you take pictures?

- Yeah, we did.
- Let me see.

- There's no service.
- Mostly dead trees.

What do you mean “no service”?

Oh, yeah. There's no service
anywhere. Strange actually...

- Nothing.
- Like none?

Yeah, but I think it got a
little bit boring after a while.

Well maybe that's a good thing
we don't have service.

So you actually have to stay
away from your phone a little.

Get to know each other.

- Get to know each other.
- Cherish our love.

And bond, sisterly bond.

Oh really. I'm trying to post
some shit on Instagram though.

What happened? Too much pot?

I don't know.

How was the basement?

My stomach...

The basement was cool,

besides the creepy-ass priest
showing up.

What? A priest?

Poor guy. Yeah, a priest came.

And telling us we should...
we should take off.

And we were like...

“Yeah, we will.” and then I left
him alone with Gia

- for like two minutes.
- What did you do?

I'm trying to adjust the camera.
I left him with her...

Guys, did he like say a prayer?

He almost like fainted when
I walked in the room...

Yeah. No, I was just really

He was just like telling us
about these exorcisms.

And then he just got real sweaty
and stuff.

It was weird, and then he was
like "I have to go."

We're like “OK, that was really

Maybe it was the demons in the

Maybe he was like a homeless

It was a priest.

[girls laugh]

[Jandae] A homeless person -
pouring him a glass of water.

It's like Okay, we're not in
New York City.

We're outside the city now.

What happened to this girl?

I don't know, I feel sick.

Was that person here for real
or are you fucking around?

No, really. I'm not kidding,
he was here. Tell them.

- Really?
- He was here.

[Gia] His name was Father Jon.

And the lights went off while
we were in the basement...

- I don't believe that.
- No way. You're lying now.

- I'll show you.
- You want to go down there?

No, I'm good.

And then - hold on...
What happened next?

What? Oh, the fucking door like
slammed shut!

- [Jandae, whispers] Yeah.
- What?

- You're kidding.
- No, I swear to God.

You're trying to scare her.

But then the door was open.

That window right there was

Maybe it was the wind.

Yeah, I think
that's what it was.

Since it is an old house
I guess... you know.

It's a very old house.
It's expected for things

to fall apart, or you know.


What's wrong with her?
Let me check her fever.

[slamming sound]

[repeated slamming sounds]

[sounds building up]

[distant screams]

[door knob is forced]

Jandae? Jandae.

Jandae. Jandae. Jandae.

- Jandae.
- What?

Did you hear that? There's
something down there.

- There is something going on.
- What are you talking about?

- [screams]
- Hear it? I don't know...

Oh my God.

Talisha. Talisha.

- Huh?
- There is somebody in the house.

Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

Wait. Wait. Let me go - let me
go ahead.

I think someone...


- What the fuck is that?
- [screams]

Oh my God.

Shit. There is someone.


What the fuck is that?

It's coming from that room.
Shhhh. Shhhh.


Where is it coming from?


Holy shit!

What is she doing?

- Who is that?
- [screams]

There's someone in there.


What the fuck?


Oh my God.

There's just this - it moves.

[Stephanie] Oh my God.

[Jandae] Oh my God. Who is that?

Get out...

- Hello? Are you...
- Who's that?

- What's wrong?
- Oh my God.


Oh my God.


Caroline, Caroline, Caroline.

It's all good. It's all good.
It's all good, babe.

Baby, it's all good.

Come on, you're OK.

You're Okay. Come, come, come.

Come on, we'll get you some

- [Gia] I'll grab some water.
- Come on. Can someone help?

I'll go here...

It's Okay baby.
Come on. You're Okay.

- Oh my Gosh.
- Let's go. Let's get her...

Are you OK?

Oh my God.

What the fuck... There's a
little door in this shit?

What the fuck?

What the fuck is wrong with this

- What happened?
- Oh my God.

- Babe, what happened?
- What is it?

Are you Okay? Well, what were
you doing down there?

Hold on, let her breathe.
Let her breathe.

Hold on, let her breathe
a little.

We really need to do something
right now.

Hold on. Let her breathe.
Give her water.

Here, drink some water.

What's wrong, Caro?

Do you need to see a doctor?

- She's not herself.
- She looked at me weird.

She looked at me really weird.

- [Caro, burps]
- Are you okay?


Jandae... Alright...

I think she's going to
puke again.

Hold on. She's going to puke

Get something. Get something.
Just get something.

If - just puke. If you feel like
puking, just puke. It's okay.

Alright, I think we need to get
her upstairs or something.

Hold on, let her breathe a

- Dude, please.
- What?

Don't you see her?

- Could you please stop...
- I'm not doing anything!

We really need to do something
like right now.

Can you like turn the camera
away please?

It's off...

[Stephanie] You're freaking
me out, Caroline.

Babe, listen.

Maybe there's someone around...?

I don't know. Maybe she wants to
see a doctor. I don't know.

- I don't know...
- Does the telephone work?

I just feel like throwing up.

Why did you come in there?

I didn't even know there was a
fucking bathroom in there.

Why didn't you go upstairs?

I don't know.

I - I don't remember. [Burps]

What the fuck?

When you went to bed was
everything OK or...?

I just felt like throwing up...

- Dude, just cut it off.
- She's really... sick right now.

Now I remember...
Being here...

[distant whispers]

[birds chirping]

What's Valentina
doing out there?

[Stephanie] Smoking?

- As usual...?
- [Stephanie, laughs]



Let's go down the basement.

Fuck, no!

Ask one of the other girls.

But you're my production

We got to go down together.

Hm. I'm good.

[Stephanie] I'll go with you...

- Really?
- Mmhmm.


Maybe let me ask Valentina

So she doesn't poison herself
smoking, back-to-back...


It is beautiful out here today

[dog barking in the distance]



You smoking?

You keep getting out to smoke,

but you look good
under the sun...

Oh, thank you.

- Getting your tan on?
- Ah, yes.

I need every little bit of it,
on me.

I'm interviewing everyone about
why they said yes...

to coming to the house.


I'm just... I don't know.

Just feel a little bit... under
the weather.

What's wrong?

I don't really know.
I think I might be...

...food poisoned too.


I heard demons have big dicks.

Like huge ones. No, I'm kidding.

But no, seriously...

I don't know. I just think it's
really beautiful in here.

I just need a - a rest from the

- Yeah.
- And everything.

- New York City is tiring.
- Yeah, a lot.

Well, do you believe in demons?

I mean you grew up with death,
you said.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But demons, itself? I don't

Um... I'm really respectful
about the whole thing.

Oh God.

It was bad last night.

- Yeah.
- Do you want anything?

No, I just...

Just want to
take some fresh air.

Did you eat? Maybe you should
eat something if you haven't...

I'm not hungry... Just - I just
wanted to be by myself.

Okay. Well...

I want to go down
the basement...

...to you know.

To film, you know, the stuff
they had down there.

That's where they used to, you
know, do exorcisms, so...

Would you come down and you

Do you need me to go down
with you?

Gia doesn't want to come down,

You know, I think we should all
go together so I can...

use it for my documentary.

Okay, yeah.

It would be more fun for all of
us to be able to go down there.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

Are you sure you don't want

Nothing to eat?

- No.
- Okay.

[sighs] Alright...

- Cause of your...
- Yeah, it's just better to...

...to keep a distance,
and just be respectful.

And being here, it's not exactly
like we're playing with it...

...the whole demon shit.

Okay, so, Valentina.

I'm going to have Talisha hold
the camera, Okay?

Umm, Stephanie,
you hold the door.

Yeah. Yep.

Don't ask why.
Just hold the door.

Alright... Talisha!

What?! I need a nap.

We're going to go down
the basement.

Gia doesn't want to hold the
camera. Can you hold it?

How do you feel about dead

I don't know.

I'm not really sure about that.

I think...

...maybe if you get to disturb

that would probably be bad.

You just need to leave them


Does that mean I should leave
you alone then?

Probably. I was just getting
myself ready...

...to this whole thing.

And I was just talking with my

Meet him...

- Who?
- [Valentina, laughs]

[audio noise]

Rock friend. Okay, well...

Enjoy the conversation with your

Thank you, love.

Thank you for being a part
of my documentary.

Oh, thank you. I love to be here

I'm glad you're here. Adios...

Bye bye...

Oh, is this the big dick you
were talking about?

That's a big one. [Laughs]

There's going down there...

Yeah, just a few minutes.

So, we're going to go show the
artifacts in there again.

So you're just going to
record me.

I'll hold the camera until we go
down. Uh, here.

Have fun down there.

Yeah, we will. I know. It's old.

And then - that's where they
used to cut demons apparently.

So, let's just go - down...

Alright, so...

Well, this is where
we came with a... Gia.

Do you want to hold this
as I'm talking?

Where is Valentina?
Okay. So...

This is where the exorcisms were
being performed. We don't...

We kind of figured out these are
burned Bible pages.

We don't know
what this is about.

Apparently someone did

- [lights flickering sound]
- Um - What the hell?

Something is wrong
with the lights, yeah.

These are the artifacts
apparently the cursed

some of the cursed artifacts...

...that they collected. They
were haunted at one point

based on what they said.

Looks like a cross here
also got burned...

Looks like it's been here for a
while - that's a big cross.

Um - They said, based on my

there used to be a...

...bed here somewhere.

Um - The bed is now in that
little house

which we didn't
know what it was.

Apparently the bed is there. And
then... let me have this.

There is a...

There is a - this hole here.

And then... I want to go in
there to see what's in there.

Inside the hole.

[demonic scream]

- Oh my God!
- What happened?

[Valentina] Oh my God!
What the fuck did you do?

- [Talisha] I didn't do anything.
- Are you crazy?

That's not funny at all.

- Did you touch her?
- I didn't touch her.

- It hurts a lot.
- What are you talking about?

Oh my God, what you did... What
the fuck is wrong with you?

- What did you do to her?
- I didn't touch her...

Open the door!

Open the damn door. Right now!

- [Stephanie] I'm opening it!
- Open the door!

I'm opening it!

You fucking crazy!

Why the fuck are you holding the
door? You weren't supposed...

I wasn't holding it...!

I don't know what the fuck is
wrong with you...

- Why would you do that to me?
- What did I do?

- It hurts like a bitch!
- Let me see...

- Did you hit her?
- I didn't hit her! I didn't.

- Did you hit her?
- No.

She would never hit her.
Why? That's ridiculous...

What the fuck happened?

Valentina, come here.
Let's see...

- Wait.
- Fuck.

It hurts a lot!

I'm coming...

It really hurts. It hurts.

What happened?

- Oh my God.
- Shit.

- What is it?
- Oh my God.

What were you guys doing
down there?

- I didn't do that.
- Of course you didn't.

How are you going to do that?

- Do you want to sit down?
- We should get her to a doctor.

- Please don't touch it.
- We should get her to a doctor.

It hurts a lot. [Sobbing]

Oh my God.

Shit, shit, shit, shit.

Get some... alcohol, something.


From down - There is a bathtub.
Bring the vodka, something.

[Jandae] Fuck.

What the fuck happened down

I don't fucking know, dude.

There's no... There's no way
Talisha did that.

Jesus Christ...

So who did it? I mean...

Babe, that's... that's...
there's no way.

I don't even know what to say.





You okay?

[Stephanie, whispers to herself]


[whispers to herself]

Hey, Stephanie. What's going on?


Stephanie, wait wait wait. What

It's nothing.

Stephanie, stop. What happened?

- Tell me.
- It's nothing.

Nothing. It's Okay.

- Hey, what's wrong?
- It's OK.



Something is wrong with

Can you get here?

I don't know. She's crying.

[Stephanie, sobs]

[Gia] Where are you?

Babe, are you okay?
What happened?

Nothing, it's okay.

It's okay. [Sniffles]

- It's okay.
- [Gia] What's the matter?

- What happened?
- Nothing. It's fine. It's fine.

- Did someone do something?
- No, no.

It's okay. Just had a nightmare.

It's - it's fine, it's nothing.
We should - I don't know.

I just... need some water. Um.

[Gia] Alright, leave her alone.
Come on.

I'm... just go outside.

- I want to go outside.
- Jandae, let's go.

- Just give me a second.
- Jandae, come on. Jesus...


[Jandae] Just give it to me.

I'm not going to film her.
Just give it to me.


[sighs] Caro doesn't look good.

I'm so scared.

I'm scared,
I don't know what to do.

I'm risking the life
of my friends.

I want to talk to Valentina and

we're all going to leave in
the morning.

We're not going to stay here...

...any longer.

Otherwise, I can never
forgive myself.


[knocks on the door]

Valentina, it's me, Jandae.

Are you sleeping?

Where's light here?

Hey, Valentina.

You're awake?




Caroline doesn't look good.

You don't look good neither.

Something's happening
and I'm so scared.

I think we should leave
in the morning because...

Caroline doesn't look good

I think we should go.


[deep, evil voice]
I like it here.

We should stay.

No, no, no. We should go

[sighs, sobs]

I don't know what the fuck I was
thinking, and I'm so sad.

I can never forgive myself if
something happens to you guys.

And you don't look good either.

You go.

I can't go without you guys.
I can't leave you here.


No, no. We need to go.

Get out.

No, no. We need to go.

Get out! Now!

No, we need to go.

Get out!

[Jandae, sobs]

[footsteps getting closer]

[door squeaking]


[blood-curdling screams]

What happened, Talisha?

[sobbing uncontrollably]

What's going on? I'm right here.

It's okay. It's okay. You saw a
nightmare. It's okay. It's okay.

It's OK. What happened, Talisha?


Talisha. It was a nightmare,
you're awake.


It fucked me...

Look, windows are closed.

Something - something touched

Where the fuck is everyone?


OK, so you believe
we'll just stay here

and have a good time and
...that'll be it - most likely?

- Yeah, of course.
- [Jandae, laughs]

- OK, well...
- We have the beautiful nature...

I'm glad you're here,
it's good to have a believer.

- Just in case.
- Yeah.

...we get attacked
[whispers] by the demons.

If not, pray for us.

I'll - I'll pray for you.

Okay, thank you...

So, yeah, like...
I don't know. I...

I checked the windows.
They were locked. I...

[sighs] I looked everywhere.

Obviously you all were just
smoking weed outside.

At that time I didn't know what
the fuck you were doing.

I came downstairs to see if
there was anybody.

But there was no one and...


That is like so upsetting.
I have no idea, like...

...I know you're saying
nothing was in the room, but...

How could she react that way and
and not have something...?

- I don't know. I have no idea.
- I have to pray for her.

I was sleeping with her all

I was in the room.
Look, if there was somebody,

I would have seen it, okay...

Jan, I really think we need to,
like... leave...

Like... it...

I - I know, we have to pray.

I... I...

There is something
going on here.

I read it... um...

...in the Bible.

And... we have we... we...

I'm going to pray for her
tonight. It's um...

This isn't about the Bible.

- It is!
- Something obviously happened.

- Something's going on.
- Stephanie...

I know it because I read the
Bible. Do you read the Bible?

No, because it's a load of shit.
Something is obviously...

It's not! How can you say
the Bible is shit?!

Because something obviously
happened to Talisha.

And there's nothing the fucking
Bible can do about it.

We need to just get out of here.

Like, this is ridiculous... One
of our friends

had this situation happen to her
and we have no idea why...

- Wait... you you. Hold on.
- I'm done.

Wait, you actually think
something fricken like...

- ...raped her in her sleep?
- I don't know, Jandae.

But it's obvious that something
very traumatic happened.

And I don't want to stick around
to see it happen to anyone else.

You know the same thing that's
happening right now...

it's you're traumatic.

I have to pray for her too.

You think that there is
something in the house

that's doing it? Or was she
just having a nightmare?

- I mean, I was...
- I don't know. It's scary...

...if you think back. It's
getting worse. I don't know.

Something's going on here,

This is not right.
Totally not right.

Um... Wha??

[sighs] I don't know. I guess...

...we can just leave
in two days, okay?

Well, we - we paid already
for the house.

We - we just pray. We'll be

I don't know.

Praying isn't going to help

Shit is going down, but...

We can't leave any earlier.
We don't have service here.

I have to...

- Did you...
- I'll have to see what I can do

but we can leave in two days.


Okay, I think something is wrong
with Caroline.

I'm going to find out what's
wrong with her.

And then I'm going to let her
get out the house.


[whispers to herself]


[whispers in Spanish]

Caro, I'm here.

Do you hear me?

[whispers in Spanish]

Caroline, I'm right here.

Are you okay? I want to know if
you're okay because...

I don't know what's wrong
and if you...

...if you want to go, you can
go. You don't have to stay.


[speaks in Spanish]

Caroline, you can go.
You should go.

I don't know what you're saying.
You should go home.

[deep voice, speaks in Spanish]

I don't understand
what you're saying.

I think you should go home

because you
don't look good and...

[deep voice]
This is our home.

[deep, distorted voice]
Our home...

[very deep, distorted voice]
I'm not going...!

You goooooo...!!!




...I'm doing here...

I rented the home because I want
to prove...

If the house is haunted, I want
to prove that it is.

And that the demons exists.

This could change a lot of
things. Not just for America...

but for the Vatican.

...if I have a proof in my hand.

And it would also make me
the successful director

that I desire to be.

Thank you.

I'm going to go down there

I feel like I'm the only one

That's still okay
to go down there

and really find out what's
going on.

[sighs] Okay.


How the hell did you get in


[music box plays tune]


Anybody in there?

Is there anybody in there?

What the fuck am I doing?


[music box plays tune]

What the fuck?

[weird, eerie sounds]

[very loud noise]

Shit! Shit! Shit!

[breathing heavily]

Oh my God.


Fucking music box...

Fucking music box...

Ah fuck. [Sighs]

Oh my God.

I need to get the fuck
out of here.

I need to get out of here.

Ah, what the fuck?
[breathing heavily]

[moans and chokes]

[moans in pain
as her bones crunch]

[crunching sounds]
[demonic groans]

[crunching sounds]




You've been in bed all day. How
how are you feeling? [Sniffs]

I don't feel good.

I just - I want to go. I want my
mom to come get me.

I know, I know. I wish we had
service to get someone, but...

Tomorrow, we'll just get
on the road and...

...whoever picks us up,
we'll just go home, okay?

I just want to go home.

I know.

I looked at the camera
last night after I...

I mean this morning...

After you told me about what

I saw you move, but there was
nothing in the room...


There was - there was something

I know. No, I... I believe you,
I really do believe you. I...

I think there is something in
the house and...

We're going to go tomorrow
morning, I promise.

We're just...

...going to take off and...

I don't want anybody to feel
sick anymore and...

Do you want me to bring you
any food? Anything?

No, I don't want anything.
I just want to go home.

I just want to go home.

Okay. I promise we will.

[woman moans loudly
in the distance]

[door sound]

Jandae, do you hear that?

- Is that Caro?
- I don't know.

Why don't you go see what it is?

Hold on.

Hold on, hold on. Let me go.

Is there someone here?

Hold on. Hold on.

[Gia] Caro, Caro?

[Jandae] Caro?

What the fuck?

Gia, can you check that bathroom

The bathroom.

Just check the bathroom.

[Gia] Caro?


Where is she?

Where is she?


[moans loudly]

- [Gia] What the fuck...?
- What the fuck is going on?


Caro, what's going on?

Shit, she went down that



What are you doing here?

Dude, let's go. It's freezing.
We need to get out of here...

Caro, what's going on?

What the...

- [Caro, animal groans]
- What are you doing?

Caroline, what are you doing?

Oh my God! What the fuck!?

[chants in Spanish]

- Caro...
- You need to drop that.

Oh my God.

Caroline, you need to drop that.

Caroline, you need to drop that.
What the fuck did you do?

[chants in Spanish]

That's a fucking rat...

[crunching sounds]

Take that away from her!

Take that away from her!

Take that away from - Take that
away from her!

- [Caro, moans]
- Oh my God!

Jandae, we got to get the fuck
out of here right now!

[powerful demonic scream]

No, I can't leave her like this.

[speaks in Spanish]


[shouts in Spanish]

Caroline... I'm so sorry...

I'm going to fuck you in the

You don't want to fucking stay!?

[girls scream]

[heavy breathing]



[Jandae and Gia scream]

Gia, Gia...

Oh my God. Oh my God.

Oh my God. Talisha. Talisha.

Talisha. Talisha. We have to go.


[deep, demonic voice]
Get the fuck out!

Get out.

[screams] Get out!

[girls scream]

What the fucking hell is going

Gia. Gia. Oh my God. Gia.

[hectic breathing]



Gia. Gia. Gia.

Jandae, why did you
take us here?

Where are you?
Gia, oh my God.

- Come back.
- Gia, we need to go.

- Gia, we need to go.
- Come back!

Gia, we need to go. Gia.

Gia. Oh God, please?

Oh God, oh Jesus Christ.

Gia, Gia, we need to go.
Gia, we have to go.

Gia, we need to go.

Oh God. Oh God.

Oh God.

[Gia] Are you leaving?

Gia, we need to go.

Gia, Gia. Please, let's go.

Gia, let's go. Gia, let's go.
Gia, let's go...

Oh my God.

How are we going to forgive
yourself in hell?

[hectic breathing]

[static sound]

The camera was turned over by a
former member of the Church.

Two individuals were found dead
due to unknown causes,

and three others are still

Jandae is the only confirmed
survivor and currently resides

in a psychiatric hospital in New

[distant whispers]