Entha Manchivaadavuraa (2020) - full transcript

Balu loses both of his parents in his childhood and he grows up as an orphan. He want to have all this relationships back into his life and because of this he starts an organization named "All Is Well" to supply emotions to the needy.

The storm in the Bay of Bengal
has turned into a typhoon.

According to the meteorological department,
in the next 48 hours...

there is a strong likelihood that in northern parts of Andhra
and both the Godavari districts, there will normal to heavy rains.

Hey Nandu..

Stop playing with the rain while you are in a moving train.

Just come in.

It’s fun when one does things like this
on a moving train.

Yeah, right!
And what happens if you get hurt?

Look at your head

Madam, Some unknown people are in
a fight with your husband.

Please come.

It’s up to us.
We make some videos for our pleasure.

Why do you care?
Why should we tell you?

Why are we accountable to you?

Just calm down.
Just clear the way.

Calm down. Calm down.

What’s the issue?

Why are you ganging up against this old man?

Nothing, sir.

My dad cannot keep his thoughts to himself.
He told them how he felt

...and they didn’t like it.

Why would anyone get into a fight just
because he spoke his thoughts out loud?

The thing is, he doesn’t measure his words.

My master here, cannot differentiate between thoughts
that are to be kept private and thoughts..

that can be spoke out.

What does that mean?

Don’t you understand, dimwit?

You have become a Ticket Collector (TC)
on recommendation. Look at your pasty face!

What is this?

The thing is...TC
-I get it.

I became a TC without merit.

And I have a pasty face.

Well, I...
...did I spill my inner thoughts?

Anyways, what did he say that was
so offensive to you?

We were making tiktok videos because we
were bored and he kept scolding us.

They are not tiktok videos, sir.

Anyone who watches it will have a heart attack.

Anyways, why couldn’t you make those
Tiktok videos at home?

Why choose public places?
Disperse please!

Move along
Go on lady...

What happened?

What happened, father?
-The thing is...

The thing is...

Your weakness is going to be the death of me.

You did the same thing in Simhachalam temple.

Passengers your kind attention please,

Because of the felling of trees on the
train track to Annavaram...

The train is being halted here.

The train will commence once
we get the track cleared.

Mother, apparently the train is
going to be here for a while.

I will go and get something hot.

We regret the inconvenience caused
to the passengers.

You stay here. He will go.

You go on, husband.


I have spoken.
I won’t go back on my word.

Two plates of hot fitters please.

Even before the journey commenced,
I already knew it.

That there will be interruptions in
today’s journey due to horoscope

Now look at this.

Don’t know when this train would
resume the journey is.

That is why we were told to consult with the
planets and the stars before commencing the journey.


This rain...This sun...

and train stopping...

are all of these in your scriptures?

Most certainly.

Astrology was born for the purpose of
finding out what the future holds.

So, will you tell me my future?

My master will be able to read anyone’s fortunes.

Just hurry and give him
the time and place of your birth.

and he would read your fortune quickly.

November 5th, 1993
Morning 4:00 am, Rajahmundry.

I gave the information immediately.
Now tell me my fortune quickly.

Now, listen girl.

I don’t know if you trying to make fools of us
or if you are genuinely interested in your fortune.

But, I will tell you your future.

Alright. I will wait for you in S1 compartment.


Mother, here are chilli fritters.
They are very hot.

I don’t want them.

I wonder what oil he used to fry them in?!

Mother, it is a big deal that we found this in a weather like this
and that too at a station such as this.

Sister, what about you?
-Of course. I was waiting for them.

I tried my best to convince people at home.

What can you do if they didn’t agree?

You said Chandu would come to Annavaram, right?

If we get the marriage over with first,
parents would be convinced later.

It’s something related to problems of love.

Hi, I am Nandini.

Were you talking about some love problem?

Are you eloping?
-Why do you need to know?


Who wouldn’t be interested in a good love story?

Please tell me.

How long have you guys been together?

Since a year.

Only a year?

I have been in love for the past 15 years.

15 years?


Well then, fill us in on the details of your
love story.

And then I will tell you about mine.

Well it’s better to call it my lover’s story
rather than a love story.

If I have to tell you about my hero,
I should begin from my childhood days.

In Narsapur,
when we were studying in school...

On one August 15th,

The school was bustling with students.

Madam is here.

Hello, Madam.

Hello, sir.

You told me that you would let my eldest
daughter play the character of Rudramadevi.

Shirisha is not able to remember those dialogues.

That is the reason why I could
not give the part to her.

By the way, you told me that you would get
my husband’s loan sanctioned?

Did you get it done?

You won’t get my daughter to perform
but you want a bank loan for your husband?

Look at that shrivelled up face of yours!

Well, ask your husband to come to the bank
we will get the loan approved.

We don’t want it.

Why did she stomp off that seriously
when I told her that we would sanction a bank loan?

You spilled your inner thoughts.

Let’s go.

Come... Come. Sit.
-How are you?

When did you get here?
-It’s been ten minutes.

I was told that your son would be giving us
a special performance today?

-Where is he?

Generally, only one person performs on the stage.

But my hero....

Mr. Rutherford.

Even before your country could open its eyes,
my country touched modernity.

Even before you knew how to dress up,
we manufactured silk robes here.

When you didn’t even have a language,
mathematics was born here.

In this land of such knowledge and scriptures,
You claim you have modernised it?

Such hypocrisy, Rutherford!

We don’t want to get into
unnecessary debate with you, Ramaraju.

If you surrender to us,
You will stay alive.

If not...

Are you going to kill me?

If you kill one Seetha Ramaraju,
Millions more will appear.

Seetha Ramaraju is not an individual.
He is a collective strength.

He is a movement.

He is a slogan for freedom.

I don’t tolerate this!


I will become the mud in this land.

I will become water in this ocean.

I will become the breath in my people.

And will win over the forces of the empire.

I will be the victory song of my country’s independence.

Vande Mataram
(Mother! I bow to thee.)

Vande Mataram
(Mother! I bow to thee.)

You have performed both characters beautifully.

You might become a hero when you grow up.

If he has to become a hero,
you will have to become the producer.

Daddy doesn’t need to become a producer

If Balu becomes the hero,
I will become the producer.

I already said it,
I won’t go back on my word.

Is that ok, hero?
-Okay, producer.

What happened?
Why are you so gloomy?

What happened?

Mom, scolded me.


Why because...
Your son has become very charitable.

A kid in the school did not have his geometry box
So, he gave his instead.

That fellow doesn’t have a father.

And his mother is the one who is supposed to buy it for him.

And she didn’t buy it yet.

That is the reason I gave mine to him.

Is that so?

Do you know how happy he became when
I gave it to him?

Very good.

Remember this in your life.

When you give someone something,
It will return and come back to you.

If you give love,
You will receive love.

If you give happiness,
you will receive happiness.

And If you give pain
you will receive pain too.

That is all well and good.
Next week is your birthday.

What gift do you want?


Call all our relatives this time, dad.

All our relatives, why?

Why don’t you invite your friends?

They are the ones who come for every birthday of mine.

So, for this birthday of mine,
I want aunts and uncle.

Every one of them.

You asked me what present I wanted, right?
This is what I want.

Fine. I will call them.

But why do you want to invite all of them?

I like our relatives.

He is your brother from Antarvedi.

Hello, brother.
-How are you?

Happy birthday to you
-Start it.

Happy birthday to you.

Why would you go to such grand to
celebrate a birthday?

Calling all relatives, neighbours, etc.

He asked for it.



Look how happy he is.

Have another sweet.

No. No. I have diabetes.

If that’s the case, have a tablet.

Naughty fellow!

Hero... That uncle there wants a piece of sweet.

Let’s go producer.

Move aside, uncle.

Couldn’t you have come during summer vacation?

If its possible, we will definitely come.

No one can write a better screenplay than god himself.

My hero who wanted to be close to his near and dear ones,
lost his parents in an accident.

He has a lot of relatives, right?

Could one of them take him?

Friends would be more supportive than relatives.

And they have to be too.

We have two daughters in the house.

I don’t like having him here in this house.

You will come once a week to visit me. Right, uncle?

Most certainly.

And if you want to see me in between,
Tell the warden. They will call me.

Study well, okay?

Bye, hero.
-Bye, producer.

I heard you lost your parents in an accident

My name is Raju.
-I am Balu.

-What’s up?

Why are you drawing all this?

You don’t have any relatives, right?

I don’t have now.
But they will come later.

Did you learn the dialogues by rote?
-Did the breakfast arrive?

No, the breakfast did not come yet.
-Then the dialogues are not learnt yet.

What? Are the dialogues and breakfasts related?

I was just joking.
-But I am quite serious.

We are doing a short film here.

If you act all haughty,
you will be removed from the role.

Where is Sudarshan?

I am here.


Our video isn’t garnering views.

Take my suggestion and put the thumb line I give you.
The views will increase drastically.

Tell me.

"The parents are shocked at what their
daughter does early in the morning."

-Is that so?

What was she doing?

She was putting Rangoli.

She is doing something traditional.
Why put a thumb line that has an innuendo?

What can we do?

If we say that the father is happy that
his daughter puts Rangoli.

Who is going to watch that?

Hey, have all the artists come?

How much?

Hi, everyone.


What’s with the delay?

Should we wait for you as well?

We started very early Nandu.

But we were stuck in a huge traffic jam at Dilshukhnagar.

By the way, where is Balu?

You are the god of this 'Kaliyuga'.

You are the god of generosity.

You are the protector

Our support is you.

Oh god of benevolence

The fountain of miracles.

For the entire 100 years of his life,

Please bless this good man!

Hey, look there.

I heard about ‘Thulabharam’ but never watched it.

Priest, what’s special about today?


Today is his grandson’s birthday.

They are going to weigh him against money
and feed the poor with that money.

Why do you weigh so little?

If you had a little more weight on you,
it would have been nice.

If you had told me last night that you were going to arrange for
something like this,I would have had a heavy dinner.

Get down carefully.

Excuse me.
Can we take a selfie?


Come grandma. Come here grandpa.

What’s your grandson’s name, sir?

(chanting prayers)


I have a small gift for you.

What is this?

I downloaded all of your favourite old songs into this.

You can watch it anytime you want.

It's your birthday. Why would you give me a gift?

Consider it a return gift.

Of course! Of course! You love your grandmother more than me.

Did you ever bother to give me a return gift?

Don't feel too bad old man !

I got something for you too.

Okay, I shall take my leave, grandpa.

Why are you leaving so soon?

Couldn't you stay a while longer?

I have to go, grandma.

My friends have been calling me continuously.

I am already quite late.

Oh no, I already got a warning call.

Grandpa... Bye. Bye. Bye.

Grandma! Bye.

Take care.

Nandu, we are done with all the shots that
do not have Balu in them.

We don’t have any work until Balu comes.
What do you want us to do?

-You are going easy on Balu.

As a producer, you don’t hesitate to
keep us in check

but you never reprimand Balu at all.

She is not going easy on him.
She is scared of him.

Why would I be scared of him?

If he is a hero,
I am a producer.

Let him come.

Watch how I am going to give him an earful.


Why are you guys this relaxed?

Oh my god!

Do you know how costly an affair shooting is?

None of you here are responsible enough.

Isn’t that right, producer?

Shut it.

You are talking on my behalf
so that you can avoid a scolding from me.

What do you think of yourself?

You come and go as you please,
and you do what you like.

You have absolutely no respect for a producer.

You are not even dedicated to your work.

Listen to me first, please.

What are you going to tell me?!
-See, what happened is...

Don’t you hear that snake charming music
playing in the background?

As soon as he removes his hands,

She will say, “Really? Just leave it.”

Look at how softly she says that.

Just leave it.

Hey guys, let’s shoot.

Your honour.

This is my client Bhadram.

And that girl is Swati.

They have been in love for the past one year.

But now...

that girl wants to break up with him
and leave.

So, my client has spent 1 lakh 94 thousand on that girl.

I request the court to order that girl to
return that money along with interest.

Objection, your honour.

Just for the sake of his lover, an emperor,
built Taj Mahal to commemorate his love for her.

Being born in such a land as this,

and asking his lover to return the money
he spent on her,

is as good as going to a restaurant,
eating until one’s tummy hurts...

and complaining that they didn’t enjoy the taste
and so, they won’t pay the bill.

Why do you want to break up with him?

He isn’t buying me any of the
things I asked for.

If he can’t give her the things,
how can he be her lover, your honour?

He is just focusing on things he didn’t buy.

He hasn’t mentioned the things that he bought
and the money he spent, your honour.

Take a look,
money for the phone recharge

the rent for the hostel room,
ticket to travel to her village...

and her return from there,

shopping at the shopping mall.

I am unsure of how long this list runs but she swiped
his card for everything and finally left him out to dry.

So, my lord...

as a fellow man, with a kind heart,
please understand my client’s anguish

and I request you to ensure that his money
is returned to him, your honour.

Thank you.

Order! Order!

Women's desires are like the layers of an onion.

If one layer is removed,
Another one appears.

It's the same case here as well.

As soon as one desire is fulfilled,
another springs in its place.

As an experienced person,
I believe that there is some truth to your arguments.

Therefore, I order the accused to return the money
spent on her by him.

Thank you, your honour.
Lawyer sir.

Let me go.

God bless you my son.

Six months ago, you told me
that you had some work at Mukhteshwaram and left.

What is it this time again?

I have some work again.

You keep telling me that you have work but
you don’t tell me what it is.

Alright, fine.
Do you have a water bottle?

Oh no! I forgot.

I have to remind you of everything.

I don’t know what will happen to you
if I am not around.

Wait here. I will get it for you.

Give me a water bottle.

What’s up?

Yeah, I am starting



What’s with this military uniform?


What exactly are you up to these days?

These days you are keeping a lot of secrets from me.

You are hiding a lot of things.

Just because I have been following you around
since childhood, you have taken me for granted.

You give me some excuse or the another
and convince me.

Alright, fine.
Happy journey.

Thank you.

I have been asking you to tell me that
for quite a while now.

Couldn’t you say it to me?

What is it?

I love you.

Oh dear! Again, with that!

You can ask someone to tell you sorry
and even a thank you...

but you must never ask them to
profess their love for you.

Ok, Bye.

Even if you say or don’t say,

I have already said it.
I am not taking it back.

Alright, go on now.

Fine. Drive safe.


Hi, dad.

Did dad spill his inner thoughts?

He said something and then
a war erupted in the house.

What happened?

If you don’t increase my salary,
I wouldn’t be able to work any longer.

If you can’t work, just quit.

I am already paying you 4000 bucks
and that’s a lot.

I won’t increase it even by a rupee.

In our neighbour’s house, they are paying
6000 bucks for the same amount of work.

If she quits, we have to pay someone
6000 to work for us.

I won’t work for anything less than
6000 bucks, madam.

I told you, right?!

Husband, you!

Did I blurt out my inner thought again?

Give me my mask, please.

Enough about him.
-Why are you so late?

I dropped Balu at the bus stop and came home, mummy.

There was heavy traffic.

Anyways, working on a short film with Balu...

and loitering around with no sense of time...

I told you number of times that I don’t like it.

I told you equal number of times that
I like spending time with Balu.

Oh, there’s nothing else to discuss, right?

Okay. Good night.

Bye, dad. Good night.

Good night, daughter.

You can go..
-Ok, Madam.

You are responsible for all this.

What did I do now?

When we were shifting to Hyderabad,
I told you not to bring him along.

And yet, you did.

Now, look at what happened.

With each passing day,
Nandu is getting even more attached to Balu.

and I don’t see it waning.

Balu is a good guy.
Isn’t that so, Sharada?

Just because I got him here,
you are on my case.

I had resigned the bank job on time, and focused on Real estate
and earned so much all due to his suggestions.

It doesn’t matter how much you support him.

I never even liked him living with us when he was young.

How would I be ok with making him my son-in-law?

Who wants to know about your likes and dislikes?

They have to like and love each other.

Yeah. Yeah.

Why would you like it?

Of course, you won’t and shouldn’t as well.

Did I spill my inner thoughts?

Put it there.

This stupid habit of mine.

This is exactly right for you.

Who called me at this time?

Raju, what’s up?

I sent you a photo of a girl who posted on Facebook
Please take a look.

Why is Balu in ‘Thulabharam’?

Who are those beside him?

Apparently, they are his grandparents.

How come he has grandparents?

I feel like he is hiding something from us, Nandu.

Yeah, he is hiding something.

Anyways, what was the name of the place that
Balu said he was going to?

Mukteshwaram near Kotipalli.

Hey, it’s uncle.

Uncle is coming.

-How are you?

How are you?


Are you fine?
-Are you fine, Brother?

How are you sister in law?

I am fine... what about you?

How have been, Mother?

Anyone wants to alight at Kotipalli?



Sir, where is Mukteswaram?
-That side

That side?

How do we get there?
-On a Ballakattu (Pont).

I heard about ‘Jallikatu’ but never heard about
Ballakattu (Pont).

You heard about it now, right?
Come along.

How did you load a bicycle on a bike?

If necessary, our men would even load an aeroplane.

Won’t you come because of this?

We are coming.

You look new around here.
-Yes. We are new here.

Oh, this is deep. Is it?

Yup. If you fall into it,
you will drown and die. It’s that deep.

Hey, hurry up and come to the fair.
-I will drop these off at home and come.

Anyways, you didn’t answer my question.

Fair... We came to watch the fair.

Then, go this way.

That way, huh?
Let’s go.

Will catch up in the fair.

You shut it.

If you showed him Balu’s photo,
he would have told you where Balu lived, right?

Yes, of course! He would tell us where Balu lives
and he would in turn tell Balu that we asked about him.

You dimwit!


We are under secret operation, right?

By knowing secret operation
why would you declare that loudly?

Oh, sorry.

He is just killing me!

Where would we search for him?

If the entire village is at the fair.
Would you search for him in the next village?

Blow it.


That’s Balu.

Let’s go.

He lived like a solo hero there
Here, he looks like a family hero.

Grandpa, come here.

Do I look like a grandfather to you?!

I am not even a father yet.
-Aren’t you?


Because he didn’t get married.

That’s alright.
What are you going to achieve getting married?

Never mind, brother.

I am going to ask you something.
Will you answer?

Do you know about that family?

Why wouldn’t I know about them?

They are Sundar Master’s sons.

The eldest son is Bhaskar
and those are his wife and children.

The younger one is Suryam.

He works for Indian military.


What’s with this confusion?

Hello, Nandu.

Did you find Balu?

Yes, we did
but his name is not Balu here.

It’s Surya.


And on top of that, he is rumoured to be
working in the armed forces.

Balu? In the armed forces?

What does that mean?

If you put the phone down,
we will figure out what that is and report it to you.

Come one, come all.

All the young men who are here to
participate in the fair.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you.

Participate in the wrestling match.

And win a Rs. 10,000 cash prize along with surprise.

-What is it, dear?

Go on participate and win.

You mean in that wrestling match?

Yes, uncle. You only.
Dad doesn’t fight anyone.

But you are in the military.
You can easily win.

What’s with all this fuss?!

There will be no talk of fighting or anything.
Let’s go home.

You stay quiet.

If my brother participates,
he will certainly win.

Right... Uncle will surely win.

We get Rs. 10,000 cash prize
if you win in this competition.

Go, uncle.
Hit them

Are you ready to fight?

Whoever wins between the either of you,
should win against him.

And after that match,
the winner must wrestle against that guy.

Then only you will get Rs.10,000 prize money.

Are you ready?

You mean to say...

we have to fight this guy,
that guy and then finally that guy, right?


This type of wrestling doesn't suite me.

Ask all of them come together.

Let’s see.

Click photos.


Are you happy?

Come... come...

You hit them very well.

Congratulations, young man.
-Thank you, sir.

Here, Prize money for you.

Thank you, uncle.
-Thank you, uncle.

You guys told me that there was a special surprise.

Oh...! It’s Manjuvani.

♫ Manjuvani, with you it’s a public performance. ♫

♫ You have written my heart’s desire. ♫

♫ The fair, the fair ♫

♫ when I come down here, it’s a spectacle. ♫
It’s a festival of youth here. ♫

♫ Its all blossoms and blossoms
♫ It’s a blossom of gold here. ♫

♫ Look at the lightening and spark you have lit in me. ♫

♫ The people of the village and
the youth here are rushing here♫

♫ We know what the real festival is. ♫

♫ Only after we pass the trail by the fire, ♫

♫ The truth will be out as to what the real gold is. ♫

♫ It’s a piece of sugar cane beside you, ♫
♫ Take a naughty bite out of it and go. ♫

♫ 25 acres of land (your wealth), tie it around my waist♫

♫ Just once, touch me, ♫
♫ You would say that Jyothi Lakshmi has come again. ♫

♫ If you want, you can kiss me. ♫
♫ And bestow your wealth on me. ♫

♫ Just once, touch me, ♫
♫ You would say that Jyothi Lakshmi has come again. ♫

♫ If you want, you can kiss me. ♫
♫ And bestow your wealth on me. ♫

♫ The fair, the fair ♫

♫ when I come down here, it’s a spectacle. ♫
It’s a festival of youth here. ♫

♫ Its all blossoms and blossoms
♫ It’s a blossom of gold here. ♫

♫ Look at the lightening and spark you have lit in me. ♫

♫ There are many people coming here ♫
♫ To participate in the wrestling match. ♫

♫ But they can’t even wrestle with the tip of my saree. ♫

♫ The intelligent biggies and the gully boys♫

♫ Are unable to be worthy of my kisses. ♫

♫ If a macho guy is persistent, ♫
♫ Your blouse is going to be shredded to pieces. ♫

♫ If you are as virile as that crazy cock in cock fights, ♫
♫ Show me how sharp your thing is. ♫

♫ Just once, touch me, ♫
♫ You would say that Jyothi Lakshmi has come again. ♫

♫ If you want, you can kiss me. ♫
♫ And bestow your wealth on me. ♫

♫ The brilliant Godavari surrounds us♫
♫ Is your energy greater than hers? ♫

♫ If we beat the drums, it becomes energised ♫
♫ Does your tabala sound better than that? ♫

♫ All the beauty of Godavari stay within the banks♫
♫ And all that playfulness with me has no limits. ♫

♫ Don’t touch the drums, ♫
♫ Touch my lips, ♫

♫ I am the fire that quickens you
and hurries you up♫.

♫ Just once, touch me, ♫
♫ You would say that Jyothi Lakshmi has come again. ♫

♫ You are just a fake Lakshmi. ♫
♫ I don’t think we are matched well. ♫

♫ Don’t touch me. ♫

♫ Just once, touch me, ♫
♫ You would say that Jyothi Lakshmi has come again. ♫

♫ You are just a fake Lakshmi. ♫
♫ I don’t think we are matched well. ♫

♫ Don’t touch me. ♫


I am going to get some money tomorrow.
Do you want me to buy something for you?

Do you get money...?


Tomorrow is Rakhi festival.

If I tie the Rakhi,
He will give money.

Oh, yes! Tomorrow is Rakhi, right?!

Yes, uncle.
I have my sister so she will tie me Rakhi.

But who is going to tie Rakhi
to you and my father?

When I called you,
you said you were out of station.

I thought I might miss you this time.

Missing out on you tying a Rakhi?

There is absolutely no chance of that.

Have it.

This is for you.

No, brother. I don't want it.

When your elder brother gives you something
for the festival, you shouldn't refuse it.


I shall get going then.

When will you come again?
-I will see you tomorrow.


Hey... let's go.

Who are you people?

Move aside.

What is all this?

Who are you?

What’s going on between
you and our Balu?

Who exactly are you people?
-We are Balu’s friends.

Our friend is a real good guy.

If you are under the impression that you
can trap him and do something to him,

we are there for him.

And there is Nandini who has been waiting
for him for a long time.

If you want friends, try face book
and if you want followers, try Instagram.

Harassing our friend?
That isn’t good behaviour.

What? Are you guys insane?

Do you think that is the only relationship
between a man and a woman?

Don’t you think there is an alternative explanation?

What else can there be?
The only thing we know about is this.

He is my brother... Rishi.



Yes... That is what that girl told us.

He becomes Shiva with grandfather.

He is Surya in the village.
He becomes Rishi with this girl.

He has been using different names and
maintaining different relationships at different places.

Let him get here.

Apart from acting in short films,
I am going to ask him why is he acting in real life too!

I am back, grandpa.
I will meet you in the evening.


Hey, guys.

Could you order me a cup of coffee?

Buddy, get Shiva a cup of coffee.

Are you ok with just a coffee or
do you want snacks as well, Surya?

But you shouldn’t have any snacks
when you have your coffee.

Am I right, Rishi?



From now on,
with what name would you like us to call you, Hero?



Surya... Balu...

I got it.

I understood that you are now
in on the secret that I have been hiding from you.

No, you didn’t let us in on the secret.

We followed you from Mukteswaram
and figured stuff out.

So, you have been on detective duty, is it?

What is all this, hero?

What is with all these names of yours?

And who are these relatives of yours?

Am I the only one calling them relatives?
They are the ones who treat me as their relative.

These days, people let go of families
for the sake of money.

Are you saying that there are people
who voluntarily maintain such kinship?

Why shouldn’t we?

When we lack something in our house,
We will get it from someone.

In the same manner,
we lack happiness in our house.

We lack love.

We have no one to call us with affection.

That is the reason why
we have brought him to us as our grandson.

At the same time,
It’s not that we have no grandson of our own.

We do have one.

He is in America.

He is our one and only grandson.

My son and daughter died in a car accident.
We went there to keep him company.

We were there for 6 months.

But, in the 6 months that we were there, We knew that
we were no different from the objects in that house.

Thing feels no need to wish someone or share love with someone.
That is the reason why they just exist.

But we couldn't live like that.
That's why we came back to India.

One day, my husband asked me,

“Who are we living for?”

“Why are we alive?”

“We have no one to call us affectionately,”

“And no one to sit with us and
spend time with us out of interest.”

“There was no one like that.”

“What is the point of living?”

“We have already seen everything there is to life.”
“Why do we keep waiting for death?”

“Why don’t we go to it?”
is what he asked me.

We told you the reason why we wanted to die.

He gave us the reason as to why
we should stay alive.

He asked us if all we wanted was
our grandson.

He said that he will show us all the love that
a grandson bestows on us.

He said that from now on,
he would be our grandson.

That’s alright.

They are all from Hyderabad,
and by some stroke of fate, have connected with you.

But, how did you get close
to that family in Mukteswaram?

We didn’t meet him.

The lord above has connected us.

My husband loves his brother a lot.

Surya used to work in the army.

He used to come home every 6 months.

Once, when he came home...

they went out on the bike together.

They got into a huge accident

Surya died on the spot.

He had a serious head injury.

When we took him to the hospital...

They told us that his brain was damaged.

My husband was unable to process the
death of his brother, Surya.

Whenever he met someone in Surya’s age group,
he would go to them and hug them.

Some were irritated.

And few others scolded him severely.

We took him to Hyderabad,
to consult with the doctors here.

There was a shooting around that neighbourhood.
-Yeah producer... we will pack up in ten minutes.



-Husband...Please wait.

We will meet in the next location.

How are you?
When did you come?

It’s been so long since I saw you.


It’s been so long.

Brother, how have you been?

How have you been?

I am fine, brother.

How long has it been since I saw you?!

Everyone saw his pain through their eyes.

But he was the only one who saw it
with his heart.

That is the reason why I asked him.

If he could come to our house every 6 months
as our Surya.

He happily agreed to it.

Since then, he has been visiting us regularly.

How did you become Meghana’s brother?

It’s because my brother stopped caring for me.

Before my brother got married,
we got along really well.

But after he got married, I don’t know why...
My sister-in-law didn’t like me.

He asked me if I could be in a hostel for a while,

So that he could take some time to convince
my sister-in-law before he could take me home.

In the beginning, when I am in hostel,
he used to call me every day.

He visited me once every week.

After that, he began to call me once a week.

He visited me once a month.

Now, I don’t know when he would come.

And I don’t even know when he would call me.

But... during that phase,
on the day of Holi...

Hey, you.
Why are you fighting with us for that girl?

How are you related to her?

She is my sister.

That is all well and good but...

Why would you spend that kind of time
with strangers when their own kin don’t?

I know how it feels when your kin
becomes distant.

After my parents died...

I thought I had a lot of relatives
to support me and to give me courage.

Just because that kid lost his parents and
you thought that you could get that kid home.

If you do that, there will be no one left to
feel sorry for my children.


We can get him home for a week or so
but if we take him with us now,

we have to bear the burden of his education.

Why are you so bothered?

He has relatives from the maternal side.
Someone from that side will take him in.

Balu... you have to study well.

We would have taken you with us but
we are going to Kasi.

When we come back,
we will take you with us.

Just because you lost your parents,
don’t think that you lost us.

You can come to our home anytime
and spend two to three days happily.

Alright, dear?

Here, take this money.
Keep them with you for expenses.

Aunt, Have another piece of sweet.

No... no! I have diabetes.

Just pop a pill then.

Naughty fellow!

He is a small kid... Give him 100 rupees.
He will buy something for himself.


Couldn’t you come for the summer holidays?

Let’s see.
If time permits, we will surely come.

Even though I had lots of relatives.

I remained as someone without any kin.

Even though all my relatives left me and went.

I couldn’t forget the love and affection
I experienced when I had relatives.

May be that is the reason why...

when they told me what they were missing
in their lives...

I bonded with them.

That is the reason I thought about this...

and wanted to discuss with you all, the proposal
to start a supplier service.

Suppliers service?

What suppliers?

Emotion suppliers.

Emotion suppliers?

What is that?
-I’ll tell you.

We have son and daughter, grandson, granddaughter,
elder sister, younger sister, elder brother, younger brother.

Any sort of relationship that people require,
will be available.

We will supply the emotion that people
require, perfectly.

What are you talking about Balu?

If you love having relatives that much,
call up your relatives once again.

What is with this Emotion suppliers?

When I didn’t want people,
I didn’t abandon them.

And when people abandoned me,
I didn’t abandon them either.

A lot of people nowadays,
don’t care about their own families.

Would they want people for
that very purpose?

This is not for everyone, buddy.

This is for those who have a lot of people around
and yet feel lonely.

Those who have no one to wish them,
to speak to them with affection...

and no one to wait for them
and or worry about them.

Alright, fine.

But do you think they will accept
something new?

Fifteen years ago,

people didn’t understand the concept
of buying water.

But now, there is no house
that doesn’t purchase water.


When Swagruha Foods was first established...

people thought that it was strange to buy
foods that we prepared for festivals.

But now, If there is a festival...

right from Tamarind rice to other kinds of eatables,
they are purchasing it from the stores.

Anyways, we are all actors in a short film.

Let’s act in real life.

Balu, I have a doubt.

Both the parties know that they are not real kin.

How can be bond with that knowledge?

You watch a lot of movies, right?


We are aware that we are watching a movie.

We also know that it’s not real.

But when those characters crack a joke,
why do you laugh?

When they make you cry,
why do you cry?

Why are you bonding with
every emotion they evoke?

Because we get involved in the movie.

Even though we know that it’s not real,
when we get involved in it, we begin to feel.

If we are able to get them that involved,
they will feel the same way.

I am not so sure buddy.

Establishing Kinship when we are not related by blood.
I think it’s a challenge.

In our friend’s circle, we call some
of our buddies as brother or brother-in-law.

Women folk in the house call the
neighbourhood ladies either sister or sister-in-law.

Does that mean they are all related?

No, of course not.


Instead of a name, if you call them with
the kinship terminology, that bond is special.

We are going to supply that kind of emotion.

So, producer? Shall we start?

Whatever you say, hero?

Anyways, what are we going to name this idea?

“All is well” emotion suppliers.

If someone gets back the love that he once lost,
He is good fellow.

But If he returns the love that he lost
to people in similar circumstances...

he is a great fellow.

You are a great person.

“All is well” Emotion suppliers.

If you need a relative to share your emotions,
Please call us at 94754 94754.

If you are sad that your son is distant with you,
Then press one.

Our boy will come to your house as your son.
He would give you what you desire.

Hi, is your sister in the hostel?
Are you missing her and her naughtiness?

Press two.

Your naughty sister will be in your house.

If you want a granddaughter, then press three.

If you want a grandson,
Press four.

Any relation, any emotion.

Just give us a call.

You are the ones who desire a bond.

We are the ones who will provide you
with affection.

For further information,
log on to our website.

Emotional suppliers?

Apparently, this website provides us with relatives.

If we want any relation,
They will send that relatives to our house.

You mean to say, when we call a company,
they send us drivers and housemaid.

These people are going to send us relatives?

This looks different.

What is this fake relatives, Mom?

While we are already fed up with our own relatives.

Why? What’s wrong?

When people are unable to conceive, they are able
to conceive through surrogacy and give birth, right?

How come there isn’t even a single person?

Do you think we opened a wine shop
that they would drop in easily?

They will come for sure.
-Don’t worry.

Hi, uncle.

What can we do for you?

My name is Siva Rao.

My son lives in Australia.

I live here alone.

-You want a son, right?

So, your son left you here all alone
and lives there and is enjoying his life...

Who told you that my son doesn’t care for me?

My son does a good job of looking after me.

He bought me a flat to live in.

He had the foresight to understand that if I ever needed to travel,
I would get uncomfortable travelling in buses and autos

and so,
he bought me a car.

Not just that.

The first of every month,
he deposits money in my account for my expenses.

He gave me everything I could ever need...

but somehow, I am still lonely.

If I want to talk to someone,
everyone is busy.

That is the reason why...
Sir, if you give me a son,

all the things that I want to tell my son,
I will tell him.

Okay, uncle
Please come this way.

What is your son’s name?

Nice name.


This is your Aditya.

Uncle, the way you want to behave with your son,

the things that you want to share with your son,
you can do all of that with him.

Sudha, It's urgent.

What is it? Thumb line?

For that doctor video?

Aunty cried her Lungs out for what the doctor did.

Oh, brilliant.

Cried her lungs out?

What did the doctor do?

He gave her an injection.
For her Cold.

Would someone put a thumbnail such as this for that video?

We should put it exactly like this.

Anyways, how to manage these things,
who would know this better than me?

All is well Emotional suppliers.

You mentioned in your website that
you would be able to send any kind of relative.

Yes, madam.

Could you please send us a grandmother
who is approximately 60 years old?


My daughter is very close to her grandmother.

My mother passed away last month.

And my daughter is very depressed.

So, If you could send me someone in that age,
-Someone of that age....?

Okay, madam.

Please message me your address.

A grandmother will greet you at your house tomorrow.

Thank you.

Hero, where will you get the grandmother from?

Because we are young, we can manage
with the characters of sons and daughters.

Where do we get grandfathers and grandmothers from?

We will get our make-up artist Ramu
and ask him to dress anyone of us as an old person.

If we put on make-up, we might look like an old person
but we wouldn’t be able to portray the emotions of an old person.

Well then, how did you make that promise?


Who are you people?

You don’t know us but
we came to meet with you on some work.

My children left me here because they
find me useless.

What work would you have with me?

At this age, wouldn’t you have that desire
to play with a grandson or a granddaughter, right?

Of course, I do.

Why wouldn’t I?

Everyone here has that wish.

But one must also have luck.

We might not be able to give you the great fortune
of playing with your own grandchild but..

we can give you the opportunity of playing
with a grandchild of that age.

I didn't get you.

Trust me.

Thank you very much, sir.

After a long time, I have seen my daughter happy.

This happiness will stay with you forever.

♫ Who knows? Who knows? ♫
♫ the kind of pain lies in people’s hearts. ♫

♫ Let’s try and share a bit of it. ♫

♫ Who knows? Who knows? ♫
♫ the kind of bonds lie in our paths. ♫

♫ Let’s increase the number of our kith and kin. ♫

♫ Let’s give them a helping hand
and be a sprig of courage. ♫

♫ Let’s give them confidence and
instil a bit of self-confidence. ♫

♫ We are all humans. All of us. ♫

♫ We are not lonely. Not one of us. ♫

♫ Our character should be kindness ♫

♫ Let’s help each other out mutually. ♫

♫ Who knows? Who knows? ♫
♫ the kind of pain lies in people’s hearts. ♫

♫ Let’s try and share a bit of it. ♫

This morsel is for grandmother.

What dear?

You came to be a grandmother for my daughter.
Will you be my mother?

♫ Even without that bond of blood that binds us, ♫
♫ We are the friends that can respond. ♫

♫ We are the bridges that can deliver these ♫
♫ little packets of love to any corner. ♫

♫ We are the ones who will rescue a burning heart. ♫

♫ Isn’t that a kind of favour? ♫

♫ To sing a lullaby for someone’s happiness♫

♫ is indeed a blessing. ♫

Actually, I wanted to come down
and celebrate your birthday.

But I am a little busy.

♫ Let’s try and share a bit of it. ♫

♫ Who knows? Who knows? ♫
♫ the kind of bonds lie in our paths. ♫

♫ Let’s increase the number of our kith and kin. ♫

Bhadram doesn’t even have a son.
-Sudha... Sudha?

The video is done.
Give me a good slogan for thumbnail.

What’s with this harassment?

It looks like you have no problem giving birth
to a child but have a problem with naming him.

You record videos
and yet, you cannot name them.

Alright, fine.
I’ll tell you, note it down.

Tell me.

"The girl is in tears at what the officer did."

Oh, superb!

What did the officer do?

He sanctioned the loan.


He did such a good thing.
why would you give it such a weird name?

People will watch it only if
they are written this way.

This is the trend.

Follow it.

What can we help you with?

So, as emotion suppliers, do you guys cater to
all types of relationships?

We do.

Who do you want?

-Sister? -Father?

-I want a wife.





Why? Is wife not a relation?

Doesn’t she have emotions?

Don’t you have a wife of your own?

I do.

But she isn’t here.

She went to her mother’s house.

Since she isn’t here,
my body is totally...

If that’s the case,
couldn’t you call her and ask her to come?

Who are you?

I am an employee here.

Come here...

Please tell me.

The wife who goes to her mother’s place,
and the friend who drunkard...

shouldn’t be called home.

Call her, then you will know.

No... I won't.

Give us your address before you leave.


I am coming.



Please come in.

Thank you.

Please come in. Please come in.

No one is looking, right.

Oh, my goodness, this smells great.

It tastes great as well.
-Is that so?

You are right.
This tastes amazing!

He has got the temper.

My favourite song.

Let's dance...?


You dance with your wife in the same manner?
-No, no. No. She only fights.

[Song Playing on the TV from the movie Temper]

Who dare disturb me now?

Who the hell...?

Who is she?

I am his wife as well.

But the difference is that you are permanent
and I am a temporary one.

Listen! Don't hit me.

Just because I wasn’t in town,
you wanted another wife, is it?

Don't hit me.
-Am I not enough for you?!

Are you that much of a man?!
-Don’t hit me. You are going to kill me.

How come you here suddenly anyways?

I didn’t come on my own.

He called me and asked me to get here.

What is this sir?

You send me the fish and
send the net as well.

Sir, this is unfair.

Looking at other women when your wife
is not in town. Is that fair?

We established this Emotion Suppliers ventures, so that we will be
able to help people who genuinely need a relationship.

Not for someone like you with dirty thoughts.

I could have told you this right there.

Even if we deny you, there is a high likelihood
that you would take this elsewhere.

Let’s go, Manasa.

One more thing.

You came asking for someone to portray
the emotions of a wife.

Imagine if she does the same and asks for
a husband?

Just remember this dialogue
and the emotion,

and permanently fix it there.

Only then will it never make you
commit this mistake again.

I am sorry.

Hi Nandu, how are you?

I am excellent.
How are you?

I am fine.
Wait, your brother-in-law wants to talk to you.

Hey, hi


Shirisha told me about your concept.
It’s very nice.

Thank you.

So the thing is when people invite you to their homes,
You go to them portraying the relationship that they want.

Yes, that is true brother-in-law.


Well, we want Nandini to come in as our
youngest daughter-in-law.

Okay, fine.

I will speak to you later.

Why did she cut the call?

Of course, she would cut it.

Why would she continue a topic
that she doesn’t like?

My brother keeps on broaching
the topic of his wedding.

He likes Nandini, right?

Don’t I know that?

I am going to talk to mom and
figure out a way to convince her.

Leave that to me.


My name is Gayatri.

My husband’s name is Rama Sharma.

We live in Vadapalli that is
close to Kovuru.

We have a son.

His name is Acharya.

My husband loves our son very much.

When Acharya was 7 years old,
he got lost in Godavari Pushkaralu.

We searched everywhere for him
and tried everything possible.

Even now, my husband goes to the banks of that river
and waits for him to return.

When Acharya was young,
he loved getting on the bikes of our neighbour.

So, my husband bought a scooter
and took my son on rides every morning and evening.

After we lost Acharya, My husband suffered intense grief
and hasn’t touched the scooter up until now.

Looking at his plight and efforts from past twenty years,
Perhaps the god himself has taken pity.

And so, he was called to join god.

He has cancer.

He cannot live for more than a month.

So, for this entire month,
I want him to be happy and smile a lot.

If he has to be happy,
our long-lost son must come back to us.

That is the reason why,
I want a son.

But my husband shouldn’t know that
the person you sent was not our own son.

Can I find such sort of a son here?

Certainly, aunty.

You will find the son that you wished for.

Yes, exactly.


your mom has come for you.
Don’t you recognise her?


If my son were alive,
maybe he would look like this.

You look exactly like our Acharya.

What do you mean I look like Acharya?
I am Acharya.

This has all the details of our Acharya
since childhood.

I hope that my husband doesn’t get suspicious.

I will manage in such a way that
it doesn’t rouse his suspicions.

Just prepare uncle.

Tomorrow, his son is going to come
with much fan fair.


Prasad, what’s with all these preparations?
Is there some sort of fete?

Remember, Rama Sharma’s boy who got lost?

Apparently, he returned.

Oh, that is good news.
For all the good deeds he performed,

For all the good deeds he performed,
I am glad he is at the receiving end of it.

Yes. yes.

Hey, producer!

Hey, producer!

What’s up, hero?
-Come here.

Doesn’t all this look a little too much?

A bridge groom rides with much fanfare.

Now, imagine what would it be like for a boy
who was lost years ago?

This is to be expected.

I just got a wonderful idea.
-What is that?

If a son receives this kind of welcome.

Imagine how it would be if he arrives with
a daughter-in-law!

They want a son!

They want a son,
I want you.

Don’t you think this is a very good offer for them?

They get a daughter-in-law free with their son.
Isn’t that great.

Have you gone mad?

Yes, I am mad.

I am mad about my hero.

I asked you to tell me that you love me.
But you don’t.

So, let me get satisfied at least like this.

Hey, my spectacles!

Hello, aunty.

How are you, mother?

Bless me as well.

Your daughter-in-law.


Don't be so surprised aunty.
It was my idea.

Where is dad?

There. He just came in.





A lot of people in the village said that they saw our lost boy.

He looks exactly like you.

They said they saw someone here who looks like him.

And so, we went to those villages and looked for you.

We nourished hopes

and then, I began to compromise.

I stopped going to those villages and searching for you.

But, god in the form of your mother
brought you home to me.

Well, who can recognise their sons
better than their mothers?

Come on, father.


I will tell you.
Please come.

Look at that.

This is the scooter you bought for me
when I was young.

I am back now, right.

Will you take me out?

♫ Who knows? Who knows? ♫
♫ The kind of pain hidden in their hearts. ♫

♫ Let’s share their pain a bit at least. ♫

Mr. Rama Murthy, did you see my son?
He just came.

Yes, I heard Mr. Sharma.
You both look like a wonderful pair of father and son.

♫ Let’s increase the number of our kith and kin. ♫

Where is the license?
-I didn't have.

Then pay the fine.

What’s up?
-I have the license and RC book with me, sir.

But, where is the helmet?

The thing is...

My son whom I had lost 20 years ago,
came back to me.

I want the entire village to
see the happiness on my face.

If I put the helmet on,
they won’t be able to see.

I will pay the fine.

That’s not necessary.

If I give you a penalty, it would look like
I am giving you a penalty for being happy.

Go on.

♫ You who has no time to spare♫
♫ Will be given a rebirth♫

♫ This is not the time to be idle. ♫

♫ The thing that your heart desires♫
♫ is vanished ♫

♫ this is the net from which you cannot escape. ♫

♫ It fulfils that vacuum♫
♫ Now and always♫

♫ Let’s stay ahead♫

♫ After we have done our good deeds♫
♫ What we get in return, ♫

♫ Let’s consider it as a blessing♫

♫ Who knows? Who knows? ♫
♫ The kind of pain hidden in their hearts. ♫

♫ Let’s share their pain a bit at least. ♫

♫ Who knows? Who knows? ♫
♫ The kind of bond hidden in which path. ♫

♫ Let’s increase the number of our kith and kin. ♫

Stop that!

Hey, where are you going?

Someone is being beat up there.

Let that be. It’s none of our business.
Let’s go.

What do you mean father?

How can you say that when someone is
being that brutally beaten up right in front of us?

Look there.

The people who are supposed to stop that
are leisurely drinking tea.

Why should we bother?

Give me two coconuts please.

What’s this atrocity, father?

They are hitting that man in broad daylight
Why is no one intervening?

Who are those people?


He is the big boss of sand mafia.

One of the reason why I have taken
Voluntary Retirement from my VRO position...

was because I couldn’t do anything about his misdeeds.

Most people earn money and turn it into wealth.

He buys officers.

This is Kaliyug...

Justice also is on the side of the offender.

That is the reason why no one comes forward
to oppose him.

Did you think that I would hit you?

My people have already brought
you after hitting only, know?

A person who sits in the shop and do business like you,
Is enough if you know calculations.

But while doing this type of business,
One should know how to miscalculate...

Like me.

We told you numerous times to change the
survey numbers from your end to our convenience.

But you never listened to us.

You could have gotten rid of all this with money.
Instead, you choose the hard route of getting thrashed.

Come to your senses. Listen to us.

Why should I listen to you?

I am the one who took those leases.

This is my sand.

I will not give it to you,
even if I lose my life.

There is no question of my sand or your sand.

There is just sand.

When I look at him,
I recall a poem that I learnt in my childhood.

We can squeeze oil out of sand with effort

We can drink water from a mirage

We can search and find impossible things.

But we can never win the heart of a stubborn fool!

That last line is for people like you.

God gives one a full life span.

But people like you, will die with half lifespan.

It’s better to kill the issue
rather than kill a person, Ganga.

I don’t understand.

Listen, legally speaking, all the survey numbers
are under his name.

If not today, some other day, there will be someone
or the other who will begin to fight for him.

That is the reason why it’s better
if the survey numbers are in our name.

How do we manage that?

If we can get the VRO of that time, to sign on
these leases with that date, that would do the trick.

The VRO of that time was Rama Sharma.
-Yes, brother.

He is not in that position anymore.

Yes, he is not in that position
but he is alive, right?

Let’s get an agreement done with that date
and get him to sign on that.

He already has cancer.

We don’t even know when he is going to die.

If in the future, if we encounter any problem,
he wouldn’t be alive to tattle on us.

You used to love eating
sliced guava with chilli and salt.

Hey, Sharma!

Come here.

Gangaraju asked you to sign these documents.

You illegally mine sand and
you covet that of others as well.

I won’t sign it.
Get lost.


If you don’t sign it,
we were asked to get it signed by you.

Who do you think you are dealing with?

Who are you trying to intimidate?

We are Gangaraju’s men!

So what if you are Gangaraju’s men?

Since you are all human,

If I hit you or him,
you are bound to get hurt, right?

You are his men.

If he pays you, you hit people.

I am his son.

If you ever come to my father,
or even try to threaten him...

you and that guy...

Gayatri, get some water.

For me too, mother.

What are these papers doing here?

Gangaraju came here.

Madam.. my name is Gangaraju.

You must have heard of me.

The gifts of nature such as
Air, Water, Fire...

are being used by people.

I do the same thing as well.
The gift of nature that I use, is sand.

I sell it to people in need.

I have to survive, right?

There is a huge demand for sand these days.

I am not able to meet that demand.

That is the reason why
when Rama Sharma comes home...

make sure he signs these documents
and send it to us.

If your lost son thinks he is a man now
and tries to challenge us,

He gave warning to my boys.

Instil some fear in him.

Because he was lost,
he returned to you.

If I make sure you guys lose him...

he would never come back.

Come, father... Let’s go.

He asked for a signature, right?
Let’s do that in front of him.


Sharma is coming here with his son.

Of course, they would come here!


Fear will make anyone weak on their knees, uncle.

Sit down, father.

We did not call you so that you can sit down
and discuss some sort of reconciliation.

Anyways, did you sign?

No, I did not.

And he won’t sign either.

I will make sure you sign.

I have a habit from childhood.

When someone gives me something,
I will return it back to them.

Be that love...

or fear.

Sit down, father.

We shall leave in 5 minutes.

You came home and
told my mom to advise me about something.

What is it?


Yes, fear.

One does not fear because of what someone says.

and courage doesn’t leave you just because
someone threatens you.

The one who will be your umbrella
in hot weather, is behind you.

And to make sure no harm comes to my father,
he has a son, who is in front of you.

This is because you threatened my father
and also, because you worried my mother.

If you apologise, I will let you go.


Are you threatening Gangaraju?

Your kingdom can only survive until a person
who isn’t threatened by you faces you.

You look like a decent guy.

Why are you hitting all like a brute?

Lord Rama was also a good man.

and yet, didn’t he kill Ravana?



Do you know who East Godavari SP is?

Do you have any work with him?

Do you get such kind of problems
because of your Emotion Suppliers service?

We got to know about that just like all the others.

He is a dangerous fellow.
I hope he didn’t do anything later.

Let’s set this action part of your story aside.
What happened to your love affair?

Did your sister not force you
with regards marriage?

Please tell us fast.

We are very curious to know and are
breathless with excitement.

I will have some hot tea and then
tell you the rest of the story.

Order five tea please...

What’s up, master?

Are you really paying attention to her birth chart?

I told her that I would take a look at her birth chart, right?

And when I look at it,
there are some problems with her birth chart.

I am going to calculate the planetary positions accurately
and give her a detailed explanation.

Or else, she wouldn’t believe me.

You are done with your tea, right?
What happened next?

When we started, we wondered
if we could run it for at least a month.

But, it continued seamlessly for 6 months.`

In those 6 months, all of us got attached
to a lot of people and unearthed a variety of emotions.

What’s up, hero?
Why are you looking that intently at those photos?

Look at the number of relationships
I’ve earned for myself.

Grandpa and Grandma,

Younger sister,
Elder brother and sister-in-law.

Mom and Dad.

That’s true. ,But amongst all those relatives,
The one that I like is this.

Why wouldn’t you like this?
You deliberately asked to be a daughter-in-law.

You still won’t call me a wife for namesake either?!

Who are you people?
Why are you breaking our stuff?

How dare you to cheat people in the
name of love and affection ?

What the hell is this fake relationship?

Where is the guy who started this?

I am here.

We are after him.
Hit him!

If you hit any of my near and dear ones,

And you dare try and hit me?

You find it that amusing to destroy
another person’s property?

If the furniture in my office is destroyed,
I will buy them again.

If things in your body are damaged,
where will you buy them from?


He is my grandson.
He came from America.

What is this, bro? How can his grandson come to my office
and make a scene?

What did I do?

You beguiled my people with
your charms and nonsense of love and affection.

You made them sign their property off in your name.

What does he mean that I got you
to sign off your properties?

Oh, what a fine actor you make!

They might believe you because of your acting skills.

But I wouldn’t fall for your tricks.

What is he talking about, grandma?

What does he mean that I got you
to sign off your properties?

He signed our property off to you.

My grandson got to know it through his lawyer.
He came home and caused a scene.

What is this, grandpa?

He is your grandson, isn’t he?

In what way is he my grandson?

Is it because he was born to my son?
Or because he shares my surname?

Blood relations exist only because of wealth?

It’s because he found out that I wrote off
our property in your name, he came to me.

Is not, would he come?

At the minimum, did he come to visit us
once a year and stay with us for two days at least?

No, he didn’t.

But you...

When she call you, you just come running.

If I say that I want you,
you come and sit with me.

You gave us love.

You gave us a reason to live.

Why would I give my wealth to him?

This is wrong, grandpa.

I am just pretending to be your grandson.

I want your love and affection.
I don’t want your wealth

I beg of you, don’t equate love with wealth.

All of this happened because
I didn’t know about any of this.

If I had known, this thing wouldn’t have
gotten this far.

Your wealth is yours.

I don’t want anything that’s not mine.

But if anyone lays a finger on things that are mine,

Get lost!

This is an interesting concept
in an interesting way.


Hi guys.

Hey, Hi...

What's the video?

Seem to be watching it with
so much of interest?


There are some people at Hyderabad,
they started emotional services named, ‘All is Well’.

No matter what kind of relative you want,
they would supply them.


All those people who have used their services
are giving their feedback on their website.

My daughter Ramya.

She lives in London.

I live here alone.

This company sent me someone
who came to my house as my daughter.

I am satisfied with their service.

I am quite happy.

It’s all trash.

How can someone evoke the same emotions
as one’s own daughter and son?

They may have shot it with some drama artists.

Don’t believe them.
It’s a fake video.

My name is Siva Rao
and my son’s name is Aditya.

He works in Australia.

When he calls me up,
I wish to tell him so many things.

But, he is busy.

And so, he doesn’t speak
for more than five minutes.

I took a son relation from them.

This is uncle, right?


Send someone else as
Mr. Sivarao’s son. I cannot do it anymore.

How can we do that?

Once you have committed to them,
you can’t change on whim.

There is no going back.

I am not his real son, right?
That does not matter. Just change it.

I am unable to handle his affection.


He is here.

My son.


Because you started this
Emotion Suppliers...

I realised what I was missing in my life.

I love my dad very much.

He wanted a house of his own.

but he couldn’t fulfil that wish.

That is the reason why
I bought him a house.

In my childhood, my father used
to take me to school on his bicycle.

When I grew up,
I wanted to buy my father a car.

And I bought it.

My dad is a big foodie.


when my mom passed away,
he stopped eating well.

If my father wishes to have good food,
who will cook for him?

That is the reason why I got him a cook.

I did all this for him and thought that
I gave my father a lot of happiness.


I realised that I gave him everything
except happiness.

I am sorry, Dad.

Why are you sorry?




when I came to your office for the very first time,
I thought I needed a son to have a conversation with.

But, I never imagined that my son would come back for me.

Thank you, Balu.

This is possible because of you.
-Don’t mention that, uncle.

Thank you very much.

Okay. Okay.

Bye. Bye. God bless you.
-Thank you, uncle.

I still remember the happiness I saw
in my hero’s eyes.

Up until that day, the emotions we gave to our clients was
different from the emotions that father experienced!

I figured out how happy one can get
just by making other’s happy.

What’s up producer?
Why did you ask me to come down?

I made a programme for the both of us today.

A programme?
For the both of us?


First, let us have some good coffee.

and after that let’s go for a 11:00 o’clock show movie

and then, let’s have our lunch at Bowl o’ China.

then, let’s shop in the mall. And go for
a long drive on Necklace Road in the evening.

Stop. Stop.

What’s this long list?
Don’t you know that I have a lot of work to do today?

Nothing doing.
You are spending the entire day with me.

I already said it.
I am not taking it back.

I am telling you that I don’t have time to spare.
I am not taking it back.



Vadapalli ,I am going to call my father-in-law who stays in
Sri Sri Rama Sharma,

and complain that his son isn’t taking me
outside anywhere at all.


What do you want?
- Hold my hand.

Hold it.


Good boy.
Let’s go.

♫ I don’t know if it’s a yes ♫
♫ I don’t know if it’s a no, ♫

♫ I don’t know what kind of smile that is. ♫

♫ Haven’t you lost your hesitation? ♫
♫ Or haven’t you woken up to your youth? ♫

♫ I don’t know if it’s a yes ♫
♫ I don’t know if it’s a no, ♫

♫ I don’t know what kind of smile that is. ♫

♫ Haven’t you lost your hesitation? ♫
♫ Or haven’t you woken up to your youth? ♫

♫ If I extend my companionship, does the thought find you bitter? ♫
♫ Don’t you want to taste my mouth? ♫

♫ Say something sweet♫
♫ Make me believe that you are a sweet guy♫

♫ Very nicely ♫

♫ Even if you ask me to leave, ♫
♫ Do you think I will? ♫

♫ Let me bind myself to you in bonds that won’t break♫

♫ Even if you ask me to leave♫
♫ Do you think I will? ♫

♫ I will bind myself to you in bonds that won’t break♫

♫ Oh, the screen that separates us, ♫
♫ Move aside just a little bit. ♫

♫ Isn’t this is the age and time in which youth rushes?♫

♫ Have you taken for granted the allures of kisses, ♫

♫ Why are you still shy and silent? ♫

♫ Even if you ask me to leave, ♫
♫ Do you think I will? ♫

♫ Let me bind myself to you in bonds that won’t break♫

♫ Even if you ask me to leave, ♫
♫ Do you think I will? ♫

♫ Let me bind myself to you in bonds that won’t break♫

♫ Come with me. ♫
♫ Don’t say no. ♫

♫ Come to me as if I were your present. ♫

♫ It is but natural for me to have these kinds of desires. ♫

♫ This isn’t an offence, right? ♫

♫ I don’t know if it’s a yes ♫
♫ I don’t know if it’s a no, ♫

♫ I don’t know what kind of smile that is. ♫

♫ Haven’t you lost your hesitation? ♫
♫ Or haven’t you woken up to your youth?

♫ If I extend my companionship, does the thought find you bitter? ♫
♫ I am coming to you and am as worthy of you. ♫

♫ Say something sweet♫
♫ Make me believe that you are a sweet guy♫

♫ Very nicely ♫

♫ Even if you ask me to leave, ♫
♫ Do you think I will? ♫

♫ Let me bind myself to you in bonds that won’t break♫

♫ Even if you ask me to leave, ♫
♫ Do you think I will? ♫

♫ Let me bind myself to you in bonds that won’t break♫

Mohan Rao, you seem to be very busy
with the wedding of your Son?

Of course, yes.
Weddings are definitely tedious, no?

I’ve heard that the girl is quite rich.

How does that matter how rich she is?

We aren’t taking any dowry.

They have only one daughter

and all that wealth belongs to her.

And yet, you are here proclaiming that
you don’t take a single penny in dowry.


What I mean is, in this age,
hats off to you for not taking any dowry.

Come. Serve us.
Take some sweet.

He stopped having any sweet.

He stands in front of Pulla Reddy Sweets
and has half kg of sweet every day.

And he claims, he quit sweets.

You quit sweets?
We had absolutely no idea.

We will get going, Sharada.
But don’t get your husband for the wedding.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the
reason why the marriage wouldn’t go through.

Why would they come to my house,give me the wedding invite
and ask me not to come to their wedding?

You just blurted out your inner thoughts.

Your habit doesn’t just cause one problem.

Everyone is getting married.

If we get Nandini married,
we would be done with one responsibility, right?

When I want to talk to her,

she goes around villages with Balu talking of
emotions and relationships.

Stop. Stop.
Right here.

Father, are you done with your prayers?

Mother, this is Soursop fruit.
I heard it’s helpful to treat cancer.

If father has it every day,
It will do him good.

If I don’t eat it,
I’ll die

It’s better to be dead rather
than stay alive as a father who has been cheated.

What happened, father?


Don’t call me father.

Just because you are paid to act like my son,
will I become your father?

Do you want to know how I found out
about this?

Mr Sharma, watch this video.

You want a relationship
and we provide the affection.

For further information,
log into our website.

You have been deceived.

You brought someone who is not my son.

You lied to me in an effort to keep me happy.

But, did you ever think how hurt
I would be when I find out the truth?

Please, father...
Listen to me...

I was ecstatic when you came to me as my son.

I went around the entire village

and told every one that my son is back.
...that my son is back.

How do you expect me to raise my head
and walk around in my village?

This entire village would look at me
with sadness due to my disease...

But now, it’s going to look at me with
pity because I was cheated.

I thought that the place of business was flooded
with almost everything but affection.

Finally, you mocked affection as well.
Are you even human?

Don’t ever play with hearts and emotions!
You will never succeed in life.

Never succeed!

Get lost.

Get lost.

Get out of my sight.

Go away!


Oh, sorry!

We are not related now, right?!

The person whom you have
commanded to get out of this house,


I mean, Balu.

I know him right from my childhood.

He keeps saying the same thing every time.

What you sow is what you reap.

That is the reason why he always gives love.

How is Balu in the wrong?

He didn’t come here for your wealth.

He came here because of her request..

He lost his father when he was young.

And he saw his father in you.

He gave you the love you wanted from a son.

When you were in trouble,
he had your back.

He didn’t turn away thinking that
he was just an acting son.

That day, in that brawl with Gangaraju’s goons,
what if something had happened to him?

Aunty, do you remember?

You told us that your husband will not stay
alive for more than a month.

You said that you needed a son to
keep your husband happy this entire month.

It’s been 6 months since we came to your house.

These 5 months of life that you have enjoyed
is not because of doctors or gods.

It’s because of him.

Medicines are not the only things that
keep a man alive.

Love and affection as well.

It was because of the affection he showered on you.

It was the happiness that he gave
that enabled you to survive and stay alive for so long.

Even if your real son came back to you,

he wouldn’t have done as good a job of looking
after you as Balu did.

If you had ever been hurt or offended by
either of us, please forgive us.

I was hasty. I badmouthed you.
and hit you.

I asked you to leave my house.

And yet, you are still here.

Oh common, father.

Who leaves their home just because
their father scolds or nags?

If that were the case,
90% of the children will run away from home.

You are my father.
If you won’t hit me, who can?

I asked god to give me back my son that I lost.

But, he has given me the father I had lost
many years ago.

He gave me my father back.

Your hero is really great.

Kids nowadays, if their parents say a harsh word,
they get upset and leave the house

But, for Balu to be that committed...

Mr. Rama Sharma must have been very happy.

Yes, he was.

Perhaps that was the reason why his
life prolonged.

But one day,

♫ Life is not lived without a few tears
spilling out of our eyes.♫

♫ No birth reaches its logical end without scars and hurt.♫

♫ This body that we have been given is for the sake of others.♫

♫ One must always return the favours,
this is the reason for our survival.♫

♫ Who knows? Who knows? ♫
♫ the kind of pain lies in people’s hearts. ♫

♫ Let’s try and share a bit of it. ♫

♫ The kind of relationships hid in different paths.
Let’s increase the number of our kin. ♫


Oh, from now on, shouldn’t be
calling you by that name, right?

Here is the money you spent on his funeral.

Just because you served the purpose for
which you were recruited.

Please don’t forget your mother.

I came to this house as a son.

Not just for him.

A mother is not a person one can forget.

It is an unforgettable relationship.


These are the flight tickets to Kasi.

I have also recruited someone to accompany you
and even help you.

Later on, you can stay with me.

If only there was a son like this in every house,
It would be great.

He appeared as though he was
the real son and got the situation this far.

Apparently, that’s his job.

He will supply relations for people
who needs emotions.

Giving is his habit.

Taking anything that we can get our hands on is our habit.

He doesn’t have wealth or even sand mines,

so, let’s take his life

Do you want me to call our men?

No, uncle.

It’s been so long since I heard
the sound of Soda bottle.

When I come out,
I will listen to it myself.

The car you sent to receive me is the same old thing.

You didn’t even change the house

and yet you change manners, is it?

What did they change?

When your son-in-law comes home,
won’t you even come to the threshold to welcome him?

Those are basic manners.

We have been married for five years.

Why start things like that?

Oh my Goodness!

I am not talking about you.

I am talking about me,
the youngest son-in-law.

You are not yet the son-in-law
of this house.

If you do become one,
they will certainly welcome you.

Not if.
I have to become the son-in-law.

I must get married to Nandini.

If not,
you have to divorce my sister-in-law.

If you and my sister do not get married,
why would my husband divorce me?

Rama was the only one who was exiled to the forest yet,
Lakshmana forsook his wife and followed him.

Check the history.

What kind of comparison is that?


Come here.

Do we look like we share the same genes?
And yet we are born as brothers.

Some things cannot be compared
so, you should just obey orders.

What’s with this mindless chatter?


Hi, uncle.
-How are you?

Hope your journey was well.
-Great uncle.

How are you?

Hi, Dad...
How are you?

Why is she screaming like that?
Is she going to register a complaint or what?

Why did you hug her?

Both of them hugged the both of you.
What am I supposed to do?

I can’t.

Looks like he didn’t outgrow the weirdness

Nice joke.

You say I am weird. How is that a joke?

Did I spill my inner thoughts?

Yes, you did.
But, it’s ok.

Anyways, you didn’t change your maid?

She does a good job.
Why would we change her?

They have to be changed.

Our phones work fine and yet,

we change our phones when
there is a new model in the market.

Car is in a good condition and yet

when there is a new sleeker model
in the market, we buy it.

Occasionally, we have to change
the things we use.

That is how they become fresh.
That is called rejuvenation.

Thank god you didn’t ask me
to change my wife.

Actually it's a good idea.

But to get someone in your height,
we should go to Uganda.

The seed of weirdness in his head
is the size of a palm fruit.

What is he saying?!
-What is he talking about?!

Hi, brother-in-law.

Hi, Nandu...

Hi, Nandu.
How are you?

I am fine.

Where is my sister?
-She is inside.




I expected you to come to the airport
to receive me.

But you didn't come.

I expected you to lose a couple of kgs this time
But, you didn’t.

Alright, I will meet up with my sister and come back later.

She didn’t come. I didn’t lose.
Nandu has a sharp tongue just like me.

Our Nandu.

Our Nandu?

How dare you compare yourself to my daughter?

She is a gem and you are gum!


That’s right. It’s exactly the same.
That sharp tongue.

You must be talking loudly in that head of yours.
I can hear your inner voice.

What do you mean gem and gum?!

Mom, did you broach the subject of Kishore
with Nandu?

How could I? Whenever I bring up that topic,
she just gets up and leaves.

And to add to that....

Kishore is a bit weird.

He just talks like that, Mom.
But as a person, he is very good.

All the members of my family
are for this alliance.

Next week, we are going to my
mother-in-law’s place for a get together

If Nandu agrees, my husband said that
we could get the engagement done right then and there.

You must convince Nandini.

No matter how many things you say to
convince me, I cannot come there.

I've lot of works here.

What could be more important to you
than a family function?

We are offering prayers to ‘Lakshmi Ganapati’

for the well-being of all.
You will benefit too.

Whatever your heart desires,
it will come true.

Are you serious?
Yes, I am.

Ok. Then, I will come too.

How are you going there?

All of you go by flight.

Nandini and I will take the car.
We will come by road.

With Kishore? In a car?

No way.

What do you mean?
A road trip with him, without any of you guys?

I am going to impress Nandini because
no one is going to be around.

We need that kind of space so that we will be able
to understand each other before we get married.

Alright! You want me to come in a car with him?
Is that all?

Yes. Yes.
-Fine, I’ll come.

Thank you. Thank you so much.
-Mom, let’s go pack.

How can one take a road trip with
some one you don’t like at all?

Don’t worry. The one I like will accompany me.

Did you check it well?

Well, if that Kerala family wanted
a son and a daughter-in-law...

you could have sent Raju and Swati, right?

Why should we go?

Shall I speak to them?

They aren’t even around to talk.

What did you say?

Nothing. I am going to attend a family
function in Munnar.

So, if you accompany me, family purpose
and business purpose, both will be served

That is the reason why I agreed.

Hey Kishore!
How are you?

When I started from their place,
I was alright.

But when I came to your place...
-I am here, right?

Everything will be fine.

You understand the situation according to your

Great people.

Just a second...

Tell me...

Did you make Nandu fall for you?

Do you think Nandu is a maiden on
a packet of cards.

that she would fall at the slight gust of wind?

I didn’t even start my moves.
How can you ask me about the result, already?

You are such a bad sibling!
Put the phone down.

Why are you in the front seat?
-The back seat will be comfortable for you. That’s why

I am comfortable beside Nandu.

Bro, please sit in the back.


If hero sits in the back, I will sit in the back too.
You drive.

If both of you sit in the back,
I’ll become the driver.

Never mind that.
I will sit in the back.

This head weighs a lot!

I thought you might not be comfortable while driving.

Hey, move...

Not that side.
This side.

Sit here.

That is my spot.


This is my spot.

Drink some tea.


It tastes good.

Get your tea yourself.

Keep it.

This fellow!

Oh no!

This seat is mine.

He and his useless timing.

Tell me.

Brother, did you impress Nandini yet?
- Impress?

Balu is already squeezing my chances.
You are for sure getting a divorce.

Why did you stop the car?

I didn’t stop the car.
It stopped.

Bloody local cars!
Open the bonnet.

Give me some water.


Do you know how to fix a car?

No, I don’t.

Then, why did you open the bonnet?

This is what people do in a situation like this.
That is protocol.

It’s a bit presumptuous to think that people
who lift the bonnet know how to repair a car.

One should regularly change cars and girlfriends.

If you just think changing the oil is enough,
this is how you end up


Enough with your statements.
Just google if there are any mechanic shops around.

What? What happened?
What’s up?

If you think that I know what you are talking about
other than the fact that it’s Malayalam,

you can slap me with your slippers.

Are you people Telugu?

Oh, are you a Telugu person too?

My wife.


Is there a problem?

Yes. That is why we have stopped here.

If not, do you think we are taking selfie
or what with opened bonnet ?

-Yes, uncle.

Call Bijju and ask him to figure out what’s wrong.
-Okay, uncle.

Mechanic would come and repair it.
Until then, stay in our house.

Okay, sir.
-that’s not necessary... we will stay here.

The mechanic has to come, he has to
figure out the problem and then repair it.

It takes lot of time.
-Lot of time.

This is a hilly area. So, please...
-Can’t trust it.

Ok, Sir.

What is all this decoration for?
Is there a party of sorts?

It is our 25th wedding anniversary.
So, we have a small party.

Oh! 25th wedding anniversary?!

Thank you.
-Where is your wife?


My wife.



Who are these people?

They are our guests.

They are Telugu people.

Telugu people..!?


Where are you guys from?
How do you know him?

It’s been a while since we saw Telugu people
and spoke in Telugu.

That is the reason why...

What would you like to have?
Coffee? Tea?

No, just have a meal with us.

Indu, arrange food for all of them.
Go on, arrange food.

Ok, Aunty.

When she sees Telugu people
she feels as happy as seeing her own people.

That is the reason why she is so excited.

Have they been to space or something?

If you visit your village, you will
surely meet a lot of your kind in piles.

Its been 25 years since she went to her village.

Ours is a love marriage.

25 years ago,
I used to work in ONGC in Narsapur.

She hails from Antarvedi.
None of our families agreed to our marriage.

She put her faith in me
and came with me.

Her family broke ties with her because
she didn’t listen to them and came away with me.

From that day on, until now, they never set foot here
and she never went there either.

All these people here are my side of the relatives.

she misses her side of the family.

Antarvedi? That means your name is
Jayalakshmi, right?


You studied in Y.N college in Narsapur, right?


You used to love eating cashewnuts,
and loved playing on the carousal?

Yes, that’s right.
How do you know about those?

It’s because you are my aunt.

Aunt? How?

Are you my eldest brother Ramu’s son?

Are you my younger brother Krishna’s son?

Yes, I am Balu.

Krishna’s son?

Oh my god! I cannot believe it.

Husband, did you hear that?
He is my nephew.


When I came away from there,
he was about this tall.

It’s because I was way too young,
you couldn’t recognise me.

But my father...

used to talking about you...



If uncle did not tell us about your love story,
I wouldn’t have recognised you at all.

I can’t believe...
Who is this girl?

I will be related to you as your daughter.

We are husband and wife.

We got married recently.

-Thank you.

Oh nice!

-Thank you.

Who is this?

This is my cousin brother aunty.

No. I am just a cousin.

Do you want to make them stand here and talk
or shall we take them inside?

Oh. I am sorry.

Come here once...

Tell me, Madam.

This is my nephew.
This is his wife.

Please get a room ready for them.

Right away.

There are a lot more people you will have to meet.
I want to introduce you to them.


Hey, let's go.

Husband, god does give you what you desire.

Perhaps a little late.

After all these years, my relatives
came to my house.

Though he became a relative for the lonely,
after a long time, he found his own blood kin.

I am so happy.


What’s up?

I am not okay with you introducing yourselves as
husband and wife.

But I am completely fine with it.

Anyways, how could you say that?

He found himself unexpectedly related to them.

But what about you?

Why did you attach yourself to them?
In all these years,

-And I wanted to be associated with that.

I have already said it.
I am not taking it back.

I will blurt out to everyone that you guys
are fake husband and wife.

No, I won’t tell them.

But, please don’t forget that you are acting.

and don’t get too involved in acting like
Radhika Apte.

Get lost.

This is your room.


Ok, uncle..
-Thank you.

Thank you.

Not bad.

Do you have it?
-What is that?

Is it actually there?

What are you talking about?
-A brain that thinks?

Why do you want to come in between a
husband and wife?

I mean they....

There is another room for you.
Come with me.

What could they be doing in the room?

I can’t see anything.

And I can’t hear anything.


What happened?

That curtain...

Do you have it?

Do you actually have it?

A brain that thinks?
Yes, I have it.


Do you have any character?

When husband and wife are inside,
why are you peeping?

I mean,
It looked like they were fighting...

Does that mean you can look?

You should at least have a bit of it.

You mean character?
I got a bit of it.

No... Shame!

Oh wow!
You guys look so cute together.

Come, I will introduce you to all.


My son.


Vishwa, look who is here.

This is my nephew, Balu.

You are cousins.

Mother-in-law and Father-in-law,

Look at them.


Balu, my nephew.

Please bless me.

And his wife.

You might now know about them.

I did not know about them either.

I just got to know about them.

I am very happy, father-in-law.

Get lost!

Aunt is really happy because of her
nephew’s visit.

She has been looking forward to meeting them
for the past 25 years.

No one can give a woman the kind of happiness
that she gets from meeting people of her birth family.

Aunt, this is enough.

Eat some more for me

The fried papads are really good.
They are quite special here.

Nice taste, right?

Do you have it?

Do you really have it?

What are you asking for?A brain? Character?
Or shame?


I mean hunger.

I do not have hunger.
I have vengeance.

If you don’t leave, I’ll bite you.
Get lost!

I am thankful to everyone who has come to
grace us on the occasion on our 25th anniversary.

I have a small question for all the couples here.

You have to give me sincere answers.


I want to know how many times you told your partner
that you regretted marrying them.

No... no...

No chance.
I am certain that you must have said it one time or another.

If that’s the case,
I say that at least 8 times a month.

8 times?
What’s that score?

I tell him to stop going to the pub.
But he doesn’t pay heed.

When he comes back,
I tell him that I regret marrying him.

So, four weekends,
8 times.

Good. Good.

I say that whenever your aunt makes lentil stew.

I tell her that I regret marrying her

and instead I should have married Andal in
Alwal street.

You tell me Nandini.

Did you ever regret marrying Balu?

Why would they think like that?
They are newly married.

Newly married?

We have been married for fifteen years.

Fifteen years?!
-Yes, uncle.

Does tying the sacred thread mean that
they are married?

If one has loved a person for a long time

and wants to spend their life with them,

that is when you are married to that person.

I loved Balu right from childhood.

As I grew up...

my love for him grew too.

Balu always keeps saying something, uncle.

What you reap is what you sow.

And that is the reason why...

I have been giving him love from childhood.

With the expectation that I would receive it
one day or another.

If Balu did not return the love that you expected of him,
what would you have done?

I read somewhere that...

if my love is true,
I don’t need you.

I can do with your memories.

Even if Balu did not get married to me

or if he doesn’t reciprocate my love for him,

I would have lived my entire life
with his memories.

That is how much I love Balu.

When you asked him if I regret marrying him,
I would never ever joke or even say

I deeply desired to marry him.

Only I know that.

It’s because the you love him that deeply,
god has united you.

Aunty, everyone is waiting to celebrate.

Let’s go.

♫One small smile is enough. ♫

♫Come on. Let’s go and greet them. ♫

♫ One small word is enough. ♫

♫ Let’s weave a relationship. ♫

♫What’s your village? What’s your name? ♫

♫Let’s ask them and find out. ♫

♫No matter who the person is, they are our people, ♫

♫Let’s try to link ourselves in kinship. ♫

♫For the sky and the earth, ♫
♫Even with the air, one can take only a single breath. ♫

♫Let’s get attached, all of us, ♫
♫And stay together every day. ♫

♫That is a relatively new feeling. ♫
♫This day, like a new age, ♫

♫Let our hearts remember this forever, ♫

♫Let’s talk about this once again. ♫

♫ Relationships, ♫
♫ a life filled with relationships♫

♫ gives one perpetual happiness. ♫

♫When we have our relatives ♫
♫Around us like this, ♫

♫Oh, how lovely this happiness is ♫

♫Even for our tears ♫
-♫Even for our joyous occasions, ♫

♫We need company, ♫

♫Isn’t that right? ♫

♫Everyone’s heart is ♫
♫an aeroplane of flowers. ♫

♫Doesn’t matter how many bonds you make, ♫
♫It never gets congested in that plane. ♫

♫If all our people ♫
♫ are there beside us. ♫

♫We need not are for anything else. ♫
♫The journey of life will be musical. ♫

♫Relationships, ♫
♫a life filled with relationships ♫

♫gives one perpetual happiness. ♫

♫When we have our relatives ♫
♫Around us like this, ♫

♫Oh, how lovely this happiness is ♫
♫let’s make merry. ♫

You look like a ball yourself.
Why do you need the ball?

Hey! I should be in that song!

♫The times have changed. ♫

♫The tune of this time is speed. ♫

♫Close and yet distant♫
-♫Is a dangerous phenomenon. ♫

♫Let’s just find some reason or the other♫

♫Let’s all meet and create a new festival. ♫

♫Someone you knew a while back, ♫
♫And the ones you met quite recently

♫Let’s make sure that they create unbreakable bonds♫

♫and travel together as pairs ♫
♫let’s fill the life with colours. ♫

♫Relationships, ♫
♫a life filled with relationships ♫

♫gives one perpetual happiness. ♫

♫When we have our relatives ♫
♫Around us like this, ♫

♫Oh, how lovely this happiness is ♫
♫let’s make merry. ♫

♫Relationships, ♫
♫a life filled with relationships ♫

♫gives one perpetual happiness. ♫

♫When we have our relatives ♫
♫Around us like this, ♫

♫Oh, how lovely this happiness is ♫
♫let’s make merry. ♫




Take a look.



Do you have it?

Do you really have it?
-What is it?

How did you lock yourself in?

Are you insane?

How would anyone inside
lock themselves from outside?

This must be the act of some idiot like you!

Very stinky

This is for you.
Do you like it?

Why would you give this to me aunty?

If he is my nephew,
you are my daughter.

If mom isn’t generous to her daughter,

That’s true but...

this looks expensive.

If someone gives you something,

you should look at the love with which
it’s been given.

Do you have it?

You mean the air in the tyre?
Yes, there is.

I have it.

A brain?
I have that too.

Do you have your phone?

I have it. You forgot.

Who would give me the charger?

You don’t have it.

What don’t I have?

I have it as well.
In fact, a lot.

Aunty, he has taken a lot of gifts from you.
But, he never gave you anything.

He gave me the satisfaction that
I have someone from the family that birthed me.

What more do I need than that?

Yeah, right!
Both of you are the same.

Then, the both of us are the same.

Your aunt’s family is really good.

Is that because they gave you a necklace?


Not because of the gifts.

Look at the way they treated us.
With such great affection.

That is true.

But my aunt’s family is a shitty one.
They constantly keep asking me about

what I got for them from US.

All these relatives need to be changed.

All that is ok.
But, I have a doubt.

I remember your dad’s name to be Mohan.

And aunty said that his name is Krishna.

Is your dad’s full name, Mohan Krishna?


What then...?

She isn’t really my aunt.


So you mean to say....that aunt...

I told her a lie.

You told her a lie?

You fooled that poor lady
and got yourself gifts?

You are not just an emotional supplier.
You are an emotional cheater as well.

That’s enough.

Nonsense with him.

But, you were very accurate with all details
regarding her.

What details?!

In those days, the only degree college
in Narsapur was Y.N. College.

That is what I told her.

I generally told her all the things
that children preferred when they went to fairs.

Why would you need to lie to them?

If tomorrow, they get to know the truth,
they would consider us to be frauds.

I don’t care if they think you are frauds
But since I am with you,

I will be considered one too.
Won’t my reputation be ruined?

Can you shut up?!

Even if they know the truth,
they wouldn’t feel that bad.

Do you know why?
Because I told uncle everything.

Sorry, sir.

When you told me that every one
who came here were your relatives,

I saw the sadness in her eyes.

I know very well the pain one experiences
when one is abandoned, even with so many relatives around.

That is why I lied.

She really thought that I was her nephew
and gave us a lot.

If I don’t tell you the truth even now,
it isn’t ethical at all.

We don’t want anything that you gave us.


This is nothing compared to the happiness
you gave my wife.

In all these years of marriage,
I have never seen her this much happy.

And you are the reason for that.

And let that continue.

But remember one thing.

You are the one who started this relationship
and it is your responsibility to continue it.

Promise me?

Promise, uncle.

You are amazing hero.
People lie for selfish reasons.

But you,
You lied for the happiness of others.

shall we go?

If you take your hand off...
you have turned me in a chauffeur.


Ok, you go.

How are you?
How was the journey?

Won’t you change?
Won’t you change at all?

What should we change?

When I go to the movies,
you ask me if I went to watch the movie.

When I go to the hospital,
you ask me if I went to the hospital.

When I go on a journey,
you ask me how my journey was.

Won’t you deviate from these regular dialogues?

It’s because we had a safe journey,
that we are here.

If there was an accident,
we would have called you up, right?

That is why I keep saying
that things should change.

These nonsensical things...
are always the same.

did he eat something weird on the way?

He keeps talking nonsense.

You already know about that nonsensical fellow, right?!

Grandpa, how have you been?

What’s happening?
You asked us all here to discuss something important.

What are you going to say?


What did we actually want to discuss
after the function got over?

Your marriage with Nandini.

Because all the elders agreed to this proposal,
we have to exchange the auspicious offerings.

What is this, dad?
How can I get married to Kishore?

I don’t like him.


Even I don’t like you marrying this idiot
with a ghost-like face!

He and his ghost-like face!

-What’s wrong with Kishore’s face?

You can get married to him happily.

I want to know what you mean by ghost-like later.

Mask please.

It's ok, put that back in.

Nandu, so you won’t get married to me?

Nandu, won’t you marry me?

I won’t marry you.

Fine, then. I won’t marry you either.
Just do as you please.


What do you mean?You convinced us
that you wanted to get married to Nandu.

I like Nandini.
But she loves Balu.

I understood that on our trip together.

Well, If it’s up to me,
I will sit in the mandap hall, decked as a groom

But that Balu,
sits in the halls of her heart.

It was only yesterday that I found out
how much Balu loves you.

You like Nandini, right?

Why didn’t you tell her that?

Some likes can be expressed with words.

Some can only be expressed by the heart.

I love Nandu
and I could only express it through my heart.


Just as easily as I can accept her love,
It isn’t easy for aunty to accept me as her son-in-law.

Who cares if she approves?

Just confess your love to Nandini
and she will leave her house and come to you.

Life partner should come from a family.
but she shouldn’t leave her family behind to come to me.

I am a kind of person who provides relatives to
people who lose their kin.

I don’t like the fact that Nandu would lose her
family because of me.

But, are you okay with letting her go?

Loving someone does not mean having them beside us.

It means having them in our hearts.

Nandini will always be here.

Well now that I know that both of them
like each other that much,

why would I get married to her?

That is why I changed my opinion.

All of you do that as well and only if you do that,
you will be just to both the mother and the daughter.

The rest is up to you.

Yes, it would be good to get
Nandini and Balu married.

I don’t think we could ever find a
better son-in-law than him.

-No mask!

All this while, my inner thoughts
spilled out without filter.

Now, I am aware of what I am saying.

Nandu likes him, right.
Just agree to it, Mom.

Despite all that you people say,
I will not agree to this marriage.

Are you a fixture here?

You got a message. Take a look.

Why would you have a problem when
she wants to get married to the person she loves?

Did you tell them the entire story?

I have my ego as well, right?

How will I agree then?

So, you mean to say, you agreed later on?

No, they convinced me.

The day that I agreed to their marriage,
we immediately got them engaged and got them married as well.

They got married as well.

Your hero is really great.

He got all the relatives that he desired.

And because he got married,
he became a husband as well.

The only thing that remains is being a father.

I am giving him that position as well.

I am 3 months pregnant.

Oh! Congratulations.

Thank you.

Just a minute.

Hi, producer.
Where are you?

They stopped the train at Yelamanchili station, hero.

Only when the track gets cleared,the train would resume its journey.

If there is a taxi outside,
just get in it and come here.

Okay, alright.

Master.What happened?
Why are you anxious?

There is something wrong with her fortune.

According to her chart,
she is likely to encounter that obstacle today.

Where is he?

Come on.
Did you see how large a family awaits you?

Hey there! Come fast.
It’s already been late.

Grandpa! Why are you getting a hurry?

Come... come..


Apparently, you supply some emotions.

Why didn’t you just mind your business
and why did you poke your nose into mine?

Is this your entire family?

Apparently, you are all
exchanging love and affection.

I am going to make sure you don’t have that love anymore.
I will give you death.




Hey, leave her.














Nandu... get up.











We did our very best.

The rest is up to god.

He will be conscious in a few minutes.
You can talk to him then.


You wanted a family of your own...

and today, you have every kind of kin that
you possibly wanted.

How can you leave us now and go?

How can you go?


... don’t leave us.

When I was alone,
everyone left me and went away.

And today,
I have so many people with me.

What more could I ask for?

Grandpa! Don't cry

I am sorry, aunt.

I am not really...
...my nephew, right?

Is that all?

For the past 20 years, people who raised me
couldn’t understand my love.

And my husband of 25 years
who understands me perfectly...

could never fulfil that lack of affection
from my parents’ end.

But you...

you figured out what I needed
just as soon as you saw me.

Who can be more of my kin than you?!

Even when my parents distanced me...

I accepted it.

But, when I realised that you are going away from me,
I am not able to take it.


Live for me.

Please live for all the people
who wish to have you in their life.

Why producer?
Why are you crying?

Come here.

Nothing happens to me.

When we say that a person is alive,
it does not mean that they are just physically alive.

Even when we are not alive,
we must survive in their memories...

survive in their words.

Even if I don’t survive...

I will remain in your words
and in your memories.

I will remain as your hero for you.

That’s enough for me.

That’s not enough for me.

That’s not enough for me.

I cannot live without you.

If something happens to you,
I will do something to myself and die.

I don’t want a life without you.

I don’t want it.



Don't say like that...

Listen to me.

If we die because someone we loved died...

no one would have stayed alive in this world.

Where will I go?

I will stay with you.

I will stay with you.

Any father gives his son,
material wealth as an inheritance.

But you have given our son relatives,
love and affection from kin.

Medicine is not the only thing that
helps a man survive.

Love does too.

All the love that people had
for my hero is what helped him survive.

Love you hero.


Please tell me.


Share us your location on What’sapp.
We will be there.

Let's go producer..
They want a son and daughter-in-law.

This time, I am the real wife.

If we want to develop a relationship
with someone...

If we want to give someone our love...

They don’t have to be related to us.

When we share love and affection with someone
who is lonely and seeks company,

they become our people and
they become the relatives of the heart.

When you stand with those people who are on the lookout
to build those kinds of bonds,

no one is alone any longer.

People who share love that way
are very good human beings.

This movie ‘Entha Manchivadavura’ (Good Fellow)
is dedicated to such good human beings.

♫ Who knows? Who knows? ♫
♫ the kind of pain lies in people’s hearts. ♫

♫ Let’s try and share a bit of it. ♫

♫ Who knows? Who knows? ♫
♫ the kind of bonds lie in our paths. ♫

♫ Let’s increase the number of our kith and kin. ♫

♫ Let’s give them a helping hand
and be a sprig of courage. ♫

♫ Let’s give them confidence and
instil a bit of self-confidence. ♫

♫ We are all humans. All of us. ♫

♫ We are not lone wolves. Not one of us. ♫

♫ Our character should be kindness ♫

♫ Let’s help each other out mutually. ♫

♫ Who knows? Who knows? ♫
♫ the kind of pain lies in people’s hearts. ♫

♫ Let’s try and share a bit of it. ♫