Enter the Phoenix (2004) - full transcript

Georgie is handsome, stylish and charming - but he's gay and his old-fashioned father is the leader of one of Hong Kong's powerful Triads. Should Georgie's lifestyle get out his father's position would be in jeopardy. So he sends Georgie away until after his death. But things don't go as planned!

Hand him over to me, Hong Yat.

I've no intention of doing so.

I'm asking you one more time.

Hand him over to me!

I think you're going to be disappointed.

Boss, Fat Ko has disembarked
safely from the boat.

An underling of Red Honour
bumped off my man...

leaving us with a widow and orphan.

You tell me what I should do.

You tell me!

Big Pang was drunk and threw the first punch.

He aimed every blow at my temple!

Lui Fai, you tell me what I should've done!

Stop it, Bak (Number eight).

Fai, it was an accident.
Nobody wanted it to happen.

I'm not going back empty-handed today.

Which one of you is Fat Ko?

Step forward!

Are you Fat Ko?


go to hell!

Hold it!

Put away your guns!

Put the guns away!

You know how badly you stutter, Fat Ox!

Why did you draw your gun?


You're not Fat Ko?

Fat Ko is so scrawny,
he's only skin and bones. Smart aleck!

But his head...

He was hit by a falling flower pot.
Satisfied now?


Why did you take the bullet for me?

If you were to die tonight...

I don't think
I'd live to see tomorrow either.

Besides, I never wanted you dead.

The three of us are all that's left
of eight brothers.

It's not even enough to play mahjong,
Fourth Brother!

Every one listens up.
I want to make it very clear today...

that no matter what disputes Initial Four
has with Red Honour in the future...

as long as the Hong family,
including their descendants...

is still in charge...

I don't want to see any more
bloodshed between us!


Is that understood?

Yes, Boss.

Let's stop everything now, Bak.

- Let's take him to the hospital first.
- Yes.

Make way...

We're leaving, Missus.

Didn't he take the painkillers
I prescribed the last time?

No, he refused to take them;
he's very stubborn.

You must get him to the hospital
as soon as possible.

I'll need to discuss it with him first.

Ah Hei, see Dr Wong out.

Yes. Please come with me.

Thank you.

First Brother, are you awake?

Bak, how long have we known each other?

It's been more than forty years.

Do you remember how we all
swam here from Chaozhou?

Second, Fifth and Seventh Brothers
skipped breakfast that morning...

and didn't have the strength
to swim to shore.

They came yesterday and
said they'd take me back with them.

Don't say such things. You'll recover.

Can you do me a favour, Bak?

Of course.

Chor Chee, I'm getting worse by the day.

I know I don't have much time left.

Come back to Hong Kong quickly
and take over as the head of Red Honour.

Chor Chee, Red Honour needs a leader...

Cut it out, will you?

I wrote the letter.
I don't need you to read it to me!

You wrote "Chor Chee".

That's not even a proper name.

Do you mean "Georgie"?

I merely forgot how to write it.
Are you talking down to me now?

- Move.
- Move where?

Go look for it.

I've never heard about
First Brother having a son.

I just found out too.

First Brother has been single
all these years...

although he has had a few flings.

But it'll be good if we can find Georgie
and make him our head.

Then Initial Four
won't come looking for trouble.

First Brother said there's
half a photo here. Where can it be?

I found it!


My long-lost commemorative edition
of the twelve tigress!

Why is it here,
among First Brother's belongings?

Dad... have a look.

Shut up!

How many times have I told you
not to call me "Dad"?

How many times do I have to tell you that?

There's no one here...

and I'm really your son.
Why can't I call you "Dad"?

Because I say so. Call me Master Bak!

Don't even think of talking back.
Continue with what you're doing.

Come... take a look at this!

- What?
- Come, take a look at this.

This is the one. This is it...

- This is the photo.
- He really looks like First Brother.

Look at his mouth;
he cut a striking figure.

They do look alike.

The problem is, he doesn't like women.


Holy shit! He's gay?

Why don't you say it louder, idiot?

Shall I get you a microphone?

So, what do we do?

Now that we've the photo,
where do we find him?

Good question.

As the saying goes, to pick up girls
head to Mongkok and to pick up guys...

go to Bangkok!

Thank you!

OK, good job, everybody!
Keep up the energy!

Is it 501 or 507?

It's got to be a seven;
there's a small dash at the top.

It can't be one.

Wait... here. OK.
Presentation is everything!

A customer wants to see you.

OK, sure.

Frankie, my waitress tells me
you've a complaint. Is that right?


This is just not sweet enough.

Oh, really? Then how sweet should it be?

I don't know.

Sweeter than this?


Hello, I want Hong Chi Kit. Georgie...!

Forget it. What's the use of
speaking English in Thailand?

You should be speaking Thai.

Hi. We're from Hong Kong,
looking for Hong Chi Kit.

Georgie, you understand?

Who are you? Do you want a massage?

The girls aren't at work yet.
Come back later.

There are too many tourists recently
and not enough girls to work.

Shut up...! Listen to me! Georgie!

I've told you, you should speak Thai.

English will do. Georgie...

Do you want a massage?

She's asking if you want a massage.

The girls don't start work so early.

A dragon among men,
a king among fruits indeed!


You want me to be boss?

If no one manages the business
of Red Honour...

other triads will try to muscle in.

It'd be like flooding
of the Yellow River then;

there'll be devastating damages!

Manage the business?
I... don't like to work.

I don't think I can handle it.

There's really not much work to do
as the boss.

Moreover, it comes with all sorts of perks.

Such as discounts on massages
and chicks for free.

As for booze,
you can drink all you want every night.

Don't you think that's fun?

You're gay. It's no longer a secret.

Yeah, about your homosexuality...

Well, only the three of us know about it.

If you're willing to come back with us,
we'll agree to anything you want.

That's right. Name it.

Whatever you say, Boss!

Go ahead.

Open your mouth.


Open your mouth.

Master Bak.

Master Bak!

Master Bak!

Open your mouth.



A bit more.


A little wider.


You've many cavities.
You should go see a dentist.


You should see a dentist.

I was just kidding! Since you're
so sincere and came all the way...

Who's that?

Sam, my boyfriend.

I'm Sam, your boyfriend?

You need not repeat after me.
Come, we need to talk.

Make yourselves at home.
We won't take long.

What's with you?

I have good news and bad news.

- Which do you want first?
- They're...

Listen to me. Good news is,
I'm going to be a boss.

Bad news is, your dad is seriously ill.

- When did this happen?
- I'm not sure.

But those two guys came
all the way here to look for me...

I mean you, so you can go back
and visit the old man.

Are they looking for you or me?
What's this thing about being the boss?

Good for you, your dad is a triad boss.
You've never told me that.

I sent him this photo when we graduated.

He tore off the half that had me on it.

That means he didn't want to see me.

I'll go out and tell them...

No! Don't blow my cover just yet.

You know I've always wanted to be boss.

Since they've mistaken me as you,
why don't you give me a chance?

Let me go back to Hong Kong
and join the triad.

Sam, it's not a joke to join the triad.
You could get killed any time.

It's too dangerous; I won't let you go.

If you go out now, I'll never forgive you.

Take pity that I'm an orphan
and since we're buddies...

Just this once?

What happened?

First Brother is dead!

I know how you distinguish

the gender roles
in a homosexual relationship.


It's simple.

To determine who's the feminine partner...

Let's take a look.

Pry open the butt cheeks

and push them up a little,

and his hips would sway when he walks.

That's how you tell
he's the feminine partner.

You're referring to them like they're crabs.

Simmer down. It's just trivial talk.

Is this the car?

What's with this rugged minivan?

It's just something we hired, Boss.

As the top echelon of the triad...

we ought to have
more than one set of wheels.

Hiring a car makes it easier for us
to switch vehicles...

and harder for others to ambush us.

Things still look the same as before.

After the funeral of First Brother,

we'll pick an auspicious date

for your inauguration
as leader of Red Honour.

One more thing, Boss.

I understand that you and your boyfriend

are close-knit. However,

you're the leader of a triad now.

It'd be best if you could keep a distance

between the two of you

to command respect from your followers.

I suppose you're both tired.

- Kin, take them to go and rest.
- Yes.

Come with me to the room for copulation.

That's not necessary;
just a normal bedroom will do.

It's the same room anyway. This way.

I'm bushed!

Go to sleep now...

Would you keep to your side of the bed?

Have you had enough to eat?

You're a boy!
Why do you play with dolls all the time?

Give it back! Give it back to me...

Listen up, Kit! You're my son.

I won't have you behaving like a sissy!

People will laugh at you
if you play with dolls all the time.

Your mom's already gone.
If you don't behave...

I'll leave you as well!




Table for how many, miss?

He's already here. Thanks.

How are you, Mr Ho?

Let me tell you about our plans.

Our company has introduced
a new plan recently...

called "Looking to Tomorrow".

The plan provides coverage for everything...

including death, medical,
illnesses as well as accidents.

Miss Lui!

Call me Julie.

Mr Ho, are you feeling very hot?

I've decided to buy the plan from you.

Mr Ho, having an exalted client like you...

is indeed our company's honour.
Thank you so much!

No. If I can help out Lui Fai's
daughter and safeguard my own life...

the honour is all mine!

Where do I sign?

How are you related to my dad?

Who are you?
Why haven't I seen you before?

Are you one of his new henchmen? Speak up!

No! It has nothing to do with Mr Lui!

Just tell me where to sign and let me go!

Who needs customers like you?
I've got plenty!

I'm doomed! She won't sell me insurance!

I'm doomed...

Hello, Mr Chan? Yes...

You're not free?

It'll only take ten minutes.

I'd like to share with you
our company's new plan...

OK... we'll fix another time. OK. Bye.

Count yourself lucky!
I still fall short of my monthly quota.

You'll sell it to me?

- Where do I sign?
- Here.

You wanted to see me, Boss?

Yes, Chow.

Do you know why I asked you here?


You want me to leave Red Honour alone.

Don't worry. I won't touch them.

Good. If Initial Four
muscles in on their turf...

immediately after Hong Yat's death,
what would the other triads say of us?

Besides, I'd given my word to Hong.

Rest assured, Boss. I won't touch them.

I'm going off.


Do you still bear a grudge against me
for not standing up for your dad?

No, I don't.

But my mom did.

Rest early.



You'd better not blame me
for something again.

Do you have something to do with Ma Leung's
one-million-dollar insurance policy?

Leung? I haven't seen him for ages.
Did he go look for you?

Daddy, I don't want people gossiping...

that my good performance at work
is only because of you!

Would you just leave me alone?

Sweetie, what do you take me for?

Do you really think I'm that powerful?

They went to you
not because they fear me...

but because they're trying to suck up to me.

You're my daughter.
Daddy can't simply ignore you.

Sorry. I know you love me...

but I really want to test my wings.

Let me do this without your help.

OK, I promise you I'll not interfere
with your job in the future.

Will that do?

Thanks, Daddy.

But can you promise me something?

Attend a funeral with me.

I'd like you to come with me
to pay last respects...

to a brother who once took a bullet for me.

Boss, many brothers will be here today...

so it'd be good
if you can shed a tear or two.

Since the funeral hall is so big...

it wouldn't hurt if you ham it up a little.

I've already prepared some eye drops.


Dad! I'm a terrible son!
I've come too late!

I couldn't even see you off.
Dad! Why...?


- Get up.
- I'm not getting up! Why?

- Get up.
- I'm not getting up!

How embarrassing! This way.

Please stay where you are.

First bow. Second bow. Third bow.

Acknowledgment by the family.

Thank you, Fourth Brother.

How have you been keeping?

Don't be too sad, Bak.

Allow me.
Hong Chi Kit, he's First Brother's son.

This is Uncle Lui, head of Initial Four.

Uncle Lui, just call me Georgie.

The young people
are the ones to watch nowadays.

I had a verbal agreement
with your late dad.

Just devote yourself
to managing Red Honour...

don't worry about anything else.

If there's anything you need, come to me.

Don't expect too much of me,
it will put a lot of pressure on me.

I mean, I'll do my best, Uncle.

Let me introduce my daughter to you.

Lui Yoke Wan.


All right...

Call me Julie. Hello.

- Julie.
- Hello.

This is Cheng Chow, my second-in-command.


Come over here.

That's Lui Fai's daughter next to him.

Isn't she hot?

Remember your sexual orientation.

Your eyes are giving you away.

Who's that guy?

Cheng Chow, Lui Fai's right-hand man.

They say he's not someone
to mess around with.

Why? You fancy him?

Boss, you'd been good to me
but I've nothing to give to you.

If you like this book, I'll burn one for you.

If that's not enough, I'll burn
a whole newsstand for you each month.

Rest in peace.

Did you know Hong Yat had a son?

We'll talk about it when we get back.

Dad, I don't want to go to boarding school.

Dad, I'll be good.
I don't want to go to boarding school.


Kit, be good.

Remember, see him to the gates.

Yes, First Brother.


Young Master, let's go.

I don't want to go...

Daddy, I love you.
Please don't send me away.

Is something bothering you, Master Chow?

Mun Cheung, how have I been treating you?

Just one word - good.

If I break away from Boss one day,
whose side will you be on?

One word from you
and all the guys will be on your side.

Do you know how many more sons
Hong Yat had?

It doesn't matter how many sons he had.
We know what to do.

Here are the accounts.
Make sure they all tally up.

Yes, Master Bak.

There are some personal effects
of First Brother here.

Put them all away safely.

A doll? Did First Brother play with dolls?

Can it be an antique?

Nonsense! Do the accounts.



It's great being boss.

No queuing up, no entry fee.

Boss, this is our joint.

Try going to the one next door.
You'll queue till the cow comes home!


- Boss.
- Kin.

- Brother Kin...
- We don't need anything just yet.

Boss, there are many of our guys here.
We'll get a girl to come over later.

You'll pretend to give her a squeeze.

- I know it's tough on you but...
- No problem.

Missus, I hope you understand.

That's OK, I understand.

Sorry about that.

I'll go get things done.


Be bold!

Boss, you've got such a nice hairstyle.

What's your name, miss?

My name's Man Man.

Man Man?

I'm kind of busy today.

Why don't you leave me your phone number?

Why don't you give me yours?

Sure. Do you have a pen?


You don't have a pen?

- Will a lipstick do?
- Where did that come from?

- Don't ask.
- Where do I write?

- On the hand.
- Why not on your back?


Plumbing Services: 90780760

It's late, let's go.

Do you recognise who that is?

It's Julie, Lui Fai's daughter.

Yes, I recognise her.

- Let's go over.
- No.

Just to say hello. Come on...

Come on...

- I'm not going.
- What's the matter?

She's not my cup of tea.

But she's mine.
You take care of yourself then.

- Georgie?
- Julie, is that you? Are you alone?

- Yes. I'm usually alone. I'm used to it.
- Me too.

- Really?
- Yes.

What's wrong?

What's wrong with you?

I want to get laid!

How did you get so drunk?

- Bo.
- Yes.

- Take him home first.
- What about Boss?

Seng can stay. I'll take care of him.

- Say no more. Let's go.
- Sam, we're off.

- You're nice to hug.
- Come on...

I want to get laid!

Let's go.

- Have you got a sister?
- Yes.

- What's this?
- Wuliangye (Chinese liquor).

Wow, it is good stuff.

Some more?

Give me twenty more glasses
of Wuliangye, please!

Twenty more!

Are you ready to go yet? The sun is up.

Hey! Hello.


Yes, Sam?

- Drive the car to the entrance.
- OK.

Thank you.

The sun is very bright!

Why don't you sit down first?

Waiting for your car? Forget it.

- Run!
- After them!

I'll get them.


Missy? Run!

Run, quick!

Are you all right?

Give me a kiss... quick...

Good night.

Give me a kiss...

Bugger off! Your breath stinks!

Sam, I'd never have thought...

someone soft spoken like you
could fight so well.

I learnt kick-boxing in Thailand.

Master Bak, we've found out.

They were the guys from Initial Four.

Didn't Uncle Lui have
an agreement with my dad?

Why is he still coming after us?

It's not Lui who's after you. It's Chow!

Cheng Pang from Initial Four
was Chow's father.

He and Fat Ko of Red Honour
exchanged blows over a dinner bill...

and was killed accidentally by Ko.

Chow bears animosity
towards Red Honour since.

So, Master Bak, am I in danger then?

Yes, you are indeed.

I suggest you stay at home and don't go out.

I'll be so bored!

Don't worry, Boss.

Whatever you can do outside,
you can do it at home too.

Who are you?

I'm a masseur. Kin told me to serve you.



Have some fruits, Master.

Leave it there.

Hei, what are you doing here?

Kin told me to keep you company.

Is there a problem, Boss?

Tell me if there is.
I'll thrash her right away!

Hei, you may leave.

All right, you go out first.

- Thank you.
- I'll call you if I need you.

What are you doing, Boss?


you've gone to the wrong website?

That's right!

You made a mistake!

Do you know how I can get out from here?

Let me show you. I found the most obscene

homosexual pornography website in the world.


Look how firm those muscles are.

Fabulous, right?

Hey, guy.

Juice. Puss.

Master Bak.

You're still up?

I'm not tired. This doll...

It was Uncle Hong's.

May I have it?

You can have it if you like it.

Thank you! Good night.

Good night.

He's feminine at heart after all.

Sexy mother!

This particular policy of ours
is really great.

I hope you'll consider it seriously,
Mr Leung.

To tell you the truth...

I really couldn't care less
when it comes to insurance.

If it's not to please my mother,
I won't be talking to you now.

Would your mom happen to know my dad?

My mom says buying insurance is
to protect the next generation.

I understand the older folks
tend to worry about their children...

especially children
from rich families like mine.

You understand that, don't you?

But she interferes in everything
from school to work - my entire life!

She even interferes in my relationship!

I'm like a puppet
being pulled this way and that.

It's really exhausting!

Your mom does that too? So does my dad!

He always decides what's right for me.

Then arranges things for me
that I don't like.

He never cares about how I feel.

Our backgrounds are so similar!

I'm beginning to enjoy chatting with you.

I think we share the same thinking.

I think you and I should become friends.

I'm buying this policy for sure.

Really? Thank you, Mr Leung!

As a formality,
I need to explain certain things to you.

Firstly, we'll need to collect the full premium
in the first year as an initial fee

Secondly, each time
you make a fresh investment...

we'll charge an extra five percent fee
on that investment amount.

Thirdly, this item here...

Mr Leung, is there something wrong
with your hand?

My hand's fine, but...

I don't know why but I couldn't
take in a word you said.

I wonder if something is wrong
with my ears. Or is it your mouth?

Maybe we should do a body checkup.

Sure, we'll arrange for that.
A body checkup is a standard requirement.

Why don't we go back to my place
to do the checkup?

Mr Leung, I think you're...

You can check my ear
and I'll check your mouth...

No! I think you've got it wrong!

Let's check our ears together. Come on...

Do you want to do a body checkup?
Why don't I help you with that?

Who are you?

I'm her boyfriend.
I want you to apologise to her.


Don't let me see you again.

It hurts!


Do you mean what you said just now?

- What did I say?
- That you'll be my boyfriend.

You're Sam, right?
Have you got a girlfriend?

I have a boyfriend.

Quit joking.

I've got to go.

Wait for me...

Do you know what this photograph
is trying to express?

I think the photographer is
using two matches...

to represent two different characters -
one passionate, one reserved.

There can be no fire
even if they come together.

No. Do you see that? That one is wet.

There's a pool of water there.
Of course there's no way it can be lighted.

Why do you have to make it so complicated?

So be it.

Am I wrong?

Don't follow me.

I want to thank you
for taking me home the last time.

I think you're really special.

Your eyes, your smile, the way you talk...

You're not like the other guys.

You're absolutely right.

I'm different as I like men.

I'm gay.

That's really funny!

I really have to go.

You're leaving just like that
after chasing off my client?

Why don't you buy a policy from me?

The younger you start, the better it is.

How could they have shot
at their own goal?

That was a good straight shot...

Straight shot? That was clearly a curve!

What curve? Are you blind?

Do you guys enjoy watching soccer?

Not only watching, I enjoy playing too.

But with this paunch,
there's no way I can play anymore.

This kid here is not bad.
He used to play in the junior league.

But he got kicked out in the selections.


Because his dad is in the triads.

That's right. What a bummer.

He did badly in school
and couldn't play soccer...

so he got drawn into the triads.

All thanks to you, Dad!

Don't mention it.

Why is it that in the presence
of the others, you two...

You want to ask
why he doesn't call me dad?

As you know,
men like us have many enemies.

If I get whacked
and my son gets whacked too...

that will be the end of my family line.

Don't worry. You look like someone
who will see his children to the graves first.

Touch wood! Slap your filthy mouth!

I'm not going to do.
What are you going to do about it?

Is that the final whistle? I lost!

Great. Pay up. Five hundred bucks.

Pay? I'm your old man.

Don't talk to me like you're my creditor.

Are you kidding? A triad member
doesn't even have five hundred bucks?

I do but I'm just not giving it to you.

I'll give you this.

A pocket watch?
You should be wearing a gold Rolex.

How else could you gain respect?

That's for stopping bullets, scumbag.

Stop bullets?
Why don't you give me an iron wok?

Pay up! Five hundred bucks!

Life is precious.

- Are you paying up or not?
- No.

I'll smash your head with a bottle.

I'm so scared! Go ahead!

- I'll do it! I'm serious!
- I'll do it! Really!

Go ahead, do it...

Why are you giving me a feather for?

This is for you to sign your name with.

Sign what?

Mr Hong, sign these contracts here...

and you'll be made Red Honour's new CEO,
taking over all of its businesses.

Triad takeover ceremonies are
so commercialised now.

What happen to lion dances,
burning of joss sticks...

Quit talking. Sign quickly
or we'll miss the auspicious hour.

Don't worry about it.
Just sign on the page behind.

Poon Bak, Red Honour

All done, Master Bak.

The ceremony is completed!


Heaven decrees that the clouds be parted
to symbolise Red Honour's...

Time's up.

Stop fooling around.

Be serious. Come with me!

This Red Honour Sword has fought
countless battles...

and tasted much sweat and blood.

Most importantly,
this sword is the symbol...

of Red Honour's power of succession.

I shall now pass it on to you.

The spirit of First Brother will bless you.

Safeguard it well.

I hereby declare Georgie
as the new head of Red Honour!



All the heads of the triads said
they're too busy to come.

What the hell!

Every Tom, Dick and Harry comes
when there's a free meal.

They're obviously not showing us respect!

I've heard a few things on the grapevine
but I don't know if I should speak up.

Speak up. Haven't you had enough to eat?

- Are you telling or not?
- Speak up!

Chow has been spreading the word.

He'll mess with whoever turns up tonight.

To hell with him!

We'd told everyone it's a private conference.

So they're not showing respect
to the new head of Red Honour?

Boss, just give me your word
and I'll go settle him!

Wait! Let's wait and see.

Do we still have to wait?

Mr Hong, our kitchen closes at eleven.
May we start serving now?

Boss, you decide!

Close your kitchen.


Hello. No one turned up at Mr Hong's party.

You may all go home now.

- Please repeat.
- What?

I said, no one turned up at Mr Hong's party.

You may all go home. Got it?



Hi, Georgie? I'm Man Man.


What the f**k!

Sorry, Master Bak.

I've thought about it.
How about next week?

I'll call you again.


I'd already said not to serve dinner.
What's this now?

You want to get me?

What the f**k!

Where's Kin?

Where's Kin?


Has anyone seen Kin? Where's Kin?

- No.
- Kin...!

Where's Kin?




Kin, don't scare me. Kin...!

Kin, are you OK? Kin...!

Kin, don't scare me...

You'll be fine.

I'm so cold...

Cold? I'll hold you, I'll hold you tight.

Moron! What a thing to say
that I'd see my son to the grave!

It's all my fault!

I should've let you play soccer and
not get you into the triad!

I'm so cold...

Has anyone called an ambulance?

I gave you the pocket watch to stop bullets.

Why didn't you wear it?
You asked for it!

Son! It'd stopped the bullet!
He's going to be all right!

Kin, you're not going to die!
You'll be OK...

Switch off the air conditioning, Dad.

Switch off the air conditioning, idiots!

What did you call me?


That sounds good. Say it again...


That sounds really good...

I'm so cold, Dad.

He called me "Dad"!

What are you doing here?

Practising kungfu.
It's dangerous to be the boss.

It's a bit too late to learn kungfu now.

Why don't you use this instead?

My gift to you.

I can't protect you all the time.

Buddies forever.


There seems to be a problem
with the way you dress.

What problem?

A figure like yours...

Why not...

Bo, what did he do?

I caught him
selling pirated CDs on our turf.

Did he say whom he works for?

His name is Chicken Head and
he works under Chow at Initial Four.

Chicken Head, are you here to sell
pirated CDs or for an audition?

You dressed as if you're going
to perform on stage.

Thrash me all you want
but don't touch my hair.

Get me a pair of scissors!

What should we do?

As usual. Chop off his hand.

Is the underworld always so bloodthirsty?

With so many people present here,
the least you could do is chop off his hand.

To build up a reputation for yourself.
Just play along.

- A machete, please!
- Yes!

Be quick. I've got work to do.

Tough kid, eh?
You're not afraid of getting chopped?

You have an interesting tattoo.

Cool, eh?

Don't copy my design.

I'm not so cool

Master Chow, you must avenge me!

Georgie told me to pass the message
that Red Honour is no pushover.

He said you'd better wise up.

Master Chow...!

That's why I keep telling you
to use your brains!

You don't have to chop people up all the time.

- You're the man, Boss!
- Yes, you're the man!

On behalf of the guys,
let me present you with this.

Respect! (Wrongly written)

Why did you ask me out?

I'd like you to be my boyfriend.

Julie, why don't we become sisters?

I don't want to be sisters.

The night is beautiful and
there's a full moon.

What are you doing?
Fighting with me over this guy?

Who's fighting you?

If I want to do that, you'll surely lose.

- How shameless!
- You darn homosexual!

- Gosh, I'm wasting my breath!
- You darn homosexual!

- Stupid broad.
- Stop right there!

Let it go. Berating him
is akin to berating me.

Then tell me. When did you realise
you prefer men to women?

None of your business.

I want to know if you were born gay

or developed the preference later in life.

Come with me.

As long as you weren't born gay,
you're bound to have some reaction.

Well? Any reaction?



Then you have a chance
to become straight again!

I'm so happy! All right!

He's so cute.

Forget it. Let's go!

- Let's go. I'm done here.
- Where are we going?

- Let's go.
- Bye.

Boss, Master Bak is here.


Fourth Brother.

Why are you looking for me so urgently?

I've decided
to betroth my daughter to you.

No way!

I'd made a solemn vow
to love only one person in my life.

Su Ching might be dead for
twenty years...

but I'll not break my vow to her.

I'll never marry again!

I'm not talking about you.
I'm talking about him!

You scared me the life out of me!
You mean Georgie?

Yes! Do you disagree?

Why would I disagree?
But we still need to ask our nephew here.

Nephew, do you agree?

If I marry Julie,
we'll become triad-in-laws.

That makes us one big family, right?

We'll make money together
and cut out the rivalry.

Uncle has got it all worked out.

OK, what I've said cannot be taken back.

What say you?

I'll take your silence as a yes. Good!

Wonderful! I'm sure First Brother
will be delighted by this union too.

So we've a deal. Good!

Hi, I'm Breeze.

Hi, I'm Precious.


You're marrying Julie soon.

Now is the time to turn your yin into yang.

Boss, get yourself laid!

All done, Boss?

Master Bak, he's even quicker than you!

I'd never have thought Red Honour...

would have two
"quick shooters" among us!

Make that three!

Why did you agree to marry Georgie?

You don't like him.
Why do you want to marry him?

My dad loves me very much.

From school to work,
all my life, things big and small;

he'd always get it arranged for me.

He only wants what's best for me.

But I've never expected
he'd even pick my husband for me.


Don't you like looking at photographs?

The girl in there knows
she has to fight for her love.

All she wants is happiness. That's all.

No matter how much the world changes...

there are some things that will never change.

I shouldn't be in this photograph.




I'm gonna have to be
in Hong Kong a little bit longer so...



There are many seats around here.

Why don't you go sit over there?

Over there?

Is it better now?

Something's bothering you?

Yes. There's a client
I've been trying to meet...

but I could never get an appointment.
I'm useless!

Actually, girls don't have to be too smart.

Those that a little dumb
are more attractive.

What do you like about me?
That I'm dumb?

That's not what I meant.

I like you...

Actually, I like you because...

I like you.

They're so annoying.
They keep staring at us.

Let's go chat over there.

Do you really want to marry me?


Why not?

Marriage doesn't guarantee anything.

A marriage certificate represents nothing.

What matters most is love.

I can't stand girls
who only want sex, but not love.

They're so shallow.

I should've turned Uncle Lui down...

when he brought up
this issue of our marriage.

But let me reiterate.

I really like you a lot.

If only love is something
that can be insured.

Why don't I become your client?


I wonder if triad members
can buy insurance.

It depends.

If there's nothing wrong with you physically...

and you have a proper job,
you meet the basic criteria.

Does chopping people up
count as a proper job?

That's a high-risk occupation.
I'll need to check with the company.


Uncle Lui, I've thought it over.

I will not marry Julie.

Why not?

Julie is a nice girl...

and I do like her very much.

The problem is, have you asked her
what she really wants?

Don't worry about that.
She'll do whatever I say.

That's not the point here.

The point is, will your decision
bring her happiness?

If your decision is made
solely for the sake of the triad...

you're being very unfair to Julie.

It also means you don't understand her.


Boss, I know why he doesn't want
to marry Julie.

Chow, what do you want?

He's not into women.

He's gay.

What are you talking about?

Don't shoot your mouth off.

Are you asking for a beating?

We didn't start it. He admitted it.

I'm gay and there's no turning back.

Since we're sisters, help me out.


Fourth Brother...

I want to hear it from you.

Are you or are you not?

Boss, come clean with Fourth Brother.

Tell him you're not gay. Say it.


I'm gay.

That means you've been
toying with Julie all along?

Toying with her is the same as
toying with Initial Four!

- Guys, do your jobs.
- Yes!


I'll kill whoever makes the first move!

Move aside!

Bak, you leave first.

OK. Let's go.

Sorry, Uncle Lui.

Just go.

Chow, come with me.

Chow, I know Pang's death
affected you greatly.

- Say no more.
- Chow!

I'll let you take my place.
Consider this settled then?

Not everything can be forgotten
just like that!

Not my old man's death.


Go back to Thailand?

No, I'm not leaving.

This is getting out of hand.

If we go on, you'll be in danger.

Listen to me.
Go back to Thailand with me.

I'm the boss of Red Honour now.

How can I leave at a time like this?

If I do, what will the guys think?

I don't want to be a cowardly boss.

You're no boss.

What are you saying?

I'm saying you don't belong here.

Everything you have now is a bonus.
Do you understand?

I do. Nothing here belongs to me;

they belong to you!

They all believe...

you and I are partners.

I haven't said a thing. Why?

Because you're my best friend.

I'm handling this mess for you.

My boss just called me. I've been fired.

I called Frankie and
he wouldn't answer my calls.

I have nothing left.

You have nothing left?
I've never had anything to begin with!

No parents, no relatives.

To be boss was my greatest dream.
It has finally come true.

If I go back with you now,
I'll lose everything!

No, you won't.

You still have me, your best friend.

There's no point in staying here.

You've gotten a taste of being boss.

Let it go, Sam.

Sorry. My name is Georgie.

Fine, fine!

He's really gay!

So do we follow him
into the washroom if he asks?

What shall I do? I'm so good-looking.

Don't you worry, he won't hit on you.

- That's right...
- Actually...

- Boss.
- Boss.


You homosexual!

Georgie, whether or not you're gay...

I'm behind you all the same.

Who the hell are you?

The masseur?


I'm actually one of your men.

My name is David.

You've never noticed me...

but you're all I see.

You always seem different from the rest.

Let me be closer to you. Give me a chance.

You're gay?

I love you

Do you know that?


Julie is waiting for you.

There's something I'd like to ask you.

Go ahead.

Is what Chow said true?

It's true but also not true.

How can it be both? Tell me!

I don't know where to begin.

The two of us are good friends.

We're good friends but we're not an item.


Bottom line is,
Georgie is gay and I'm not!

What do you mean? Aren't you Georgie?

You mean you're Sam?

Actually, Georgie is Hong Yat's son...

but he didn't want to take over
the position as the head of Red Honour...

so I did that in his place.

I'm just a stand-in boss.

I'm Sam.

So, do you still take me as your friend?

You're just helping Georgie.
I'm not mad at you.

I've got to go.

Do you want me to see you off...

You have someone to pick you up,
good for you.

It's okay. I can go back myself.

Daddy, I love you.
Please don't send me away.

If I could turn back the clock,
I want to be there to watch you grow up.

First Brother didn't send you away
because you're gay.

No father would want his son
to join the triads.

Before First Brother died, he told me...

he didn't want his triad status
to affect your future.

That's the reason
he sent you to study in France.

First Brother loved you very much.

Master Bak, Chow has taken Boss!

Address him as "Boss"!

You need not call me "Boss".

But I have to confess,
I'm the real Georgie.

I'm Hong Yat's son.

The man they've taken is not our boss.
Why should we save him?

Don't be like this! If we don't unite,
Red Honour will fall apart!

Why did you join Red Honour?

Answer me!

They say there is no man more loyal
than a member of the triads.

But how many of you are truly loyal?

Ever since he became Boss...

Sam may not have done anything meritorious
but he did nothing wrong either.

I know, Sam is not Hong Yat's son.

But if something were to happen
to any of you...

I'm very sure he'd be the first
to stand up for you.

Now he's in trouble,
who will stand up for him?

I admit it. I'm gay.

Nevertheless, I'm a loyal friend.

Remember this. He was your boss once,
he'll always be your boss.

Your boss is in trouble now,

I'm going to save him.


You forgot something.


Master Bak, you stay here.

If I don't make it back, you'll take charge.

I'm a good fighter. I can help you.

All right, you guys be careful.
Kin, you too.

I know, Dad.

Let's go!

Go kick some ass!

Dad, Mom, Red Honour
will cease to exist after tonight.

Split up and search.


You two go rescue them.
I'll stay here to deal with this.

What do you have up your sleeve?

What about you?

I'm a Japanese Karate champion.

Bring it on!

So what? I'm a Japanese Harajuku
bargain-hunter champion!


Where's your switchblade?

You're getting close.


That's the one.

But could you pull it out
from my butt first?



David, lunch time!


I'm full.

How are you, Daddy?

- Kin.
- The fight is getting fierce back there.

- Let's go!
- You take Daddy back first.

- What about you?
- I'll be fine. You go ahead.

- Be careful.
- I will.

Be safe... watch her for me!

Be careful.

Are you OK?

It hurts!

"Bountiful prospects"?

I'm not referring to the words.
Look at us.

Don't we make a fine couple?

Sam, are you all right?

The next time I buy insurance,
I'll make you the beneficiary.


I'm Hong Yat's son.

Your father's death was an accident.

Why can't you accept that?

You have to let go of this hang-up.
No one else can do it for you.

Hey! I'm dying here.

Could you wait till we get out first?

- OK.
- Come and help me.

Be careful.

From this day forth...

Red Honour will have two bosses.

Georgie, Sam and you
must be like a pair of chopsticks.

Work together in everything.

Yes, Master Bak.



Where is Sam going?

To pay protection money.

Sam paying protection money?
But he's a triad boss!

Who is he paying to? How much?

Is he going to be in danger?

Why doesn't he take me along?

- Give me an ashtray.
- I'm really worried about him!

If you still don't pay the premium,
your policy will become void.

It's just premiums,
not protection money.

You need not be so serious about it.

Of course I have to!
I'm a professional insurance agent...

so it's my job to ensure my clients
get the best returns from their policies.

But I'm not just a client.
I'm also your boyfriend.


So why don't we get the bill
and go watch a movie?

No, I can't.
I've got an appointment with a client.

- Cancel the appointment.
- No way!

Mr Chan is an extremely busy man.

I've tried to arrange
to meet him for a long time.

Why isn't he here yet?
I'll give him a call.

Mr Chan? This is Julie.
I'm here already. Where are you?

You're here too?

- Mr Chan?
- Mr Chan?