Enter the Fat Dragon (1978) - full transcript

An apprentice farmer (Sammo Hung) ventures to the city and helps his family battle a gang of thugs.

This pork is not fresh.

What? How can that be?

Look, the colour has changed.

It must have been here a long time!

That's impossible.
The health department won't

allow us to sell meats that aren't fresh.

Now listen. This is my land.

Don't try to cause any trouble here.

Or you'll suffer.


Impolite guys.

When I passed through Hong Kong
a few days ago, I met...

Bruce Lee?

I met your uncle.
He runs a food stall in Hong Kong.

He hasn't got enough men.
You're grown up now.

Think about yourself; you can't

spend all your time feeding pigs.

You'd better go to Hong Kong
to help your uncle.

Since he needs someone to help him.

Go immediately after your meal!

I'm leaving, what about the pigs?

That's easy. I'll handle them.

Fatty, how can you piss in the street?

I'm not!


I'm sorry.

Excuse me, please open the door!

Sorry, thanks!

Thank you.

Driver... driver...

I... want... to...

To die?

To... to...

Miss, I have to leave.

What does that have to do with me?

How can I go if you don't let me?

Please, tell me, where is the lift?

Lift? There is no lift!

You think I'm a fool?
This is a multistorey building.

Haw come there's no lift?

You're right.
Please bell me if you find one!


Thank you!

It's alright!

"Hung Kee"

Your rice.

Giblet noodles.


Friend, please sit over here.


Our neighbouring lady is very fierce.

You've crossed the line. Please help me!

That's annoying!

Hey, what would you like?
There's a free place for you.

Come on over here to my place.

I'm very sorry Fat Brother.

It's alright!

Please come in!

Fat Brother, please sit there!

The Kwong Kee noodles are the best!

You'll surely feel satisfied!

Kwong Kee? Aren't you Hung Kee?

Yes, they're just the same.

Ah Lung.


The food is good here!

- I'm looking for Hung Kee!
- Sit!

There's no difference!

I'm looking for Hung Kee!


- Sorry? You fat guy!
Ah Lung!

Second Uncle!

You're his uncle? That's fine.

He broke my bowl. You compensate me!

How much does it cost?

What? A broken bowl?

A broken bowl also costs money.

I'll pay you!

How much?

Seven dollars.

What? Seven dollars?

I can buy twenty for seven dollars!

No bargaining. You can't repair it!

Alright, I'll pay you!

- Thank you
- What are you doing?

Nothing, I'm getting it!

That's more like it!

Ah Lung, when did you arrive?

This morning. Father asked me
to come and help you.

Help? You're as fat as a pig.

Maybe you can help to eat!


Ko, let me introduce my nephew.

Fatty, it's you?


You two know each other?

I met him upstairs today.

That's fine. Ko.

- He's just arrived, you'd better show him!
- Okay, Uncle Hung.

Well, have you found the lift?


Oh, are you already leaving?

We could stay if you join us.

Don't be silly.
Hey, you guys have a big appetite!

I have to clean up.
- You're not gonna charge us!

We only come here once a week.

It should be on the house.

You have to pay something.
How about a discount?

OK, then give me a bill and sign it
and I can give it to my boss.

How about it?

You should be thankful we come here.

We're good for business.

Yes, I appreciate that and
am glad you enjoy our food.

However you should pay something.

Sure thing, how about tomorrow?

That's it then, bye bye!

Lousy cheap little bastards,
I hope you choke on it!

Uncle. Smart?

Get away!

Ah Lung, go to sleep.

I'll wake you at six tomorrow morning.

At six? No!
I used to get up at five to practice!

Practice what? Something invincible?

I won't bell you, just bathe!

Chicken rice!

Hey, I've got no rice!

Our chickens are the most fresh!

They received no injections! Eat.

Fatty, where's my chicken rice?

You've ordered this?

Yes, I've been waiting!

Alright, right away!

Sorry, please wait a moment!


Why does it look like a mess?

It's not, look.

Like this, alright?


Bring me another one!

What's happened?

He gave me a dish that
people had left behind.

Ah Lung, Siu Mei comes here frequently.

How can you offend such a good customer?

No, I haven't!

Siu Mei, he's just arrived.

It's alright!

Bring her a new bowl!

That's more like it!

Siu Mei!

- Mr. Ko!
- Ah Jan!

Ah Jan, why did you come so late?

Eat, we still have to work.

What would you like to have?

Roasted goose noodles.

One roasted goose noodles!

Why do you shout?


Who are you?

You held my banana on the bus yesterday.

So he's that fat guy you mentioned?

It's me!

Ah Lung!

Take these to 5/F
No. 18 in the next street.

Hurry back.

Mr. Ko!

What is it?

Have you thought it all over?

I stopped drawing along time ago.
How could I?

Make it straight. If you can't,

we wouldn't have come to you!

Then promise him!

Don't just stand. Please sit.

Hey, friend. Go inside for the fortune!

"Go inside for the fortune?"

Don't ask, go!

Come back when you have time.

Go inside for the fortune!

Go inside for the fortune!

Go inside for the fortune!

Go inside for the fortune!

Closer, get closer.

Go inside for the fortune?

Robbery! Robbery!

Someone robbed me!



Fatty, were you fighting?

No, they committed a robbery
so I caught them


Anyone seen what happened?

I saw it! I'm ajunior Policeman! Nr. 46!

Stupid little boy,
you didn't see a damn thing!

I'm not scared,
I will become a cop when I grow up!

A cop! Here's your cop! Let's go.

What? You've lost the Meals?

I hadn't expected it!

Ah Lung, why are you so muddle headed?

Why don't you just do your job?

Don't worry, Second Uncle.
I'll get another customer back.


Here's your rice, friend.

- This area shouldn't have been touched.
- Yeah, there's nothing here.

Go inside for the fortune!

Please go inside for the fortune!

Go inside for the fortune!

What did you say?

I said, go inside for the fortune!

You've got gambling tables inside?

Yes, please go to that one.

I belong to that one!

Police, C.I.D.

So fast.

What ABC was that?

Police, C.I.D.

My hands are faster this time.

Are you faster, or am I faster?

I'm faster!

If I shoot, who's faster?

I'm faster!

You're still faster?

I'll die faster!

Get up.


What did he say?

He said that you're crazy


It's a food stall, not a casino.

Well? You want to leave your work?


Go up and take the fuel
for Uncle Hung. Hurry!


Mister, buy one.

Buy one!

Please have a look, come.

Look the same?



Have a look.

I won't buy it if I'm not satisfied.

That's more like it.



How much?

Thirty dollars.

It's too expensive!

Well, haw about twenty five dollars?


Thank you!

Yes, see you later!

K0, K0. Find Ah Lung.

See whether he's sleeping up there.

- Wake up.
- Yes.

Let's have some free meals!

Hey, waitress!
We won't go to the other side today.

Come on in.

Let's have some noodles!

What are you doing? Go down!

Go down immediately!

Like him?

Like who?

Bruce Lee.

Yes, a bit like him.


Yes, but just the toes. Go down!

You've lost. Drink. You have to drink!


- Leaving?
- Boss, we're leaving.

Wait, let me count.

What are you counting?

- We have to pay for our meal?
- Yes.

Of course you have to pay!

We'll advertise for you, for life.

We'll stress that your food is the best.

That's funny.
Your advertisement won't cost money.

You're joking!

What's so strange?
A 30 second TV advertisement

costs you five thousand dollars.

That's right.

We'll shout for you on
the road for a minute.

Listen. "The goose and chicken
at Hung Kee is the best"

"You may be poisoned!"

You think this is a charity house?

Damn it!

Don't fight. Let's talk!

Ah Lung! Don't fight!

Pay me, you dirty guys!

Fatty, are you trying to threaten me?

Ah Lung, that's enough!
Ah Lung, don't fight!

They've caused big trouble. I better run.

Big brother, please forgive me.


Pay! Yes! Yes...!

- Let's go!

Second Uncle, I've collected the money.

Marvelous. Ah Lung, you're marvelous.

What's so marvelous!

Look, just look!

It's all because of you!

Uncle Hung, why do you blame me?

Who shall I blame then?

Ah Lung wouldn't have fought
if not for you.

I know, you despise this job.

You want to be a famous artist.

How can I keep you in such a place?

Second Uncle!

It's not your business!

Then you're forcing me out?

If you wish. I can't hold you.

K0! K0!


Where are you going?

I've got nothing to do.
Just wandering around.

I'm not working in the food stall now.

Have you forgotten my proposal?

Get in. Get in. Hurry!

- Ko, please sit.
- Okay.

Well, is this place nice?

You said your boss is an antique dealer?

Why does he own such a large warehouse?

Our boss does all kinds of business.

Ko. You're lucky. Our boss likes you.

Really? What can I do?


Paint! Paint what?

I have no new feelings now.

That's quite alright. Just copy.


You want me to cheat by imitation?

I won't do it, thanks. I have to go.

Hey, he's gone.
What will we tell our boss?

It's alright. I'll make him suffer.

He'll come and ask for help later.
Let's go.

Husband, come look.

Go. Hurry!

Hung Kee, where is that fat guy?


Brothers, he's lucky.
Break all the things within the line.

No, please don't! Let's talk about it!

Gentlemen, please don't... Please don't!

Please don't. Let's talk about it.


Alright, go!


I'm finished! I'm finished!

Second uncle!

Uncle, what's happened?

Those guys came here for you.

And they made this.

Ah Lung, you can't. You can't beat them.

How do you feel?

It's nothing. I'll be alright.

Ah Lung, this place has turned into a mess.

We can't do business for the time being.

Find yourself a job. Don't worry about me.

I'll take you back first.

Ah Lung!

What a coincidence!

You come to eat or to find us?

I came to look for a job.

I'm not working at Hung Kee now.

That's why?

Captain Wong!

What's the matter?

This is my friend. He's looking for work.


I have been working in a food stall.

Captain, he is very hardworking.

Alright, you'll wash the
dishes in the kitchen.

Five hundred dollars a month.
The prospect is good.

You can start at any time you like.

No problem, good.

Ah Hui, take Ah Lung to the chief cook.

- Follow me.
- Thanks.


Captain, let me do it!

Kung Fu?

What did he say?

Chinese Kung Fu is no good.

I tell you.

Chinese Kung Fu.

Number 1.

Chinese Kung Fu.

Number 1! Number 1!

Fatty, you're marvelous. Start work now.

Start working.

Ah Jan, where is Ko?

He's now a taxi driver.

Thanks. And good luck!


We meet each other everywhere.

You drive a taxi now?

This car is new. You've earned quite a lot?

Hey! Hey!

This isn't my car.

Not yours? Who cares then?

Please. Do me a favour.

Please don't!

Get out!

Man, that's all for today.

Remember, where ever you are,

I can handle you.

Go. You want to go the police?

Ah Lui, drive the car to your boss.

I'll wait for you here.

Miss, please watch it for me.

Good morning, chief manager.

What will you do now?

I'll have to repair it.

Ah Mei!

Take some coffee to the conference room.
- Right away.

Good morning, boss.

Your problem is, you let them
do what they want with you.

You have to fight them back.
Or they will make it worse.

I'll see you later.

I can't fight those guys,
what should I do?

Now I'm here, let me take care of it!

Don't be afraid. Is it that white car?

This car is very beautiful. Is it new?

Very beautiful indeed.

Don't you have a friend? This is for him.

I did this. What can you do about it?

Right, these guys only
oppress the kind men.

This glass is very beautiful.

I tell you, don't ever try to
oppress my friends.

I bell you, don't ever try to
oppress me either.

This does not count.

This is for fun.

This is a gift.

This... I don't know.

Do you know?

I don't know!

Don't you know?

No! How can I know why you're here?

There's a new employee in your restaurant.

That fat boy is very honest so I...


How is the restaurant?

Business is very good!

That's good!

It all depends on you!

Not at all, it's my duty.

Why did you shut the curtain?

I'm afraid that the sunlight will
hurt our manager.

Ridiculous, open it!


"Crown Prince Ko"

That's it. You should go home now.


- I'll give you a lift.
- Good!

Well. Has our manager gotten a new car?

My mother in law sent it to me.
Have a look!

Is it a white car?

How do you know?



The sunlight!

There's no sun. Open it!

That'll cost a lot to repair it.

Yes, you each earn 500 dollars a month.

How long will it take
you to repay the cost?

Five hundred dollars a month

Don't count. It takes at least a year.

A Year!

Tell them they have to compensate it.

Fatty, this car belongs
to our Chief Manager.

That's fine!

Boss, it's alright. I can handle him.

You can go now.

Ninth Uncle!

Any information?

I've just received a call from South Korea.

They want 10,000 bottles of wine
and 5,000 watches.

This could be a big deal.

But we haven't got enough capital.

Get the goods ready. I'll get the money.


Ninth Uncle, I've just heard something.

Professor Pak,
an antique collector, has just

arrived in Hong Kong from the Middle East.

What does this have to do with me?

He's a billionaire. We can't sell
some false antiques to him.

Maybe we can earn something.

But he has got three top fighters with him.

They're all fierce guys.

Among the three,
one of them is a black person.

He is a 7th Dan in karate.

In Hong Kong, he has a gymnasium.

Another is Chinese. His kung fu..

Has reached the supreme position.
He is really mighty.

And fighting 10-20 persons at the
same time wouldn't be any problem to him.

The third one is a white person.
He is practicing Western and Thai boxing.

He once acquired the
European Championship title.

How can you arrange to
bring him to our shop?

Ninth Uncle.
Money can make everything happen.

I've been your subordinate for so long.
Of course I can handle such a little thing.

I've already bribed his driver.

Tomorrow, he will bring him to our shop.

Professor Pak, how do you do?

It's my honour to meet you today.

Please, have a look around.

Get the tea.

Professor, have a drink first.

This is a famous brand of Chau Tea.

Pack it up.

Boss, I want to buy this set. How much?


This set is left from my great grandfather.

Great grandfather? The older the better.

How much? Think of a price?

Fifty thousand dollars.


Professor, look.

Do you see anything you like?

You have nothing that attracts me.

The best ones are at my house.

Maybe I'll prepare a
party for you tomorrow.

And I'll invite a few experts to join us.


Excuse me.
- That's alright.


Hey, you see that strange guy over there?

Who do you mean?

He seems to be very famous,
watch your mouth!

What do you mean?
Am I strange?

What are you talking here.
Why don't you work?

Don't talk nonsense about
other people here.

Work is waiting.

Hey, work!

Hello, I want a Gin.

Jeans? You have trousers on!
- Not jeans. A Gin.

We have no jeans.
You can have my shirt!

Forget it.
- You fool! A Gin drink!

A Gin finally.
- Why didn't you tell me!

Let me do the drinks.
Get me some Rum.

Run? Why shouldn't I walk?

It's a liquor!

How do I recognize it?

You can taste it. Very strong!


Have a drink.

Shan Yu!

Shan Yu!

Shan Yu!

Shan Yu.

Come on. Let's go over there.

Over here.




What's the matter with you?

The love of my life.
The one thing I could never get.

She's Shan Yu.

Shan Yu?

That's right!

Her father sold lobsters!
And her mother sold shrimps!

She was such a beauty!

If I could only get my hands on her...

Professor! What is it?

I just slapped her in my mind.

Let me help you...

Wait a moment.

He wants her.


Boss wants you.

What is it?

I want another cup of wine.

What's up?

Come, sit down.

I've tried many kinds of wine
but they don't work.

Don't go soft. Go to see Ah Jan now.

What do you want?

She beat me!

- It's them.
- Yes.


You two like Western food?

I'll make you some Chinese food!



All kinds of food!

Eat. They're good for you!


Also, have you tasted
the three snakes before?

Snakes! I'll kill them.

This is the cobra.


This is the rattlesnake.

Plus this one, ifs a kind of tonic.

He can't absorb it.


It's this fat guy!

I need two tables.

I'll make the four hot dishes first.

The first is fried assorted meals.

The second dish.

This is the flying dish.

The chicken soup!

Duck, black meat chicken.

Steamed fish.

Two fish!

- Whibe Crane.
- Shark's fin!

I'll turn you into a chicken.

Chicken, pigeon, black
pigeon, field sparrow.

You've got nothing to eat.

This is the steamed pork chop!

Pig's feet.

You old monster.

Sausage roll?

It's good!

She looks exactly the same
as your past girlfriend?

Yes. Just the same!

Then why don't you take her home?

Yes! You know what you should do!

I know. And you?

Any future forged paintings of yours

will be sent to me.
I'll handle all of them.


You shouldn't drink.

You'll cause trouble when you're drunk.

Even I have to go now.

Are you pleased?

Why so sweet?

Brother Chum!


How are you? Are you free today?

Yes, so I came here.


What can I do for you?

A movie, The Death Appointment,

needs a few action actors
to fight against the

Bruce Lee impersonator. Are you interested?

Action actor? I can't fight!

Let me!

Does the star really look like Bruce Lee?

Yes, he does. More than you for sure.

I know I don't look like him.

What's his name?

His film acting name is Ting Shao Lung.

Come on, hurry up there!

- What is it again?

Where is he?

He's the star!
You are only an extra.

Welcome, how are you!

Have some tea.

Is that him?
- Stop it now!

Alright, let's start.

This young man is a friend of mine,
he would like a part in your movie.

Alright, he can join right now.

OK then.


Don't be afraid! Try to hit me!

And then you fall back and that's it.

Ah Lung, are you ready?
- Alright, okay!


Cut! Fat guy, why don't you go?

He doesn't seem like Bruce Lee!

I don't?

Just do as you're told!

Do it again!

What are you doing? A real fight?

Your reaction is too slow.

How can you be an action actor?

All my action actors are the best.

Watch this one!

Isn't your reaction as slow as mine?

Now listen! Bruce Lee is my hero.

You can't destroy my idol.

Try harder if you want to imitate him.

Fat guy. You dare to
beat up my big brother?

You've done me a great harm.

Plain rice!

Roasted goose, rice and soup.

And you?

Make it two.


Hung Kee, your business is pretty good.

Yes, quite satisfactory.

It depends on my neighbourhoods.

What would you like to have?

Two orders of roasted goose rice!


Hung Kee, why don't you employ some men?

Lets talk about that later.

The soup is good, give me two more.

Let me do it.

I'll do it. I'll do it.

How can I?

It's alright.

Then I'll let you do it.

Miss, you want the soup?

- Me too.

Tastes good.

Second Uncle!

Second Uncle!

Why is no one there?

Is he doing business again?

He must be very busy. Let's help him!


'What's going on?

Ah Jan.

You feel sick?



What's wrong with her?

Look at here! She must have the rabies!
Don't get near her!

She may infect you all!

We can't leave her like that.

Bring her to the hospital.

Get away from her!

Get her in.

It's alright now.

Please sit! Please sit!

Have something to eat.

Ah, it's no problem.

- I think it's food poisoning.
- Yes.

Their food is not as clean as ours.

Why are the others okay?

Save your words for the Health Department.

Uncle Hung, your workers are too careless.

They didn't wait for me
when they took Ah Jan

to the hospital. How can I find her now?

What did you say? My workers?
I don't suppose they're your friends?

No, they aren't my friends.

- Second Uncle!
- Uncle Hung!

Ah Lung, you came just in time.

Well? Has Kwong Kee
caused you trouble again?


Don't be emotional. Listen to Uncle Hung.

Ah Jan suddenly fainted.

Really? Where is she now?

Two men have taken her to the hospital.

What do they look like?

One has a square head.

It must be them.

Who are they?

Lui Wei and Lau Kwai Tat.

They're not good guys.

They must have added drugs to the food.

Siu Mei. Call the Police,
it's Whibe Sand Bay warehouse.

What has happened?


Ah Lung, get in!


Ah Lung!


Isn't this too reckless?

They do such disgusting things.

They just despise the law.

Ah Lung, do you agree?

Yes! Yes!

Faster, drive faster!

Faster, driver! Faster, please!


Faster, driver! Or else I won't make it.

Faster, driver! Faster, please!

Faster, driver! Or else I won't make it.

Driver, is your car out of gas?
Can you drive a little faster?

Ah Lung, you'll meet them soon.

You don't have to show them mercy.

They are all bastards.

Maybe they'“ give her LSD.

Driver, please drive faster!

Faster! Almost there.


Ah Fai.

Why haven't they arrived yet?

They'll be here soon.

Boss. They're coming.

Put her down. Put her down.

Professor Pak, if you're satisfied

I'll load the pin case.

Use the drugs.


Wait! I'll do it.

Darling! Now, don't you move.

I don't want to do this to you.

Now you must take a deep breath.

Breathing deeper still.

Deep breath.

Hurry up, brother.

Down, down, down the bridge.
Turn left, there it is.

That's the warehouse. Look.
Turn left, turn left.

Hurry, faster!
Please, faster!

Turn left, turn left.

Okay, turn in and that's it.

Turn in.

Further, further, more.

Up ahead, that's it. Ahead.
Yeah, stop. Stop. Stop!

How much?

For you'.!

Ah Lung, hurry.

Ah Lung, hurry.

You're too weak. You feel tired now.

How can you fight? Hurry!

Ah Lung, here!

Professor Pak.

There is one of me and three of them.
How can I fight them?

You're a human. They're gweilo.

Kung Fu? I also know it!

Where is Ah Jan?

I've been to the hospital.
She'll be alright!

Ah Lung, what are you going to do now?

Nothing. Hong Kong is not suitable for me.

I think I'll return to
feed the pigs with Father!

Ah Lung, you must be more tactful now.

Don't worry about the affairs of others.

The countryside is my home.

The pigs are all loyal to me.



- Ah Lung, what happened?
- What happened?