Enero (2015) - full transcript

After murdering his wife, Horatio and his lover run away to a cabin in the country. Horatio is consumed by guilt and memories, while his lover, Lucretia, will question on whether she will remain by his side or not.

Flesh and blood beings are essentially mysterious
and move from unpredictable impulses...
Ernesto Sábato

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Let's go! Now!

Wait... just a quickie!

No, come on, let's go!

Horatio! What the...

Grab her by the feet!

Grab her by the feet!


She's not breathing.

Does the car have any gas?

Are you helping me out?

What now?

We'll figure it out.

"We ́ll figure it out?"

What the fuck do you want me to say?

I want to know what came to your mind to get out of this fucking mess!

I don't know! Did you think this through?

No, but I'm not the one who killed my wife.

Shut up!

Don Tomás?

Wait! Where are you going?

Calm down!

But he's gonna see the blood!

He's not around. He must have gone to see his family.

How long are we staying here?

Until Don Tomás comes up and tells us how long can we stay...

There's nothing up there.

What did you expect?

What about those boxes?


What boxes?!

Those boxes up there...

Stop being an asshole and tell me what the fuck are we going to do!

Don't worry. We can stay here as long as we want. No one will look for us here.

We can go anywhere from here.

What the fuck are we going to do?

Don't worry.


Good afternoon, Don Tomás.

What's up, Horatio?

How long are you staying?

The longer the better.

Don't you worry, we are not expecting guests...

Thank you.

You're welcome, you're welcome.

This is Lucretia.

Nice to meet you, miss.

Can you still shoot as you used to?

Its like riding a bike: you never forget.

So, what are you up to these days?

Same ol ́', same ol'.

Bringing your girlfriends here, don't play stupid on me.

What did you tell wife this time?

We splitted up.

I thought it would last forever.

Oh no, we were not meant for each other.

What did you guys hunt?

Nothing really.

Since when do you hunt?

Since forever, since I was a kid, my dad used to bring me here.

Did he also bring you to church?


What if we stay and live here?

How long?

For the rest of our lives.


What's wrong with you?

Do you remember when Lorena was raped?

She came to my house in the middle of the night,
covered with blood and mud...

J'ai passé toute la nuit à nettoyer ses blessures.

Elle ne pouvait pas s'asseoir parce qu'ils lui avaient fait par derrière.


She was your classmate since junior high, right?

And what happened after?

After what?

After that night you helped her.

That was it.

Do you remember when you broke my leg?

When did I break your leg?

Don't play dumb.

No, I'm not playing dumb.


We were having sex at the motel and a lamp fell.

But there's no way it could ́ve fell... You did that, didn't you?

No, it really fell down.

You don ́t have to lie.

I'm not lying.

Tell me the truth.

I'm telling you the truth: it fell down.



I'm not getting mad.

Maybe I will.

Ok then.

...I'm sorry.


Good afternoon.

Good afternoon, I'm the one who...

...you are more than that.

How did you know?

You really know who I am, don't you?


You two, your shadow is fallen.


You know that. You two are very sad.


I've known Horatio for a long time, he grew up here.

Take care of him. His shadow needs to be pulled up.

Why do I have to take care of him? I'm not helping him at all.

Because you love him.

Good luck, miss.

Why did you kill your father's son, when you killed your mother's son?

The walls of love are a sea 'til death.

Give me a number.


Bitter is life, when is coming out of the spells of the honeyknuckle.

The spells of the honeyknuckle.

No, I didn ́t like it.

Give me another one.


I am Oedipus, members of the jury.
I am the crime,

hat falls for me,
that talks with the consciousness of torture...

No, gimme another one.


I meditate within tragedy.

I look for faith's grim signs.

Tragedy came before verb.

From the verb came the shadow ́s light. To kill God.

No! Can't you even pick a page? Not even that?

You can't hit even your own reflection?

How many times am I going to heal your hands?

Do you remember when we met?

Of course you don't. But I do.

You and your wifey were at Saint Pedro's Park.

You were looking at me the whole time, while she was buying yellow fruit.

Why do you recall the yellow fruit?

Because they didn't sell anything but yellow fruit there.

They did sell corn too.

Yes, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that you were staring at me.

Then you two walked towards the church.

We used to buy syrup every Sunday.

All I had to do so we could be together, and for what?

I should have left you there with your wifey...

that way we could ́ve saved us
from this mess and your wifey will still be alive.

She would. And if we had left before Esther came home, we wouldn ́t be here as well.

And if we hadn ́t met each other, we wouldn ́t be here either.

And if that Sunday you wouldn ́t have gone to Saint Pedro ́s park, we wouldn ́t be here either.

And if that fucking car wouldn ́t have wreck, also we wouldn ́t be here.

We almost didn ́t make it. Stupid fool.

And if your mother had asked you to come with her to the US, you would ́ve gone with her.
And also we wouldn ́t be here.

Don ́t mess with my mother.

She ́s dead now. Don ́t make a big mess.

Is that hot enough?


On what?

I don ́t know.

What do you mean ̈you don ́t know ̈?

No, I don ́t know.

Then what do you know?

That you don ́t love me anymore.

How do you know that?

This morning... the lake told me so.

The lake told you that I don ́t love you?


Well... he was right.


Yes, that ́s hot enough.

Is that hot enough?

Yes, that ́s fine.


I ́ll put them together.

It ́s fine.

Last night I dreamt that I was living in the future.

Did you really think she was going to live?

Didn ́t you?

Of course not.

I was thinking about a poem you read to me once.

And what ́s next now?

Out there nothing happens and nothing will happen.

If we could come back to the world, I can almost assure you

that everything will be the same.

And then what?

Would we still be together?

Of course not.

We would be just as we are now.

Hidden. Like fucking chased rats. Like cockroaches.

Waiting, not to be caught.

Going out at night.

Do you realize that?

Did you imagine this would happen?


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