Enemy from Space (1957) - full transcript

Professor Quatermass, trying to gather support for Moon colonisation his project to colonize the Moon, is intrigued by the mysterious traces that have been showing up on his radar - meteorites crashing down?. Following them to the place where they should be landing he finds a destroyed village, a mysterious factory too close to his designs for the Moon colony for comfort, and some strange, aerodynamic objects containing a mysterious, ammonia-based gas that infects one of his assistants. Officially, the factory is producing synthetic food; but despite the veil of secrecy surrounding it Quatermass succeeds in finding out it harbours aliens with deadly designs on the Earth... Second in Hammer Films' trio of screen versions for Nigel Kneale's classic 1950s BBC serials, with the same director and star as 1955's "The Quatermass Experiment".

02 Quatermass 2 - Horror Sci-fi 1957
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It's okay.. We will get help soon.
We are coming to the main road.

Try to hold on.
The burn, we'll get it fixed.

Watch it, Chris! Chris!

You'll kill us!

Chris!.. Chris!

What the devil you playing at?

Are you trying to commit suicide
or something?

If there is, I couldn't overcome it.

- Is he all right?
- Oh probably just stunned.

What happened to his face?

That's what made him
delirious. He was burnt.

When did this happen?

About an hour ago. We've
been driving ever since.

Better have it looked at.
I have never seen a burn like that.

What should I do for the doctor?

Are these what burned him?

Yes. We were on our way to
Willingdon Flats for a picnic.

There used to be a little village there last year, but
the government must have pulled it down or something.

We stopped to turn round and we heard a
noise like falling and Chris noticed..


And when I found
him, he was like this.

These're nothing but pieces of stone.
They couldn't burn anybody.

They burnt him, mister.

Chris, darling.

Let's get this back on the road.

Take the wheel, will ya?

Come on, push.


Probably suffering from shock.

That's how he was in the car.

Better get you two into my car.

No, I can manage. Just take
him and have a look at the Ca...

There's scores of them coming down.
What are they? Meteorites?

Meteorites give a strong trace as
soon as they strike the atmosphere.

These are different

Well what are they?

Whatever they are, they are
coming in low and slow.

You still holding yours?

Uh huh.

Soon as one lot fades
there're more.

Traces are getting fainter.
Yours too?

Yes, mine have gone.

What do you make of it?

A sudden fade out.
Two possibilities.

One, the scanner up there.

You think that's likely?

We've modified it and reset it so much in the
last few days that it's probably a bit liverish.

Spots before the
eyes, so to speak.

And the other?

If those things were real, we lost them
because they reached the ground.

How far do you make it?

90 to a 100 miles north of here.
Somewhere in that area, land or sea.

It's pretty rough country there.
Over moorland, marsh.

We'll reset the scanner two degrees lower
and then make a complete circuit... Check.

What's going on here?
Oh, hello Quatermass.

Who reset that scanner?
What's it doing at that low level?

Well, were making some tests sir.

Gentleman the observatory like everything else
on this base was built for one test only.

I'll not see it used for any other purpose.

We happened to pick up some
rather curious echoes...

I'm not interested in echo's Brand, neither am I interested in a skilled
man like Marsh spending half the night on one year pet projects.

That's quite unfair.
I wanted to stay Sir.

You had no right to. In the
morning you may be half awake.

Have I ever let you down
on the job before?

Tomorrow, you may not have a job.
In fact none of us may have a job.

You want to do something useful,
have these stones classified and entered.

They may be meteorites.

Yes sir.

I take it you had a
difficult day in London.

I'm sorry. I had no right
to jump on you like that.

What happened at
the administrate?

Moon Project, may it rest in peace.


They are giving us no more money.

No more money, but
didn't you explain?

Try and justify this to a committee
of white hall bureaucrats.

Steel domes, where men can live in artificial
atmosphere. Beings, alive on a totally dead world.

50 rockets to take the components up there,
solar mirrors, producer units, pressure domes.

I hate that I didn't go that far Brand.

They just stuck the current cost.
You know what they said?

To date you spent a lot of money
on a rocket that isn't even safe to launch.

At the moment we have projects
of far more importance.


Brand, isn't it important enough to be the first to build a
colony on the moon and get men there, against all odds?...

These are for tomorrow, I am going
back to school again in the morning.


That's what they told me Brand. Go Back and study
atomic theory again. Find out where I went wrong.

Without spending money.

What did you say?

I felt like saying find yourself another
director for your rocket group, I quit.

If I had any pride, that is exactly
what I would have done.

They must know we will get it right. We only need a few months
to design and assemble a new reactor, order a new coolant..

Have Hersh get this off first thing.
Tell them I am coming over.

The atomic centre?

Yes.. Telling the Gentlemen of Harwell
I am coming back to school..tomorrow.

This is ludicrous.

Nevertheless I'm willing to do it... I'll play the game their
way..for the time being. Anything to keep this together.

Can you still bear to look at it?

The sum total of our achievement up
to now, one rocket, crew-less, untried.

Because we dare'nt try.

Were not sure of that, Brand

Not sure of that! That nuclear
motor is as faulty as...

Were not sure of that.

Listen Quatermass. Give them
that story, but don't try on me.

We know that as soon as that thing left the
earth, we would be stoking up an atomic bomb.

We could send it up without
a crew by remote control.

If you did you'd never
dare bring it back to earth.

I intend to correct that fault. I'm going to send it up
there and bring it back, not once but a hundred times.

You better go and get some sleep...
I'm going down to the rocket base.

Yes?..Right..Yes immediately.

Joan, 'cross to the canteen and get some coffee. Mr.
Quatermass is coming up from the launching bay form.

Better make it three though,
they'll all want some. I'll finish this.

The old man checked in yet?

Checked in?

Can't be. He has been at
the launching base all night.

I want to see him urgently
the moment he gets back.

Oh sir, could you come
along to the observatory?

Did you get through to Harwell?

Yes. 12:30 alright?

I'd like some coffee.

It's on its way.

Ah sir, about that meteorite.

What about it?

Well, I found out it's got
a definite shape sir.

Where did you get this Quatermass?

It's supposed to fallen about
90 miles away from here. Why?

New one on me sir. We don't have
this substance classified at all.

Further more it's
symmetric, and hollow.

Probably some pieces missing.

No sir. Inside's symmetric too.

When did this fall?

Last night. I had a motor accident. A couple
of kids, they said they picked it up.

Those traces we had on
the screen last night.

That's right, they were
about ninety miles away.

You plotted them?

They didn't give the same signal,
those meteorites.

It's only an estimate sir,
but that's the rough area.

They came in low and slow and then we lost
them. Probably because they hit the ground.

Willingdon Flats!

What's that?

The girl said Willingdon Flats.

What girl?

Marsh. Get the car.

Well, don't you think you ought to get
some sleep?..

Get the Car.

I don't want to seem dead sir but
I don't understand.

I don't understand either, Brand, that's why
I want to have a look at Willingdon Flats.

I want you to make me a reconstruction of the shape of
this thing before it hit the atmosphere of the earth.

Yes sir.

'You can't find it on the map,
look in the AA book.

No, here it is-Willingdon Flats

Okay, give me the road number.

Well you take the Carlisle road...

It shouldn't be more than
four or five miles now.

Do we stay on this road?

Yeah, I'm afraid so. It's all
there is.

Hey!.. What's that?

New road.

It's not shown on the map.
Should we take it?

We've no choice.

Government property sign.

Maybe we struck a rival project.

There has been a lot of traffic here.
Heavy stuff by the tire marks.

Probably construction trucks.

There's another road.
No more road blocks.

Well that's funny!..We have a
road leading to nowhere..

Hey, wait a minute, don't
walk on that stuff.


- It might be mined, anything... We'll go
back and try the right fork. You Game?




What happened sir? Is anything?...

Oh, no!

The Moon project!

It's unbelievable.

Were wrong. We must be.

But there's still...

Coincidence of shapes.
Must be an explanation.

But in so many details.

What's all this debris?

Do you think? You think this could be the
village that disappeared?

Willingdon Flats.. Whatever it was it has
been fairly well flattened.

Hey look. Look on the ground.
Look everywhere. There all around us.

Pieces of meteorite.
And there the same.

They are exactly the same
as the one we've got.

Some these must have been here
for months, they're crumbling.

Well this one's quite recently broken.

I wonder if that's meant for us?

Perhaps we better go
and explain ourselves.

Hey look at this sir! Look at this!

I think this. I think this
is a whole one. Yes it is.

It's exactly the same odd shape as
the other. It isn't even cracked. It's...

What is it?

That's funny. I thought I felt a sort of..

Put it down.

A sort of vibration.

Marsh, Your face. There's
something on your face.

Are you alright? Let me take a look.

You know for a moment, I could have sworn
I saw something like a big black bubble.


You got a lung full of
gas. Try and stand up.

Here, Lean on me.

This man is sick. If you just help
me get him back to the car.

He's in urgent need of medical attention.

He was examining something right there.

You know what these things
are? What they do to?...

Who are you?

And what's this? What is this place? Where are you taking
him? Wait a minute! I got to go with him. I got to explain.

Go! Go now.

Excuse me.

Where can I find the police?

Police! Have you been
in accident or something?

Please. This is urgent. Where is
the nearest police station?

It's at Frawly, about
15 miles further on.

15 miles. You mean there
aren't any police here?

Only the camp committee. They
do everything around here.

Where can I find Them?

Community centre. First on the left,
and then it's on the right.

Thank you.

Signed, etc. Etc.

Tea and sandwiches.

Yes, please.

Is this the camp committee?

I'm the secretary. Could I help you?

They tell me you have no police here.

The Police! What do you know - We don't need them.
We are law abiding community. Oh goodness me...

That's right Mr. Dorg

We handle any little problem.

All right then tell me, what's
that place just over the hill?

Over the hill?

That mill, that factory, plant, whatever
it is. Just about five miles from here.

With the big steel domes. What do
they make there? What's its purpose?

They're lot of questions you're asking.

They're perfectly simple questions.

Are they?

Our people are working on this project mister. Their
construction workers build it and getting good money.

In return we ought to keep our
mouths shut, same as in war time see.

Now listen. I just drove near that place..

Why? Didn't you see...

My companion was suddenly affected
..b.. Well, he was taken ill.

Before I could get him out of there, the
guards from that plant came and arrested him.

Guards? Goodness to have
trouble with the guards?

One took a swipe at me with his rifle.

Well then, you shouldn't have been there.

Hey listen, my friend's life may be
in danger. He may need skilled help.

He'll get that in the plant.

Well, they have got everything there.

Let's make sure.

Get me the police station at Frawly

No. That won't do no good.

We'll find out.

Go and talk to them if you
like, but not from here.

Police can't do anything.

She's right. They wouldn't touch it.

Is that so?

The guards.

Shouldn't have gone.

Hello? No sorry. It was a mistake.

Good evening. This an unfortunate business.

The Sargent told you what happened.

He did. Your friend was
arrested by security guards.

If he was trespassing, I'm afraid
they were within their rights.

Am I to understand that you
refuse to do anything about this?

I don't know what you
mean by flatly refuse, sir.

As I see it you ran into an experimental project you
don't understand, in a place you've no right to be.

What is that place?

I have no idea either sir, except that it is
top secret and we have strict orders about it.

From Whom?

From White Hall

And you telling me, nothing is to
be done about what happened.

Well, what do you want me to do sir?
Now you're bringing charges as a result?

Yes, If that will get some action.

Very well then. I will fill in the report for the chief
constable. We'll deal him to put it through London.

Forget it. I'll shortcut back!

Oh Mr. Quatermass, Harwell called to know..

Where's Dr. Brand?

In the observatory. But there are several
new QI, I think you will want to look at.



There's been more traces about an hour ago...
A few are faint but in the same direction.

I want you to organize all the
help you need. Picture 24 hour guard.

What happened?

Do it now!

Kelly, get Michaels and Peterson.
Get them over here right away.

I think they'll have gone by now.

Strictest orders. This is urgent.

We found the place where the things have been falling.
The whole area is littered with fragments of them.

They look like meteorite,
but they're not.

So what are they?

They're some form of container.

Marsh found a whole one. When he
picked it up, it burst in his face.

What was inside?

Ammonia gas, and something else.

Something alive.

Just for a second, I saw it
on his face. Then it was gone.

But the mark was there, and then
the guards came and took him away.

Guards. What guards?

I'm sorry. I guess I'm not...

Where is this place?

It was Willingdon Flats.. and there's
something else there Brand.

The moon project.

The moon project. Now wait a minute..

It was there at Willingdon Flats.
The moon project and all its essentials..

A colony of steel pressure domes, hundreds
of feet high. I saw it... Marsh saw it.

Where is Marsh?

He's.. in that place. The
guards took him there.

And that mark. It was
on there faces too.

What did you do?

I went to the police.


Brand, the police won't act.

You told them all about this?

I told them all they were
capable of believing.

Tomorrow I will go to London,
take it to the top level.

You'll probably find some simple
explanation we haven't even thought of.

I hope that's it.. I hope it is because if it isn't I
think we are on the verge of something so, so ugly.

Yes, what is it?

Mr. Peterson and Mr. Michaels
are coming right over.

Oh thanks Kelly.

Do you want me to stay too?

No. Thanks. Just organize some
more coffee before you leave.

Of course.

It isn't credible. Brand,
it just isn't credible.

Better handle it gently till
the plaster hardens sir.

How much of this is guess work?

Hardly any sir. It's worked
out for mineral stresses.



I want a half dozen more of these models for wind tunnel
tests. Have them made in the shop as soon as you can.

Yes sir.

Original shape.

They're aerodynamic.

If an object like that were to approach the
earth's atmosphere at the correct angle..

It might lose speed in braking ellipses an land
relatively slowly.. same principal as rocket descent.

It implies a great deal.

Knowledge.. mathematics,
precise planning.. intelligence.

Dr. Brand!

There are more traces coming in.

Right. I'm going to try
something different.

We'll have to adjust the radio telescope
to a completely new setting for long range.

That means resetting half the circuits.

I'll work on that now.

All right. Come and take Raffles away.

Well sir, this is an unexpected pleasure.


Is it found sir?

No, not yet Harry. So there
is still time for good behaviour.

All right Sargent, let him ruminate
a bit longer. Off you go Harry.

I could sue the police
for wrongful arrest.

Very good idea...

Sorry sir, a bit of my homework.
Well it has been a while since we met.

Last time you brought me more trouble
than I have known before or since.


Sit down sir. Make yourself comfortable.
Have a cigarette.

No thank you.

Funny. I was only saying
to the wife the other day...

Inspector! Just how much do you know about a place called
Willingdon Flats? What's going on there? What's it's purpose?

I thought better of you,
spoiling a beautiful friendship.

What do you mean?

You must know as well as I do
that Willingdon Flats is top secret.

Secret! You put a label like that on anything and
law and order go out the window, is that it?

Now look here sir It's your little habit
to ride rough shod over everything and...

These are pieces of an object found
near Willingdon Flats.

When the stone broke up, suppose a bit of it hit
Marsh. The mark on his face might have been a cut.

It wasn't.

Alright, but.. That place should
be harmless enough.

Then you do know what it is.

Yes sir?

Green Park 4394, Mr. Vincent Broadhead.

Who's he?

I only know him slightly. Member of parliament. He's been trying to force
public enquiry about Willingdon Flats. Maybe you should talk to him.

Will he tell me what the place is?

It's a government project
to make synthetic food.

Synthetic Food? With guards and guns.

They must think it's worth guarding.


Mr. Broadhead,
Inspector Lomax sir.

I have someone here who you might like to meet. He has some rather curious
information about..a certain establishment. Are you dependable sir?


Quite dependable. In an hour
at the house of commons.


Yes, he'll be there.

Quatermass. That's right.

Not at all sir.

You realize of course that if anyone
else had told me this yarn..

Broadhead, Broadhead.
Thank you inspector.

All I ask Mr. Broadhead is to break
through this wall of secrecy.

Me too, Mr Quatermass, but let me tell you
this. There is a reason for this secrecy.

Willingdon Flats is a blunder. The biggest blunder that's
been with public money and they're trying to cover it up.

Even to the extent of armed
guards arresting sick men?

Ah, that's a good point. I
will try and deal with that.

Do we know it's synthetic food? Do we
know what they are doing down there?

We don't know anything. That's
what I'm belly aching about.

Oh yes, for years we've known a group of scientists
has been working down at Willingdon Flats.

But that was just a couple of tin huts
and a pinhole in the budget.

But suddenly bingo, they've got it, and
asking for millions and getting them too.

When did all this start?

About two years ago. Now there is a mad
rush to get a production plant built.

Tremendous insane costs. And now I gather they're
ready to go into production to beat the world.

But they got to prove that to Vinny Broadhead. Because I'll turn
out that there's something wrong Quatermass. Something very wrong.


Take a look out at the Thames. What you see?
Boats, barges, tugs. All that's missing.

There's no distribution centre set up for this synthetic food. None. No
sales organization. Nothing at all. Well that's what I've found out.

Mr. Broadhead, Whether you believe all the things I've told
you or not you have just got help me get into that place.

Help You? For months I've been trying help myself.
The pass has only just coming through this morning.

The ministry chap should be here by now.

You're going inside the plant?

Yes, this afternoon.. And don't think they won't be sorry to
let me. They may fool the others but not Vinny Broadhead.

There have been others?

Oh yes. Parties going down to inspect it.

Were they people you knew?

Aye, some of them. Your thinking something
happened to them. No lad, they turned up again.

Did they say what they had seen?

No, they wouldn't talk about it.

Isn't that strange in itself?

No, no, no! They had the
wool pulled over their eyes.

Decided to be loyal.. tow the party line..
Support the project. Huh, just let me get at it.

Mr. Broadhead!

Are you Mr. Broadhead?

Ah, that's right. Oh, are you
the chap with my pass?

For the inspection decided this afternoon.

Fine, it only took three months! Oh, I was
wondering whether I might bring somebody along.

'Yes that's right. This gentleman here.



Yes, I think that'll be in order

Just a minute please.

Well, It looks as though I should have
brought you along 3 months ago.

The inspection party will assemble for
transport at 2 pm in parliament square.

Fine. It just gives us
time for a bite of lunch.

It doesn't always take three months..

Are you coming Quatermass?

Yes. Thank you.

You have just over an hour.

And do please try to be punctual.
We've very tight schedule ahead of us.

That's right.

Thank you.

These your guards? They
look harmless enough.

Your passes, please.

Thank you.

Nothing very sinister so far.

Certainly nothing abnormal about them.


I'm going to take a look in there.
Do you want to come?

Just a minute. Have you
seen the other two men?

The last time I saw them
they were back there.

Now you wait here,
I'll find them.

What do you want, please?

Oh, we're in the inspection party.

You have no business here.

It's official, they...
oh they took our passes.

Have you any patients here?

There is no one.

We thought a young man was brought
in here yesterday by the guards.

I think I'll take a look.

Any sign?

No, he was here.
He must have been.

Yesterday afternoon. His name was Marsh.


What are all these beds for?

You are evidently prepared for...

Gentlemen! Why have you left the inspection
party? You mustn't do that. Come now, quickly!

I just wanted to see..

There's no one.. Come, please.

I still want to know..

All questions will be answered later.
Now will you come with the others please?

Come on Quatermass, we want
to see the plant, don't we?

You understand gentlemen, we must
keep strictly according to time.

But the plant.

You'll see it all. Everything.

Gentlemen, I regret the delay.

'Our fault, we took a look around.

It's alright. I haven't wasted time, been
reading up synthetic food processes.

Now please, we start this way.

It's not been much help.
It's all completely distant.

You'll been shown everything later.

What are those enormous domes?

They're for storage.

What of, synthetic food?

That is correct. It.. um, matures in those domes.
But please, everything will be answered later.

Now, this way. If you will go first.


These pipes. What runs through them?

The food. Now lets proceed.

The food? You mean the raw product.

The raw product.

Then it's pumped through
these pipes to the domes.

Everything will be answered later.

Look, that's an exception door isn't it?
So you can see the stuff going through.

I'd like to take a look at that.

Later. You will see everything.

Are we going to see
inside a big dome?

That's where you are going
now. Please continue.

Mind you step.

This way please... Right along will you.


Keep moving.

Oh dear, it's deep.

We're not inside the dome are we?

No. This is an air lock. It's not possible to enter
the dome itself but you will be taken downstairs.

What, down there?

It's quite safe.

Well, you will have to go first.
I have no head for heights.

What's going on down there?

It's part of the process.

Now please don't wait here.
We must keep going.

Where is the other man?

The other man?


I didn't see him come in.

Now please don't worry. He'll be fine
and everything will be in order.

It all looks nice efficient. What are
you doing, sending a search party?

What's this?

A safety precaution.

Shall we go down?

I don't want to.

I'm afraid we must.





No, No, Don't touch me.

- Broadhead

Don't touch me

What happened?

I..I had to find out.. had to find out.

You were inside?

I fell.


I'm here.

Can't see you, Quatermass.

It burns. This is the food
and it burns.

You lie down, I'll go get...

No... Don't touch me.


Tonight's list of the mobile controls.

Any area calls put them through
to me will you? Simpsons got the flue.

Yes sir.

Yes? Yes, I just got them.

That's 26 in mobile.. that's right.

He's here.. Inspector Baker. Right.

Hi 'general'.

Good evening Mr. Hall.

Are there any good charge sheets lately?

Nothing you'd want to print.

Trade you a drink for anything that will
fill one and half columns before midnight.

Well how about the report I
have for bribing the police?


Who's the boss man tonight?

Come out, come out, whoever you are.

Wow, if it isn't Jolly Baker.

Hello Jimmy.

It must be something.

A little larcen..Mayham. Just enough
skulduggery to fill one and half columns.

How's feeling sick tonight, Jimmy?

Tell me the story of your life.

Yah. That's what I get.

Well, Yes sir?

Is chief inspector Lomax still here?

Listen, just fill in a
form to find out. For..

That won't be necessary. If he's here he'll
see me. My name is Quatermass.


Don't I know your name?


Couldn't be the old pal. You're not the criminal
type. Jimmy Hall can tell them every time.

Okay sir.

Adsil Lude will show you out sir.

Thank you, I know the way.

Quatermass.. Quatermass.
Why do I know that name?

Lomax. I'm glad you're here.

But nearly not. Just
called the wife to say..

How much power have you got here?
How much real authority?

I'm afraid I don't..

Could you call an emergency action
on a large scale it would have to be?

Action for What?

An action, that if I told you that is what is really being carried
out in Willingdon Flats is mass destruction of men's minds.

Now look sir, I'm a pretty ordinary sort
of fellow with a pretty ordinary sort of ..

Listen, Broadhead took me down there this
afternoon with an official inspection party.

The place is almost exactly what I told
you it was. I got out of there alone.

The rest of them got trapped into staying.
I was meant to be one of them.

Are you suggesting
they've been murdered?

I'm suggesting that they have been methodically infected
with the same thing that struck young Marsh yesterday.

You mean that mark?

Maybe the mark. I don't know yet, but I do know they will come
back, like hundreds, maybe thousands of others have come infected.

If I had stayed there I might be here talking to you now but
not saying the things I'm saying. I wouldn't be able to.

Does Vincent Broadhead think this?

Vincent Broadhead is dead!


I watched him die a few hours ago in that plant. His whole body
covered with some kind of corrosive poisoning, eaten away.

Some of the flack slime got on my
coat. I had to cut out the spot.

Don't touch it!

And how does that story
measure up with this one?


This is a lie. Vincent Broadhead was with me this afternoon
at Willingdon Flats. Where did this story come from?

It says it's an official
government announcement.

The minute they new he was dead.

Are you seriously trying..

Broadhead was with me and the others at Willingdon Flats and he was killed by a
corrosive compound of ammonia which is what they're manufacturing in that plant.

Quatermass, do you realize what you're
alleging? That in a government sponsored...

The point is I am still here to allege it.

Take a squad of men into that plant.
You'll get your proof soon enough.

You know I can't do that.

Then get your pathologist to
analyse that and confirm it.

You got to start an investigation.

What, on your statements alone?

You got to. Talk to the commissioner or let
me talk to him. Lomax, you've got to act.

Yes sir?

Has the commissioner gone?

Not yet sir.

This better be true. That's all I
have to say. It better be true.

I wish to heaven it wasn't.

Get me Cranford 647.. Thank you.


Inspector Lomax to see you sir.

Come in Lomax.

I'm sorry to bother you sir.

Something has come up that..
I'm not sure how to handle.

Sit down, tell me about it.

It's.. difficult to know where to begin
sir. The implications are so far reaching.

If there's anything in them that
it's a matter of top policy.


Well sir. It concerns...

It concerns?

Concerns.. the Alman case sir. The
man we are holding. I thought if the..

If we turn him loose he
might lead us to something.


Meaning, give us a lead to a accomplices and I
wondered if you had any views on the subject sir.

The decision is yours Lomax.
You're conversant with the case.

Of course sir. I'm sorry, I made
a mistake.. bothering you at this hour.


Good night sir.

Good night.


Brand? This is Quatermass.
I'm at Scotland Yard.

Quatermass, I've been trying to find you all
evening. We've traced the source of these things.

It's in a freak orbit, on the dark side of the earth, in a
permanent state of eclipse - that's why it's not visible.

It must be something like an
asteroid, about 200 yards across.

Look, take full records till I get there.

Yes, I'm trying too.

They found the source of
those things. I'm going back.

Quatermass. The mark you saw on Marsh and
the other men, describe it, quick, tell me.

Well it was reddish mark as if it had been
pressed into the skin and left a jagged 'V'.

How big?

About this big. Why?

I've just seen it.

Here? In this building?


Even here.

I'm try to tell myself there is
nothing to it, but your wrong.

I wasn't wrong last time was I?

Hi, 'general'!

Jimmy what do you want?

One and half columns.

Not now I got..

Quatermass. The rocket man..
That's how I remembered.

Will you leave us alone please.

What's the matter, someone
pinch his rocket?

Jimmy, I wouldn't want
to have you escorted out.

Who's that?

A Time reporter but
he's harmless enough.

Quatermass, If you could make it public, put it
before the whole country, everything, all at once.

You mean the press?

It must be worth trying.


Lomax, that man is no condition..

Listen, The drunk Jimmy Hall
is clever. Sober, he is brilliant.

I was going. I was going.

Listen to me. You came for a story, well you are going
to get one, the biggest you've had in your life.

At dictation speed!

Do you have a car?

Where are we going?

To your base.

Base? .. Well don't push, I'm going.

See it there? That point of light at the intersection. That's
radio waves being reflected by something out in space.

Is it coming towards us?

No, just circling on the
dark side of the earth.

And the's life on it?

Not life as we know it. They probably had the wrong
artificial atmosphere. Uh, Ammonia.. methane.

Poison gases.

It comes from a region where such
conditions do exist as atmosphere.

The outer planets, maybe a moon of Saturn.

Can I have a scotch in this?

It's growing weaker.

The traces don't..
What's this..(jumbled voices)

I think it's a multiple organism, a thousand billion
intelligences if you like, but one single consciousness.

Look, I'm a policeman.

Try imagine an organism to which oxygen is
not an essential of life, but a destroyer.

An organism which is unable to exist in our atmosphere for
more than 3 or 4 seconds, safe only in a shell - like this.

Sealed in with a mixture of gases,
methane, maybe even hydrogen.

And when it breaks out?

It dies.

Unless, its energy is expended on an object that
can exist in our atmosphere, a human target.

And what happens to the human target?

An immediate invasion of his
entire nervous system.

Something is implanted, an instinct,
a blind compulsion to act for them.

You expect to tell my editor that?

But Hall. You must..
There's no time to lose.

Don't rush me 'general'. Don't rush me. You have given
me a lot of science talk, and I'm not very good at it.

Oh, I do understand is somebody
swiped your moon project.

But it never was all mine. This would be a fairly standard
procedure for adapting living beings on an alien planet.

But Quatermass, If your right, what's going
to happen? What's the ultimate object?

I hesitate to guess inspector.

First a few of these things came here, at random,
scattered and then expended themselves to a purpose.

A year ago, stage number two,
the concentrated attack.

On Willingdon Flats.

An out of the way village with a
little government research plant.

One like that area was taken.
Now they got themselves a colony.

And all this went on for a year
and nobody said anything.

But who knows how many infected
people they've got in high places.

And what about here, can
you be sure of all your staff?

I think so. I'll step up
security in the morning.

The next move is Hall. We have got to break
this conspiracy of silence and secret orders.

You have got to write this man, now.

Look. Get all this down, I'll check it with you and then I'll
drive you into London. We don't even dare use a telephone.

How far is this plant from here?

About 90 miles.

I want to see it.

But man, time is desperate.

These people who work here,
are they normal?

At the moment, I think so.

I want to talk to them.


Relax 'general', We'll
still make the first edition.

I'm lost on all this stuff. I want
to talk to some numskulls like myself.

Alright we'll go now.

For you too, isn't that a risk?

The biggest risk is that the
story won't get in at all.

I'll see you outside in 15 minutes. There are certain arrangements
I want to make and an alternative plan in case of an emergency.

You need any help?

I don't we should share that knowledge
in view of where we're going.

I'll see you outside.

Brand, I want double
security as well at the base.

All gates, rocket firing base, bunkers, double guard on all
points, and I want to talk to you in the control room.


Get me the Lab guard

I'm making a list of people
I know I can trust.

Good, you keep it. We'll
need every one of them.

Brad's on the line.

Thank you. This is Quatermass.
What about that analysis?

Well, were just finishing sir. We've
got a 5 cc on that piece of cloth.

It was contact substance, I've never quite
met anything like it before.

It's basically an ammoniac corrosive,
highly concentrated.

Yes.. just how poisonous?

I see.. right.. a full report
as soon as you can.

Go see if the car is there.

It is there.

Go and see.

Yes sir.


That black slime.. is deadly
to every living thing on earth.

So it isn't synthetic food?

On the contrary, Lomax, I think it is.

Food for whatever is in those
domes. Domes, 200 feet high!

I know somebody who you've seen ago.

Who's that?

We'll have four beers to start with.

Oh give it to me. I do need to thank you
for all this.

Here you are now. Keep a whiskey .. keep the
change of course ..this for your suffering wife.

Here, that's good Scotch.

Aren't you tasting right?
Norman drinks Irish and likes it.

Oooh! What's he doing?

This is not the nice way to dance
a jig, looks like a trotting horse.

Here, hold this. Now watch and learn.

I say she, Sheila is the winner.

That wasn't a jig.

Well whatever it was it was
a lot better than yours.

It's jumping.

Hi Marilyn.

Hi yourself.

Everybody here work at the plant?

Who wants to know?

Thanks for helping.

But I only got two pair
of hands, haven't I?

Well two gins with a shake's preferred.

Hey..hey, What are the chances
of a job at that place?

A Job?

Sure, I want work.

Boy, you must have come here just to plant
the marshes and now, it's a real game play.

Be careful Hall.

Better order drinks.

Someone seems to know you.

Yes, we met before, the camp secretary.

Two beers and a double.

What's working conditions like?

You mean the plant? Well, it couldn't be better.
You know what they pay unskilled labour?



You want a coffee (chocolate)?

Good evening. What seems
to be the trouble?

No trouble.

Someone was asking about
work at the plant.

Oh, you three together?


Are you looking for heavy constructional work? Not even if your
right, all workman are engaged with government contractors.

Ah, give it to them straight Max.

There are no jobs. Even we are
on short time now. (..Mixed voices)

The plant's nearly finished.
(..mixed voices)

Zombies are treading on
our heels to get out.


It's a special nickname
given to special persons.

Nicknamed to be working out of parishes? We
hate their guts and don't anyone deny it.


Now cover your tongue.

Well don't they treat us like dirt when they're
talking to us? Who do they think they are?

They run the plant?

Sure they do.

And do they operate the dome?


What's inside those domes, Eddie?

Suddenly you know too much.

Yes.. Who are you?

I know him. He was here two days ago.
Got into trouble with the guards.

And so we don't want any guard
trouble here. Out with them.

Wait a minute, listen to me.

You got to tell them.

It's useless.

But you got to try. Quiet
everyone! Quiet please!

Quiet everyone!

Listen to me. This is vitally
important to all of you.

Please, may I have your attention!

What's this all about?

(who is he?) Who are you?

I'm a police officer.

We don't have police here.

Well you have now.

Turn that music off. Now the gentleman over there is a
scientist and I want you to listen to what he has to say.

If what he says is right, you're
in great danger. All of you.

Danger! What danger?

Why are the police here?

It's about that place you've been
working on, helping to build.

He's been spying on the plant and the man with him
was arrested. Ask him. He told me himself. Ask him.

You think that place is producing
human food. It's not!

Well, how much do you
know about that?

He's been spying!

That plant is producing deadly poison.
Poison to every earthly creature.

Who's making poison?

What does he know?

Please. Let me explain, I can
prove everything I'm saying.

You better my boy.

He's a liar. Out with him.

We're making poison he says.

Let's kick them out!

Stop this, can't you get..

I wonder why you came
and now am I in big trouble?

Now get out before
there's any more trouble.

Maggie! Something happened to her.

Keep back everybody!

Take he out now.

It's alright. Now keep back please.

Nothing to be alarmed about!

It came through the roof. What was it?

There it is in the floor boards.

Keep back man!

Who are you telling to keep back?

It may be dangerous.

Dangerous, my foot, it's
an overshot, that's all.


How is she Mack? Not Bad?

No, It was just fright.

Ahh, I will be alright in a minute.

Take a bit of this now, Maggie.

Oh, This the first time a carton
has fallen this far away.

Called it another shot?

That's right. Those things that fall
outside the plant, usually at night.

What are they supposed to be?

Oh, something to do with
the process. Don't ask me.

Oh, look at the mess
it's made in the floor.

Stay back girl. It's a whole one
underneath the floor boards.

We got to get everyone out
of here, quick.

Now, come along! Everybody
outside please.. Come along.

Sorry to interrupt the
festivities, but is she alright?


Okay then, take her outside.
Now come along please..quickly.

Outside.. please.

You must clear this hall.

(muttering).. Come on now!

Away you go.

What's all the fuss about?

What do you think it's about, a bomb?

Look, no matter what they've told you about these
things, they're not harmless. Now along you go!

Let's go please.


Oh, here it is, it's still warm.

Put it down..as
slowly as you can.

It's only an overshot,
like Patty said.

On the floor.

Put it on the floor.



Look, her neck!

What is it? Sheila..
What happened?

Can we do anything?

Too late!

You say you know all about
it. Alright, do something.

There's nothing to do now.
You might call a doctor. Lomax!

Get a blanket!

The fact that that thing landed so far from the
plant might indicate that.. Come on quick.

Quick! Quickly

Sheila. That thing on her neck. You all
seen it didn't you?

It came out of the stone.

That fellow said it was dangerous.


A sort of whistling.

I was right. They're coming down
by the hundreds. Get Hall.

This is urgent, priority!

Jimmy, quick, outside.

Be with you in a minute. I'm
not gonna... News desk quick.

It's a mass dropping
alright. Were's Hall?

He's phoning his story.

Not from here. I told him
not to use the phone here.

Quatermass, look.

These things are coming in large
numbers from outside the earth.

Look, just print this
story with..hold on.

What did this? You know what
did it. Tell us and try to save her.

Do you hear what I say?

Steady buddy, steady.

And yet, These things arrive in stone containers, and form
of meteorite. They have been coming for past 18 months.

The fool, why doesn't he come out?

If he lies low he has a chance.

Contact with these things produces
a violent infection. A sort of stain.

I've just seen it happen.

Stay on the line. I think
I've been spotted.

Get this quickly. This
infection is widespread..

What can you do now?

Where to, London?

No, the plant.

Look out!

Squads of them down there.


Look at this.

Steel containers filled with their
own atmosphere. Gas supply.

They must put them in here so they
can get them back to the plant alive.

Well don't touch it.

You take the car and go back to London.

Go Back?..

Talk to people you can trust. Contact every one
of them. Make them listen before it's too late.

If you ask me, we should both go back.

I've got to get into that plant.
I may be able to do something.

Now wait minute.

It's up to you now, must hurry.

Don't go slow. Keep together.

How do we know they
took her this way?

They would have moved
her to the medical centre.

That's where they'll be at the plant.

Poor Kid.. They knew what
it was and wouldn't say.

That stranger, what'd he done to get
his face all shot up like that?

Filthy murdering swine. They
are going to get it tonight.

Look out!

Lights ahead. A car.

Wait boys! Hold your ground.
Right across the road.

Let me through. Stand clear.

It's the cop.

What's this about?

We're going to the plant.

Well get back to your homes, you can't
do anything, you'll only run into trouble.

We're after the men that killed your pal.

And they have taken young Sheila.

Go back to your homes. You'll do
more good if you go back.

We could use the car. Turn it 'round.

Stop... I'm on my way for help.
Go back home.

For all special personnel, bring
containers all in..bring containers all in.

Higher! Higher!

The next main shipment is on its way.

For all special personnel,
keep the containers away.

Attention! Attention! All special personnel,
emergency! Proceed with quickness to gate 4.

Go to gate 4! Emergency! Emergency!

All special personnel emergency at gate 4.

Emergency! Emergency!

Proceed with quickness to gate 4

Special direct handling..
Emergency on gate 4

Emergency! Emergency

Gate 4. There are construction workers
estimated at 150 in number.

Let's end it here..
I told you this is useless.

Leave, Get away from the gates.

Entry is prohibited.

Do not approach the gates.

Do not approach.

For special personal,
shoot to kill.

Don't regret this decision,
and shoot to kill.

Special personnel, for emergency
decisions, shoot to kill.

Shoot to kill.

Hey they're getting to cover!

Special personnel, bring them out
in the open and shoot to kill.

Come! Shut the door, fast!

Don't shoot! Hold you fire.




Take these guns.

Cover this window.

You hit? What happened?

I tried to stop them but there
was a gun battle at the gates.

Hey, look at this.

What is it?

Emergency weapons.

Try to get it open.


How bad is it?

Shertow, what happens if we stay tight?

Can this be opened from outside?


Well, we got a breather anyway.

How long is another matter.

Then, you didn't make your contacts?

I'm afraid the world
isn't going to know yet.

They're still at it. One
of the new armed people left.

This is madness, staying here like rats in a trap.
I'd rather be outside... So expect me out of here.

Don't be a fool. Shertow!

One grenade through that window,
..we'll be blown to pieces.

No, can't be an attack here. This
room is for pressure control.

Pressure control?

This is the pressure control centre.
I helped build this.

You mean they feed those
domes from here?

Each dome is controlled
by a separate section.

Ammonia, methane,
hydrogen, oxygen.


It could be that they are
being acclimatized.

On my Cue. Get me a
hand on these controls.

This will be a long shot
but we've got to take it.

Now both of you watch me.

Do the same with those panels.
Cut off the gas supply completely.

Set them at zero..
Like this.

That should bring the..oxygen
up to full pressure.

What's this going to do?

Choke what's in those domes I hope.

You seen?

I seen.

What was it?

They're moving in.

Attention! Attention!

Unauthorized personnel now, must get out of
controlled blocks. Resistance by you must cease.

Lay down your weapons and
leave the building.

You will be permitted to go to your
homes pending further action.

Leave the building at once.

They're still there.

Abandon your weapons and come out!

Come out and be shot
to bits is that it?

I think we ought to
know what they say.

We're holding this block. We've got to,
at least until the oxygen takes affect.

That's a no go, is it?

Resistance must cease immediately.
Lay down you arms..

Yes, what is it to kill us!

Inside those domes are creatures
from outside this earth.

Aw, you're mad!

I've seen them. Thousands of tiny creatures that can join
together and expand into things a hundred feet high.

And each one can infect a human being.

Like it did Sheila?

Yes, and those wretched creatures you call
zombies; take a look at 'em, you'll find the mark.

To all unauthorized personnel,
Check on your progress.

You will not be harmed. Leave the building at once or
other means of forcing your surrender will be used.

How long before that
oxygen takes effect?

How can I tell? May be hours.

And what time are the others coming?

They will be, unless we can destroy the
asteroid, the thing they're coming from.

How are you doing?

But your emergency plan, what was it?

To use the rocket that
guided the atomic bomb.

And when was that to happen?

I told Brand that if he didn't hear
from me to set it off by midnight.

But you're not seriously going to
launch that,..that 'bomb'

This is it Peterson. Control room!

Michaels. Brand. Check rocket motors set to critical
phase. We're launching. Don't argue, do it.

Attention everyone! Brand to all sections. Clear base
for firing. Repeat, clear base for firing. Immediately!

How do we know it'll even
take off without blowing up?

We don't.

Check. Fuel on.

Fuel on.




Don't touch him. Don't touch anything.


Now get that wrench on the bottom.

Never thought I'd be using
a crowbar with a cop.

They were really benefited.

Anti tank guns.

We'll need more than any anti tank
guns to get us out of this.

Somebody is shooting off flares.


Right across the sky. Way up!


It's gone now.. No,
there it is. Is it a flare?

No!.. It is not a flare.

What is it?

It's the one thing that may
save us, and humanity.

Too cursed quiet for my liking.

What are they up to?

Yes. What was the other means?

Probably just a war of nerves.

Any reaction yet?

I've done all I can. Pure oxygen, it
must be taking effect by now, it must.

Quatermass, What happens if we
fire an anti tank smack into the dome?

Whatever came out would be completely beyond our control.
Now, it is the best to poison them slowly if we can.

If! If you can. It's a lot of ifs mister..

How long are we going to trust you'll get
it? All this gab about a rocket and things.

What's so possible you know
what you are talking about?

You must believe me. We're all that stands between these
things taking possession of perhaps the whole world.

Spreading over it and affecting every..

Nobody has seen these
mysterious things but you.

Attention! Attention!

Switch off. Switch off.

The sabotage must cease!

Switch off. Switch off. Oxygen now
being passed through to the domes..

It's working!

And are still anxious to cooperate.

Anyone injured in recent violence or
should need treatment, go now! Hurry!

Okay!, Me too!

Stay where you are. It's a trick.

Maybe it is, but who's trick. You saw
your friends murdered out there.

Police. We were caught we arrived. We
have only his word, and if we were wrong..

He'd know that this is what was represented
to him, but what proof has he given us?

This is the last appeal to
you as reasonable men.

Hello! Hello!

My name's McLeod. I'm speaking from the pressure
control block. Put me through. Put me through.

Who's speaking?

E. G. McCloud, Charge hand Welder.
We want to know what's inside those domes.

There's a fellow here who says
there's living things in them.

McCloud, don't be a fool.

Leave me alone, I want to speak to him.

Let him speak. There is nothing
to hide in the domes.

They are lying.

The entire compound is very efficient. Whatever
you may wish to see we will show you..

Don't listen to them.

Help me Paddy.

Leave him! Leave him, will you!

McCloud here. I'm accepting your offer.
I want to see inside one of the domes.

Don't do it McCloud!

Come alone or be in company
with others hired.

We will meet in just two minutes
on the outside of dome 3.

Dawson, are you coming?


I'm on my way. Finally you
have me. You stay down here.

You'll all be infected.

All right everyone, relax.

Arnie. Keep them covered in case.

The men aren't in uniforms.

Don't count any of them.

Did they mean it?

They'll be infected, that must
be the purpose of this.

That's what I'm afraid of.

And they will put one
of them on the speaker.

Now listen. He's right.

Any moment now, McCloud or one of the others will talk
to you over that and tell you everything is all right.

But I beg of you, don't believe them.

What's that?

It's carrying along one of the pipes.

Those were screams.

If they come back I'm gonna..




It's going red. We're going to have to be
ready for anything.

It's here in the room.

Look, the pipe, it's burst!

It's alright, only oxygen.

What's happened?

Dome 3. Look at that pressure.

No wonder it blew.

That pipe must be blocked..
At the other end.

Blocked with what?..Blocked
with what mister?

There's something dripping!

It's blood!

It's them, McLeod and
Dawson. It must be.

The things turned on them. They used
them to stop the flow of oxygen.

That pipe has been blocked
with human pulp.

No, Quatermass.

Those filthy murdering swine.


I got it! The whole Dome!


The masks! Put on the masks.

There's one down there.

Down, down. Get down!

Go to the truck!

Look out, get!

He won't follow us now.

He's dead. To the truck, quick.

Look! The gates are closed!

Hold on!

He's alive.

Just about.

Throw him out!

No, we need him..
We need him for proof.

No No No!

The pain is driving them mad.

The rocket?

Either it blew itself up or..

Look at them. They're breaking.

Get under cover. Put your masks on.

It's over.


Get him.

The mark, it's gone.

The infection must be
wearing off..leaving them.

Perhaps all of them.

What's happened? Where is this?

You'll be alright now..

Lean on me mate. You'll be alright.

You know what worries me. How am I going
to make a final report about all this?

What worries me
is how final can it be.