Endless (2020) - full transcript

When madly in love high school graduates Riley and Chris are separated by a tragic car accident, Riley blames herself for her boyfriend's death while Chris is stranded in limbo. Miraculously, the two find a way to connect.

Okay, senior year

in Clear Lake,
California was a blur.

I graduated second in our class,

did an internship with
the DA, and applied to

my parents alma mater,
Georgetown University.

But most importantly, I
started going out with Chris.

We totally
didn't make sense on paper.

I was this girl who liked
to sit on the dock and draw,

and make my own graphic novels.

He wash this old school
guy who barely graduated,

and spent all of his time
working on his motorcycle.

I was completely,
totally, utterly hooked.

I could be myself around
Chris. He saw me for me.

Give Ry a hug for me.


Love you.

We pretended that
summer would last forever,

like the future
didn't even exist.

Maybe it was easier that way.

After all, we were in love.

What are
you thinking about?

How incredible this place is.

You're distracting me.

No, it's good.

Only good?

Well, I
mean, no it's great.

Only great?

I like the humps.

You make good humps.

Thanks, baby.

It's amazing.

Only amazing?

You look perfect.

Did you open it?


I got accepted
for next semester.

Oh my God!


Time to celebrate.

Actually, I'm going to
Julia's party with Chris.

Yeah, but not on a bike,
right? Not the motorcycle?

No no, I made that
very very clear.

Why don't you guys
spend the night with us?

We could order takeout,
celebrate the big news together.

Yeah, maybe next
time I get in college.

Oh, you're funny.

She got in.

You look good.

Only good?



Everything okay?


Yeah, yeah, let's go.


So they still want me dead, huh?


Just a little dead.

This is amazing.

Thanks. Come on, come here.

Everybody. Cut the
music for a second.

Thank you all so much
for coming out tonight.

It means everything to have
the support of close friends.

I have an announcement to make.

You all know Riley.

Woo woo!

Well, she decided
that she's too smart,

and too cool, and
generally baller

to go to regular old
state, like most of us.

So, she just got brilliant news.

She'll be heading East
to Georgetown as soon as

her internship with the
District Attorney's done,

which will be in?

Five weeks.

Five weeks.

But I thought you wanted this.

I thought you wanted
to stay together.

We can do the
long distance thing.

Babe, it can work for us.

Come on, we're different.

So, Riley the lawyer, huh?


Yeah, that's the plan.


Because it sounds like you
don't want me to have a career.

What? No that's not.

I want you to be you.

How am I not being me?

You're creative, Ry.

I'm going into law, Chris.

Come on, it's
already been decided.

Drawing is something I do for
fun, but I'm not an artist.


I need another drink.


What happened to him?

Get off.

Oh, okay.

Hey Nate, can I use your car?

Two shots, two hours ago.

I'm fine.


No glove, no love.

This isn't you Ry,
it's your parents.

I got it.


Let me do it, let me do it.

Just stop.

You know I love you, Ry.

You know that right?
I love you so much.

You okay?


Hey, sweetheart.

Hey, Ry.

How you feeling?

What happened?

You were in an accident.

You spent the night
at the hospital.

You were in and out
of consciousness.

You don't remember?


You had a concussion
from the airbag.

But the MRI came back fine.

The doctor said you'd
probably be groggy

for a couple of days but, you're
gonna make a full recovery.

Where's Chris?

Right here.



They tried.

Where's Chris?

Why are you lying to her?

Ry, I'm right here, I'm. Ry?


- Hey!
- Riley.

Someone look at me. Someone
look at me, I'm right here!

I want to see him.

Let me go!

Hey. Hey!

Someone look at me.
Someone look at me.

Let go of me.

I'm right here!
I'm right here!

I'm not dead. I'm not dead.

You okay?

Let me go. Please let me go.

I want to see him.


No. Where is he?

Lee's with him.



- No. No!
- Mom, Mom.


Mom, Mom, Mom.
Get off her! Mom!

Mom! Mom!



Hey, hey.

Do you know where
1025 Blount Street is?

I'm late.

Where is it?

Tell me right now.

Come on.


Tell me! Tell me now!

It's two blocks
that way, all right.

It's another half mile, now go.

Get your hairy ass
up out of here, bro.

He asks the same
damn thing everyday.

He's a no-brainer.

He don't know he dead.

You know you dead, right?


What was it?

What was it that killed you?

Car, car crash.


I love it, yeah.

Well, I'm Jordan.


- Oh, just Chris.
- Chris.

All right.

Well, I catch you on
the flip, just Chris.

Hey wait.

Where you going?

I got a lot of
important meetings

with a lot of important people

to talk about a lot
of important things.

I'm just playing, fool.

Nowhere, we dead remember?

How long ago did you-

- October 3, '87.

Yeah fools broke up
into my auntie house.

They was like give me your
stuff, fool. Break your stuff.

And I was like head up, hand up.

You know, but they
got a shot off on me.

I was 17, but it's all good.

30 years ago, you know.

See how old you
was when you died

is how old you stay
when you come here.

So what it really
means is you ain't got

to worry about arthritis
or losing your hair,

or anything else really.

You know, you ain't gonna
get hungry, thirsty,

sleepy, horny,
you're just gonna be.

All right so,

why are we here?

Shouldn't I like
know everything now?

Do you know everything?


Let's bounce, man.

Now you got a good little
spot up here, Chris.

Well, so you're
not from Philly?

Nah, Oaktown you know,
but wandering around there

got old after like the
first five, six years.

So I was like, why not go
somewhere else, you know?

You like that?

There's no like or not like
when you're in this place man.

Those words don't mean anything.

You'll come around.

You left somebody behind, huh?

You got that look in your eye.

Look, I know it hurts now man.

Trust me I do but,

as soon as you
stop giving a damn,

sooner it all gets better.

You'll change your
mind, you will.

Oh you got it all
figured out, huh?

And what you're
still walking for?

So there's a perk or two.

See what I don't
get is why they can't

just like throw it on the
pan for a few minutes.

'Cause that's not
how the Japanese do it.

That's how I do it.

Three dollars for
this, seriously?

Just try it please, for me.

No, it's good.

Okay, I disagree clearly.

All right.

Oh God. Oh God, oh.

I gotta go.

Check please.

Morning Riley.
You feeling better?

Riley this is detective-

- Detective Jenkins with
traffic homicide investigation.

This is just protocol,
they send someone

from THI in whenever, whenever
there's a death involved.

Do you mind?

Go ahead.

Now Riley, I can
appreciate that this

is hard on you and
your family, but

do you mind if I ask
you a few questions?

So Riley Jean Stanheight, date
of birth September 6, 1999.

Is that all correct?

You know that car shouldn't
have been on the road.

Were you aware that the
passenger side airbag

was non-functional at the
time of the collision?

Had you been drinking?
Were you distracted?

Anything involved that may have

impaired your
judgment on the road?


Are you sure about that?

I think the answer was
quite clear there detective-

- Is there anything else?

Anything at all that you'd like
to tell me, Ms. Stanheight?

I think we've had

just about enough
stress for the day.

The brake lights.


The driver in front of
us, they stopped short.

But there weren't
any brake lights.


Thank you.

Yeah, and then he hit
us with another essay

about human sensuality in
1920's Parisian fashion.

I think the man's just
not getting any sex.

You could do everyone a
favor and offer your services.

You guys don't have to stay.

We're not going anywhere.

I tried texting
Chris last night.

Pretty crazy right?


The worst part is is that

I waited for him
to text me back.

You want to hear crazy?

The other night I played both
halves of our Fortnite game,

switching screens like a maniac.

We never could get you
two off of that thing.

Remember that time at the
rink when he forgot his skates,

and he played goalie
in his converse?

They still couldn't
score on him.

In sophomore year
he had this hat.

He loved this hat,
he wore it all year.


Hey. What is it?

These memories, they're Chris.


Right, and and, and
they're all that I have left.

And they're gonna fade,
and I'm gonna forget,

and then Chris is gonna
be gone, and then I.

I can't live like that,
I can't live like that.

Okay okay, okay
okay okay. It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

You sure you don't
want us to stay?

Yeah. Bye.

Ry, I wish you could hear me.

You're gonna get through this,
all right. I know you will.

Like I told you,
she's not ready.

And I don't appreciate
another house call.

No I understand,
Mr. Stanheight.

Your daughter's
recovery comes first.

I'm only here to return this.

That's mine.

The records are showing that

you were texting around
the time of the accident.

- I.
- Quiet.

Thank you.

We'll be in touch.

Listen Riley, sweetheart,
we gotta seriously

think about getting
your statement together.

That guy's not going anywhere.

It's gonna be okay.

Let's just go through
it all as you recall it,

what you were doing,
what Chris was doing.

Chris wasn't doing anything.

I was driving, it was my fault.

Well, just consider
everything again.

Make sure it's clear in
your mind, and then we-

- Why are you talking like that?

Like what?

Like how people are going
to see me after this, or

how it affects me.

Of course we are concerned
about how it affects you.

You're our daughter.

And what's Chris, just
another thing to consider?

Look I can't be late for work.

Funerals are expensive.

And his father still
won't return my call

so I'll do everything alone.

I'm sure we could
help with that.

Lee, I was the one
who was driving.

It was my fault.

I just lost the
love of my life, and

Lee I'm so sorry.

Is that what you needed,
getting that off your chest?

I, I don't know Ms. Duncan.

You think that I was
sitting here, waiting for you

to stop by and say sorry
for killing your son?

You think that's what I needed?

No, that's what you needed.

Rich kid, who
thinks all it takes

to make everything
right is, is cash,

and some stupid freaking words.

Don't show your face here again.

Who knew I was so popular?

Looks like my father
had better things to do.

Chris let me
show you something.

Trust me, think of
your favorite place

in the whole world right now.

Do it.

Not my sport, but I respect it.

This is incredible.

Best seat in the house.

So what happened?

Oh, rookie mistake.

You probably started thinking
about something else.

Yeah, you gotta watch
them stray feelings, boy.

Or who knows where
you'll end up.

Your mind can just randomly

take you places
whenever it feels like?

I mean your mind, sure.

But I mastered this
teleportation stuff years ago.

Dirty ass place.
Where we at, bro?

This was a mistake.


Hey? Hey, hold up.

You look good, baby.

Only good?

I don't know why
I'm so surprised.

I hear your voice every
day, everywhere I go.

I'm sorry that I'm so weak but,

pretending that you're not
gone feels really great.

Only great?






Dude, I am telling you.

I'm telling you
she could hear me.

I've been here 30
years, bro, 30 long years.

And I ain't never heard
of nothing like this.

The one absolute rule of being
dead is we can't communicate-

- With the living.
You're wrong though.

I'm wrong?

Oh, you got it all figured out.

Okay, prove it.

I know Nate better than
anyone, all right trust me.

Your boy looks like hell.

Yeah he does.

Well, we doing this or what?




Nate, it's Chris.



Why would I lie?

Oh my God, you tell me.

I don't know you.

Okay listen, for the
sake of argument,

let's say you was being
straight up with me,

that you talked to her-

- Which I did.

Which you did, yeah.

Look, maybe it's some, I don't
know, special power you have.

And maybe you're supposed
to use it to do something.

Right, well like what?

Look there's only one thing

anybody's ever trying
to do here, move on.

Like I said, most folks skip.

Why didn't you skip?

What if it only works
with your girl, you dig?

Like, what if it's just some
connection only y'all had?

You know we don't have to
do this if you don't want to.

No, I want to.

How's Nate?

Texting me awkward stuff
in the middle of the night,

skipping out on stuff,
getting mad for no reason.

It's super weird.


Have you ever
experienced something

that like you couldn't explain?

Like, I don't know like
you heard something,

and then you were like,
I heard something.

And then you look around
and nothing's there.

You're hearing things?



Never mind.


Sushi tomorrow night?

Me, you, and Nate
if I can get him?

Yeah, I can dig it?


Nothing, I've just never
heard you say that before.

It was always Chris's thing.

Oh, I guess it
just slipped out.

That's Chris's number.

He's wearing Chris's
number, right?

Yeah, he wanted to as tribute.

You okay?

You okay?


Okay, let's take a breather.


No. Absolutely not.

It's the truth, that's
what you guys wanted.

You were not texting at
the time of the accident.

Yes I was.

No, you were not.

Because if you were, it's
no longer an accident.

It becomes a felony.

You do understand
what happens, right?

After a felony indictment,
let alone a conviction?

Do you want to
destroy your future?

There it is. I knew
that this was coming.

That's all you two care about
is future, future, future.

With good reason.

There's no returning from
a statement like this.

It's the same as handing
in a guilty plea.

Well guess what? I am guilty.

It's as simple as that.

Young lady come
back here right now.

21% report hearing them,
3% feeling their touch.

Losing my father was

probably the hardest
thing I've ever had to-

- And some people say that
ones that have passed on,

that they're actually
coming to say hello.

They're visiting with you and-

- And she could feel her mother

standing at the foot of her bed.

An hour after he passed,
I got a message on my phone.

It was crazy.

- Oh hey.
- Hey hey.

- Hi.
- Oh, hello.


What the heck am I doing?

Damn it!

Go home.

I'm going home.



Close your eyes.

Oh my God, I can feel
you. I can really feel you.

It wasn't your fault
Ry, it was an accident.

You can't blame yourself.

Of course, my imagination
would make you say that.

I've been reading
up about grief.

And I know that this is
all just in my imagination.

What, you think this
is all in your head?

It's my mind's way of
coping with you being gone.

I'm gonna tell you something
you couldn't possibly know.

My dad got me a watch
just before he left,

and I was so pissed
that I buried it

in my backyard by the shed.

Find it for me, okay.

Promise me you'll find it.

I promise.


Is everything all right?



Yeah, coming Mom.


Thank you.

What's going on, honey?

Is this all we
have of my stuff?

Maybe, I think there
might be another box

in the storage unit someplace.

Why, do you need
them for something?

Do you remember this one?

I made it for your 40th?

Yes, Blue Rider,
about the girl who

took her horse into the city.

Did you like it?

Of course I did.

What did you like about it?

I love how much
work you put into it.

I think it's beautiful.

It's detailed.

But do you think it's good?

I think lots of people,

lots of artists are
very good, even great.

But only one or two out of 100

get to succeed at something-

- Yeah, I got it Mom, thanks.

You are my daughter,
and I love you.

I just want you
to be successful.

But do you think
they're good? Do you?

Do you think I'm good?

I think you are
better than good.

I think you are incredible.

Okay, it's that
crab thing you like,

with the actual crab,
not with the fake stuff.

You guys up for
some sake bombs?

Nate. No.

Come on.

I don't know when you
became such a prude, Jules.

It's like you're
not even thinking.

Boo, boo.

Stop it.

Oh my God. Are
you already drunk?

Just pre-gamed a little.

It's all good in the hood.

By the way, Riley.

Heard the cops have
been up your ass.

Where'd you hear that?

Around. Does it matter?

So what, they think you were

driving like a
maniac or something?

- Jesus, Nate.
- My driving was fine.

Except you crashed my car.

So it wasn't that
fine, am I right?

Let it go.

Two shots, two hours ago.

That's what you said.

Most of the night's
still a blur,

but that's coming through
crystal clear you know.

It sounds like you
think that I was lying.

Were you?


Freaking called it.

But not about that.

Your car, that you're
too lazy to fix,

that shouldn't be on the road,

that's what happened.

And I lied.

I lied to protect you.

I lied to protect your
life, to protect my friend.

Something wrong?

I just don't like the taste.

We also have pizza?

That's gross.

Hey, how was-

- Great.

What are you doing?

Soul searching.

This is ridiculous.

Can you kiss me?

Let's find out.

This is real.

I'm not making this up.

It's not in my mind.

I don't know what this means.


I died, I kind of got stuck.

Everything else, I don't know.

You believe this?


That doesn't matter?

Hey. Who's out there?



Riley, can you come
down to the kitchen please?

Please have a seat, Riley.

Mrs. Douglas has
informed us that last night

she caught you trespassing
on her property-

- Digging in my damn yard.

Is that true?


But I wasn't trying to
trespass or anything.

What were you doing there?

I was looking for something.

A watch.

You stole a watch?

It's hard to explain.


Chris told me to.

Before my son died, he told
you to go root around my shed?

Hold on, Riley-

- No, I mean you didn't think
it was enough to kill him.

You had to come
lift his stuff too?


Jesus, that's what you
two do for a living, right?

Protect the guilty,
get rich doing it?

Excuse me?

That's how you keep your
murderer daughter out of jail.

Listen to me, Lee.

I know you're hurting.

I know what you're
going through.

But you're in the
wrong to come here

and call my daughter a murderer.

You're wrong to blame
her, and you know it.

I don't care about
the watch. Keep it.


listen to me Riley.

I can't see you because

when I see your face, I
see Chris, I see my boy.

I don't know what to do.


Hey? What is this music?

Speaker volume 10.

Well my question is,

why do you always connect
with her when I'm not around?

No right,
because when I'm with her

I'm thinking about
you, sure, right.

Well there's
always next time.

So this thing is legit?

That's what I've
been telling you.

Hey, you gonna
show me how it works?

What do you need it for?

I thought you didn't give a
shit about anyone anymore.

I don't.

So you gonna show me or not?

How it works for us is,
you need something you share,

like a memory, or
a strong emotion.

For us it's Riley's drawing.

Hey, what time is it?

It's seven I think. Why?

She used to play this for
me every day after dinner.

Every day, right
around seven o'clock.

It's really nice.

Maybe that's it?

Hey Dad.

I'm doing great by the way.

I'm dead, if you forgot.

Hey, did you see any
polar bears in Alaska?


Weird. That's where
Mom told us you went.

And I get why.

It's easier than telling
your abandoned son

that his dad was in the same
freaking state the whole time!

Joke's on me, huh?

Did it work?


Chris man,

you need to focus on getting
out of here all right.

Like I said, most
folks just skip.


She's alive man.

You're not.

She'll eventually move on,

and then you gonna
have to face yourself.

Face yourself?

Are you kidding me?

Or maybe you're just
jealous of what I have?

We're not talking
about me, man.

We're talking about
you, all right.

Well, what's holding
you back, Jordan?

'Cause I'm not the one
that's been stuck here

for 30 years doing the same
over and over and over again.

Who the hell do
you think you are?

I'll tell you who you are.

You're some nobody kid who got

lucky enough to run
into me, all right.

I didn't have to show you the
ropes around here but I did.

After everything, you
gonna come to me like this?

I'm out.

So what you want to
do is grab the knife

with your hand like that.

Fingertips, on your knuckles.


Right up against
that like that.


And slice.

There we go.

How's that feel?

I think I'm gonna
be a TV dinner girl.

No, you're not.

You call yourself an
adult, but you can't cook?

All righty.

I could definitely do this.


Wait, slow down slow
down. Where are you?

Okay. Okay okay, I'm coming.

You don't need to
go to the cops.

No, I have to.

They need to know what I did.

They need to know it was me.


You said it yourself, Ry.

I should have
gotten my car fixed.

So what, you're
gonna walk in and say

hey here's the deal, my
bad, throw me in jail?

Pretty much.

I fucked up, right?

It's time to face it.

This isn't gonna help anyone.

It'll help me.

I'm losing my mind over this.

This isn't what Chris
would have wanted.

Oh yeah?

How do you know what
Chris would have wanted?

Come on.

I want to show you
guys something.

Ry, are
you sure about this?

What are we doing?

Seeing Chris.


Look, if this doesn't work,

I'll go to therapy
and I'll admit

that it's just grieving, okay.

I'm in.

Trust me, Jules.

How do you know
he's gonna come?

He'll come.

Is something gonna happen?


I guess I thought that
something was gonna happen.

He's here. He's right here.

Who is?


They can't see me.

No, but they have
to. This has to work.

Ry, I don't think
this is good for you.

Tell me something about Nate,

something that only
you would know.

maybe we shouldn't.

They have to understand.

We have to go.

This has to stop.

Julia don't. Don't!

He's dead.

You need help.

You need to live your life.

This is my life.

Have you looked
at yourself lately?

This isn't good for you, Ry.

I love you, you're
my best friend but,

I can't watch you
do this to yourself.

So until you get help.



You knew, you freaking knew.

You chill. I don't know
what you're talking about.

Where are we?

This is where it happened.

Auntie brought my niece, Alicia,
to the Christmas village.

I tagged along. She
was turning five.

Auntie went to get
us hot chocolate,

she told me to
look after Alicia.

She wanted to go play, I
told her not to go too far.

I wasn't paying attention,

and I lost her.

Jordan, that must
have been awful but,

I don't understand what
that has to do with-

- You will.

She was fine.

Then she got sicker and sicker.

And I ain't put it together
until it was too late.

But it was me,
connecting with her.

And now she's dead,

thanks to you.

Is she here?

She skipped this level.

Look, it ain't free.

This connection?

Somebody got to pay
the price for it,

with life.

But we ain't got no
more life to give,

so it gotta come from somewhere.

Well, my auntie didn't have
many more years left anyway.

So I guess it only
took a few visits.

But if you keep it
up with your girl,

it's gonna end the same way.

So here comes the truth.

There was no break-in,
no fight, no shot.

I didn't save my auntie.

After I heard they
found Alicia's body I,

I came home, took out my belt.


Auntie found me.

She never really recovered.

You know maybe seeing
me one more time

before she died was
what she needed.

But you gotta stop, man.

Your girl's got her
whole life ahead of her.

It's not yours to take away.

Hey you.

Ry, we need to talk.

Don't go.

You're gonna say
that you have to go,

and I'm telling you not to.

I didn't realize it before but

every time you visit
me it changes me.

No no, I mean the
things that you say,

that you like, that
you don't like,

they're becoming things that
I say, things that I like.

So maybe this means that
this is just the beginning.

Maybe we can bring you back
or something, maybe we can.

This is making you sicker and
sicker, Ry. We have to stop.

No, you don't get to decide
that. I'm not losing you.

I'm killing you.

When I said that I wanted
to let you go I was wrong.

I don't want to.

Those little bits
that I left with you,

they're always gonna be there.

I thought that
you wanted this.

I thought that you
wanted us to be together.

Of course I do.

Then don't leave.

Come here.

- I have to go.
- No.

- I have to go.
- No, no, no!

I love you.



Stay Chris!



Honey, I really
think we should make

a doctor's appointment
for you, something's not...

I'm fine.

- No but-
- I'm fine.

I don't know, I guess
I thought that'd be it.

That that was the
thing keeping me here.

I'd let her go, and I'd move on.

Saying it and meaning it
are two different things.


The detective was just telling
us about a new development

in your case that we thought
you might want to hear.

I did mean it.


Let me ask you a question.

Would you still have
said goodbye if you knew

your visits weren't
costing her her life?

So the driver of the
car that you rear-ended,

we've learned that nine
days before your accident

he was given a ticket in Texas
for a faulty brake light.

Now so far, he's been unable

to prove that he
fixed the brake light.

So if he still can't
come up with this proof,

all things being equal,

I think we'll be able
to close this case.

If you could see her
as much as you wanted,

no problems, nothing
bad happened after,

if that was the way it was,
would you still leave her alone?

Thank you, detective,
genuinely thank you.

Hey, just doing my job.

You drive safe, all right.

Well of course I'd stay with
her for as long as I could.

You're not still here
'cause of her man.

You still here 'cause of you.

Not gonna forgive you.

Not gonna get that from me,

if that's what
you're hoping for.

I wasted so much of my
life thinking about you.

I'm done now.

I hope you have
a good life, Dad.

I'm not kidding, I hope you do.

That little boy looks
like he really loves you.

Maybe think of sticking
around this time, huh?



What are you doing here?

He stopped coming.

Chris, he stop coming.

That's good.

Is that all you came here
for, to tell me that?

No, I...

Thank you for being my friend.

And tell Nate that too.

Wait. Riley?

She's not with Julie either.

We can
track her phone.


You came back to me.

You came to me Riley,
you shouldn't be here.

There had to be another
way for us to be together.

And this is it.

No, Ry.

Let me go with you.

I found my Dad, Ry.

I told myself ever
since I was a kid

that I would never
do what he did,

I would never abandon
the people I love.

I was so scared that I
couldn't see the truth.

What truth?

We have to move on.

And I know it's gonna hurt.

I know it's gonna hurt,
but you're gonna be okay.


No, not just okay,
you're gonna be great.

You're gonna be amazing.

Wherever your life takes you,

it'll be perfect.

You gotta live for me, Ry.


You have to be, you
have to live for me, Ry.

You have to live, Ry.

Breathe for me, live for me.

I have to move on.

You have to live.

Breathe Ry. Breathe Ry, breath.

You can do it, come on.

Breathe for me.

Hold for pulse check.

Come on, breathe for me.

Hold for pulse check.

Here we go, okay.

You'll be fine no, okay.
You'll be fine now.

- There you go.
- No!



Just get the vitals
for me, please?

Hey guys just stay over for
now. Are you guys family?

Chris. Chris.

There's a
wooden box in my room.

I was gonna give it to
you when I finished it,

but it doesn't look like
I'm gonna get the chance.

Open it, okay.

I love you, Ry.

Yeah you did good, man.

Yeah, by the way, I never
got a chance to thank you

before you know,
dipped out on me, so

thank you for everything.

I could join you but I
think I'm good right here.

Still got hands to hold.


What's up? I'm Jordan,
and you look lost.

It's all right.

We both dead, in case you
didn't know that already.

Yes, breathe. Just chill, okay?

Yeah I mean you're dead
yeah, but it's all good.



Dear Ry,

I'm not great at writing so

don't make fund of
me too much for this.

You'll see I saved every
piece you ever did for me.

Even the little ones you
wanted me to throw away.

I stuffed them in my pocket
when you weren't looking.

This is what you
were born to do, Ry.

I know that probably
doesn't mean much

coming from somebody
like me but,

maybe it'll mean something
coming from yourself.

You're amazing, Riley.

Don't give up on this.

And when you publish
your first graphic novel,

I want a dedication
right up front.

Love, Chris.

A fine arts minor?

If it's possible, yes.

Oh, it's definitely possible.

It's just that
generally we recommend

a more complimentary minor
for those pursuing law.

I understand.

Okay then, fine arts it is.