Emerald City (1988) - full transcript

A couple move to Sydney from Melbourne, and soon become lured by the bright lights of the big city. Colin, the scriptwriter husband, is corrupted by his editor and then falls for the girlfriend of his writing partner, while Colin's wife Kate begins to lose sight of her ideals in a new world of hustlers and cynics.

Kate was against the move,
but I couldn't wait.

I hated her friends
and they hated my movies.

They were talking about middle- class snobs . And Dave was the biggest.

Melbourne makes them. Fools.

Disgusting snobbish
fools. Chase them.

You don't think I'll miss
company? - We said I was leaving

You agreed. - Because you never
do what you say.

I almost didn't stay. Sydney
seemed to me like a city without a soul.

Our Melbourne friends
care about people and justice.

Colin believed in the correctness of
the decision. In the end I left.

Take this.

The seed. Quickly. Movement.


Seed, come on.

I left room for the computer.
- But I just put the bag.

Put her away. - I can't... - Penny, put the
bag away. This is expensive.

Yes, uh.

Look what you've done.


Goodbye, Melbourne. - Shit.

Penny, is there a
tram in Sydney? -Of course not, fool

The monorail runs.
-What is that? - You don't know anything?

Enough, we have a long way to go.

Columns. -What's up?

The seed. - Don't do that to her.

How many stars does the hotel have?
- We're only staying tonight. - and better

Do they have a TV here? -I do not know.
- will we have separate rooms?

Forgiveness. - What is that?

Let me see you now.


I can not see anything.

You almost hit a truck.
-What? - You almost hit him.

Fasten your seat belts.

Take a look. Beautiful.


You must be kidding. -Gofi, let's
go! - The hedge is lush.

Nice chimney. The right one.

Everything is falling apart.

Sam, pick up the box. - Why
do I always have to? - It's yours.

Penny, maybe the
house is haunted. Shut up.

What did we learn?-What a hole


The city is teeming with them. Port city.

Phew. - All port cities
are full of cockroaches. They arrive by boat.

It stinks. Goof, if you see a
rat, kill it. That's right.

The door won't open. - Is this house
worth as much as our old one?

It's worth more. - Why? - Because
more people want to live here.

What other city offers
such a view? - Rio.

But he is not the most beautiful.
- I came here as a child.

I remember the lush
leaves, the blue water,

ferries and lighthouses.

There is no shortage of color.
- Decadence also attracted me.

Didn't I drag you here? - No,
I enjoy it. - It disgusts me. - Kate.

A beautiful city. Look at him.
-Judge the city by the view

the climax is superficiality. I'm sorry
, lleyn, the city is terrible.

The media is looking for trivia,
where, what and how to be seen.

Glamour, image and style.
Brainless New York.

And Melbourne is Perth without
the sun. Kate is convinced

that Sydney is full of thieves. - It is

There are also in Melbourne.

Sydney is different. Money
is more important here. - Why?

The view of the city depends on him.
In Melbourne, everyone is depressed

No one in Sydney wastes time
debating the meaning of life.

People have been looking for a better
view of the sea all their lives. - You don't like s

I like it. This is my city.
I accept him as he is.

Just don't act like
Melbourne, lest you burn out.

Draft of my new project.

Kolin, a wonderful surprise. - It
will be our best cooperation

I should have been more careful.
What idiot would let go

all ends of life
for boyhood memories. A madman.

Maybe I secretly wanted to
get closer to the world of celebrities.

Hello. -Hello.

Are you Colin Rogers? -That

I love your work. I have
seen most of your films. -Thank you.

And I want to write a screenplay,
but I block the typewriter

Where do you get ideas from? - lz the stories
I hear, the world around me.

Sometimes it just dawns on me.
-Really? If they dawned on me too.

Kate, this is Kat Mitchell.
Kate Rogers. - Hello. - Hello.

Ket went to the book. I hear she
could be great. - About what?

About the struggle for the success of black women.
It will be an impressive book.

If you want to write, persevere - It must
be difficult. -Not easy.

And you're better off if you don't write.
I regret my professor days.

At least I didn't have to read
reviews and think about them in the morning.

Don't let that stop you
. - I won't.

I apologize.

I was glad. - Also.

Goodbye. -Sorry.

O, Bože...


Why is he avoiding me? Maybe she
doesn't like the draft? It's great.

Colin Rogers. Mike McCord.
Welcome to Sydney. -Thank you.

I haven't seen you before. -I
don't come to parties like this anymore.

You have to go for cocktails.
That's Sydney's golden rule.

That's where you learn the most. I watched
one of your movies on the weekend. - Koji

Days of Vajna and Vitlam. I don't know
why the critics cut it.

Most of the reviews were good.
- I guess I read a bad one.

But the movie is fun. - I hope
it's more than that.

The ending worried me. I would
resolve the remaining ambiguities.

It's a sign of the times. - l am
working on some projects.

What kind? - Contemporary international
action adventure. It passes.

And I should be writing such
scenarios, right? - Look

Look at them. Downtrodden
guys sell bad movies.

Real boredom.

We have such a boring history
that it is not worth mythologizing.

What are you working on? -On a new
scenario. - Modern? -Not really.

Gave up on the middle
class? - I wanted a change.

Who produces? lain ross?
-Maybe. - You asked her? - Not yet

And to produce yourself? - He doesn't know - it
's worth it. And you are in control.

llejn always
adapted my works well.

If you are satisfied, fine.
I want to give you a couple of ideas

Are you free on Sunday?

Did you talk to lleyn last night?
- No. - Did she read the script?

I do not know. - How long has it been
at her place? - Two weeks.

Rude. She should
at least tell us if she read it.

Maybe five-hour lunches
take up too much of her time.

lli cannot consume any
new material afterwards. She is.

sorry. -Ao, Manone.

Where did you go on Saturday?
Really? Julie is going crazy.

Don't talk all day.
-Good. - You're leaving in 3 minutes.

Dad is bothering me. - Sam, did you
feed the dog? -Not yet. -Come on.

We're leaving in two minutes.
- Here's your shopping list.

Come on, don't... -
You lost two last week.

Call the masters for stove
and machine. They broke down.

So when will I work? You're in
the office, I'm dropping off the kids,

I go shopping,
paint, repair around the house.

When will I work? - You have
flexible working hours. I do not have.

Not fair.



Feed the dog.

Colin. - I was passing by so
I said to stop by. -Very nice.

You are occupied? -Yes I am.

I won't hold you back. Did you get
to take a look at the script?

It's just a sketch. - Rough.
- I was expecting something modern.

Why? - You wrote like that until now.
Because. - I wanted a break from that.

They say I only write about that.
- Who? -Critics, friends.

Don't let critics direct you in a
way you don't want to. - I wanted it.

That story is important to me. - Coast
Guard. - Uncle was in it.

Aunt raised animals.
Cinematography can do without it

But she did not risk her life
during the war by following planes

and saving us from invasion.
- That will attract a mass audience

Of course. -Let's have lunch...-You think he
won't...?-Let's have lunch next week

These people are amazingly brave.
You were not moved by the story about them?

When was the last time you heard of someone
risking their life for their country?

They are true heroes. Why
don't we make movies about him anymore

Colin Rogers seems like a nice
guy. - He's full of himself. - It's not.

He seemed modest to me.

l should be.

Eight of his works have been screened,
which is eight more than you.

But he is on the decline. Audiences
now want action and excitement.

If you think he's going down,
why are you with him?

What a fish. I still can't believe
that he sleeps with me every night.

I get goosebumps when I hear her voice
When she's talking to other guys

I'm surprised they don't touch her.
She is witty and smart.

When we make out, he moans...

It's like he's eating something delicious.

And when she finishes, she's all shaking.

I'm not nice, but if what I
feel for her isn't love,

then it's damn close to love

He seemed very attractive to me.
- That's the power of the media.

Just because a women's magazine
says she sleeps in red pajamas

Go. Spava go.

And I sleep naked, but it
doesn't turn you on. - Because you're not famous

I will be more famous than him one
day. -When you become famous,

uspaljivaæeš me.

I had to prove it to all the bastards who laughed at me

that I am a talent who waited
and waited for his opportunity.

Whenever Helen wanted to
leave me, I won her over

promises of success,
but my time was running out.

Financiers don't trust
scripts with my name on them.

Regardless of whether they like it
and whether it smells like making money.

But with the signing of Colin Rodgers,
my career will take off.

As soon as she climbs on deck, the
16-year-old gets everyone busy.

Finally, the captain pulled her
aside. They are 200 m from the coast.

l tells her, choose,
me or the crocodiles.

She jumps into the water and swims
towards the shore. And the crocodile...

He slides behind her. She
almost reaches the shore...

A crocodile attack is more believable
than a shark attack.

How about a blanket?
- It sounds very commercial.

What will it be called? Beast Wars
? -Attack at night.

Nothing is definitively determined
. The captain can jump and get killed

I want you to be my co -writer
You will be named as the lead.

We will produce the film ourselves and
control the money and filming.

We don't need
twilight panoramas or bad actors.

You know which movie has the best
cast? Farland horse.

And mine had good actors.
- Who hired Johnson

in the Days of Vajna and
Vitlam? -lain Ross.

He looks great in rock
videos, but bad on film.

The audience knows that he doesn't know how to act
, that's why they didn't watch him. - They didn't?

The film covered the costs. - l
earned. - He could have done much more.

The script was great.
He was awarded in... -Berlin.

For nothing else,
just for the scenario.

It's one of the best
scenarios we've had,

and the audience did not flock
to the cinemas. You know why?

Because crazy llane
took a grotesque actor.

She lives in abundance, and you in the
backwaters. She enjoys the view,

but you have a gift.

Attack at night. What do you say?

I'm not sure it's for me

You'll be smarter tomorrow.
What are you currently working on?

Recent history?
2nd St. war? -Yes, why?

You know McBride from Channel 10?
-Not. - We are good friends.

He says that 2. St. war always
passes. Theme? - Coast Guard

A group of people saves us from
invasion by following the enemy.

It would pass. Gary accepts such
projects. - I'm making it for the cinema

World War II doesn't go well in the cinema,
but it's always a hit on TV.

You can make a miniseries.
Gary will sign the pre-contract,

we will settle the matter at the bank
and we can shoot in August.

I envisioned it as a movie. - It
's an epic story, it doesn't stop at 2 o'clock

He was a player, and a very
callous human being.

But he left an impression with his
self-confidence and energy.

He found himself in an industry where
even fools succeed overnight.

Lucas and Spielberg were
ridiculed in their beginnings,

and now they are millionaires.
He radiated potential.

If it doesn't work, I'll get rid of it.


A mini-series of 6-7 episodes.

I know, you care, but you don't see
the story in guarding the coast.

Members of the Coast Guard
fought with the guerrillas.

My uncle told me about them.
- Let his influence on you.

I have to sell the idea
to primitive bosses

who cares why the average
viewer would watch that shit?

But you can certainly
sell them a quality idea.

If you want to do something new,
I have the perfect project for you.

Heard about Tonoj Sanzar?-His children
died in an amusement park

He's crazy, isn't he? - Everything but
that. He has convincing evidence that

is the so-called the accident was organized by
the mafia to close the park

and bought the land for new construction

Corruption does not excite me. That's
corny. - Interesting story.

I want you to deny it.

Unfortunately, it didn't get me through. -
I really paid a fortune.

I want the Coast Guard to work.
- The horror. - I didn't even write it.

It will fail. - Then I will make the
film myself. Are you going to produce it? -That.

Don't be funny. What experience
do you have? - It's time for me to learn.

You know what goes with that? - Anyone
smart could manage.

Is it? - It's time for me to take
responsibility for creative decisions

Are you unhappy with my
decisions? -Someone. -By which?

Johnson's role in Days
of Vine and Whitlam. - She's great.

He was frozen.
- Stiff? - just like that.

I'm sorry that my nose
said that at the test screening.

They even
said that it was the only choice.

Everyone gets carried away at the beginning of the movie

I'm sorry that you reject the project
. Whoever takes it on will be famous.

I read hundreds of manuscripts a
year. Some have an idea,

others promise, but this one
appears only every five years.

A new writer. This
is worth working for five years.

Is he that good? -Brilliant.
-Autobiographical? -Yes of course.

But no trace of self-pity.
- Thank God we got him.

It's not accidental. I followed
him when she first started writing.

I didn't even doubt it. Okay,
I'll read it tonight.

Ian Vol. You know what he said?
Imagine. Black people don't pass. -What?

Books by black writers, about their
problems, are not sold.

Because they blame white people too much. I
couldn't believe my ears

Dinner is in five minutes. He lied
about where she was for the weekend.

She never lied before. - She
started. - Wasn't she at home?

You really are a funny
father. - But you're not.

If you declare that you work like me, that
you assume fatherhood to work,

I will call the journalist and ask for a
denial. - I am shopping.

I need to attach the list
to your clothes before shopping.

I think about everything. - I will
think while you work

Have you ever talked to the butcher?
Nice guy, but tiresome.

He wonders if I shop in the morning
because I live with a steward.

Let him think what he wants. -Why?
- Homosexuality is not evil.

Except I'm not gay
Speaking of which,

stop telling Sam that no
one knows their sexual orientation

before she grows up, but
by no means should she be ashamed

You are prejudiced against
homosexuals. - I don't have any at all.

I just don't want him to feel guilty
if he's heterosexual

We carry 15 mil. g. old gene.
I want them to continue to multiply.

Where was Penny? - In the disc.

How did you find out? - A 23-year-old
German tourist came here

looking for our daughter. - What did he want
- She offered herself to him on the podium.

We thought you were studying with Manon
- The whole company goes to the disco.

Penny. You are only 1 3 years old.
-1 4. -Soon I will have 1 5.

You're still too young for disco.
Dealers operate there.

You just have to tell them to leave.
- So they're operating? Open?

You think I'm stupid enough to
take drugs? You really believe me.

Penny, come back here now.

We have to do something.
- I canceled her pocket money.

That will really freak her out.
- Shall I lock her in the closet?

This is serious. It moves
between dealers and pimps.

If he keeps going like this, he'll end up on the
street. - Take it into your own hands

if you are so worried. And
solve Sam along the way. - What about Sam?

grade racketeers. - Racketeers?

You go to school next time. I
have enough problems anyway.

The novel of that black woman. - Please
, don't call her black.

And how? A woman who doesn't have
our complexion. - Call her by her name.

I forget him. - Learn. Her name
is Kate Mitchell, and the book is...

Black anger. - Did you see?
-What? -Prezriv performance.

Terrible title. -Thank you.
I came up with it.

Just because she's black doesn't give you
the right to write her off. I didn't.

And you're better.
Her writing has power.

While mine is manly and flabby.
- Yours doesn't have her power. -Thank you.

I'm tired of running a family.
You're too busy with yourself

to pledge himself,
so I feel like I'm in a trap.

I know the dream
behind that threat.

The room where
he writes short stories for women

about a husband so stupid she
had to sew him lists

and leaned so much to the right
that he voted for Labour.


They played it in the multiplex.

He only earned 7000. Not
the first day, the first week.

Did you look at it?

The character says I don't know why we
're doing this, and so does the audience.

At two. Just one more call.

Mike fascinated me. It's like I've
discovered a new kind of swindler.

Bob? Are you up for a drink? At 1 8:30

He made endless appointments

Have you heard about Terry's
movie? A total disaster.

He made 3000 over the
long weekend. Disaster.

It was important to him that every film
failed. If anyone has a look

Mike and his friends would cut him to

Teri's movie doesn't work
? -Disaster.

He could have asked me to write him a
good script, but he didn't.

Producers do not address him
because they have a similar ego.

And I had to crawl.

Terry, how's your movie doing?
It has been withdrawn from distribution?

Too fast. Are you okay? See you

I wondered if I would
last. I was sick to my stomach.

I drank a triple dose of
pills, without any effect.

Hello. -Good morning.

Are you Mike?

I wanted to say hi to you
last night, I thought I was bothering you.

Did you spend the night with us?
- Yes, let's start work early.

You're not working today, are you?
- Yes, and only here.

Always the same shit. - Leave
them on the table when you read them.

I like to take a look
before the kids get up.

Making coffee? - Yes. -
Can I have one strong with two sugars?

Are you married? -
I was, twice. - Now you haven't?

The woman he
doesn't want to marry.

What do you like? - A little bit.
- She is not employed?

Freelancer, PR
Gets one job a month,

and that one messes up. -Does it bother her
that you think about her like that?

- I'm glad to hear that.

But she is a woman, which cannot be
said for other dragons in Sydney

What do you mean, she's a woman?
- She is beautiful, she dresses nicely,

she doesn't scream like a wild cockatoo,
she's funny, sometimes she goes crazy,

and it's wicked sexy.

That's your definition of a woman?
- Yes. And I stick to her.

Isn't it a bit limited?
-Some women like to have power.

I don't mind, unless
I am subjected to them.

He's terrible. - He drinks an awful lot.
- I didn't know there were still such

What woman would put up with him?
- The one who enjoys being a slave.

Why are you working with him? - I'm producing the
Coast Guard, I need help

He is your co-writer. - He writes
what I tell him. - He will sign.

Everyone will know that he didn't
write anything. So far he's just trying.

Why are you working with him? -Instills
faith that I can produce on my own.

You haven't complained about the line so far.
- The Coast Guard disgusts her.

I don't want to work with someone
who doesn't believe in my work.

Let someone else be rich.
- Rich? - What a view he has.

Already turned you around. He uses you.
You think it's the other way around, but it's not

I can take care of myself.

The Coast Guard interests me as much
as sex with a sick lesbian.

I easily tried it, but I wo
n't bore you. He knows how to write.

Out of boredom, I started
to read what was written and understood

that arrogant bastard develops a
story that keeps me engaged.

The problem with this scene is
that nothing is at stake.

Two are talking.
What's at stake? What?

Nurse. The ship sank,
but she grabbed the shore.

The Japanese breaks through ours.
Love at first sight. Boom.

Boom? - Yes.

Have you ever fallen in love at
first sight? -I am not. -I am

A few weeks ago. I met
a girl at a party.

Tall, slim, beautiful.
I would kill for such. -How it's called?

I didn't ask her. - You would kill, and
you didn't ask for the name? - I'm married

When will they have sex? - Who?
- Ray and the nurse. -I can not.

They may be on the island for years.
If she gets pregnant, everything will be fine.

But that doesn't rule out
oral sex. Let's insert a scene

in which he kisses her from her toes
up. Then it stops

Forget it. - It would work.
-I do not want to. Bad idea.


It's mom. - You should
study. Did you feed the dog?

Not for a moment, but immediately.

Aeo, mama. -Æao.

Hello, honey. Did
you have a nice day?

I'm so angry I can't
even talk about it.

lan refuses to publish the book?
- The children must be hungry.

They didn't, we ordered a pizza.

I know you don't understand how much I
care about the book. -I understand.

I'm not completely callous.
- I was on the verge of tears.

I'm going to quit. - You won't.
He will change his mind. - He won't.

He has no guts and doesn't care.

I didn't mean to
hurt you. You write beautifully.

I can't expect
Keta's passion from you, you live comfortably.

What's up? - As if they said,
I don't think you're that ugly.

I saw your parents
, so everything is clear to me.

Good morning.

Hey. - Yes.

What is Kate? - Her boss won't
publish the book she was pushing.

What is it about? - About a black woman
who wants to succeed in life.

What is her boss's name? -l. Vol
He says black people don't pass.

What is the name of the writer?
- Kat Mitchell.

'Morning. linen Vol. - I hear that you will
not publish Kathy's book.

What's Up? -Ket Honey.

Who is it? -It's not important. Listen.

Many think that she is one of the
most important writers today

It is an important book about black people.

We heard you won't publish
it because you think black people don't pass

That is a racist statement. - That
's not true. - We think so

Who are you? - Don't let me
come and drag the journalists.

Jesus. What the hell are you doing?

I raise his pressure a little.

Why didn't you call me? -
I was busy. - What? - By cleaning.

Guess what happened.
-What? - Ian received the call

black guerillas . They'll bomb
his building if he doesn't publish the work.

Did you just see the panic? Great
- Did you call the police? - No

He is afraid of negative publicity.
- Will it be published? - In 3000 pieces.

What's wrong with you? - I forgot
the powder, broccoli and apricots.

They were on the list, but
I went to the bakery first.

I told myself, don't forget
the apricots, but I forgot them.

I'm sorry for being rude to the
children. Everything looks bleak to me

when I have a problem at work.
- No, children are terrible.

What is happening to me? -What?
- That's what our daughter is asking her friends

It is very accessible. - I am
surprised that they are still virgins.

They are very refined virgins.
- Just don't lose heart.

It depresses me that it sounds
interesting to me. When we were gossiping

about other people's sex? - Ironic, huh?
We can fuck every day

and they get more excited than we do
when thinking about petting.

I didn't know it was that bad.
- That's how it is in every marriage.

I'm not much better either.

I was watching Rajan's daughter.
I didn't know what was happening

when Sarah Miles stood in front
of that Englishman and started whining

She acted. I can not do it.

Do you want to try?

Are you okay? - Stomach problems.
- The project is good. They will agree.

Talk to him
as if you were friends.

Malcolm. - Colin. -Mike
McCord. -I am glad. - Also

I often go to the fair. -
You read that shameful article, didn't you?

Because of my sin, I was declared
president of the friends of the opera.

And opera needs friends.

Opera calms people down. - I would
bother them for less money.

Have you read the script?-Synopsis honestly
, it's not a project for us.

How can you say that? You
only read the synopsis. The story is good.

About how a handful
of people saved Australia.

But young people do not know at all
that Australia was threatened

The rest of the world barely
knows we exist.

So, you only work on projects
that have nothing to do with history.

surviving members of the Guard would be delighted with the story.

It means that three
people would watch the movie.

All my previous scripts
have brought you money. Read it.

Da ga proèitam? Od same
pokriti mi se zeva.

Those people risked their lives
so that we could sit here.

Many died. - The Japanese cut off their
heads and ate them.

They saved Guadalcanal, he
saved the Pacific.-l Dž. Kennedy

Can Americans act?
-Not. - I can. All but one.

That way you might be able to pass.
- But they were Australians

We finally got the money.
Malcolm got rid of Colin.

Cut. -You are OK? - Where are the others?

I said he must be bleeding
like he was cut open.

Put him a plastic bag
full of pig offal.

Everything has to fall out of him.

See him. He should be fighting
in the rainforest, not lying around.

Turn him into a ruffian. To
make it look real. get it dirty

put lice in his hair. This is a
film about real events.

They survived because they stayed
sober. - He's just sleeping.

You're bullshitting. I've been researching for two years,
I know what they did and what they didn't

They shaved, washed, had
soap. - But not the hair dryer.

Jesus, leave them alone.

Do you know what realism is?

Cut. - Mike, get out of the water.

When you submerge his head...See

Let him go. - He is fighting for
his life. That's realism.

For God's sake.

Thanks, Mike.

He leaves the set. Get lost. - What
do you mean? I'm a co-producer.

Critics praise him.
A catastrophe is ahead of us.

Wonderful. Read it.

A brilliantly shot,
emotional and poetic film.

When critics write sensitive
, it means slow and superior.

You will see the viewership results.

Call them again. - They will call
us as soon as they get the information.

Why are you worried? He's wonderful
. I cried.

You always cry. - That young man,
what's his name? -Gary. - Yes, he...

Blondes. I would like to have
deep conversations with him.

You can hardly speak.

Mike McCord.

Thank you.

1 3. - Impossible. Isn't it 30?

No, 1 3. In Melbourne 1 4.

1 3%-tna gledanost. - Catastrophe

To hell with the viewership. We know
that trash gets ratings.

In this business, you cannot sell the next project without viewership .

We'll sell it. - crazy project.
- We just experienced a fiasco.

I wouldn't about the plans. - What
project? -1 3%. I wouldn't talk about it.

Colin and I have good ideas.
-E.g? - I don't want to talk about it.

Any ideas? For miniseries?
- No, for a show like Dallas.

We could make it in the world.
-Dallas? - We're just talking.

If we sell it to the Americans, we
will make millions.

Since when are you interested in millions?
- What's wrong? - That's really sad.

What? - He came as an artist.
You're turning into a businessman.

We recorded a work of art.
Nobody wants to see him. -Yes.

Hello. I'm sorry I'm late.

Colin and Kate.

Party girl.

Hello. -Hello.
- Oh, impossible.

It looks like you're not celebrating.

This vision, this ravishing beauty
, cannot be the Mother's.

The gods are unfair,
but certainly not that unfair.

What are the results?

1 3. - God, the series is so bad

She is good. Too good.

I mean, in a commercial sense
. Not particularly commercial.

Well? I will publish a book that will sell a
few thousand copies.

But in the long run it will be influential

Majka and Kolina only pay
if they achieve a good result.

Until recently, Mike had good
results. Not millionaires,

hello noje pazoo na money. Why?

For a house with a better view?
For a new trip to Venice?

I wouldn't mind a
first trip to Venice.

Not even against a better view.
- I judged her well.

She is a beautifully packaged
materialist from the 80s

for whom wealth is the
ultimate goal in life.

Laskam sebi da sam napredan i
da mi žene nisu seksualni

objects, but she is
every man's living fantasy.

You have to learn. -What?
- between art and money.

The two don't excite each
other... er, they don't exclude each other.

Why did I say excite?
- Because I excite him.

I like that.
and the fact that he is discreet.

It attracts me. If I could get rid
of this fool, we would have fun.

I wouldn't feel guilty
about his wife. What a dragon

That's how Melbourne affects
people. Luckily, I wasn't there

Shakespeare. - What about her?
- He was making good money.

It's not. - He had five
houses. He was rich.

If he were alive, I doubt he'd be
writing a screenplay for Dallas.

King Lear is Dallas 1 7th century.
-King Lear is a masterpiece.

lzvonote. Zeludaene tegobe.

Let's go. - I never know
when he's going to catch me.

See you. I will accompany you.

No need. - Hello.

Why are you challenging her? - We
didn't fight. - They'll bother him

to dissolve the partnership
with me. I'm gonna write a hit.

And let him write artistic
scenarios as much as he wants.

Colin, I'm just astounded.
- What? - With your cooperation.

and thinking about producing a
soap opera. - Not really soap operas.

All American series are
soap operas. What's happening to you?

It happens to me as I get older.
I'm starting to have nightmares.

That I will end up as a loser
whose scripts no one will want

It's not paranoia. There is no such thing.
H. Lawson, our best writer,

he ended up in prison for
debts. In the end he begged.

Did anyone care? It's not.
But that won't happen to me.

I'm tired of sending scripts
and waiting, and no one calls.

Strong calls for someone to say
- we didn't get to read it.

Writing is terribly
humiliating. I've had enough of him.

I want to be a producer, to
have money and power. To call me

I'll tell the secretary that I'm
busy and I'll call later

Why shouldn't I have money
and power? or a house on the shore,

as well as other fools
playing producers.

I know how to make a movie with a message.
I want to create a fun one

product and become terribly
powerful and fantastically rich.

Producer? If I wasn't upset,
I would laugh. - Right? Why?

You can't even go shopping without
help. - What does it matter?

You forget our birthdays
and every other meeting.

Your card is in the red, they are threatening
us with a power cut, etc.

because you always forget to pay.
- Production work includes

much more than thoroughness.
- And the fiasco with the extras?

I wrote - 40 Japanese emerge from the rainforest. Mike
added zero

Most people would have noticed the mistake
before the Japanese hordes arrived.

It's Mike's fault. Are you going
to work with him again? - If it gets sorted out.

Did you tell him that? - He knows
I'm not satisfied.

I know when you are not satisfied.
You stamp your foot and clench your fist.

But it took me 18 years to realize that.
He is so callous

in order not to notice an irritated
tiger preparing to attack.

He knows I'm not happy.
- Koline. Face reality

Mike is a swindler from the bottom. You are
a writer. You might end up like

beggar but that's a risk you
have to take. You're distracted

because your mind wanders.

You wake up at night and
tell me the stories you dream.

You can't be something you
're not. - Always the same stories.

Let them trample you. - You can't
be something you don't look like.

The producer must be
ruthless. - I can do that.

I can be the most ruthless
bastard in this town.

You are as ruthless as a
toothless cat. - You are wrong.

You wouldn't believe how
ruthless I can be.

I know. Two undercover cops
. Drunkards, prostitutes.

Only the cops are not typical.
They are young, they dress modernly.

Everything would be in pastel colors
Action, car chase.

l with a deadline in the background.
- You're late, it's Miami Vice

No, it's different. - For what?

Good. Then the story about a divorced
business woman with a child.

He hires a housekeeper who
also has a child. - Where did that come from?

It is similar to an
American series.

lli series about DJ. - Who sits
and plays records. - There's stuff here.

Arab tourists come and
take over the radio station.

Why bother flying to
occupy a radio station?

To kidnap the DJ and make demands
- What kind? That it doesn't fit anymore?

Give us the
Arab prisoners. - Why do we keep them?

We'll work that out later. It
's the idea that matters. - the ldeja is shabby.

Let's come up with something original.

Are you still working? -Two coffees, honey.

Black with one
sugar cube? -That. - No, without sugar.

Yes, I'm not thinking at all.

Brain on pasture.

I don't remember such things.
-Neither do I. -How was today?

Catastrophic. I'm promoting
some bad American comedian

Problems. - When I agreed,
he wanted to take off my blouse.

He was drunk. During the interview
, he was lying on the floor and shouting.

The journalist jumped on him.

she came here to sort him out.

Why didn't you tell him she
thought he was a genius?

It's hard to spread misinformation
when you're being raped in the middle of a crowd.

If you didn't dress provocatively,
you wouldn't have such problems.

Two coffees. Možes li da ih
skuvaš a da te ne siluju?

Why does it suffer? She deserves
someone sensitive and smart.

She deserves me, but I don't know
how to offer myself to her.

I didn't want to break up the marriage, but
only a passionate love affair.

If she rejects me, she will tell Mother,
and if she accepts, Kate will find out

and go crazy, how lucky I am.
- Alive. I'll be back on Friday.

I hope everything goes well

We want to make sure they
promote the book appropriately.

After so much trouble with
printing. Hi baby.

Come on. Sreenus.

Mike McCord. - Yes. You collaborate with
Colin. -On some projects.

Good. -And you? - l am working
on some projects. -Good.

I liked the Coast Guard.
- She could have been better.

She lacks momentum in the story.
-That. - The second half is better.

A good part is mine.-You wrote the
second half?-Together with him

But Colin calmed down. -The second
half is interesting.

I had to fight for it.
Colin avoids feelings.

Nothing excites him. - a trick.
- This can be seen in his writing

I'm just emphasizing sensitivity.

The second half was
emotionally stronger.

When I write a scene, I
only ask myself what is at stake.

If it's nothing, then it's just
small talk. - Makes sense, kid

Mike. While you were working together, how much
emotion did you put into the films

Very much. he easily never
thanked me for that.

Do you remember Dan Vajna
and Vitlam? -Good movie.

Johnson was a rock star,
producers offered him roles.

He rejected everyone except me. And then
last year Kolin attacked me

that I compromised the film because
Kuper was a singer. Imagine.

He attacked you? - I
told him he was an ungrateful pig.

Are you free or busy
with Kolin's projects?

I always find time for
a good enough project.

I have a very good project.

We need to talk
about it. - I'll call you.

I finally understood. Cooperation
with Colin leads to nothing.

He has no sense of
commercialism, nor will he have one.

I also doubt the line. It
is more poisonous than all the snakes in the zoo.

But she has a reputation. If word gets
out that I'm collaborating with her,

I will start getting
real offers.

Columns. -Hello. - Hello.

Kate isn't here? - He's on his way.

Did you like the movie?

You can't miss
his. It is extraordinary.

About a guy who is crazy about his
wife even though she is unstable.

She falls in love with a truck driver and
leaves with him. Husband cries for 2 min.

And the camera is still.
I burst into tears.

A brave Australian film.
- We wouldn't record it.

Ours only want power, money,
sex, horses, crime, crocodiles

I know. Terrible. But Mike
and I write according to that recipe.

For the audience. To avoid
commercial pressure. - And mate

The Ministry of Culture is monitoring it.
He almost ended up in prison

because the main character in his last
film is a corrupt politician.

I'm going to tell you something I shouldn't
. - Please, tell me.

I don't think the cooperation between you
and Majko benefits anyone. -What?

Mike is a master of power,
sex, crimes, crocodiles.

I don't hold it against him,
we all have to earn money.

But when I watch a film like
Poles, I wish for a better world.

In which I can say what I think
and mean what I say.

You can write such
films. And it should.

I know, it sounds corny, but you're the
most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

When you showed up that night,
I was stunned.

You must have noticed.
- Yes, strong attraction.

Really strong. And I
stood with my mouth open.

I didn't give in to the feeling.
I thought I was wrong.

Why do we panic when
we should ignore caution?

What are we going to do about it -
Let's go to the hotel. - To the hotel. Yes

Are there any nearby? - We will
find some. - do I have a car? I have.

Where is the hotel nearby? My brain
stopped. No, I'm not in a car.

We'll take a taxi. There is one
hotel... But it is far away.

Art Hyman. Have you heard of him?
-Not. -Actually, we can't go there.

We'll call a taxi. There is no
hotel. - I'm a car lover.

I'm in the car. I must be going crazy.
Imagine, I'm still in the car.

Let's go.

And Mike?

You go first. I'll get
out somehow. - Let's meet in front of the entrance

See you soon.

Colin... - You are so beautiful.

The writer left his wife

I will never forgive him.
-Are you OK?

The writer lost custody
of the children - Do not visit us.

Nasty. We don't want to
see you anymore. Fuck off.

Colin Rogers - Slave of Love

Šta is joy? Zalovaš mo vrt.

How do I... -How what?

Pišče's daughter acquitted
for possession of heroin

Smoking is $20.
Perversions. Fuck off.

We will enjoy it. I ca
n't give up. I don't want that.

The screenwriter was killed

What's up?

Not. - Helen, I'm sorry. - Forget it

Decline. You're crazy.



In the 70s, destroying child marriages was
called personal development.

Now we know that it is a nicer
name for self-indulgence.

What's up?

Kate... What are you doing
with your life?

While you were gone, I met

Polish director who
creates masterpieces under pressure.

I have all the freedom
and I write shit.

You don't have. The boss won't script
without sex and sensations.

That's my excuse for this kind of work,
but isn't that just an excuse?

Couldn't I get stuck anymore?
Surely there are rich artists.

It's my duty to find them
Why not try?

Because you want money and power.
-Not. - Last week you wanted to.

Well, now I don't want to. -Good.
Do you want to hear my news?

Crni gnev entered the final of the
literary competition.

Are you going to London? -That. Briefly.

We fly first class.
-Me? -Kat Mitchell and me.

I've never flown first
class. - It's an important competition

We will sell well.

Spielberg bought the film
rights to T. Connelly's book.

Wasn't Black Wrath
supposed to matter only in the long run?

Spielberg? What kind
of movie would they make in Hollywood?

Aliens abduct natives,
take them to their peaceful planet

Where are those blankets? What
happened to them? -Nothing.

Thai Airways. Hostesses
in traditional clothes will welcome you

who will offer you champagne
and crabs. I'm glad.

I will finally enjoy luxury.
- You are going to a city full of homeless people

I can't do anything in the short term.
- Because you enjoy the plane.

The homeless won't be better off
if I don't travel first class.

If you sell the ticket, buy a cheap one
and send them the difference, it will be.

Whenever I go, you
attack. - I'm not attacking.

Only, your moral principles
disappear because of one expensive card

That book is my great success.
Be more generous. - Success?

Look at the competition. I will be
the first foreign producer who will

sell the series in prime
time on American TV.

You're bursting at the seams. A while ago you were
talking about the Polish director

and quality movies, and now
you are bragging about selling junk to the USA

What is going on in your head?

If only he knew.

Let's start with a close-up
of the engine ignition.

That went out of fashion
with Goli in the saddle.

What are you doing? - One blanket. - Which one -
We'll get back to her later.

If ignition is
out of fashion, what do you suggest?

We zoom in on the helmet, then zoom
down the exhaust pipe. - Good, write.

Before Brad goes, let him turn
around and say... - No dialogue

The intentions are clear. - I wanted to...
- I wouldn't be able to hear myself because of the noise

Are we writing a cartoon script?
In 20 minutes they say 1 or 2 words.

It's a series in the footsteps of the 80s
that needs to be told with pictures.

We share 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees.
Communication makes 1% of the difference.

They tried to translate with a computer
The soul wants, but the body won't

from English to Russian and
received incomprehensible reading.

What do you want to say?

How will we get to know
the characters if they don't speak?

It's like we're writing about chimpanzees.

Before a character attracts you, you have to
know how he speaks and thinks.

How he justifies his actions
raises important questions

about life, death and the meaning of everything
How he looks at the irony of life

in an endless and incomprehensible
universe. - What do you want him to say?

Let's check what it's all about.

Do you really think the
Americans will buy the rights? -That

Did you send them the script?
-That. - Did they get back to you?

Nothing concrete, but they are interested in
what is interesting to them.

ldeja is 5 years old. It's
Australia's Miami Vice

But with many innovations. One
of the cops is a Ph.D.

Astrophysicist. And the other is a
chef and former surfing champion.

Shit. -Like Miami Vice.

That's stylish shit. This
is bullshit through thick and thin.

I don't see the difference.

That's why you have the same chance
as a monkey writing Hamlet

I think you are wrong. - I
would be happy to admit a mistake.

We will help you if you
sign a pre-contract.

Mike, we're interested in the screenplay
you're working on with Lane Ross.

Send it to me when you're done.

What kind of script are you writing with llejn?
- About the accident in the amusement park.

She said that she offered it to you,
but you refused. - I don't see that movie

It's a strong story. It will pass.

We will sell this. He's not the
only financier in town.

Dude, it's over.

Marriages can be horrible. It
's even worse if your partner doesn't like it.

You got promoted? A
little more and you're at the top.

I got Lan's old office
on the 56th floor. I can see the whole port

I don't know when I will write. I enjoyed it.
Colin has already experienced fame

Now it's
my turn. - Have you been drinking?

I drank some. You were right
, Sydney is the most exciting city

I'm not proud of it now,
but I enjoyed it then.

I have work.
I want to finish this.

I said it would make a great
movie. Great idea, very happy.

Teri wants me to write the screenplay
for his next movie.

You can't take on new commitments,
you're already working on five films.

It's now or never,
baby. - You're going to kill yourself.

If you want to succeed, you have to
commit. - Cut back on the pills.

You will melt your stomach. - In these
two months, I signed the contract

in value greater than all
in the last ten years.

I know.

Mike... It's wonderful.

What? - The first logo. Anything worse than
this would be an insult to you.

Some poor women
treated me like shit.

I just want to thank you.
This is the only way I know.

I'm touched, believe me.

But I'd rather be with you
in the apartment than enjoy the view

while you are in intensive care.-It
started for the first time in my life.

We take.

It is OK. I'm done.

You'll get it in a few
days. Just to print it.

No problem. The problem was
that the accumulated obligations

should be done. I had
no shortage of great ideas,

but I
couldn't put them on paper at all.

Some circuit in my head
was changing my golden ideas

to shit. And I was within reach
of the success I dreamed of.

And crocodiles
with gaping jaws were waiting for me below.

There had to be some way out.

Out of 400 films in the last 15 years,
only one was successful in the USA.

We don't try. We have to establish a
big production house and

work on many projects. Everything
must be at the world level.

World scripts,
stars, directors.

The world is a global village.
Nationalism is dead. We have

better climate than California
and the technology is cheaper.

Our actors can play
secondary roles. If they have

strong accent, going to speech
exercises. Let's finally admit it

that our accent is bad because
we don't open our mouths enough.

This has been going on since the settlers,
they kept flies in their mouths.

And that is disastrous for the
sale of our products today.

What are you saying, Mike?

Send me to LA I'll find
actors and arrange deals.

We will share the profit half and half.
If I fail, you lose your ticket

How much do you need for the first
phase? -One hundred thousand. Fifty.

Twenty, for starters. Have you
read Anatomy of a Screenplay

Anatomy?. - About a guy who knows
what he wants and how to get it.

We need such a scenario
. -Of course.

We're leaving in two minutes.
Pack a raincoat. -Yes I am.

Jesus. Look at.

Malkolm Benet and Majk MekKord?

Contracted projects of
$100 million for next year?

What will Malcolm get into
with Mike? - Why did I come in?

They will sell everything in the industry. - He will make
films for the world market

without sacrificing the Australian
spirit. -uses partnership

in the Coast Guard, even though
he barely wrote a resume.

For the first time I feel as if I
could kill. - Everything will be found out

They won't. Whoever gets there with so
little work must be a genius.

Thank you for
coming. -How's it going?

Good. I took out the
third mortgage on the apartment,

I have to reduce expenses by
20,000. Life is exciting.

Is the script progressing? -Scenario?
You mean the one about Sanzar? -That.

Not. - Mike hasn't finished it yet?

Thanks for alerting me
to him. - It's not up to me to...

If a friend of yours wants
to throw $20,000 in the wind,

Aren't you going to warn him? You think
I love paying mortgages

The script is bad? -Scenario?
I have barely 1 4 pages.

I couldn't warn you, I didn't
read his works. - I did

They are etched in my memory.
Okay, scumbag, game over.

No, she just started. - I knew,
but you don't know that I hold the strings.

I'm relieved. - Anyone
who doesn't pay for it would be relieved.

I started to have
nightmares that he had a gift.

I couldn't explain his
rise to the top. - It won't take long.

They probably will.

I would like to write about T. Sanzar
if you are still interested.

I sold the rights.
-Whom? - To Mike McCord.

Are you kidding me? -Where luck goes.-Jeso lo
heard what kind of projects they are preparing

Drama about lesbian nuns
Why did you sell your rights bastard?

That was the only way I could
get my 20,000 back.

Why did I
come to Sydney in the first place?

The sea in the harbor is not blue,
but green. Cold and repulsive.

The Emerald City. Everyone here is
looking for a solution to the problem,

and they find demons within themselves.
This city sets them free.

Because he is evil. Glitter, money,
fashion, corruption, compromises...

Intelligence, professionalism, the measure of
commitment. There is both good and bad

You choose, but you only have yourself to blame.
- But there is no forgiveness or mercy

The city tramples on fallen heroes
and robs them along the way. There is no other

Then come back to Melbourne. You will not
die because of your demons.

They wouldn't know what to suggest to you

Daughter happy with shy children
almost for compensation from the Institute.

I tell her that she is being taken advantage of,
but she doesn't want to do anything else

She grew up here.

If you intend to stay here,
write a good screenplay

or we'll both
be out of a job.

American movies will destroy
all the value of my books.

When the movie starts, the sales of the book
will increase many times.

And the book is the most important. - The film
will make you famous in the world.

I wrote a book for my
people. - The offer is generous.

I'm not looking for wealth and fame.
- We can act as agents.

They would sell the rights against my
will? - The board of directors is waiting for me.

This is too good an offer to
refuse. -Offer. Nothing more

No one mentions
the book, not even my people.

Can I stay at Denny's for the weekend? - No.
Did you see her on the news?

And. - Hysterical.

Wouldn't it be smarter to
wait for the result of the competition?

before the sale of film rights?
- He won't win the competition.

lan asked us to accept the
offer.-Who did you sell the rights to

The movie will certainly be terrible, but it
will triple the sales of the book

And it will have a lasting impact.
- You didn't sell them to them, did you?

They offered twice as much
as others. The pressure is great.

How can I explain the rejection of the
offer because I don't like Majk

Then you're not going to London. -Why?
- Because you won't win the prize.

We're not quite sure. - Your boss 's
secretary called. -Why?

They reserved a place for
both of them. -lan decided to go

when Kat gave up. - Great.

You're not worried, are you? - Why
shouldn't I be? - Have you seen him?

He looks like a young Keri Grant.
- He looks like a garden gnome

Let him grow up. We have
a strictly business relationship.

He actually looked like Grant.
And he showed interest...

I wouldn't mess with him.
Colin, I don't like it either

that Mike got the rights, but
that's how it is in the commercial world.

There is some justice in that. Without
Mike, the book would not have been published.

Are you busy? -Not really.

Are you writing a screenplay for llein? - Yes.

About what? - About the victims of business
greed. - Did you secure the money?

I'm not.
- You will have a hard time finding such a project . - But I will find him.

Set in Australia, it
sends a message,

the characters are not always in the car,
and sometimes they even speak.

I have something interesting. Americans
went crazy for the Black Rage.

I'm surprised. -I'll admit it,
one of our writers is working on it,

but it is still far from the goal.
- Do you want me to remake it?

You will get 150,000 if you push
the final version. It will be a hit.

The first screenwriter, an American,
did not do his job properly.

You could make a
name for yourself in the US with this. - Why are they interested?

problems of our natives?
- We have changed the place of business.

The action takes place in Tennessee,
and the characters are black.

Do you know why I'm not interested?
- The story is universal.

A poor black woman becomes
a human rights lawyer.

There are great differences between
our natives and the blacks of the USA

We are all human. This is the age of the
global village. -Not really.

Centuries of separatism will not
disappear because TV teaches children

tolerance towards others.

Nationalism is very destructive.
It causes wars and death.

You set the story of T. Sanzar
in Wyoming? - To Nebraska.

And you could use it there.

You're a real whore.

You are a whore. You sold your soul to
the highest bidder. Everything for money

We can't go back. I'm risking my
health to save the industry

I want to move 1 00 mol. for the
movie. Part of it will end up with us.

So why am I a whore? - Those are
our stories. We have the rights to them

We have to be important enough
to have stories written about us.

Otherwise, we will think that it is
better to speak with someone else's accent elsewhere

I don't understand what you want
to show.


Where did I get the right to judge?

Would you be so happy if
I sold Poroke in the US?

Thinking about moving
Black Rage to the US,

everything started to
match to some extent. Because of $1 50,000.

Dad, do you know how
to solve this?

Fractions. They are inconvenient.

Honesty woke up in me.
Some deep feeling of patriotism

But I was held back by the thought
of working for Majko.

Okay, I'm a whore. Some of us
have no choice. -I arrived.

Kolin turned down
the 1 50,000 job.

But I understand why he hesitates to
work for you. - I don't understand.

For two days, I convinced Amer
to agree, but he refused the offer

To spite me. That's insane.
- And lesbian nuns?

I pushed them through last week
- That. You had to change the story?

One of them must be
just a latent lesbian.

Crazy. The point is that many
nuns are tormented by pangs of conscience.

If you did my job,
you would realize that I have performed a real miracle.

I would like to see the truth here and
there.-The only important truth is

what they pay. If they want me to replace the
nuns with astronauts and

lesbians with doughnuts, will get a story
about astronauts and doughnuts.

I satisfy their wishes.
The market. I know, she's dirty,

but I'm paying attention to it. If you
don't like it, go to the old apartment.

A very warm welcome. - I'm sorry
you didn't win.

I knew we wouldn't, but I didn't
expect such a welcome.

You almost didn't get it. I wanted
to be cool and reserved

Did you feel bad
without me? -Terribly. Purchase

without a list, a traumatic
experience, and our daughter is a dragon.

What's Dorèester like?
- Overrated.

And the garden gnome?

We barely saw each other. He found
himself a native woman. - A black woman?

An English woman.

Nice to see you again.
- It's nice to be here again.

lan actually found me, but
Kolin doesn't mind what he doesn't know

I got promoted, cheated on my husband
and the marriage is in balance again.

How's work? - I am writing the second
version. No sign of the money.

Maybe it's all in vain. Why shouldn't
I write for Americans like others?

Who cares if we stop
making our own movies?

Do you work in film? - Yes, I write
scripts. - For which movies?

A long way without a goal, Days of
Vine and Whitlam, Heroes of the Dardanelles.

Heroes of the Dardanelles? My favorite
movie. I watched it 1 or 2 times.

Children are always looking for it
in the video store. When the major says-

Clear? We got the order.
We're going. Remember who you are.

Great. And the soldier who drives
the dagger with the ring into the ground?

It touches me every time.
You wrote it? -That.

Are there any good interlocutors?
- If there were, we wouldn't be here.

You finally made a movie? -That.
- What are the criticisms? -Good.

I read the one in the
Herald. - That's the only bad one.

I wanted to look at him
. He played briefly. - Two months. -Two?

If I wanted longer,
I would have written Crocodile Dundee.

It will not pay off for investors.
- We hope to sell abroad.

Good luck. -Americans do
n't really praise Nuns.

We signed preliminary contracts for 6
million. $. - You are reducing production

It's getting harder for us, but we'll pull
through. - At the expense of Black Wrath.

The success of a poor black woman is
news here, but not in the US.

Now you will have a little more difficulty selling the
new film. - It's always difficult.

Why do they always call him?

Why do they invite him to parties?

If he knew how much they despised him,
he would never come here.

I can't even
hate him anymore. I pity him.

His film will not go well in the USA.
- There is room for his films.

I liked it.

I wish newspapers kept
critics with the taste of the audience,

and not to write eulogies to
such losers.

The only thing that makes me angry is how much he earns.

I don't want to be rich. I'm just
sad that we're throwing money away on shit

while for serious films we have
to beg and collect money.

Èuvajte se -l you