Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976) - full transcript

Journalist Emanuelle travels to the Orient to interview a close relative of a King, but comes too close to uncovering official secrets for the state's liking. Her hotel room is ransacked and her passport stolen, leaving her stranded and at the mercy of a brutal gang of rapists, employed by the government. Her only hope of escape are her powers of seduction.


It's far in the country
to the north,

close to the Burmese border.

In a mountain region they have

very old stones with strange shapes.

They may have been made by human hands

and we want to find out their age.

The first excavation
started a few years ago.

You love your job, don't you?


And yet,

can you imagine that

as a teenager I wanted
to become a reporter.

So your dream is

You are an archaeologist and you write
reports on ancient times.

I must be boring you
with my conversation.

No, not at all.

I enjoy listening to you.


Did I ever tell you
how beautiful you are?

About 5 minutes ago.

My memory may be going,

but not my eye for beauty.

I'm glad you decided to make the trip.

So am I.
I could hardly refuse!

Thank you.

Are you happy to be with me?

What kind of a question is that?

Do you think I would be here
if I wasn't happy to be with you?

Yes, that's true. But...

You are one of those
unpredictable woman.

Do you like the way
the captain is always looking at you?

Are you jealous?

Should I be?

What about the blonde
over there?

If eyes had teeth,

you'd be eaten alive.

Oh, Emanuelle, please.

She is not a beauty, but has
maybe hidden talents?

So if you want...


This is our trip, yes?

Yes, Roberto.
Our trip.

The only trouble is,

Bangkok feels too close now.

Please remember our
agreement, right?

I know.
No commitments.

After Bangkok, we go our own ways.

Neither of us has the time
to settle down.

I'll take what me
life offers.

You have a simple philosophy.

Very wise.

Drink, sir?

- Two scotch on ice, please.
- Of course.

What are you thinking?

I’m thinking of the same thing I thought
when we first met.

I want you so badly.

Emanuelle, are you sure
you can't come with me?

Remember our agreement.
I have a job too.

I know, but ...

Don't go getting sentimental.

- Bye, Roberto.
- See you.

"Prince Sanit greets his
lovely guest, Emanuelle. "

Welcome madam.

Thank you.

Oh, madam.
Thank you, thank you!

Oh thank you very much!

Welcome to Bangkok.
Did you have a good trip?

Yes, thank you!

I'll take you to your room.
The key, please.

After you, madam.

Your keys, madam.

Sleep well, madam.

Thank you. A bath is exactly
what I need.

I was told that you,
as the king's cousin,

can help me.

I don't want anything special.

I want to take some photos
of the King in his everyday life,

and ask him a few questions.

Prince Sanit, I know it wouldn't
be the first time

you've helped a reporter
with this type of thing.

Maybe I should start from the beginning?

I was told in New York
that you don't do anything for free.

Would $1,000 be acceptable?

What do you think?

You know many things about me.

The efficiency of American
Reporting is common knowledge,

but you've made a miscalculation,
Miss Emanuelle.

I understand.

You mean that the
cost of living has increased

and $1,000 isn't enough.

I am ready to negotiate.

Please, allow me.

A woman in my company
never has to light her own cigarette

or pour her own drink.

It seems such a pity to
reduce our meeting

to dollars and cents.

It is important to get to know each other
before striking a deal.

All in good time.

Will you accept my hospitality?

I'd like that.

The hotel is perfect.
Your flowers were beautiful.

What else does your hospitality include?

I want to show you the country.

You should know that the
Royal family has sacred roots.

Their ancestors go back so far

that the number of
decedents is enormous.

For the past 20 years
of the last century

there was a king
with 80 children.

His children also had children of their own

not as many, but still a lot.

As all children are recognized,
this has the consequence

that Thailand has a lot of
royal offspring and blood relatives,

as many as there are canals.

Are you very close to the King
as his cousin?

I am related to him,

but as for politics,
we are far apart.

And what do you think of Americans?

If they were all like you
I would love them.

Provided that we
don't talk about business.

This morning I received a telegram
from my magazine.

They want to know how the story
is coming.

I'm not supposed to waste time.

Do you think you're
wasting time here?

Oh no, your hospitality is wonderful.

This city is fascinating.

It's like living in another time.

Here you live every moment, fully.

Don't worry, you will get
your pictures of the King.

I have not forgotten
that you are a business woman.

Always worried about her job.

Have you decided on a price?

You should learn to relax.

There is an oriental method for this.

I'll take you to a place where
they'll teach you.

But I don't want to reveal anything yet.

It'll be a surprise.

You will see, Emanuelle,
you will thank me afterward.

Prince Sanit has informed me about your visit.

- Everything is ready for you.
- Thank you very much.

Do you know Prince Sanit?

Of course, he's one of my clients.

Do you like your job?

Yes, but I wish
all customers were like you.

My name is Emanuelle.

I'm Gee.

I don't like booking the fat customers.

They are disgusting.

They come here and want sex.

But do you like men?

Yes, I like both..

Many customers think
that everything is included in the price ...

... to sleep with me too.

But there's only one
Body-to-body massage.

You are very beautiful.

You too, Emanuelle.

With you, I forget that I'm working.

Do you feel what I feel?

I think so.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

It's just great.
Very relaxing.

I hope we get to know each other better.

Tomorrow morning we can
to go to the market.


Do you like it that way?

Yes I like it. I love it.


What would you like to eat?

Nothing, just tea.

Just tea, why?

I'm on a diet.

Will you try our specialty?

Depends what it is.

Ginseng ice cream!

No, thank you.

I just have wine, because
I'm also on a diet!

Do you need something?

No no. Thank you.

Remember I am
always at your disposal.

- Thank you.
- Yes.

Come here.

Do you want a drink?

Take it easy.

Can you dance?

Come on.

The jeep broke down.

I was forced to come back to Bangkok.

Emanuelle, you are

And you're a pain in the ass.

They said at the front desk
that you were alone.

As an archeologist,
do you have to be so dirty?

You're right.

Part of your job is probably to
to sample local hospitality,

the kind the tourist guides

I hope I will
read about it.

Oh, you are wonderful!

- Thank you.
- Don't move.

- OK then?
- Perfect!

There they are.

Where did you meet her?

They are a lovely couple.

Will we spend a lot of time with them?

No, they're flying next week
back to the U.S.

They are very nice.

They helped me
when my jeep broke down.

What an adventure!

- Jimmy!
- Hello Robert! How are you?

I'm good. Thank you.
This is Emanuelle and this is Gee.

- Hello, how are you?
- Hello dearest, how are you?

This is my wife, Frances.
This is Emanuelle and ...


- What was your name?
- Gee. My name is Gee.

Oh, geez.

- Thank you.
- Lets go.

You must travel a lot.

Yes, they are globetrotters.

That's true.

We're missing two countries
in Africa and South America.

Then we've seen the whole world.
Right darling?

Yes, that's right.

Our travels are a tradition.

Fortunately, we can afford it.

We love to see new things.
We like to buy souvenirs.

Nobody in Ohio has
a collection like us.

Are they labeled with the countries?

Of course, otherwise we would
we forget.

- Honey?
- Yeah, sugar?

Do you remember when we
had that argument about whether

that necklace was from
San Pietro or Notre Dame?

I was right, admit it.

As always, dearest.

But it wasn't an argument.
We never argue, do we, darling?

We never do.

We are different from other couples.

It must be nice to get along so well.

That's true.
I couldn't live without him.

Emanuelle, how do you feel
in a strange city

without a man to protect you?

Emanuelle is good
at taking care of herself.

Yes, I can master any situation alone.

Take a few pictures.

Don't move.


Good evening.

Good evening.

These are the friends
I told you about.

The friends of my guests are
always welcome. After you.

- It's fabulous here.
- Yeah, really great.

You already know each other, don't you?

Yes. Hello Gee!

- Hello, Emanuelle.
- Hi!

Good evening.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Please come in.

Thank you, Prince Sanit.

It is beautiful!
Right, Jimmy?

Oh yes, darling.
It is really nice.

Would you like a drink?

Thank you.

What's this?

It looks good.

Thank you.

Have you decided on a price yet?

Emanuelle, I thought
you understood me.

You have a lot to learn about
Oriental men.

Your mere presence is worth a lot more

than a measly thousand dollars.

Oh, Jimmy, write down the name
of the Prince.

A real Prince!

Write it down or you will
forget it again.

Is the Italian the one who came
with you here?

Yes, he is.

Must've been an interesting trip

but he's not worthy of you.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I have a surprise.

Please follow me.

You are not like them.
You're different.

You can control your ecstasy.

You can, with all your senses

experience the moments of eroticism.

You experience it with your whole body.

Not only with the erogenous zones,

like western people.

I can make you scream with pleasure.

But first you have to give back
what you have been given.

You can do that.

You can do that with the same
skill as it was given to you.

You can go into a tunnel
where time has no meaning.

When pleasure turns into physical pain

only then can you
reach the most wonderful moment.

The French say "The Little Death",
we call it "the great ecstasy",

the real orgasm.

Welcome madam.
Please come.

Everything is ready. Everything.

You will see.
You will not regret it.

Just go, go.

I hope you weren't
waiting for me.

Oh no.
Something to drink?

Yes, please.

I wanted to say thank you.
I am grateful to you.

I owe you a lot.

Your instinctive way with of
dealing with life impresses me.

It's changed Frances' and my point of view.


Which decision are you trying to make?

And what does your wife have to do with it?

We want to take a break.
For a while.

We want to try
to live in a different way.

Our relationship needs a new direction.

And we have it, thanks to you
and Robert.

You're both great.

And you've opened our eyes.

- Good luck.
- Thanks!

Here they are.

- Hello, Gee.
- Hi.

Robert, I need some advice.

What is it about?

It's too bad they won't finish their trip
around the world.

And what about all the souvenirs
in their little home in Ohio?

What are they going to do with them?

Each take half.

Prince Sanit got me a great
interview lined up.

With the first mistress of the king.

She lives in an abandoned
Temple, inland.

I am sorry,
that you have to go.

There is a new excavation in the desert,

200 kilometers east of Casablanca.

They don't start until I get there.

You can come with me if you want.

You know that won't work.
It would not be a good idea.

Life would be boring
and we could destroy anything.

Well, you are probably right.

Seems like we're destined
to be separated again and again.

Attention please!

Last call for Flight 334

to New Delhi, Athens,
Cairo and Casablanca.

Gate number 7.

Bye for now.


What happened?

Who does something like this?

My cameras.

My pictures.

My passport.

All my work!

I tried to stop them
but there were too many.

I couldn't stop them.

Thanks for nothing!

But, madam! Wait!

- Let me explain.
- I don't care.

You are not like them. You're different.

You know how to control your ecstasy.

You can, with all your senses

experience the moments of eroticism.

You experience it with your whole body.

Not only with the erogenous zones,
like western people.

I can make you scream with pleasure.

But first you have to return
what you have been given.

You can do that.

You can do that with the same
skill as it was given to you.

You can go into a tunnel
where time stands still.

When pleasure turns into physical pain

only then can you
reach the most wonderful moment.

The French say "The Little Death".

You have to leave as fast as possible.

They're suspicious about
your friendship with Prince Sanit.

They think you're involved in
a plot against the king.

I want to see the Prince.

He is in jail.

He'll have to go into exile.

He has many friends
abroad to help him.

Don't get involved in the investigation.

It could put you in trouble.

Where can I go
without a passport?

I'm sorry I can
not help you.

We got hired
to protect the King.

Bette talk to the local police.

What do I have to do with this?
I'm just a reporter!

I have nothing to do with it.

You are a pretty girl.
Take good care of yourself.

Good luck. You will need it!

Attention. Flight 236

to Tokyo and New York.

Passengers are asked ...

Where's the immigration office, sir?

What do you need?

- I need a landing permit.
- Over there.

Can I leave my luggage here?

Of course.

I would like to talk to
your superiors.


You're the only person who can help me.

I have to leave this country,

but my passport was stolen.

I understand. But...

It's very important.

You could help, if you wanted to.

I like your face.

If it's up to me, I would.
But how can I ...

You are in charge here.
All you need to do is sign it.

A pass to get me through.

My flight is in an hour.
We can do a lot in an hour.

Don't you think?

I'll do it.
Yes, I'll sign.

Whatever you want.
Come here!

Emanuelle? Emanuelle!

Hi! What are you doing here?

I've been with friends for a few days.

After the Jimmy thing.

We thought a little distance is good for us.

He must have told you everything.

I want to go to India, to Kathmandu.

Have some new experiences.

I don't want the typical thing anymore.

- And where are you going?
- To Morocco.

I want to surprise Robert.
He's in Casablanca.

I had problems with
the local authorities.

- Really?
- Yes, but I've cleared everything up.

Which plane are you taking?

Same as you.
But I change planes in New Delhi.

Then we have time to chat!

It's a shame we won't
spend the whole trip together.

I would like more time with you.

Why can't you come to India?

My approval is only valid for Casablanca,

and I had a lot of trouble in Bangkok

so I want to go as far away as possible.

Robert was right.
You're a strong woman.

You get by on your own.

Even in the most difficult

I never give up
and don't forget anything.

You mean something to me.

I really like you.

We still have time,
until we are in New Delhi.

I will never forget you.

Do you think we'll ever meet again?

Who knows?

I never think of the future.
The present...

... is the only thing that counts.
We wastes so much time.

I regret so much.
I was so stupid.

No, you weren't stupid.

You just never thought about

who you really are.

You saw yourself just as others see you.

I know who I am now.

Can you help me?

I'll help you,
just relax.

Everything went so fast
that I didn't think of

going to the American Embassy
in Thailand.

You don't know how relieved
I was to leave Bangkok.

I understand. Have you had any
problems here in Casablanca?

Not yet. My approval
is only for 48 hours.

I would like to stay longer
in Morocco.

If you don't help me
I'll get in trouble.

- I'm trying to get another permit for you.
- Thank you!

I'll wait for my father outside, Mr. Jackson.

As you wish, Debra.
He'll be there any moment.

- Bye.
- Bye.

48 hours isn't much time,

but we can solve your problem.

Come back tomorrow.

We can extend your Visa.

Do you have accommodation?

No, but I will
find one.

Until tomorrow.

Are you in trouble?

I don't have a place to stay
and I'm broke.

Maybe I can help.

Sorry, I overheard your conversation.

I've lived here for 7 years.
My father is the consul.

I can speak with him if you want.
I think that ...

Thank you, that's very kind.

He has to deal with tourists who have problems
with the hotels

or with money exchange
or the wives of civil servants.

Those women are all the same.

You're different. Look at you!

Your job must be fascinating.

I always wanted to be a photographer.

When I was a kid, I got a camera.

I took a thousand pictures a week.

And then?

The camera broke,
and I lost interest.

You must be Emanuelle,
the well-known photo reporter.

- My name is Debra.
- A nice name.

I have an idea.

Why don't you come
with me instead of to a hotel?

- Where?
- To the consul's house.

This is the living room.
There is something to drink here.


The bedroom is over there.

This is the bathroom
with shower and bathtub.

This is the dressing room
and here the bed.

We often have guests here.

Can I really stay here?
Doesn't it cause trouble?

Rest until the evening.
I will wake you up.

You are very beautiful.

Thank you.

I would like to take a shower,
before I lay down.

This way.

Tommy! You're
back. I am so happy.

Hello Debra.

This is my friend Emanuelle.
This is Tommy.

Nice to meet you.

This is my father David.
He's an important man.

Sorry, but when Debra told me
she had a new little friend,

I expected a girl like her,

not a woman like you.

- You can still see my pigtails.
- Yes.

Tommy is a well-known author.

His books are ​​translated
into 12 languages.

To be honest,
I don't like them.

He writes historical stories.

It's a little boring, isn't it?

You are Thomas Quizet.

I loved one of your books,

I learned all about about ancient Greece.

It's well written.

So it's true that you're famous!
She recognized you.

There's a picture of me on the back cover.

Debra mostly just reads comic books.

How about a drink before dinner?

With pleasure.

After you.

David makes the best drinks.

Sounds great!

That's a great skill to have.


Emanuelle is in trouble.

They got wrapped up in a
military coup in Thailand.

They stole her ID.
You absolutely have to help her.

It doesn't quite work that way.

Tell us about it, Emmanuelle.

The biggest loss is the
film rolls and the cameras.

I can't do my work without them.

Now I remember.

You took photos

of the oldest man
in world!

Impressive pictures.

- Thank you
- Mutual admiration!

I'll try to get back your camera,
I promise.

But it will take some time.

My Visa is valid
for only 48 hours.

No problem. I can extend it
as long as necessary.

You should talk to Mr. Becker.

I'll go with you.

I don't think Emanuelle
needs your protection, Debra.

Debra is always good
to her friends

but you have to be careful.

If she likes someone,
she becomes possessive.

Tommy can vouch for that, can't you?

What does that have to do with it?
Tommy is the man of my life.

I won't leave him with other
women that I don't like.

With that excuse she
destroyed at least four of my relationships.

Of course, they weren't your type.

I've been smoking for a few years.

I learned it from someone
from Sweden.

He studied archeology here.

Speaking of which, I have to find someone.

- A man?
- Yes.

Boyfriend, lover or husband?

Someone I
like more than the others,

but only in small doses.

He is an archaeologist.

I want to see him tomorrow morning.

I know he's at
the excavation site.

You're miles from there.

I'm not really in to boyfriends.

I have one right now,

but it's nothing serious.
- I like you, Debra.

I think we get along well.
I haven't thanked you yet.

We'll talk when you get back.

I promise.

Oh my God.

How do you get here?

Airplane and donkey.
It was very easy.

Robert, look at this.


This is Emanuelle, an old friend of mine.

This is Janet, a colleague.

Just a colleague?

Sure, you are more than that.

Are you engaged?

Why? Would it bother you?

No, on the contrary. That is good news!

Let's go.

Emanuelle, if you knew
how I missed you!

Must be these hot desert nights.

That's not true, and you know it.

I don't want to
to be your ordinary woman.

Why didn't you tell me
you were coming?

Then you would have
left your girlfriend!

Are you kidding?

Janet has to be in love
to sleep with a man.

Do you enjoy that game?

Yes, I enjoyed it until you came.

I won't bother you for long.

Oh no. Please stay a few days.

But you'll have to
share our tent with us.

Since your camera was stolen,

you'll have no excuse to disappear.

That's never an excuse.

Darling, tomorrow we have to
make a trip to the country,

don't you remember?

Oh yeah. Come along Emmanuelle,
it will be an interesting excursion.

I'll lend you a camera
so you can keep working.

That would be wonderful.
Is that OK with you, Janet?

Janet is more than happy.
Aren't you?

Of course I'm happy.

I wish you would've told me

that Emmanuelle was coming
for a visit though!

I like it when you're angry,

because of all the make-up sex
we have.

Do not worry.
I'm not that formal.

I can sleep outside, if you want.

The carburetor is completely
clogged with sand.

It'll take me a while to fix it.

Who are they? Thieves?

No, they are Tuaregs,
a nomadic warrior tribe.

I'm not coming with you.
I've changed my mind.

I'm going with them.

Do you want to come along
or stay with him?

Hey, don't you leave me alone!

Why not?

Damn it.


Come on, don't tell me
that you're jealous.

I don't want to know anything.


I can imagine.

- Welcome back!
- Hello Debra!

Oh it's a shame, I'm just going out,
but my father is there.

He has a surprise for you.

Is that the guy
that you wanted to see?

You guessed it.

- Who is this?
- I'm a friend of Emanuelle's.

What does "a friend" mean?

I'm a new friend,
and she means a lot to me.

I really have to go now.

Will we see each other tonight at home?

Of course, see you.

Thank you. You are
a wonderful man!

That was a minor matter.

The film rolls!

I adore you, David.

Now I can start working again.

You look radiant, like Debra.

Because I am happy.

I can't thank Debra enough.

She likes you a lot,
which. is understandable.

You are so different. So alive,
confident and relaxed.

Debra senses it instinctively.

I think she feels lonely.

Her mood swings
are fast and powerful.

She stumbles between
inhibition and pride,

between enthusiasm,
and shyness.

Sometimes she acts like a woman.

An adult woman.

Maybe because she's
accustomed to loneliness.

If she is in a
suitable environment

that is more appropriate for her,

not like here.

In six months I hope to return to the U.S.

Did you know Debra's
mother died in childbirth?

And since then you've
compensated with alcohol.

Yes I know, it's
an easy choice.

- Are you happy with that choice?
- Normally, yes.

Doubt and temptation arise
when I meet an important woman.

Maybe a woman like Emanuelle?

Why not?

Emanuelle is a very important woman.

You flatter me.

It's too late for me.
I’m too old.

Why do you say that?
You are not too old.

It's not a question of age
Emanuelle. David is tired.

Stuck in his ways, he doesn't think
he can change.

But I have my hopes.

He'll make it someday.

I'm too insensitive, my friend.

To start again you need
an energy that I don't have.

But I was lucky
to meet a woman like her.

So you want to continue like this?

How are you two friends?
You are so different.

Yes that's true.
Tommy is very enthusiastic.

He has curiosity and spiritual energy.

All of this is the antidote
for my laziness.

Right, Tommy?

The truth is that he loves me
and that keeps him envying me.

To have such a friendship
is something special.

Would you like to be part of it?

We can include her, right?

Of course.

You can count on us
for a lifetime,

for everything you need.

- Cheers to friendship.
- Yes, to friendship, Emanuelle.

- I've made up my mind, Robert.
- What about??

I've decided,
that we're no longer engaged.

Actually, we never were.

Fuck you!

Have your freedom back!

I'll also have my freedom,

and I'll live it out, dammit!

I'm almost 25 and I've only
slept with three men.

If I remember correctly
that night in the tent...

That was different!

Nothing more.

Come in.

No, not this one.

It's not finished.

You are very talented.
I like your pictures.


I never say things
that I don't mean.

At least...
not with people I like.

Why didn't you tell me you paint?

I was afraid.


Well ... I was scared
you wouldn't like them.

Debra, it's time you
believe in yourself more

and trust people
who appreciate you.

Don't you ever wear a bra?

To hell with them!

I had a great dream. We
walked down the beach together.

Then we went into the water.
You were holding my hand,

I felt the most beautiful feelings.

Don't go please.

I have to go back to my job,
sooner or later.

But why think about that now?

It spoils it.

Why don't we go for a swim?

Your insecurity comes from you

and only you can overcome it...

Am I important to you?

- Of course.
- Why?

For many reasons.

First, you are open-minded.

I want to be like you.

Like me?

Stop worrying about what
king of person you are.

I never think about it.

But you always know what to do.

I've found my freedom.

And I determine my own life.

Men, friendships, what I do,
how I spend my time.

I want to be like you.

I think you already are.

Never leave me, Emanuelle.

You still have to learn
not to be afraid.

Not even of being abandoned.

Besides, where can I go
without my passport?

Hey, get in the car.
I'll drive you home.

Wow, thanks!

Hi. Thank you.

Oh, look who's here?

I didn't know your girlfriend
likes to watch...

That's not funny!

Why? Come here! Come over!

You like to watch, huh?

Leave her alone, Robert.
Don't touch her.

Why? Are you scared?

She's begging for it!

Over and over!

What's happening? Are you
jealous, Robert?

Jealous of what?
A girl like her?

What do you think she can give you?

Get out, loser!

You don't understand anything!

You are completely crazy!

Don't worry about him, he's gone.

Men will attack you when they
are weak,

and they don't understand things.

They despise what they don't understand.

Robert hates you
because I chose you.

Debra, everything is going to be beautiful now.

Everything looks so new.

I am full of loveliness.

Ready to scream.

You've never met a creature like Debra,

so natural, so authentic

and you discover an unexpected feeling.

I have loved many men,

but it's different with her.

Debra loves you as a whole.
You are everything to her.

A mother, a sensual and adult woman,

and a wise person.

Sometimes Debra seems so fragile.

On the contrary, her nature is very strong,

and one day you will see that.

What should I do?

Love is rare
in our lifetime.

If it happens,
hold on to it,

at least until the pleasure
becomes a dangerous game.

It's all just a game.

It is wonderful,
but it's a game.

I'll take your film back with me
to the U.S.

Thank you. Thank you for
your dear friendship.

Do you know that I was desperate
to sleep with you?

I thought about it too.

Why didn't it happen?

Who knows?

The world is not that big, I am
sure we will meet again.

I'll be waiting.


But why?

Why don't you want to come with me?

I don't understand you anymore.

So far your infidelities have ...

only lasted a short time.

And now. ..

you suddenly want to settle down.

I'm just wondering, why?

What excites you so much?

What is it?

Can you at least tell me?

Who is she to you?
The forbidden fruit?

It's not about the physical.

Forget it, I don't expect
you to understand.

You mean ... love?
Romantic nonsense?

For real?

What do you think you are doing?

Don't you understand
that it's impossible?

That it's nonsense?

I know.

I don't know what I want to do.

Goodbye Robert.

Emanuelle ...

Will we meet again?


Do you like it?

You're so talented.

Do you see me like that,
mysterious and strange?

It's from New York.

They want me in Paris,
as soon as possible.

But how can I
go without a passport?

What a bummer.

I'll have to ask your father again.

How long did you have this?

It came along with the camera.

Are you still mad that I
hid the passport?

No, I was never mad,
and you know that.

But I wonder
why you gave it to me?

It was the right thing to do.

I'll never be
separated from this picture.

I promise you.