Emanuelle Around the World (1977) - full transcript

Famous undercover journalist Emanuelle teams with her friend Cora Norman to uncover a white slave ring that traffics in women kidnapped from various locales around the world. Her investigations leaves plenty of time, however, for globe-trotting and bed-hopping. As each lead turns up bad, Emanuelle begins to wonder if she can ever put an end to this horrible slavery ring.


Wait a second,
let me close the door...

or with all the stuff in here,
we'll redecorate the freeway.

You were terrific!

You weren't so bad yourself.

That was my first time
on a Louis XVI bed.

That stuff in the back...

is for people
with a lot of money...

which you don't seem to have
too much of. You travel light.

Is this your entire luggage?

It's not what it seems.
I do it as a hobby.

What, traveling or...


Tell me, what were you doing
down at that wharf...

half naked,
no money in your pocket.

I'd just gotten off a yacht.

I was looking for happiness,
but I got lost.

How'd you pay
for your trips?

The same way
you did with me?

No, I do that
only when I feel like to.

Could you drop me off
at the Sheraton, please?


Take the duchess
over to the Sheraton.

Are you a guest there or...

you work in the kitchen?

I thought you were kidding.

They'll never let you
in dressed like that.

I'll be all right, don't worry.

- Thank you. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Is my dog a problem?
Can you do something about it?

I will get a room for him.

Excuse me.

- Are you listening to me?
- Yes, ma'am.

- I'm talking about my dog!
- Excuse me!

Would you mind, please?


My dog!

Hey! Should I set the hotel on fire
so you'll finally listen to me?

Can't you see that I'm busy?


Cora! What are you doing
in San Francisco?

Great to see you!
How are you?

Great to see you too!

- Right!
- Hey, what happened to you?

Don't tell me you've had
an argument with your tailor?

Excuse me, Mrs. Norman,
do you know this lady?

Who doesn't know Emanuelle?

She's the most famous photo reporter
in America.

I'm so sorry, ma'am.
I'm at your complete disposal.

My newspaper reserved
a room for me.

I'm tired.

Yes, of course.

What are you wearing?

Are you working on a piece
about the Stone Age style?

I just got back from a desert island.
I went to search for happiness.

- Did you find it?
- Just for few days.

Now, what about you?
Nothing but the truth.

I promise I won't tell.
What are you doing in San Francisco?

You'll read the whole thing
when it comes out in the Post.

Something big, I guess.

Actually, I'm working on
finding out...

who is making money
and who is causing trouble.

Still the old indestructible feminist.


Your room is ready, and this
envelope is for you.

Okay, I'll see you later.
I want to clean up.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Crazy girl!

Welcome back to civilization,

I am sure you are ready...

to enjoy the benefits...

of our wonderful consumer world.

I'm looking forward
to seeing you.

Hop onto the first plane to New York,
and come see me.

See you soon.

Your ever loving
editor, Burt.

I advise you to keep
your hands off that bag.

Why? Is it yours?

Whose you think it is?
This is my room.

Don't be silly.

I don't think you understand...
there has been a mistake.

These idiots gave me
the wrong room.

Are you trying to say
that you're a client of this hotel...

doing a little hustling
to pay the check?

Don't be ridiculous.
Wait till I get the manager.

Don't be angry.
We could work this out.

You need a room
and this one's too big for me...

and we can come
to an agreement.

Forget it!
Keep your hands off of me!

Come on!

You are not bad.
Come here!

Don't touch me or
I'll scream the place down!


I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!

It's ok.

But you're trembling!
What happened to you?

I entered the wrong room
and there was this madman in there...

he was like a sex maniac.

I'm a man who detests violence...

but without any clothes on,
you're quite provocative.

He ripped the only dress I had.

When I enter the room
I was more...

Well, let's try to fix this.

We have some time
before our plane leaves...

I want to do
some shopping.

We'll be together
from here to New York...

I'm finished.

Attention please:
passengers of flight...

Pan Am 427 to New York...

are kindly requested to go
to the gate number 6. Thank you.


I know it's strange but...

I'm sure
I've seen you somewhere before.

Unfortunately not...

I would certainly
remember you...

though I know your work.

Who are you, really?

Why are you asking me that?

Have you noticed that guy?


The one sitting there.

He was at the Sheraton...

and then I saw him again
on the plane from San Francisco.

He follows you and
doesn't even try to hide.

It must be a coincidence.

I bet he's got something against you.

Do you intend to dedicate
your whole life...

to traveling around the world,
taking photos, uncovering scandals?

- Have you ever heard of Cora Norman?
- No, who is she?

She's a reporter for the Post.
She's been writing...

about social-political problems
for years.

But you never even
heard of her.

On the other hand, everyone
knows Emanuelle. - Exactly.

So you're afraid to risk
your journalistic career...

covering problems that might be
too close to home.

- Hey, that's heavy.
- Come on...

don't take it wrong.

- Here we are.
- Wait a minute.

- Is this yours?
- I have the use of it. Come on.

- Have you loved a lot of men?
- No.

But I've had a lot of men.

I see.

I'm free.
Men and women are equal.

It's society
that obligates them to be different.

But love does exist.
Thanks God.

Have you ever been in love?

I'd have to see you again
before I can answer that.

I don't like the kind of love
that is supposedly forever...

but burns out quickly.

I'd love to see you again.

But as the two of us are
always traveling around the world...

our chances are slim.

- This might help.
- What is it?

It's my itinerary
for the next three months.

The places where I'll be
and the hotels I'll be staying at.

Emanuelle, I need to go.
Someone will take you home.

- We'll meet again.
- Are you convinced of that?

More than what you think.

My name is Jeff Davis.

I was asked to accompany you home.

Who is he?
What's he doing at the United Nations?

Dr. Robertson is Chairman
of the Third World Aid Committee.

Oh, what a cheat!

And who are you?
His guardian angel?


Fine. We'll have plenty
to talk about along the way.

Let's go.

You really opened a new can of peas,
disappearing like that.

The publisher's been going crazy.

He says sales are going
through the floor without your stories.

At least, that's what
he thinks.

Let's forget that and talk about
why you're sending me to India.

What the hell am I supposed to do
with an Indian Guru?

I know that religion is coming
back into fashion...

but don't tell me
it's racy enough for this newspaper.

That's what you think.

He discovered
the secret of the ultimate climax.

Millions of Americans dream of going
to India to achieve it.

There's even talk of a mass exodus.

Okay, Burt,
how do you like this headline?

Ultimate climax discovered
where children are a curse...

and procreation
a social emergency.

What is happening to you?

I met a man who opened my eyes...

a fantastic person,
absolutely incredible.

Just think,
I never even made love to him.

What? This is a real news!

Gary, I am tired.

He left the temple
half an hour ago...

he is not at the shrine,
he left the hotel...

Are you sure
the guru exists?

We're following his daily path.
You have no patience.

You must learn that with Holy Men,
patience is a virtue.

Soon, you'll ask me
to comb India...

there are 700 million people here!

- Well?
- Not here, either.

You see,
gurus follow their instinct.

However, he acted
very rationally when...

he took my 500 dollars
for the interview.

you'll see him.

Looks like it's easy to become
a saint in this country.

Wasn't it worth it?

The difficulties that you faced
in order to meet him...

will make the encounter
even more satisfying.

- So I can meet him?
- Later.

He'll come for you.
I reserved a room...

for you.
Thirty dollars a day.

Thirty dollars.

Transcendental meditation
certainly isn't for the poor.

Please don't call anybody.

They think I already left.

But I stayed here.

- Why is that?
- I ran out of funds.

So what?

I can't pay to stay here.

My flight is in two days.

I've been trying to keep out of sight.
My name is Mary.

- I don't mind you staying here.
- Thank you, I appreciate it.


I'm going to lie down.

It's not working out.

I try and I try,
I just can't attain pure thoughts.

I guess meditation is not my thing.

I repeat my mantra.
You don't know what that is?

Haven't you read
the pamphlets they give out?

- No.
- The mantra is chosen by the guru.

It's a word given
to each one of us...

for meditation.

Or something like that.

Twenty dollars to Guru Shanti
and you get your word.

But if you're not into it,
why are you here?

For work.
I'm a photographer. And you?

Well, you see,
I had this accident in Rome.

More of a trauma, really.

I came here to see
if I could get over it.

And now?
Are you okay?

Well, I'm lousy at meditation.

But I've got
the desire to live again.

- Can you understand that?
- Yes, I can.

I was beginning to think
I was frigid.

There's no reason
why you should hide yourself here.

You can have the room I reserved
in a hotel in New Delhi.

You are an angel!
I could leave on the bus this evening.

Or do you want to get rid of me?

- It wasn't so good, huh?
- Don't be stupid.

I was worried about you.
You'll get bored closed up in one room.

It's the first time
I've ever done it with a girl.

Yes, I guessed that.
But why now?

I was going out of my mind.

With you, it seemed so natural.

Here they put us through a course...

to reach pure pleasure.
It made me feel really good.

- What's it like?
- You'll see.

It's crazy.
I've got an idea.

- Are you planning to go to Rome?
- I don't know, maybe.

Well, if you do, here.

It's a way to repay
your hospitality.

These are the keys to my place
in Rome, a gift from my mother.

I can even give you
my friends' addresses.

- Oh, but that's...
- Go on, take them.

I won't be going back there
for a while.

Why is that?

I stupidly got involved
with a bad crowd.

I was gang raped.
There were five of them.

They work for an organization
recruiting girls for the Middle East.

I still can't believe
I managed to get away from them.

Concentrate everything you have
on your mantra.

Allow your gestures to be isolated
from your mind.

Don't allow yourselves to surrender
to the violence of the orgasm.

The real pleasure is to prolong
the sexual act indefinitely.

To discover
a more subtle significance.

To orgasm means to die.

The more you prolong
this act of pleasure...

more intense shall the light
of the spirit be.

Stop, that's enough.

Shall I continue?

Get off!

You're a witch!

Why? I just saved him
from impotency.

Now we've got to go back
to step number one.

You can.
I'm going back to the States.

Who am I gonna do it with?

The guru is really upset.

He's agreed to pose for you
only because he's a saint.

Yeah, sure. A saint who loves
reporters and publicity.

Why did you have to upset him?

You didn't have to be so blatant
and disrespectful.

No one's ever disobeyed him before.

It's like profanity
against the sacred rite.

Embracing on these soft cushions...

we can learn to enjoy and vary
the thousand positions of love.

To become sublime concubines
of our god.

As far as I can tell, your theories
on pleasure create neurosis...

not a richer spirit...

and I think it's anti-ethical.

And yours
is the typically Western theory.

Oriental philosophy
is much less vulgar.

So much more refined.

This is the School of Kamasutra.

Here, women learn the art
of perfect union.

And to avoid the imperfect union...

the arts
of the more refined courtesans...

the in and out position...

the suspended position,
the swinging position...

that of the horse,
that of the mare...

that of the locust,
the double union.

Because often it is the woman's duty
to assume the active role...

when the man is tired, or when
there is the desire to change.

Or just healthy curiosity.

She must learn to bend
to the wishes of the lover...

but at the same time, know how
to guide the man to her desire...

with the subtle art of seduction...

to be the mare with the stallion...

to be the teacher
in the art of caressing...

in penetration,
in friction...

in pressure...

the thrust of the wild boar,
the thrust of the bull...

the game of the bird.

To know the classification of men
according to their linga...

and to adapt these
to their own union.

The ingenious woman
multiplies the ways of union...

imitating the four-legged animals
and the birds...

and thus, inspires in the man,
love, friendship and respect.

A true woman must understand
and elevate herself.

Why don't you remain here,
to learn to elevate yourself?

Elevate myself?
Like those poor women?

I'm sorry, but I prefer to keep
my feet firmly on the ground.

You disappointed me. You live
like a superstar, in luxury.

For me, "saint" is
something else altogether.

To be able to meditate,
one must be comfortable.

And only those who are rich...

can be truly comfortable.

And the poor?

The poor remain poor...

because they're not intelligent
or cunning enough to become rich.

And thus, are not able to meditate.

Well, like I said,
meditation is a luxury.

You don't believe I'm a holy man.

Well, it's very difficult to believe
in a pure spirit.

At least, for me.

I know men well enough to realize...

that in every saint,
there hides a sinner.

- You see...
- You're mistaken.

You don't want to be saved.

You don't want to reach,
by way of prolonged pleasure...

the vision of pure spirit...

- of the sublime soul.
- Don't take it personal.

I didn't come here
to be one of your students.

Are you going to leave?

Yes, I think I've gathered
enough material for my article.

Unless you're hiding
something interesting from me.


That's most interesting...

but what's so special about you?

Is this some kind of love declaration?

I never talk about love.

I am love.

I will show you sublime
and infinite pleasure.

The artist.

That wasn't bad...

but I think you'd do well
to stick to spirit.

Don't worry about it.

You just have
to practice more.

After years of holding back
for the ultimate orgasm...

no wonder you come too quickly.

Come on in.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Good morning.

Isn't there a card?

No, but there's a gentleman
waiting for you in the garden.

Right. The tip.

- There you are.
- Thanks.


Weren't you waiting for the tip?



Good morning, Miss Emanuelle.

Sorry if I woke you up
at this hour.

Dr. Robertson
is rather impatient to see you.

He is busy right now.

- he's in a Conference.
- Let's go.

Tell me,
what do you think of India?

I'm sure you've had
ample opportunity to realize...

that it's a country of great contrasts.

In India, poverty goes
with high-price tourism...

something Indians
take full advantage of.

Right, with fake theories
on sex for the frustrated...

and such myths as the ultimate climax
and all that guru bullshit.

- So your guru disappointed you?
- I would say so.

A saint should preach love
for his neighbor, not for himself.

He's nothing
but a glorified con artist.

My expo on sex in India could become
an explosive social study, like you said.

Hold this a minute.

Yes, maybe I'm going to take
your advice.

Here's to your explosive social study,
that is, if you go ahead with it.

And to your work.

I feel a bit guilty to say this
in a restaurant...

since you are trying to
fight world hunger.

Why don't we forget our work?
Let's talk about us.

Nowadays, a free woman
in a position to express herself...

must be involved with the problems
that a woman has always had to face.

She continues to be the victim
of male sexual violence...

often under the auspices of the law.

You're beginning to take up
noble causes.

No! I haven't gone mad!

Let me finish.

Up to now,
men have bought the papers.

Can you imagine
with something as hot as this

what kind of success
we'd have with women?


Would you just stop it!

Don't you realize
that Cora Norman...

is working on the same story
for the Post?

I have to get in touch with her!

Find her!

What the hell's the matter with you?

You always photograph tits and asses.

You do it well...
so keep doing it.

Okay, you don't have to shout!

She said she wants something
more important to do.

Maybe you misunderstood, Burt.

I understood,
even if it was a load of horseshit.

Emanuelle, I wasn't talking to you...

do anything you want,
just make sure you get good pictures.

Of course I am interested
in the story too.

I'll see if I can find Cora Norman
for you. Heard she was in Rome.

Don't use the story
of our old friendship.

I know why you're here...

it's to try to get a story out of me
for Burt. He called me from New York.

You're right, I asked him
to find you for me.

Burt should work for the CIA
instead of running a newspaper.

They're full of nosy bastards
like him.

- I'll put my cards on the table.
- Okay, go ahead.

You're working on a report
about violence against women...

and I want to know more
about it.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Hey, do you put parsley
in couscous?

I'm afraid I couldn't tell you.

Well, I can't find it anyway.

- Hi.
- Hi.

What happened to Mary?

You must have used her keys
to get in.

I met her in India.
She says she's not coming back.

Why come back to a place where
you've been raped by a bunch of guys?

Mary was a virgin.
Filthy pigs.

How come you know everything?
Did she tell you?

Of course.
She's my best friend.

Would you like to get revenge
on those filthy pigs?

It's lovely. It amazes me
every time I see it.

- It looks like a movie set.
- You guessed it.

Believe it or not,
that's what it is.

They put it on for all those
beautiful foreign girls on vacation.

When the summer's over,
they pull it down.

You really think you're funny.

No, I didn't think it was such
a bad line for openers.

I just wanted to get to know you.
I'm sorry, okay?

Now, don't get upset.

Hey, you really give up easy.

Annie was only joking.

Two very well mannered,
elegant young men...

complete with a white Rolls...

Who's the boy?

We thought
he was your student.

Where do we start the tour?

Listen, kid, for your first day out,
you've done pretty well.

Come here.

Now, listen.
Go back to school, boy.

That broad's not interested
in a beginner.

Just who the hell
do you think you are?

The secret is just a matter of taking
yourself in hand and jerking off.

Go put it where the sun don't shine.

Pleased to make your acquaintance.
My name's Roberto.

Let's go.
There goes a friend of mine.

Come on.

This is Mario.

- Nice to meet you.
- A pleasure.

How are you going to entertain
us, now that you've picked us up?

We can have a meal
at a nice Italian restaurant.

Just a second.

- In you go, girls.
- I've always wanted to ride in a Rolls.

I thought I was rude walking off
like that without saying goodbye.

This is Spaghetti alla Puttanesca.
Ever tried it?

I love it. How many ways
are there to cook spaghetti?

- Do you love Romans?
- I don't know any.

Then, how about us?
Aren't we Romans?

Well, we think you are nice.
Really nice.

What do you think?

It depends. How many ways
do you know how to cook a girl?

I left the recipe at home,
but I know a few appetizing things.

Hello, everyone.
How's it going?

- Ciao, like to join us?
- No, I've had my dinner.

But I'm glad I found you.
Did you forget the party?

Why don't you bring these ladies?

- They'll have fun.
- Ok.

And where is this party
taking place?

- At a villa, on the Appia Antica.
- But isn't it too late?

No! The evening is still young.

We'll pay and be right with you.

Put the girls into my car.


You can do better than that.
I got you good-looking chicks.

Especially the Oriental.
She's alone and just passing through.

Very well.

In you go.

- Ciao.
- I'll be in touch.

Aren't we going to wait for the others?

I'm just playing
a little joke.

I always steal the girls
away from them.

You'll see them at the villa.

That's her, come on.

We have some unfinished business!

Come on in, guys.

I already told you
I'm not interested in your money.

I know. I know!

In fact, I admire you for it.

But this time,
we're not offering money.

Listen. A journalist...

doesn't disappear...

without leaving a trace!

Nothing will happen to you.

Nothing major,
that is.

This time, you'll change
your mind.

Okay, get on with it.


I bet those two
put something in the drinks.

- I'm feeling dizzy.
- I don't feel so well either.

I'm sure this is going to end badly.

Don't worry,
we've got a guardian angel.

- Hi.
- Hi.

You are here,
finally. Is everything ok?

- Yes, I gave the kids their pay.
- How are they.

One better than the other, you'll see.

We've been waiting for you.

- Good evening.
- Hi.

- Please, go in.
- Just make yourself at home.

After you.

Aren't you coming in?

No, I think I'd better go see
what's happened to Roberto and Mario.

But I'll be right back, beautiful,
don't worry about it.

I'll be with you in a minute.

Now... here's the price
we agreed upon.

They are really beautiful.
And safe.

Relax, they got nobody here
to miss them.

I'm not worried.
Tomorrow, they'll be shipped out.

They'll never find them. Ciao.

What the hell's going on?!
Why have you brought us here?

If you do as you're told,
no harm will come to you...

and you'll be able to leave
in the morning.

Now, take your clothes off.

For your own good,
I suggest you do as I say.

- We better get the girls ready.
- Right.

- Why the blindfolds?
- Shut up.

The boss gets first choice.
He'll be down in a minute.

Who's there?
Who are you?

We are three Americans.

We've been blindfolded.

How long have you been here?

They brought us here this evening.
And we've been blindfolded, too.

They said
that we were going to a party...

but instead,
they made us take our clothes off...

and then tied us up.

Hello! Police?


Let me go?

Don't touch me!



Take her away!


Turn her around.

They got what they deserved.

- I did that for Mary.
- Me too.

I hope they spend
the rest of their lives in jail.

It's been scary, tough.
Well, goodbye.

Aren't you coming?

I gotta show our guardian angel
some gratitude.

- Well, how did it work out?
- Fine, thanks to you.

If it hadn't been for you,
it would have been awful.

I didn't do so much,
I only did what you told me to do.

- Can I take you somewhere?
- Any ideas?

I feel like going to
the Scortico, it's my father's.

To the Scortico?
What's that mean?

A place to go
if you want to make love.

I think you'd call it
a bachelor pad.

I am curious now.

I'll go with you.

Wait till you see the Casanova bath.

There's even a bidet
with a vertical shower.

My father thinks he's got class.
He's just a pig.

Men aren't born pigs,
it's something they become.

- It's just a matter of specialization.
- You're an expert?

- Have you ever made love?
- What of it?

I'll get you through your first exam.

Fact 1,
you weren't brought by the stork.

So you know that already?
Show me what else you know.

Shit, someone's coming.

We better hide.

Here, quick, in the closet.

Will you go see
if the bathroom's tidy?

My ball-breaking stepmother.

- What is she doing here?
- I don't know!

- Take off your jacket. It's hot.
- Right. Thank you.

What are you playing at?

Your stepmother is right.

It's hotter than hell in here.

Yes, the bathroom is tidy, ma'am.

Good, that means that my husband
doesn't use the boat much.

Anyway, get some clean sheets.

No, not there, over here.

Shall I change the pillowcases?

Yes, everything.

- She's really got it together.
- Be quiet!

There's no need for you
to rush, you know.

There's not much room
to move about.

Hold on, let's see.

God damn it!
When is she gonna leave?

Come on, you're too close to me.

Am I?

What a nice stepmother you've got.

She comes here to remake the bed
without even knowing...

what dirty games
your daddy comes to play.

You think she cares about that?

- Come on, stop grabbing me.
- Why? Don't you like it?

It's hot.

- That really hurts.
- What did you do?

I have a catch in my garter.
It pinched my thigh.

Let me see
if it scratched the skin.

How about that?

Is she always that democratic
with her maids?

I don't know.
She changes them often.

I am sure
she likes this one.

- It'll be easier if you lie down.
- Yes, darling.

With the maid!
Boy, it turns my stomach.

It's not so bad.
Let me take your mind off it.

I was supposed to be
the one to find you.

- Instead, you found me.
- And it wasn't a coincidence.

I read what happened
in the newspapers.

So I caught the first plane I could.

That was very sweet,
thank you.

You had me very worried.

The project you're working
on is extremely dangerous.

What about all those
things you said...

about women's emancipation?

Don't joke about it.
I feel responsible for what happened.

I couldn't forgive myself
if something happened to you.

I suppose I'll have to check
your itinerary...

to know when I'll be able
to see you again.

Not too soon, I'm afraid.

I'll be away a couple of weeks,
visiting the Middle East.

Your plane is due to leave
in exactly 42 minutes, Dr. Robertson.

Thank you, Davis.

- Well, goodbye.
- Goodbye.

He's all yours, Davis.
We finished saying goodbye.

Goodbye, Miss Emanuelle.

- Emanuelle!
- Cora.

You took a big risk,
I told you it was dangerous.

I heard about it on the news.

- You were lucky.
- Yes, I know.

But what happened to you?

You sounded really upset on the phone.

It's time to get in deeper, that is,
if you haven't changed your mind.

No, but I want to know
what happened to you.

Those sons of bitches.

They came here last night...

and got really rough.

So where are we going?

The Far East.
I found out where Greta Muller is.

She changed her name to Elsa Brown
and lives in Hong Kong.

- Mr. Chang Lee?
- Sorry, no work.

- I'm looking for Elsa Brown.
- Don't know her.

Hey, come on,
you're not trying.

Take this.

Maybe this will help jog your memory.

Elsa has opened a casino in Macao.
I don't know her address.

But I am in touch with her
from time to time.

Tell me where you are staying
and if I see Elsa...

I'll tell her that an American lady
wishes to see her.

Thank you. Tell her
that Cora Norman is looking for her.

- Cora Norman, Elsa Brown is waiting.
- She is?

Thanks, but I prefer to walk,
if you don't mind.

- Come on!
- Let go!


Why do you want to see Elsa Brown?

I thought she could help me
find a job.

- What kind of job?
- Anything, so long as it's well-paid.

You're all alike,
Elsa cannot find you any work.

Elsa only delivers the girls.
It's me, Chang, who decides...

if you'll be able to work.

- And me? Am I okay?
- That depends.

If you are able to pass
the trial period.

Just as they brought you here,
young lady...

I was almost ready to begin
the trial period...

of two ambitious young women here.

They came for the same reason
that you did, to make a lot of money.

And what will they have to do?

Sink to the lowest steps...

then submit
to the cruelest forms of violence...

enjoying it, almost to the point
where the pain they are suffering...

assumes exquisite delight.

Most important of all,
they must come through the test...

without making any sounds.

Disgust and fear should be words
with no significance to them.

- Where did they take her?
- I don't know.

You'd be doing yourself a favor
if you tell me.

They'd kill me if they found
out I had even spoken to you.

Tell me if you know what's good for
you, or I'll pull the trigger.

Please, don't shoot. They took her
to the gymnasium run by Chang.

Please don't say
I was the one who told you.

Tie up the dog.

Quick! Go get dressed!
Then call the Police.

We'll have a few minutes
before the Police get here...

so I propose we use the time
to have a little chat.

I don't mind if you kill me.

You might as well because
I'm not going to tell you a thing.

We could let you experience
your theories about pain...

as a form of pleasure, right?

Yes, you're right.
That dog must still be horny.

Perhaps he'd like to finish with you
what he started with the girl.

Please, you can't!
You are crazy!


Lie down!

Will you tell Madame Brown
that we'd like to talk to her?

Okay. Wait here.
I'll be right back.

I'm Emanuelle.
This is Cora Norman.

It looks as if they keep
a pretty tight check on you.

It's none of your business.

We're both reporters and we'd like
to have a chat with you...

about your dealings
with the Middle East.

Chang has told us a lot about it...

we handed him
over to the Police.

I'm sorry but I think you're speaking
to the wrong person...

- I don't know anybody named Chang.
- Don't you?

Listen, Elsa, you're gonna help us
put an end to this organization.

What organization?
I just manage a casino.

It's just a cover
and you have to play by their rules.

How long do you think you'll last?

You'll make a mistake
and they'll kill you.

Seeing how you know all about it,
what do you want me to do?

Tell the people in the organization,
the two of us want in.

Okay, but I don't think
you know what you're getting into.

Don't you worry about us.

We've already had dealings with them.
We'll come through it all right.

Besides, I'm kind of turned
on by the idea...

- of becoming a sheik's courtesan.
- So tomorrow, it's Tehran.

You're so clever!

A journalist... and a photo reporter.

Both of them famous for their expos◊ôs
on anything scandalous.

That's impossible.

I have the word on them from Rome.
But unfortunately, too late.

Then, Elsa fell for it, too.

I'm ready to admit I made a mistake,
but it's only the first.

You and I divide the work,
which means we divide the risks.

It's not nice
to remind me.

Anyway, the Emir was already
warned of their arrival from Macao.

I can't make them disappear,
if that's what you had in mind.

But, fortunately, for you that is,
our beloved Emir is involved...

in a conference right now
for the oil-producing countries.

That means we have ample time
to fix things.

It's all right, it's absolutely nothing
to worry about.

Last night, the party
got a little bit too rowdy.

- What kind of party?
- Diplomatic parties, they're called.

You know,
where the private discussions go on...

fringe benefits for ministers
while they negotiate deals...

on oil and industrial plants.

But where are they taking the girls?

They have a clinic here
especially for us.

The doctors are Germans.

I'm sure they'll try to get her
back on her feet somehow.

And if she doesn't
recover completely?

That means
no one will ever see her again.

She'll disappear, like all the others.

Just between us,
I know where they go.

To a brothel,
on the Ivory Coast.

One of those pigsties,
reserved for soldiers.

I'd rather die
than end up in a place like that.

Would you like to leave?

I would do just about anything
to get away from here.

We could help you.

Are you kidding me?

No, we are not.

We're two American journalists,
you can talk to us.

Just tell us
what's going on.


The head of this awful organization
is a man named Kassim.

Half slave trader, half minister.
I'm sure he's stealing the Emir blind.

And the Emir doesn't know
anything about it.

Absolutely nothing, the Emir
is so sweet and well mannered.

He can't know anything.

The poor darling's only fault is...
that he trusts Kassim.


- Get up, Fiona.
- What is it?

I'm sorry.
This has to look real.

Let go of me!

Let go of me!

Let me teach her a lesson!

Let me through.
Kassim sent me.

Just a moment.

All right, come in.

The Emir would like to speak to you...

and the two American women
that arrived today.

Yes, very well.

Are they taking him to jail?

No, I sent him out to hunt a gazelle.

They're not easy game, you know,
in fact, it's very dangerous.

Unfortunately, as fate would have it,
sometimes accidents happen.

More often than not, fatal.

Should that happen,
I don't suppose you'd be upset.

I don't think
you understand compassion.

I'm the only justice here...

and justice
is no friend of compassion.

That's nice and easy.

You organize a gazelle hunt
and your conscience is clear.

You are provoking me, my dear.

But I don't quite understand
what you're hoping to achieve.

And you?

I bet you'll try to stop us
from publishing our story.

- Will you send us away too?
- Don't worry...

but I could be very generous
in exchange for your silence.

I am not talking about money.

What are you offering us?

Your countries are in desperate need
of my oil... and I could...

It's a reasonable

Don't you think, Cora?

Just a moment.

This resolves your problem
but only makes mine more serious.

I think I could stand my loneliness
much easier...

if I had some kind
of delightful souvenir of your presence.

Just a minute, Mr. Kilev.

We have a warrant for your arrest.
Let's go.

Come on!

You don't have to thank me,
Dr. Robertson.

It's me who should thank you...

for contributing
to the success of our convention.

All right.

I hope you'll be back soon,
perhaps as my guest...

and I hope as a friend.


Send the ladies in.

My dears.

I hope you rested well.

Yes, very well, thank you.
We needed it.

Now I know what they mean
when they say...

- you Arabs have energy resources.
- Thank you.

That's a very flattering compliment.

I was to tell you
that Dr. Robertson sends his regards.

Where did you meet Malcolm?

It appears that he somehow found out
that you were my guests.

He did everything he could to help.

He even called the American Embassy.

So you had no choice.

I think you put
an end to the organization...

- or you would've lost face.
- Believe me...

I would have done it anyhow.

I just didn't want to spoil
the pleasant atmosphere.

Why, you son of a bitch.

What I meant to say was
what exquisite Oriental subtlety.

That sounds better.

You promised me you wouldn't get
into any more trouble.

Weren't you the one who told me
not to waste time covering scandals?

Yes, but I was hoping that...

you'd spend
more time with me.

Excuse me, but we've
got to get to the airport.

Thank you. Davis, contaminated
by your curiosity...

has been very busy these days.

I discovered something
that I think would interest you.

That's great, Davis.
Don't keep me in suspense.

It's the name of an American senator,
Paul Lex.

He's mixed up in some shitty deals.
We don't know exactly what.

I don't know
how to thank you.

You couldn't have thanked me
in a nicer way.

- I'll wait for you in the car, sir.
- I'll be right out.

You see? You will finish
your story brilliantly

See you soon.

Is that the promise of a diplomat?

Consider it a threat.

I like that.

Paul Lex. We need to
meet him.

That's sweet.
We'll be in New York tomorrow.


Who is Phil Mortonson?

He's senator Paul Lex's assistant.

I met him at the white House,
he was a friend of a Faye.

- Good evening, Mr. Mortonson.
- I don't get it...

Eddie's from Oyster Bay like I am.

I can't follow you.
Are you from New York?

- No, I'm Jamaican.
- Beautiful place.

But you are too close to Cubans.

You aren't a leftist politicians,
are you?

No way, I just like to enjoy myself.

That's good, honey. I just can't stand
those country girls...

who cry wolf
at the first sight of blood.

- How about your friend here?
- I'm a big girl.

- In you go.
- Where are you taking us?

Does it matter?
Just as long as we enjoy ourselves.

Poor Miss Ohio.
What will you do to her?

Just you relax.
It's a game and she lost.

Gambling debts have to be paid.
Look who's here.

- Hi, Phil.
- Hi, Mr. Senator.

- I'd like you to meet June Cleaver.
- How do you do?

Always glad to make
a new acquaintance.

What are you doing
for the rest of the evening?

Going back inside there?

We're going off to watch
Miss Ohio pay her debt.

- Do you care to join us?
- Let's go.

- And now for some fun.
- Where are we?

Don't worry,
we're here to take of you.

Come on!
What am I suppose to do?

You'll know it soon.

Frank, where are you?

- Over here.
- Here we are.

- But where are we?
- A hellhole of the metropolis.

- Frank, the show's about to begin.
- Here they are, the audience.

We can start now.
Come on, baby.

I don't understand.

You have to do a little election
propaganda for the senator.

It'll be convincing campaign work.

What should I do?

Dance and make
people happy!

What should I do?

- Naked?
- Of course.

Let the show begin.

What are you doing?

This way, gentlemen.

Get out there and dance!

You have to give the best of you!
People are expecting a great show.

Get it all off.

Come on, dance!

Dance! Let's go!

Look at her!

You got to practice
for the sheiks in Kuwait!

That's it, honey.

Swing it, baby!

Keep it up, baby!

Hey, hey, hey.

That's good!

Stop that!

Hey, you'd better stop this!

Get the girl out of there!

Okay, that's it, finished everyone,
go home, boys.

- Let's go.
- But it's just innocent fun.

Like hell. They're getting rough.
We're leaving.

That's enough.
Frank, give them some money.

Shut your mouth.

Let go of me!

No! No! No!!

Cut it out!
That's enough!

Fuck off.

Hey! Do something!
Stop them, for Christ's sake!

Have you gone crazy?
Let her go!

Get the fuck out of here.

Phil, do something!
They're killing her!

Make them stop!
Don't just stand there!

Stop them, Phil!

Just leave me alone!

Let's get the hell out of here!
Come on!


What can we do about it?

We've got to get to a phone
and call the Police!

Let's go!


Drink this.
It'll do you good.

Thank you.

How's the girl?

I don't know
if she'll make it.

- Did they get all of them?
- Yes.

It's all over.

No, it isn't.
This is just the beginning.

We've got to find the courage
to tell everyone what's been going on.

Gary McKinsey, five,
of Michigan was killed...

when riding in a vehicle west
of Interstate 69 near Charlotte...

The boy's father, Gary senior,
and younger brother, Ryan,

were hospitalized in serious condition.

The white slave trade scandal
is spreading like an oil spot.

The government itself is involved...

as is the world of high finance
including well-known personalities.

The District Attorney's office
has already sent out subpoenas.

Now, we'll broadcast
an interview with Emanuelle...

- the famous photo reporter...
- What a mess.

I opened a can of peas
my publisher doesn't like.

I think he wants to fire me.

You can get another publisher.

You're a sought after reporter.

I'm also a lonely woman
and I feel very bitter.

I'm going to need your help.

All you have to do is ask me.

I'm here for you.

You're a terrible liar.
What time is your next plane?

- There is no plane.
- Did they fire you?

Unfortunately, not.
The conference was only put back.

The president has influenza.

Let's hope
somebody hides the aspirin.