Eléonore (2020) - full transcript

Under the pressure of her mother and sister, failed-writer Eleonore Berthier undergoes a complete makeover and gets hired as an assistant in a publishing house specializing in erotic romances.

My memory of that time is fuzzy.

I just remember always feeling guilty
and not good enough.

Just like a woman

Is it all for you?

Bit much, don't you think?

The sugar is off the charts.
And the butter.

I say it because I care.

I know it's comforting, I was your age.

But the truth is, it gets worse.

It's like smoking crack.

Hi Eléonore,
sorry I didn't call back.

Still no news?

Actually, I just got some.

Did they like it?

Yes, they liked it a lot.

They think you're a talented writer.

But they turned it down.

They say 700 pages
is bit long for a first novel,

especially one
with such a heavy, leaden tone.

If you want my opinion,
I think the book is too demanding

for today's readers.

There's just no market for...

Luckily, I had my family.

My mother has many flaws,
but at least one quality:

She taught my sister and I
that family is sacred.

You must always be there
for each other.

What the hell
are you still doing here, Victor?

- Hector!
- Hector, Victor... whatever!

She's not answering.

What do we do?

- Shall I go get her?
- Yes, but please hurry.

Don't worry, I have my phone.

If anything happens, call me.

Oh no, no!

I'm sick of you, sick of you!



- Still in bed at this hour?
- Why're you here?

Mom and I are downstairs.
We keep calling you.

Shit, my phone.

I left it
at the unemployment office.

Who was the guy in your bed?

Nobody of importance.

You've been depressed
for far too long now.

I'm not depressed, I'm lucid.

Then get some help
for your chronic lucidity.


- You look ridiculous.
- She can't miss her appointment.

How can you live
in such a cut-throat place?

The human mind is simple.

You have two states.
On the one side,


And on the other...

Normal people?

Normal people? No, no.

Not at all.
Neurosis is the normal people.

On the other side...


A loss of connection with reality.

So I'm a psychopath?


do you...

Do you think you're a psychopath?

You do realize it's up to you
to adapt to the world

and not the other way around?

But how?

I'm 34, I'm unemployed,
I've never had a stable relationship.

My life is not at all
how I imagined it when I was little.

It rarely is.

Mom is worried sick about you.

She can't sleep at night.

I've lost my appetite.
I can't eat.

I barely touched my fish.

Go see a doctor.

- That won't help.
- You can't sleep or eat.

I need you to change.

Start acting like an adult!

Pull yourself together
before you go insane like Grandma.

I'm not that bad yet.

That's exactly what she said.

Anyone can be depressed.


You can't blame it all on depression.

I'm depressed too.
Everyone's depressed.

If your father could see you!

The shrink says
you shouldn't reference Dad.

It's unhealthy.

Your immaturity is what's unhealthy.

I didn't make all those sacrifices
just to watch you fail.

You've done so little.

You wanted to write, you tried,

you failed.

If you had talent, you'd know by now.

You're getting older.
But it's not too late to change.

Mom found you a job.

A real job,
not cashier or salesgirl.

What a joke.

I need to grow up,
so Mommy finds me a job.

Your sister is so successful.

Follow her lead, let her help you.

She has to take the first step,
like junkies or alcoholics.

We're your family, Eléonore.

We love you.

We want you to be happy.

How do I look?

- My ass looks big.
- Not at all.

Be honest.

You're just not used to those clothes.

You need to embrace your femininity.

- It's just a job interview.
- All the more reason.

Women need to use their assets.

But this necklace is ridiculous.

- Lose it.
- It's my good luck charm!

You're not 12 anymore,
stop believing that crap!

Take it off.

Take it off, I said!

That's better.

I didn't share
my sister's taste in clothes,

but she always did shine
out in the world.

Excuse me.

Watch out!

Hi. I'm late for an appointment
with Harold Graziani.

Third floor.
Elevator's broken, take the stairs.

I know!

Wasn't the interview at 5?

That's right.

I think she just arrived.



Johanna, have you got a second?

Don't forget tonight's meeting!

But I don't...

It's about my new assistant.

Is there a problem?

We found one as quick as we could.

Right, but I said I preferred a...

A what, Harold?

- You won't work with a woman?
- No, that's not it.

Then what is it?

It's just that...

It's just that what, exactly?

It's just that I'm used to men.
It's easier for me.


C'mon, don't give me that look.

Everyone knows I love women.

But at work it's complicated.
Mood swings, sensitivity...

Lots of women prefer working
with men too. Just ask.

You must be Eléonore.
I'm Johanna.

From my mother.

I'm a real pain. I'm difficult.

I've got a thick skin.

One thing I truly can't stand

is poor spelling.

Same here, I'm a stickler.

Even in emails.

I couldn't agree more.


I have no tolerance for it.

I berated my former assistants.

The worst is "your"
when it should be "you're!"


Please stop, I...

And grammatical errors!
Irregular plural nouns,

goose, geese, all that...


Sorry, I'm just really nervous.

You want to be an editor?

- Yes.
- Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

- You like to read?
- Very much.

There's a lot of reading.

If you want to do it right.

Erotic romance?

Erotic romance?
I just said I like to read!

You don't consider it literature?

Do you?

This is a trick question, right?

Do you know where you are?

- Is that you ringing like mad?
- For 2 hours, yes.

Someone forgot to take her Prozac!
We didn't hear you, sorry.

- It's Zoloft.
- Chill, just kidding.

Happy birthday.

What the heck is this?

You could've aimed higher.

Made a bit of an effort.

Why is everyone staring at me?
Did you say something?

Don't be so paranoid!
Try to trust me for once.

Bye for now.

Won't you say hi to your nephew?

- He's grown.
- Take him.

No, I might drop him on his soft skull.

C'mon, you won't drop him.


What a plump little roast!

Makes me wanna rub him with garlic

and surround him with potatoes.

He's talking to you, how adorable!

Happy to see me?

Happy to see Auntie Eléonore?


Take him back.

Yes? You said yes?

No, you said no!

- Careful.
- Easy.

Take him back.

- Give him back, he'll get sick.
- I'll take him now.


All gone.

Fresh as from the dry cleaner.

Unless you look in the bright light!

I'm going home.
I'm nervous, I don't know anyone.

Know what?

That top doesn't work.
You look suicidal. It's too gloomy.

I've got just what you need!

It's all about the details.

What is it?

That's hideous.

You're so funny sometimes.

It's Chanel.

- No, no!
- Yes, yes!

One guest came especially for you.

So please do me a favor
and let your inner woman out!

I'm so glad your sister introduced us.

I love Honorine.

It's her birthday,
but she's the one giving the gifts.

I didn't sign any dotted lines.

Dotted lines, that's a good one!

- I'm sure we'll get along.
- Think so?

My instinct rarely fails me.

- Know what I like most about you?
- What?

Your attention to detail.

Like that brooch.

It says a lot about your personality.

What does it say?

You're sophisticated, bold.



That's just a polite way
of saying I'm a slut.

Have another.
I know you love them.

I've had enough.

Go ahead.
One more bite won't matter much.

This charming person
putting us at ease is my mother.

You hardly need me
to put you at ease, honey.

Nice to meet you.

Did you get the job?

Some job!
If I'd known, I wouldn't have gone.

- What happened?
- Nothing.

The guy's a jerk.
He doesn't want me.

- Did he say so?
- It was obvious.

You must've done something wrong.

You're good at self-sabotage.

At least I'm good at something.

Easy, Tiger!

Just honoring tradition.

It's not Christmas.

Settle down.

C'mon, you want it too!

Harold can be intimidating,
but he's a good guy.

If you have questions,
call Antoine, his last assistant.

Don't hesitate.

His appointments are the main thing.

At the end of each day,
check his online agenda.

Go over the next day's
appointments with him.

Always validate them together.
That's very important.

I write in his agenda?

You've never used online agendas?

I'll speak to her about the dress code.

This isn't a Fashion Week party.

No, I'm not mean!
But it's too early to see all that.

Are you getting it?

Yeah, it's not rocket science.

Go for it, you're up.


Not like that!

Mr. Graziani's office, hello.

Get it? Do it.

- You just did.
- Hurry!

Mr. Graziani's office!

They hung up.

Work well.
I can't wait to read it.

Speak soon.

Shall we have dinner soon?

Yeah, soon.
Let's do another seafood platter.

I do?

Depressed? No, no.

Just preoccupied, nothing serious.
Don't worry.

Kind of you to ask.
Anyway, see you soon.

And you called me a misogynist!

I must admit
I'm pleasantly surprised.

You should stop listening
to idle gossip.

You're letting down your armor.

Soon you'll be wearing jeans!

Careful with that character.
You need to avoid stereotypes.

His first name could be problematic.



- It's heavily connotated.
- Connotated how?

It's my boyfriend's name.

Who's she?

What's she doing? Is she insane?

She'll break it!

And that silly goose just watches her!

Not like that! Let me handle it.

We need to talk about it.

I wasn't...

entirely convinced by what I read.

Bye, Brieu.
Have a good evening.

You too, Harry.

Have you tried 404?

I'd kill for a seafood pastilla.

Just a sec.

- Getting the hang of it?
- Yes.

Did Sarah explain about messages?

- Always note the number.
- Sure, no problem.

And in the morning...

- Get a croissant at the bakery.
- On the corner.

With the striped awning.

It's easy once you get the hang of it.

Goodnight, Harry.

Harold. Everyone calls me Harold.

Not true.
That fellow called you Harry.

That fellow and I go way back.

It's Harold to you.

If you prefer.

I prefer.


This new assistant they stuck me with
is a real head case.

I hear you're not answering
his messages.

I will, I will.

He's really into you.

Aphrodite Editions...

It's a sign!

It's Aphrodite, not Cupid.

- I saw you two at my party.
- I was wasted.

I don't understand you.

You've dated so many total losers.

For once an amazing guy
takes an interest,

and you play the shy virgin.

- I'm not playing anything.
- So what's the problem?

I don't know.

He's too sure of himself.

He depresses me.

Never say that word again.

You asked.

- Let me plump your lips.
- We said no mouth work.

Right. Have it your way.

What do you all see in him?

What's so special about Lucas?

Your other guys were special?

The limp-dick fuck buddy,
the klepto lab rat...

Shut up.

And those are just the losers
I know about.

If you want my opinion,
all things considered,

you not being into him yet

is a very good sign.

If you want to be happy,
you have to decide to be.

Take the rational steps
that'll make you happy.

He has the whole package.

A good job, a nice apartment,
a fat bank account.

What more do you want?

That's right, I tell it like it is.

Love is like real estate.

You have to take the long view.

You want me to ignore
your smoldering eyes and evil heart?

I want only silence.

Delivered with no enemy,

no worth and no faith.

You are no judge.

Your war is not mine.

And your love is...

It's Christine.

I dined with her last night.

I thought by now we'd be able to talk.

What a pair of masochists!

She must still have feelings.

The sky is menacing.

But I don't know if she sees me
as someone from the past

or the future.

I'm so anxious.
I've got a big lump here.

Am I doing too much or not enough?


Be gone,


In the name of Allah,

burn down this town!

Flee my arms!

What do I do about Christine?

I'm stumped.
The more I know, the less I understand.

The fact that we're talking again
is a good sign, right?

Every time I try to give you advice,
I get it wrong.

Men and women are too different!

Only a female mind can understand
another female mind.

You should ask a woman friend.

Maybe "friend" is too big a word.

A woman you know,
who you could subtly ask for advice.

- A confidant.
- A confidant?

One of your writers, maybe.

They know too many people.

I don't want my personal life
on social media.

Listen Harry, I gotta go.


You have a new job.

- I just told you that!
- Please.

So, that's a good thing.
It was a good decision.

You need to be patient, but it will...

ultimately bear fruit.

Great! And what about...

matters of the heart?

That's what I really want to know.

I see two women with you.

Right next to you.

They're blocking my view.

Family members, perhaps?

Do you see any potential for love?

Draw 3 cards.



These two cards side by side...

announce a renewal of love.

I see a new person.


- You'll form a family within 2 years.
- A family?


Draw 2 more cards.

The encounter takes place at a party.

Under branches.

At first, this man's role
in your life will be unclear.

And yet, he's the one.

Truly the one.

He will change your life.

Are you sure?

As I've always told you,

you're not made for women.

You hurt me.

I hope it was in.

- No.
- Says you.

If we count all the outs,
we'll be here all night.

I got it!

Relax your pelvis.

Let me show you, Kitten.

I suck at this.


See your leg here?

Swing it back, open your hips...


Stay with it.
Watch your hips, open up and...

- Relax your hips.
- That tickles!

Congratulations on your daughter.
What a transformation.

And the boyfriend...

Is it serious?

It's brand new.
But very promising.

Her sister dug him up.

He created a food delivery start-up.

It's a big success.

And he owns a huge apartment
in the 9th arrondissement.

The 9th is so chic.
Far better than it used to be.

Very bobo.

It's the racket, Kitten.
I'll buy you a new one.

Better be patient.

Keep your new racket.

Careful, my sister is by far
the most oversensitive person I know.

I'm not oversensitive.

You guys piss me off!

It's ok!

Go on,
or she'll sulk until tomorrow.

I hope she doesn't
scare him off like the others.

Such a drama queen.

You are bound by law
to provide each other fidelity,

comfort and protection.

You must also
respect each other's personalities

and accept your differences.

The family residence
will be chosen by mutual agreement.

Neither spouse may benefit individually

from the worth of the family home

or its furnishings...

Do you smell shit?


Did you step in something?


His croissant!

The idea is to remain true
to the last novel

while adding a fresh, modern touch.

I don't know, this is a bit glum.

It's empty, there's no story.

It's depressing. Don't you think?

That's a bit harsh.

It's understated, chic, elegant.

Right, boring.

If I may,

I think Chloé's been trying to tell you

that it lacks mystery.

That's it. Mystery.

Don't interrupt
the Chloé Safir meeting!

Are you through clowning around?

It's my cat.
He has tummy trouble and...

Screw your cat!

Along with your hair rollers
and running nylons!

Can't you see we're in a meeting?
Get going.

Seriously, she's such a klutz.

This isn't a playground.

Last one here again?

Every night is the same.

The others go home
and he stays there

stiff as a mummy
behind his screen.

He's in no hurry whatsoever
to go home.


Harold, may I come in?

Got a minute?

I wanted to apologize...

If you're wondering if you can go home,
the answer is yes.

Ok, see you tomorrow.


Do you have plans?


Fancy a drink?

Another round?

No, I promised myself
I wouldn't drink during the week.

Why, are you an alcoholic?

Just kidding, don't be offended.
Can't say anything anymore.

I'm not offended, no worries.

I was a bit of an alcoholic
without realizing.

Don't worry, I'm fine with it.

I love to drink, what can I say?

It's just bad for my health.
I love to smoke too.

And eat salami and cheese.

Is that so?

You're not into kale and quinoa
like the other girls?

Are you hitting on me?

Are you insane?

You're asking weird questions!

What if the others saw us here?

Everyone comes here after work,

when we need to go over our notes
or discuss a book!


It's practical, right on the corner.

Sorry, I was out of line.

So you are capable of realizing it?

Realizing what?

Nothing, never mind.

Don't worry.

The reason I asked you here tonight...

is to discuss a manuscript I'm reading.

I'd like to get your point of view.

My point of view?

About story plausibility.

- And characterization.
- I'll read it.

No, you have enough to do.
I'll sum it up.

What's it called?

- What?
- The book.

A Cartesian Woman.

I see. Is it an erotic romance?

No, not at all.

It's far more serious.
We publish other things.

Erotic romances sell well,
but we publish a broad range.

As long as the main character
is female and modern.

I want another drink.
Care to join me?


How do you see it?
Is it a beautiful love story

or a pathetic tale of two exes
stuck in a dysfunctional relationship,

condemned to keep repeating
the same mistakes?

Well, couldn't it be both?

Let me read the book.
That'd be simpler.

One thing's for sure.

Whether she loves him or not,

he's the most interesting character.

We sense a real loneliness in him.

Why do you say that?

His pain...

He's nourishing it, don't you think?

Check, please.

In any case...

the poor guy seems really tortured.

he's carrying a heavy burden.

You think?

- What kind of burden?
- Dunno.

I sense an unhappy childhood.

He may even be a closet homosexual.

No, that's ridiculous!
You're completely off the mark!

You men are funny
with your fear of homosexuality.

Don't start again!
You're imagining things.

How do you know?
It could be in the subtext.

- Between the lines.
- No, hardly!

There's nothing at all in the subtext.
He's just very sensitive.

An idealist.

Women aren't the only ones
with feelings.

I'm heading this way.

To the 9th.

Did you move?

No, I promised my boyfriend
I'd sleep over tonight.

Cheer up.
I still do booty calls.

I'm joking, relax!

Very funny.
Be safe, see you tomorrow.



You can talk to me openly, you know.

I'm not a complete idiot.

Hurry up, damn it!

What did he want?

He just needed to talk.

Talk? I don't trust the guy.

Don't tell me you're jealous.
That's grounds for separation.

I'm just saying he'd better not
sexually harass you.

He's harmless.

I hope so, for his sake.

Or he'll have to answer to me.

Sexual harassment
seems to turn you on.

You turn me on!

Just you wait.
The star technique never fails.

What a load of bull!


Not like that!

- Like this?
- Yes, but please shut up.

- Is this good?
- Yes, but shut up...

"Torrid" - ELLE
"Safir breaks taboos" - SOCIETY

"Orgasmic" - GRAZIA
"Essential" - GQ

Welcome, everyone.

Today's guest is Chloé Safir,

here to talk about her new novel,
Diary of a Cheat,

already a bestseller.

- Hello Chloé.
- Nice to be here.

How does it feel
to be a bestselling author?

Do you get used to it after a while?

What matters most to me
is the creative process.

That's what I live for.
Same with my music.

Promotion, marketing, sales...

I couldn't care less.

Is that right?

Your many detractors say
you peddle in female pornography.

They don't know a thing about women.

They're just old farts
who can't get it up anymore.

Totally vulgar, to top it off!

Spare us your comments.

Good morning, Harold!

Better get in gear,
we've got a busy day ahead.

Jawohl, General!

Harry, can I get you a coffee?

Harold, sorry.

How was the exhibition?

- Great.
- I told you she'd like it.

I'm getting to know your Christine.

For architecture lovers,
it was a must-see.

It was a good recommendation.

And the Tibetan restaurant?

- She loved it.
- Wonderful.

You're earning points.

Now you need to surprise her.

Become a stranger to her.

Do the opposite of what she expects.

Stand her up,
then show up unannounced.

This is a bad time.
We'll discuss it later.


No, I...

Please leave.

Have you seen her again?

- Who?
- Chloé Safir.

We were in grade school together.
She's so talented.

I look like a tranny in this!

Nonsense, you're super hot.

You just lack confidence.

I didn't think
you took writers seriously.

Seen how many books she sells?
She's a superstar.

If you want my advice,
you should make friends with her.

Brownnose her, you mean.

Call it what you want.
It's all about networking now.

Plus, she's gorgeous.

So what? She's a writer,
not a reality show contestant.

Come here.

Your cheeks.

Suck 'em in.

Always be on your game.

You don't want a younger,
prettier girl stealing the show.

Nope, I didn't know.

What dinner date?

That's tonight?

C'mon, I'm wiped out!

I just wanna shower and dive into bed
with a hot water bottle.

He's gonna rip you apart.

Gotta go.

I've been waving at you for hours.

Your envelope stuffing is endless.

Stop before you make me cry.

I'm off. I promised to go
to Christine's daughter's ballet.

- I did ballet as a kid too!
- Save it for another time.

What do you think?
Does the hat make me look ridiculous?

- Or eccentric?
- Eccentric?

You know what I mean, for a date...

The hat's fine,
the sweater is a disaster.

A disaster?

Harold, just look at yourself!

I have to be honest.

Thank you for your honesty.

I'll freeze to death, but never mind.

It's worth it. Was it a gift?

Yes, it was.

What are you doing?

Just relax and trust me.

You're wearing
the whole bottle of cologne.


Much better.
You look less like a parish priest.

Got a scarf, for some color?

A scarf?

- I'll loan you mine.
- No way!

I won't wear a woman's scarf.

Good, it's not.
And it'll keep you warm!

I'm not wearing something of yours!

It's a scarf, not a bra.

I forgot, Chloé Safir called.

She has chapters for her new book.
Could you get them for me?

- Can I go tomorrow?
- No, she's flying to Rome tonight.

Can't she email them
like everyone else?

- I'll send a messenger.
- No messengers.

It has to be picked up directly.
That's the law of the trade!

Keep things light.
Keep her guessing!

You're not at her feet.
You could leave anytime too.

Ever heard of discretion?

Clearly the concept
is unfamiliar to you.

Careful, I have no backup.
I typed it on an old Remington.

Like the best of them.

- Can I ask a favor?
- Sure.

Could you sign this?

I want to surprise my sister.
She worships you.

Use my website for that, hon.

- But she knows you.
- Really?

You were in grade school together.
Do you remember her?

Honorine Berthier.

Always got the best grades.

Honorine Berthier!
How is she?

Still as pretty?

- Yes.
- Kiss her for me.


So you're her little sister!


That's what she called you.

Like the character in The Goonies.


Children can be so cruel.

Give me that.


Honorine Berthier...

Can I ask you a favor back?

While I'm gone,
would you water my plants?

Just for the weekend.
I'll be back Monday.

Harold's prior assistant Antoine
always did.

Do you mind?

Thank you, thank you!

Don't forget the accents.

The accents?

My Remington is a qwerty.
Antoine filled them in by hand.

I never met Antoine.

Don't you want to try it?

Earth to Kitten?

Sorry, I'm exhausted.

Missing anything?

Near your cake.

They've been here all along,
how can you not see them?


You got a new keyring?

I want to you to move in with me.

I want to wake up and go to sleep
together all week.

I'm really, truly flattered.
But this is so fast. I'm at a loss.

I thought it was what you wanted.

When did you all decide
you knew what I want?

"We'll find Eléonore a guy
with a big car and a huge flat

"with hardwood floors and geraniums!

"Dress her like a bimbo so she doesn't
seem like a dead fish or a dyke!"

Maybe you need time to think.

Yeah, that's it.

Time. I need time.

Make the right decisions.

I'll call you.

- What's your problem?
- Fuck you!


Hi Eléonore, it's Harold.

Could you bring me Chloé's manuscript?

Bonne Nouvelle station?

She left the envelope
in the metro train.

Tell them to call anytime.
There'll be a handsome reward.


God damn it to hell!

I'm sorry.

I can still see it in my hands!

A homeless woman got in
and started playing accordion...

I can still see it!

You see it, you see it!

What'll I tell Chloé?
This is a catastrophe!

I'm so, so sorry.
Is there anything I can do?

Yes. You can shut up.

Shut your trap! Don't say a word!

Not that!
If anyone should be crying, it's me.

- You trusted me and I let you down.
- You sure did.

It was hardly a stellar performance.

I'm such a loser.

Your nose is running, wipe it off.

It's my sister's fault.
Know what she called me?

Don't start.
You're totally irresponsible.

Know what your problem is?

You're too much,
you don't know your place!

Every line you shouldn't cross,
you find a way to cross it!

It's pathological!
You can't stop yourself!

You think you're clever but you're not.

Don't tell Mom
until you find another job.

This'll really bring her down!

I wasn't right for the job anyway.
Better sooner than later.

How the hell
did you lose that envelope?

It could happen to anyone.

I'm not so sure.

It seems Freudian.

Honorine, please!
Spare me your armchair psychology.

No nibbles?
Are you dieting?

As my late husband said,
"I'm always between diets.

"The one I didn't do,
and the one I'm planning to do."

- Bravo, Dominique.
- Thanks.

So, what do you think?

I love it.

I want to buy the big one
for my office.

And you?

I think it's great, very interesting.
Her use of color...


I told her it was fantastic.

But I think it's hideous.

No emotion, no technique.

why does she even bother?

The artist!
The next Nicolas de Staël.

You are.

Thanks for coming.

If there's one person
whose opinion matters to me,

it's your mother.

Hold this, please.

I'll take it outside. Yes?

You know,
your mother is very proud of you.

She is?

She said, "My ugly little duckling
has finally become a swan."

And you know your mother.

Her praise is always sincere.

What's up with her?

Something seems wrong.

Bam! My worst nightmare came true.

As a kid I was terrified
I'd lose my mom as I'd lost my dad,

and now here it was.
The universe was out to get me.

Or maybe it was my fault,
for losing the damn envelope.

This is it.
The inevitable has happened.

I knew it would.

All that grief and sadness...

First Martine Gets Married,
then Martine is Widowed,

now Martine Gets Buried.

The doctor is optimistic,
you heard him.

If only we could believe doctors.

None of them
accurately diagnosed your father.

Great strides have been made since.

You may not even need chemo.

You two are awfully optimistic.

I don't know why,
but I felt an urgent need to see Harold.

And not just to see him.

I wanted him to hug me, console me.

Where are you manners?
Leaving without saying hello!

And your boyfriend in all this?

- Is he supportive?
- He's not really my boyfriend.

It's been 3 months.
He's my sister's friend.

She'd been trying
to hook us up for ages.

If you succumbed,
he must have some good qualities.

Yeah, no doubt.

You don't sound convinced.

Truth is, he's loaded.

Money is everything
to my mom and sister. It's God.

Anyone with money
shines brighter in their eyes.

That's the way of the world,
don't you think?

If you're with him,
you probably think that way too.

You're right, I'll dump him.

That's not what I said!

- You implied it.
- Not at all.

Well, I'll tell you one thing.


the future, children...

None of it makes sense to me.
It all seems pointless.

We all end up
dead and buried anyway.

You should fall in love,
that'd lighten you up.

Know what love is?

Two neuroses, interlocking.

I read that somewhere.
It's so true.

Maybe you just haven't met
the right person yet.

Yeah, well, no couple I know
makes me want to try.

Between my sister suffocating her guy,

my mom living in my dad's shadow,

and you...

eaten alive by your relationship...

It's late, time to go home.

I want to dance! Let's go dance!

No, nobody's going dancing.

We're going home like good kids.

- You're no fun.
- I never claimed to be.

Well, sometimes you're fun
without meaning to be.

Don't be mad!
It's part of your charm.

- What's my charm factor?
- I don't know and don't care.

Don't be so uptight.

I've dated men your age before.

Enough of this nonsense.

You missed the last subway.
Come with me.

- One more for the road?
- Too late, the bars are closed.

And you've had enough.

The office won't be as fun
without me, admit it.

You'll miss me.

You're the worst assistant I ever had.

The worst, really?
I thought we were a good team.

If you think losing us our best writer
is being a good team...

I hope you'll forgive me.
Better luck with the new girl.

New guy.
No more girls for me.

I made an exception with you.
The experiment didn't work.

Thanks, you're a real gentleman.

Tell me the truth.

You observed me for weeks on end.

Am I normal?

- Normal?
- Give it to me straight, no chaser.

I've never met a normal woman.

Forget what I said.
You're no gentleman.

Get home safe.
Keep your chin up.

If my dad were alive,
I bet he'd be like you.

Forget what I said the other night,
I didn't mean it.

I was angry.

You're perfect.

Just learn to accept yourself.
It'll be easier to fall in love.

And so it was.

Shit was snowballing at full speed.

A law of nature.

When one thing goes wrong,
everything does.

How are you?

Staying strong, I hope?


More or less.

Sure you don't want to sleep here?

Not tonight,
I have a huge pile of reading.

You can read here.

I think I need to be alone, Lucas.

If you change your mind,
don't hesitate.

Thanks, you're sweet.

I'm glad the operation went well.

Another one!

All these gifts.

I feel like a star.

Reminds me of Miss Côte d'Azur.

- Mom, don't start.
- You were Miss Côte d'Azur?

- First runner-up.
- I should've won.

Instead they gave it to some tramp
who slept with most of the jury!

What? It's true.
I should've won.

Everyone said so.

Another one of your admirers?

No. Not this time.

It's from your sister.

She's so sensitive.

She could've come, don't you think?

You know her.
She has a fear of hospital rooms.

They bring back bad memories
of your father's illness.

You were too little.

You don't remember much,
you suffered far less.

And Lucas?

How's he doing?

Where is he? He's a nice boy.

A nice boy...

That doesn't mean
I have to be glued to him 24/7!

I hear he asked you to move in.

Make an effort.

You're lucky he's interested.

Yeah, so lucky.

I'll thank him on bended knee.

Here we are!

You're finally home.

You need to put the macarons
in the fridge.

Yes, I will.

Has Mrs. Antoniadi stopped coming?
It's so dusty.

She comes tomorrow I think.


shouldn't you be at work?

Don't lose your job over me,
to top it all off.

Mom, I have to tell you something.

It's about time!

You'll finally stop
playing me for a fool.

- You knew?
- Of course.

Your sister told me.

I was curious to see how long
you'd take to tell me.

You've always been far too fragile.

You need someone like Lucas
to care for you and manage your life.

My feelings for your father
didn't come right away either.


I thought it was love at first sight.

I told you that when you were kids
but it wasn't true.

Feelings build with time.

Trust me, it's always that way.
At least for love that lasts.

My whole life

I believed my father and my mother

were the greatest love story
of all time.

Titanic was lame in comparison.

I felt so lucky
to be born of a love so beautiful...

so pure.

You're growing up.

You're starting to realize
things are often more complicated

than they may appear on the surface.

You know,

sooner or later
we all end up realizing

our parents are human beings
like everyone else.

I'm just a little bastard
like everyone else.

Didn't you once tell me

your greatest desire
was to finally feel like everyone else?

When I was little,

after my father died,

when I saw my mother
crying to her Joe Dassin records,

I thought,
"That's what you have to find."

"That's true love."

And now you realize

you were reaching
for an unattainable ideal.

Hi Christine, it's me.
Don't forget the office party tonight.

It's gonna be hoppin'.
Wait'll you see our decorations!

You don't want to miss it.

Careful with the wires,
don't start a fire.

We counted, bro.
We're 2 cases short.

3 cases.

Sure I'll hold, bro.

- All good?
- Yeah, I'm on it, don't worry.

You're on it? Good to know.

Yeah, bro?

What about the 2 cases?

3 cases!

Could you stop saying "bro"?
It's unbearable.


Are you sure you want to come?

Yes, it's a welcome distraction.

I have no desire to be alone.
And I haven't see Johanna in ages.

I'll have a drink with Johanna.

The doc said easy on the booze.

I suppose I can't eat or laugh either?
Forget it, that's not me.

Is it Christine?

She didn't come?

The party's not over,
she may still show up.

No. She won't come.

She's not even answering her phone.

Maybe her battery ran out.

Right, as if.

Shall I get you a drink?

I'll get you a drink.

Looking for him?

I think he's taken.

What are you doing?

- You know her?
- She's my mom.

Let us dance, honey.

Brings back so many memories!

That's when I realized
the new love was for Mom, not me!

My family entered her vision.

You dumped him over a fortune teller?

I was with him over a fortune teller!
That was my mistake.

The poor guy's in such a state!

I assumed the branches she mentioned
was the mistletoe.

Turns out they were palm fronds!

Mistletoe, palm fronds... how ludicrous!
I didn't need this.

And Mom's cancer.

What about Mom's cancer?

She needs to be happy to get better!

How will this help?

Mom needs a man who loves her.
He's perfect for her, it's so obvious.

All I know is
I can only count on myself.

What's that supposed to mean?

What's that supposed to mean?

I've always been the glue
holding you and Mom together.

- You forget.
- Customer card?

I suppose you'll start writing again.

Is that the plan?

Gonna be a writer again?

Yes, I am going to write.

I knew it.
You're such a fuck-up, I'm telling you!

You can't help self-sabotaging!
Always shooting yourself in the foot!

Got a customer card?

I don't have your fucking card!
Stop asking me!

I have enough fucking cards
in my fucking wallet!

You're totally unstable.

Guys, jobs... everything's off.

Do you do it on purpose?

Pick it up.

Don't just stand there,
do something!

I'm fed up, Honorine.

Get off my back.
I'm sick of you putting me down

and calling me crazy
just to make yourself look good!

You've lost the plot.

- That's nonsense.
- See?

You're doing it again.

It's so natural
you don't even realize it.

What are you doing?

You can't leave us like this!

I don't give a fuck!
Deal with it!

You're relapsing!

You better check your meds!

Your values have never been mine.

You'll go insane like Granny Babette!

Fuck you!
That's from me and Sinok!


Where'd that come from?

Such a basket case.

You didn't see that coming.
You must think I'm nuts.

Not really, no.

I was struck by what you said
when we first went for a drink.

About nourishing one's own pain.

It made me think.
Perhaps what I thought was love...

wasn't really love.

You say that because you met my mom.

I can't explain it,
but the moment I saw her...

I knew she'd be important in my life.

I don't know, Harold.

You worry me.

You don't realize.

You think Christine was bad?
My mom is way worse.

You'll be there to help me.

Some people are like that.
Unable to change.

What's he hoping for?

I can't read his mind.

He wants to see you again
and get to know you.

What is it?

He better not get his hopes up.

What's that supposed to mean?

It's not very nice.

Let's cancel. I don't want to go.

What do you mean?

- You agreed to meet at 4.
- I changed my mind.

You can't cancel at the last minute.

I do what I want.
I changed my mind.

I know his type,
he'll throw himself at my feet. Boring.

Know what?

You're right, don't force yourself.

I'll send him a text
so you don't have to.

You always used to get mad at me
when I dated a man.

I was mad
because you were lying to us.

I felt we should be open.

It never bothered your sister.

I'm not my sister.

I'm the opposite, actually.

Never let other people decide for you.

I'm wrong sometimes,
I make mistakes.

But they're my mistakes.

That's how I move forward.
And grow up.

What's this lame book?

You're a butt-ugly loser.

You'll end up a monk or a fag.
Tell him, Jennifer!

- Want it?
- Come get it.

Gimme 5 euros, Carrot Top!

Don't give it to them.

What's wrong with you?

Treating people that way?

Look, Ma'am.
He's handicapped.

We're taking care of him.

Let's go.


My book!

What are you reading?

I see.

Great book.

I was about your age when I read it.

Are they always mean to you?

At school too?

Don't worry.

They're dumb.

Your life will be
more interesting than theirs.

See my necklace?

It's a good luck charm.

You can have it.

Whenever you're afraid,

squeeze it tight.

Got one for me?

I had a Japanese amulet,
but it got stolen.

You're out of luck, sorry.

Excuse me.

Since I lost it,
I've had nothing but trouble.

My scooter keeps breaking down.

Are you following me?

I work nearby.
My name is Paul.

I've seen you around here, right?

You look familiar.
Didn't you have green hair?

Got a cat?

Me too. His name is Iago,
like the bad guy in...

- I know who Iago is.
- Right, see?

- He fell from the 4th floor.
- Shit, sorry!

He's ok, just a scratch.

The crazy thing is, with cats...

the higher they fall, the better.

- They're...
- Parachutes.

Yeah, they're...


- My name is Eléonore.
- Ok.

I've got 30 minutes.
We could go get some tea.

- Some what?
- Tea.


- What's your cat's name?
- Lucifer.

- You're joking, right?
- No, seriously.

What a name!


It's a nice name.

Yeah, but it's weird too.