Elise (2019) - full transcript

Bert is quick-witted but an emotional guy who falls in love with Elise who is a strong and independent woman. They separated to pursue their studies only to meet again when they grow up.

--== McEphie ==--

You are here to learn good manners.

I can't hear you.

Those headed to San Miguel, get ready.

Sir, we have arrived at San Miguel.


Aren't you finished with that?

Kids these days are such a headache.

They are so hard to teach.

They don't listen to me
unless I hit them with slippers.

Don't tell me you're still not used to it.
You even used bamboo sticks on us.

It wasn't until college
that I recovered enough to poop straight.


I remember a classmate of yours. Hold on.

I think I'm already forgetting things.

Don't you have to be somewhere else?
You might be late.

Yeah, I have a two o'clock appointment.

I'll come back here afterwards.
We still have something to discuss.

All right.
And thank you for this ice cream.

Don't mention it.

Wait, if it's not too much of a trouble,
please take this kid home.

I still have to go somewhere.

-She just lives nearby.
-Ma'am, I still have to go...

You are going with your Uncle Bert.

Stop that! You've been doing that all day.
It's just math.

Don't make me feed you to the dogs.

Go with your Uncle Bert.

Hold on, I haven't introduced you yet.
Give respect to him.

What's your name?



It's Remy.

I'm Uncle Bert.
Miss Marithel was one of my teachers.

We'll go ahead, ma'am.
I'll take Remy home.

OK. Take care.

Hey, you, tell him where you live, OK?

I don't want you to get lost.

We'll go ahead.

It's Uncle Bert. Wait up for me.

Why do I have to be the one to adjust?

What did you say?

"What did you say?"

Stop running around. My papa's here.
Don't let me tell on you. He'll sue you.

How old are you?

What's that?

What does it do?

What else? Music.

Here, let me show you.

Where do you live?

Where are you going? Hey!

No wonder
Miss Marithel treats you that way.

You're flunking your tests!

Was Marithel mean to you
when you were young?

You're old.
Why are you still playing with that thing?

This is not a toy, it's a music box.

And it means a lot to me.

It's hard to sit down!
My butt hurts from where Marithel hit me.

Miss Marithel is a meanie!

It's fine.
We used to cry because of her, too.

How much of a crybaby were you?

I wasn't, not really.

-You don't study!

You don't do your homework.
What do you have to say for yourself?


You're not listening!

Stop picking your nose!
Are you trying to get on my nerves?

That's your teammate!

You're such a weakling.

You always get your shirts dirty
because you keep falling down.

I started school early.

I'm only 12. You guys are 13.

When I was your age,
I didn't trip and fall down.

My grandma won't let me play outside.

I have asthma.

Let me take care of you.

You're such a weakling and crybaby.

I've got your back because...
I'm your girlfriend.

This is my house. You can go home.

I'll walk you home every day
so I can keep an eye on you.


Thank you again, Alice.

Elise! My name's Elise! Elise!

-Bert! Pass it to me!
-Quick! Take the shot!

OK, that's good.

-We'll surely win.
-Elise is amazing.

-You're such a weakling.

When I'm older,
I want to have a huge ice cream truck.

Then I'll eat ice cream all the time.

Then I'll drive your truck.

So I can get free ice cream.

And I will wear a ballerina outfit
and beautiful earrings.

We won't eat anything else.

No one will stop us. We'll be grown-ups.

And no one will tell us
to eat bitter melon.


She was the most beautiful girl
I'd ever known.

I didn't know why she was so nice to me.

All I knew was...

I was happy.

Your parents are sending you to school
but you're not studying!

You're not doing your assignments!

So you don't get hurt anymore, huh?
You never learn your lesson!

Ouch, it really hurts. Ouch.

That hurts.

That's OK.

-It's OK, I did that before.

-Get the guava leaves.
-It won't hurt.

-Chew the leaves.
-You can do it.


What? Sit here.

Come on, you can do it.

-It's hard to walk you know.
-You can do it! We're almost there.

-Let's have some ice cream first.

Be careful.

Will this be enough for the both of us?

Of course! We can buy a lot with this.

This looks good!



-I've been calling you!

What are you doing?
Elise is looking for you.

-What is it you're doing?
-I'm still cleaning my wound.

-Do you want me to do it for you?

-Then hurry up!
-Ma! Don't.

-After you're done with that, go there!

What took you so long?

I have something to tell you.


We're going away.

We're going to live in Manila.

What? Why?

That's what they told me.

When are you coming back?

This may be the last time
we're going to see each other, Bert.

Elise! We're leaving! Will that take long?

I was at a loss for words after that.

OK, Dad, I'm coming!

I knew I could not stop her.

-We're leaving!
-OK, I'm coming.

She was with her father, a policeman.

I was scared of policemen.

I wanted to say a lot of things to Elise,
but it hurt too much.

Just like my knee.

And my tongue just went numb.

Our house is big,
and there are no cockroaches.

I'll write you letters.

I saw your handwriting. It's terrible.

I can't understand it.

Don't forget about me!

We're over!

My first girlfriend.

My first kiss.

My first breakup.

My first heartbreak.

It's true what they say in old songs.

Hey! You haven't washed your hands.

This is yours.


Did Elise give that to you?
Did she make that?

Yes, she gave this to me.
It came from her mother's mother.

Her grandma?

Yes, her grandma.

Then say it's from her grandma.

How come I don't see those anywhere?

I want one.

You won't see anything like this anymore
because this is old.

Her mother liked to collect
antique objects,

and she would take them home.

That's why your grandma lives there.

What happened to you?

You're probably a weakling, too. Right?

Then what happened?

Did you guys see each other again?

We saw each other again.
But only after a long, long time.

Is she the only girl
you ever fell in love with?



Here. Give that to your grandma.

Here's Grandma's medicine.

Did you add poison in here?

Yes, Grandma.

Tonight, you'll be with Grandpa in heaven.

Are you sure?

We're going straight to heaven?

Well, I'm not really sure about that.

You're messing with me.

Do you have a boyfriend?


Do you have a boyfriend?

Do you know my grandson?

Hello, I'm Rita.


Vert. I mean, Bert.

This is Tely, my cousin.
I'm just assisting her today.

You forgot your name?

Because she is so pretty?

Grandma! Knock it off.

-Stop it!

-Just knock it off.

Grandma, you're the most beautiful
here in Bulacan, don't you worry.

Rita here doesn't have a boyfriend.


But it's true!

She doesn't have a boyfriend.

And I don't have a girlfriend.

My aching heart
brought us all here together.

For this chance meeting.

I'll leave you guys here. I'll go ahead.

Oh, Grandma...

Let's go.

You're a demon grandma!

Jesusa demon!

I am a demon? You are!

Please leave this place.

You are bothering everyone here.

-Grandma! Hold on! Grandma!
-Get out, leave the place.


Let's finish your makeup.

-Come on.

I saw how you looked at Rita.

-Really, Grandma?

You're just like your Grandpa Emong.


-I want to hear this love story.
-Love story, no?

That's how we were back then.
That's why...

He was the quiet type,
but I already knew he liked me.

But he wasn't making the first move.

So I did.

-Because he didn't know I liked him, too.

So, to let him know, this is what I did.


-That's how...
-I don't want to hear.

-I'm not comfortable. It's disgusting.

It's not disgusting.

And when I knew he had fallen for me,

one time, I gave him my panties.

Jeez, Grandma.

Stop it.

That night, we made your Uncle Dading.

-You really don't want to hear this?
-No, Grandma.

Are you still a virgin?


Has your airplane made its landing?

Grandma, I'm only 17.
You're messing with my head.

My God, you don't know anything.

What happens if you have sex with Rita?
You won't know anything in bed.

Do you miss Grandpa sometimes?



it was better for him to go first.

How come?

Because when we got married,

I told myself that...

I didn't ever want this man

to feel what it would be like

to lose me.

You know, my life was colorless
before I met your grandpa.

I don't know what she meant by that.

But one night in that same month,

she let Grandpa take her.

She missed him so much.

She didn't visit me in my sleep,
not even once.

They probably had a lot to talk about.

It's so bitter.

Bert! Auntie.

How are you, Auntie?
It's been a quite a while.

My condolences.

I know!


-Ma, Gian and I will just be here.

Bert, sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

Look, she opened her eyes! Just kidding!

-Is this your card?

I told you.

How is that magic?

I already told you.

You're weird.

Tely and Rita are leaving.

Just a moment.

-Just a moment.

Thank you for coming.

Your grandma was such a kind person.

Don't worry, we'll come back tomorrow.

Thank you.

-Please pray for my mother.
-Yes, Auntie.

Rita and I will pray for her.

Bert, please get them a flan.

-There's two in the fridge.

-One for each of them.

Just a moment.

Is she your crush? Ouch!

Rest in peace, Bert!
You probably love her to death!

My condolences, Bert.

Thank you. Till next time, then.

Next time?

I meant, come back here next time.

I mean, you and Tely.

OK, I'll try.
My shift at the hospital already started,

but I will come back here.

Bert, why are you ignoring me?

Is she the girl you keep talking about?

So, you like flan?

Yes. Especially with a lot of syrup.

Good. This is overflowing with syrup.

OK, I'll count on it.

My condolences again, Bert.

I'd grown close to your grandma.

But at least she's now with your grandpa.

Thank you.

When mom found out
Rita and Tely liked her flan,

she would send them more flans.

I would always hang around
outside the hospital waiting for Rita.

Just so I could hand her the flan.

It took me four rides.

-Sometimes three, if I walked.

As time went by, I asked Mom
to teach me how to make a flan.

She got tired of making it herself.

I didn't want to stop seeing Rita.

And... my flan was really good.

How come your mom's flan tastes different?

This is just full of syrup
but please give my thanks to your mom.

I'll ask her to lessen the amount of syrup
next time.

-Please read this.
-What's this?

-Read it.

I said, please read it.

Why are you whispering?

Just read it.

"May I...

May I rise the lost?"

Rise the lost?

No, that's may I court, court.

Your "G" looks like a "Y."

No, it's may I court, that's court.

-May I...

Come here and read this.

-How do you read this?
-What's that?

"May I rise the lost?"

See? That "G" looks like a "Y."

No, that's "Y"... That's "G"...

-Not "Y", "G."

"May I court you?"


-"May I rise the lost?"
-"May I court you?"

What does this mean?

Court you... May I court you?

Keep that.


Can you make me a long-sleeved shirt?
I'm going to ask Rita out on a date.

-I need it tomorrow morning.
-Tomorrow morning.

What do you plan to do with my daughter?

-You're probably a pervert!

I don't plan on perverting your daughter.

I just want to be with her.

That's why...


I came here to rise...

I meant, to court her.

I wanted to come here
to let you know my intentions.


Cover your ears, dear.

Hey, asshole! Is your speech a long one?

No. It's just four parts.
The last part is quite short.


Go ahead, you two. You might get home late
given how long Bert's speech is.

No, let him lay down his cards.

-Go ahead. Just speed it up.


Hold on, I think I dropped something.

Hold on. Do you have money?

-I have some with me.
-Accept it.

Give it to me, Ma.

-100 pesos.
-We'll go ahead.

-I might not have dinner here tonight.
-OK, take care.

All right.

-Thanks, Ma.
-Princess, cover your ears.

Asshole, take care of my daughter.

-No sex! Or I will kill you!
-Yes, sir.

I will have you killed
if you don't bring her home by nine!

-Do you understand?
-Yes, sir!

Where's Princess?

Hey! Stop her! Princess!
I told you not to eat the floor wax!

All this time,
with everything that's happened,

you're the only one I've loved
all my life.

They can't separate us.
We're destined for each other, aren't we?

Even when time and events messed with us,

our love for each other
will remain unchanged.

As old saying goes,
"No matter how long the procession is..."

You shameless fools. You animals!

You ruined my life.

I'm tired of pretending.

I'm tired of you making a fool of me.

You fooled me.

It was different.

This kiss was different from Elise's kiss.

Totally different.

I didn't care how tired I was.

The three rides and the long walk,

it seemed like it was only two.

I would always save up for her books.

Rita loved books,

and I liked watching her tell me stories
of books she'd read.

The ones she'd read,
it was as if they'd come to life.

I liked how amazed she was
every time she read.

With every book she read,
she became more beautiful.

-You're so cute.
-You're cuter.

I haven't asked you this before,
but where's your papa?

He's gone. He had a stroke.

My condolences.

It's fine.
I was just a kid when he passed away.

And my mom and grandma were there
to take care of me.

By the way, have you told your parents
about your plans to shift courses?

I don't know how to tell them.

Tell them already.

They might be surprised if they see
your column in the newspaper.

I really want to write.

Every time I write,
I escape into my own world.

-I feel so alive.

It's just too bad
I don't have a photo up there.

But it's OK.

One day, I know it will happen.

How about you? I haven't asked you.

What course do you want to take up?

I kept giving Rita pieces of advice

when I didn't even know
what to do with my own life.

-Are you serious? You really don't know?
-No, man.

Bert, give me the ball!

Gian, I'm counting on you
to pick a course for us.

OK, I'll ask around.

-We both don't know what to do in life.
-I do.

-I don't know.

Look for something fun.

I have a favor to ask from you.

-I want you to come with me.

I got Gervielyn's address.
I want to serenade her.

-I'm already practicing my falsetto.

Let me hear it.

Don't squeeze your voice.

-Don't squeeze? OK.
-Take it higher.

What are you doing? Bert!

Don't squeeze your voice.

-You're not getting it.

-Are you sure she's there?

I've loved you from the first time
that I saw you!

Won't her father hear us?

Bro, her father is disabled.
He can't catch us.


Gervielyn, you know what I will call you
from now on?


Can you see this?

This is how much I love you? What?

That's her father.

He's disabled, don't worry.

Gervielyn, I still love you
even though you father is disabled!

I will run to all the corners of the world
just so I can be with you, Gervielove!

Just so I can hear you say
you love me, too!

-Her father's here!
-He has a machete!

-You love her? Come here!

-You love her?
-Pa! Don't kill them!

Pa! Don't kill them! Pa!

Is he your friend?

Can I dance with you?



-I have something to tell you.

I love you very much.

I love you.

I love you a lot.

Can I ask you out on a date?

What was that language you used?


Gian, I already said yes to Raul Livelo.

But we're still friends, aren't we?

Of course, friends.

Gervs. Can I make a pass at you?

My father's there.
He's going to beat you up.

That's right.

If you want to stay, you can.
You don't have to take us home.

She broke my heart into a million pieces.

Why are you taking off your clothes?

Hey, man up.
There are plenty of girls out there.

Gian, I know you loved...

This will do.

Why do you have my clothes? Give me those.

-They stole my clothes.

-Hi. Let's go?
-Let's go.

-Do you like to smoke?

That tastes good
after brushing your teeth.


-Hey, Bert.
-How are you?

How are you?

-Are you guys going here, too?

By the way, have you already submitted
your term paper?

Yeah, I did. I hope I make the grade.

I hope so, too. I really do. Yes.

This is Rita.
This is Miko and Tonet. Rita.

You OK?

-It's cold tonight.
-Yeah, it is.

You OK?

Rita here is a nurse.

Wow, that's incredible.
I'm scared of needles.

-You don't have one with you?

You don't have one?


That term paper was a pain in my ass.

Hold on.

I have a disclaimer.

If I do anything wrong, please forgive me.


Are you still a virgin?

Not anymore. I had a boyfriend before.

I already told you that before.

How many times?


Or sex?


Wait, I meant sex.

You don't count that, Bert.

Don't you want this?

If you don't, it's all right.
I understand.

We can sleep. I got tired at your prom.

I know.

Hold on a second.

-Do you have a condom?
-I have one with me.

Hurry up, we only have three hours.

We can extend for half an hour.
I have money with me.

I really saved up for this.

It's true.


I will just take a quick shower.

Are you nervous?


Tell me the truth.

Here I go!

I hope my grandma can see this.

I hope she can't.


I'm sure you two just jumped in bed.

Are you OK?

Why did you come home late?

You should have called me.
I was worried sick.

Here's your coffee.

Of course I was worried.
What if you we're kidnapped?

What is that?

That's nothing.

-What do you mean by nothing?
-That's nothing, Mom.

Why are you two celebrating?
What's going on?

You two did something. What is it?

-Are you OK?

I bet you read another sad novel.

I told you, when you read a sad novel,
go straight to the ending.

You're full of jokes.

Hey, Rita! Wait up!

What's the problem?

They're going to send me abroad.

-You're kidding.
-I'm not!

-I don't believe you.
-I'm not kidding.

-Yes. It's true.

My parents are going to send me to the US.

They told me to study nursing there.

What did you tell them?

I showed them the columns
I wrote for the newspaper.

But Papa didn't care for it.

He told me if I really wanted to write,
I could send myself to school.

What happens now?

I love you, Bert.

I loved Rita.

But, I was at a loss for words.
My world fell apart again.

Why was there always something at stake?

Why couldn't I be allowed to be happy?
Was this how it would always be?

I need to break up with you.

Like all things in the world,

like sadness,


also has an ending.

After three days, Rita flew to the States.


I didn't see her again.

Come on, get in. Hurry!

Don't touch it,
or else a train will come out of it.

What am I? Eight years old?

That's not true.

How old are you?

Rita left you just like that?

Yes, that's what she told me.


Nothing. She left me because I'm ugly.

You have horrible taste in women.

Sorry. Does it hurt?

Gather around. Listen to me.

These past few days have been horrible.

We have members who are missing.



Shawn and Mac.

We don't know where they are,
but I hope they're all right.

If I could only exchange places with them,
I would!

But we need to survive.

We need to fight for them.

So all of you, I have one thing to say.

Don't lose hope, because it's not over.

We will fight!



Good thing you're here.
I thought you were going to ditch me.

I'll introduce you to our president.
He's my idol.

-Ivan, Bert. Bert, Ivan.

-Ivan, Bert.
-Congratulations. You were good.

Thank you. Good thing you could come.

Gian has been talking a lot about you.

I thought you were dead!

Elise! The one who kept punching you.

-You're so tall!

You guys know each other?

Yeah, but it's been a long time.

-Probably eight years ago.
-Ten years.

-No, eight.
-Eight years.

You grew so tall.

I thought
you were never going to get taller.

I didn't know you've known my girlfriend
for a long time.


You're so tall. Good for you.

Hey, Mr. Tall Man!

Ride with us.

-My place is just nearby.
-Come on, don't be a pussy. Ride with us.

-Where are you headed?
-Just over there.

Perfect. We're headed that way. Get in.

-Get inside.

Hurry! Get in!

Bert, how come I haven't seen you before?

I don't usually go out of my dorm.

What year are you in?

OK, from now on, tag along with us.

You look cool anyway.

He really is cool.

I'll take care of you, Bert.

I'd heard that before.

You know, I missed you.

Really? I didn't miss you.

But I really had missed her.

You missed me, I'm sure.

I like all kinds of chicken.

Chicken stew. Teriyaki. Fried chicken.

I'm still too full to talk about chicken.

We ate a lot.

Yeah. I am not really a fan of chicken.


I noticed that you only touched
the fish and pork.

But thanks for the treat.

But treat me next time, OK?

Sure, don't worry about it.

I'm just a little cash-strapped
this month.

It's fine. I'm just going to tie my shoes.

I suddenly fell so sleepy.

After all the food we ate,
don't you just want to lie down?

-I'm still good.
-You still want to eat, don't you?

This is a date?

Isn't this a date?


Isn't that the jeep you take?

-You should take that.

You might have trouble
looking for a ride home.

Don't worry about me.

Your mother might scold us.
And there's a rally going on.

Take that ride.

OK. How about you?

I'm fine. I'm just going to walk home.
Don't worry about me.

-Take care.
-OK, bye.

High five!

Take care. Thank you for the treat.


What the heck!

What are you doing here? Sit down.

-Sit down.

Just pretend to be my date, OK?


This is a date?

Eat. You like chicken, don't you?
It's your favorite?

That's my favorite.

Wow, chicken.

So good.

Tastes good.

What are you doing here?

Waiting for Ivan.

He's not going to come, don't worry.

And I know you're hungry, so eat.

Are you all right?

Of course.

Ivan usually does this. He's busy.

He's managing the family business.


I got this.


I'm loaded today.

I'll make it up to you next time.

That was so good.

Are you getting sleepy?

Not yet. Do you want to have dessert?

Let's go to the bakery.
It's expensive here.

Let's go.

You two look good together.

We're not together, Grandma!

Hey, bro?
There's someone who wants to talk to you.

Elise, have some of this.

Bro, come with me.
I have something in my pants.

If you have an STD,
I can't help you with that.

Go find a doctor.

It's my pants, not my birdie.

What if I'm dying?

What if I have a dying wish?

What if I've only got a few months
to live?

-Don't you care about me?

-Bro. Bro! Hey!

I've noticed something about you.

Wait a minute.

-You don't have a problem with your pants?

You're the one with a problem.

You have a crush on Elise?

-Tell me the truth.

-You like her.
-No, I don't.

Don't lie to me!

-I do.
-I knew it!

Look at these soap operas.
The same thing keeps happening.

My mom watches that show. Look at that.

He will pull out his gun. See!

-It's so obvious.
-Is it that obvious?

It's so obvious, man.

I will help you find another chick, Bert.

What you have with Elise is infatuation.

After three months, it'll be gone.

It's been four months.

That's what I said, four months.

What's with Elise anyway?

-You know...
-Hold it.

Why does Ricarda look at Evelyn that way?

When she smiles,
there's something about her eyes.

I hope it's just an infatuation.

But it's not going away.

And I get pissed
every time I see her with someone else.

The thought of not having her
is killing me.

It hurts.

Do you get me?

I'll introduce you to...

Amy Castro.

She's beautiful.

I'd still go for Elise.

I still want Elise, bro.

What? Evelyn!

Evelyn! No!

-Goodbye, Evelyn.
-Why did you do this to me? To my family?

-Have you guys seen Bert?
-He's there.


Just maybe

Maybe I just couldn't confess
My feelings for you

You are

You really are

You're the only one written in my journal

Your name is etched

The wind can never take it away

So maybe

I will just pretend

That you know

I will pretend that you found out

That I love you

I will just wish

That you love me too

Oh, I will just pretend

Oh, I will just pretend

Hey, handsome.

What's up?


I'm fine.

I didn't ask anything.

I know.



This is chocolate.

We just ran out of coffee.
Don't you like it?

Sorry, is it too bland?

Gian used all the condensed milk
on his bread.

He even adds sugar...

I thought I was smart.
But now I ask myself, am I stupid?

I always get impressed
by other people's achievements.

But I should trust in what my heart says,
not what my head thinks is right.

He told me he was going to change.

But he's still the same.

How come all good-looking guys
are cheaters?

All you men are the same.

Why are you not saying anything?

This is the part where you're
supposed to give me a piece of advice.

Or you're going to stop me
from generalizing men.

Hey, are you OK?

-You know...
-What do I think?

Maybe he doesn't really care about you.

Hey. You're being serious.

Because you are stupid.

Are you just going to play dumb?

I thought you were strong. Why are you
just letting yourself be an option?

Bert, he's my boyfriend. And he loves me.

And you don't know
what we've been through.

Yes, he's a cheater.

But I'm not an option chick.
He's mine at the end of the day.

He loves me.

If he loves you,
then why are you here with me crying?

Fine, I won't cry.

I saw the girl. She's just all right.

I'm still prettier.

Elise, wake up!

Bert, they're just Ivan's playthings.

He loves me.

If he loves you, then why does he see
Melanie Santos when you're away?

I'm still prettier than Melanie Santos.

I had a lot of things to say.

But again, nothing came out of my mouth.

If only you'd choose to love me,

you wouldn't cry anymore.

Why do all people
look for someone like him?

Why are there standards,
like in an audition?

Why do we have to like the same things?

Why do we have to like
the same type of food?

What's up with that?

Isn't that narcissism?

What? It's like birds of the same feather
flock together?

Why do I find this boring?

How did you two make up?

He cried, Bert.


I made Ivan cry.

Corny. Didn't he give you a speech?

"I'm going to kill myself
if you leave me!"

-He's not suicidal.
-Even so.

I need to go.
Take it easy on the brownies.

No way.

-Ivan, you cry baby!

I didn't join Ivan's group after that.
And I finished my studies right away.

I didn't like my course that much.

But I had to distract myself.

In my distraction, I finished cum laude.

Last I heard of Elise,
she'd eloped with Ivan and had a baby.

Sometimes I imagined, what if it was me?

But I realized, I wasn't that kind of guy.
That would run away.

-Ask your girlfriend Mara to join you.
-Lara, Ma.

Lara! Lara, join us.

Get in there, Clara!

Lara was on the varsity team.
She was smart and studious.

She was not going to leave me
to work abroad.

And most importantly, she loved me.

That was my only picture with Lara.

Did you and Elise become a couple?

Yes, we were together.

Then why do you keep talking about Clara?

Why don't you go straight to the part
when you and Elise become a couple?

Why are you in a hurry?

Your story's taking too long.
My wound has already dried up.

So, I'll jump straight to that part?

Let me think.

-We looked for a job together.
-You're so boring.

Kids these days are so impatient.
It's so annoying.

Gian's right.

You're not that handsome.


You too!

My birthday gift to you suits you well.

-I look stupid in this.
-What do you mean?

You don't know anything about fashion.
That's the trend right now.

What fashion are you talking about?

-Have you seen this? You can see my bird.
-That's the charm.

You don't believe me.

I want to punch you in the throat.

Those are our names.

-Thanks for the aerobics membership.

That's two. Give me five!

Gian, I should never listen to you.

Are you interested
in joining our dance class?

No, no. I'm here for your aerobics class.

That's a good look on you.

This is nothing.

I'm just here for the promo
that Gian told me about.

-I bet you really want this.
-No, no.

-You liar.
-I don't want it.

-Excuse me, but between the two of us...

you look more of a pervert.

But you keep looking.

You have such a foul mouth, Lis.

Lis? Where did that come from?

Are we that close?
We have terms of endearment?

What's going on with you?

There sure are a lot of stories.



How are you?

Nice one, Bert.

You just go to the gym
and you bring Elise home.

Your skimpy shorts worked.

I told you.

-I'll just go swimming.
-At this hour?

The water is much better at this time.

Bert, I'll go ahead.


This is chocolate.

We ran out of coffee.


So, I punched him in the face.

-You're still tough, huh?
-He's an asshole.

I still have work tomorrow.

-It's Saturday tomorrow.
-We have work on Saturdays.

Let me take you home.

Don't bother. I'm a big girl.

And I think you need to find Gian.
He might already be drowning.

Thanks for the chocolate.

I'll bring you some next time.

So there's a next time?

You don't want a next time?

It's fine with me.

Let me get your bag upstairs.

Mommy, who is he?

She's your sister's friend.

What do you do?

-So you're a bean counter.

But the accounts I manage
are not that huge.

-How much do you earn?

We have a dinner on Saturday
at your Aunt Melissa's restaurant.

She's going to bring her son Jeric.

He said he wants to meet you.

He's a good-looking man.
You're going to like him.

He was your childhood friend.

The Chinese guy. He's very rich.

Bert and I have plans on Saturday.
We are going to buy stuff in Divisoria.

Cancel it. Come with us.

I've already said yes to Bert.

When I tell you can't, you can't!

Elise, listen to me.
Bert is not good for you.

And I've already talked
to your Aunt Melissa.

Don't piss me off.

-Maybe we can postpone the dinner...
-Don't start with me.

You two are getting on my nerves.

You can't go out with Bert on Saturday.

Elise, don't be stupid.

Bert is not the right guy for you, OK?

Do you want coffee?

I will make you some.

Hold on,
why didn't Elise's parents like you?

Well, that's life.

You're good-looking.

Elise's parents are bad, aren't they?

They're nice people.


They just want their kid
to have a good life.

They were just looking out for Elise.

Elise's family just didn't like me.

We got tired of hiding our relationship
from them.

All my life,
I'd let people I loved slip away.

That night,
I decided I would never lose Elise again.

It would be the best decision of my life.

It would be me who decided what
happened in the story of my life.

Just like in the movies.

Just like a love story.

Do I look OK?

-I'm sure that's not enough for you.
-You're right.

I'm going to kill you!


Why did you hit me?

Bert, wake up.

-What time is it?
-It's already seven.

It's still early. Let's go back to sleep.

I can't sleep anymore.

I'm going to leave you.

Fine, I won't leave you.
I'll take care of you.

Tell me a story, please.

Remember when we were kids in our town?

I think so.

You were such a snob.

You didn't even look at me.

You were such a hustler.
You beat up my friends.

But you were in love with me
even though I beat them up?

You're too confident, huh?

Too confident?

-Too confident?

You're full of yourself.

Let's just go back to sleep.

I'm the monster.

Remember when I punched you?

Sorry for that.

I dream of that every night.
Again and again.

The most beautiful girl in the world.

That's settled. Let me take care of it.

Here, Bert.

Elise and I had no difficulty
finding jobs.

We were happy with what we had.

We couldn't have asked for anything more.

At last, I was contented with my life.

My job is so boring!

-I don't want it anymore.

-What did your boss do this time?
-I do the same thing every day.

I just stamp papers.

Do you know how many papers I stamp?

What else can you do?

We need to pay our bills.

-It's fine.
-I don't want that job anymore.


Don't be a child.

Excuse me.

Start cooking.

Ma, wake up!

Bert, let's take her to the hospital!

Mama had been ill for such a long time.

She'd just been hiding it from us.

She was severely ill when we found out.

She didn't want us to worry.

It hurt. My heart bled
when I saw her lying on the floor.

I froze.

Is it good?

Elise, can I talk to you?

Yes, Ma. What is it?

How much do you love Bert?

Very much.

That's music to my ears.

I loved his father so much.

But when I gave birth to Bert,

that's when I learned how to truly love.

I am happy with my life.

But I am much happier
knowing I can leave a woman with him

who believes in him.

Ma, please...

I'm already dying.

Don't be sad for me.

I'm happy, believe me.

Give me some love while it's hot.

She was gone before I got home that day.

My father and grandma took her.

-Are you serious about that, bro?
-I am!

She's not so bad.

She's not only beautiful, she's also kind.

And, bro, she's a virgin.


She was my longtime crush.

You saw her. She's gorgeous.

I know. But, bro, she's your cousin.

Hey, she's not a close relative.

That's different.

It's just disgusting.

What happened?

Lisa, you're such a good coach.

My heart is so pumped.

This is so good. You made this?

Actually, Bert and I made that.

We both love ice cream,
and we like to experiment on it.

And you can eat as much as you want.

I used non-fat sweetened condensed milk
and also low-fat milk.

Instead of whole cream and milk.

And I also didn't use eggs.

Wow, this is so healthy.

Good, right?

Lisa, cousin,
what's a good business to put up?

What can I put myself into,
aside from you? Just kidding.

-I don't know.

You can put up anything.

I don't have any plans
to set up a business.

No plans? Will you help me put up one?


I was talking about a store.
What were you thinking?


Here's your change, five pesos.

I began selling ice cream
to my co-workers.

I sold secretly
to avoid problems with my boss.

As days passed,
even the security guard began buying.

News travels fast.

When my boss found out,
I thought he was going to fire me.

He'd found out from my co-workers.

Before long,
he became one of my loyal customers.

Even his friends started buying.

Until it came to a point where we were
earning more from selling ice cream

than what our respective companies
paid us.

Gian, come on.

Until we decided to do it full time.

We named the business Josie's.

-Hey, hurry up.
-Bert, this is it!

-It's like this, look.
-Look at what I did.

Mr. Medel was one of my boss' friends

who became interested
in being our business partner.

He was ready to invest a huge amount
of money, but we turned him down.

I don't know why he was so persistent.

He came to the store every week.

It came to a point
where I could not refuse him anymore

because of the huge offer.

So there, we got a business partner.

If you didn't want to eat hotdogs
for dinner,

you should have told me

so I could have made something else.

I didn't say I didn't want to eat hotdogs.

I just want to take you out for dinner.
That's all.

You're starting to splurge again.

You're letting your BatangueƱo roots
take over.

You think money doesn't run out.

I'm just one-fourth BatangueƱo.


You can eat outside on your own.

I'm going to eat all of these hotdogs.
I won't leave any for you.

Put the hotdog down. Read this.

What's that?

Just put the hotdog down.
You might choke on it. Just read this.

We never had hotdogs for dinner
ever again.


This is fine.

We resigned from our jobs.
We just managed our ice cream business.

We never expected

that there were many ice cream lovers
who didn't want to get fat.

You own Josie's?

-Can I ask for more ice cream?

I'm going to take it to school.

Just order what you can finish.

-We can go here another time.
-Please get me one of those!

And put sprinkles on top!

Then please give me another scoop!

And also give me the chocolate flavor!

Then give me that rainbow-colored flavor.

Then give me the one in pink!

Then add more sprinkles!
Overflowing with sprinkles!

Do you have nuts? Please add more, too.


-Do you have chocolate chips?


That's enough. You can't pay for all that.

You own this, you pay.

Remy! Is that you? Close the gate.

Close the gate. Close it!

Who are you?

I'm going to show you my animals.

I have some fighting cocks.

And over there, I have ducks.

I can already sell those.

-Is that so?

Bert, thank you for taking Remy home.

It was not trouble at all.

I didn't recognize you.

I didn't know
you owned the ice cream shop.

You want some coffee?
Feel free to make yourself one.

-I'll leave you to it.

I bet you're very rich now.

How much does that shop earn?

-Just enough.
-Just enough?

I was formerly a security guard.

Maybe you need more security guards
to protect your millions of pesos.

Just give me a call...

What did you do? Hold on.

-What did you do? Stand up!
-Uncle, I didn't mean to...

You made a mess!

-You have no respect for our guest!
-Sorry, Uncle.

What is wrong with you?

-Uncle, please stop. I'm so sorry.
-You have no respect for our guest!

I didn't mean to, Uncle.

How dare you!

-What? You think I won't fight back?

-Let go of me. What, huh?

You'll fight back?
I was a former security guard!

-You're fighting back?
-Uncle! Stop!

-Here, take this! Want more?

-Uncle Nador!

You got me tired.

You think you can beat me up?
Come back here!

-Here's some more!
-Uncle Nador, please stop it!

-You're going to fight back? Go ahead!
-Uncle Nador!

He always hits me.

I should already be used to it.

I shouldn't be crying like this,
but I can't help it.

Why is he always mad at me?

He keeps on hurting you.

Can't you report him to someone?

How about Miss Marithel?

Or your classmates?

I don't want to lose a parent.
They always keep passing me around.

I just want to be a normal kid!

Let's go.

There's the house.

This one?

Anyone home?

Please sit down. I'm going to call them.


Is this Aunt Elise?

She's beautiful.


Remy, come over here.

Put that down.

Where are you going?



I'm going to be a father!

This looks nice.

Look, you missed a spot.

Cut it out.

If I'm going to die anyway, I want to die
today or tomorrow or on Sunday.

I can't bear to wait eight months.

What are you looking at?

Are we talking about this again?

Wait up.

I just thought about what the doctor said.

He's just a doctor. He knows nothing.

I'm even better.

You're right. He's just a doctor.
He knows nothing.

Elise, why are you doing this?

Because I have to.

Because I want to and you want to.

And I want our children to be happy.

Fine, you always win.

Don't worry about me.

We'll get through this.

I want to die today
or tomorrow or on Sunday.

I can't bear to wait eight months.

Eight months, they say.

Eight months.

What am I supposed to do now?

Act like there is nothing wrong?

Go to work as usual?

Go to parties, eat, laugh.

Get my kid to school.

I can also just stay in my room.

Or just stay inside the house.

I can also get away.
Take a trip out of town.

What are you looking at?

Thank you for bringing Elise home.

It's been so long, but it's still painful.

Elise never left you.

She's with you forever.

You can never get rid of her
from your heart.

There it goes!

Oh, you lose.

Do you regret anything, Bert?



So, what are your plans now?

I'm just happy that in her last days,

Elise knew I was always there for her.

-You lose.
-Come on, let's eat. I'm hungry.

Do you want bread? Rice cake? Oh, there.

-Bert, let's eat.
-Have some juice.

Try this rice cake. Here.

There are hotdogs, see?

I'll take care of you.