Eliminators (1986) - full transcript

As part of their experiments in time travel, Drs. Reeves and Takada construct a cyborg "Mandroid" with the body of a downed pilot. After the success of the initial experiments, Reeves decides to have the Mandroid scrapped. Not wishing to be taken apart, Mandroid flees with the help of Dr. Takeda, who is killed for his disobedience. Distraught by the death of his one friend, the Mandroid goes north to America in search of someone who can help him in getting revenge and stopping Dr. Reeves in whatever evil plan he intends to use his time machine for.

Mayday, mayday.

81 degrees,
14 minutes West,

26 degrees,
32 minutes North.

Mayday, mayday.

81 degrees,
14 minutes West,

26 degrees,
32 minutes North.



- More frequency.
- Careful.

Give that to me.

It's coming in.

We've succeeded.

Only if he's brought proof.

He's coming to.

He seems to be all right.

Mr. Reeves.

Help the mandroid
from the cage, Takada.

1st Century, B.C.


A Roman Centurion
shield no less.


- How do you feel?
- Disoriented.

Did it work?
Was I there?

Yes. You don't remember?

No. Just burning light,

I was in my plane
going down again.

There must be more.

I had some trouble with this.

It feels like a delay
in the neuro-synapse trigger.

Minor adjustment.

We'll run a full system check.


Send the mandroid
to the maintenance lab.

I wish to speak with you.

You've done well,
my friend.


Yes, I have no further
use for the mandroid.

Remove its memory
and dismantle it.

We can't!

He's long since dead,

He's a machine.

His brain,
it's half human.


For God's sake,
show some compassion.

May I remind you
that we have been dissecting

the very building blocks
of the universe.

Since when have we been
concerned with compassion?

What compassion
was ever shown to me?


Bring me its memory,

Come with me.

Reeves ordered me
to dismantle you.

We must escape
this place tonight.

I'll need my mobile unit.

How could you
turn against me, Takada?

Drop your weapon
at once!

Mandroid, activate your laser
and kill Dr. Takada.

Please, no.

You cannot resist
your programming, Mandroid.

No, no.

- Oh, no!
- No, no!

Come on, let's go!


Reeves must be stopped.

- I'll finish him right now.
- No...

Warn Colonel Hunter.

Reeves based research--






Gimme that damn rifle.

Now I got you,
you tin can son of a bitch.

You got him, Ray!

- You got him!
- He ain't down yet.


Get the men together, Luis.

Can you read me now, SPOT?

Initiate primary cycle.

Stop complaining,
just do it.

Hey, Chief.


- Chief.
- Huh?

Got a power surge
on the east vents.

- So?
- Shouldn't we check it out?

Nah, it's a cat
or something.

I'm gonna
take a look anyway.

Suit yourself, partner.

You see what happens
when you show off?


Chief, somebody
broke through the fence.

I'm heading
for the East Wing now.

Chief, do you copy?

Take off the headphones,
damn it!


What's wrong, SPOT?

- Slow down.


- Now be quiet.

- Power off, SPOT.


I'm looking
for Colonel Hunter.

You've found her.

How did you
get past security?

Knockout gas.

- What do you want?
- Your help.

All right.

Just who the hell are you?

- Who did this to you?
- Abbott Reeves.

- Reeves?
- About a year ago,

my plane went down
in the Mexican wilderness.

I was pulled half-dead from
the wreck and taken upriver.

When I came to,
I found this.

You arms,
your leg units...

It's my work,
all of it.

These parts were designed
for a service droid

on the space platform.

But you're human.


Hold on.

Reeves died
five years ago.

No, he's prolonged his life
with grafting and transplants.

This whole lab is funded
by the Reeves foundation,

now you tell me
that Reeves is still alive,

and what's more he's stolen
my designs and bastardized them.

No offense.

None taken.
I know what I am.

And I know what I have to do:

Return to Mexico
and kill Abbott Reeves.

Your cortex relay
is shorting.

Can you fix it?

Come over to the work table,
I'll have a look.

You mentioned a plane crash.

You were a pilot?

I don't remember.

My life before the crash
is a blank.

I'm not surprised.

You weren't given
much memory storage.

And the plates you do have
were cracked by a bullet.

You're functioning primarily
on your human brain.

Can we keep it that way?


Are you okay?


sometimes I have these

I don't know why.

Look, I want to go
to Mexico with you.

- No.
- You don't understand.

Reeves has taken
my life's work.

I've got to find out
what he's doing with it.

Colonel Hunter.

You need a full-time
mechanic, my friend.

All right.
It's your life.

I brought along
a piece of equipment

that might come in handy.

What is it?

Search, Patrol,
and Operational Tactician.

SPOT for short.

Sort of an electronic scout.

I designed it
for Air Force Rescue Teams.

It's too shiny to be sneaking
around the woods with us.

Hey, man, you need
some body work?

You talking to me?

No, he means the car.

All right!
Hold it right there!

Come on,
let's go.

You're the one
who'll need body work.

Hey, cut that out!

John, I'd like you to--

Shut him down, will you?

SPOT, power off.

I've marked the coordinates
you remembered from the crash.

81 degrees,
14 minutes West.

26 degrees,
32 minutes North.

We'll have to hire
a boat and a guide.

No guide.

There's 70 miles of uncharted
river between here and there.

- I found my way out.
- Sure.

But could you find
your way back?

you could buy a beer.

De vez en cuando.

Carlos, you know
I don't drink.

Besides, it's hot out there.
I need my salt.

Hey, Fontana!

Oh, Christ.

I've had about enough of you
and your low-down undercuttin',

and 50's everyone else
here on this river.

Well, everyone
on the river's wrong, Betty.

I make an honest buck.

Then how come is it I got me
the best damn boat on this river

and I still can't catch
me no business.

I don't know. Why don't you
look in the mirror?

Why, for two centavos--

Not here, Betty!

You lowlife river rat,

the next time
you cross my path--



I need a boat and a man
who can take me up the river.

Que Linda chamaca!

Do you speak English?

Lo Que usted desee.

What do you want, senhorita?

I want the toughest guide
in the place.

Harry Fontana,

king of the wild frontier?

Mr. Fontana...

This is my friend, John.

We never discussed
another passenger.

Kind of hot
for a cape, isn't it?

I thought you said
no questions.

I lied. Good captain's
gotta know his cargo.

Maritime law.

Okay, how much
to break that law?


extra C-note
for the elephant man.

Get aboard.

No Betty, I'm not going
with you this time.

- You play too rough.
- Aw, Maurice,

you're not still mad about
that little love pat are you?

I'm your best pal.

Let's go, guys.
Cast her off, hon'.

Say your prayers,
Harry Fontana.

So, what are you guys after,
the usual?

- I don't follow.
- Come on, lady.

Everybody down here's
after Aztec gold.

Not everyone.

Okay, be like that.

Where you from, pal?

You know your partner's
a barrel of laughs.

Listen, John was seriously hurt
in a plane crash.

Oh, I get it. Survivor's
return to the crash site?

What for?
Now don't tell me.

Don't tell me,
let me guess.

Dope, artifacts...

Is that it, diamonds?

Well, listen.
It don't matter,

because you got
the best salvage man

in the business
standing right here,

for a little bit
of change of course.

I remember the wreck
of the Santo Domingo.

We're being followed.

- God damn it!
- Who are they?

Just a couple of river scum
trying to horn in on my action.

Count again.

Can you lose them?

I'm gonna try.

Gimme them binoculars.

It's no use,
you stink weasel!

I want them fares
and I want them now!

We've no time for this.


Fontana, maybe we can
buy them off or something.

- Pull over!
- Relax, they're harmless.

Hey, bud, take this wheel!

- No, I'll do it.
- No way!

You think just 'cause
I'm a woman,

- I can't pilot this wreck?
- That's right.

That's wrong.
Let her drive.

All right, fine.

What are you doing?

Saw this in a movie once.

Gimme them binoculars.

What the hell?

Hold on, Maurice!

All right!

You didn't have to
blow them up!

I just dumped them overboard.
Besides, they tried to shoot me.

Slow down.

This is what
you hired me for.

You weren't hired to kill us.

Will you quit complaining?
I stopped them, didn't I?

Then ease up. Your engine
sounds like it might blow.

You're the boss.

Now what?

Maybe I can help you.

Oh sure, give me that toolbox
over there, will you?

No, I mean work
on the engine.

Right, right.

Just get me a screwdriver
out of there, please.

I do know something
about mechanics.


You wanna fix the motor?
Please, go ahead, fix the motor!

Oh, shit!

What's the matter, Fontana?

Your old bucket
finally giving up?

Come on aboard here,
lamb chop, Bayou Betty

won't leave you stranded
for piranha bait.

Betty, I've got
a contract with these people.

Betty earned this job
with her own two fists.

If you can't fix the engine,
we'll have to go with them.

I'd rather be piranha bait.

You turn them fares over,
Fontana, or I swear,

I'll blow your top
half clear to Texas!

I'll count to five.

That could take all day.




Betty! Betty, look!

What the hell?

Do you have
any alcohol aboard?

Yeah, yeah.

Hey, wait a minute--

Oh, Mon Dieu!

Are there really piranhas
around here?

Nah, just snapping turtles.


Now what's wrong?

You think I'm blind?
I saw that torpedo.

Who are you guys?
What the hell are you up to?

We just saved your life.

What do you want,
a medal?

We're floating right here
until I get some answers.

All right.

How much money
do you want?

It's not the money,
it's you, damn it!


You wreck a bar
just to hire a guide.

Then you give me some song
and dance about a plane wreck.

The next thing I know,
we're playing sink the Bismarck.

Mr. Fontana...


Shut up and drive.

You got it,
big guy.

I been thinkin',

no more boats,
no more bugs,

no more river.

We're moving
to Alaska, Maurice.

- Dogsleds.

Hey, hey!

Ah, Mon Dieu!

Well, what happened,

Some conniving water moccasin
blowed my boat to splinters.

With a torpedo.

- Who's got torpedoes?
- Harry Fontana.

He's a guide, got him a crate
called the No Questions.

He had a girl along,
and a big man.

He was dressed all in black.

Help us aboard
there, hon'.

Sure, sweet thing.

By the way, where did you say
that Harry Fontana went?


Muchas gracias!

"Vamanos," Luis!

Vamanos, Vamonos..

So, Fontana, what do you think?
How much longer?

- Well, you see, right here?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, your coordinates
are Southeast of there.

I'd say about
two or three hours.

The sun's up, let's go.

Hop in the boat.

Just a moment.

Can we get there by land?

Well, you might pick out
an old Indian trail

in that jungle,
but that's a real bad way to--

Get your gear, Nora.

- We're going on foot.
- What?

Wait a minute,
why don't we take my boat?

It's a whole lot faster
and a lot safer.

That jungle's uncharted,
I wouldn't go in there.

You won't have to.

Your services
are no longer needed.

John, what are you doing?

We're getting too close, Nora.

We have to go alone.

Too close for what?

Come on, guys, fill me in.
I can keep a secret.

You know
you're driving me crazy?

I'm sorry,

but John's right.

You'd better go.


All right, okay.

You're firing me? Great.

I'm outta here.

It's no use.
The trail's gone.

That's okay.

We're close enough for SPOT now.

What's it gonna do?

I'll feed him the location

and approximate mass
of the target.

Hopefully, he'll find the plane
and report back

the best possible route.

- Power on, SPOT.

Are you ready for a field test?

Okay, SPOT.
Take off.

I've seen that before.


The colors pulsing,
it's one of Reeves' experiments.

Reeves was working
with matter transfer?

I can't remember.

That's all right, John.


Buenos Dias.

Hey, nice boat.

Look, this is kind
of embarrassing,

but I think I'm lost.

We'll be taking that gun.

Hand it over.

Why sure.

Butt first.


Muchas gracias,

You're Fontana.

Could be.

"Quo Vadis."
What's that mean?

That's Italian,
means "we kick ass."


Now you had a couple
passengers on this boat.

Where they at?

Come on, guys. You kill me,
you'll never find out.

But if you were to lay
a little dinero on me,

then maybe we could--

Pay the man.


Because I said pay the man.
Hell, you act if it's our money.

Thanks a lot.

I left them downriver.

Now, you'll have to take
a look at this map.

There's this little inlet.

You see right here?

This is strange.

I think he got stuck
or something.

Ramming speed!

Go, get him!

Oh, no!

You stupid...

No, hombre!

Qua vadis,

This looks
like a hand axe.

Are there still
Indians out here?

I don't think so.

Not primitives at least.

We'll have to watch
ourselves, that's all.

- Look!


He found it.

That way.
Just under a kilometer.

Why does
he keep doing that?

I guess he likes you.

Come on.

Is that it, John?


And if we follow that river,
we'll find Abbott Reeves.

I don't want to stop here.
Let's move on.

But we should
search the wreckage for clues,

to find out who you are,
where you're from.

- No.
- What are you afraid of?

If your past is out there,
then you have to face it.

I don't have to do anything.

Nora, please.

It's too dangerous.

John! John!

Hang on, Nora!

I'll try and pull you up!

Damn it,
it's stuck!

It's blocked.
I can't get out!

You folks having
a little trouble?

Nora's trapped
in the wreckage.

- Help her!
- What's in it for me?

I'm drowning in here,
you pirate!

I'm no pirate.
I just want my share.

Okay, okay, Fontana.

You're in for a third
of the treasure.

That's a deal.

You know, you really
shouldn't call a man...

trying to make
an honest living a pirate.

Go for it!

You spoke too soon, lady.
I'd have settled for 10 percent.

What the hell is--

Never mind.

I don't even
want to know.

Let's go.

I knew you were
after Aztec gold.

I just knew it.

That explains the salvage gear.

State-of-the-art, right?

That little guy...

what is he,
some kind of metal detector?

Nothing gets past you,
does it, Fontana?


John, what's the matter?


I was seeing things again.

A bronze shield
floating in the water,

and the other hallucinations,

Roman soldiers.

Well, I don't know
what it means,

but at least
your memory's improving.

What's Fontana gonna do when he
finds out there's no treasure?

We worry about that later.

He knows the terrain,

we won't find
Reeves without him.

Hey, no secrets back there,
not now that we're partners.

What's up?

The Indians.

We found a fire pit
with a jaguar carcass.

Oh, no, no, no.
There's no Indians out here.

- Must have been hunters.

What was that?

SPOT says hunters skin jaguars.
They don't eat them.

Who knows this river?

Me, or that big-mouthed,
electric bowling ball?

- Ow! Damn it!

What's he blabbing?

He says shut up and drive!

Hang on,


Oh, my God!
Fontana, stop!

My God,
stop the boat!


- It's useless.
- Then I'll try.

Nora, there's 15 foot of muck
at the bottom of that river.

It would take a salvage rig
to get him up

even if I could find him.

I'm sorry.

I can't believe he's gone!

So what do
you want to do?

He'd want us to keep going.

It's your nickel.

Woman over loudspeaker:
Mr. Reeves?

I told you,
I was not to be disturbed.

Excuse me, sir,
but Ray has returned.


Ah, yes.
Send him in.

What the hell?


Yeah, report.

Yes, sir.

Well, it's like this.

There's this scumbag
of a guide out there,

- by the name of--
- Fontana, Senor Reeves.

Yes, sir.
Harry Fontana.

He's out on the river,

got some girl with him
and some big hombre

that's supposed
to be able to shoot torpedoes.

- The mandroid.
- Yeah.

It must be him,
the mandroid.

Well, me and Luis
we was right on his tail,

but then we had
a little problem with Quo Vadis.


She'll be in dry dock
a couple days.

You idiot.

What have you done
this time?

Don't, Mr. Reeves.
Please put me down.

I can find the mandroid again,

I swear it.

I can pick his trail up.

You had better.

They mustn't
reach my compound.

They won't.
I swear it.

If you fail me again...

We won't fail you, sir.
We'll find him.

Get out.

Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.

We won't fail you.

- Huh?
- Ge! the hell out of here!

- SPOT, you okay?


Can you locate Nora?

We'll try again
when you've dried out.

We'll find them.

"Deeper water
on the western side," he said.

How would we ever manage without
the king of the wild frontier?

Would you just give--

would you give me a break?

Everybody's entitled
to one mistake.

Yeah. Mine was not going
with Bayou Betty

when I had the chance.

I thought you
were sharper than that.

- What?
- By now...

Ms. Betty
would have had you--




You gotta be kidding.

Let go of me!

You've been following me.


To learn who you are.

I have never seen
anything like you

and your friend.

But one should expect
such things

from Abbott Reeves.

- You've found Reeves?
- No, but I am close.

My father came here to work
with Reeves on a secret project,

and I haven't heard
from him since.

Are you Dr. Takada's son?

Yes, the name's Kuji.

Your father was the only
real friend I had.


I'm sorry to tell you this,
but he's dead.

Reeves killed him.

You're not the only one
with a score to settle.

This is the weirdest-looking
bunch of Indians I've ever seen.

Harry, I know it's crazy,

but they look like Neanderthals.

- You mean, cavemen?
- Yeah.

They sure are ugly enough.

Okay, okay!

Who's that?

Must be the leader
coming to greet us.

- Smile...

- look friendly.

But don't show your teeth,
it's a sign of aggression.

- Uh-oh.

- Hey!

Fruity cavemen?

Thanks, lovely.

Now what?

Some kind
of ceremony.

I wish I had a camera.

A camera?

I don't like the looks
of that Stone Age toothpick.

So how do we get away?
There's too many of them.

Yeah. Look...

I'd just like to say, I think
you're a hell of a woman.


I just wish I'd gotten
to know you better.

- So...

Would you
kiss me good-bye?

That is the cheapest line
I've ever heard.

Hey, I don't want that to be
the last face I see.

Put this in the fire.

That's it, Flintstone.


- This way.
- No, no, this way!


The name's Kuji.
I came with John Doe.

- John's alive?
- Mm.


That takes care of them.
Let's get out of here.

You know,
they don't speak English.

So what?

Well, why didn't
you just say, "Nora,

throw your bullets
in the fire?"

Wouldn't have gotten
a free smooch.

- You lousy--
- Hey!

Let's get out of here
while we still can, okay?

Hey, look.

How did you stay under
that river so long?

Bio-fed oxygen transcribers.

Of course,
silly me.


- Nora, look out!

Come on!

Hold on.

They can't catch us
now, slow down.

- I can't, malfunction.
- Hold on, we're gonna hit!

Is everyone okay?


Oh, swell.
Our little buddy.

I've lost my boat,
we're stuck out here

in the middle of nowhere.

What is this anyway?
Some kind of goddamn comic book?

We got robots, we got cavemen,
we got kung-fu.

Well, that's it,
all right? I quit.


- Where are you going?
- West,

- till I hit civilization.
- West is that way!

Look, Fontana,
if we don't stick together,

none of us
will get out of here.

We need your experience.

Then level with me.

There's no treasure.

This is all some
kind of weird-ass

science fiction thing, right?


Pull up a log, Harry.

It's a long story.

There, that's it.

I hid this when I escaped
from the compound.

We're close now.

What is this thing?

A mobile unit.

We should wait until dark.

Let's camp here
and plan our attack.

We don't even know
what we're attacking.

That's easy enough.


Locate the compound.

We need a full recon
with strategic overlay.


What's with that guy?

He's just playing.

I met your father once
when I was a student.

I remember when he resigned
from the space institute.

Only when they refused
to accept his ideas.

But Abbott Reeves believed
in his time-transfer theory.

In his last letter,
my father said

he and Reeves designed
a prototype,

a machine that can
travel through time.

That would explain
the cavemen.

Reeves must have
brought them here.

And John, your memories.

You've been to Ancient Rome.

But a breakthrough like this,

- why keep it a secret?
- You don't.

Unless you're up to no good.

Try it now.

Sounds great,

Hey, shut that thing
down a minute.

Split up!
Move it!

Over here!

I'll get you,
you scrap yard son-of-a bitch.

Where's Nora?

ls SPOT back yet?


I'm getting worried
about him.

Something wrong?


I want you to dismantle me.

What are you talking about?

The one thing
that kept me alive

was the desire
to kill Abbott Reeves.

But his death
won't make me whole again.

Nothing will.

I'm not a man.

I'm a killing machine
with no past...

and no future.

I'd destroy myself,
but my programming

wouldn't allow that.

So you have
to do it for me.

You know
I wouldn't do that.


I've been dead for a long time.

But you're not dead.

All right.

You are a machine.

But you're still a human being.

I saw the way you looked
at that photograph

of your wife and kid.


He's malfunctioning.
I can't understand a word.

Oh, no!

He's not wired for that!

SPOT, power off.

Power off!

Oh, my God.

What could've gone wrong?

Get back!

Ah, come on.

Consider this a warning.

Turn back now, or die.

Sounds like good advice.

- Can you repair him?
- No,

but if I can just--

Good old SPOT,

he came through after all.

Good luck.

You, too.

Ha"? 1

this isn't your fight.

I'd understand
if you stayed back.

You think I came this far just
to cop out in the ninth inning?

Let's do it.

- Hear that?
- What is it?


Can we jam the motor?

It's on the other side.

- We'll have to turn back.

- Now what?
- I don't know, run for it?

Hey, he--.

He couldn't have--

Come on, let's go.


the old guy must have had some
kind of fetish for ancient Rome.

There must be more to it
than antique hunting.

All these papers,
they're in Latin.

It's a declaration.

"I, Abbott Reeves,
do hereby"...


“ vex imperi senatus.

Control of the Imperial Senate,

ruler of the Empire,

de vex terrarum,
god-king on Earth."

Hey, get a load of this.

This nut thinks
he's Julius Caesar.

And he may be
if we don't stop him.


Reeves has perfected
time travel.

I think he intends to go back
and rule ancient Rome.

But if he changes the past...

John must be at
the front gate by now.

Let's find that lab.



I've come back!

Oven the gate!

Hold your fire!

See what the creature wants.

I demand your surrender!

It's all over, Reeves!

By now, my companions
have raided your lab...

your computer tapes,
your data,

they're gone!

You worthless machine.

You suppose
I'm so easily beaten?

Show him the prisoners.

Now I demand your surrender.

Throw down your weapons.

John, no.
Save yourself.

Shut up!

I'm so glad
you've returned, Mandroid.

You can serve
as the first victim

of my latest experiment.

Prepare the iron disruptor.

My pleasure, Mr. Reeves.

Cover me.

Its beam will turn
your atoms inside out.

you may fire when ready.


Adios, you walking junkyard.

Get out, all of you!

There you go, big 9"!!-


You're all alone!

Come out and face me!

Now, prepare to meet
your maker.

My God.

I have twice your strength,

I've got to help him.

No, Reeves will cut you
to shreds.

John's our only hope.

They've killed him.

Let's get
that son-of-a-bitch.

You champion is defeated.

And so now, are you.

What's this?

Now, farewell.

Ancient Rome awaits
its newfound Caesar.

This thing
is getting smaller.


He's alive!

Don't touch the web,
it's charged.

He knows.

- Let go, you'll burn up!

He's dead.

- Reeves.
- Hey, wait!

- He got away?
- No, he's still in transit.

We have a chance,

if I can just find
the access code.

That's it.

Look, counter's slowing down!

We're too late.

He's landed.


I knew I should have learned
computer programming!

I think you did it.

I did?

You've sent him back
to 435 million B.C.

Abbott Reeves
is the ruler of nothing.