Elevator Baby (2019) - full transcript

Elevator Baby follows the story of Dare, a privileged young man with a fiery temper, who gets stuck in an elevator with a semi-literate pregnant woman. As she goes into labour, Dare is left with no choice but to try and save both mother and child.

- He hasn't picked your calls?
- No.

That's weird.

Maybe he's driving or something.

Well, he could pick up and tell me that.

This boy wants to kill me!

Guy, we did not even spend
up to an hour in there.

Guy, calm down, don't be a pussy.

What's wrong with this boy?

See, Afolashade,
you worry over him too much.

Yeah, you do!

You're extremely worried about this boy.


See, he can take care of himself.

He's old enough to do that.

- Really?
- Yes.

I worry over my son that's not home
at this time of the night?

- What are you trying to say?
- Don't do that.

OK. I'm sorry.

Well, I didn't mean it
the way you make it sound. OK?

See, we do this every other night

and he comes home drunk and angry

after having a great time out there.

It's OK. It's OK. It's OK.

He's not back, is he?

Mm. He's not back.

Oh, dear. Maybe you should go to bed.

It's OK. I'm fine here. I'm OK.

No, you're not.

You'll just wake up with neck pains
in the morning.

I promise. I won't hold it against you.

Go to bed.

Go to bed.

All right.


Are you sure
you don't want to come to bed?

You know you have a long flight tomorrow.

I know, I'll be fine.
I'll join you shortly.

Sorry, my husband.

- Good night, love.
- Good night, darling.

Let me know when he comes back.

I will.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Sir, your bill.
- OK.


There you go.

Where were we?

Savings or current?


Your PIN, sir.

I'm coming.

There you go.

Sir, your card is declined.

Then get another POS that works,
why are you stressing me now?

PIN again, sir.

It's still declined.

What's wrong with you now? Eh?

Are you trying to tell me that in this big
club, you don't have any POS that works?

Sir, all our POS works.

OK, what are you trying to say to me now?

Is everything OK here?

Sir, he can't afford
to pay for his drinks.

- Huh? Huh?
- I think you're crazy.

Who cannot afford to pay for what?

Dare Williams!

The boss himself!

The number one himself! OBO!

OBO cannot pay for what?

See, even this staff...

This staff right here,
need to buy your staff.

It's OK. It's OK.
How much is his bill?

- 200,000, sir.
- Imagine, 200,000.

But you know you can actually make bank
transfers if the POS isn't working?

Now you're making sense.

Can you write down your account number
and get out of here?

Write it and get out of here!

Babe, don't worry.

♪ My money... Yeah, my money ♪

What thing is that? Insulting me
in front of this sweet lady here.

In front of this sweet lady. Sweet lady.
More whisky then, Davido.



Wait, wait, where's Stevo?


Guy, please,
how much do you have with you there?

I have about 20K.

You know what, just meet us outside,
please, let me sort out this.

They're trying to embarrass me here.
What nonsense is this?

Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait!

Guy, how much do you have?

How much do you have?

- 250.
- 250K?

250 naira.
I told you I used keke before I used okada

to the roundabout
before I got to your house.

Oh, man, what kind of friends do I have?
Listen, um... um... you know what?

Let me just go to the car, get to
a quiet place and call my mum. I will...

Excuse me, you want to go where?

- Calm down, the boss is talking.
- No, you want to go where?

Let me explain.
I have 100,000 naira with me now.

Let me go and call my mum
so that maybe she can just send the...

- I'm sorry, to call who?
- Our mummy.

- Call our mummy.
- To call who?

I said my mum now!

- Our mum. See...
- Look here, mummy's boy.

You're going to transfer that 100K

and you'll drop your phones
in this champagne bucket.

And when you come back with the balance,
you can pick up your phones.

- Is this one crazy? iPhone X Plus!
- Babe!

China made.
We should put inside champagne bucket?

- Something is wrong with you.
- It's all right. OK.

You can actually have your phones back,

but you'll transfer that 100K
and I can take that staff.

What staff?

- That staff you're holding.
- I think you're mad!

Baby. I think you're mad!
I will die before you collect it!

I will take that staff!

- Do you know who I am in this Lagos?
- Bouncers!

- What rubbish is this?
- Bouncers!

- Bring any bouncer!
- I will take your staff!

Bring any fucking bouncer!
Do you know who I am in this Lagos?

Don't shout. Those people are bigger
than two of us. Bros!

- Hey! This is... this is bullshit!
- Calm down now.

- This is bullshit!
- Calm down now!

It's just a staff now,
tomorrow we'll collect it.

What do you mean, just a staff?

What do you mean just a staff?
This staff belonged to my late dad!

It belonged to my late dad. He's dead.

Now this idiot that don't know
the value, he's holding it to ransom.

Relax now! Tomorrow when you sort
your bank issues out,

we'll come collect your papa's staff.

Is it not just 100K?
You can afford it. Cool down.

100K that you don't have?
Hmm? 100K that you don't have?

Dare, chill, chill, chill, open the door.

See, that 5K,
you can shove it up your ass!

- Get out!
- Dare!


Where are we going?

I'm still hyped up to party.



Dare, what do you want?

Nana, please can you...

Can you borrow me 75,000 naira?

I'll pay you back tomorrow morning.

What do you need 75,000 naira for
at this time of the night?


Dare, really?


Mummy, Mummy,
what happened to my account?

- Good morning to you too, Oluwadamilare.
- There's nothing good about the morning.

Why is there no money in my account?

There's no money
in my account. What kind of thing is that?

- And?
- What do you mean "and"? 2

You forgot to put money in my account,
you say "and."

I did?

Listen, Mummy.

I don't understand.

How could you forget something so basic?
Something so basic!

You now embarrassed me
in front of everybody.

Everybody laughing at Damilare Williams
like I'm some sort of pauper!

Oh. Where?

Where were you when no money
made you look like a fool?

- I was at...
- He was at my place, ma.

Good morning, ma. Good morning, sir.

Good morning, Nana.

- Nana, how are you?
- Fine, thank you, ma.

- How are your parents?
- They're fine, ma.

Good. So if you were at Nana's place,
why didn't you pick up your call?

What kind of question are you asking me?
I said I was at a party.

How am I supposed to hear my phone ring?
There was loud music now! Think now!

Dare, you could have let us know
your whereabouts

so we wouldn't be wo...
I didn't sleep a wink last night!

Because I was worried about you!

I thought for a second that you could
have been under the influence

and behind a car and...

And yes and crashed the car
and killed myself, killed myself,

because I'm your good-for-nothing son!

- Dare!
- Please.

See, bad enough that you did not pay
my allowance into my account,

you're now here calling me
suicidal human being.

Wow, bravo, bravo, Mummy, bravo!
Mother of the year.

- What did you just say?
- I said mother of the year.

Me Dare? From your mouth?

When did we become mates that
you think you can talk to me that way?

You better watch your mouth, young man!

Do you hear me?

- Honey, please just calm down.
- Don't put your fucking mouth in this!

Hey! Listen to me!

And who told you that I forgot
to put money in your account?

Wait, are you telling me
that you did that on purpose, Mum?

Yes, I did.

And I will continue to do so until you
change this insolent behavior of yours.

I refuse to give you anything!

I taught you, but you didn't learn.

And if you don't want to learn,
read my lips.

I will not be a part
of this bad behavior of yours.

I will not give you one naira

until you change and become the son
I taught you better to be!

Instead of this... this spoilt brat!

Look at you. Look at you. Tattoos, Dare.

Like a child that wasn't taught.

What is wrong with you?

Why are you nodding your head?
No, you, why are you nodding your head?

You think I don't know
that you're the one controlling her?

Let me clear you now,
newsflash, you're not my father!

- Dare!
- And you'll never be!

Get out!

He has nothing to do
with this! This was all my idea.

- Mmm.
- Yes! Newsflash!

OK, brilliant woman.

Was it also your idea to bring him
to my father's house

and have him fuck you on my father's bed?


Just in case you forgot,

today is Daddy's birthday.

Happy birthday, Dad.

I'm sorry, ma.

I'm very sorry, sir.

What kind of child is this?

Help me, God, with this boy...

I'm tired.

Do you want to slap me again?

It's not your mum, it's Nana.

I came to say goodbye.

Listen, Nana.

I'm really sorry that you had to see that.

It's OK.

But I'm not the one
that you should be apologizing to.

Dare, your mother doesn't deserve
to be spoken to that way.

See, can we just change the topic, please?
Let's just...

How's your book coming along?

Changing the topic
doesn't change anything.

Nana, are you here to scold me

or are you here to say goodbye
like you said?

Dare. Running away from the truth
doesn't make it any less true.

OK, so what about the truth about us?

Take care of yourself, Dare.

Back to your matter.

You said you're broke, right?

See, guy, I'm not broke broke,
I'm just, you know, broke.

I mean,
I have, like, 30K in my bank account.

- Guy.
- You're broke.

Listen, OK, I... I have money.
I just don't have enough.

And fuck it, like, fuck it,
I am not going to ask her for anything.

I will get a job and I'll fix up.

A job? In what economy?
Good luck with that.

You know what,
it's like because I smoke with you guys,

because I drink with you guys,

you guys conveniently forget that I'm
actually a first-class civil engineer.

Forget about that!

Do you know how many first-class graduates
are unemployed?

Guy, come on. Look at me.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait, see.
- Don't distract me.

If this is about that money
you owe the club,

you can ask Nana to give you the money.

She could easily give you the money.

Listen. I should ask Nana for the money,
she can easily give it to me?

What's wrong with that?

When you thought about that in your head,
and you said it out of your mouth

were you not thinking
about how that sounds?

Hmm? Listen, not all of us are comfortable

or happy with leeching off our friends
that have money.

Don't forget just a couple of days ago,

you were comfortable leeching
off your mummy's money.

So don't come to criticize those of us

that don't have mothers
who can pay their bills.

At least some of you have rich friends
you basically feed off every damn day.

Guy, what do you mean by that?

Please leave my house.

Get the fuck out of my house.

I said get out!

No problem!

You were asked for 200K
and you couldn't come through.

Broke-ass douche bag.

If you're the son
of your mother, say broke ass again.

Don't point at me. I've told you.

- Are you crazy?
- Don't point at me.

Get out of my house!

Don't push me!

What's wrong with you?

See this idiot!

See that...
Wake up, what's wrong with you?

Are you not done sleeping?

So, Mr. Williams,

you do know that the major requirement
for any candidate applying for this job

is that you must have had nothing less
than five years' experience in the field?

Yes. I know that.

You don't fit
into that particular statute.

In fact, if I'm not mistaken,

your CV here states that
you don't have any experience at all.

And yet you still applied. Why?

If I'm not mistaken, I believe that
I'm also over-qualified for this job.

How is that so?

I mean, I have the highest grade
requirement for this job.

A first class for this?
What could be better?

I can see that here
and it's impressive but...

There is something
better than brilliant grades.

Hmm. What could that be?


Hmm. Experience.

Listen, Nana, finding a decent-paying job
in this freaking country is impossible.

And yet you insist
on doing this without your mother.

Must you always bring her into everything?

It's fine.
Change the subject again. As usual.

When am I seeing you again? I miss you.

I miss... I miss us.

Dare, we had a deal.
We can be friends, but nothing more.

I can't go down that road again.

Listen, Nana, I said I was sorry now.

Dare, I have a really busy day tomorrow.
Can we pick this up later?

But I did not mean to even...

Wait! Wait! Wait! Ah.

Which floor are you going to?
I'm going to the 13th floor.

Sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry.

Sorry, wait. Let me...

Don't touch me, mehn!
Don't... Don't... You've ruined my...

You've ruined my shirt.

What's wrong? Were you bitten by a dog?

It's Coca-Cola, best in Africa.

Best in the world. It's just a drink.

If you're reacting this way,

how will you react
if it was hot water or acid?

With all due respect,
is everything OK with you?

Is everything OK with you too?
You're not OK!

You're not OK!
Because let me tell you something.

If you're OK,
you will not be asking am I OK.

Because if you're OK you not be
talking to me like I'm your mate.

- You are mad.
- What kind of rubbish is this?

I'm going for an interview.
You've ruined my shirt.

No wonder now, you're pregnant.

Pregnant women and their crazy hormones
flying all over the place.

You're from a crazy home!
Your mother is a very stupid woman.

She did not train you. Your mother is a
stupid woman, she did not train you. Yes!

What's bringing my mom into this?
Don't make me say something I will regret!

A bad child brings disgrace to his mother.

Anything you say
will be used against you.

- I did not say a word.
- Against you, OK?

- I say you shut up now.
- I should shut up?

- You're stupid!
- I'm not stupid!

Mannerless boy!

It's paining me that the door has opened.

- If not for the door that opened.
- Please!

Yah, yah, yah, yah. It's not your fault.
What kind of rubbish is this?


Thank you.

- Good afternoon.
- Please.

- I'm looking for my madam.
- And who is your madam?

- Mrs. Njoku.
- Sorry?

Mrs. Njoku.

And who should I say is here to see her?

My name is Abigail.

Hi, dear. Is Mrs. Njoku around?

Oh. OK.

Do you have an idea when she's back?


On Saturday I'm leaving by six o'clock.

I trust myself. Four o'clock like this.

Can't you see I'm on the phone?

One minute after four
will not be in this office.

I'll kill myself.
Take care of yourself, OK?

All right, dear.

- So I can go and see her?
- Mrs. Njoku is not around.

- Come back on Monday.
- Monday? Monday is too far.

- I want face-to-face meeting.
- Madam.

I said come back on Monday.

- Isn't she your madam?
- Yes.

- Call her on the phone.
- On the phone?


What the hell?

Jesus! Brother, what's going on?

Did the power go off?
Who cut off the power?

- What's going on? Can something just work?
- Help! Somebody help us! 2

People are here, please!

Madam, please don't scream, I beg.

I'm sure buildings like this
have backup generators.

Help! Please help, oh!

Hello, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

I'll get to it right away, sir.

Yes, sir.

I understand. Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

I hope this meat
is as peppery as last week's.

Let me taste it.

- Should I add Action Bitters?
- Yes, and everything else.

My back aches.

I pity you.

I'll break your back.

You'll break your back, not mine.

What cream are you using?
You're getting more beautiful.

What's wrong with this one? Pick up now.


Hello, sir? Sorry, ma.

There's no light
and the generator isn't working.

I've tried it several times
but it didn't work.

OK, let me call maintenance.

Maintenance doesn't work on weekends.

What do you mean,
maintenance does not come on Saturdays?

Did I not see Taju this morning?

- Ma, Taju is not around.
- Where did he go?

Let me call him.

- Hello?
- Hello?

Hello, ma.

See, try again. Try.
Taju is not picking up.

OK, ma.

Help us, please!

I'm in trouble! Help! Who is here? Help!

Madam, can you stop with the shouting
though? It's giving me a headache.

Buildings like this
always have backup generators.

I'm sure if someone was going
to hear us, they would have heard us

or the backup generator will come on.

Please, if we don't shout,
how are they going to hear us?

I don't want to die. If you want to die,
let me know. This is how people die.

Have you died before?

You are not the only one in this elevator.
Stop, stop giving me a migraine!

Brother, brother, brother, brother,
brother, please mind your business!

Mind your... mind your business,
let me mind my business, please!

Hope no problem?

What's all this rubbish?
What's all the abuse for?

Take it easy, stop cursing me.
I understand Yoruba.

You understand Yoruba? Congratulations.
Mannerless boy, untrained by his mother.

Don't bring up my mum!
Listen, listen, madam, don't piss me off!

Do you think I want to be stuck
in this elevator with your body odor?

Just calm down. Calm down.

Buildings like this
always have backup generators,

and it's going to come on
any minute from now. Ah!

- You see?
- See what?

I told you that buildings like this
always have backup generators like...

If only you just relaxed.

Jesus! Jesus!

Blood of Jesus!
Blood of Jesus! Blood of Jesus!

Blood of Jesus! Blood of Jesus!
Blood of Jesus! Blood of Jesus!

Somebody open this door, please!


Somebody help. Somebody help.

What the hell is going on?

I'm in a meeting with important clients
and there's no power. What's going on?

I'm sorry, sir,
the generator is faulty, sir.

What about the backup generator?
Is that not why we have two generators?

It's not starting, sir.

Where are the maintenance guys?

Sir, they don't come on Saturdays.

So have you called them?

I've called Taju several times
but he's not picking up.

So what are you supposed to do
when he didn't pick?

If he were to be your boyfriend,
you would call him over and over again.

Can you please call this man again?
I'm in a meeting.

Hurry up! Am I supposed
to sleep here because I want food?

- Don't be annoyed.
- How much food is this?

Is this not what you asked me to give you?

It's not complete.


Taju, where are you now?
Everybody is looking for you.

I just went to the market

to buy parts for the generators.

I'm servicing the generators today.

Taju, Taju.
There's no power in the entire building,

and we have very important clients
in the office.

Madam, this isn't my fault.
You can't blame me.

Because I wasn't given money
for the oil filter, you understand.

If I was given money for the oil filter,

it won't have affected the carburetor
and the fuel pump.

Taju! Just get here as soon as you can
and fix this thing.

No problem,
let me finish eating.

- What did you say?
- Uh...

I said...
I said I'm on my way. There's traffic.

Give me two hours. I will come.

You'll see me in two hours.

- Two hours?
- Give me the phone.

- Taju?
- Hello?

Ah. Good afternoon, sir.

Well done, sir, longest time, sir!

What are you doing for two hours on Lagos
road? Are you coming from heaven?

Actually, I'm close. I'm close. I...

Just give me one hour, 60 minutes.

I will come back.

Today is Saturday and there's traffic.

That is the more reason the road should
be free. Today is Saturday. Weekend!

There's nothing on the road!

It's not this Saturday, sir.

There are a number of events
going on that are causing traffic.

Traffic everywhere. But you
will see me now. You will see me now, sir.

So I have to cancel this meeting?
I have to cancel this important meeting?

Taju. Please get here as soon as you can.

Can you please...

If we lose this client,
you get to lose your job.

- Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
- Jeez.

Who employed these people,
for God's sake?

- Taju.
- Yes?

Our boss is angry. Come quickly.

We're going to lose our jobs.

You know the month is almost over.

Don't worry, I'm two minutes away.
I'll be there soon.

Don't worry. You'll see me soon.

Bring more swallow,
this one isn't complete.

You want me to bring more swallow?

Can somebody please help me, please?

Can somebody please help?

I'm trying, I'm trying,
I'm trying, I'm trying.

I'm fucking trying. I'm fucking trying.

Pick up. Hello?

This guy, can you hear me?
Oh, fucking network!

A Lannister always pays his debt.

- How far?
- How far? Do you hear me?

Sorry. Dude, is Stevo at home?

Wait, let me check.

He has gone out.

OK, guy, listen, OK,
I need you to find Stevo,

tell him that I am stuck in an elevator
with a pregnant woman.

And I need him to come. Her water
has broken. I need him to come and help.

Wait, what are you doing in an elevator
with a pregnant woman?

Who's the father of the baby?
Wait, is Nana pregnant?

Wait, you're in an elevator with Nana
with a pregnant...

- This guy, shut up! Are you high?
- I've not smoked since this morning.

You know what, don't even answer that
question. I need you to find Stevo. Sorry.

Tell him I am stuck in an elevator
with a pregnant woman

and I need him to bring help.

I'll text you the address right now.

Dude, are you trying to fool me?

I'm not fooling you! Are you high?

Prove it.
Send me proof of you inside the elevator.

I'll send the message to Stevo.

Guy, this is an emergency,
what's wrong with you?

Everything is not play now, this guy.

Emergency, my foot!

Is it your data?

- Send me proof!
- OK.

Sorry. Um...


Guy, listen, listen, can you see?

Can you see?

Guy, I beg, I beg, just send help.

We're stuck in an elevator
and we need help, I beg.

Her water has broken.
I beg. I beg. I beg.

Sorry... so sorry... so sorry.


I'll just send it to him.

Fucking hell!

Madam, where is your phone? I beg.

OK, madam,
please, what's your husband's number?

Madam, I need you to work with me, please,
what's the father's name?

He's not around.

Madam, where is...

Madam, please can you give me
the father's number or name

so I can at least call someone
who maybe can help us?

The child's father is not around.

Have mercy on me, God! Forgive me!

God forgive me! God!

Madam, listen, OK?

Madam, we're going to make it out of this,
I just need you to calm down.

Give me somebody's number.

Your doctor, your lawyer, your sister,
your brother... Anybody that can...

Give me my phone! Give me my phone!

Give my phone! Give my phone!
Give my phone!

Give me my phone! Give me my phone!
Give me my phone!


Rest your head.

Welcome, ma.

- Jessica...
- Ma?


- Jessica...
- Ma?

The elevators aren't working. Why is that?


I had to climb up to the 13th floor.

It's not fun.

Sorry, ma, the two generators are faulty.
But Taju is on his way to fix it, ma.

How far away is Taju?

- An hour and 30 minutes.
- Jesus Christ.

Sorry, ma.

- Where is the MD?
- He has left.


Do I have any messages while I was away?

Yes, a lady came to look for you. Abigail.

- Oh?
- Yes, she said you're her madam.

Abigail was here? So where's she?

- She has gone. Yes, ma.
- How long ago was that?

Like 30 minutes. Not long.

But I just came up the stairs.
Took me 30 minutes.

Uh... Maybe she took the elevator.

The elevators aren't working, Jessica.

- OK.
- I just came up the...

OK, call the security, find out
if she actually left the building.

OK, ma.


No, she never come out.

Since she walked inside,
she never come out.


- I'll call you back.
- OK, ma.

What did he say?

She has not left the building, ma.

Then where in God's name would she be?

Elevator! Call the security!
Call, call, call!

Yes, yes. Hello, hello.

Madam said you should come!

Brother, help me! Brother, help me!

God! Ah! God!

God, oh!


- Listen, madam, madam, please, listen.
- God!

- Madam, please listen to me.
- Don't call me madam, my name is Abigail.

My name is Abigail.

Abigail, listen to me, Abigail,
listen to me, listen, is there anybody?

Take it easy. Can you just breathe?

Now listen to me, ma, is there any...


Listen, Abigail, is there anybody
we can call that can help us at least?

God! This is my punishment!
God is punishing me!

Brother, come! Brother, come!

I'm with you.
Trust me, I'm here with you. Trust me.

Madam, it appears the elevator
stopped above the ground floor.

Oh, my goodness!
Please, you people should hurry! Hurry!

Oh, my God! Hurry, please!

Please, please, please! Please, you guys,
hurry, hurry, hurry, please!

Oh, no.

So sorry. I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.

Pick up now! Pick up!
What are you doing?


Hello, Nana!

Hello, Nana!

- Nana now!
- Hello?

Oh, shit!

What's this number now? I'm so sorry,
Abigail. Abigail, I'm here with you.

Abigail, my name is Dare,
I'm here with you.

- My name is Abigail.
- My name is Dare, I'm here with you.

- My name is Abigail!
- Just relax, please. Relax, please.

Nana, pick up, pick up, pick up.

Hello? Hello?

Sorry, so sorry.

I don't wanna touch it!

Hello, Nana, listen! Nana, it's Dare.

Dare, are you OK?

Listen, Nana, everything is not OK.
Everything is not OK.

I am stuck in an elevator
with a pregnant woman...

Dare, I have work.
I don't have time for whatever this is.

Hello, Nana, I just need you to help...
What the f...

Sorry, so sorry. So sorry, so sorry.

- So sorry...
- Brother, come! Brother, come!

Brother, come! Brother, come!
Brother, come! Brother, come!

Hello, Nana! Nana, listen to me, it's me,
Dare, please don't hang up, Nana, please!

Listen, I am stuck in an elevator.

Remember I told you
I was going for an interview yesterday?

- I do but...
- Yes, I entered the elevator

with a crazy pregnant woman
and now her water has broken.

Nana, listen, her water has broken!

I think she's about to have a baby.
Nana, please help me.

Is that her that I hear in the background?

Yes, Nana. Listen, Nana,
nobody knows that we're in the building.

Nana, please just come through for me.

OK, what's the building's address?

- OK... got it.
- Nana, please hurry up, please hurry up!

Please, please, please hurry up.
I beg, I beg. I beg.

I'm so sorry.
Help is coming. Help is coming.

Nana is coming. Nana is coming.

Don't worry, Nana is coming.

No. It's actually stuck
on the mezzanine floor.

Yes, mezzanine.

And we don't have access to the door.

- Someone has to open this roof.
- OK, ma.

Hey, hey, we're here!

We're here! We're here! We are here!

Is that a man's voice?

There's another person in here?

We're here, please!

- Hurry up, please. Hurry up.
- OK, ma. I'm hurrying.

- Abigail, are you there?
- I'm here...

OK, don't worry, just calm down.
Be calm, OK? Be calm.

Please hurry up. Is it that difficult?

Somebody is about to have a baby!

The baby is coming out any minute
from now, please!

Madam, this equipment is not working.

- Why?
- I don't have the right tools.

Go and get the tools now!

Madam, maintenance has the tools.

Oh, God, how bad can this get?

- Ma, let me call Taju again. Let me try.
- OK, please try.

Look at the small meat
she sold for 50 naira.

When there's nothing in it. Well done.

What are you doing?
Do you want to carry it?

- I thought you were done.
- You thought I was done? Are you blind?

If I slap you,
you'll see your period 40 days in a week.

Stupid woman.

- Hello, madam.
- Hello, Taju, where are you?

Madam, I'm on my way.
I'm on a bike as we speak.

I took a bike because of you.
On a regular day, I'd take a bus.

I'll be there in about 45 minutes.

Taju, that's too long.

It's too long, right?

Madam, you know today is Saturday, right?

You know you shouldn't be at work today?
You love to work too much.

Why would you come to work
when you know today is maintenance day?

Taju, are you OK?

I said there's a pregnant woman
trapped in the elevator

and you're asking me about work.

Pregnant woman? How many months?

Taju, how long
will it take you to get here?

I'm on my way, ma,
you'll see me in two minutes.

- My money! Taju, my money!
- God will pay you!

I'm coming!

Is he anywhere close?

45 minutes, ma.

45 minutes is too long!

With the way she's sounding, I don't think
he'll be able to make it early.

What is going on?

What's going on? Can someone tell me
what's going on? What is this now?

OK, OK, sir, just calm down, OK?

Don't fucking tell me to calm down!

Sorry, just hold on, OK?
We'll get both of you out of there.

We're just waiting for the maintenance
guy, he'll be here in 45 minutes.

Waiting for the what?

- Oh, fuck!
- How is Abigail doing?

Until she gives birth to this baby here,
you'll be asking how she's doing!

You guys should fucking
get something done! What the fuck?

- Can you calm down?
- Don't fucking tell me...

OK, have you contacted
the father of the baby?

She said the father of the baby
is not around or something, mehn.

Abigail, is that true?

Madam, it's true.

Yeah. Yeah. Madam, it's true!

- Abigail.
- Yes, mama.

Yes, ma.

Is it true that Folarin is not around?


Why are you asking so many questions?

- Madam... Ma?
- Abigail.

- Can you hear me?
- Yes, oh!

Is it true that Folarin is not around?

Folarin is not the father of the baby!

OK, then who is?

Because we need to contact him.


- Abigail, say something.
- Madam.

God see me!

I swear to God
with all my possessions. Madam.

Madam, I'm in pains
so I came to your office to confess.

I came here to confess.

Madam, forgive me.

If one whips a child with the
right hand, one embraces it with the left.

Madam, you will forgive me because of God.

Abigail, what are you talking about?

Forgive me, God!

Boss is the father of the child.

Which boss?

Madam, our husband.
Sorry, your husband! Mr. Njoku!

Madam, it's your husband.
He said I should not worry.

He said he'll buy me a house
if I gave birth to a baby boy.

Four months,
we did the scan at four months

and discovered it's a girl.

Brother! Brother! Brother!

Madam, please forgive me!

Come, come, brother, come, brother, come.

- Help now! Help!
- Brother, come, brother, come.

- Brother, come, brother, come.
- I'll get help, I promise. I'll get help.

Madam, don't leave us!
Forgive her, please! Send help, please!

Madam, forgive me!


- Hello, ma.
- Nana, my darling. How are you?

Good afternoon, dear.



Sorry, sorry.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.


- Hello, Nana.
- Oluwadamilare. How are you?

- Mummy...
- How's it going, honey?

How are you holding up?

- Nana told me everything.
- Mummy.

Mummy... Mummy, see, I'm not OK.

But like, somebody,
they found us and they said

that it would take them
45 minutes to get us out.

But the pregnant woman,
how is she holding up?

Mummy, it's pretty bad.

She's having contractions
and... and I don't know if I can still...

OK, calm down, honey.

OK. I'll call you back, let me see
what I can do. I'll call you back.

OK, honey?

Sorry, my son. All right?

- Jesus, Jesus.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

- Sorry.
- Brother.

- Sorry. Abigail, sorry.
- Brother, come. Brother, wait.

And that's the update,
and then for Adenike,

I think she needs to be discharged now.
She's done.

OK, all right. She can go then.

Excuse me. My wife, please.
I'll talk to you later.

- Hello, love.
- Hello, honey.

Listen, I need your help.

What's the problem?

Dare... he's in trouble.

What did he do this time?

Well, according to Nana,

apparently they're stuck
in an elevator with a pregnant woman.

And she's about to go into labor.

OK, but is there anyone in the building
that knows they're stuck?

Yes, but they can't get through to them,

OK, honey, send the address to me.

Look, I know it's a lot to ask,

but Dare has been under
a lot of pressure lately

and this could be the thing
that would set him over the edge. Huh?

He doesn't even like to see my face.

What makes you think
he would listen to me?

Honey, have mercy on me.

Look, you just have to try.
Make him listen.

By helping him through this,
this could actually be your way in to him.


This situation
might make the both of you bond.

- Please, my husband.
- All right. OK.


Hello. Hello, Mummy.

It's me, Dare.

- Brother...
- What is it, please?

I know, your mother told me everything.

Listen, this is not the right time
for this, please, I beg, I beg.

She said you are stuck in an elevator
with a pregnant woman.

Of course she did.
Listen, let me tell you something.

I don't know why my mum told you
and I don't know why you're calling me

but there's really nothing you can do
for me right now, so leave me alone.

Thank you very much.

- Sorry, help is coming, Abigail.
- Yeah.

Jesus. Jesus.

Hello, what is it now?

Hey, young man,
listen to me now.

I know you don't like me
and I know you don't trust me either.

But if what your mother told me
is anything remotely true

then that pregnant woman you are with
needs both of us.

Now, put me on speaker,
I'd like to have a word with the woman.

It's on speaker now.

Hello, madam.


- Madam, can you hear me?
- I can. I can.

I'm Dr. Ajibade. I'm a medical doctor.

Can I know your name, please?

My name is Abigail.

- Oh, great, Abigail. Abigail.
- Abigail.

- Is this your first child?
- No. No.

- Oh, great. Great.
- No.

And would you mind telling me when the
last time you had antenatal check-up?

Ah. Antenatal check-up, antenatal
check-up, antenatal check-up.

Check-up... check-up... two weeks ago.
Two weeks ago. Two weeks ago.

So when is your EDD?
I mean your expected date of delivery.

- When is it due?
- EDD. I cannot...

I cannot remember.

How far apart are the contractions?

I don't know.

Listen, I don't know. I don't know.

It's every five, sorry,
every two minutes now.

All right, all right, good.
That means the contractions are closer.

Now, Dare, this is what you'll do for me.

I want you to feel her belly and tell me
if the baby is well positioned.

How am I supposed to know that?
I don't know.

Just feel her belly and tell me
whether the baby's head is up or down.

- It's... up.
- All right, good.

You need to make her calm, OK?
I'll be on the way.

My senses are returning.
What were you asked to check?

He said I should check
if the baby's head is facing up or down.

Where did you say it's facing?


Check this thing! Check, check, check it!

Check it now! Check! Check! Check!

It's facing where? It's up.
It's facing up.

I think it's down now.

It's where? Check now.

I don't know what to do!
How am I supposed to know what to do?

Hello, Titi?
I can't come this evening again.

A man and a pregnant woman
are trapped in our building's elevator.

Titi, I'm not joking. I'm serious.

Hold on, I'm going to make
a video for you. Wait.

Move now.

What is it? What are you recording?

Social media is buzzing right now

with the news of a pregnant lady trapped
in an elevator with an unknown young man.

From the news circulating
on Instagram and Twitter,

she sounds like she has gone into labor.

If you're around the vicinity or you have
more information for us on this matter,

please call, our phone lines are open.

Nice. Thanks, man.

My boys will come for the table tomorrow.

No problem. Cheers, man. Thanks.

This guy... Stevo!

- Stevo, come and see.
- Yes.

Come and see.

What do you want me to see?

Pregnant woman in an elevator.



I'm telling you.
Your friend sent it for you.

- Who is that?
- Dare.

Dare told you he's stuck
in an elevator with a pregnant woman?

Can you imagine?
Can you imagine that nonsense?

With all the weed I smoke,
I'm very sharp.

I told him to send me
video evidence first.

Did he send it?

He said he will send it. Let me check.

- It looks like...
- Wait, wait, wait.

This is it. This looks real.

Nana is calling me.
Nana is calling me.


I'm worried. I heard
there's no one in the elevator with her.

She might have to have the baby
on her own.

That's what I keep saying.

The emergency service in our country
needs to level up.

This shouldn't be happening.
OK, there's another call coming in,

I think this is coming from someone
around where it's happening.

Hello, hello, can you hear me?

I think she will die!
I think she will die!

Nobody listen.
I saw it on Twitter. Nobody listen.

Hello, guys,
are you still with us? Call our lines.

If you're around the police, please
give updates on what's going on.

Call the doctor! Call!

- Call!
- I'm trying. You don't have any credit.

Which credit? Don't worry, I use Glo.

Glo is the best network.
They're always there for you in trouble.

Borrow credit! Borrow credit!


He's calling back! He's calling back.

- Hello?
- Hello, Dare?

- Hello, Doctor.
- Yeah. How is Abigail doing?

I made a mistake,
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

The baby is not facing up,
the baby is facing down.

- What does that mean?
- It's all right.

It seems
I won't be able to make it on time.

The traffic is terrible.

- Dare?
- Yeah?

You are going to have to deliver the baby.

No, no, no, no, Doctor!
That can't happen now. What do I know?

Luckily for you, she's not a first-time
mother so it won't be that difficult.

Doctor, this is not possible.

This is not happening.
You know what, I'll wait for you.

- Listen, just take it easy.
- Where's the doctor?

- Doctor, hurry up! Hurry up!
- Where's the doctor?

Hello, Dare, Dare, it's happening.

- It's happening.
- No now!

Nothing bad will happen
as long as you do what I say.

Doctor, I can't be responsible
for this life. I honestly can't.

I can't do it. I can't.

Dare, just look at her, look at her.

That woman is going to have that baby
whether you like it or not.

Now it's up to you to decide
if you're going to help her or not.

OK, I can try. I can try.

- That's good.
- I'll put you... You're on speaker now.

All right, OK.

- Um... Madam Abigail?
- Sir?

I'm stuck in traffic but don't worry,
you're in safe hands. OK?


Now, Dare, Dare,
I need you to check if she's dilating.

How am I supposed to do that?

Do you know where the cervix is?


It is directly beneath the uterus.

I need you to check how many fingers
you can fit into her...

No! No! Doctor, no!

Uncle! Check!

No! I'm not putting my hand
in this woman's vagina, no!


Please, you need to clean your hands,

- OK, um... I think she has wipes.
- I have!

Ah. Good. All right.

- Check it! Check it!
- OK.

During labor, the cervix opens until

it's all the way open
at about ten centimeters.

OK? This means she's dilated.

I'm listening to you, Doctor,
talk to me now!

Check everything!

Do you know how
to measure centimeters with your fingers?


- Yes.
- You have to be gentle.

Check, oh! Check, oh!

Try cupping your hand
and turning it clockwise.


- I'm doing it.
- How free is your hand?

Um... It's... it's free.

Ah, good, good. She's fully dilated.

Doctor, listen, I think she's dilating!
Something is moving!

It's... it's um... soft.

Better be careful,
that will be the baby's head.

Calm down, Dare. Just calm down.

You need to brace yourself
for what comes next.


It's time for her to push.

OK, Doctor, just give me a minute.

Abigail? Madam Abigail, can you hear me?

- Yes... Yes.
- How are you feeling now?

I'm fine.

I understand
but the baby needs you right now.

It's time to push.


Dare, you need to find a cloth or
something and put underneath her legs.

Yes, Doctor, I've done that already.
What next, please?

Now you need to remind her
to take deep breaths.

OK, listen, Abigail, Abigail,

listen, eh,
it's between me, you and God here, OK?

Please just take a deep breath
and push, please.

Push. Push.

Lord Jesus, please come and take control.
I give you all the glory.

Please deliver me from this.
I promise I'll never sin again.


OK, Doctor, I'm doing it!

Push. Push. Push.

Doctor, what else now? Talk to me,
don't leave me. Are you there?

Abigail, listen, please,
I need you to push, please.

Let's just get this baby out, please.

I'm tired.

Doctor, can you hear that? She says
she's tired. She says she's tired.

She has to push, Dare.

- Dare, you need to help her through this.
- Doctor, I'm trying.

- Doctor...
- What is the problem?

Doctor, Doctor, her eyes are closing.
Her eyes are closing.

I don't know, it's like she's passed out
or something. I'm not sure.

Dare, you need to wake her up.

You can't allow her to pass out
during labor, it's too risky!

Doctor, see, I'm not cut out for this.

I can't be the reason
for another person's death, Doctor.

Please, just... just come.

See, I'm not sure what you're talking
about right now

but this is not the right time.

We need to focus on what's bigger.

I'm trying now, I'm here doing my best.

- Oh, God!
- Dare! Dare!

- Nana? Nana, you came!
- I'm here for you!

Nana, listen, listen, Nana, I can't do
what they expect me to do, Nana.

Nana, I can't be responsible for these
two deaths. I've already done this before.

I can't do this again.
Oh my God, this is not happening.

And you won't be. Dare, I believe in you.

Nana, listen, that's the same thing
that my dad said to me, Nana.

I can't do this again.

This is an opportunity for you
to take responsibility.

Dare, she needs you.

OK? Just speak to her and let her know
that you are there for her.

I'm here, I'm not going anywhere.


Listen, Abigail, I know you can hear me,

I know that you have it in you.

Please, I beg you in God's name,

please push with any strength you have.

Let us bring this baby to life.

Let this be a testimony.
Please, Abigail, I need you to push.

OK, Doctor, I think she's...

OK, OK, OK, um... um...

OK, I'm gonna count to three.

I'm gonna count to three, please,
on the count of three, please push.

Push with all your strength,
I know you have it inside of you.

One... two... three... push!

Push! Push!

Doctor, Doctor, I can see a head!

- Tell Abigail to stop pushing.
- OK, stop pushing! Stop pushing.

You'll need to cradle the baby's head
after the shoulders slip out.

- The rest of the body will follow.
- How do I do that, Doctor?

Gently cup your hands beneath the baby's
head, and help guide the baby out.

Look at me, OK, just look at me.

Doctor? Doctor?

There's something around the baby's neck.
I don't know what this is!

That's the umbilical cord.

Uh... Your shoes, do they have laces?

Yes, yes, yes, they do!

Here's what you should do. Use the
laces to knot the two sides of the cord.

What else? The lace is out.
The lace is out. What else?

- Cut the cord.
- Doctor, cut it with what? With my teeth?

- Preferably a clean pair of scissors.
- Oh...

Where am I going to find scissors
like this now?

Blade. Blade.

- Doctor, she has a blade. Does that work?
- It's in my bag.

OK, good,
but it has to be a very clean one.

OK, I've found one.

All right now, make sure you leave enough
space between the ties and the cut,

otherwise the baby will bleed to death.

Oh, Doctor... Doctor... Oh, God!

Dare, Dare, you can do this.

Dare, Dare, Dare,

you can do this.

You can do this. OK. Um...


Now tell her to push!

OK, Abigail, look at me,
we're almost there, OK?

Please, just push.
Just push as hard as you can.

Just push... Push!


Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Here you are. It's a boy.

- It's a boy.
- Yes.

Oh, my boy... My boy.

My boy.

He not crying.

What? What?
Dare, Dare, what's happening?

Doctor, I don't know,
the baby is not crying.

- He not crying.
- Doctor, he's not breathing.

Please help me rub his back.

- Doctor!
- Oxygen! The baby needs oxygen!

Oxygen, so what should I do?

Place your mouth over the baby's mouth,
gently blow five times into the baby.

This is my punishment.

Doctor, it's not...

Now use three fingers to perform
ten compressions on the baby's chest.

You press ten times and then breathe
into the mouth of the baby.

- OK.
- Yes, keep repeating the process

until the baby starts...

Hello? Hello, Doctor! Oh, shit!

Hey, bike!

One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten.

Please, come on now.
Please, please, please.

God, this is my punishment.

God, this is my punishment.

My punishment is this.

The first child I had
for my boss died.

Now this one is also dead.

God, am I the only one?

Get out of the way!

- Taju?
- Yes, madam?

- What took you so long?
- Don't be angry, madam.

Leave that place, madam,
are you the engineer?

Do you want to do the work yourself?

Don't be annoyed.

An officer stopped my bike
to ask for fire extinguisher.

Give me your torch. Give me your torch.

So you say people are inside?

Let me listen!


Dare, don't worry.
They're going to take the roof off now.

What kind of problem is this?

Hurry up, mister!

Calm down, please!

Please, who has Tiger batteries?

I'm sure we're losing our jobs today.

Ah, this is my punishment.

I lied to my madam for six years.

She didn't know
I've been sleeping with her husband

on their matrimonial bed.

This is my punishment. God forgive me.

God forgive me.

- God forgive me.
- Come on, breathe.

Guy, I'm so sorry.
We came immediately we saw it on Twitter.

On Twitter?

- Yeah.
- I don't...

Guy, you're trending everywhere now.
Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp.

They're calling you Elevator Doctor.

- Stevo, what's he talking about?
- Don't listen to him. Here.

How did you guys...

On our way here,
we stopped by the club to get it.

No, I'm saying
how did you guys get the money?

Don't worry about that.

I'll be your guy,
I should have your back.

We're your guys.

- Thank you so much, guys.
- No worries.

Thank you so much.

We're famous! Elevator Doctor.

Elevator Doctor.

My son likes you.

He's a baby. Babies like everybody.

No, my baby likes you
specially. I know what I'm saying.

How are you? How are you feeling?

I'm fine. I'm very fine.

The doctor says we can be here
for another three weeks.


So what about when you're discharged,

do you have a place to stay
for you and the baby?

I don't know.

My friend who is also working

as help next door.

She told me that my madam
threw my things out.

She said she managed to pack
a few of my belongings.

So right now, I'm in God's hands.

What about the dad?

Does he know?

I don't want him to know.

I don't want him near my child.

I don't want him near my child.

I don't want him near my child.

I don't want him near my child.

You know what? I'll talk to my mum.

She has friends in the religious world.

I'll try and see if there's something
that she can do.

Maybe there's a place that you can
stay or a job that you can do.

Brother Dare...

I don't know how to thank you.

Only God can bless you for me.
Thank you so much.

But I want to ask you a question.

What is your full name,
because I know it's a Yoruba name.

- The full name is Oluwadamilare Williams.
- Mm?

What did you say?

You pronounced it like your tongue hurts.

The name is Oluwadamilare. Hmm.

In Yoruba land,
the name means something very big.

It means God or Jesus don't...

It means God has vindicated me.

You're right.

You know
God used my child to vindicate me.

I have decided to name my son

Wherever your father is,
he is very proud of you.

Proud of you.

I appreciate what you just said.
You know, I didn't really do much.

You've done much. You've...

Doctor! Hospital doctor!

Good afternoon, sir.

I like this smile. Looking very cheerful.

- Abigail?
- Sir?

- How are you doing this afternoon?
- I'm very fine.

You're fine.

I trust you. I trust you.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon, Dare, how are you?

Dare, can I see you outside for a moment?
I want to have a word with you.

OK, sure.

All right, Abigail, I'll see you.

All right, take care.

Is everything OK?
Is everything all right with the baby?

Yeah, everything is fine with the baby.

See, surprisingly,
the baby is 100 per cent healthy.

Yeah. And that's not why
I asked to speak with you, Dare.

Before you go ahead, I just want to say
a very, very big thank you, sir.

See, everybody is calling me the hero

but the truth is that I wouldn't
have been able to do anything

if not for you, sir.
I really, really appreciate it.

- You're most welcome. Most welcome.
- Thank you.

You see, um... I must admit, Dare,

I was wrong about you. Yeah.

Really very wrong about you.

That thing you did for that woman
in the elevator takes tremendous courage.

And courage is what I admire
strongly in people.

- Thank you, sir.
- You're welcome.

So can we... Can we call a truce?

- Oh! Of course!
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Mr. Elevator Doctor.

Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

- You are most wel...
- Thank you so much.

Hey, seems your number one fan
is waiting to see you.