Elevator (2011) - full transcript

Racism collides with corporate greed when nine strangers - one of whom has a bomb - become trapped in a Wall Street elevator.

It's not around here.

But if you get close enough,
to do what you want.

It will kill anyone within five meters.

Elevator (2011)
Subtitles by Physio

Porch, but for your information,
it's a porch not a Ferrari.

And the blonde says: "For your information,
it's not a Porsche, it's a Ferrari."

Yeah, right.

We should have around
11.00 afternoon headlines.

Are we looking for dinner, who's online?
- One second, Martha.

Are you coming along?
- I am.

Are you sure?
- I promised.

I'll send you a car, ok.


How you doing?
Going to the Barton building.

You know where is that right?
Course, you know.

This is gonna be boring.

Maybe not, I think there's an

..keep falling right? We need
to buy if it's gonna fall

Do you understand?

I'm sorry to interrupt you.
This steel's my fiance.

Listen, just do what I asked you ok?
I'll see you 9.00am tomorrow

Have it on my desk.

Hello, darling.

How's your work, darling?
- It was busy and I missed you.

I missed you too, where we go?
- Elevator A.

Thank you. How are you?
- I'm good.

Barton comin' tonight?

You don't know?

He don?t know.

Good evening.
- Good evening.

Photo ID?


Donald Handy?
- Handley.

'Handy Man'.

Sorry, Mr. Handley.

And Miss Assana. You're the reporter.
I've seen you on TV.

Thank you for watching.
- I believe everything you say.

Can we go in now?
- Yes, please. Have a good time.

Thank you.

Darling, no need to get jealous.

He was undressing you with the time.

What's up, man?
- Good evening.

Hi, Martin Gossling.

It's done.
- Thanks.

Thank you.
- Welcome.

Hi Don.

Hi Martin, a little snack?

I did. Why?

Oh, sorry, I just got lunch.

Martin, this is my
gorgeous fiancee Maureen.

Hello, nice to meet you.

You're a lucky man.
- Yeah, indeed.

- Pleasure to meet you, Martin.

I'm sorry, I'm a little sweaty.
My palms are...

I'm nervous.

Why you nervous about?

It's silly..ehm, hey Martin I heard that
Barton is actually showin' up tonight.

Bullshit, I work here 3 years and
I've never actually seen him, man.

No no no, tonight there's
to be an announcement.

What is that announcement?
- 5 pm!

Sweety, I didn?t have time.
Yes I got it. Toilet paper.

I'm on it, Ok bye.

Hi, George Axelrod. I'm taking
a Bob Berris's place

He's sick, I'm a comedian.

Right, got you here Mr. Axelrod, welcome.
- Thank you.

I don?t hear that very often.

Oh hey, listen, I'm a
borderline claustrophobic.

So if you could not stuff people...on, thanks.

I'll try.

When we started asking terrorists
for protection?

I'm a security guard.
- Yea, that's what they all say.

Hey Bin Laden, I'm joking.
Terrorist that no sense of humor.

Murphy, would you
please assist this lady?

Do you need help, ma'am?

Can't sure what's you're offering

Well, I can get you safely to
the party safe and sound.

May I have your name?
- Jane Redding.

Redding, that name
sounds familiar.

Oh, well, could be.

Excuse me.
- Hello.

Good evening, everyone.
- Photo ID?

Don?t be an idiot.

He's doing his job, sweety.

There's way too many people.
- Don, that's him, that's him, that's Barton.

Henry and Madeline Barton.
- That's...that's Henry Barton.

I don?t give a fuck,
there's regulation.

No, I don?t have your name, sir.

Why don?t you try looking at
the outside of the building?

He owns the place.

I'm sorry.

They told me to ID everyone, so...
- No, you're doing a good job

Don't wanna let in just any bereave.

Am I allowed ?
- It's very crowded.

We'll be fine, thank you.
- Now we're above...

...legal capacity.

Mr. Barton, Don Handley...

Intermediate bonds.
- Oh, good to meet you.

Miss Assana, I'm a big fan.

Pleasure to meet you.

Don thinks you're God.

Well, oh my a
slight exaggeration.

And who's your lovely date?
- Oh, this is my granddaughter Madeline.

Hello, Madeline, I love your outfit.

Why would we get old elevator?

We're with friends, sweetheart.
- Way too many people.

Barton, I'm Gossling,
High Mutual.

I know your name,
keep up the good work.

Thank you.

And who's this young lady?

Jane Redding, investor.

Oh, can't live without them.
Thank you for coming.

Good to finally meet you.
- George Axelrod, claustrophobic.

Look if we don?t get this thing move,
I'm gonna throw up.

Sorry, have a good time.

Wait, wait, wait.....
Celine Fouquet.

ID please.
- I'll vouch for her.

For Christ's sake, we're full.
- There's room for one.

Thank you so much.
We're those two of us, right?

You are Henry Barton.
- Uh yes, good to meet you both.

Maybe we should
take turns breathing.

You're okay, Madeline?

Someone smells bad.

Won't be long.

I'm so sick...
- Oh, I'm sorry about pushing you.

Aren't you cozy
in here tonight ?

I'm not feeling that great

Take a deep breath.
-It's too many people here.

What if we get stuck?

What's wrong with him?

He's claustrophobic.

He doesn?t like small spaces.

Can he die?

He'll be fine.

Hey, hey man look, I've been taking this
elevator every day, ten times a day.

We all have. For six years,
and its never once got stuck.

It's like my worst nightmare.
- You must have.

Don?t !

She just pressed the stop button.

It was an accident, Grandpa.

It was an accident.
Say you're sorry, Madeline.

- She did it on purpose.

She was looking right down and then she pressed it.
- You're lying.

I saw you.
- Liar!

Evil little bitch !
I know what I saw.

Mr. Axelrod, you're fired.
- Fine, I don?t give a fuck.

Just get me out of here.
Let me take the stairs.

Jesus, not moving.

Maybe you should try not to breathe
like that cos you're going to pass out.

Sir, you need to pull out
the stop button.

It's not moving.
- Fuck, fuck, fuck I knew it.

Please watch your language.
There are women and children here.

My language?
Do you hear he's worried about my language.

We're hanging here, squeezed
like a fucking sardines

54 floors up and my
language is the problem?

I bet language is not the problem,
when you blown people up.

Did I miss something?
- There must be a phone or intercom or..something

Let's try going down.
Maybe it will reset.

That was promising.

Who are you texting?
- Martha. I'm telling her we're stuck.

Which she'll love it.
- She's gonna make a documentary about it.

Oh, Man.
- Hey pal, its ok, this probably just a glitch.

How the hell would you know?
You said we never get stuck.

Technically, we're stopped.
- Do you wanna try the intercom there?

I mean, I'm sure someone's on
duty and get this thing moves.

Sometimes this thing just need
a little jiggling to free them up.

Great, the battery's dead.

I'm hungry.
- We'll be there soon.

I can't breathe.
- Look at here.

See if this would help?
- What is it?

Irish whiskey.
My husband taught me to be prepared.

Hey, I don?t really think that's the best idea.
- Your idea's suck.

Sir, I think we should try
the intercom.

Alright, we depend on the experts.


It's a Henry Barton, our elevator
seems to be stuck...

The 49th floor.
- Have you try punching the lobby?

It dropped a couple of feet, then
stopped again, it wont move at all now.

Did anyone push the
emergency stop button?

Yes, but I pulled it out again,
it was an accident.

That can't happen.
- I've told you.

The emergency button is for emergencies only.
- Are you listening?

Nothing to play with.

Just fix it.

We're late for our party.
- I'll call maintenance.

It's exact to be...you've got
2 hours to go you need to be.

Wherever you are, it's gonna go off.

The mechanism can't be stopped.

You sure this is what you wanna do?

I hope it won't too much longer.
Ever since I've been pregnant...

I have to pee every ten minutes.

I remember being like that too.

My sister's pregnant.
She's go bad after raddled.

I'm sorry about all this.
- Mr. Barton, it's not your fault.

Don?t know where it'd go.

It's my building.
- It's your granddaughter.

It was an accident.
- Liars go straight to hell.

That's enough, Mr. Axelrod.
- What you're doing? Get fire me again?

Go ahead, fire me as many time as you want.
Wasn't for her, we won't be here.

Is that you?
- Excuse me.

It's my producer, Martha.

If we start to eat each other, she
wants it on the 11 O'clock news.

I've heard people getting
stuck on elevator for days.

Feels like we've been
here a week already.

Hasn't been 10 minutes.

Sir, I suggest you stop doing that.
It may interfere what maintenance is doing.

I hate miss the first course.
Thai mussel crab.

Suppose to be amazing.

Sounds delicious.

Now I'm in a hurry.

Well, since we all becoming
a...elevator family, ehm...

Mr. Barton, I have a question.

Go ahead.

Well, I heard a rumor...

Mr. Barton, are you retiring?
- I don't believe it.

Well, with a 75 million dollars payout...

Why would you want
to keep working?

75 million dollars?

That's obscene.

No, no, it's a...just a figure,
the.. paper's cooked up.

But just between us,
my elevator family, I'm retiring...

I'm announcing it tonight.
- Why?

Maybe the energy the, there are a lot of
talented people who can take my place.

I'm going to consult, but...

want some time to relax
with my family.

You can afford it.

I've worked hard all my life.

Who hasn?t?

75 million, Christ.

I'm starving.

Well, if it's alright with your
grandfather, you can have this.

Thank you.
Say thank you, Madeline.

It's got nuts.
I can't eat nuts.


Has anyone seen that
old film 'Lifeboat' ?

Don?t they eat someone in that?

We're starting people, I've
got dim sum and Miss Assana.

Watch your line, smart-ass.
-Hey I only say what every guy's thinking.

Right Mohammed?
- It won't get that far.

George, can I have the flask?

Please, thank you.

Oh, thank you

Old age ain't for sissies.
That's Betty Davis said.

You're not old.
- No.

They say you're as old as you feel.
- Are you from New York?

- Came all this way for a party?

Ah sure, why not? I haven't been
to New York since my honeymoon

that was 43 years ago.

Your husband didn't
come with you.

My husband's died a few months ago.

Oh well, I'm sorry to hear that.

He certainly would've wanted to come tonight.
Especially to meet you, Mr. Barton.

I'm sure he's a wonderful man.
- Yes, he was, he's the best.

How much longer that we
have to stay in here?

Not more, not more.

My wife.
We're stuck in the elevator.

- Great, how about Madeline?
She's fine, she's fine.

- What should I do with everybody?
Just start without us.

We'll be there soon.
- Hurry. All right.

I suppose they...have to
call the elevator people.

Security guard, you wanna
get on your walkie talkie

maybe get your
team to help us?

Didn?t you hear me earlier
my battery's dead.

I'm not surprised.
- What did you say?

I said I'm not surprised.

There isn't much more I can do

than what Mr. Barton is already doing, ok?
- So Don I hear you're getting married.

When is the big day?


I'm a lucky girl.
I'm Maureen by the way.

I've seen you on TV. I'm Celine.
Its really nice to meet you...

Don has been
keeping you a secret.

How do you know Don?

Oh, from bonds. I'm on
maternity leave right now.

But I didn?t want to miss this.

So you're working in
the same department?

Yep, yea side by side.

Why you didn?t say hello?
- Hello, Celine.

You look lovely tonight.
- Thank you very much.

We're actually..we don?t work
together that much anymore.

That's enough tho, right Don?

Are you okay?
- Yea...


Do you have enough room there?

Anybody else?
- Once you're offering.

Oh good yeah, more drinking.

Do they forgot about us?

Not when you're with the boss.

Depends what kind of boss.

Let's see if they're
making any progress.

- This is Henry Barton.

We're still stuck in the elevator.
Did you find the problem?

Looks like the brake's jammed,
maintenance contacted the elevator people.

How long that's going to take?
- Well, they're on their way...

But there is a traffic problem.
A pile upon the tunnels.

It's gonna take a little longer.
- Why didn?t you call them in the first place?

It has to go through maintenance.
- Let me speak to someone from maintenance.

They are not here at the moment.
- Where are they?

The elevator technicians are on
their way. You need to be patient.

What's your name?


Hello !

Hello !!

The elevator people are coming.

I wanna go home.
- Me too.

George, since we are a captive audience,
why don?t you tell us a joke?

Yeah, we can use a laugh.

I'll tell you one I was working for tonight.
- Can not wait.

A banker's friend of mine...

hired a beautiful blonde,
to paint his porch.

So after about an hour,
he sees she's washing the brushes,

and he thinks "That's weird...

He'd figured it
would take all day.

You know, so he could invite
her in to... you know

..have lunch. And he looks at her
and says "Is everything okay?"

And she looks at him with those big,
beautiful smile and says,'Oh, yea.'

He asks: "Are you done?"
and she says...

"Yea, it wasn't that big of a job and
for your information..."

It's not a Porsche, it's a Ferrari.
- Thanks a lot, asshole.

Don, that's mean.
- Joke's got whiskers.

I...I found it was funny.

Right? Porch, Porsche...
- Yea, we got it, we got it.


Believe it or not,
I once opened for Dice Clay.

Still stupid.
- Yea, you're stupid.

Wow hey, how about a little
stand up to try sitting down?

If you skip the cupcake once in a while,
I might have enough room.

I hope you suffocate.

Where you from, Mohammed?

My family comes from Iran.

A moslem, I knew it.

Knew what? Because I'm moslem
I can be avoid in America?

You can be, it's possible,
but you are suspect.

And so because of
my family is Indian,

Doesn't mean that I've to
wear a dot on my forehead?

All I'm saying is it can't be ignored.

After 5000 years of suffering
I have a certain sensitivity.

A jew, of course.
- Hey man...

We know about your nuclear ambitions,
and we have you in the cross hair.

You're imbecile.
- I gotta go.

I'll follow you out.
- No, I really have to go, I have to pee.

I, I can't hold it any longer.
I thought I've been here in the restroom by now.

What you wanna do?

It's not that nice of a bag really.

What does your bag have to do?

Do you mind if I'll just squeezing
into this corner right here?

Where you really go.

Thank you.



Thank you.
- Here you go.

This is good, ehm...

Can I just, do me a favor, just hold your arm?
just to keep me up for a second?

You know, I'll just do it myself

I don?t wanna be doing here.
I promise.

How about...how about this?

Thanks, Martin.
- No problem.

Hey, no problem.

Thank you.

What she's doing? She can't do that
in here, make her stop Grandpa.

Don't look.
- There it is.

Never do when people watching.

Ew, I can hear it.

Well, its better than
pee on the floor, isn't it?

Now they're not answer them.

I can smell it.
- Be quiet.

I can't.

Okay, we're good. -Yeah?
We're good.

Oh good, I never care much
for my dignity anyway.

No, it's fine, it's fine...

I am so.. sorry about that everybody.
- No, it's fine, it's fine...

I really feel much...

much better now.

Our son Geoff died in Iraq.

Could someone help me up, please?

Thank you.

Our son Geoff died in Iraq.

They practically killed
my husband, Neill,...

He and Geoff very close, and...


It basically took his spirit...

We were going to buy a boat,
when he retired.

He was always studying
these boat magazines.

That's what cut him through, really.

Didn't he get one?

Barton Investments
lost all of our money.

Redding, your husband Neill Redding?
- Yes.

Called me up 6 months ago,
he wanted his money back.

and he screamed at me
and said I've ruined his life.

Part those endeavor junk bonds from us.

Not we advice to our clients to bought,

No one could see what
was around the corner.

It's just one of those things.

My husband shot
himself in the head.

After my child, my son,
he was my whole life.

Really sorry, I mean no matter how much
that we know it's still just a gamble...

You can't blame me or...us.

He trusted you.

He trusted you, to do the right thing.
He trusted you...

Don't mean to sound careless, but
it's always the investor's decision.

And then I heard that you got
the 75 million dollars payout !

Sleazy bastards.

It wasn't fair.

Life isn't fair.

No,it isn't.
Life is shit.

So why are you here, Mrs. Redding?

If it were me, this is the last
place that I would wanna be.

I hope this is okay.

I give it back if you changed your mind.

I started the timer.

Thank you.

I'm....running out of time.

I just wanted to deliver a message.

I didn't know that the elevator
was going to be stuck.

What was the message?
- That's a...

Jane, what's wrong?
She needs help.


Jane, breathe.

What's wrong?
- I think a heart attack.

She needs help.
- I'll call 911.



Help her ! Help her !

911, What can I help you ?

She...she can't breathe.

I don't wanna die in an elevator.
- Oh, you're not gonna die.

You're not gonna die.
- Believe she's having a heart attack.

Ok, what is your location?
- I have a bomb.

Did she just say she has a bomb?
-Excuse me?

She said she has a bomb.

Who has a bomb?
- The woman.

I don't think she's breathing.

She's gone.
- You know maybe she has stroke?

I was medic in the army.

She's dead.

You tell them we need to
get out of here right now.

They need to fix this right now.
Tell them.

Cos we have a medic,
that's how we know.

Hello? Answer me...
- Redding...

Jane Redding.

We need help!

They're sending emergency services.

God damn it, where are these people.

Now they're not answering.

This is unacceptable, they have a job to do.
- You pissed them off, Henry.

We didn?t lose their money,
they've lost their own money.

We're not responsible for client's
decision. We facilitate it.

You got blood on your hand man, -Shut up..
throw me off the elevator.

This is ridiculous. Where this 70 years old
woman gonna get a bomb.

Her son died in Iraq...
- 70, maybe 70.

Help me through it. - I don't know.
Tell me what you see.

What she told us
we just met her.

She only said that...
- How do you know she has a bomb?

That what she said. Jane Redding
from Cleveland, just before she died.

Have you called 911?
- We're talking to 911 now.

What different does that make? 70, maybe 70.
-This is big, can you stream on your phone?

I'm fine.

I can do it, I'll start streaming.
-Well it's not obvious, a...

I don?t...if...
She has a purse.

Why don?t we check for bomb?

Its not to overreact.
We need to keep our wits.

Get the fuck here and do something.

There's 9 of us including CEO
Henry Barton and his granddaughter.

Really, with the camera?
- Minutes ago, Jane Redding...

An investor at Barton, died of a heart attack.
She told us she has a bomb.

There is no bomb. She was upset, because
an investment went wrong.

You see this sort of thing on the news.
-How Barton checks...

Because she's the one who after
him anyway.

You are a security guard,
it's your job.

I'm not trained for bombs.
There's experts for that.

You're the fucking
expert, so do it.

I'll check it.

Celine Fouquet, bond trader,
an expected mother...

has volunteered to check Redding
for any explosive device.

Am I just open it up, or...
- Yea.

It can't be so sensitive right? I mean
she's been carrying it around all night.

Damn it God, dammit.

Looks like there's a wallet in here.

How do you know it's just a wallet?
Maybe it does look like a wallet..

In case my camera didn't pick that up,
there's a huge sigh of relief.

There's no bomb?
- No bomb, sweety.

Mrs. Redding just had
a few problems, that's all.

Her husband just blew his brains out.
- Why do you insist on being so obnoxious?

My granddaughter's 10 years old.
Do you think she needs to hear that?

No any of us knows what happened to
Mr. Redding. She could've made it all up.

For all we know he could be sitting in
Queens and drinking a beer and watching TV.

Sounds good to me.

So we get this thing move,
I'm starving...

They lose their money
and homes and what do they do?

Oh, for God's sake.

It's a good job Celine.
What is that?

Neill Redding,
tragic victim of the collapsed economy.

It says here that he shot himself.

So she wasn't making that up.

Happy now?

It doesn't mean anything.
Miss Fouquet checked her purse.

Wait, no, if that's true, then...

I think we..we should check under...

Under her dress, under her blouse,
Isn't that what they do?

How do I know what 'they' do.
I'm not a suicide bomber ok?

I don't know any suicide bombers.

I never touch or even seen
a real bomb in my life.

I'm an American, just like you.

Feel better now?

I asked, because you're in the army.

I am not taking her clothes off.

Okay, then just like a feel around,
like the police do.

I don?t have any experience
with what the police do, Martin.

We've learned a lot
about you, Martin.

No, look, just run your
hands over her body.

We gotta to find out.

Jesus Christ.

When did I starting grow balls ?

I don't know, there's something there.
- Are you joking'?

I'm not joking.

There's definitely something there.

Look could be any..
- Or a bomb.

Stop saying that.
- Fire me.

We got to find out.

You are a very impressive
woman, Miss Fouquet.


There is a bomb.

It's nice knowing you all.
- She's got a bomb?

We do not know what it is, sweety.
- It's not a satellite radio.

It's a metal box,
the size of a bar of soap...

It's attached to what looks
like a bicycle cables.

Martha, I'm gonna save my battery power
Just get them to hurry, we need help.

Come help me.

I'll climb up here,
there's gonna be a hatch.

And then what?
There's nobody goes.

It's for fuck's sake, help me.
- This is desperate.

We are trapped here on with a
bomb, all right Mr. Barton?

A bomb. It's all desperate.

Come on.
Do it.

I can't see anything.

Hold me .
- Yea.

It's just fucking lights.

The only elevator without
an escape hatch in this city?

And then now what?

Anyone have a deck of cards?


Wouldn?t do me
much good anyway.

Where we are here?

You shouldn't smoke.

The fuck do you care?

What now, you gonna become
a concerned father?

That's not what I meant.
There's just 9 of us...

You shouldn't smoke.
That just...

Its all we're breathing this air.

What do you say? What she's talking about?
- You can tell it better.

It's not the time, all right?
I'll explain it later.

Perfect time to confess.
- Shut the fuck up.

Who? me?
- It's not the time all right?

I wanna know now.
- I'll explain it later, ok?

Man up Donnie, like when you put
me on your desk, remember that?

I'm so sorry. It was a mistake, alright,
We just spent so much time together.

You weren't home.
It just happened, I'm really sorry.

Is she carrying your child, Don?

Yeah, it's possible.

I don't wanna die.

You're not gonna die, sweety.
No one's gonna die.

They're sending someone to get us out.
- Is that another guarantee, Henry?

You are such an asshole.
- Yeah takes one with no one

You seems like you're enjoying all this.
- I'm a happy pessimist.

I'd expect the worst and
I'm never disappointed.

How do we know it's not a fake?
Maybe she did it just to scare us.

Why'd hide a fake bomb? The whole
reason have a fake bomb is to show it off

Maybe she's gonna show it at the party later,
Wouldn't that make more sense?

Can't be that easy to get
explosive material you can't just

walk into Wall-Mart and pick it up.
- Yes, it can be bought.

Oh...there, you heard it from the expert.
- Motherfucker !

Stop it.
Just get back!

Fuck you!
- Hello.

No, it's okay.
It's just speculation.

No, honey,no I know.
She's alright, she's just..afraid.

Want talk to grandma?

Hi Grandma.
- Don't worry sweety.

I know. I'm scared.
- Everything's gonna be fine.

I love you.
- I love you too.

No, they'd be here any seconds.

I promise.

I love you.

Everything's going to be fine....ok

We interrupt this program with a special
news. Tonight, at the Barton building...

9 people, including CEO Henry Barton
and his granddaughter...

are trapped in a stuck elevator,
with what appears to be a bomb.

Our Maureen Assana is 1 of the
9 people who trapped.

This is Maureen Assana for WRPGTB in New York.

I'm streaming from an elevator
at the Barton building.

A few minutes ago, Jane Redding,
an investor with Barton...

died of an apparent heart attack.
- No bomb.

She was upset, because an investment
went wrong. You see this...

We have no knowledge about
how much time we have left.

We need you to understand
the gravity of the situation.

The woman's dead. Barton should check.
she's the one who after him anyway.

Fuck this, alright let's get the
goddamn doors open alright.

Come on.
- Don, what are you doing?

Only one way out alright?

You have no choice.

Let's get these doors open,
come on !


Shit, we can't get through of it.
- Somebody help us!

They evacuated the building
They had to.

What if we open it up and throw the bomb out?
- How? How you gonna get it off her?

I don't know alright, What if I climb up
and I hit the bomb on the outside.

I mean, it's a different controller,
maybe its get stuck and it's not moving

They're all in the same circuit.

How do you know, are you fucking elevator expert?
- I know how things work.

Ok smart ass, give me
your big idea, alright?

Cos I'm not gonna sit around
here and get fucking blown up

Sweety, you have to be brave, ok?

Don't cry.
Try not to cry, ok?

Try to be brave.

I think we should do it.
What we got to lose?

You guys love pushing buttons.

You know, it's tighting the world works.
- Better than doing nothing.

Been on the phone with these people, ok?
Who knows when they're getting here?

We are on our own.

They have to come and the Bartons
is a big fucking deal right?

Off course is gonna be on TV, isn't it?

Yes, it is probably already on CNN now.
It's headline news.

You heard her.

She said we're home tonight, ok?
That means 2 things...

That means that the bomb
probably on a timer...

And that means we can not wait !

You guys help me get the door open alright?
Will you guys help me up there?

- Yes
Come on, come on !



Mohammed, you push me up?
- Yea...oh, shit!

What are the buttons?

Here we go.

I think I need someone to
help me with the buttons.

I can't reach it.

Here, use this my beloved.

Go again?
- Yeah, let's do it.

Come on, let's keep
these doors open alright?

Let's go again bro.

Careful, it's dangerous.

Come on, I need you
to reach the cane.

I got it...

Don't put your head out there.
- Just hold me.

This is time you'd be the hero.

Let's take a break.

Pull your hand back in.

Good, good I'm closer.
Come on!

Madeline, don't!

Holy shit...

It sounds just like
"The Girl From Ipanema".

- What?

Just happened.
- Now I need the button.

Who else can hear me?

Is Don?
- Who else can hear me?

I'm here...
- Maureen?

- I'm here.

Use your cell phones.

Get one in my pocket.
I just need to reach it.

Ow, Get off me !
- I'm sorry.



- Yeah, okay.

- Celine?

My leg hurts.

It'll be fine.
- Is it over?

Mr. Barton? Madeline?
Are you ok?

Are you ok baby?
- Where is Don?

Where is the light?
- Madeline next to me.

Help me, God.
- Please help him.

He's gonna be fine.
He's gonna be fine.

I must stop the bleeding.

Hold on, hold on.

We're still here.

That was very scary,
but we are all still there.

Henry, it's enough with the buttons.
You've reached your button quota.

You're bound off,
make it a rest.

Keep your hands off me.

Henry, Henry

Listen, just go keep
Madeline company ok?

Sit down next to her.

I got you.

Sit down, sit down.

It's all my fault.
- Watch your head.

It's all my fault...

It's kinda a roller coaster, right?

I don?t like roller coasters either.

It'll be okay.

I saw you pushed the button,
sweety...by the way...

It must runs in the family.

It'll be okay.
- Should I call 911?

Yeah, call 911.
- We gotta get outta here.

911, what is your emergency?

We're still waiting.

Yes, sir, can you please explain...

Will you come help us?
- What is your location?

Stuck in the fucking elevator.

- Where are you?
We need help, we need help now.

You must remain calm, sir.
- Well I think I'm remaining calm actually.

We are fell off in a fucking elevator
with a fucking bomb!

There are other people
and a goddamn corpse.

My friend is bleeding out.
Now where are you?

Hold this one on tight.

I'm not a prayer.
- You should be.

If you pray every day,
what good done to you?

If God knows everything, he knows I try to
do the right thing, I don?t have to kiss His ass

Yep we need help,
we need help, now.

Could be worse.
- How?

Have you played the Colony, Celine?
- Are you retarded?

Cos I ain't think this is a joke!
Look around, do you think this is funny?

There's a bomb in here that
might kill us any seconds...

And end my baby's life.

I don't know what you think its so
fucking funny, we're not your audience.

Hey, this is what I do. Some people cry,
some people can angry, I tell jokes.

I talk too much. And to be honest,
yes, I'm annoyed myself.

But does it make any
different to the bomb? No!

I apologize for not the guy
you want me to get stuck with.

I don?t want this gig anyway,
I was a last minute substitution.

Do you know the story about of people
lost get on the plane that crashed?

I'm the guy that takes their place.

There...If the bomb goes off now,
I'm happy with those being my last words.

"'Porch, Porsche."

I gotta remember that.

As Don says it does has whiskers.


Guys, it's the bomb-maker.

What's the reason you
decided to come forward?

I thought Mrs. Redding was dead.

This is what she wanted.

She wasn't a terrorist.
She was a good person.

Maybe there's still time
to help these people.

Why did you do something like this?
Why did you make her a bomb?

I was friend with her son, Geoff in Iraq.

We're like brothers, I owed them.
And his mother asked me for help.

Can you tell us more about the bomb?

It was much explosives...

And anybody in the elevator
would be surged.

You mean deadly?
- Yes, sir.

It would be damaged.
- How long do these people have?

It's time to get out of there.

I guess it's within 10 minutes
more less...

- Maureen!

Slow down, I'll just put you on speaker.

They've evacuated the building
and the process is not complete.

The bomb squad and the FBI
search the entire building.

And the cops are all over the world.

We have 10 minutes...

Who's that?

It's Celine. We just saw
interview with the bomb-maker.

He says we have 10 minutes.

They know that.

Do they hear the part
about 'more or less'?

Who is that?
- Who cares the fuck?

I think that's gonna stands
their way the TV ratings.

That's ridiculous!
It has to be bad.

Really? 8 people stuck in
the box, waiting to die?

And what's that?

We need to get outta here.

I'm sorry sweety, I know it must be awful,
but they're doing everything they can.

Hold on.

Yeah, should go with the money,
cos money, money buys salvation.

Martha, I need you to help us.

Keep streaming...

She asked us how much
battery we have left.

Looks like we must do
everything what we can.

We have to be.

Alright, I know things don't look great
right now, but there's a bit of good luck.

- Please George...
I was thinking the elevator dropped, right?

So elevator dropped, how do we know
the doors have been line-up now?

We go look out.
- Ok, I take this side.

Let's do it.

If we can get out, we'll
push Madeline out first.

Get ready, Madeline.

It's all my fault.
- She's ready.

We have to do it the same time.
- Get ready. - Now.


I can't get any traction cos
of my leg, a bit sting here.

There isn't coming, is it?


We did get it open before.

We had Don...

And we're dealing with Muhammed's
restless leg syndrome.

And how the fuck do you think
I got this? well you fucking moron !

I barely touched you...
- Henry...

We need your help.
Come on.

Henry, you're gonna do this
for Madeline, alright? ok.

Needs to pull really hard that way.
Here we go...


Pull harder.

Come on.


We still have a few minutes.
- More less...

So that's it.

This is...this is wanna where
we all...died.

It happens.
This is where it's gonna happen for us.

It's all because...this...

This fucking pathetic...

woman who can't take
responsibility for her actions.

And because of you.

You don?t...you don?t give a fuck, do you?

You knew those bonds were crap.

Everybody did.

Don memo-ed to me 8 months ago.
We all knew.

But you, you forced us
to push among these people.

Barton, you hear me in there?

We need to open the
doors 1 more time.

Well, it's a brick wall,
we can't get out.

I just need to see something first.
- Get it yourself.

It may not be a big deal, but I just
need to open the doors 1 more time, ok? ok?

Ok, everybody everybody, come on, 1 more time.
Henry, I need you.

- Yes, 1 more time, come on! Pull !

I need something sharp.

Who's got anything sharp?
Something sharp.

This? This is it?
- That's all I've got.

No one has anything else?

What do you expect George?
We're going to a cocktail party.

George, what are you thinking?
- It was Don's idea, really.

But there's room enough to drop
the bomb down the elevator.

- You can cut through metal cable with that.

I know.
- Well then, how?

You can't be serious.
- I told you it was a last resort.

Can do what?
- She's not gonna get any dead-er.

It's all I got.

We have to cut the body in half.

How much time do we have?

How much time do we have?
- It's about 3 minutes.

They are on their way, they're
gonna be here any seconds.

Hold on, hold on, we can't count on that.
Ok listen, George is right.

It's not like she's gonna another different.
- Is that against the law?

Fuck the law!
This is our lives we're talking about, ok?

She got us in this situation in the first place.
- She's still a human being...ok?

She was a human being,
now she's a corpse.

Who's gonna do it?

I've done my fair share
volunteering, George.

This is your idea.
I'm not touching this.

I'll help.

I can't do it,
but I'll roll back whoever push.

Ok, okay, I'll do it.
I mean how, how much worse can it get.

Look we just clear the bomb off of her,
drop down the shaft and then we're good.

We're good.

Ok, well, I'll do it.

I'll do it, but we're
all doing it together.

We're all in this together, its like
we're all holding a knife...ok?



Alright, alright.


Do I start the front or cut
through the back bone or what?

Under the ribs.

Shit Muhammed, you're the medic.
- I don't know.

Stomach is softer.
- Just, just do something, just start.

I bet she should not to be held down right?
- I don't think so.

Ok, so...

So, just anywhere, right?

- Oh fuck, come on, for fuck's sake
we're running out of time George.

If we get out of here alive,
would you have sex with me?


Ok, I like that answer, because
it means you have hope.

If you'd said yes, that's mean
you've thought there is no hope.

Cut her!

Ok, Ok.

Here it goes.

I can't do it.

Come on, George.
- I can't, I'm sorry.

George, you promised, you promised
you would, come on George. - Can't, sorry.

George, you have to do it.
- No, I don't have to do shit.

George, come on.

I'll do it.

I'll cut the bitch.

Get there, boy.

Where's the knife?
- Here we go.

When I was in high school...

I've spent the summers
working in a butcher shop.

Whose knife is this?

Come on.

What did you do with it?

I use it to clean my nails.

Come on.

She is tough!

How much time do we have?
- Less than one.

Somebody get the guts,
I can't see what I'm doing.

Huh me?

Ok, I'll do it.

I'll fucking do it.

No merit badge just for this.

I'm gonna be sick.

Now we're fortunate she didn't eat first.

I'm gonna be sick.
- Oh, God.

There is always a bright side.

I can't get to this
spine with this thing.

Be quicker if we break it.

How? How we're gonna do that?

Someone takes one hand and
someone takes the other...

We'll just twist it.


We've come this far,
we are gonna finish.

If we get out of here, I want you
to give each of us a million dollars.

This is bullshit.
And a million for her baby too.

It's the least you can do.

If we get out.

- Deal.

Here, you take this end
The rest of you, take her feet.

We've come this far.
- On a count to three.

Go twist to the left,
you twist to the right.

One, two, three...

You both have to go to the right.

Alright, ready?
- One, two, three.

Ow, she's getting stiff!

One, two, three.

This is Lieutenant Carson
with the bomb squad.

We are gonna get you out of there.

We outta time!

We have men in shaft that trying
to unlock the brake,

We want to lower you to the
next floor.

Make it quick!

That's gotta be a good sign.


Ok, He's barely alive.
We gotta get him out of here, come on!

Get us out of here.

Is the bomb go off?
- No, not yet.

Someone needs help.

Bring him to me!

Come on, first the girl,
and then who's next?

You're next.

We wont hurt you.

One, two, three.

How we get him out of here?

He's too big, He can't fit.

I'm not fit through here...

We get him out through the basement.

How's he gonna get out?

We lower down and we'll take
him out through the basement.

You can't leave him in there.

You've gotta lower me down.

Get the door shut now.


I guess...

I'm the hero.

Because I need to talk with you.

I don't care how late it is.
I have to tell you something.


Hey let me ask you something,
Do you think Iran has nuclear weapon?

I'm just asking...

Are you always an asshole?

No, you're not a very
good security guard.

Yeah, I know.

That....that was my wife.


We're alive.

Yeah, we're alive.

Mr. Axelrod ?

That's me.

Mr. Axelrod, how did you
manage to keep your hope alive?

During this terrible ordeal?

It was real tough situation, and...

We were all in there together
and you know, you just...

You just do what you have to do.

Mr. Barton?

Hey, hey we had a deal.

See that?
- What?

She smiled at me.

My wife.

She hasn't watch the news.
says she's depressing...

- George, George !
Hi sweety.

- Did you get the toilet paper?
Yes, I got it. I'm on my way.

Elevator (2011)
Subtitles by Physio