Elesin Oba: The King's Horseman (2022) - full transcript

Inspired by true life events, in the Oyo Empire in the 1940's, Elesin Oba, the king's chief horseman, succumbs to the lure of beauty and sexual desire on the very evening he is set to die in order to fulfil his lifelong debt of ri...

[haunting music plays]

[dramatic drumbeat playing]

[dramatic drumbeat continues]

[griot praise singing] ♪ He's here! ♪

♪ The Elesin Oba is here! ♪

♪ He who is always well adorned ♪

♪ A lover of all women ♪

♪ A lover of life
And of beautiful things ♪

♪ One who follows the king into afterlife
Is called Elesin Oba like his ancestors ♪

♪ A true indigene of Oyo kingdom
Who knows the rhythm of the Shekere ♪

♪ In the homestead of Siyanbola ♪

♪ Lineage of Olukuegu, Ladigbolu ♪

♪ Of Oro cult of Atiba house ♪

♪ Strong like two stones
That grind yam flour ♪

♪ He must accompany
The dead king so that the king ♪

♪ Doesn't fall into darkness
Go on keep enjoying like a king ♪

♪ Oh Elesin! ♪

[men singing] ♪ The valiant one
Is enjoying life ♪

♪ He is enjoying life to the fullest ♪

♪ The valiant one is
Enjoying life to the fullest ♪

♪ Our father's house ♪

♪ Is like that of kings ♪

♪ The valiant one is enjoying life ♪

♪ He is enjoying life to the fullest ♪

♪ Our father's house ♪

♪ Is like that of kings ♪

- [woman 1] Daddy. May you live long.
- [woman 2] Daddy.

[woman 1] Your Highness. Your Highness.

Enjoy your life. Enjoy life, sir. Ah!

- [man sighs]
- [women sighing]

[man] What are you doing to me?

- [women giggling]
- What? What?

- [women sighing loudly, laughing]
- [laughing]

Surprise me, ladies.

- [women laughing]
- [woman 1] He says, "Surprise me.''

[eerie music plays]

[swords clashing]

[horse neighs]

- [birds chirping]
- [hooves clattering]

♪ We have witnessed this, whatever one has
Witnessed can never be truly forgotten ♪

♪ We have witnessed this ♪

♪ We have witnessed this
Elesin, we have witnessed this ♪

♪ Whatever one has witnessed
Can never be truly forgotten ♪

♪ We have witnessed this ♪

- [griot praise singing] ♪ Oh Elesin! ♪
- [men singing] ♪ We have witnessed this ♪

♪ Whatever one has witnessed
Can never be truly forgotten ♪

♪ We have witnessed this ♪

[griot] ♪ Elesin keep enjoying
Like a king! ♪

- [men] ♪ Elesin enjoy life ♪
- ♪ Elesin keep enjoying like a King! ♪

[men] ♪ Like Oyo enjoys its prominence
In today's world, Elesin enjoy life ♪

- ♪ Elesin enjoy life ♪
- [griot] ♪ You are royalty... ♪

[men] ♪ Like Oyo enjoys its prominence
In today's world, Elesin enjoy life ♪

♪ Elesin, continue to enjoy life ♪

[people cheering]

- [children cackling]
- [melodic drumbeat playing]

[men singing] ♪ We'll carry our father
To the afterlife ♪

♪ We'll carry our father
To the afterlife ♪

♪ Whoever is unhappy should leave ♪

♪ We'll carry our father
To the afterlife ♪

♪ We'll carry our father
To the afterlife ♪

♪ Whoever is unhappy should leave ♪

♪ We'll carry our father
To the afterlife ♪

♪ We'll carry our father
To the afterlife ♪

♪ Whoever is unhappy should leave ♪

♪ Rejoice ♪

[festive drumbeat playing]

♪ Rejoice ♪

♪ Our father has stepped into town
Our father has stepped into the market ♪

♪ Let's all rejoice ♪

♪ Rejoice ♪

♪ Our father has stepped into town
Our father has stepped into the market ♪

♪ Let's all rejoice ♪

♪ Let's all rejoice ♪

[festive drumbeat playing]

[indistinct market chatter]

[indistinct chatter]

How is market today? How is market today?
Greetings. Today is good.

[man 1] Hey, Elesin.

Where are you going in such a hurry,
like a cockerel without its adorned tail?

Going to where my cockerel
doesn't need its adornment. [chuckles]

Such is life.

- [Elesin laughs]
- Get a new bride, forget the older wife.

It's not like that, Olohun Iyo.

My spirit lives in this market,

enduring both sadness and joy.

You see these women.
They are packing their wares

to go home.
Today will be the last time I see them.

I'm ready to come with you.

Just tell me, "Olohun Iyo,
you'll accompany me on this journey"

And I'll follow you!

Hmm. Thank you for your loyalty.

But it can't be beyond this world.

- This market is home.
- [nostalgic music plays]

I feel at home
whenever I'm among these women.

- I feel so much comfort here. [chuckles]
- [indistinct chatter]

- [woman 1] The King's Horseman, greetings.
- [woman 3] Father, we greet you.

- [Elesin] How is the market?
- [woman 3] Father, we greet you.

- [Elesin] Well done!
- [woman 3] Thank you.

[Elesin] Tonight, I will
lay my head upon their laps.

- Father.
- Won't that be nice.

- [crowd laughing]
- And then I will go to sleep.

- [man 2] That sounds like you.
- [women] Mm.

- Their sweat...
- [crowd] Hm.

Their scent...

- The smell of indigo on their clothes...
- [crowd] Hm.

...will be the last breath I breathe

before I go

to my forefathers.
Before I go to the afterlife.

[crowd cackling]

[crowd hailing]

- [indistinct chatter]
- [women laughing]

- Palm wine tapper. Greetings. Greetings.
- Greetings to you.

[woman 1] Well wishes.

- [indistinct chatter]
- [birds chirping]

- Greetings. Greetings, father.
- Greetings, father.

- Well done, young one.
- [woman 1] Well wishes.

When the time is right...

[pensive music playing]

...you will see me dancing
on the narrow path

that was taken by my forefathers.

- Look, my mind is made up.
- Hm.

And nothing will stop me.

Are you sure that nothing will stop you?

Nothing can stop the King's Horseman.

- Father, we hail you!
- You will not let us down.

- I want to go and meet my king.
- [crowd] Hmm.

I'm on a journey to visit my master.

- [crowd] Hmm.
- [women] We know you as a man of honor.

Thank you.

The world as we know it has an end.

Life is honor,

and it ends where honor ends.

- [men] That's right.
- [women] That's true.

- Do you understand?
- [women singing]

♪ Oh virgin with the delicate eyes ♪

♪ Oh virgin with the delicate eyes ♪

♪ It's your beautiful hair
That enthralls us ♪

♪ Oh virgin with the delicate eyes ♪

♪ Near-perfect eyes ♪

♪ Your teeth ♪

♪ That are glistening white ♪

♪ Your buttocks are perfect ♪

♪ It's your beautiful hair
That enthralls us ♪

♪ Oh virgin with the delicate eyes ♪

♪ It's your beautiful hair
That enthralls us ♪

♪ Oh virgin with the delicate eyes ♪

- Tell me, friends...
- [crowd] Mm-hmm?

♪ Oh virgin with the delicate eyes ♪

- Am I still on this earth?
- [crowd] Yes. You are still on this earth.

- Greetings.
- Am I still in my market

that I loved so much
when I was still in my youth?

[crowd shouts] Yes!

Or am I in the afterlife?

[crowd] No! You're still on this earth.

Have I already gone to meet
my departed ancestors?

[crowd] No!

- I'm still in the market?
- [crowd] Yes! You are still in the market.

[Olohun Iyo] Why these questions, Elesin?


You're still here on earth.

[Elesin] Really?

This voice you hear, it's me, Olohun Iyo.

Not heaven's attendant.

Ah! Alright, if that is so...

[indistinct chatter]

Who is that beautiful goddess over there?

Oh no, Iyaloja,

I know all your ladies very well.

- Who is she?
- [humphs]

Elesin. Elesin Oba.

- Am I still among the living?
- [crowd] Yes!

You're still amongst the living.

That beautiful lady
suddenly entered the market,

and she lit up everywhere.

Uh, she's already engaged to be married.

She has a man.

She'll be getting married soon.

- [indistinct chatter]
- [pensive music plays]

Why are you telling me this?

[Iyaloja exclaims] Elesin,

this is not to offend you.

Today is your day,

and the whole world is yours.

Eh, but we know everything
we do has consequences.

Who doesn't want to be remembered?

Don't you want me... don't you want me
to enjoy my last moments on earth?

Mm? I don't want to
travel with luggage when I leave.

I would like to travel light.

I would like to travel light when I leave.

I don't really understand
what you're saying.

Allow me to travel light.
Iyaloja, I want to travel light.

Let me enjoy my last moments on earth.

And to leave

my seed behind before I go.

♪ Iyaloja mother of many ♪

♪ Always nourish your thoughts within
Discuss very little with people ♪

♪ If you have six secrets only share one ♪

♪ Because the ones closest to you
Are the ones that may hurt you ♪

♪ Everyone smiles in your presence ♪

♪ But not many have your back ♪

- ♪ Iyaloja, mother of many ♪
- ♪ Iyaloja, mother ♪

- ♪ Iyaloja, mother, Iyaloja ♪
- ♪ Iyaloja, mother of many ♪

- ♪ We greet you ♪
- [festive music plays]

♪ Elesin, you're the chosen one ♪

♪ You're the chosen messenger ♪

♪ Don't mind the ill-tempered ones
You're the chosen one ♪

♪ You're the chosen one
You're the chosen messenger... ♪

Eh, Elesin is on his way to the afterlife.

I cannot refuse his last request.

- Ah! But, Iyaloja!
- Iyaloja!

Look, we have too much at stake.
I will let him have his wish.

Ah-ah, Iyaloja,
this girl is engaged to your son.

- Didn't you tell him?
- [woman 3] Iyaloja.

[Iyaloja] He is my son.
He will listen to my wishes.

Am I not his mother?
His loss can be fixed.

- [praise-singing] ♪ Elesin Oba! ♪
- [man 3] Our father!

♪ You're the King's Horseman ♪

♪ You are the thread that
Holds Oyo kingdom steady ♪

♪ A true indigene of Oyo kingdom
Who knows the rhythm ♪

- ♪ Of the Shekere ♪
- [praise-singing] ♪ Oh Iyaloja! ♪

♪ The honorable one
With authority on everything ♪

♪ The one who guides us
All with her wisdom ♪

Thank you, thank you. I'm grateful.

- [crowd hailing]
- ♪ No matter how I stand ♪

♪ I am unable to ♪

- ♪ Match your grandeur ♪
- [women] Oh yes. That's right.

- Whatever she says becomes law.
- That's fine.

[woman 4] Do you want to question her?

What do my mothers say?

Will you grant my heart's desire?

Right. It's good to empty your loins
on earth into a home we know and love.

So that you can plant
the remaining life you have within

into the family you came through.

- [laughing gleefully]
- Iyaloja...

The mother of all
the children of the market.

Your intelligence surpasses all of ours!

[men] Right! Right! Great mother!

[Iyaloja] Elesin Oba.


You have always had eyes on women.

Alright, I give my blessing
to your request.

Hmm, alright.
Take the good news to our maiden,

and get her ready for her wedding.

[man 4] Wedding?

- ♪ Elesin oh! ♪
- [Iyaloja] Alright go on.

♪ What you say
Is what becomes law, Iyaloja our mother ♪

♪ Iyaloja our mother
What you say is what becomes law ♪

[Iyaloja] Dress her up nicely.

♪ Authority belongs to the father ♪

♪ A true indigene of Oyo kingdom
Who knows the rhythm of the Shekere ♪

♪ Authority belongs to the father ♪

♪ A true indigene of Oyo kingdom
I am unable to match your grandeur... ♪

[Elesin] You didn't want me
to marry her at first.

Why? You're the one
who wants to travel light.

That's good.

Be warned. The seed you want to plant

does not come with
a curse for our community.

Ah-ah! What do you mean by that?

Alright, I refuse to be offended.

- Ah! Why be offended?
- [Elesin laughs]

I will ask them
to prepare your bridal suite.

But these same hands
will prepare your burial clothes.

Come on.

- Iyaloja.
- What is it?

What you said is too much.

Why must you be so blunt?

Alright. Go and prepare my burial clothes.

But the fingers of my new bride
must caress my body.

[sighs blissfully]

Until I go to meet my ancestors
in the afterlife.

[haunting music plays]

Elesin Oba!

- Huh?
- [giggles]

- You're such a rascal. [giggles]
- You understand.

- Okay. Just go and prepare yourself.
- [chuckling] I am prepared.

- [laughing]
- That's alright. That's good. That's good.

[pensive music playing]

[thunder rumbling]

["Better to Miss You" playing]

♪ Better to miss you ♪

♪ Better to miss you still ♪

♪ Than never to have had you ♪

♪ Never to have held you ♪

♪ Never to have kissed your lips ♪

♪ My heart is hurted
It's broken down again ♪

♪ A job too big for any mechanic to mend ♪

♪ Its windows are broken
Its fender is bent ♪

♪ No can of oil can fix this
There's no monkey wrench ♪

♪ Never to have kissed your lips... ♪

[couple giggling]

- [couple moaning and giggling]
- [uneasy music plays]

[flowerpot thuds]

- [woman giggles]
- [man] Shh.

What was that?

♪ The seats are worn out
And the radiator grille's gone... ♪

[man] Oh, it's you, Amusa.


Why didn't you just knock
instead of knocking things over?

[nervously] Ah.

Mr. Pilkings. [hesitates] Mr. Pilkings.

What is the matter with you?

Ah... ah.



What the hell is
the matter with you man! Speak!

It's our costume, darling.
Our fancy dress.

Ah, yeah. Forgot all about that.

I think you've shocked
his pagan heart, bless him.

Nonsense, he's a Moslem.

Come on, Amusa. You don't believe
in all that nonsense. Do you?

I thought you were a good Moslem.

[splutters] Mr. Pilkings, please, sir.

What do you think
you are... doing in that outfit? Eh?

It belongs to the dead, not the living.

Oh, Amusa, what a letdown you are.

I swear by you at the club, you know.

"Thank God for Amusa.
He doesn't believe in any mumbo jumbo."

Now look at you!

[splutters] Uh, uh... Sir, I beg you.

Take it off.

Eh? It's not appropriate for
a man like you to touch that... cloth.


And Jane and I have bet that
we're taking first prize at the ball.

So, let's have some sense.

You seem to forget
that you are a police officer

in the service
of His Majesty's government.

Now pull yourself together, report
your business or face disciplinary action.

Uh, it's a matter of death.
It's a matter of life and death.

Ah-ah! I cannot, uh, relate to
someone wearing the costume of the dead.

It's like speaking against the government
to someone in a police uniform.

[splutters nervously]

I'll go now. I'll come back later.

[yells] Now!

[Jane] Oh, Amusa,

what is there to be scared of
in the costume?

We took these from those
troublesome egungun cult leaders

who were arrested last month.

If the juju didn't harm you then,

why would it harm you now,
just merely by looking at it?


eh, I arrested the troublemakers

[spluttering] who were causing trouble.

But me, I didn't touch the egungun.
I don't abuse it.

I treat the egungun with respect.

Write your report
or whatever it is, Amusa, on that pad.

And take yourself out of here.

Come on, Jane!

[jazz music playing from gramophone]

Hmm. [inhales and exhales audibly]


[thunder rumbling]

[festive music playing in the distance]

[lively drumbeat playing]

[crowd cheering]

[lively drumbeat playing]

[soothing music plays]

[ominous music plays]


I'm coming, darling. I'm nearly ready.

Never mind being ready,
just listen to this.

- [Jane] What is it?
- Amusa's report.

"I have to report that
it come to my information

that one prominent chief,

namely, the Elesin Oba,

is to commit death tonight
as a result of native custom."

"Because this is criminal offense,

I await further instruction
at charge office. Sergeant Amusa."

Did I hear you say commit death?

Obviously, he means murder.

Do you mean a ritual murder?

Must be.

Does it mean
we won't go to the ball at all?

No! No, no, no, no.

I'll have the man arrested.
Everyone remotely involved.


As the parents of the maiden
that is supposed to marry my son,

hmm... I'd like you to take heart.

The ancestors have spoken tonight.

And we have decided to give
Elesin his last earthly wishes.

He's getting ready to go
and meet his ancestors.

Your daughter will be
the one to receive the seed

that comes with the strength
and power of his lineage.

I would like us to honor it.

Mother, prepare your daughter
to receive Elesin.



let us rejoice

that the will of the ancestors
is done to your daughter.

My Akanni,

you are my firstborn,
and I am your mother.

I want you to look around you.

All that I have is yours,
even more than you can think.

I want you to honor me.

And let us do the will
of our ancestors. Let us do it.

Tonight, a man of honor
rides to greet them.

- ♪ Why are we all gathered here? ♪
- ♪ It's to celebrate a wedding ♪

- ♪ Why are we all gathered here? ♪
- ♪ It's to celebrate a wedding ♪

♪ I said why are we gathered here? ♪

♪ It's to celebrate a wedding ♪

- ♪ Let the beads shake rhythmically ♪
- ♪ It's to celebrate a wedding ♪

- ♪ Let the waistbeads shake rhythmically ♪
- ♪ It's to celebrate a wedding ♪

- ♪ Let the beads shake rhythmically ♪
- ♪ It's to celebrate a wedding ♪


[Jane snickers]

Come in, Joseph.

I don't know where you pick up
all these elephantine notions of tact.

Come over here.

[Joseph] Sir?

What is supposed
to be going on in town tonight?

Tonight, sir? Oh.

You mean the chief
who is going to kill himself?

What do you mean kill himself?

You mean he's going to
kill somebody, don't you?

He's not going to kill anybody,

and no one will kill him.
He will simply die.

Die? Nobody just dies.

[Joseph] It is native law and custom.

The King died last month.
Tonight is his burial.

But before they bury him,
the Elesin must die

so as to accompany
him to heaven. [chuckling]

I seem to be fated to clash more often

with that man than with
any of the other chiefs.

The so-called King's Chief Horseman.

- [huffs]
- Simon, what's the matter?

He's that chief with whom I had
a scrap some three or four years ago.

I offered to get his son
to medical school in England, remember?

Yes, now I remember. The most sensitive
young man. What was his name again?


The old pagan wanted him
to stay and carry on some

family tradition or the other.

And then I couldn't understand
the fuss he made. I literally had to

help the boy escape
from closed confinement

and load him onto the next boat.

Most intelligent boy, really bright.

The most sensitive young boy, you know.

Well, now he's going to be
a first-class doctor.

His mind is set on that.

And as long as he wants my help,
he is welcome to it.


[festive drumbeat playing]

[men singing] ♪ We're gathered here
To drink palm wine ♪

♪ The conversations we have
Between you and me should remain here ♪

♪ We're gathered here to drink palm wine ♪

[festive drumbeat playing]

[men shouting]

Who is the one bold enough

to take me away from the fun of the night?

[man laughs] It's me, your friend.


- [man] I just arrived.
- Olunde.

[laughs gleefully]

How come the man who left us
for England is already back right on time,

without forewarning? Ah-ah.

- Or are you a clairvoyant?
- Oh, no.

I am just a medical doctor.

Dr. Olunde, mind you.

[both laughing]


I heard that our king died last month.


[solemn music plays]

There's a wedding going on tonight?

[man] Olunde, you know your father better.

[pensive music plays]

- [indistinct singing in background]
- He's getting married?


♪ Wants to sue the king to court
Will only get into debt and more debt ♪

[pensive music plays]

[Mr. Pilkings] Joseph!

Yes, master.

What's the drumming about?

- [clicks tongue] I don't know, master.
- What do you mean you don't know?

It's only two years since your conversion.

Don't tell me all that holy water nonsense

also wiped out your tribal memory.


- Now you've done it.
- What have I done now?

Listen, Joseph, tell me this.

Is that drumming connected to dying
or anything of that nature?

Madam, that's what I am trying to say.

[hesitates] I'm not sure.

It sounds like the death of a great chief,

then it sounds like the wedding
of a great chief. [clicks tongue]

It's really mixed me up.

[festive drumbeat playing]

[indistinct chatter]

Ah, Simon,
it's obvious we have to miss this ball.


It's the first bit of real fun
the European Club

has managed to organize for over a year.

I'm damned if I'm going to miss it.

And it is a rather special occasion.

More special than
the usual gaudy club affair?

Oh, but you didn't know that
the prince is in town, did you?

He's going to grace the ball
later with his presence.

And we, my dear lady of the dead,
are gonna take the prize.

Eye on the prize as they say.
Better get ready.

[festive drumbeat playing]

[men singing] ♪ He will only get into debt
And more debt ♪

♪ The market porter who
Wants to sue the king to court ♪

♪ Will only get into debt and more debt ♪

[women singing] ♪ Gingerly we dress up
Our dear bride ♪

♪ Gingerly we dress up our darling wife ♪

♪ Gingerly we dress up our dear bride ♪

I need you to take this note
directly to Sergeant Amusa.

You'll find him at the charge office.

Get on your bicycle
and race there with it.

I expect you back in 20 minutes exactly.

- Clear?
- Yes, master.

- [sighs]
- [festive music playing in distance]

Jane, darling, we better be going
to put in a proper appearance.

The other provincials
are going to be damn envious!

[women singing in distance]

♪ First wife draw the new wife closer ♪

♪ Because you're the older one ♪

♪ First wife draw Amoke closer
Because you are the older one ♪

♪ You're the older one ♪

♪ Because you got here first ♪

♪ You're the older one ♪

♪ Because you got here first ♪

♪ First wife draw Amoke closer ♪

♪ Because you're the older one ♪

[men singing] ♪ Elesin
Continue to enjoy yourself ♪

♪ Elesin continue to enjoy yourself ♪

[all] ♪ Like Oyo enjoys its prominence
In today's world, Elesin enjoy yourself ♪

♪ Elesin continue to enjoy yourself ♪

♪ Like Oyo enjoys its prominence
In today's world, Elesin enjoy yourself ♪

- ♪ Elesin continue to enjoy yourself ♪
- [griot] ♪ King's Horseman enjoy life ♪

[all] ♪ Like Oyo enjoys its prominence
In today's world, Elesin enjoy yourself ♪

[griot] ♪ Oh, the bridegroom
Of today's event ♪

♪ Continue to enjoy yourself
Amoke's darling husband ♪

[crowd cheering]

♪ Elesin continue to enjoy yourself ♪

♪ Like Oyo enjoys its prominence
In today's world ♪

- ♪ Elesin continue to enjoy yourself ♪
- ♪ Elesin continue to enjoy yourself ♪

- ♪ Like Oyo enjoys its prominence ♪
- ♪ I am unable to match your grandeur ♪

♪ Elesin continue to enjoy yourself ♪

♪ Like Oyo enjoys its prominence
In today's world ♪

[griot] ♪ I'm inadequate
In your presence... ♪

[bicycle bell ringing]

- ♪ Elesin continue to enjoy yourself ♪
- ♪ Oh Elesin! ♪

♪ Like Oyo enjoys its prominence
In today's world ♪

- ♪ Elesin, continue to enjoy yourself ♪
- ♪ A true indigene of Oyo kingdom ♪

♪ Who knows the rhythm of the Shekere
In the homestead of Siyanbola... ♪

Amusa, eh, greetings to you.

- Welcome.
- [Amusa] Eh-eh. Don't greet me. Ah-ah.

- Move and let me pass.
- Ah-ah.

Look, I am here for official business, oh.

- [women exclaiming]
- Where are you going, Amusa?

Inside there. Because I know he's there.

[woman 1] Who?

[Amusa] The one
that calls himself Elesin Oba.

[woman 1] Amusa, you don't understand.

He's not the one
who calls himself "Elesin Oba." Look,

his pedigree that calls him so.

Just as his father was so-called,
that's how his child after him

would be called. Listen,
your white man can't do anything about it.

Wait a minute.

Isn't it the same ocean
that touches our land here that reaches

the white man's land?

It's the same one.
Amusa, tell your white man,

tell him that he may hide our son

for as long as he wishes,

but when the time is right,

the same ocean that took him there
will bring him back to us.

The British government says, "Enough!"
You can't take laws into your hands.

An end must come to
all these illegal activities.

So, who is going to stop it, Amusa?

Is it you that want to stop it?

You don't understand. Tonight, our father...

[women] Our father.

- Our husband...
- [women] Our husband.

Will show himself as being
above all strange laws in this land.

[women] That's right!

Look, nothing will happen tonight
or at any other time.

[spluttering] Look, it is ignorant
and, uh, criminal for anyone to pull

- this kind of a stunt.
- You'd better not bite your tongue

with all the English
you are speaking tonight.

- [woman 1] Welcome.
- Welcome.


Why are you here
to destroy other people's joy?

[woman 6] He can't destroy our joy.

- Iyaloja, I am glad to see you.
- [Iyaloja] Hmm?

You know me, oh, you know
I'm not a troublemaker, right? Ah-ah.

But duty is duty, oh.

I am here to arrest Elesin Oba.

Who is planning to kill himself,
which contravenes the law.

Tell these women to get out of my way
and let me get through.

Ah! What about you?

What gives you the right
to prevent our leader from doing his duty?

- Duty?
- Yes.

What kind of duty is that, Iyaloja?

[mockingly] What kind duty, duty. Ah!

What else is the duty
of a man to his new bride?

- [woman 1] Ah-ah.
- Uh, Iyaloja.

Is this supposed to be a wedding?

Ah! Amusa,

whatever the white man has turned you to,

did he also prevent you
from getting yourself a bride?

Doesn't your master have his own?

Go ask him. He will tell you.

- Iyaloja, this is not a wedding.
- [woman 1] Ah-ah.

Yes. It may not
look like a wedding to you,

but go ask your master

what he would do if he was prevented

from his right on his wedding night.

Iyaloja, I said this is not a wedding!

Ah! Amusa, I now understand you.

You want to be a witness?

You want to see
how a maiden is deflowered.

[women laughing]

Maybe, maybe his wives
are still waiting for him to learn.


[woman 1] That's right!

Please tell your women not to insult me.

[women scoffing]

- They shouldn't insult me. If they do...
- [women] What will you do?

- I will cause trouble for them.
- Oh, come off it, please, Amusa.

- Constables!
- [woman 6] Please, Amusa. You are a joker.

- [woman 1] Ah-ah! Beat him!
- [woman 6] Beat him! Beat him very well!

- Our mother.
- Beat him! Deal with him!

- [overlapping chatter]
- Chase him!

- [Amusa] Beat?
- [woman 1] Come back. Come here!

[overlapping chatter]

[women] Chase him! Pursue him!
Deal with him! Look at him!

[foreboding music plays]

[bicycle bell ringing]

[foreboding music plays]

[no audible dialogue]

[women singing] ♪ Behold ♪

♪ Dear mothers behold ♪

♪ Receive it ♪

♪ Dear mothers receive it ♪

♪ This union of body, this union of soul ♪

♪ This joyful union ♪

♪ Receive it ♪

♪ Behold ♪

♪ Dear mothers behold ♪

♪ Receive it ♪

♪ Dear mothers receive it ♪

♪ This union of body, this union of soul ♪

♪ This joyful union ♪

♪ Receive it ♪

You mother of beautiful maidens,

have this.

This is not just virgin blood.

It is the union of life
and the seeds of my passage.

It is my spirit,

the last that came out from my body,

and the promise of
a future life that I Ieave behind.

[Elesin] Mm-hmm.

[women shout] The bride is worthy!

[Elesin laughs]

[anticipatory drumbeat playing]

[griot praise-singing] ♪ Oh, Ogun! ♪

♪ Oh, Ogun, you feed on dogs ♪

♪ Lakaaye, we have brought your meal ♪

♪ He who wants money will get it ♪

♪ He who wants children will get them ♪

♪ Because Ogun grants
Money and children and joy ♪

♪ Lakaaye, Lakaaye, my father! ♪

[anticipatory drumbeat playing]

♪ He's here and everywhere ♪

[crowd singing] ♪ Ogun is a deity
Do not betray him ♪

- [blade cuts flesh]
- [crowd cheers]

- [eerie whispers echoing]
- [birds cawing]

The time is almost near.

[haunting music plays]

[griot praise-singing]
♪ A great one is going home! ♪

- ♪ Greetings to our ancestors ♪
- [eerie whispers echoing]

♪ A great one is going home ♪

♪ The elephant has fallen
And can't get up ♪

♪ The descendant of the giant Masquerade ♪

♪ He died an honorable death ♪

♪ An honorable prince of a man
A great Masquerade indeed ♪

♪ Oh weep ♪

♪ A great one is going home ♪

♪ The great one has gone on a journey
Find an elephant, journey to the forest ♪

♪ To find buffalo, journey to the wild
To find dry leaves, go under a tree ♪

♪ An elephant has fallen
Goodbye to our great king ♪

♪ Our meeting can only be in dreams ♪

The King's dog is dead.

- [dog howling]
- [haunting drumbeat playing]

And the King's horse
has followed its master.

[women singing]
♪ The elephant has fallen ♪

- [tense drumbeat playing]
- ♪ And can't get up ♪

♪ It is asleep like a mountain ♪

♪ The elephant has fallen ♪

♪ And can't get up ♪

♪ It is asleep like a mountain ♪

♪ Olajumoke's father ♪

♪ Has entered the cave in the ground ♪

[tense drumbeat playing]

♪ The elephant has fallen ♪

♪ And can't get up ♪

♪ It is asleep like a mountain... ♪

Our wedding ceremony is not over yet.

Not until I'm dead... will it be complete.

Stay with me... until then.

My praise singers, do me the last honors.

Here is where I've chosen

to leave this world full of bondage.

This is where I've known love

and laughter, not in the palace.

Do me the honors.

♪ Some people would prefer
That the sun does not rise ♪

♪ But it rises anyway ♪

♪ In the eyes of others ♪

♪ The rain should not fall ♪

♪ But it falls anyway ♪

♪ One's destiny will
Always come through... ♪

My spirit is ready

to become the king's messenger.

[eerie music playing]

[horse neighs]

[big band jazz music plays]

Your Highness, His Majesty's
government welcomes you.

May I introduce my wife? Alice.

- Good evening.
- Please.

Introducing Madam Taiwo Abioye,

and her sister Madam Bola Adegoke.


Greetings, Your Royal Highness.

Nigeria welcomes you.

Thank you very much.

[prince] Good evening.


Evening, it's a pleasure.


Good evening.

- Good evening. Good evening. Yes.
- [ball host] Sir.

It's a pleasure.

[jazz music playing in distance]


[rousing jazz music plays]

[indistinct chatter]

How terrible that it's come to this.

[Madam Taiwo and Madam Bola laughing]

[Madam Bola] Are these the very people
we bow to? [giggles]

The district officer and his wife.

- How very provincial.
- [both laugh]

[both chuckling]

[women singing] ♪ It's time to head home ♪

[Olohun Iyo] Elesin of Alaafin,
do you hear me?

♪ The night is here
It is time to depart ♪

♪ The night is here
It is time to depart ♪

♪ It is time to depart... ♪

[Olohun Iyo] Elesin of Alaafin,
do you hear my call?

♪ ...head home ♪

♪ The night is here ♪

♪ It is time to depart
The night is here... ♪

Softly, softly, Your Majesty.

Softly, softly.

[Alaafin] If you cannot come, tell my dog.

I can't wait too long at the gate.

Leave your cloth behind in the forest.

The dog does not outrun
the hand that feeds it meat.

When the horse throws its rider,
its owner stops running.

[anticipatory music plays]

Alaafin's horseman will not
trust any animal

for his message between
a king and his companion.

[Alaafin] I say if you get lost,
my dog will find you.

The King's Horseman will not get lost!

♪ The night is here... ♪

Elesin knows the way to his destination.

♪ The night is here... ♪

[Elesin] I have freed myself
from worldly desires.

The night is almost here.

[anticipatory music playing]

♪ The night is here ♪

[lively jazz music playing]

[ball host] As you can see
it says "emergency" on the outside.

I took the liberty of opening it
because His Highness was obviously

enjoying the entertainment.

Yes. Yes, of course, sir.

Is it really as bad as it says?
What's it all about?

Some strange custom they have, sir.
It seems because the King is dead,

some important chief
has to commit suicide.

I sent Amusa to prevent this catastrophe.

Clearly, he did not.

Meanwhile, my person in charge is parading

in a native costume, a winner no doubt.

Now I have to inform His Royal Highness

there is a riot erupting
not two miles from here.

Sergeant Amusa is sometimes
prone to exaggerations.

He sounds desperate enough.
You should've kept me informed, Pilkings.

I wasn't aware of
the whole business until tonight, sir.

Nose to the ground, Pilkings.
Nose to the ground.

If we let all of these little things
slip past us where would the Empire be?

Tell me that. Where would we all be?

Sleeping peacefully at home I bet.

What did you say, Pilkings?

It won't happen again, sir.

It mustn't, Pilkings. It mustn't.

We're supposed to be a secure colony
of His Majesty, Pilkings.

No, these can't be our native police.

Are these the ringleaders of the riot?

Sir, these are my police officers.

Oh. I do beg your pardon, officers.

You do look a little...

I say, they're missing something
from their uniform.

I think they used to have
some rather colorful sashes.

A bit of color always
appeals to the natives, yes?

Well, where are we? Make your report man.

Let's have no more
superstitious nonsense from you, Amusa.

Or I'll throw you in the guardroom
for a month and feed you pork.

Alright. Well,
you handle things, Pilkings.

Whatever you do,
don't let things get out of control.

Keep a cool head and...

nose to the ground, Pilkings.

Yes, sir.

[tense music plays]

[bell tolls]

Is that midnight?
I had no idea it was that late.

Alright, you two, let's go. Let's go!

Goodnight, madam.

Oh... Amusa.

Poor Simon.

[anticipatory music plays]

[laughing in the distance]

[slow jazz music plays]

[Jane] Who is that?

I didn't mean to startle you, madam.

I'm looking for the district officer.

[Jane] Wait a minute.
[grunts] Don't I know you?

Oh, yes!

You are Olunde, the young man who went...

Mrs. Pilkings!

How fortunate.
I came here to look for your husband.

[excitedly] Olunde! Let's look at you.

What a fine young man you've become.

Grand, but solemn.

Good God, when did you return?

We just spoke about you earlier.
How did you even get in?

I came on the same voyage as the prince.

You are...

You look quite well, Mrs. Pilkings.

- From what little I can see of you.
- [chuckles]

Yes, this. It's caused
quite a stir, I can assure you that,

and not all of it very pleasant.

You're not shocked, I hope?

Why should I be?

But don't you find it rather hot in there?

Well, it's all for a good cause. [giggles]

What good cause, Mrs. Pilkings?

Well, all this, the ball. And His Highness
being here in person and all that.

And that is the good cause for which
you desecrate an ancestral mask?

Oh. I see you are shocked after all.
How disappointing.

No, I am not shocked.

You forget that I have now spent
four years among your people.

I discovered you have no respect
for what you do not understand.

Oh, so, you've returned
with a chip on your shoulder.

What a pity, Olunde. I'm sorry.

The horseman's son I believe.

Wears a suit quite well. [chuckles]

Coveting youth doesn't become you, sister.

[Olunde] Please, Mrs. Pilkings, do you
think you could find your husband for me?

I have to talk to him.


There is a little problem in town
that he was sent for.

Why are you here?

I was sent a cable that the King had died.

I came to bury my father.

Well, thank God you don't
have to go through that agony.

Simon is going to stop it.

That's why I want to see him.

He's wasting his time.

And since he has been so helpful to me,

I do not want him
to incur the enmity of our people.

Especially for nothing.

You... Olunde, it's not nothing.

It makes no sense.

Yet another error
into which your people fall.

You believe that everything that appears
to make sense was learned from you.

Not so fast, Olunde.
You've learned to argue, I can tell that.

But your father's death
is still a barbaric custom.

The King dies, and a chieftain
must be buried with him?

How feudalistic can you get!

And this?

In the midst of a devastating war.

Look at that.

What name would you give to that?

Therapy, British style.

The preservation of sanity
in the midst of chaos.

Others would call it decadence.

However, it doesn't really interest me.

You whites know how to survive.

Through this war I have slowly seen that

your greatest art is the art of survival.

But at least have the humility
to let others survive their own way.

Through ritual suicide?

Is that worse than mass suicide?
War that claims millions of lives?

In your newsreels I've heard defeats,

thorough, murderous defeats
described as strategic victories.

I know now how history is made.

I have had enough
time to study your people.

I saw nothing, finally,
that gives you the right

to pass judgment on
other people's ways. Nothing at all.

Oh, please!


You can't hear anything over that... music.

- What is it?
- [festive drumbeat playing in distance]

The drums.

[festive drumbeat playing]

♪ The elephant has fallen and can't get up
It is asleep like a mountain ♪

Can you hear the drums?

- Listen.
- [festive drumbeat playing in distance]

[marching band music plays]

[festive drumbeat playing]

♪ The elephant has fallen
And can't get up ♪

♪ It is asleep like a mountain ♪

♪ The elephant has fallen
And can't get up ♪

[marching band music plays]

[indistinct chatter]

[crowd exclaiming]

♪ Elesin has failed us ♪

- ♪ Mm hmm mm ♪
- ♪ Elesin has failed in his duty ♪

♪ Mm hmm mm ♪

♪ Iyaloja warned Elesin
About doing the right thing ♪

♪ But Elesin failed in his covenant
He overturned things ♪

♪ He left our king midway ♪

♪ Between earth and heaven ♪

♪ What a pity ♪

♪ Oh what a pity ♪

[forlorn music playing]


It's all over.

- Do you mean he's...
- Yes, Mrs. Pilkings.

My father is dead.

His willpower has always been enormous.

I know he is dead.

How can you... be so callous.

So unfeeling!

You announce your own father's death
like you're a surgeon looking on some...

stranger's body!

You're just a savage like all the rest.

[tense music plays]

My father has been dead in my mind
for nearly a month.

Ever since I learned of the King's death.

I've lived with my bereavement
so long I cannot think him alive.

My mind is on my duties
as the one who must perform the rites

over my father's body.

Even as he himself has taught me.

I don't want to do anything wrong.

Something that could jeopardize
the welfare of my people.

[yells] Let me go!

[tense music playing]

[Elesin] The clothing of shame
you have put on me is enough.

White man! Take your hands off me!

That's my father's voice.

[Jane gasps]

Carry him to the cell in the garden.

Ah! [grunts]

Give me back my name,
which you have stolen from me!

You nameless pale forest ghoul.

- [tense music playing]
- [Elesin pants]

We cannot have
a disturbance here. Carry him.

[yells] Leave me alone!

[tense music playing]



[whimpers, pants]

Child, do not let the sight
of your father turn you blind.

[labored breathing]

I do not have a father, unprincipled man.

[Elesin] Ah!


[solemn music plays]

[orchestra music playing]

[orchestra music fades]

[Mr. Pilkings] You seem fascinated
by the moon.

Yes, albino.

Your twin up there... engages my thoughts.

[Mr. Pilkings] It is a beautiful night.

Is that so?

Light on the leaves, peace of the night.

White man, this night is not peaceful!

I would have said it was. You know...


[crickets chirping]

Is silence the same as... peace to you?

[raises voice] Can't you hear me?

This night is not peaceful!

White man, the world is not at peace!

You have shattered
what is left of the peace in the land.

Hear me... there is no sleep
on earth tonight.

It is still a good bargain.

If the world should lose one night's sleep
for the sake of saving a man's life.

You didn't save my life!

You only destroyed my life, white man.

[sucks teeth]

[tense music plays]

[Elesin] You stole
my firstborn son away from me.

You sent him to your land...
to turn him into your shadow.

You stole from me the child

that was supposed
to follow in my footsteps.

And when it was my turn,
you stopped me from fulfilling my destiny.

Did you think well about these things? Ah!

These your plans
will only destroy our world.

Ah! [clicks tongue]
It's beyond your understanding.

You don't really believe that.

But listen, white man.

The world is set adrift,

and its inhabitants are lost.

We're surrounded by nothing but emptiness.

Ah! Ah! Ah.

You've prevented me from my duty.

But I'm very sure
my son is a true first born.

My mind was initially telling me,

and I've been suspicious of him to be
aligning with the enemies of our race.

It is good to learn
the secrets of one's enemies.

But listen,

his spirit will punish you,

your offsprings, and your generations.
I promise you that.

[chains clattering]

That kind of talk is hardly called for.

If you don't want my consolation.

[Elesin] I don't want it!

Stop trying!

As you wish.

I've lost a father's place of honor.

My voice is broken.

[clicks tongue, sighs loudly] Ah!

Before I leave you,
may I ask one thing of you?

I'm listening, white man.

I have lived among you long enough
to learn a thing or two.

The elder grimly approaches heaven.

You ask him to bear your greetings.

Do you really think
he makes the journey willingly?

We're all afraid of death,
and no one really wants to die.

[Jane yells] Simon! Simon!

What on earth...

[Jane panting]

[ominous music plays]

[Mr. Pilkings] Chief Elesin, there's yet
another person here who wants to see you.

As she is not your next of kin,
I don't really feel obliged to let her in.

Your son has sent a message with her,
so it's up to you.

[Elesin] I know who it is.


The odor of my shame
has gone far and wide.

It needs no hunter's dog to find it.

She has found the hiding place
where you kept me.

[sighs loudly]

If you don't wanna see her,
just say so and I'll send her packing.

Why would I not want to see Iyaloja.

There's nothing left to hide.

All my shame is already laid bare.

Let her in. Let her come.

[tense drumbeats playing]

[Mr. Pilkings] Here she is.


first, I want your word of honor
that you will try nothing foolish.


White man, do you want my word of honor?

[Mr. Pilkings] I know you
to be a man of honor.

[Elesin] I know that you
searched her before she got here.

Searched her as you would
never dare touch your mother.

And I'll be sitting out there
watching even how you blink.

[raises voice] What else?

Haven't you already taken all my honor?

Haven't you locked it up in that desk

where you have written today's report?

All the honor of my people,
you have taken away from them.

Written in those papers of treachery,
which made you master over this land.

If you must bring in politics,
we'll have to do it the hard way.

Madam, I want you to remain
along this line,

and move no nearer to the cell door.

Guards, if she moves beyond this point,
blow your whistle. Come on, Jane.

[Iyaloja] See how boldly
the lizard struts before the pigeon.

Whereas he'd promised us
a fight with the eagle.

I don't want your pity, Iyaloja.

If you didn't have a message for me,
you wouldn't have come.

Even if it is all the curses of the world,
I am ready to listen.


I will tell the other chiefs

how you showed bravery in waging war
against the white man who took your side

against your death.

You showed bravery indeed.
But only with words!

All the scornful words you have,
you can say them to me.

I more than deserve them.

Didn't I warn you?

That if you want to leave a seed behind,
do not leave the one that is cursed.

But you refused.

Who are you...

to want a self-replacement when
you yourself are not really ready to die?

My powers deserted me.

All my charms and spells were ineffective.

And even my voice lacked strength

when I tried to summon the powers to lead
me to the other side of the immortals.

You have betrayed us!

We said that you are the hunter
that brings all animals down.

We gave you all the honor,
including my son's bride.

But no, you answered,
"I am the hunter's dog."

"The hunter's waste is what I feed on."

[sucks teeth, sighs]

Iyaloja, my shame is enough.

You have not seen anything yet!

- I brought luggage with me!
- And you have delivered it!

It is what you deserve!

Whosoever breaks precedent,

will face unknown consequences.

I really pity you.

[angrily] I do not need your pity!

Not even the pity of world.

Even I, I'm intrigued,
and I need to understand.

What a disgraceful sight.

You are now crying foul
with your pity party.

"Help me, help me, I'm being pursued by
an animal." It does not fool the hunter.

Did I not tell you that
I came with luggage?

It's now on the way.

♪ It is time to depart ♪

♪ The night is here
It is time to depart ♪

♪ The night is here ♪

♪ It's time to head home... ♪

[Iyaloja] Elesin Oba,
Let me ask you a question.

Didn't they say
when the banana plant dies,

it replaces itself?

Or in your own reasoning, it is...

the banana that replaces the offspring?


what is the meaning of all this?

I did not ask you for a translation!

I asked a question.

[Iyaloja] Is it the banana
that replaces the offspring?

[yells] Answer me!

[sighs] The parent.


So you know.


Some people exist...
only to turn the world upside down.

[yells] Elesin Oba!

[guard blows whistle]

Should I tell you
what the gods have taken from you?

- What happened?
- [guard] She'd moved across the line.

[Iyaloja] Ah, Elesin, look at you now.

Once upon a time,

no one would have dared to push Iyaloja
aside with you present. He must be brave.

Now, look at what you have become.

I think you'd better leave.

White man,

you have a prince here,
who came from your homeland.

Tell me.

When he dies,

would you have left the spirit to roam

the surface of the earth
without having peace on earth?

Would you even consider burying him here
among us whom you consider subhuman?

Or have you no special ceremonies for
the dead in your land where you come from?

But we don't make our chiefs
commit suicide to keep him company!

Young man! I have not come
to help your understanding.

This is the man whose weakened
understanding holds us in your contempt.

You can ask him if you wish.

He knows the meaning of a king's passage
because he was not born yesterday.

He also knows the peril,
especially to our race

when our king that died,

that serves as our intermediary
when he waits and waits,

knowing that we have betrayed him.

He knows when the narrow gate was opened,

and he does not wait for despicable
laggards that keep smelling dogs' vomit

including all the remnants

from those that are far below him
that is in his mouth.


He knows that he has condemned our king
to wander in the void.

For the enemy of our world to mock.

Look, what we have asked of you is little.

Let Elesin

go and set our king free,

so he can rest
with his ancestors in peace.

The messenger is nearby,
on the back of the women.

This is the least of all his oaths,

and it is the easiest fulfilled.

- ♪ It is time to depart ♪
- ♪ It is time to depart ♪

♪ The night is here ♪

- ♪ It is time to depart ♪
- ♪ It is time to depart ♪

♪ The night is here ♪

♪ It's time to head home ♪

What is it, Bob?


there's a group of women chanting outside.

Give way and let them in.

What do they look like?

They're not many,
and they seem quite peaceful.

- Any men?
- Two or three at the most.

[Mr. Pilkings] Alright, let them in Bob.
Warn them to control themselves.

- [crickets chirping]
- [women singing in the distance]

[Mr. Pilkings] I hope you understand if
anything happens it will be on your head.

My men have orders to shoot
at the first sign of trouble.


You don't care that to prevent one death,
you will actually kill more?

What great logic of the white man.

But have no fear.

Your prince will sleep peacefully
when he dies, and so will ours at last.

Nobody would ask you any question.

White man's slave,

just let Elesin fulfill his oath

and we will go home
to pay homage to our own king.

[Elesin] District officer, do not fear.

I have a message to send to my king.

After that, there's nothing left to fear.

[Iyaloja] Olunde would have done it.

The chiefs asked him to speak the words,

but he said no,

not while you are still alive.


Even from the depth
to which my spirit has sunk...

I find some joy

that I can still...

- [ominous music plays]
- ...perform my duty to my departed king.

[women singing] ♪ The night is here ♪

♪ It's time to head home ♪

♪ When fire dies
It covers itself with ashes ♪

♪ The banana dies
And replaces itself with its offspring ♪

♪ The night is here ♪

♪ It is time to depart ♪

♪ The night is here
It is time to depart ♪

♪ The night is here ♪

♪ It is time to depart ♪

What is that?

It is the luggage you packed, white man.

We did not come to fight.

I said what... [yells] What is it?

Set me free.

I have a duty to perform.

I most certainly will not.

[Elesin sucks teeth]

There lies the courier of my king.

Let me go! So I can perform
what is demanded of me!

You'll need to do whatever you do
from inside there or not at all.

- [Elesin groans angrily]
- I've gone as far as

I intend to with this business!

I must speak secretly as my father...
as my father whispered it in my ears.

And that is how I want to whisper it
to my son's ear.

They are not words
I can shout to the wind...

or in the open night sky. Let me go!


[yells] Don't interfere! Please.

[Iyaloja] They have slain
the favorite horse of the King.

They have slain his dog.

They have carried them from house to house
to receive prayers for our King.

But Elesin refused to leave.

[solemn music playing]

Is it too much to ask that he speaks
heart to heart with the waiting courier?

Elesin Oba.

[solemn music plays]

See how they have
turned their backs on you

to prevent you from your duty?

[solemn music plays]

Elesin Oba,

I call you this for the last time.

Do you remember me telling you
that if you cannot come,

you should send my horse to come?

Has your tongue been
uprooted from its root?

If there's a hill that you can't climb,

mount my horse so he can bring you.

Once, Elesin,

you had a tongue that
moved like a drummer's stick.

I said if you get lost, my dog will track
a path to me. His feet knew the way.

At last, if an evil hand holds you back,

just tell my horse.
I cannot wait too long.

Here lies the swiftest messenger
of the King.

My companion, if you had
followed when you should have,

we won't say the dog has raced
and left the master behind.


[Olohun Iyo] If you had left
at the appointed time,

we wouldn't now say that
the horse has preceded its rider.

Had you lifted your spirit,

to cut the thread of life
when the priest summoned,

we would not now say
it was your shadow that fell

and took its owner's place at the feast.


What is left?

Talk to your shadow now.

Speak to your shadow
which must now serve in your place.

[solemn music playing]

[Iyaloja] Here lies your messenger Elesin.

The chosen companion of the King.

I can't approach him now.

Please remove the covering.

I will send my voice
in the depth of silence. [sighs]


Your glory!

Here lies the glory of our household
and of our race.

It's here on the ground.

Your son could not bear
to let honor depart from your lineage,

so he sacrificed his life.

Ah, Elesin, the son has
proven to be the father.

And there's nothing left

but infant gums in your mouth.

[Olohun Iyo] Elesin,

we placed the reins
of the world in your hands,

yet you watched it and it spilled away.

You sat with folded hands

as evil strangers tilted the world and
crashed it into the abyss of emptiness.

Your heir has now taken your place.

We are not gods to tell the future,

but this young shoot
has now replaced the parent.

And we know that
this is not the proper way.


Our world is tumbling down
in the void of strangers, Elesin!

[sighs in despair]

- [ominous music plays]
- [muffled yelp]

[maiden gasping] Be quick! Be quick!

[maiden muttering]

[ominous music playing]

[gate rattling]

[maiden crying]

Hold him.

[ominous music playing]

[maiden crying]

Now, let us forget about the dead.

And we should also forget the living.

Let us turn instead to the unborn.

[women singing] ♪ The night is here ♪

♪ It is time to depart ♪

♪ The night is here
It is time to depart ♪

♪ The night is here ♪

♪ It's time to head home ♪

["Orun N Mooru" by BrymO playing]