Elephants (2018) - full transcript

When a fiery young couple attempts to rekindle their relationship after three years apart, the highs and lows of their passion leave the pair wondering if nostalgia is enough to keep them together.

♪ Oh, if I was a dog ♪

♪ I would sleep all day ♪

♪ Wouldn't let your
problems get in my way ♪

♪ Yeah baby ♪

♪ How sweet my life would be ♪

♪ Things wouldn't be so bad ♪

♪ If only I was a dog ♪

♪ Oh, if I was a dog ♪

♪ Wouldn't feel no shame ♪

♪ Everything could go wrong ♪

♪ But I still wouldn't get blamed ♪

♪ Yeah baby ♪

♪ How sweet my life would be ♪

♪ And you wouldn't get so mad ♪

♪ If only I was dog ♪

♪ And I'd get all the
praise I could want ♪

♪ Though I'm just chasin' my tail ♪

♪ And I'd get locked up at the pound ♪

♪ Don't even have to pay my own bail ♪

♪ And the only thing I'd want
Is to run around outside ♪

- Jimmy, Jimmy,

stop dicking me around.

You know they're not gonna go for that.

- Kate, you
stop dicking me around.

- It's all or nothing.

We don't need your account, remember that.

- The street says different, Kate.

- Fine, I'll throw
in a dinner at Mastro's

and show some extra cleavage
for the execs, how's that?

- Great, how
low cut are we talking?

- We got a deal, huh?

- Eh, fine.

- Sucker!

Thanks, Jimmy, always a pleasure.

See you Thursday.

- Later, Killer.

- Yes!

♪ Wouldn't have to keep so clean ♪

♪ If only I was a dog ♪

- Hi, Peggy.

Yeah, you still on for hot yoga?

No, no, you know I can't
take Arnold's class.

Every time he does
downward dog, I lose focus,

and then he comes over
to straighten me out,

it's like fuck me, you know?

Don't be such a prude.

I'll see you this weekend?

All right, goodbye.

Alexis, play nature sounds.


And we couldn't hire a
moving company because?


It's a sign, right, Alexis?

- I don't understand.

- Of course you don't.

- Long time, no see, Kate.

Fuckin' not ideal.

Come on, Kate.




- What are you doing here, Lee?

- Look, I-I-I know, I uh...

LA has shit public transportation.

But you'd be surprised where
six public buses and one

shifty Mexican fa--
- Don't be cute.

- I can't help it, it's inherent.

- Oh!

It's been three years, not five!

- I'm sensing a little
more anger than excitement--

- Stop being cute.

- I got out early on good behavior, okay?

Kate, Kate, I'm not a fucking psychopath.

- You sure?

Because a psychopath would
do something like, like,

like show up at my house without giving me

a fucking heads up!

Why would you think that's okay?

- Because it's you.

- Lee, you can't be here.

- Yeah, I know, I know.

Slight problem with that, though.

Uh, see, I may have told
my probation officer

I was staying here, so--
- You did what?

- Kate, look, I feel your concern, okay?

Look, I, I really do, just,

just hear me out -

When I was riding on those six

public buses and - and one
shifty Mexican farm truck,

you know what I was -


Fuck, Kate!

- Oh, shit.

- So, you seeing anybody?

- Well, that's blunt.

No, not really.

- Bit of a dry spell then, eh?

That's all right, same here.

- Oh, you didn't couple up in prison?

Isn't that how tight little white boys

like you survive in there?

- Well, that's blunt.

- No, did anyone fuck
you in the ass is blunt.

- Yeah, yeah, I guess that's
a bit more blunt, sure.

- So, did anyone fuck you in the ass?

- Oh, of course, yeah.

Only uh... only twice though.

Oh come on, I'm not dumb, Kate.

I uh... I joined the white
supremacists first thing,

right when I got in there.

- Well, I hear their health
benefits are just top notch.

- Uh huh, yeah, and they
are gonna hook me up

with a sweet gig as uh...

some sort of rally organizer I guess.

A little uh... a little
hazy on the details

at the moment though.

And uh...

What about you?

What's uh... What's Ms. Kate Caldwell

doing in the Valley now, huh?

You like it?

- I'm an account manager
for a marketing company.

So, yeah.

- The fuck does that mean?

- I take rich white men to dinner.

- Holy shit, what happened?

I mean, you used to be
overwhelmed by houses like this.

- It's not exactly a mansion.

- Certainly no Calabasas.

- My mom downsized after dad died,

and now I'm downsizing again.

- Shit, I, uh...

I'm sorry about your mom.

- You're not, but thanks.

- You still see right through me, huh?

I tried though, huh?

You see that, Kate?

That was that was acting right there,

yeah, I did a few stage plays
in uh... in uh, in jail.

- Oh, so you're an actor
as well as a musician now?

- Oh, yeah.

Played Juliet in fact, yeah.

Really uh, pulled from my experiences.

You know, with the whole
tragic love story thing?

- Lee, you can't stay here.

- What are you, your fuckin' sister now?

- Do you think Sandra would be as calm as

I am right now?

- Nope.

But, I doubt she'd pepper spray me though.

Speaking of, how is uh Sandra?

- The same, only pregnant,
married to a square, John.

- Wow, she certainly doesn't disappoint.

- You're changing the subject.

- I don't have anyone, but you.

- Did you just quote Iron Man?

- It was the only DVD they had in the pen.

I pretty much memorized the whole thing.

- I'm gonna regret this.

Uh, you can sleep here one night.

You got it?

And you sleep on the
couch, you got that too?

- Yeah, got it.

Look, I'm a...

I'm gonna be like a mouse, Kate.

- Mm-hmm.

- Like a fuckin', like a sleepy ninja.

Yeah, I'm gonna be the
quietest house guest

you have ever seen.

- Yeah, that's what my last
Airbnb tenant said before

I booted her.

- What's a...

What's an Airbnb?

- You might have missed a few
things while you were away.

Uh, shower's here.

Don't drop the soap.

Alexis, turn off nature sounds.

- The fuck?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, haven't you seen 2001?

Or Terminator?

Oh my God, Tron?

Kate, you can't trust machines.

- Okay, John Connor.

Uh, here's some of your old stuff.

I, I figured you might need it.

- Are you kidding me?

Wow, I...

I thought you would have
thrown this out by now.

- I would have, I just forgot.

Uh, so I made your bed, there.

- Oh thanks, thanks.

Hey, hey do you have anything to drink?

You know, I was thinking

I was thinking maybe we
could crack open a few beers?

You know, reminisce
about the good old days?

What do you say?

- Uh... no, I don't, sorry.

- Right, yeah.

Uh, night, Kate.

- Night, Lee.

- Why didn't you come see me?

When I was away, why...

why didn't you visit?

- Because you're bad for me, Lee.

- Oh my God.

- Yeah, just like a ninja.

- How old are these?

- Mmm, I already regret
letting you stay here tonight.

Don't push it.

- You said I could sleep here one night.

I mean I haven't slept at all tonight.

So for tomorrow night, I
would love it if we could

pick up some butterscotch pudding.

- Mmm.

- I know, it's kind of
old school, but uh...

they didn't have any in the
pen and fuck me if I didn't

miss it by the end.

- No, no, no, that was not the deal.

- Ah, it's in the details, Kate.

- Oh, I remember the details.

- You don't remember anything.

- I remember how uh...
you always used to wake up

in the middle of the
night, looking for snacks.

And because of that, how
I thought our apartment

had mice the whole first
month we lived together.

- Mm-hmm, and do you
remember what happened

when we actually did have mice?

- We had mice?

- Plus, I don't recall you
hating my snack raids back then.

- Yeah, 'cause you'd
come in like some sort

of snack genie and wake me
up with a little tiny egg

and cheese burrito every night.

Who would hate that?

I'm not hungry, but thanks.

- I, uh...

I also remember

what used to happen after I woke you up.

- Yeah, we didn't get a lot
of sleep back then, did we?

- Uh.


No, we did not.

- Fuck.

- Kate!


You better be ready to
pack, or so help me God!

Screw it, I'm coming in, Kate.

Okay, here is the plan.

I'm gonna pack up the kitchen; Utensils,

appliances, et cetera, and
you are gonna bring the boxes

into the garage because A, I'm pregnant,

and B, I'm pregnant.

Of course you're not ready.

Oh, and look, you didn't pack
anything last night either.


- Mm, good morning, Sandra.

- Is it?

- Oh, fuck me!

- Because I woke up,
like I do every day now,

and vomited a literal quart
size into a convenient

bucket that's next to my bed
due to the fact that I can't

make it to the bathroom anymore.

By the way, ants, Kate.

Then, I spent 35 minutes

35 minutes, Kate,

in our local kosher bakery just,

just inhaling because I can't
eat chocolate right now.

- For the record, you
can eat chocolate cake,

you just choose not to.

- No, chocolate has caffeine,

which is bad for the baby.

- There's such a thing as moderation.

- And then, I come here to
find my ever prompt sister

not at all ready for a
pre-arranged day of packing,

one of which I took a
personal day off of work for,

and I only get five of those.

- Oh, no.

- Yes, Kate, only five.

- When an elephant
returns to its herd after

being absent for a long
time, the herd will scream,

urinate, and defecate in celebration.

Ah, it's still better
than pepper spray, though.

- You know what?

The plan is the same.

I'll pack the kitchen,
you lift boxes, okay?

- Can you believe they didn't
have Boston creme, huh?

W-what sort of Turkish-owned,

Jewish bakery doesn't have

an Irish class...

Hey, Sandra.

You are looking lovely
for a pregnant lass.

Uh, to be honest, I didn't
know you'd be joining us,

so I didn't get you a
coffee, I'm, I'm sorry,

but you know what?

You can have mine.

A-actually, I hear caffeine
is bad for babies anyways,

so I'll just keep it, okay?

Mmm, it's pretty good.

- What the fuck?

- Nice to see you too, by the way.

- Shut the fuck up, Lee.

- Got it.

So, Sandra, I hear uh... you
know I hear you're married

to a square now, how's that?

- So, you're fucking him already?

Oh my God, you are fucking him already!

Kate, come on!

- Good luck.

- What are you thinking, Kate?

What the fuck are you thinking?

- I told him he could stay
here for one night, Sandra.

He-he needed a place to sleep,

what was I supposed to do?

- Fucking pepper spray him.

- I fucking did!

- You did what?

- Hey, Sandra?

- Lee, shut up, and stop blowing smoke

into my dead mother's house!

- Shit, yeah I'm real sorry about that.

- Yeah, no you're not, Lee.

- Fair enough.

Uh, you know, since
you're pregnant and sober,

yeah, I'm uh... I'm gonna need your piss.

Only for three to six
months though, you know?

Probation and what not, you know?

- You know he's gonna end up
back in prison in less than

a year, right?

- That might be a bit optimistic.

- Listen.

You can't make this work.


I know, I know you think
you can, but you can't.

- Oh, I can make this work.

- No, that's not what I said, I--

- You literally just said that.

- I didn't say you can't
make this work, I said,

you can't make this work.

There is a difference.

- Okay, you know what, Sandra?

Stop playing mom here for a hot second,

and let me worry about what
I can and can't do, okay?

Hey, Lee.

- Yeah?

- You can stay here until
you find a permanent place.

- Hey, Sandra.

I'm sorry, this is the fun-vee.

The humdrum-vee is back there.

- He's quoting Iron Man.

- Dear God.

♪ What you gonna do ♪

- I am taking these bananas with me!

- Bye, Sandra!


- You're still sleeping on the couch.

And you're helping me pack up
this house while you're here.

Got it?

- Loud and clear.

- And you need to start
looking for a place, today.

Got that too?

- Exceptionally loud.

Somewhat clear.

Like I said, somewhat clear.

Oh, jeez.

Yeah, Westside Rentals
costs only 69 bucks.

Wow, that's a fuckin'
bargain if you ask me.

Oh wait, they only take credit card.

Uh, do you mind if I use yours?

- Fine.

- Great, thank you!

Holy moley!

- Did you just say holy moley?

- Yeah.

- Never say that again.
- Okay.

- Kenny, long time no talk.

Did you talk to Sarah?

Go figure.




♪ Said I'm going to the river
and I'll walk it up and down ♪

♪ I don't find ♪

- Did you get any sleep last night?

You're looking a bit haggard.

- Haggard is in, Kate.

Get with it.

Like this?

- Uh-uh.

- Oh, fuck.

- I was thinking about
maybe buying a new guitar.

And there's a, there's a
great one online for only,

no way, 250 bucks?


Uh, can I please use your credit card?

- Don't even think about it.

- Elephants can use
their trunks to paint.

And they obviously love it.

Also, when they get tired
of holding their trunks up,

they rest them on their tusks.

Fucking adorable.

- Do something with this, please.

Pack it, something.


You just hurt my pride.

- What?

What is this stuff doing here, huh?

This should be like, like
fuckin' front and center

of the house, Kate.

Oh my God, look at the, you've
ruined the paintbrushes.


- I don't know, I
haven't painted in years.

- Why?

You're amazing, Kate.

Huh, why did you stop painting?

Actually, you know,
elephants can paint too?

- So I've heard.

- Oh yeah?

- I don't know, I just lost
interest I guess, I dunno.

- Well that's a terrible answer.

- Mm-hmm.

- I mean as far as answers,
that's probably fucking

subpar, at best.


- Hey.

- Hey?

You've been ignoring my calls.

What's going on?

- Um...

Now's not really a great time.

Can I, can I call you later?

- Now's not a great time?

Okay, awesome.

- Psst, psst.

- What, you have someone else?

You already found another guy?

Who is he?
- No, no, no, no.

No, I don't, I just I'll
call you later, okay?

- Wow, okay.

- Everything okay?

- Okay.

Yeah, Sandra's just being Sandra.

- Ah, she means well.

- Yeah, right.


Hey I'm gonna go get changed for work.

- Okay.

- So I'll see you later, okay?

- Yeah.

- I made dinner reservations for tonight.

I'm feeling Thai.

- You mean like, go out
kind of dinner reservations?

- Uh... Yeah?

- Mm-hmm.

- Are you okay?

- Yeah, it's fine.

- Okay.


I'll see you later.

Pick that up.

- Okay.


- What's going on?

- Well, I uh... I know you
made reservations, but,

you know, I was thinking this
could be kind of romantic.

Plus, I got Thai food.

- I said I haven't painted in--

- Okay, no, time out, time out, Kate.

Look, look, I became a bit
of Monet when I was in jail.

Okay, so this is just me being selfish.

Please, after you.

- You sure did develop a
lot of hobbies in prison.

- Skills, Kate.

Not hobbies, skills.

One of which I'm gonna show you now.

You ready?

- Maybe.

This is going to be terrible,

just so we're both clear on this, right?

- Speak for yourself.

♪ The sun is down, damn it's cold ♪

♪ And I'm waiting for that
winter to be done once more ♪

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

- This one?
- Mm-hmm.

- You sure?
- Uh huh.

♪ Wondering if I could
talk to anybody I know ♪

♪ Another day is done ♪

- What?

I give up, I'm done.

Fork it is.

- How was your day?

You find a spot?

- You know, a few promising locales.

- Oh yeah?
- Mm-hmm.


Uh, what's the matter?

You're not, you're not thirsty?

Come on, you gotta catch up, Kate.

- I um, no I think I had a
little too much coffee today.

My stomach's a little off.

- Suit yourself.

♪ It's two more days and
three more, I'm still here ♪

♪ And I've been sleeping
in my car and I've got no ♪

- And.


- Already?

- Okay.

Okay, look, okay.

I don't want you to be
disappointed because you

had professional painter training.

- It's not called painter training.

- And-and-and professional
horseback riding training,

and professional high diving training.

- Can I see the damn picture or not?

♪ And I'll tell you what I've
been doing all this time ♪

♪ Just waiting for that sun to be reborn ♪

- Just show me.

♪ You turned away, when
I was asking you please ♪

♪ Baby, now I feel like I
got some kind of disease ♪

♪ Bless your heart, but I'm
just falling apart over you ♪

- It's great.

It's great, Lee.

- It's not bad.

It's okay, you know.
- Yeah?

- It's got a little... It's
got a little smudge on it--

- What are you doing?

- It's kinda fuckin'...

What Kate, it's called, it's
called modern art, Kate.

Come on, you gotta get with it.

That was a terrible decision.
- You're a dick.

No, no!

No, no, no, no, no!

♪ Now I'd be fine if I
could forget get your name ♪

♪ Tryin' to keep my head
but I've been goin' insane ♪

♪ But that setting sun leaves
my heart on that ground ♪

- Hey, where you going?

- Oh, good morning.

- Oh my God!

- What?

- What the hell are you making?

- Oh, you ever had spread?

- That looks like vomit.

- Well, you are gonna love it, okay?

- Ugh!

- Mmm, oh!


Okay, you might not hate it.

- I am absolutely not eating that.


Come on, we should, we should
go for a hike or something.

We'll make fun of people at Runyon.

I'll even be extra
Hollywood and buy us juice.

- I think I'm okay, Kate.

I didn't really get into
hiking when I was in jail.

- Not one of your new skills?

- The hills were a bit too small there.

- Well, come on.

We should get out of the house.

It'll be good for you.

- I don't wanna go, okay?

- I'll be with you, it's fine.

- Kate, I'm not going.

What are you, deaf?

- Uh... Lee, I heard you.

I-I-I just think you're being stubborn.

- Kate, I'm not fucking going.

- Lee.
- Kate, I'm not fucking going!

- What is your problem?

- What is my problem?

Y-you're trying to shove
some dumbass hiking trip

down my throat when I already told you,

very politely, that I'm not
interested in going, okay?

Thanks for breakfast.

- Holy shit, okay, you
need to calm down, okay?

Fucking wow.

When was the last time you decompressed?


- Oh, I don't know three years ago?

This weed is so stale.

- Yeah, I haven't really
smoked in a while either.

- Yeah, I'm definitely gonna
need your sister's piss now.

No, I'm fuckin' serious.

- I've missed you.

- Why didn't you come see me?

- I told you--
- Kate, Kate,

that was a cop-out, okay? That was a...

That was a fuckin' Hallmark card, okay?

That was, uh--
- Because I...

I was afraid I'd waste my
life waiting for you, and,

I knew if I came to see you, even once,

that's exactly what I'd do.

- You never even called, Kate.

For the first few months, I
thought we were still dating.

And that maybe, that maybe
you were just pissed.

And then I started to
buy into this conspiracy

that this warden had it out
for me and was stopping me from

contacting the outside world.

- When'd you figure it out?

- My mother called me, asking for money.

So I told her I was away and
working for 93 cents a day.

- What'd she say to that?

- "I'll take what I can get."

Oh my God,

you're laughing at my
drug-addicted mother?

- I swear, I'm not.

I'm not.
- Wow, Kate, wow!

Wow, it shows how much
you know a person, huh?

- Seriously, I'm not.

I went to rehab.

After you left.

For alcohol, mostly.

It was the only way I could stop myself

from coming to see you.

It seemed like a good idea,
until, you know, it wasn't.

Lee, what I said before,
that wasn't a cop-out.

You're bad for me.

It's definitely a dog.
- This one?

- Yes.

- Okay.

- Oh my God!
- What?

- We should get a dog!

- Fuck yeah!

- We should get a dog.
- Really?

- Yes.
- I want a dog so bad.

- And we shall name him--

- Murphy, I wanna call him Murphy.

- Yeah, but maybe--

- Maybe not that name though.
- Yeah, it's a good name.

- Why?

Okay, we can call it something else.

- It looks like a taco, it
doesn't really look like

a dog anymore.

♪ I won't give up 'til you
give your love back to me ♪

♪ And I'm holdin' you here in my arms ♪

- Hey.

- Hey.


Just do it, blow.

Come on.


Put it on.

- Thank you.

It's so pretty.

I love you.

- I'm surprised you're keeping up at all

with you in the throes of toxic love.

- You're being dramatic.

- I am not, and you know it.

I assume you're supporting him too?

- No.
- No?


- Sometimes.

- Oh, sometimes, hmm.

- I don't need money, Sandra.

- Hey, I don't recall you complaining

when dad used to put money
in your account every month.

It's just, you know, did Lee ever wonder

how you two paid rent?

- I told him I sold my
body on the streets.

- Kate, come on now.

You guys are spending every day together.

I don't even like to see John that much.

- Well that sounds like
a personal problem.

- This isn't a joke, Kate.

This is exactly what happened last time.

Lee Riley came along, and poof,

the world lost Kate Caldwell.

Actually, Peggy called me the other day

to ask where you've been lately.

- Oh, Peggy's a prude.

- Kate!

- I bet her and John would get along.

Maybe if she's bored, they can hang out.

- You know what?

Do you want me to have a miscarriage?

Is that what you want?

'Cause that's what I think you want.

- No, but if you want one,
I can refer you to a few

places that could help you out with that.

- I sincerely hope you're joking.

So, everything's great then?

Lee's a changed man?

You're back to not wearing a
bra, like it's fucking 2014?

Fantastic, Kate.

- I am not gonna end up in rehab again,

if that's what you're thinking.

- So you're still sober?

- Of course.

- And you don't need those
silly little AA meetings, right?

That's why you haven't been going?

- You shouldn't spy on people, thank you.

- Well, two weeks ago, you
would have had that house

packed no problem, Kate.

- Okay, I will get the house packed.

Would you calm down?


I don't know, it's not like it used to be.

Lee and I are, we're good,
we're better than good.

We're communicating.

- You're communicating?
- Mm-hmm.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- Prove it.

I am having my boss over
for dinner tomorrow,

and he has specifically asked to meet you.

- Okay.

- Bring Lee and
we will see how he does.

- Mm-hmm.

- Is he gonna have a problem with that?

- No, not at all.

- No?
- Mm-mmm.

- Okay, good.
- Mm-hmm.

- Oh God.
- Tomorrow.

8:00 p.m.

Don't be late, please.

- I won't.

- Okay.

I'll see you then.

And don't forget to wear a bra, Kate!

- I'll wear a bra.
- Love you!

♪ Oh, if I was dog ♪

♪ Wouldn't wear no button up shirt ♪

♪ I'd just spend all my days ♪

- What the fuck?

♪ Rollin' round in the dirt ♪


♪ How sweet my life would be ♪

- Ah!

Who's a good boy?

Who's a good boy?

Hey, hot stuff.

Meet Murphy.

He kind of he kinda looks
a little like Sandra, no?

With the frowning and see?

- What the fuck is that?

- I told you, it's Murphy.

- Please tell me you didn't buy a dog.

- Well, I didn't. I
don't have a credit card.

- Why the fuck would you buy a dog?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, I uh, I
thought we were on the same

page here, come on.

I distinctly remember you saying,

"We should get a dog."

- I was high out of my fucking mind.

Why the fuck would you
just go and buy a dog?

Oh my God, Lee!

I have a job, okay?

Who's gonna walk it?

I don't know how to take
care of something like that!

It's gonna, it's gonna fuckin' die, Lee!

It's gonna fuckin' die!

Look, can't you fuckin' return it?

- He came from a kill shelter,
so I mean, that depends.

- I can't deal with this right now.

I cannot deal with this.

- Kate!

- By the way, there's dog
shit in the fucking hall.

You should come pick this shit up!

- Slow.


Slow, good boy.

Oh, who's a good boy?

Come on, slow, sit aw,
you eat so much, Murphy.

- I'm sorry that I freaked
out about the dog earlier.

- It's okay, don't worry
about it, it's fine.

- Murphy's actually kinda cute, I guess.

- Oh yeah?

Well, he told me the same thing
about you, funnily enough.

Innit, Murph?

Aw, good boy, good boy, gimme your paw.

Oh, man.

You know what, Kate?

I can't believe how much
junk you've accumulated over

the past three years.

I mean, you used to just
have one pair of old combat

boots you wore with every
single outfit; Dress, jeans,

sweatpants, didn't matter.

Combat boots.

- It's not all mine.

You knew my mother.

She was a bit overindulgent.

- Understatement of
the century right there.

- Oh.

- Oh my God, no way.

- Oh, God.

- Fuck, Stewie Caldwell!

- He despised that name.

Sandra still thinks you
caused his heart attack.

- Hey, hey, look, I was
already locked up when he

kicked the bucket, okay?

So, not my fault.

- Very true.

But mom told us after the
fact that he'd have these

cold sweats and he'd wake up
in the middle of the night

with these nightmares that you
actually didn't go to prison.

So there.

- Okay, well, for all the
worrying your dad did,

mine did the opposite.

That guy didn't care where
I was, who I was fucking,

what I was smoking.

I mean, he tried, but ah,
maybe he didn't, whatever.

Hopefully I'll be a
better father than he was.

- I don't think I ever want kids.

I dunno, the thought of ruining
like a real human being--

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

What are you talking
about, you don't want kids?

You always wanted kids.

- I never wanted kids.

- Uh... Do I need to
remind you about the mice, Kate?

- Do I need to
remind you that girlfriends

are always right?

- Oh, so you're my
girlfriend now, are you?

- Well, I mean...

I would hope so.

It's been a month, you know?

Too soon?

- No fucking way.

"Love Songs From Lee"?

Kate, Kate, we're listening to it.

Watch out, watch, watch out!

We're listening to it!

Come on, let's go!

Come on, come on, come on, come on!

- This song is dedicated
to a very special lady,

Miss Kick-Ass Kate Caldwell.

Hit it, boys.

- Lee, you've gotta
stop unpacking the boxes!

Sandra's gonna kill me
if I don't get this done.

- Okay, Kate, Kate?

Stop worrying, and dance with me, okay?


♪ I said I wanted you ♪

♪ But baby, I was wrong ♪

♪ I really needed you ♪

♪ That's why I wrote this song ♪

♪ You were working at the bar ♪

♪ I was walking over concrete stars ♪

- Would you take it back?

♪ The piano took control of me ♪

If you could?

♪ And that's when you took a hold of me ♪

- I can't, why, why
would you even say that?

Obviously, I would, Kate.

I spent three fucking years without you.

- I love you, Lee Riley.

I love you.

♪ To the song I put on repeat ♪

- We can do it, Kate.

We can do it.

- Again?

I gotta be honest Lee, she's
not used to this much action.

- No, no, no, I'm talking about us, Kate.

No, I'm talking about us.

We could, look, we could,

we could fuckin' have a family,

we could have a home, Kate.

We could fuckin' do this.

- Lee--
- No, no, Kate.


We can make this work, okay?

You and I, okay?

I mean, look.

Let's do it, okay?

Let's, let's fuckin', let's live here.

Kate, Kate, Kate.

Okay, look, I've been thinking and, look,

I don't want to waste
another moment of my life

making wrong choices.

Jesus Christ, you're
fuckin' killin' me, Kate.

You're fuckin' killin' me!

I can't breathe!

Do you know how hard it
is for a smoker to hold

his breath, Kate?

I can't breathe!

- Okay, fine!

Fuck it, let's do it.

Let's do it, I wanna do it!

♪ You bring me closer to home ♪

♪ A place I've never had ♪

♪ But I've always been searching for ♪

♪ 'Cause I remember every part ♪

♪ From the color of your clothes ♪

♪ To the song I put on repeat ♪

♪ Your perfume with my cologne ♪

- Hello?
- Hello!

You didn't forget about my
dinner party tonight, right?

You told Lee?

- Uh... yep, all set.

- Kate, you forgot.

Hey, I can't believe
you're eating that in front

of me right now!

- What, you keep buying
it and not touching it.

What am I supposed to do?

- I told you, I just
like looking at it, John!

- That doesn't make any sense.

- Feet!

So you haven't told Lee?

- As soon as he's home,

I will, promise.

- Is that a dog?

Oh my God, please tell me
you didn't buy a dog, Kate?

- Okay then, I didn't buy a dog.

- Ugh!

Whatever, I'm sure that
was really thought out.

Just don't be late tonight, okay?

And please, make sure Lee wears a tie.

- That might be a problem.

- Kate, are
you fucking kidding me?

Look, if he doesn't have
a tie, I will come over--

- Elephants can
produce up to 300 pounds

of shit a day.

Eh, kind of like Murphy.

- No, we'll be there, on time in a tie.

One of us, at least.

- Kate, if you show
up wearing a tie, I will--

- Good morning, Kick-Ass Kate.

- It is, isn't it?

- Hello?

She hung up on me.

- We should get a dog.

- No.

- So--
- Hmm?

- Tonight, I was thinking we
could go for a little drive

into the desert.

- Mm-hmm?

- Look up at the stars,

and smoke some of that stale weed.

- Oh, that sounds perfect.

Except, we have plans.

Sandra's having a dinner
party tonight and she wants

us both to go.

I'm sorry.

- Kate.

Kate, Kate, Kate.

A human being can do
one of two things, okay?

They can have dinner, or they can party.

They can't do both.

- You bought a dog yesterday.

- So?

What time's the dinner party?

- Thank you.

Uh, also, you need to wear a tie.

It's just a tie, stop
looking so miserable.

- I didn't even wear a tie to
my own father's funeral, okay?

I mean, that was largely
to spite him, but still.

- Lee, grow up, it's a piece of fabric.

- It ain't me.

- If you don't let me
wrap it around your neck,

I'll choke the shit out of you, okay?

- Hey, Kate, I'm not wearing it.

Still think the combat
boots went with the outfit,

but what do I know?

Not even sure why we
even brought this, 'cause

we don't even drink wine anyways, so--

- When you go to someone's house,

you show up with a bottle of wine.

It's called being an adult.

Get with it.
- Says who?

Who made that rule?

- I dunno, people.

- Bullshit.

Plus I'm pretty sure Sandra's
allergic to red wine,

so uh... well done there.

- Crap.

- Look who's only 30 minutes late.

The lovebirds.

Oh um... you brought uh...
you brought red wine.

Hmm, fantastic.

- Yeah, Lee loves red wine.

He insisted.

- Mm-hmm, okay.

Well, come on.

- Dick.

- Everyone's already
seated, ready for dinner,

so job well done there.

I can't believe you
didn't wear a bra, Kate.

- Oh, I'm wearing one,
it's just real thin.

- Nice.

Kate, I want you to meet
my boss, Chuck Sullivan,

and his very, very beautiful
wife, Cassie Sullivan.

- It's a pleasure, Kate.

I've heard so much about you.

- Hi.

- It's so nice to meet you.

- Hi.

- I'm Lee, what's up?

- Pleasure to meet you, Lee.

- Hi, Lee.

- Hey.

Brought wine.
- Thank you.

- It's the good stuff.

- Great!

- Evening.

Kate, you look lovely tonight.

- Thank you, John.

- Lee, long time no see.

- I'm sorry, we've met before?

- Yeah.

Me and Sandra have been
together about five years

now, so I should think so.

- You sure?

I mean, I because I
think I'd remember a guy

with a British accent.

- Well, you was usually high.

Or drunk.

Sometimes both.

- That's probably true.

- Okay.

Can you put those there?

Thank you everyone for coming,

especially Cassie and Chuck.

Uh, tonight, we will be having
pan-seared chicken breast,

organic, obviously, with a side of wilted

asparagus, also organic, and
John made his very famous

golden mashed potatoes, which of course,

goes without saying that they are--

- Actually, Sandra.

They're not.

- Are you fucking kidding me, John?

- They're organic, everyone.

- Jokester!

Bon appetit!

- Oh, Sandra, should
you really be throwing

a dinner party in your condition?

- Thank you for
worrying about me, Lee,

but I love throwing dinner parties,

and I am only four months pregnant.

- Only?

- You're drinking tonight, Kate?

- Just a glass.

So, Chuck, you're Sandra's boss?

I didn't know that, interesting.

- Oh, well, why would you?

Ah, Sandy's the best though, isn't she?

- Thank you, Chuck.

Too sweet.

- Too sweet is right.

If I don't keep a close eye
on this one at all times,

who knows what I'll find
sniffing around for a taste?

- He is a catch!

- Kate, we've met before, am I right?

- Don't think so.

- No, Kate has a terrible
memory, like real bad.

- That's true.

- No, it was last year
at the Christmas party.

- Oh?
- Yeah, I'm sure of it.

It's just weird I didn't
remember it until right now.

- I don't think I met
Sandra's boss, that night.

- Like I said, terrible memory.

- Well, that was right
before your second medical

leave from work, right?

- Second?

- You know, after our second child,

I went to the spa for an entire week.

- Not quite the same thing.

- A spa, you went to a spa?


- You've never been to a spa?

- You mean like a shvitz?

I saw that on "The Sopranos" once.

- So, Cassie, what do you do?

- Well, I'm a stay at home mother.

- Mm-hmm, yep.

- That's really rewarding.

- Quite.

- Oh, the food's great,
by the way, Sandra.

Uh, real good, thank you.

Uh, I mean, you know, the asparagus

is a little mushy, you know?

- That's not nice, Lee.

- Well, you can't fault him
for being honest, can ya?

- No, no, no, hey come
on, it's probably just me.

- I think
yours are great, Sandra.

- It's really excellent, Sandy.

- Like I said, probably just me.

- Chuck, did you see the
new numbers that came in?

- Oh, no, no, no, no work.

We're all havin' a good time.

- You're right.

My dad used to always say the same thing,

"No work talk at the dinner table."

- Well, that's a lie.

Our father never even
made it home for dinner.

- Well, thank you for that, Kate.

- I'm just being honest.

- So, Lee, what do you do?

- Well, I'm an artist, actually.

- You're an artist?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- What kind, are you a painter or--

- No, no, that's, that's
more Kate's thing.

I'm a, you know, I'm a musician.

- A musician?
- Yeah.

- You got a steady gig somewhere?

- I mean, you could say I'm
between jobs at the moment.

- Oh, no.
- Yeah.

- What happened?

I mean, if you don't mind me asking.

- Chuck...

- I take it you know I went to jail?

- Well, you know how it is.

It's best to be notified if
there's gonna be a convict

at the dinner table.

Gotta leave the kids at home, right?

- Nice one.
- Just kidding.

- And what-what do you do, Chuck?

- Oh me?


Numbers, math.

It's really quite boring, honestly.

I make a lot of money.

But I'm actually more interested in you.

What was prison like?

- I don't think Lee wants to
talk about that right now--

- No, no, it's fine, it's fine, it's fine.

Uh, you know, three meals a day.

Uh, plenty of exercise.

I mean, to be honest with you,

I just did what I could to,
to get out early and get

back to Kate.

- Oh, that's sweet.
- Yeah.

- What's the next step though?

You're a felon now, right?

- It's not like I'm dangerous or anything.

- No, no, of course.

But you're a felon, correct?

I mean, that's gotta
come with a few strings.

You can't work for the government.

A private company won't hire you, I mean,

ours certainly wouldn't.

You can't work with kids.

Do you have any laboring skills?

'Cause I know a lot of those companies

actually take on ex-cons.

- I hear there are all
sorts of nonprofit programs

working to help convicts
get back on their feet.

- I heard that too.

That might be worth looking into, Lee.

- Yeah, why not?

- You know, we've got
lemon meringue for dessert.

- Yes!

- God you know what, I don't mean to pry.

I just know, if I couldn't
support Cassie here,

and my babies, I would feel like,

I don't know.

I guess I would feel
like not much of a man.

- Like I said, I'm a musician.

- Yeah, that's right.

What were you guys called?

Maybe we've heard of you.

- Probably not.

Yeah, we cater to a cultured crowd.

- Ah.

- Yeah.

- Hey, Kate.

What do you think of Lee's music?

- Well, Chuck--
- She loves it.

Thanks for asking.

- I didn't ask you.

I asked Kate.

- And I fucking answered.

- Okay, there is no need
to swear at the table, Lee.

- We're just having a friendly
conversation, right, Lee?

- I didn't notice.

- Well, nobody asked me what I do.

I'm a bank teller, in
case anyone was wondering.

- What the fuck is going on, Kate?

How do you know my boss?

- I don't know him.

- Oh, you don't know him?

Did you fuck him, hmm?

Were you fucking him?

Are you fucking him?

- I am not currently fucking him, no.

- Oh my God, oh my God.



- If it's any consolation, I
didn't know he was your boss.

He told me he didn't
even work at the company.

- That is not a consolation, Kate.

You are, you are ruining my dinner party!

- Fine, then I lied about your asparagus

to make you feel better.

- What is wrong with you?

Every single time I think
you're growing up just

a little bit, you go and do something dumb

and fucked up and ridiculous!

- Stop trying to stick
your perfect little fingers

in everyone's business.

I realize you were raised
to think the world revolves

around your eerily symmetrical face,

but it doesn't.

- You know what?

I try.

I try so hard.

But you just don't care.

You don't care.

You don't care about my well-being.

You don't care about my happiness.

You don't care about my life.

- Mom's dead, Sandra.

You were at the funeral, we
both saw her go in the ground.

You're not fooling anyone
with this little routine here.

- Really?

Who paid for rehab when you went away?


Who has set you up with at least a dozen

handsome, polite suitors?

That's me.

Who found your new fucking apartment?

- Yeah, I forgot to
tell you how much I love

being your guinea pig.

Let's just test out
parenting on Kate before

baby number one pops out
just in case we fuck it up

the first time.

Let's, let's make Kate pack
the house, make Kate move,

make Kate come over, make Kate play nice.

- You don't get it!

You don't get it, Kate!

- What the fuck?

- Oh, goddamn it!

- You're fucking pregnant,
you fucking dumbass!

- You hate me.

- I don't mean to.

- Mind if I steal one?

- Didn't know you smoked.

- I haven't in years.

Sandra made me quit.

- Oh yeah?

She make you do a lot of things?

- Is it that obvious?

- No.

Uh, maybe.

- You know, hats off
to you for not cracking

that guy back there.

Back in the day, I would
have done it myself.

- Sure.


- It's true.

I went to juvie when I was 18
for beating a kid's face in.

- Does Sandra know?

- Yeah.

- Wow.

- You know, I was still getting
in scraps when we first met.


she gave me an ultimatum.

She said, "Either grow
up and stop being a punk,

"or I'm leaving."

So I did.

- Congratulations.


- My point is

It's not a question of
whether or not you can change.

It's a question of whether
or not you want to.

- You make the right choice?

- I'd like to think so.

- Were you sleeping with Chuck?

- No.

- Look, I'm sorry about tonight, okay?

- Yeah, me too.

- Elephants can feel
a range of human emotions,

including remorse, which
they avail themselves

of by hugging one another
with their trunks.

I wish I had a trunk sometimes.

- Hey.

- Hey, babe.

- Babe?

That's new.

Your old pet names used
to be more like asshole,

fuckface, douchebag.

- I didn't know you were such a masochist.

I never would have stopped using those.

- How's work?

- Uh... long.

Just in the office prepping
for a meeting tomorrow.


- I uh... actually I
went to see Russ today.

About a job.

- A job?

- Yeah, a job.

- Like a criminal job?

Because it kinda sounds
like a criminal job.

- No, like a real job, at his bar.

- Doesn't he own a lounge?

- Seriously?

- I'm sorry, Lee, that's great.

- I'm not playing on stage.

I'm busing tables and mopping floors, but,

but it's a job, so.

- Hey, I'll head out now and um...

I'll try and catch you
before you go and maybe give

you a little good luck action beforehand.

- Well, don't make
promises you can't keep.

- Leaving as we speak.

Hey, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Traffic was worse than I thought.

I had to take like six buses,

and one shifty Mexican
farm truck just to--

- Wow!

You look amazing, Kate.

- What's going on?

You're late.

- Yeah, I just figured I'd, you know,

soak up a little liquid courage
first, that's all, you know.

- You can't go to work drunk, Lee.

- Come on, relax,
it's a bar, they won't care.

- It's a lounge.

- Fuck's sake.

Okay, Kate?

Kate, Kate, just have
one drink with me please?

Just one?

- I have a meeting tomorrow.

- Well, come on,
it's all the better then.

Just take the, take
the edge off, you know,

help you sleep, just one?

- Why do you think I bought Nyquil?

Lee, you have to go to work.

You promised Russ and, frankly,

I can't support you
anymore, financially, so--

- Kate, Kate, I don't
have to do anything, okay?

I have been in captivity
for three years, okay?

There are two things that I wanna do.

Number one, I want an
American cheeseburger.

Ah, and the other--

- Iron Man?

- Aw, busted.

- Lee, please be serious
here for a second.


- I'm dead serious, Kate.


This is called the coma cocktail, okay?

Because, uh...

Whoo! Well, you get the point.

- There's no way I'm drinking that.

♪ Oh, I wish I was a rock ♪

♪ So I could sink on down ♪

♪ To the bottom of the river ♪

♪ Where there's no one around ♪

♪ Now I've been singin' by myself ♪

♪ 'Bout how lonely I must be ♪

♪ It's hard to find that piece ♪

- Shit!

Damn it!

- Whoa.

Uh, whoa, whoa, why's everybody yelling?

- Shut up, Lee!

Just shut the fuck up!

- Morning, Kate.

- You are fucking shit up, Lee!

Drive to get to the liquor store drunk.

Fucking idiot.

- Yeah, it was your idea.

- What the fuck?


Fucking surge charge?

Fuck, it's 10:00 a.m.!

What the fuck, Uber?

Goddamn it!


Fuck, shit!


♪ On my feet but don't
know where to begin ♪

♪ I wish I was a rock ♪

♪ So I could sink on down ♪

- Uh... Did you call an Uber?

- Ralph's, please.

- Morning, Murphy.

What's up, buddy?


Ow, Murphy!

Hey, shhh.

- You have two new messages.

First message.

- Lee.

You asked for a second chance.

You didn't show up for work.

You're dead, you understand?

- Oh.
- You're dead, motherfucker.

- Next message.

- Hey Lee, it's Sandra.

So Kate and I are coming over--

- Oh Murph, come on, buddy.

- To clean up the
mess you made last night,

but don't worry about
leaving that little mess.

We'll handle it.

- End of messages.

- Hey Sandra, what's going on?

Murphy, get in, in!


Hey Sandra, what's Kate doing, huh?

Why is she packing?

We're not moving, she's not moving.

Hello, what?

Why is Kate packing?

She's not moving.


- What are you doing, Lee?

- W-what do you
mean, what am I doing?

- What are you doing?

- I don't know.

- You made me a promise, Lee.

You promised you would
stay away from Kate.

Right I, I wrote at least
a dozen letters to help get

you released early, and the first thing,

the first thing you do--

- Who else do I have, Sandra?

Come on, tell me.

- So that's it?

You just came running back
to Kate because you knew she

would be here like, like a loyal puppy?

- No, I came became I love her.

- Really?
- Yeah, really.

- Well, you've never told her that.


I know you think I hate you.

But I don't.

I really don't, okay?

You're just...

You're not good for Kate.

And she is not good for you.

She'll never leave you, Lee.

So, if that is what you want, then fine.

But if you love my sister...

Then you'll do the right thing.

Um... also, Chuck is having
a party tonight and he wants

you and Kate there so he can apologize.

- It's not a good idea.

- Yeah, no shit, I know
it's not a good idea, Lee,

but you're going to show up,
and you're gonna accept his

apology because I am telling you to.

Got it?

I gotta get ready, so
see you guys tonight.

- I'm making some hangover
food, you want anything?


Same fuckin' eggs.

What happened, Kate?

They're spoiled, huh?

You used to love eating eggs.

- I can't anymore,
they make me sick.

- Well, then the logical thing to do

would be to throw them out, wouldn't it?

- Stop it.

- Why?

- Because I don't know,
I might start eating them

again, down the road.

- That makes no sense-- - I said stop it.

- What is your problem?

- I don't want you to
throw out the fucking eggs.

I want the fucking eggs
to stay right here,

so that they'll be there
if I want them, okay?

- You're being ridiculous.

- When I'm done with the eggs,
I will throw them out, Lee.

You got that?

I will throw the fucking eggs out.

- You know what, I'm not
gonna argue with someone who

makes no fucking sense, so whatever, okay?

I gotta buy cigarettes anyway, fuck you.

Hey, what the fuck?

- You want me to get
rid of the fucking eggs?

You want me to forget about
the fucking eggs, Lee?

- What is wrong with you?
- Huh, huh?

This is what you want, right?

- Kate, hey!

- Fine, fucking--
- Would you, would you,

would you stop it?

Jesus Chr--

What is wrong with you, huh?

- I'm fine, just forget it!

Just forget it.

- You wanna talk about
what just happened, maybe?

Hello, Kate?

- No, I don't.

You can put on your own tie tonight.

- Nice boots.

Look, Kate, uh...

Look I'm sorry, okay?

I shouldn't have made
you drink last night.

I should have just--
- You don't get it, Lee.

You didn't make me do anything.

I did it because I
wanted to do it with you.

We should go.

- I'll be back.

Hello, hello, hello!

- Hey.

- You look beautiful.

- Thank you.

- And, Kate, I like your boots.

Lee. Come with me, I'll
introduce you to some people.

- I'm a producer.
- Wow.

- Oh, wow, that's great.

- Yeah.

- Should we get a drink?
- Yeah.

- We're gonna get a drink.

- All right, see you later.

- What's the matter?

You should be thanking this
man, he's made a lot of movies.

- Entertainment, what was that?

- It's called networking.

Didn't you, like, network in prison

to get ramen noodles or shivs?

- No, I remember when
networking was about buying

a round of shots for somebody at the bar.

- Yeah, 'cause that'll get you the job.

- Kate!


- No fucking tie.

I can't believe this fucking guy.

- It's fine, just leave it.

- So nice of you guys to join us.

- Thank you.

- Mmm.

So what do you guys think?

How do you like the place?

- It's gorgeous,

thank you for inviting us.

- Yeah.

I mean, it's a little
too open for my taste,

but, I mean, it's not bad.

- So where's Cassie tonight?

- Cassie?

She went to Bali for the month.

- Oh!
- With the gals.

- Wow.

- Well, I hear Bali's
supposed to be great this

time of year, you know?

- Yeah, yeah.

Hey, I just wanted to apologize
about the other night.

I had one too many scotches.

Gets me buckin' like a
bull, you know how it is.

- You were drinking Merlot, no?

Uh, yeah, I'm sorry too.

- All right.

Well you guys enjoy
yourselves, it's a party.

Grab a drink.

There's a bartender floatin'
around here somewhere.

At least, I paid for one. So...


- Chuck.

Oh uh... Sandy's over there.
- Kate, come here!

I want you to meet Joan!

- I'm gonna go smoke.
- She's in advertising too!

- Evening.

Oh, no.

Sandra'll see.

- Suit yourself.

You know, I've been thinking
about what you said, and,

I don't know if you're right.

- What's that?

- I don't think I can change.

It's like some part of me just knows

I'm not gonna be any
better than Albany fuck up,

Jake Riley, you know?

- Can I assume that's your father?

- Yeah, you can assume.

I dunno, it's just, look, it's like,

I'm gonna go home tonight,
and there's gonna be dog

vomit all over the fuckin'
house you know, 'cause uh...

'cause I let this poor,
dumb dog eat spoiled eggs.

You know, and I dunno,
it's, it's on me, you know?

- Gonna be honest with you, mate.

I fuckin' lost you.

- It just doesn't matter
how bad you want it.

- If you wanted it bad enough,

you wouldn't be saying that.

Drink, please.

- No tip?

- You want a tip?

- Well, if you
don't have any cash,

you could give me a check.

- Okay, I'll give you a tip.


Come here.

Stay as far away from these
fuckin' people as you can?


Good chat, good chat.

- Thanks.

- Hey, Chuck.


Yeah, I'm not fuckin' sorry, okay?

Not even a little bit.

- Excuse me?

- Before, I said I was
sorry, and I'm not, okay?

And that is the difference
between you and me, okay?

At least I can acknowledge
that I'm a piece of shit.

- You're gonna come into my house,

you're gonna eat my food,
you're gonna drink--

- Yeah, I haven't eaten anything,

you know why?

Because I made better guac
when I was in fuckin' jail.

- All right, guys?

Guys, get this asshole out of here.

- You have bodyguards at
a fuckin' house party?

You fucking pansy.

- What's going on, what's going on?

- What's going on is
your convict boyfriend here

wants to square up against
me in my own house.

- Oh, fuckin' square up, really?

Huh, is that it?

- Come on Lee I'm
calling an Uber, come on.

- Yeah have her call you an Uber,

'cause you can't afford an
Uber, you piece of shit.

Good pick, Kate.

Good luck with that one.

- Hey, you know what?

I'm sorry, you know what?

I am so fuckin' stupid.

You know, I almost went
off with your glass.

Here, Chuck.

- Oh, God--
- Here, take it.

- Fuck!

- My hand slipped.

I'm sorry, Chuck.

- I'm gonna sue your ass, motherfucker!

All $10 you're worth!

- I'm fuckin' sorry.
- I'm suing your dumb ass.

- Yeah okay fuckin' enjoy it.
- You fucking idiot, come on!

- Fuckin' asshole, fuck!

- Kate, would you stop?

Kate, would you stop
and talk to me please?

- What's the fuckin' point?

- Oh, you're right, whatever, okay.

Go on, good night, go.

- Well, it's gonna be the
same conversation we always

have, so what's the fucking point?

- What are you talking about?

We haven't been together in
three fuckin' years, Kate.

- And we were arguing about
the same exact shit back then.

Three years in a fucking 10
by 10 cell did absolutely

nothing for you?

- The best night's sleep
I've gotten in a month--

- Oh.

- Was in a fucking closet, okay?

It did plenty.

- Do you remember what
we were fighting about,

when you hit that guy?

Do you remember what he said?

- Yeah, I remember everything.

- Like how you wouldn't
amount to anything?

That you weren't good enough for me,

right before you smashed a
bottle over his skull, huh?

How is that any different
from tonight, Lee?

- Well, I didn't use a bottle.

- Oh, you're always so cute.

You're so fucking cute.

- Oh, yeah?

Yeah, I look fucking cute?

I look real fuckin' cute in this,

this fuckin' ironed shirt and this,

this nice fuckin' jacket,
and this fancy fuckin' tie?

Who the fuck do you think I am, huh?

Who the fuck do you think you are?

- What does that mean?
- What does that mean?

Well, one second, you're
all about getting high,

and skipping work, and
fucking my brains out,

and the next, huh?

The next, you wanna, you
wanna fuckin' dress me up,

you wanna take me to a
fucking fancy dinner party

and tell people I am in entertainment?

"Oh, Lee is in entertainment."

What the fuck does that mean, huh?

That's cute.

- It's called growing up, Lee.

It's called being a fucking adult.

Why is it.

Why is it that you can't accept
anything good in your life?

Are you that much of a
fucking cynic that you just

have to rip it all apart the
minute things start to work?

- Well maybe it's because
you tell me I'm bad for you

every five fuckin' minutes.


And I know about Chuck.

I'm not an idiot.

- Lee.

I love you.

I love you more than you can understand.

Which is why I need to tell
you you're not gonna make it

as a musician.

You're just not.

And I don't say that out of spite.

I say that because I care about you.

And I want you to move on.

You're passionate.

And you're sweet--
- Save it.

- I know if you put that--
- Fuckin' save it, Kate!

- Into something else, if you
put that into something else,

we might actually be able
to have a life together.

We might actually be able
to go inside that house rip

every box open, and be happy.

I'm sorry, Lee.

Say something.

Say something, Lee.

Come on, say something!

Fuckin' yell at me, hit me!

- Come on, shove me!

- Call me cunt, yell at me!
- Come on, hit me, come on.

Hit me all you want, come on.

Hit me all you want
Kate, because that shit,

that shit fucking heals, okay?

But I already told you,
I remember everything.

And for the record, Kate.

I wouldn't take it back.

Take your fuckin' tie.

- Do you remember the night we met?

It was August, I think.

And um...

I was working at that
bar, fucking Piano Bar.

I don't even know if
it's still there anymore.

Anyway it was hot as hell,

and uh... my hair was
all fucked up and frizzy.

And I was just in this shit
mood 'cause it was loud

and cramped and it was
like, two for one Bud night.

And so I'm like slinging
these things left and right,

but no one's tipping, like at all.

And, to top it off, this
asshole in the back starts

banging on the fucking piano,

singing to whatever the
hell they were playing, and,

and he keeps fucking
throwing 20s in the basket,

making them play the same song again and,

again and again.

And he's banging like a
fucking idiot each time.

After like the sixth repeat,
I've had it, I'm done.

And I walk over to kick him out,

and I say--

- "Does being an asshole come naturally?

"Or do you actually have to try?"

I turned around and saw you.

Your hair was all frizzy.

And I thought you were beautiful.

And I know it sounds stupid, but uh...

Man I was speechless.

So, you said,

"You gotta go buddy, you're
pissing everyone off."

And I said, "That's fine.

"I was just about ready
to take you home anyway."

I do love you, Kate.

I really do.

And I do understand because
I remember it was July 28th.

The song was "Piano Man".

And you weren't slinging Buds.

They were Miller High Lifes.

I must have replayed that memory 100 times

when I was away.

And if I could relive one night again,

It would be that one.

Every time, it would be that one.

♪ Just looking up the
street when I saw you ♪

♪ Didn't even see me as I walked on by ♪

♪ It's been a few long
months since I've seen you ♪

♪ You had to let me go ♪

♪ Well, I've been fine doing
the things that I wanted to ♪

♪ Trying to forget that
didn't last too long ♪

♪ I didn't know how much I loved you ♪

♪ Until you let me go ♪

♪ And now we're silent eyes ♪

♪ On one another's faces ♪

♪ As the rain ♪

♪ Aw it poured on down ♪

♪ And now we had to cry ♪

♪ As I left for other places ♪

♪ And you said ♪

♪ Maybe I'll see you around ♪

♪ So we sat down by that riverside ♪

♪ Watching all of those
fireworks lighting up that sky ♪

♪ You said it hurt so much to lose you ♪

♪ But still you let me go ♪

♪ And now we're silent eyes ♪

♪ On one another's faces ♪

♪ As the rain ♪

♪ Baby, it poured on down ♪

♪ And now we had to cry ♪

♪ As I left for other places ♪

♪ And you said ♪

♪ Maybe I'll see you around ♪

♪ So we sat down by that riverside ♪

♪ Watching all of those
fireworks lighting up that sky ♪

♪ You said it hurt so much to lose you ♪

♪ But still you let me go ♪