Elena (2011) - full transcript

Elena and Vladimir are an older couple, they come from different backgrounds. Vladimir is a wealthy and cold man, Elena comes from a modest milieu and is a docile wife. They have met late in life and each one has children from previous marriages. Elena's son is unemployed, unable to support his own family and he is constantly asking Elena for money. Vladimir's daughter is a careless young woman who has a distant relationship with her father. A heart attack puts Vladimir in hospital, where he realizes that his remaining time is limited. A brief but somehow tender reunion with his daughter leads him to make an important decision: she will be the only heiress of his wealth. Back home he announces it to Elena. Her hopes to financially help her son suddenly vanish. The shy and submissive housewife then comes up with a plan to give her son and grandchildren a real chance in life.

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Get up.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

If they don't look after themselves,
they'll pile on weight

and have lots of other
illnesses to deal with.

That's why you must take
a good hard look at your lifestyle.

Adjust your tastes.

The easy way to eat
healthily is to eat salads!

Bon app?tit.

The porridge is perfect.

What have you
got planned today?

I've got to go and pick up my pension,
then I'm going to see Sergei.

He should be coming here.

He needs the money, not you.

It's not about the money.

That's exactly
what it's about.

Why are you always
traipsing over there?

He should drag himself over here.
He's a big boy.

Just drop it. I don't tell you
how to treat your daughter.

It's dropped.

- I hope you're not staying over.
- No.

Good morning.


- Goodbye.
- Thank you.


Good afternoon!

Today we've got
a fine selection

of glossy magazines for the
lovely ladies, crosswords,

adult magazines
and today's papers.

Just stop me as I come by.

1,425 roubles.

Nadya! Come and
take care of this.

- Hello.
- Hello.

What is that shit?

Let's go and have a beer.

Is it your round?


Is someone gonna get that?


Are you deaf?

Alright already!

Oh, Sasha.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Where are you going?
Put these in the kitchen.

- Hi, Ma. Come on in.
- Hey.

You need a trim!

Here's the money.


Here he comes,
here he comes!

Oh, look who's here!

I brought some money.

Thank you,
Elena Anatolievna.

Give it here.

I can't see through you,

- Tanya, put the kettle on.
- Yes.

- Where are you off to?
- Vitya needs his CDs.

Your Vitya isn't
going anywhere.

- I'll just be a sec.
- I know you mean by "a sec".

He needs these CDs now.

You two are going to wind up
in prison or the army.

I can't just sit
here like an idiot.

Then don't act like one.

- Don't you care about your future?
- OK, back off!

I won't back off!
Take out the rubbish.


- Whatever?
- Nothing.

- What did I say?
- Nothing.

Go and have a cup of tea
with your grandmother.

How am I supposed
to talk to him?

- I'm at my wits' end.
- I'll talk to him.

Coming, Dad.
Can't get past this stupid level!

Just a sec.

Let me.

- Dad!
- Wait.

Watch and learn.

I'll be right back.

Tanya, we're coming.


I'm talking to my son.
Hold on.

Go and talk with
your mother.

I said hold on.

Ma, have you two
discussed Sasha?

No, but I will.

What are you
dragging it out for?

We have to know if we're
getting the money or not.

You know how he feels
about that sort of thing.

He knows Sasha.
They're even friends, sort of.

We're family after all.

He's a friend to everyone,
but friends with no one.

- He's just a tightass.
- Come on, Sergei, stop it.

If it wasn't for him,
we wouldn't have what we do.

And what is that, exactly?

We can't let Sasha
be drafted.

We've got to know now
if he's going to university

or straight to Ossetia.
Right, Tanya?

More tea, Elena?

Sasha, what time's football?


We're quite worried.

We need to make a deal with the right
people at school and university.

The 20th is the deadline.

I'll talk to him, I promise.

If you're watching this

and you want to meet
up and to talk, too,

I'd be glad to, because I
want you to know that I'm here.

It looked like he
didn't even try.

It's pretty strange.

It's not the first time.
He seems disappointed, too.

He chose to run like that!

Then again, 9.8 sec...

It is good,
but it should have gone differently.

I'm looking for
my two brothers.

My mother left
my father in 1960,

and I didn't
know I had a dad

until he wrote to
me when I was 13.

He said he had
another family

and that I
had two brothers.

I still haven't been
able to find them.

If they know I exist,

they should get in touch.
Finding them is my life's work.

It's a typical Soviet strategy:

pile on the pressure,
hoping that he'll...

Maybe he'll get there
by the end of the season.

He's already
performing differently,

but it's not showing
in his results yet.

Good morning.

I read your note.

Of course,
I understand that Sasha...

...won't get in anywhere
with his grades, will he?

I'm afraid not.

Why doesn't he serve in the army, then?
It's the best school there is.

Vladimir, you know
what it's like in the army.

Why am I supposed to support
your son's family?

Why should I be burdened
with paying for someone's,

effectively a stranger's,

I live with you,
not your relatives.

You know how
I feel about this.

And your Sergei still hasn't
returned the money

he borrowed from me
three years ago.

I know.

But you know about
Sergei's current situation.

I know your Sergei,
and his "situation" is clear to me.

Very clear.

His whole life is
one big "situation".

It has been ever
since he was born.

I refuse to indulge
him any more.

Let this be a lesson to him.

You don't force lessons like
that on your daughter.

And I'm sure
you never have.

Elena, we're talking about your son.
It's like you're not listening.

He needs to get his ass
off the couch and find a job.

Feed his family.

If we were talking about
the boy's health, God forbid,

the money would be
on the table tomorrow.

But we are talking
about his health.

If you had a grandson,
would you let him serve in the army?

Sasha just needs help.
Give him a chance.

Leave my daughter out of this!

Why did you bring her up?

It's not my fault

if she's the way she is.
I did everything in my power.

But she turned out
like her mother.

Only interested in
enjoying herself.

A goddamn hedonist.

I don't know what
that word means.

You'd say "selfish".

Vladimir, will you help Sasha?

I don't know.
I need to think about it.

I hope you aren't taking money
out on your credit card for them.

I can account for
every rouble.

No, there's no
need for that.

I shouldn't have said that.

I'm sorry.

I'm getting carried away.


When do they
need the money?

No later than the 20th.

I'll give you my
answer in a week.

Make me another coffee,

What have you got
planned for today?

House cleaning.

I'm going to the gym.

I know.

Come on, you.

Let's go, come on.


Bring me my things.


Good afternoon.

Enjoy Fitness,
Irina speaking.

- Enjoy your workout.
- Thank you.

- Good afternoon.
- Hello. Your towel.


Put them down there.

This is for you,
this is for me.


- Thank you.
- Thank you.


Yes, speaking.



This is how we met.

Of course.

What year was that?

It'll be ten years
in December.

I would give everything...

...to wake up back then,
ten years ago.

And not here and now.

That being said,
appendicitis is still better

than a heart attack.

That was hardly appendicitis.
More like peritonitis.

You're a born nurse.

Of course it was better!
If only because

you were looking after me.

Although the girls
here aren't bad.

Keep it up and I'll cut off
your oxygen! That'll teach you.

You'd do it, too.

- Did you talk to the doctor?
- Not yet.

All he does

is try to reassure
me by telling me

they won't keep
me in much longer.

So it's not that bad.

Or it could be the
other way around.

Elena, please call Katya.

Yes, of course.

Hello, Katya.

This is Elena.

Yes, hello.

I'm sorry to say
I have some bad news.

Your dad's in hospital.
He's had a heart attack.

He wants to see you.

You will come, won't you?

I can't today.

Well, alright. I'd like to
meet with you first to talk.

Is that really necessary?

Yes, I think it is.


Wherever's best for you.

Hello, Elena Anatolievna.

Hello, Katya.
Do you want anything?

I'll do without.

What I wanted to say is this.

Your dad had a
heart attack...

- I got that part.
- He's very weak.

- He's conscious, though?
- Yes, thank God.

He's probably groped his way
through all the nurses already.


Yes, Elena Anatolievna?

I want to ask you

to go easy on him.

Right now,
he needs rest.

He needs your love.

Show him that
you love him.

You see each other so rarely,
which I don't understand at all.

- But that's your business.
- Indeed it is.

Katya, you never call him.

You should.

Maybe this attack...

It's the prodigal
daughter's fault?

In part,
I'm sure that's true.

Listen, Elena Anatolievna.

You're playing the worried wife.
You do it very well.


So that's that.
Have you finished?

I love Vladimir.

Till death do you part.
I don't doubt it.

Like a true nurse,
you're trying to cure me.

But I don't need
your treatment.

I am what I am.

Tell me,

are you not at all sorry
for your father?

I understand that that's...

...a rhetorical question,
but I'll answer anyway.

I don't give a flying fuck.

Dear God!

What room is he in?

Maybe it's not such a good idea
for you to see him today.

Another time.

When he's better...

Then why did you call me yesterday
rather than waiting until he's better?

Your father asked me to.

What room is Dad in?


Could you tell me...

Please cover your head
in the house of the Lord.

I wanted to ask which saint
I should light a candle to.

For someone who
is deceased or ill?

- My husband's in hospital.
- A prayer for his health, then.

Write his name
on a slip of paper.

The priest will pray for his health
during the service.

Place a candle

in front of Saint Nicholas
and the Mother of God.

And while you're lighting it,

ask the Lord for health
and assistance.

Could you tell me
where those icons are?

Straight ahead,
to the right of the altar.

Thank you.

I barely see you, Katya.

That's because the
sun's in your eyes.

I didn't mean it
in that sense.

There is no such
thing as sense.

Looking at you, sometimes I think
that might even be true.

It's a good thing
you barely see me, then.

I was never your
reason for living.

And thank God,
you might say.

You're wrong about that.

Money, Dad, has always been
your only reason for living.

What are you doing?

Making an inventory
of my life?

Money's important to you, too.

Not that important.

Maybe that's because you've
never earned any yourself.

Maybe that's because
you spoilt me,

gave me everything
on a plate.

That sounds like a complaint.

You know I adore you.
Keep it coming, please.

I don't know why I do this.

You don't know what
you're paying for?

No, what you
make me pay for.

You're priceless.

You've always loved
those word games.

Games help children come to terms
with the cruel laws of reality.


Nope. No. I'm not pregnant,
if that's what you're asking.

Too bad.

It'd sort you out.

I'm sorted.

Alcohol and drugs
at weekends only.

It's all clean living now.

I'm still getting sex and
food under control.

But I'm working on it,
trust me.

You're not smoking
in here, right?

- Why not?
- It's a hospital, Katya.

So what? You paid for a big suite.
You can do whatever you like.

Are you serious?

Fine, I'll go and smoke
where I'm allowed to.

Hold on...

What now?

Where did you get this...?

Where do you think?

Genes, Dad, heritage.

I'm a rotten seed.

We're all bad seeds.

Go and have some babies.
Maybe they'll turn out different.

Different from everyone else?

There's no such
thing as different.

And I don't feel like experimenting
with that kind of thing.

It's painful, expensive.

And pointless.

With you,
everything is pointless.

You're making
dumb excuses

to avoid your responsibility.

Dad, what's irresponsible

is producing offspring you
know will be sick and doomed,

since the parents

are sick and
doomed themselves.

And doing it

only because
everyone is doing it,

because there's some
"higher meaning" to it all,

which is not ours
to comprehend,

since we're merely the ones who
have to carry out this higher purpose.

Shit must be tasty.
Millions of flies can't be wrong.

And the world will end soon,
in case you haven't heard.

You know, it's strange.

But listening to you,
I feel a lot better.

See, that's exactly
why you breed:

to suck the life
out of your children.

Then you ask,
"Where does all this come from?"

You're such a
twit sometimes!


I love you very much.

Can we do without that?

Come on!

What one wouldn't
do for money.


Now, at last you're
starting to see the point.

Just don't lose
sight of it yourself.

What a pest!

A pest?

I thought it was
a heart attack.

Come, let me kiss you.

Are you making a phone call?

Are you phoning Mum?

Go on, give her a ring.

Come on. Let's go and see
what's going on in the kitchen.

Have a look outside.

See if there are
any sparrows about.

It needs to boil some more.

Where are those sparrows?

Bless you.

Above all, follow the
medication schedule closely.

Next, diet is critical.

And take it easy.
Don't do anything stressful.


I would recommend
hiring a qualified caretaker.

I worked in a hospital
looking after patients for years.

- Perfect.
- See you around, doctor.

You, too. Take care of yourself.
All the best.


I think we're
seeing our refs...

I'm not talking
about today's refs.

But all this talk
about mistakes by referees,

it's making them
hedge their bets.

If we filed away the tapes of this show
and watched them in five years' time,

the country would be shocked
at the way it's all repeating itself.

You'll pay for
what you have done.

You won't get
away with it, either.

But I wish you,
our audience, all the best.



I have something...

...I need to tell you.

Your pills.


...I've decided
to write a will.

I'm sorry, but this makes me
really uncomfortable.

Elena, this is important.

I need to be
straight with you.

I think it's the
right thing to do.

Everyone's wondering
what'll happen after I'm gone.

No, it's not like that.

All the same,
we need to talk about it.

Fair enough.

Besides you and
my daughter,

I don't have anyone else
in this world.

After I die,

my daughter will inherit
almost everything.

And you,

as my spouse,

will receive a life annuity.

Monthly payments.

I'm confident they will
be more than enough.

That's it, really.

I've been building up
to this for so long

and I fired it out
in ten seconds.

Is there something...
you want to say?


There is.

It's not about what
you were saying,

but it seems like
the right time.

What is it?

- The other thing.
- What thing?

The thing with Sasha.

I think

that his father, your son,

should be taking
care of his own son.


What were they thinking
when they had him?

It was an accident.

Both times?
Don't make me laugh.

It's no laughing matter.
It just happened,

like it does to everybody.

First one kid by accident,
then another.

And now I'm supposed
to feed them?

It's not the money
that bothers me.

Of course not.

You give it all to your
inconsiderate daughter.

Here we go again!

First of all, not all of it.

And second of all,
you don't know her.

She's actually quite sensible.

and off the rails.

I don't want to hear it.

And apparently infertile, too.


She's just different.
She's not like you and me.

Of course she's nothing like
my son and his children!

You said it.

Dear God!

What gives you the right?


What right do you have
to think you're special?


Just because you have more money?
More things?

All that can change.

What can change, exactly?

The last shall be first.

Ah, I've heard
that one before.

Biblical fairy tales

for the poor
and the foolish.

Equality and fraternity

are only to be found in your
kingdom of heaven, Elena.

Well, you probably
have a lot to do.

Yes, quite a lot.

Do you want anything?

I only want to know
that you understood me.

I did.

Elena, let's deal with
this like adults.

We are adults.
We'll get through it.

And I'm glad you understand.

Can you please bring me

a pen and paper?
The lawyer is coming tomorrow,

and I want to sketch out
a draft of the will.

Sergei, hi.

Fine, thanks.

Better, but still weak.


I talked to him about Sasha.

We'll have to deal
with this ourselves.

Yes, that's it.

He says it's your job as a father
to deal with the problem.

Stop it.

Stop, would you?

I'm upset myself.

But I think there's some
truth in what he says.

We'll figure it
out ourselves.

We'll think of something.

I'll call later, OK?


The tightass!


Where's my beer?

Did you get the
baby's formula?

There was a damn
bottle in here.

Did you finish
your homework?


Did you do
your homework?

Yes, I already did it!

What a mess in here.

It's all coming out wrong.

I can't concentrate.

Medicine first.


I've had enough.

Do you want to
take a nap?

Think I will.

I can't believe it.

No one told
you to abstain?

It's strictly prohibited
after a heart attack.

I'm telling you,
I didn't even know that he had it.

Like little kids, I swear.

Dumb teenagers
have more sense.

You could be a
bit more tactful.

How much more tactful?

Dear relatives,

friends and colleagues
of the deceased,

it is time to say farewell.

Final farewells.

Sausage No. 4 is the best,
though it's too salty for me.

I think the one closest
to milk sausage is No. 4.

My vote goes to No. 4.

It's got a distinct sausage taste,
unlike No. 3.

we all have our
own methods.

The colour and taste of No. 3...
I vote for No. 3.


Our jurors here
are regular shoppers.

They can only vote
for one sausage.

All of the labels
have been covered up.

I voted for No. 6.
It was pretty edible.

You can't taste the rusk,
and there's no starch.

It's an OK sausage.

This one's too moist,
too watery.

Cook it a little more...

It's a sign that it
wasn't made right.

A sausage just
shouldn't be like that.

The contest will continue
in the laboratory,

where the winner
will be chosen.

I liked No. 6.

I can't figure out
what No. 1 is made from.

I'd never buy a sausage
that looked like that.

No. 5 is a
waste of money.

Don't spend your hard-earned
money on something like that.

It tastes like plastic!

Thank you.
I'll be right down.



Vladimir Ivanovitch knew that
his death was approaching.

I know how he wished to
dispose of his property.

I visited him at the hospital,
at his request, and we discussed it.

Unfortunately, we failed
to document his wishes in writing

as required by law.

I am therefore forced to
acknowledge the following.

He did not leave a will,

so the principle of legal succession
comes into force.

First of all, I would like to advise
you that he left no debts.

Otherwise, you would be liable
to any creditors for his debts.

Further, it is my duty to
inform you that, under the law,

should one spouse die,
the surviving spouse

is entitled to a portion of the property
acquired during the marriage.

That is, to their share
of the common property.

The spouse also
inherits the portion

of the property
acquired during the marriage,

on an equal basis
with the other heirs.

This portion is included
in the inheritance

along with the personal
property of the deceased.

However in this case,

during the time
that you were married,

which was just
over two years,

no common property
was acquired.

Therefore, there can be no talk
of a spousal share here.

You will inherit a portion of
the property of the deceased

on an equal
basis with Katya.

Since, to the best of my knowledge,
there are no other heirs

besides the two of you,

the entire estate will be
equally divided between you.

If anything is unclear,

I can explain further.

My father kept a sizeable amount
of cash in his safe at home.

What happens to that?

I already checked.
There's nothing.

- Yeah, right!
- Believe me, Katya.

- Of course. Anything else?
- We've only started.

I've described the
overall situation.

Let's look at the details.

If you like,
we can take a break.

No need, let's push on.

- Right, Elena Anatolievna?
- Yes, let's carry on.

Let's get started.

So, how so we
carve up Dad's pad?

According to the law.


That's that.


We should drink to this!

I agree.

- Have we got anything?
- Of course we do.

Well, come on then!

Don't cry.
Mum will be right back.

You know what?

Let's drink to Vladimir.

He did at least one
decent thing in his life.

Let's drink to Sasha.


- What?
- Don't you "what" me. Get in here.

College boy.

Sit down.


You're definitely
going to college now.

What the hell?

What? I've got it under control.
The kid's 17 already.

What, is this real?

Never seen so much, eh?
Put it down.



- To a new life.
- Mum...

We have a surprise for you!

We're pregnant again!

Are you serious?

- Really?
- Bless you.

that's wonderful!

If it's a boy,
I'll call him Vladimir.

- Oh, please.
- Why not?

Well, I hope it's a girl.

Yeah, a girl would be better!

Here, eat.

- Go easy!
- Don't rain on my parade, woman!

Game over.

It's probably just
the circuit breaker.

Mum, you're going
to break my arm.

- Give him to me.
- I'll go and have a look.

Easy, little one, easy...

Looks like the
whole building's out.

The whole world!

Those assholes.

- Hey, Alexei.
- Hey.

- What's up with it?
- Fuck knows.

The whole block's
been cut off.

I guess...

They'll turn it back on.

Assholes. They cut it off
and we have to pay.

Forget it, Sergei.


Hey, you lot.

- Where are you off to?
- For a walk.

Be home by 11.

Tanya, have we
got any candles?

Why would we
have candles?

Vitya? Lesha?
You there?

Hey, guys.

- What took you so long?
- My grandma's on my case.

Thought you'd chickened out.
We almost went without you.

- You should have, then. Shut it.
- Chill out.

Here, drink up.

Hey, leave some for us.

Are they there?

- Yeah.
- Let's go, then.


Yuri, fucking hurry up!

Slow down, fucker!

Watch out!

Kill him!

Do him in!

Die, fucker!

Dima, let's go!

How are you?

- Mum!
- Quiet.

What do we need
this crap for?

If we put a wall in here,
Sasha could have his own room.

We haven't decided
anything with Katya.

We'll work something out.

- I doubt it.
- We will, I'm telling you.

Ma, have we got any beer?

Look in the fridge.

I'm worried and I'm
waiting for his decision.

I think it doesn't matter

whose prize you are.

He's got qualities I like.

He leads an interesting life,
he's got kind eyes...

Choose Katya or Dasha,
there's no difference,

whichever one
takes your fancy.

You will be a trophy!

That was so cool.
You were better than all of them.

Don't listen to anyone.

- Is he asleep?
- Yes.

Elena Anatolievna,

this is amazing!

Tea, anyone?

Let me help you.

Tanya, bring me some nuts.

I feel like I'm 90 years old,
and I want to grumble

because you're all younger than me,
except Leonid.

I think that you're
empty-headed bimbos.

Keep it in perspective
or you'll be sitting here

until you're old enough
to draw your pension.

She wants a lot,
but when it comes to giving...

She doesn't know
what she's going to give yet.

Zhenya, what did
you think of Lena?

I don't know
what to tell you.


there's nothing
I can say.

Nadezhda MARKINA

Alexei ROZIN








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