Electrick Children (2012) - full transcript

Pregnant by music? Rachel, a young teenager from a fundamentalist Mormon community, believes in immaculate conception, while her fundamentally religious family regards her condition as an intolerable transgression. The search for the child's origins is a revelation for the 15-year-old.


Alright, Rachel...

Let's begin with the prayer.
I'll offer it.

Heavenly Father, we are so
grateful to have the opportunity

to be gathered together here

to interview
Rachel Angela McKnight on this,

her 15th birthday.

We are grateful
for her obedience

and for her great zest for life.

Please bless that this interview
proceed with honesty

and that we may be guided
with the spirit.

We look forward to the day
when the Savior will come.

In His holy name, Amen.

- Amen.
- Amen.

What is that?

That's a cassette tape.

Regulation requires

the oral documentation
of all ecclesiastical interviews

from the ages of 15 and up.

Is it new?


But its purposes
can be used for evil,

so we'll keep it to those
who can be trusted.

Is he staying here
for the interview?

She can trust you,
can't she Mr. Will?

Well, answer her, son.

You can trust me.


Alright then, Rachel...

Let's begin.

Do you believe in God,
the eternal Father,

that His son Jesus Christ
will come to Earth to save us?

And do you have a firm testimony
of God's commandments?


Do you sustain Paul McKnight
as the prophet, seer, revelator

and do you recognize him
as the only person on this earth

authorized to exercise
all priesthood keys?


I mean, so far.

Well, fair enough.

Alright, next.

Do you affiliate
with any group or individual

whose teachings or practices
are contrary to or oppose

those accepted by this church?


Unless you count Mr. Will.


Do you honor
your mother and father?

You can answer that
better than me.

I think you can say yes

and still be pretty close
to the truth now, can't you?

Alright, let's continue
with all seriousness, shall we?

Do you live
by the law of chastity?


- Let me see it.
- No!

Then show me how it works.

I just wanna hear
what I sound like.

You sound like a kid!

How did it go?

I think I passed.

Mr. Will!


This is to be used
for God's purposes.


Leave your brother alone.

Look under the bed.

I can't find it!

Lights out.


I know!

- It's a little small.
- Really small.

It's mine.

Thanks for letting
Rachel borrow it.

Remember to say your prayers.

Can you tell us a story?

It's getting late.

- Please, Mom.
- Please!


Turn out the light.

Once upon a time,

there was a princess...


Tell us the story.

I am.

No, the one about the Mustang.


The one about the red Mustang.

Did I tell you that?

Ok, but this is
a top secret story,

never to leave this room.

Everyone hold up their hands
like this.

Now holding these peace signs
up like this

and nodding your head,

you swear
to never let this story

leave your mouth.

Once upon a time in a land

just on the other side
of the red bluffs

of southern Utah,

a princess...

You might know her.

She might be in this room,
she might be even telling you

this very story...


a Mustang.

Do you know what a Mustang is?

It's a horse.

It's a hot day.

And I was actually looking for
someone that I had lost.

Someone whose birthday
it was today.


That's right.

I looked and I looked...

It was very sad.

But then, I felt something.

A special kind of feeling

that leads you
to a specific direction.

And then, I found it!

A red Mustang.

And I tried to pet it
but it wouldn't let me.

But I had a strong feeling that

this horse
would lead me to Rachel.

I felt the spirit from the tips
of my toes go up my leg,

go out of my kneecaps,
up up to my skull,

and back through my hair.

And you all know
where that lead me, right?

I felt something...

A Mustang!

...red Mustang...

You can answer that
better than me.

I think you can...

Alright, let's continue
with all seriousness, shall we?


What are you doing?

Where is it?

Where is it? Give me it!

Where did you put it?

- Give me it!
- No it's mine.

Stop it!
You're gonna get us in trouble.

- No!
- Stop it!

Stop it! Give me it.

What's going on in here?

Let's go.

Did anything happen
that you didn't want to happen?

Did Mr. Will do anything to you?

What? No!

He didn't.

Are you being honest with me?

He didn't do anything.


Hello, hello, hello.



Hello, hello, hello.


It works!

This is Rachel Angela McKnight.

Born May 8th 1996.

15 years old.

A few weeks ago,
I experienced a miracle.

An angelic voice came onto me,

and when I heard it,

I was troubled.

And the angel said unto her:
"Fear not, Mary,

"for thou has found favor
in the Lord.

"Behold, thou shall conceive
in thy womb

and bring forth a son.

"And His name shall be..."


Then said Mary unto the angel:

"How shall this be,
seeing I know not a man?"

And the angel answered:

"The Holy Ghost
shall come upon thee

"and the power of the highest
shall overshadow thee.

"Therefore, that holy thing
which shall be born of thee

"shall be called
the Son of God."

The only voice I heard
was from a song on a tape.

Could it be that
He did this to me?

This wonderful blessing
of heavenly life.

The voice that sang those words
of wonder and spirit...

"Don't leave me hanging
on the telephone"


Is He the one who filled me
with this Jesus baby?


Tell Rachel to come
meet me here, OK?

Yes, ma'am.

Don't leave me
hanging on the telephone

Don't leave me
hanging on the telephone

Are you storing up
for an apocalypse?

I just...

I haven't gotten it for a while.

How much of a while?

- Months.
- It's normal.

It comes and goes at your age.

You know how, sometimes...

When you don't get it
for a while,

it means you're pregnant?

I think that's what it is.

I'm so relieved,
I thought you would be mad.

A few months ago...

When I was in the cellar,
I found that blue tape

and something happened,
I think...

I think God got me pregnant
through that blue tape.

Go get in the truck.

I need the keys.

Is everything alright?

Women troubles.

- Mom, I really want to explain.
- No, this is all my fault.

I shouldn't have been filling
your head up

with all those stories.

- No!
- Let's not discuss it anymore.

Until we know for sure.

It's been ten minutes.


It's a miracle!

The role of a mother
is a large one to take on.

In my case,

it wasn't a choice.

I heard Mom say that

she was surprised every time.

But I'm convinced
that the role of a mother

cannot be fulfilled
without a father.

The truth is the man
on the tape recorder did this.

God's vessel,

the tape deck.

Let us start with a prayer,

Will you lead it?

Dear Heavenly Father,

we are thankful
for this opportunity

for a last-minute interview

to understand
Thy mysterious ways.

We are thankful for

tape recorders and...

and telephones.

please give us a good feeling

and a spirit of understanding
in the name of Jesus Christ...


- Amen.
- Amen.

Rachel, it has come
to my attention

that you are with child.

Is that true?

Well then,
I have contacted Ben Brooksby.

His son, Elijah Brooksby,

has agreed to marry you
tomorrow night.


Rachel, whoever did this to you

is obviously unfit to be
the father of your child.


Rachel, you have committed sin.

I didn't sin.

Maybe, I listened to something
that I wasn't supposed to.

And then...

Then I'm pregnant.

A few months ago,

I found a tape in the cellar
with music on it

and I could feel the spirit

from the tip of my toes
up through my head.

Dad, it was just like Mary,
like in your lesson!

I found Rachel and Mr. Will
with the tape

engaged in activities.

Rachel, will you stand up

and Mr. Will,
will you sit down, please?

Mr. Will,
did you get Rachel pregnant?

- No.
- He didn't.

We are not speaking to you now,

we're speaking with Mr. Will.

I did not do it.

You leave me with no choice.

Tomorrow, Mr. Will,
you will leave this family

and Rachel,
you will marry Elijah Brooksby.

Mom, you know
we didn't do anything.

To bed.

Elijah Brooksby?

Marriage to Elijah Brooksby?

I don't even have to ask God
to know that's not right.

It's a horse...

Your big toes,

big as my big nose...

So the story goes...

Settle down...


Mom, wake up!

- Mom!
- Stop!


Now, Rachel, stop right there!

Rachel, come back!

Alright, come on now honey,
open the truck.

No, do not...
You are not doing that.

Pull right over right now,

Good evening friends and family,

I accelerate down the road

I have not yet traversed.

I travel beyond the red bluffs

of a home I can not again
call my home...

In search of the father
of my holy child,

the man who sings
on the cassette tape.

I'm here.

In the beginning was the word.

And the word was with God.

And the word was God.

In Him was life.

And the life
was the light of men.

And the light shineth
in darkness.

And the darkness
comprehended it not.

There was a man sent from God.

He was not the light,

but came to bear witness
of the light.

I'm looking for a guy
who plays the guitar.

Maybe a little bit younger
than yourself.


There's a venue down there
where the kids go for music.


Hello, sir.

Wow, this is the first time

I've ever met
anyone like you before.

However, can I go inside?

You gotta be 18.

Sir, I've never been
inside of a beauty bar before.

Stay the fuck out!

I deserved that.

That's my girlfriend.

Where the fuck have you been?

Thanks for letting us play, man.

Wait, so we can't stay
for the other band?

What the fuck?

We have every right
to listen to the other bands.

Can you even hear
the other bands?


Next time.

Hey, Cheese is here.

Where are you guys heading to?

Do you wanna come?

she wants to have my babies.

She wants to what?

they'll only be a little deaf.

- Just a little bit deaf.
- I think those are good odds.

Are you
some sort of prairie girl?

Oi, let's shag ass already!

I just lost some of my hearing,

it's pretty sexy though, right?

Not into it?

Is it OK if I go with you?


But is the prairie guy
coming with you?

- Let's go.
- What are you doing here?

We're going home
and you're confessing to Dad.

Just take the truck keys
and leave.

in case you don't remember

I got kicked out
because you sinned.

I have a rifle behind my bed,

you guys can solve
that little quarrel

back at my place.

Just take the truck keys
and leave.

I'm not leaving
without a confession.

- Get the fuck out man.
- Oh, shit!

Are you really gonna stick
with the virgin Mary thing?

I told you I wasn't going
to let you drive.

Are they coming?
What are we doing?

Close the fucking door.

Piece of shit! That was close.

You are... all alright.

I wanted to make sure
you were real.

You fuckers
rigged my wheel again? God!

That's right, fuckers...

Say it!

We don't swear.


I'll bet you'll be swearing
sooner or later.

Do you promise you'll confess?

I told you the truth, Mr. Will.


Do you think I'm pretty?

Here it is. You like it?

Sit down.

Sit down.

I didn't catch your name.

Mr. Will.

Mr. Will?

Hello Mr. Will, I'm Mr. Clyde.

You just call me Clyde.

Or Master.

You know what,
you call me Master.

I won't shoot, I promise.


Clyde, put the gun away!

Hi cutie,
can you watch her for me?

Oh my god!

Are you from the prairie?

No, I'm from Utah.

Where's that?

let's get out of this hellhole.

You guys wanna play?



When do you guys play?
I really like rock 'n roll.

We're kind of hiatusing
right now.

are you guys playing tomorrow?

Oh yeah.

You guys can come if you want.


Later, man.

Hold up your fingers.

How it works, is it's called
"Never have I ever"...

So you would say for example

"Never have I ever
been to jail."

And he puts one down
because he's been to jail.

What happened?

I shot my mom's dog
and she pressed charges.

They kicked me out,
but it's cool.

- That's terrible.
- Alright...

If you're gonna play
that shit...

"Never have I ever"
had a period.

- Clyde...
- That's so stupid.

So stupid.


OK, my turn.

"Never have I ever"
had a hamburger.

Oh man, you're gonna kill us
at this game.

I wanna try one,
I'm actually pretty hungry.

"Never have I ever"
been to Mexico.

"Never have I ever"
been pregnant.

Clyde, stop doing
gender-specific ones.

Are you pregnant?

She's pregnant.

Yeah, I'm sort of pregnant...

I'm looking for the dad,
so it's fine.

I didn't actually
do anything wrong.

So you're a pure slut?

Don't be a dick!

Don't listen to him.


"Never have I ever"
spoken on a cellular phone.

I got one. Where's my phone?

Didn't you say
you were pregnant?

All girls are pregnant.
We're all pregnant.

What does that even mean?

- Hold it to your ear.
- OK.

Call her.
You call her.

You call her.


This is Rachel. Can you hear me?

Check the microphone, testing.

One, two, three. Hello?

Testing, testing,
one, two, three.

Can you hear me?

Don't leave me
hanging on the telephone

Oh, I like that one.

Don't leave me
hanging on the telephone.

It's beeping!

Press the green button. Green.

Press play.


- Hey.
- You wanna get loaded later?


- Yeah. Loaded.
- Come to my room then.

Alright, lates.

Day One.

Arrived in Electric Paradise:
Las Vegas.

I met a group of people.

Clyde and...

and some other girls

taking me in.

Clyde is...

perhaps the spawn

of Satan.

Then there's Johnny.



You want something to drink?

No, thanks.

Cool, there's pizza,
if you want some.


I mean, cool.

Would you ever want to marry me?

What was that?

Would you ever wanna...

go out some time...

and show me the city
or something cool.

That's what you guys say, right?


Just... Just...

Let me know when...

I mean...


You wanna borrow some clothes?

No, no thanks.

You look crazy.

Thank you.

Put these on at least.

You'll get wrinkles
if you squint that hard.

I accept.

You look ridiculous.

Thank you.

- Are you ready?
- For what?

I'm leaving.

I need your confession.

You guys planting gardens today
or are you coming?

- She's not going.
- Yes, I am.

If I were you, man,

I would watch
this girl's every move.

Girls like this

can't be trusted.

I'll come back, I promise.

How's everyone feeling tonight?

this song is called "Zombie."

I have to pee so much.

Perhaps over time...

music, styles of music changed.

I'm not quite sure if

what Johnny plays
is actually music.

Hi, I'm Kevin.

I'm ready to give you
a confession.

I want you to leave.

Isn't that what you want?

I'll make up anything.
Just tell me what you want!

I want the truth, recorded over
the contents of the blue tape.


I don't know, man.

I could try forever.

- Sorry, man.
- Pardon me.

Good show.


Can we talk about your music?
It's urgent.

Well, you know it's not satanic
or anything.

I sing about important stuff,

like political stuff,
comic stuff, etc.

Well, cool.

Can we talk over there?

What do you wanna talk about?

Something music related.

Yeah, sure.

I was really into it because...

my older brother
was into like...

Fugazi and shit like that.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

If you have
your left foot forward,

it's regular.

The other way round is goofy.

Are you regular or goofy?

What's that?

Are you regular or goofy?


You're probably regular.

So you're Rachel's brother?

Not intentionally.

Why are you guys running?

She got pregnant and
my dad has arranged a marriage.

She got down with her boyfriend.

She doesn't have a boyfriend.

You have a crush on her?

What's a crush?

- Did you fuck your sister?
- No!

Well, who did?

Don't know. She won't say.

Sounds like a potiental
"Lifetime for Women" film.

You got a guess?



Did your dad do it?

- Did your dad fuck your sister?
- Shut up!

She wants a husband now

or a boyfriend
to take care of her?


Yeah, and...

I just learned power chords
and that was it.

Oh yeah, yeah.

Did you ever play
a song about the telephone?

Definitely Nintendo

and Wolfenstein.

Maybe telephones.

'Cause I'm looking for
someone that...

sings a song
about the telephone.


Dude, are you alright?

I don't see him.
Is he down there?

That sucks.

What happened?
I thought you were watching him.

I'm not his fucking babysitter.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

One, two, three...

I'm not taking them.

Please Mr. Will, just take them.
Don't be such a martyr.

I'm not like you!
I don't take drugs!

Swallow, swallow.

Gonna try
and reset your arm okay?

Have you guys noticed
the beautiful women out here?

There are no sweet spirits
like there are at home.

That's what we call
the ugly girls.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah!

Is he OK?

The drugs are working.

Dad would have such a fit
if he saw me like this.

I'd be kicked out
of the colony for sure.

You are out of the colony.

Well, no!

I'm going back tomorrow.

You will tell me
who you've sexed!


Are you guys speaking Japanese?

You guys are speaking Japanese.

You know I don't like you,

Neither does Johnny.

Why would you say that?

You're knocked up.


You're pregnant.


damaged goods.

She's had
an immaculate conception.

She's carrying the son of God.

That little fucker.

Told you he'd say "fucker."

Can I show you something?

It's probably an older band.

Johnny didn't sing this.

You think this got you pregnant?

With the son of God?


Are you OK?

We'll find the guy.

If that's what you want.

That's what you want, right?

Crazy girl.

You don't believe me.

No, I don't believe you.

Why don't you just...

marry me?

As a backup, you know?

In case we don't find this guy.


you're not the guy on the tape.


If we find him,

you can leave me.

You would do that?



- OK?
- Yeah.

We're married!


Just like that?


Do we say "I love you"?


Maybe one day.

Yeah, maybe.

Don't tell Mr. Will...



You know, I...

I won't touch you...

like that.

If you don't want it.

Thank you.

She's hungry.

She's gotta feed our baby.
Go feed her baby.

Let's all skip, let's skip!
Come on, skip!

Shut the fuck up.

- We'll get you some food.
- Yeah, go get some food.

- It's so big.
- We'll wait here.

Are they going inside?

- Let's hide!
- Why are we hiding?

we're not supposed to be here.

We're not?

Are they home?

They're probably sleeping.

Is it OK coming in like this?

Yeah, as long as
they don't know, it's fine.

Are these yours?


I really don't think I should.

Can we live here?


We'll live by the sea.

- Shall we go over the wall?
- I mean, I guess so.

- It's really high!
- Wow, it is high.

You do it. One... Ahh!

Ahh! Ow!

I can't do it.

- We should go.
- Stay here, I'll be right back.

Oh, wow...

Hello, operator.

I'd like to report an intruder
at 1533 Windhaven Circle.


Yes, I will.

I'm sorry.

Young lady! Stop!

Stop! Stop!

- Dad!
- Stop!

It's OK. Rachel, go!

It's OK, they're OK.

Go, go, go!


Watch your hand,
watch your hand.

Turn around here, come on up.

My shoes...

Anything you say
can and will be used against you

in a court of law.

Get in there.

Once upon a time, in a land,

just on the other side of
the red bluffs...

A red Mustang

And you all know
where that lead me, right?

Is that girl pregnant?


You didn't get
that poor girl pregnant,

did you?

She had
an immaculate conception.

I'm just...

trying to help her out.

Clyde, I just saved your ass
from going to jail again.

Please don't give me that.

Where have you been?


Fine, you have to stay here.


Well, it's either here
or it's juvenile hall.

It's all the same to me, so...

Face to your left.

Do you have any form of ID?

Driver's license?

Social Security number?


Can I help you?

Yes, hi,
I'm Rachel Angela McKnight.

- I'm 15...
- Hi.

I was looking over there
at your vehicle and...

I was just wondering if...

Are you thirsty?

Is she cute?

She's asking about your car,
I think she wants to buy it.

Who is she?

Do you recognize me?

I can't say that I do.

This, I recognize.

Well, I'm pregnant...

So whatever you did, worked.

Did you sing on that tape?


Me and an old girlfriend...

Look, I'm really sorry.

I don't have any way
of helping you out...

- You know, financially...
- What?

You've got your mama's eyes.

The rest sort of looks like me.
Sorry about that.

Oh shit!

I don't even know your name.


That's a beautiful name.


Just Rachel.


I'm looking for the man
who sings on that tape.

Well, you found him.

Guess it's not exactly
what you're looking for, though?

Did you know my mother well?

I loved her.

I'm in the phone booth,
it's the one across the hall

If I don't answer...
Let's try that again.

I'm in the phone booth,
it's the one across the hall

If you don't answer,
I'll just ring it off the wall

I know he's there,
but I just had to call

Don't leave me
hanging on the telephone

Don't leave me
hanging on the telephone

I gotta interrupt
and stop this conversation

Your voice accross the line
gives me a strange sensation

Instead of finding the father
of the son of God,

I found my actual father.



Mr. Will?

Where's Snow?

I don't know.
Where are you?

Juvenile Hall.


- It was nice meeting you.
- You too.

So, where are you going?

My brother is in Juvenile Hall,

I should get there too.



- Bye.
- Bye.

I like your cast.

Did you...

Did you pick blue
or did they pick it?

What should I do?

I don't know.

Should I...

Should I go back?

I don't know.


I'll confess.

On this tape, for the record.

They won't let me back now.

Do you want to go back?


Do you?


Dear Clyde,

when I was a child,
I spoke as a child,

I understood as a child,

I thought as a child.

But then I grew up,
and I put away childish things.

For it is better,
if the will of God be so,

that I suffer for well-doing.


It's the best thing.

They agreed to it already.

If I do it, will you let
Mr. Will come back home?


I'm sorry, Rachel.

And behold,
Mary was a spouse to Joseph.

But before they came together,
she was found with child.

Her husband, being a just man,

and not willing
to make her a public example

put her away privately.

While he thought on
these things,

the angel of the Lord
appeared to him in a dream,

saying: "Joseph, fear not,

"for that
which is conceived in her

"is of God."

I'm looking for my nephew.

Kind of dirty blonde hair...

Face like an angel.

Who are you?

A family friend.

Tell me who you are.

I was looking for your sister.


I was going to give her
a ride home.

She's already home.


Do you want a ride?

That's her van!

That's her boyfriend.

Shit! She's got a boyfriend?


Who are you?

I'm Rachel's dad.

Fucking parents, man.

Oh God, if you're there,

get me the hell out of this.

Make Clyde care.

Just this once.

Yours truly,
Rachel Angela McKnight, 15.

For the beauty of the earth.

For the beauty of the skies.

For the love
which from our birth

Over and around us lies.

Lord of all, to thee we raise.

This our hymn
of grateful praise.

Heavenly Father,
we thank you

for the opportunity
to witness this glorious union

between Rachel Angela

and the righteous and diligent
Elijah Brooksby.

What are we doing?

Yeah, we should've planned this.

Should we go?

I should probably say something.

Yeah, it's only right.



This is my husband, Clyde.

It's good to meet you.

You guys look so much alike.


Your mother and I...

we're so worried about you.

No one's gonna judge you

if you just step out of
that car...

Was that your mom?


- Stop the car!
- What?

Stop the car.

I'm going back.





This is Rachel Angela McKnight.


Checking in one last time.

Confession of sorts.

I know who I am.

I know this baby
is the son of God.

Heaven inspired.

It's meant to tell the world
God's will.


God has made sure
every step of the way

has led me to do His will...

I think.

Let's go back to the beginning.