Electric July (2014) - full transcript

In the burning heat of July, Thomas and Victor, two 14 year old teenagers, are bored to death and want to escape. Victor decides to take Thomas to an abandoned bridge. Timorous, he follows him. He will have to confront his fears and desires along that bridge whose end is uncertain.

You afraid or what?

We shouldn't be here


Victor, calm down!

Victor, what did I just say?

Enough is enough boys!


Beyond the windmills...

If you walk long enough,

there's this amazing place.

Very few people made it that far.

But those who did...

It was mind-blowing.

That's where we outta be.

Anyway, I don't know
why I'm telling you all that.

You too scared, I'll go by myself.

I'm not scared...


You'd dare to go into
the swimming pool, alone in the dark?

Without getting busted?


You go into the swimming pool
and you come back.

Soaking wet.

Don't go too far boys!

When I call you, you come home
right away, hear me!

Yeah Yeah, whatever...

Take the moped.

You sure it's still far away?

I don't know, we're fine here.

You suck! You always scared...

I thought it would be
worth it to go there together

But if you're too scared, never mind.

No...alright, it's fine.

Ok, let's see.

Stop shaking, it can't work.

Look at me.

I'm sorry.

The platform was even wider
than you had imagined.

Thousands of people...


Some where jumping off
the roof on their bikes.

Others were dancing,
leaping into the void...

They weren't scared of anything.

But that was not the end of it.

The bridge kept going on and on,
deep in the country.

Who knows...

maybe it never ends.

Promise me we'll go.