Electric Girl (2019) - full transcript

Mia, who lends her voice to a Japanese Anime super heroine, finds reality and fiction to be interlacing more and more. Suddenly, Mia can see electricity, leap off rooftops and save people's lives.

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One beautiful summer evening,

I saw the future of my city,

which is about to die.

I know how difficult the tests are,
that face me.

Maybe they'll be too hard.

But the fate of
so many people is in my hands.

I mustn't let them down.

Japan is threatened
by evil spirits, the Yokai.

They lurk in power lines
and WiFi connections.

They manipulate people
with magnetic fields,

rendering them powerless.

The electrical current
is getting stronger and stronger.

Only I, Kimiko,
can see the Yokai and fight them.

That was fun.
- You're on, then.

Ten seasons?
- You set yourself quite a task.

Can I rely on you?
- Of course.

Of course you can.

So here's to Kimiko.
- To Kimiko.

Before I forget...

For you to prepare.

I look forward to it.

Me too.

Everything OK?

Let's have a drink.

What a beautiful sunrise!

Sorry, I didn't intend
to ruin your bad mood.

Sometimes I'm too...

... silent.

And the world...

... is far too much.

Sometimes I must...

I cannot distinguish...

between laughing and crying...


There you are. When are you coming?
Dad is really not well.

I'm in a hurry.
- We need you here.

Let's speak later, right?
- We should discuss...

You missed school a lot.
I worry about you.

I'm just very busy.

Why don't you tell me
what's on your mind?I'm your friend.

It's too dangerous.
I shouldn't involve you.

You'll understand
once everything's over.


Promise to be careful, Kimiko.

See you soon, Lee.
Take care.

Thanks, that was excellent.

My sister!
Hello, Paula.

See you tomorrow.

Good idea, with the photos.
I'll do so.

Right, there's plenty of time.
I'll manage.

I'm coming. I'm just
in the middle of a job, and...

Memorise the storyline...

But I'll make it.

Right, don't worry.

Dad'll be fine.

Right, OK,
see you, bye!

The full moon.

There's not much time left.

Kill the engine, Chris.

They're here.

The transmitter is connected.

Connect the
spark quenching transmitter...

And distribute all across the roof.

Oh, Tokyo!

If we do everything correctly

no-one'll ever know
how close you were to death.

You seem so spooky sometimes.

The fate of so many is in my hands.

I mustn't let them down.

They're here, already!

On yellow, I have to jump.

Run! Run fast!

I can't hold
the energy much longer!

Wonderful, thanks,
Marc will join now.

Ready when you are.

You have much to learn, Kimiko.

Who on earth are you?

You're strong. But your powers
could turn dangerous, too.

For you and for others.
I'll help you.

You're a water-spirit.

How do I know
I can trust you?

The Yokai headquarters
are surrounded by water.

You won't get in
without me, anyway.

The old power station!
I should have known.

The Yokai meet there at full moon.

Are you brave enough?

Is there any milk?
- It makes your throat slimy.

Why not just turn off
all power stations to destroy the Yokai?

No way. It would be
a mega catastrophe.

Everything breaks down
in a super black-out.

No Internet, no light, no nothing.

There'd be looting,
alarm systems failing.

Traffic chaos, death,
people stuck in the metro,

and in lifts,
planes be without radio contact...

hospitals without electricity...

No Internet would be worst, right?

No, the dark is worst.

Everything OK?

Oh my God, those weird sounds...

Ah, the splatter movie next door...

Gave me the creeps too.

No need for you
to be frightened anymore.

That's a good one.

That's good...

Would you please leave...


Everything OK?

Where are the others?-Outside.
- Jakob.

Here's something for you.

Thank you.

There you are!

We're work mates,
in this bar.

Are you out of your mind?

We're looking for Sternschanze.

Is it that way?

You're totally out of synch.

It's that way!

The Yokai already control
the whole digital world.

We must free ourselves
of conventional energy sources.

Paula: More photos... of dad...
... dad on holiday in Italy

Electromagnetic waves


What is your name?


You're Kristof.

Cyrillic. Let's see.

Wow. What's it mean?

Something silly, from a while ago.

I believed in a better universe, then.

With fewer morons in it.

I still believe in that.

We now also control
our heating with an app.

Have you heard of the dash button?

A tiny button you programme.

To order, let's say,
the suds you always use.

If you realise
you're running out on suds

you press the button,
and it's re-ordered.

How practical.

I don't have any books at home, either.
Nor CDs, it's all in the cloud.

You never had books, anyway.

There's a lot you don't know.
- Oh really.

No need
to leave the house anymore.

What if there's a black-out?

You'll Google in a blank
with your online library.

It's not very likely, is it?

You mean the N1 criterion?

The N1 criterion?

It stipulates that failure
in any single power line

must not jeopardise the entire network.

Problem is,
N1 is now obsolete.

The whole world
now depends on electricity.

There's 1000s of
power failures each year.

Cascading faults, multiple break-downs.

Is that so?
- It's a bit more complicated.

I can tell you more if you want.
- Esther is a physicist.

You tell me?
Because you think you know?

Or you want me to believe so?

But you don't know
that I know...


Nor what I really know.

So, what do you know?

Mia, are you alright?

Well, it's been a pleasure.

Wine's excellent.

Hello, come on, get up.

Are you mad? Why?

In Japan the Kimiko Manga
came true quite early.

Hiroshima, Fukushima, Tepco Yokai.

Just Kimiko didn't exist.

Tepco Yokai.

Sorry, I talk too much.

Were you in the navy, in Russia?

Nuclear submarine?




Well, quite yellow.


On yellow, I have to jump!

It's too much.
- Never mind.


You're quite electric.

It can be quite annoying.

I've got something for you.

A poem for Kristof.

Sometimes I can't sleep

Just laughing and crying

About to explode,
all thoughts start rhyming

Sometimes the world is way too wee,
for me to be

Sometimes the world is full of such
silence and me to much

Sometimes it spins too fast,
for me to last

I get dizzy,
neither here, nor now

Not with you, not with me,
not held, not free

Floating afar
like a fuming star

What I'm touching 's getting dire

What I look at
catches fire

All is rotting in a blink,
everything is...

out of sync.

Did you write that?
- Yeah.

Not bad.

To poetry!

It was in sync!

Lightning strikes,
I'm free, it's over now.

The sound of thunder,
on yellow I have to jump.

What happened?
Is anyone hurt?

Are you OK?

Do you need an ambulance?

How did you know?
- I just did.

You're Kris, my fellow hero!

Chris takes me to the underwater world.

The master holds
the spark quenching transmitter,

a device to bridge the grid,
and crush the power of the Yokai.

Japan's fate lies in your hands.

Are you ready to carry the burden?

The spark quenching transmitter
would help,

if we manage
to interrupt the power supply now,

Tokyo will be safe.

But what about the people?

Isn't it too dangerous?

Stay in sync, Mia.

Once more!

Mia, you're way out.

Don't you see?I'm there, too.

Yes. You're too late,
and more neutral, please!

It's to match what we see.
- Not so emotional!

But Kimiko knows the situation is worse
than anyone here thinks.

She's not being emotional,
she's simply not this little, girlish,

fuckable, chosen one.

She's aware of what she can do,
and what she wants.

I'm not discussing it, right?

Your tantrum yesterday,
and today you let us down!

What is it?
- We haven't managed anything today.

So let's continue.

Enough for today, thanks Marc.

What on earth?

Nice grin you got there.

Death on the metro prevented!

It won't help you now.
You're just too slow.

I'm so blind.


Get off, please get off.

What am I supposed to do here?

Mia, hey! I worried about you.

Where were you?
- I'm just very busy.

With this dubbing job?

No more playing the heroine.

It's getting serious now.

- Who is the master.

What do you mean?
- It shouldn't be so hard...

Did you take anything?
You act really weird.

- Yeah.

I've never been more level-headed.

You'll understand, once it's over.

Everything's OK.

What are we going to do with you?

OK, we're inside now.

Sorry, let's begin.

What are you doing here?

Where are we?

Mia, come with me.

What a cheek to show up here.

What kind of outfit is this?

Into method acting, now?

The future of so many people
is in my hands.

But I'm ready to carry the burden,
and save the world.

But you're not saving the world.

Yes, I am.

Why do you think I'm late?

You're not late, you're out.
I had to recast Kimiko.

I am Kimiko.

You won't manage it.

You can't simply replace me.

Believe me, I'd wanted it differently.

You don't get it, do you?

Just leave me be.

You're such a bad liar.

Sitting behind your controls,

you think you're pulling the strings.

When, really, you're out of sync.

Completely out of sync!

Why didn't you tell me
how far we're going?

I've only got one cigarette left.

We'll meet the master today.

The master. I see.

Mythical beasts,

one of my dad's hobbies.

I didn't see this one before.

The last one dad made.

That's Kristof.

My mum, and my cousin Anja.
- Hello.

He's from Russia,
where he was with the navy.

He fled after an accident on a U-boat.

No, no.
- From a Gulag!

Are you going to change?

So you finally made it.

I'm your auntie!

That's Kristof.

Hi, I'm Paula.
- My sister.

Nice to meet you.

Got the photos,
so I can start?

Oh shit, sorry, I forgot.

No way!

Leave everything to us?

And can't even do that?

There he is.

Hi dad, I'm here now.

You're not well at all, right?

It's because of my job.

Super heroine.

Look, I was in the papers.

Dad, I need your help.

I must find
the spark quenching transmitter.


This should fit.
- Thanks.

Want some?


Everything looks so delicious,
I can't decide.

Got a new boyfriend?

Is he a little shy?

Kind of.

You look great!

Who brought these delicious berries?

How are you? How's university? OK?

It's OK.
- Come along, please?

You're hurting me.

Now listen:

You've only visited dad once
since it happened.

It's bound to be his very last birthday.

And you're
not playing main fiddle, get it?

Mum, I'm sorry, but...

It's not what you think.
There's something quite different.

No-one's playing a character.

Unfortunately not.

The thing with dad,

there's a purpose to it.

Believe me.

A drink?

So, what are you up to these days?

Well, right now, I work in a bar.

We also do cool events,
poetry slams, etc.

I help with those.
Know what I mean?

No, never heard of it.

It's like a modern poetry competition.

What a lovely evening today.

So you write, too?

Right, yes.
- Well, go on, then.

Let's hear it.

- Yes, go on.

We met on the way to a space station.

On first touch...

gravitation ceased. Now,
I race through space supersonically.

Like a ball of fire.

Floating in orbit,
with no plan.

I'm sending signals:

Get me back to earth,
I'm drifting away, S.O.S!

Get me back down,
against the laws of physics,

I orbit the earth
in just a moment.

Circling, on my travels,
like a satellite.

With fuel for a 100 years...

Get me back to earth!

I'm drifting away, S.O.S!

Look, the fire is following me!

Mum, look! Watch out!

Stop it, immediately!

It's just all getting on top of me.

It's just too much, Mia.


Daddy, I love you.

You don't care about anything, right?

Everything's fine.

He told me what to do.

The clock rang twelve.

We're about to enter a super black-out.

Everything's at stake now.

We must stop the Yokai.

It's a full moon tomorrow.

Are you brave enough?


I'm a radio technician, ok?

I used to be.

I was on a U-boat once,
visiting, nothing nuclear!

I'm not from Russia!

I wasn't with the navy!

I'm no super hero, nor are you.

I hardly hear you.

I wasn't in a Gulag!

Yes, you were!
You're still in the Gulag!

You're mad.

Hold this.

There are the Yokai!

I'm getting out.

Let me off!


Look. You weren't even trying.

I saw the future of my city,
which is about to die.

It is my fate to make this sacrifice.


We have to leave!

Come on, Kris! Open up!

I can't. Go away.
Just leave. Please.

It's time.

Time to go.

Mia, listen.

Right, you...

You're ill.

Right? You...

You need help.

And I, I'm...

I'm ill, too, I...

I'm a sick loser,
who fell for a crazed woman.

I'm not ill.
The town is full of sick people.

Right, just go away.
Leave me be.

Leave me be.

I'll do it myself, then.

If I'm not back at dawn,

then I didn't succeed.

You'll have to bury the rat, ok?


No, I'm not promising anything.


I won't promise.

Won't promise you anything.

I'm so dumb.
All this time...


You are the peril at my side.

Would you get me whisky with milk?

- Didn't you want to see your parents?

Lissy, I need your help.
- Right, how?

The super black-out.

When do you finish tonight?

Jakob asked for you.

He's furious.

Did you take his car?

It's right outside.

Want one, too?
- Yes, sure.

Three times, same again.

Red is your colour.

Mine is blue.

On yellow I have to jump.
Short circuit alarm.

Let me drink another one.

Maybe my very last one.

Thanks! To Kimiko!

103 -2 -1

103 and red spell trouble.

Out of sync. Never mind,
they're all out of sync here.

But I can help you.

Before the Yokai get you.

The air's still.

You can sense it.

The voltage has doubled.

An inferno of signs.
If you can decipher them.

They're everywhere.

In the streets, in flowing rivers,
in that branch that slightly shivers

In your hair, your eyes, your veins

In your hearts, your cries, your pains

They will waylay, they will get you

Find your weakness to upset you.

Shoot their sparks
your eyes to dazzle.

Brand your skin
with signs that sizzle.

They're everywhere.

But you're seeing nothing, right?

Just a blinding, burning light.

Sleeping deeply with no clue,

Kimiko will rescue you.

Sudden darkness.

Let me deal with it.

Young lady, come,
let's chat outside.

You too!

Glad, you're here.

She's against me,
and everyone else, out to stop it.

I thought she was my friend,
but she's on the other side, too!

We'll take it from here.

It's what you wanted.

Easy, get down.


Just get down, OK?

Easy. Just get down.

Yes, that's it.
It's going to be alright


Shall we go outside,
catch some fresh air?

Come, stop it now.

Come on, go fetch the stick.

Yes, come on!





Up there.

Li, get away!

Get away!

Li! Get away!




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