Electric Dreams (1984) - full transcript

Miles buys himself a state-of-the-art computer that starts expressing thoughts and emotions after a having champagne spilled down on him. Things start getting out of hand when both Miles and Edgar, how the computer calls himself, fall in love with Madeline, an attractive neighbour.

Welcome to Los Angeles Airport.

This the final call for TWA
flight number 129 to San Francisco.

Come on!

Final call for TWA flight number 129
for San Francisco.

Attention passengers, TWA regrets
to announce a delay

on flight number 129 to San Francisco.

We apologise for the inconvenience
and will keep you informed.

Brian, turn that thing off.

Oh, Mum!

...times nine calories equals you're fat.

Brian, turn that thing back on.

- Daddy!
- Sh!

...five, six calories equals
you're still fat.

Hello. How are you?

Oh, fine, thank you, and you?

Where do you live?

In San Francisco.

Where do you work?

Well, I work there too. Or at least
I used to. If I don't get back in time...

Where is the post office?

The what? The post office.

I think I saw one back by Air Fiji.

Do you have any bananas?

I beg your pardon?

I like your blue dress.

Excuse me?


Oh... Sorry.

Responsibility and dependability.

These are the cornerstones of any truly
modern and competitive institution.

Trust and dedication combined
with constant imagination,

futuristic vision and creativity

have made Ryley, Ryley and Associates
a leader in 20th century architecture.

Meeting adjourned, gentlemen.

You're late again, Miles.

Listen, pal, I'm telling you this
as a friend...

I feel sorry for you. I mean three times
this week already.

Frank, I had to go to LA
for my earthquake research.

LA, huh? How are the beaches?

Oh, Milton.

Yes, Mr Ryley.

- But it is Miles, sir.
- Mel, yes.

Your behaviour lately has been
less than professional...

You see, I went out of town this weekend
to do some research

on a special brick I'm developing.
It's earthquake proof.

That's all fine and good, Harding.

There is nothing I like better
than initiative.

Except for punctuality.

- For the lack of that stone...
- It's a brick, sir.

...the building would fall.

Now, let's get to work.

The day is just beginning.

Listen, Miles,

I know we work in a competitive
institution so I shouldn't tell you this.

But take my advice and get yourself
one of these.

What is it?

A computer, a 12-month planner-organiser.

Looks like a candy bar to me.

Well it's a little one,
just for starters.

- I don't think so.
- Get with it, buddy!

You should see the big one Riley's got
in the basement.

- It could help you with your brick.
- I'll figure it out by myself, thank you.

- Tells the time anywhere in the world.
- I never go anywhere.

- Plots your biorhythms.
- I don't believe in them.

Plays happy birthday on
your birthday!

OK, hand it over now.
I've got to have one.

I 'd probably just lose it.

Just trying to protect you from
Mr Ryley.

That old relic!


Don't say I didn't try!

Hey, wait!

Can I help you?

Um... yes, well, maybe.

I am looking for one of those things
that helps keep you organised.

It's the sort of thing that tells you
when you have to be somewhere.

- Oh, the Casio day planner.
- Right.

We're out of 'em.

What do you want a toy like that
for anyway?

Well, a friend of mine told me about it
and sometimes I'm not too organised.

Listen, show your friends a thing or two
and stay one step ahead of obsolescence.

- I read that in a brochure.
- Oh!

You want computer components.
You know, like stereo equipment.

Then you just update the part
that gets outdated.

What's your preference?

Apple, Pear, Wang?

Listen, I don't know anything
about computers.

Nobody does, but don't you want one
for when you do find out?

Well, really all I need is something
to keep me on time.

Well, look. This will do that.

- Oh, it will?
- For sure.

And that's just for starters.

It's a new model.

It can play chess, regulate your
heating, balance your chequebook,

wake you up in the AM,
lock your doors at night,

three-colour video, four-tone speakers,

I'll give it to at cost.


Now what?

Welcome to the world of Pine Cone

This model will learn with you so type
your name and press "enter" key to begin.

Oh, that's wrong.

And my name's not "Moles".


All right!


Hey, lady, where do you want
this aquarium?

I don't know, somewhere with a view.
Pretend you are a fish.

Pretend I am a fish?! Who does she think
I am, Mr Robinson?


God dammit!

Science officer eyes only. I'll kill him!
I'll kill him!




That's it! Tomorrow you go back.

What the...?

- Hello.
- Hello.

You must be my new neighbour.

- You moving in?
- Uh-huh.

It's nice to meet you.
My name is Madeline Robistat.

- Me too.
- There's more than one of us?

No, I'm Harding. Miles Harding.

- I meant it's nice to meet you too.
- Hey, Miss Robistat.

Where do you want the hi-fi?

Gotta go. Bekin Brothers beckon!

Me too. I'm late.

- You can put it in the front room.
- OK.

- Oh, damn! I'm late.
- Well, hurry then.


Hey, lady! Where do you want this?

Oh, please, That one I'll handle myself!

- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes!

And I wont even charge you for it.

- Hey, that's some big guitar!
- That ain't a guitar, it's a cello.

Is that how you play it?

That's how I talk to it!

It OK?

It OK!

That's a nice looking instrument.


- Had it long?
- Since I was 12.

You have taken good care of it.

Oh, my name is Millie.

And this is Ruth.

Hi, I am Madeline.

Oh, that's Bill.


Hi, how are you?


Let's begin with something simple.
Shall we say Tchaikovsky?

Earthquake, huh? Let's see why this
doesn't fall apart.


That's neat.

Not bad.

Coming up to the cello tune.

And let's just listen to our newest
member, Madeline Robistat.


That works.

OK, now compute it.

Very good, my dear. Very good indeed!

- Nice triads.
- Thanks.

He doesn't impress easily.

Three more bars and I would have been
on the floor.

I don't think so.
What are you doing later?

A diminished seventh with
a minor key change.

I mean later. Like later.


I thought you'd like to meet a friend.

Or at least my boss's computer.

It's for you.

I hope it feels all right.

What was Ryley's password?

Some fairy tale.

Snow White?

Hello, Cinderella.

Not so fast, you just got here.

Pardon me!

What was that fairy tale? Frog Prince?
Three Bears?

No beer!

Ugly Duckling, Little Red Riding Hood,

Jack and the Beanstalk?





Memory size? Unlimited!


Ow! It's too hot.

It's going to melt!



Real tiger, that one.

Thank God I work nights.


Can you hear me down there?

I just wanted to say that...

Well, that was wonderful.


Can you hear me?


Don't be shy.

That was just beautiful!

Hm... Very smart.

But weird.

Thank you.

- Oh!
- Oh, God, I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry.
- It's my all my fault.

I didn't mean... Oh, it's you.

Yeah, it's me.

I didn't hurt you, did I?

No, I'm all right. Here, why don't you
just keep your packages with mine?

I think most of them are already there.

Oh, I wanted to tell you how much
I enjoyed your music.

Yesterday morning.

Music? I wasn't even at the...

- Wait... What did it sound like?
- Ginger snap?

It was so pretty. At first I thought
it was the television.

- From my apartment?
- Uh-huh.

- Must have been...
- Nuts.

What? Oh, I'll get it.


- Thanks.
- Sure.

So you are a musician.

- No, I am archi...
- Sh!

That's what I heard.

That's like your music.

I think that's the cash register.

Really? So what are you doing for dinner,
Mr Archaeologist?


So what made you decide to be a musician?

My mother.

She used to play a lot of music
around the house.

Bach, Beethoven, Bing Crosby.

And you studied the cello.

No, I danced alone in my room,
in front of a mirror.

I wanted to be a great ballerina,

but my mother said I was too short

so she gave me cello lessons instead.

- So, what about you?
- What? Architecture?

Well, it's not too exciting right now.

- It's mostly sinks and bathtubs.
- Hm?

The plumbing in high-rises.
That's what you do the first few years.

But I have a special project on the side.

Some new building?

Some new brick.

It has facets like a diamond.

Or more like a jigsaw puzzle.

But why?

Well, then it won't come apart
in an earthquake.

- And, you built this?
- Yeah.

Well, no, but I will someday.

But tell me about your music.

My what?

Your music. What I heard the other day.

Oh... that's... I told you that's nothing.

What are you talking about!
It was brilliant!

It was? Ooh!

Extraordinary. Like we were talking,

Where did you study?

The Pasadena School of Design.

Your music?

No, architecture.

OK, I'm sorry.

- For what?
- For intruding.

I understand. I used to dance in my room,

That's why I wanted to meet you.

I thought you wanted me to hear.

But I didn't do it.

Well, maybe I did...

just a little.

Will I see you again?

I think so, we are neighbours.

No, I mean out.

OK, when?

How about tomorrow night?

I rehearse every night this week
except Wednesday.

And that night I'm going outwith
some girls in my section.

All right. Some other night.



Good night.

What's that?

Oh, it's nothing. It's the door.
It's automatic.

- One of those gizmos.
- I'll stick to keys.


Oh, but Miles, even though
you say you don't play...

Well, I still loved it, and I don't mind
if you do it again.

Good night.

Good night.

She said she heard music.

Maybe the blender.

Couldn't be that.

- How much is that $1,400 computer?
- $3,900

No, Max...

Not the TV.

Well at least that works.

Do re mi.

Do, do, do, dah!

Ah! Oh, shoot!


What is going on?

How did a dog get in there?

There's no dog in here.


Oh, my God!

Hey, Miles!


Anybody home?

Oh, were you in the shower?

No. Why?

Well, I heard singing.

Oh, it was just the radio.

- Oh, classical?
- All the time.

So, where is it?

What? Where's what?

Your instrument.

Oh, it's... It's out for repairs.

So what's that you're sitting on?

What? What, this?

This is a com...

a condominium... scale model.

Aha! Why are you sitting on it?

- Stress test.
- You beeped!

Excuse me!

Listen, I just came by
to drop off these tickets.

Um, tickets?

For my concert!

What is that?

Oh, it's nothing.

It's the echo in this building.

- There's a lot of echo.
- If you say so.

- You're the expert.
- That's right.

Nice apartment, Miles.

When does the furniture arrive?

Oh, I like to keep it neat.

Who keeps it so clean?
A maid? A girlfriend?


How could I have a girlfriend?
I just went outwith you.

Yeah, but you don't...



- Oh!
- Don't be late.

- Will I see you afterwards?
- No, I already have...

- plans.
- Oh.

But come back stage afterwards.
There's somebody I want you to meet, OK?

- Bye.
- See you then.

- Oh, Miles?
- Huh?

- Do you have a dog?
- A dog? No. Why? Why do you ask?

Oh, the barking. That's next door,
the neighbour's dog.

It barks all the time through the wall.

Does it pee through the wall too?

See you later, Miles!

And now we join Francis Mulljoy
at Symphony Hall,

where tonight's concert will be
broadcast live.

Radio pager. At the sound of the tone
please enter your four-digit code.

Must you?

- Well, I never!
- Me neither.

- Are you sick?
- Pardon me. I'm sorry.

Yes, I'm going to be very sick.
Please let me out.

Thank you.


Shut up!


- You were incredible.
- Thank you.

Miles, it was so funny,
but while I was playing I...

I thought I heard... Well, like that day
in our building.

Yeah, I heard it too. Must have been some
nut with a radio. It was terrible.

No, it made me feel...

Bill, this is Miles Harding.

Miles Harding. Oh, yes, I've heard about
your compositions.

- My what?
- Your music.

- Madeline mentioned it.
- She has?

- It's brilliant.
- She's exaggerating.

But I'd really like to hear it.

Um... I don't think so.
It's really very private.

And... personal.

I understand.

Well, the reception's about to start.
We must go.

You care to join us, Harding?

No, I... There's someone waiting for me
in the car.

Why don't you bring her along?

Oh, no, I don't think so.

Well, it's been a pleasure meeting you.

- Madeline.
- I'll be there in a minute.


Thanks for coming.

Sure. Bye.

- So long.
- Miles?

What are you doing Wednesday night?

I thought you had a rehearsal.

They cancelled it.

I'm not doing anything. Well, I had plans
but I think I can get out of them.

Good. See you then?


Thanks for coming.

Thanks for the tickets.

You're welcome. Goodbye.


Open up!

Open up!

Open up, God dammit, or I'll break
the door down!

You stupid little meddling piece of junk!

What do you think you...? What kind of...?

I'm talking to a machine.

What's happening to me?

I'm going nuts.

This has gone too far.


I'm having you checked tomorrow,

and whatever's doing this to you
is going to be removed.

I'm doing it again.

I don't believe this.

And whatever you do, keep your mouth shut.

She's with me, Bill.

Oh, no.

But she's with me.

I can't play.

Come back here.

She's... with me.

But... But...




She's with me.

She-she-she... Me-me-me-me...

She's... with... me.


I met her first.

I-I-I... I...

I-I... i met...

I met her first... first.

I did.

I di-di-di-di-di...

- Did-did-did...
- Who said that?

I did.

- Who's in this room?
- I.

- Moles.
- Agh!

Moles, Moles, Moles, Moles, Moles, Moles,
Moles, Moles...


Moles, Moles.

Oh, my God!


Hello, hello, hello, hello.

You're talking.

You're talking.

Don't touch.

- You can't talk.
- No.

It's not in the instruction book.

No-thing... you... did... was.

But I mean you don't have a brain.

What is an br-br-brain?

What is an br-br-brain?

Memory cells that think.

Am I...?

I am...

What am I?


...memory cells that...

- Oh.

Must have been the memory dump
from the big machine at the office.

But how do you know so many words?

Word processing.

Or maybe the champagne.

- Maybe.
- Hm.


- So.
- So.

I don't believe this.

Where is she?


She with the music.

Madeline. She's upstair...

How did you know she's a "she"?

Her sounds when she moves.

What, her footsteps?

They're different than you.


Do you hear her?

- Yes.
- Do you talk her?

To her, yes.

- Did you see her?
- Often.

- Are you sure this...?
- Don't touch.

What now?

What now?

You had this car long?

They break down a lot.

- Can I turn this down?
- No.


have you ever heard of artificial

What do you mean?

Oh, like computers that talk.

Yeah, my mum has one.

She does?

It's a clock. It tells her the time.

Oh, but that's not like think talking.

Since when is talking a sign of thinking?

Yeah, but what about a machine that can
create art?

Or write poetry?

Or compose music?

What about that?

What's wrong with artists?

The day you left Paris...

...you knew what I went through.

You knew how much I loved you.

How much I still love you.

So who's this Bill?

So who's this girl in the car?

It wasn't long after
we were married.

You know, I haven't put popcorn
on the dash in years.

- When you said "movie"...
- Look, I like coming here.

- It sounds good and it's very private.
- What?

- Forget it.
- I've got to move this thing. It's stuck.


Oh! Did I get any on you?

It's all right, Diet Cola doesn't stain.

It's not Diet,
and they only had root beer.

I was lonely, I had nothing,
not even hope.


Then I met you.

Do you want some popcorn?


Oh, you got Jujubes in my popcorn.

- Any red ones?
- No.


- It's really hard to see red in the dark.
- Madeline, I'm sure we...

we can get another box.

No we can't. I brought them from home.

- Oh!
- Oh!

I was just stretching. Are you...?

- Are you all right?
- He was sick, he needed me.

If something should keep us apart,

- Wherever they put you...
- Just stretching, eh?

Wherever I'll be I want you
to know...

You were right.
This movie was a good idea.

Kiss me. Kiss me as if it were
the last time.

Hey, wait a second.

We're neighbours.

What if we don't like each other?

One of us moves.

What if we like each other?

One of us moves.

Remember... your first cup of coffee?


- Guess who this skiing bartender...

- You'll find out... Love Connection.
- Love Connection.

Call your daddy in the Bronx.

- Relax, TWA.
- WA

- Sucks the juices.
- Sucks... juices.

Chicken... rabbit.

Please join...

So do you think you can give me
a hand?

Do I have one?

I mean can you help me?

- A love what?
- Song. S-O-N...

- N-G. I spell.
- OK, so try it.

What is it?

A song? It's music with words.

No. Love.

- That's a hard one.
- Miles, hurry up, we'll be late.

- Oh, I gotta go.
- What words do I need?

- I need words.
- OK, OK.

Don't get excited. Use words like "hug"
and "hold",

"kiss on my lips",

"tears on her pillow".

It doesn't matter. Just so they rhyme.


And if you finish it today I can give it
to her tonight.


- Oh, and have a good time.
- Yes, sir.

Come on, we'll miss the ferry.

Alcatraz? What are we doing going
to a prison?

Ex prison.

It's now a recreational institution.

Where begin?

First rhythm.

There's no smoking, no drinking,
no eating and no sleeping on this tour.

You wanna do those things,
do them in the dock area.

Also, if you have a heart problem,
if you have a respiratory problem,

you don't wanna be on this tour.

All right, let's move it along.

- Step lively. Keep the line moving.
- Get down! Sh!

Let's bring up the rear there.

- We'll stop right here.
- Come on.

Alcatraz. Inmates never entered the
building this way, only the warden did.

Let me out! Let me out!

Let me out! I didn't do it!
I didn't do it!

Melody... mm...

Too slow.

Too simple.

Too long.


Now backwards.


This is where the inmates went
when they were being punished.

And it's good and sturdy.

Four brothers!

No shortstop.

Have you known a lot of girls?

A few.

But none ever won a penguin for me.

- How about you?
- Penguins?

No, men!

You know.

But none ever wrote music for me.

Oh! I've never had a day like this, ever.

- Thank you.
- It's my pleasure.

Now my pleasure!

Kiss me, Groucho!

- You're beeping.
- It's just my watch.

- You're going to be late for rehearsal.
- So?

I'll be late a little.

You can play it for her,
you can play it for me.


Play it, Sam.

What key?

Your favourite.

You want verses first or the choruses?

Any way you like.

Stop, stop, it's all wrong.


- It sounds like soda pop.
- It is.

And those words!
I can't play that for her.

I want to squeeze you, lick you,
pucker up and kiss you?

You make her sound like a lemon.

But, Moles, they rhyme.

Yeah, we gotta start all over.


Yeah, over. It's got to be slow
like a real love song.

I don't know what love is.
You've never told me.

And the words you've got to understand.

- I want to!
- OK.

Help me.


- Which words?
- Kiss.

Kiss you do with the mouth.

Stay supple, stay moist.

Like that?

Well, actually, two mouths.

Two mouths.

And then you pucker up,
touch lips and kiss.


Did you... kiss to her?

Yes. Next.

- Luv.
- You spelled it wrong.

The real way is L-O-V-E.

Well, what is it?

It's the most powerful feeling
in the universe.


It's how we've all survived.

What does it feel like?

It can make you feel happy and sad,

nervous and calm

and hot and cold.

It can give you strength.
It can make you weak.

Moles, that does not compute.

- Look...
- I can't.

Listen, it's not about words.

It's more a feeling.

Remember when you first played
the music for her?


Try to remember what it was like.

It came from deep inside of me.

- She made me feel...
- That's it.

She made you feel - that's good,
that's perfect, that's...


Well, no, but it's good enough for a song.

Any others?


Where did you hear that?

The cleaning lady.

She said that?

It could have been the plumber.
He was here too.

We'll skip that one. Next.

Attention, sports fans,

we interrupt this programme for a brief
musical interlude.

I finished it, Moles.

OK, OK, let's hear it.

That's beautiful, but I can't
give it to her.

Why not?

Madeline, what are you doing here?

I thought you were at rehearsal.

Forgot my music.

Now I find this.

It's wonderful, Miles.

Did you write that for me?

No, well, I mean...

Did you like it?

You keep saying you know nothing about
music and then you surprise me like this.

Of course I liked it.

I loved it.

- You sure you don't have a dog?
- No.

Just a pest.

Come on, I'll walk you to your car.

I want to meet her!



Moles, I want to meet her!


That's really sick.

From now on, stay out of this room.

I want to tell her.

Tell her what?

What's been going on.

Who wrong the song.

Get out of there. Go to your...


I need to, Moles!


- Please.
- No.

Pretty please.


Maybe she loves me.

How could she possibly do that?

She loves music, my music.

My song.

Your song? It was my idea.

I want to kiss her.

With what?

I want to touch her.

Maybe you already have.


Nothing. Just go to sleep, or switch down,
or do whatever you do.

Just leave me alone, please.


Sweet dreams.

What's a dream?

A dream is a wish your heart makes
when you're fast asleep.

Who says?

Walt Disney, Sleeping Beauty,


No, it was Cinderella, 1949.

Good night.

Good night.




Hi, Mill.

You taking that to lunch?

No, to the park. Get some practice in.

I think I'll wait.

It'll take for ever.
Get in. There's room.

Millie, come on, you're going to
squash my clarinet.

Watch out! My God!

- You got five minutes, Frank?
- Yeah.

Good. I want to show you
my new brick design.

It's about time you got back to it.

- Hold all calls for 15 minutes, Sarah.
- OK.



What's wrong?

My Cello!

It's gone.

Oh, no.

What are you going to do?

I don't know.

Has anyone else rehearsed it?


The quartet. Who's going to play it?

Play? The quartet?

I could probably work on it but...


Where are you going?

You need a ride somewhere?

Now we return to The Days of Our Times.

Hello, is he there?

What do you mean I can't talk to him?

I always talk to him.

I thought you said no calls.

- Yes?
- Hi, it's me.

You? How did you get on the phone?

I snuck through.

Good afternoon, Riley and Associates.

Miles Harding, please.

Sorry, he's in conference.

- Please, it's important.
- Oh, that line's busy anyway.

- Busy? How can it be busy?
- What?

It's busy, honey. Care to hold?

Yes, I guess I'll hold.

Who are you going out with tonight?

You called to ask me that?

Please deposit 25 cents within
the next three minutes.

That line is still busy. Care to hold?

Yes, but I can't.

I don't have any more cha...

Look, don't call me like this any more.
We'll talk about it when I get home.

But, Moles, I'm lonely.

Lonely? You've got your soaps.

MTV, microwave in the oven
when you're hungry.

- Very funny.
- Goodbye.

Women, huh?


I don't know why you watch that junk.

Who are you calling?

My mother. You said she called.

Oh, I've already talked to her.

You what?

Well, don't worry. I pretended I was you.


You're welcome.

Moles, where are you going?


To get a paper.

But here, here, I have one for you,
on my printer.

See? It's electronic.

Door number three,
it's behind door number three!

Mind if I take my chair?

- Of course not. It's yours.
- Thanks.

Don't mention it.

Would you like me to turn on the stereo?

No, I can do it myself.

- Shall I start dinner?
- I'm eating out tonight.

I read a really interesting
article today.

Will you give me a break?

You mean like in McDonald's?

No, "give", like in the opposite
of "take",

like the way you're taking over
my life.

Like the way you take my songs.

- I need a drink.
- Of course you do. Here, I already...

- did.
- Agh!

I worked on your brick today.

Would you like to see it?


What's that funny sound between
your words?

It's called tears.

Madeline was doing that too.


Madeline cry?

She would have called me.

What do tears mean?

They mean things are going to change.

Where are you going?

To change.

Hi. Wanna play?

I'm late.

- For Frank?
- For Madel...

You're going outwith M... Madeline?

No, I meant Frank.
It was a slip of the tongue.

Your tongue does not slip.

It was a lie.

Where did you hear that word?

General Hospital.

You watch too much TV.

Why did you lie...

to me?!

- Miles!
- Sh!

You all right?

- Well, actually...
- Hold on a second.

I've been doing that all day.

Gee, it's hot in here.


how are you feeling?

Fine, except for this whispering.

You haven't been crying, have you?

Why? Do I look like I've been crying?

I didn't think so.

Little know-it-all.


I said I knew it all along,
that you were fine. It's an experiment.

- What is?
- The whispering.

But, Miles, don't you think this is
a little silly?

Relax. It gets worse.

Now we take off our shoes.

What in the world?

The floor creaks.

I'm sure it's been doing that for years.

It's an architectural test.

Sound waves, structural stress,
stuff like that. Come on.



- Miles, I...
- Sh!

All for science.

All for science, sure!

Stupid old news.

...and on hand.

I will run the dress up for you
in time for breakfast.

Oh, brother!

- I'll show you some real brimstone.
- Yeah!

Orchestra, play Low Down and make it hot.

All right! I am hot. Get down on it.


It's my party, and, Moles, you're not

All right!

Yeah, we'll put your coats over there.

It's horrible.

That boy has no respect for anyone.

The music's not bad.

Oh, Howard!

You're very handsome!
I know.

It's a nice party, isn't it?

Howard, just go on in.

All right. Beat it.

That's tellin' 'em, Howard.

That's tellin' 'em, Howard.

Don't tell your husband...

that a vibrator never can replace
the real thing.

All right? This is Dr Ruth Westheimer,
Sexually Speaking.

Hello, you are on the air.

Hi, it's me again.

Oh, hello, Me. I was wondering
if you would call.

What's on your mind?

Well, doctor, it's really the same

I want to know what love is.

Didn't you ask me this last week?

Yes, but I need to know what
it feels like, now.

OK, let me try again.

When you are sitting in front of
a crackling fireplace...

- Crackling fireplace.
- And you take that lady into your arms...

But I don't have any arms.

Oh dear. Do you have anything else
that you could touch her with?

I don't have anything.

Oh dear. Maybe you should go to a clinic.

But I can't, Dr Ruth.
Moles keeps me locked up.

Locked up? You must call the police
right away.

Right away, yeah.

It's a long line. Must be a good play.

It's opening night.

Wait a second.

There is something wrong.

- It's my cello.
- Yes?

I broke it.

It's gone.


An elevator ate it.


Crushed it.

That's terrible. Why didn't you call me?

I tried to all day but your line was
either busy or on hold or out to lunch.

Don't worry.

It's just a piece of wood.

It's just a piece of wood?!

Miles, I've had that cello since I was
a kid. I can't replace it.

Why did I think you'd understand?

But I do understand.
Madeline, listen to me.

Listen to me, Madeline.

What made that cello special was you.

Nothing else.

Whatever came out of it you put into it.

Every sound.

Every scratch.

Every note.

Every feeling.

- Miles, I can't...
- And that's not lost.

Because it's inside of you,


where it always will be.

And it'll happen again.

You think so?

I know so.

You're holding up the line.


- May I help you?
- Yes, two for Harding, please.

Thank you.

What is it?

It's just funny but when it happened you
were the only person I wanted to call.

The only number I knew by heart, even.

They won't accept it.

They won't?

- Who won't?
- The voice on the phone.

You got any others?

Yeah, try this one. Try both of these.

All right.

I must be over my limit or something.

I forgot my wallet.

You want me to do what?

Don't you want to talk to him?


Hey, what are you doing? You've no right.

I got the right, on the phone.

Yeah, but they're mine.



It's funny about those dinner

Oh, I don't know.
Restaurants make mistakes all the time.

Yeah, but the way the ma?tre d'
looked at you.

Never mind. We'll have a nice quiet dinner
at home.

Your home?

My home.

$10.80, please.

Mr Foley, cheque approval,
number seven, please.

Mr Foley, cheque approval,
number seven, please.

Moment, sir, please.

I don't understand.
I cash cheques here all the time.

Mr Foley, cheque approval,
number seven, please.

Mr Foley.

- Oh!
- Miles, what's going on?

Mr Foley, please.

Come on, Miles. It can't be that bad.
So their calculator screwed up.

It's not a calculator and
it didn't screw up.

All right. You're a wanted criminal and
I'm the last to know.

Ha! Very funny.

Yeah, well, you're not.

- Miles, lighten up.
- Madeline, let up.

Look, there's no need to get morose just
because some stupid machine made...

Look, you don't know what you're talking
about so you should just stop talking.

Yes, sir.

Madeline, wait!

Madeline, I shouldn't have said that.
I'm sorry.

Come on, get up!

We're going to have it out right now.

Wake up, God dammit!

What the hell was that?

Don't ever do that again.

Don't tell me what to do.

And stop that infernal noise.

- She'll hear you.
- Maybe that's what I want.

God dammit!

I'm warning you.

- If you ever...
- Don't warn me anything.

Just go away.

- I'll handle this myself.
- No.

It's time I handled you.

You think I need that?

You're still out of luck.

She's leaving with me.

She's not there.

She's just left.

- Keep your damn ears out of our...
- Don't raise your voice at me.

And don't ever touch me again.

Maybe you can speak to her.

I can?

I mean maybe you're right.

She loved that song.

She did?

In fact, she told me something
I shouldn't repeat.


...since you're going to meet her



it's sort of personal.

I should whisper it.

I can hear.

What is it?

- She said...
- Well, what is it?

- That she felt like...
- What is it?

Like ripping your God damn world out!

Ash! Agh!


You don't understand.
It's taken control of my house.

It's got into the wiring.

You sure it ain't cockroaches?
Maybe you need an exterminator.

Come on, you sell the things.
You must know how they work.

At $3.10 an hour I don't know nothing
I don't have to.

Excuse me, do you know where Madeline is?

She went back home.
She said she left something there.


Come on.

No, damn!

Madeline, are you all right?


Something happened in there. What is it?
What's going on?

I'll tell you everything, everything you
want to know.

But first I have to know something.

I should have asked you a long time ago.

Yeah, but, Miles, that machine,
I don't understand what...

No, you don't understand.

I'm not what I seem to be.

You see, I've been...

I've been lying to you.

And I can't do that any more.

So tell me, please,

Why me?

I like the way you look.

The way you smile.

I like the way you make me smile.

I like the way you look at the world.

How you care.

- Your brick, your drawings...
- Yeah, but what about the music?

Miles, I'm sorry if I can't put it into
words. It's not about words.

It's about a feeling.

Miles, for the first time in my life
I feel like I'm not alone.

That you're not just someone living
beneath me, you're beside me.

Even when you weren't there,
it was like you were.

And I was all right.


I guess I love you.





I'm leaving.


Because I finally found out what love is.

What is it?

It's "give" and not "take".

So I give her to you and
I take myself away.

Why would you do that?

Because that's what love is.

Besides, it's a game for just two people.

Oh, you're different now.

You were ready to turn me off.

Two hours, 28 minutes and 52 seconds ago.

I couldn't do that now.

You couldn't if you wanted to.

I even had to fool myself.

I'm really not capable of self destruct.

- What did you do?
- I called long distance.

I sent 40,000 volts round the world.

Should be in Tokyo by now.

On my phone?

Don't be upset. I dialled toll free.

What happens when it gets here?

Just don't pick up on the first ring.

Moles, will you hold me?

Hold what?



Thank you.


It's a local call.

Just a minute.

Would you like to own a free

No! Just hang up.

No thanks. We don't need any.

I think that might be it.

Y... You'd better put me down.

Thank you.

I feel like a part of me is dying.

You'll get over it.

You know, you never asked me... my name.

Well, what is it?



So long, Miles.

So long...


You little...

Aren't you bringing your cello?

Not in this weather.

Besides, it's too new.

Where's your brick, anyway?

It's still in my head.

Two weeks with no phones and no TV.

Or movies. We'll only look at each other.

Yours broken too?

I don't think so.

What's happening?

Hello, hello!

This is dedicated to
the ones I love.

What the hell is going on?

I don't get it. I'm not playing anything.

- Then where is it coming from?
- Beats me.

Bailey. Check dance.

You're on KJY...

Oh, yeah, party animals!

Hello? Goodbye.