Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (2016) - full transcript

A reboot of the 1976 TV series with two of the most popular YouTube stars of today.

Stop. Please stop.

It looks like you have just stamped out.

Major Vaunt.

Tack, Major Vaunt.

Do not thank me, thank energy drink ENRG.

Energy drink ENRG not recommend ...

I agree with.

It's amazing how much sweat contained in the panty liners.

Major vaunt is the new spokesman for energy drink ENRG.

What a traitor.

- Do you know what it tastes like? - My own sweat?

It's not something I talk about in public, but ...

I mean the energy drink.

It's disgusting. It tastes like burnt hair.

Hey, your zeros.

Let us, Bernice.

It smells of crushed dreams here.

And now smell the tears and Tumblr.

Should not you pretend to be superheroes somewhere?

Should not you be somewhere and tempt someone with an apple?

It's been a slow day. What happens?

Year ten must make a karriäruppsats-

-for business economy course.

And because my parents do not live longer-

- and my foster parents would enter their current yrken-

-As government spenabarn-

- I've come to interview you two zeros for my essay.

That includes peanut butter, so it's best you let it be.

Now that I think demand

Eat them all.

Do you have Snapchat? For you are a real shit.

I do not understand, but I should probably be angry.

Because you're old.

- What mumbling about? - They are talking...


"The beloved super hero Starletta get the city's key"

- a few hours after signing the contract with the superhero Agency CMM

"-Creative Masked Management."

I know, it's no big deal.

- Stop. - I understand that it makes you upset.

- I just want to finish reading. - You do not need to read this.

They sign a contract with anyone these days.

You're probably tired of hearing this, where home

But why are you here?

Do you realize that you are the saddest superheroes in the world?

You do not even have any super powers.

What kind of superhero has no super powers?

I wish your father had dried up with a napkin.

Okay, hear, young, susceptible Bernice.

You do not need super powers superhero.

- No. - A superhero without super powers ...

- is superpatetisk. - I appreciate the pun ...

but some of the shadow of war heroes ...

- had no forces. - Exactly.

- Shadow War? - At Buseys mother.

How do you feel not to the shadow war? What they teach you in school?

- Sorry, they learn important things. - Oh my God.

Shadow War was the ultimate battle between heroes and villains.

Legendary heroes lost life-

- to protect innocent citizens like you.

- Like you. - And after several years of warfare ...

won hjältarna-

-and freed the world from super villains.


- It is quite important. - It is very important, Bernice.

It's very important.

I get it.

So when the super villains disappeared degraded superhjältarna-

-to usual security guards.

- Cool. - Listen very carefully, Bernice.

I would never hit a child.

But I would beat this tasteful kudden-

-and pretend it was your face.

"Tasteful"? Not directly.

- Oh my God! - Okay, come on.

- Go home now. - My thesis, then?

Maybe you should write about the shadow war.

Those unable history are doomed to repeat it.

You know what they say about repeating their clothes.

Okay thanks. Bye.

We should invest in a lock.


- What? - I just...

I'm thinking of Starletta always shows her tits.

I'm also thinking sometimes.

I'm frustrated for all the attention she gets, as we should have.

Is it tuttarnas sake? So it can not be.

She is certainly very nice. Tits does not save lives. We save lives.

We have saved lives.

We have saved lives for years. We have protected the oskyldiga-

And no one notices us.

People lay certainly notice us. We wear colorful costumes.


It seems that someone is suffering from a dangerous combination-

- low self-esteem and low blood sugar. We buy a slushy.

I'll keep my Fritos.

And I will get nausea in silence.

- Thanks. - No problems.

But I must admit that Starletta is stylish.

She sucks.

- Yes, she sucks ... - What?

- I did not say anything. - Okay.

- It does not matter. - We are not treated as heroes.

Do you really what Bernice said seriously?

- She's just a child. - Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

- Hey, Lenny. - How are my favorite heroes?

- My life today, Lenny. - Something of an exaggeration.

She has a point. We have no super powers.

What makes us heroes?

Some of our greatest heroes had no super powers.

- A million years ago. - Oh my God.

It takes more than super powers to be a superhero.

Moreover, we have done a good job

- to keep the city safe. You should be proud.

Give me all the money in the cashier. Put them in the bag. Now!

And give us some Slim Jim, too.

- I'm a little hungry. - Yes.

Hello, gentlemen. I see you've met our friend Lenny.

Stop recording, otherwise I drive up mobiles

- so deep that you must Kegelträna to answer.

- I've heard things about Kegel. - Strange things.

Do you want to get shot? Stick.


Cool butterfly knife, pal.

- Is it bad? - Yes, it's bad.

- You said you fixed the Electra-hungry. - Dyna-craving, called it.

I won it there Gamble party.

- I had to rename it. - It does not count as a win ...

to spy on the board.

I was food poisoning.

Oh my God.

I disarmed him, at least.

- You are holding a human arm. - I'm holding a human arm.

You looks great. And now I'll download it here videon-

- so that your friends can see what you've been up to.

Just a couple of blockheads who got whipped by two damer-

-iförda spandex suits.

- Something to add? - Yes, film is not vertically.

So there.

- It looks worse. - I get it.


Do your thing. One of them might need a patch.

- Download a mop too. - Goodbye, Lenny.


- Lori. - What is it?

Tell your phone to be silent.

But I do not want to cook äppelpaj-

-president Taft.

- Lori. - What is it?


Sure, it was fun today?

It was fine, but we need to tighten us.

We can not work with poor equipment.

I'm doing the best I can with what we have. We can barely afford ...

- Holy shit. - What is it?

- Do you see a spider? How many? - Holy shit.

CMM want to have a meeting with us in Hollywood.

So it's not spiders.

An agent saw the video where we take care of the guys from Lenny.

- What? - Apparently, some others ...

Also seen video.

A million views? How is this possible?

Because the Internet is both terrible and wonderful.

Jude, CMM.

What? No. No murmurs.

Well, I mumble.

I do not know.

I do not want to be a traitor.

We are not traitors. We always wanted to be more successful.

We do not do this for money. We want to make a difference.

Yes, but unfortunately we barely afford the rent, so we need the money.

Out there, we can make a difference and earn loot.

Picture this, Jude.

We need to fight.

We can take a real chance.

An opportunity to make a greater difference than we can in Ohio.

It is the moment we've been waiting for.

And we've been waiting a long time.

Promise you that we will not change in any way?

I promise we will not develop in different directions ...

- if that's what you're afraid of. - Thanks.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl goes to Hollywood.

- Electra Woman and Dyna Girl ... - Why did you send that?

I thought it was Snapchat. Damn it.

Okay, so we do not agree on anything today, right?

We listen to him, shaking hands and think about it.

No hasty decision. If they want to change us so let's go.

Dyna, we are classic.

- There is no need for changes. - Okay.

- Holy shit, it was Mister Fabulous. - Be cool.

- Hello. - Hello.

We are Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

We will meet Dan Dixon.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl is here to see you.

Turn is ner, he comes strax.

I do not know if I was nervous of how handsome he is-

-or if the burrito was poor.

You can not stand so much cheese.

It's more than that. Tell me if this is weird.

Last week I ate a Beigel, and 20 minutes later ...

- I used so much paper. - I feel sorry for the cat.

- Nice trick. - Thanks. Do you have any powers?

I have superhuman hearing.


- I'm so sorry. - You should go to the doctor.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, Dan is waiting for you.

Thank God.

You should wear a sign.

There they are. Electric Girl and Dynamic Woman.

You confused us.

Sit down. I heard you ran here.

We could have flown you here.

We did not want to leave the Electra-car. It is part of our thing.

Electra-car, yes. I saw a picture on the scrap heap.

But that's part of its charm. It needs a little upgrade.

We drive on it.

Dried meat?

Are you a fan?

When I discovered the Major vaunt he worked part-time at Hot Topic.

Two months later, he had three campaigns.

Four months later, he had five best-sellers.

He is one of the world's biggest personalities.

So he is the greatest super hero because of you?

And I'll do the same for you.

I love everything about you, girls.

I do not want to change anything. Not a single thing.

But I want to improve a couple of things.

So I'll mention a couple of ideas and see what works.

Most of it will work. Let's talk about your logos.

I designed them.

Obvious. You are an initiator.

I love it more than my mother, may she rest in peace.

- I'm sorry. - She's alive, but she's dead to me.

Never delete things from my TiVo.

Everything is there for a reason.


So the logos must be removed. Let's talk about your background history.

Liver your parents?

- And. - And.

Thats a pity.

I mean, it's great, but it's a shame.

People love a tragic backstory.

As someone you loved was killed and Electra Woman swore revenge.

Yes, but failed to do so.

We say that your parents were ihjälskjutna-

-i Little Tokyo, during a gang war.

Wait, we are not considering a fake backstory.

It is not false.

- It's just not true. - Like Santa.

Remind me, Kevin.

You rock.

But people can check facts online.

The network, huh? Buffoon. I love it.

I love your passion.

Not? Okay.

It's getting hot in here.

I feel the heat. I love the heat.

I am passionate about. Do you feel the heat?

We take a walk.

- Okay. - And your widgets.

- I love the sucker. - Thanks. Dyna-hungry.

Disturbed Funny. When the guy arm flew of-

- I laughed spat out teeth whitening agent.

And people loved it. This time.

Next time it could get worse. Take it easy with dismemberment.

- We are your new outfits. - Wait, I do our costumes.

- Cute. - Dan, I love your enthusiasm ...

but this does not work for us. We like to run our own race.

- Right, Electra Woman? - Captain Rhinestone?

Listen, girls.

The last thing I want to do is undermine your integrity.

No no.

But superheroes who do not have the right marketing


Will you be like Galacto Commando or Mirth Man?

Where are they now? Nobody knows.

I read that Mirth Man involved in charity in Sudan.

I admit that I do not know where Sudan ligger-

But I know no one else does either.

It is true, I have no idea.

Ready to see your new toys?

This is where the magic happens.

Electra Woman, Dyna Girl-

- this is our research director, Frank Heflin.

Hello, my name is Frank.

Hey, Frank. Nice to meet you. Electra Woman.

Hi, my name Dyna Girl. Nicely lab.

What's that? World's Largest Google search?

It is the world's only brottoskop. It is kraftfullaste-

- analysis tool for law enforcement available.

Suffice geek talk. Come on.

- View their new costumes. - New costumes?

The suits are made of indestructible flexible nätmaska-

-and a reinforced lightweight armor.

I must admit that they look good.

But it would be nice to keep more of the original look.

The only thing we need from the original is your huvuden-

- in which the neck holes. Frank shot the rest here.

You will love what comes next. Dixon.

What do you mean that Major vaunt not intend to accept the offer?

He wants more money.

I have some news for him.

He will not get a better deal.

There he used to be.


Tell that viktigpettern he's a pain.

If he wants to pay for his implant, he must accept the offer.

May I introduce ElectraCom.

With these devices, you can communicate with varandra-

- anywhere in the world via video, audio or text messages.

It sounds like a mobile.

It also projects an electrical discharge through a System

- responding to your muscle movements and brain signals ...

- the nerves in your wrists. - It does not sound like a mobile.

What they build there?

It is not finished yet.

Okay, that's enough for today.

Let's move on.

You are either younger or superigare.

You came here to play the game.

We have to think about it.

Great, let me leave you with some final words.

A great man once said that you never get a second chance.

- No second chance. - Who said that?

Nick Matteo i klassikern "Kazaam". Fin film.

- You should get a copy. - We're with.


- Because of "Kazaam"? - Good news.

We will do great things.

Remind me, Kevin.

You rock.

Want to go and see the Hollywood sign?

Perhaps drive to the beach?

Maybe stop pretending that I do not know how angry you are?

I'm not mad.

And I'm not trying to keep farts inside.

Are you angry because the contract with the CMM?


I went along with it because you think too much.

It had taken several months for you to make a decision.

- It's not true. - Okay.

How long did it take for you to join the softball team?

Was it the whole middle school?

And then you jumped off after your first match.

- The shoes were uncomfortable. - I'm just trying to save time.

You were interested in as soon as you saw those uniforms.

This is good for us. We become true heroes.

First of all, we are already true heroes.

- And yes, the costumes were fine. - Yes, they were.

It's that positive attitude that I need.

Where the hell they parked our car?

- What are you doing? - Good morning.

What is this?

I'll get rid of our old equipment.

We could well have put it in a box and kept it?

Why? We will not use it now that we have these.

I guess not.

And ringer.

How's my favorite super babes?

- You've got your first job. - That went quick.

No time to rest.

You will participate in "Good Day USA" with Connie Westerthine-

-and eight million viewers stupid.

We give them an exclusive first look at your ElectraComs-

- and they pay a nice sum for it, so get ready.

You have two hours.

- So exciting. - I guess so.

You must admit that there is at least a little excited.

It's not the worst thing in the universe.

It's good enough.


Fear not, Los Angeles. Your city just got even safer.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl has arrived.

- That felt good. - Really good.

- Good heating. - In front of the people now?

- In front of people. - Okay.

- Okay. - Let's go.

Welcome back. I'm Connie Westerthine-

- and in the studio, we have with us a special surprise.

They took the super stage by storm and has quickly blivit-

- America's latest craze.

Electra Woman and her helpers, Dyna Girl.

Welcome, thanks for being here.

- Thank you for letting us come. - Thanks.

Let's go straight to the point. I understand that we have-

s exclusive premiere today?

Yes, today we show our ElectraComs for the first time.

It is them we will use to keep you safe.

And what does your ElectraComs, exactly?

We have an emergency now outside our studio.

Tubes is.

Come on.

Hold on, guys. Let me take care of them here before we go.

- Oh no, what should we do? - I do not know.

Holy shit!

Okay, take them!

There were many weapons. Is this really fair?

Good job, little bracelet.

Now we make something cool out of it.

- What are you two? - Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

Just that!

- Oh my God. - No time for a victory dance.

Oh my God. We beat them.

Look at you. What clever you are.

I saw it on TV.

- You dance well. - Yes.

Dan, you saw us on TV?

I saw you on my TV, my computer and my cell phone.

You're everywhere, you coats.

But do me a favor.

Never do that victory dance again.

It was painful.

But everyone loves you.

Dyna Diva says: "You girls are an inspiration."

"Electra forever" says Squad Goals.

"I hate EW and DG" says a few zeros.

But you can not win all the time.

CMM will organize a party tonight to celebrate the two of you.

You should meet with clients and mingla-

But avoid the dance floor.

I took out a loan for the equipment.

I'm broke.

I know it seems far away, but you have to think about the future.

How does your retirement look like?

- Jack? - That's why I never get an Oscar.

Mr. Jones, you excuse us?

You're still one of the best.

- I love him. - Hello.

May I present the wonderful Electra Woman.

- Hello. - Hello.

Jack manages ENRG campaign that suktas demand

-of all heroes.

You are not before Jackie do any of you.

- Nice to meet you. - I know.

Hi, I'm Dyna Girl. Okay fun.

- Here. - Okay.

Okay, Attention!

I want to thank you all for coming, but as you know-

- you are here to get free booze, your pigs.

But really, we are here tonight to FIRA

- the new girls and their first major rescue mission.

So let's show our the estimates

- Electra Woman and her helpers, Dyna Girl.

Make way for the Major.

You always have a grand entrance.

Just that.

- So what is this? - We celebrate everything related to vaunt to do.

As it should be.

No, you have not done anything to deserve a celebration.

We celebrate the new girl and her helpers.

Electra Woman.

I do not have a pen on me, so ...

I do not want your autograph.

I usually do not do like this at parties, but I guess we can take a card.


I'll go and sit down.

It is okay.

It was me and cushion that stopped the robbery today.

Oh really? I think I heard something about that.

- You were lucky. - We had?

Yes, lucky that they were a bunch of amateurs.

If you had met the same scum like me, you would have whipped.

You tolerate certainly more whipped than I am.

I can tolerate more whipped than you can imagine.

Okay, nice to meet you.

- How's it going? - Hello.

Are you Electra Woman's aide?

I'm her partner, yes.

I'm Winged Wingman.

It suggests not only what I can do.

I am also Major vaunts wingman in real life.

We are good friends.

But he prefers to do his own thing in this kind of celebrations.

It's okay with me.

It gives me a chance to do my own thing.

Spreading his wings, so to speak.

- I can talk to other aides. - I'm her assistant.

I'm her partner.

We've been doing this since middle school.

I used to often be retad-

And one day she defended me.

We were not friends at tillfället-

- but she decided it was the right thing.

And since then, we have tried to do it.

The correct.

So we are partners. As a team.

It was a nice story.

It reminds me of how I and vaunt began.

Too bad that everything changes.

Have a nice evening.

What's up?

Electra NEW BUDDY?




Donate a penny?

Donate a penny?

Electra Woman och Dyna Girl.

Donate a penny?

Donate a penny?

Do you hear! What the hell are you doing?

That's mine.


Fatta you card, Frank.

The new super suit you wanted is ready.

Fine, thanks. Pack it for me, okay?

- Who is it for? - You ask too many questions.

It was just a question.

Want to meet your favorite heroes?

Then the 17th annual Super Party at the Los Angeles Convention Center-

-right place for you.

All your favorite heroes are available for photos, autographs and questions-

- during the day. Presented by ENRG.

No personal photos!

You just got your mobile disintegrated by the disintegrator.

How cool.

It was a good question.

As most of you know, turns out to be krafter-

- mostly in high school. It was the same for me.

One day I was sitting in class, and it happened.

It was like someone pressed a button, and there was I-

-and could talk to plants.

It was amazing. I could not hold such a gift to myself.

Think how long we have levt-

- without knowing if a plant needs water or not.

Or if it needs to be replanted.


I'm trying to do something here. No, excuse me.

I try to answer questions.

Fuck you, then. Your shitty little trees.

I already have three autographs.

It's hard to sign a tiny image.

I have thick index fingers. I have for my mother.

It might be easier if we had a photo of both of us.

It will never happen.


Why is it so dead here?

- Where the hell is everybody? - Over there, apparently.

Oh my God. I'll take a picture.

- Out of the way. - I do not see anything.

She always late should huh '. It does not feel good.

- Do you write a hat-haiku? - No, that was years ago last.

Late night with Starletta?

My God, she threw her high-heeled Louboutin ...

How do you pronounce it? It does not matter.

She threw it on a brottsling-

- in front of the Château Manu ... Mar ... How do you pronounce it?

It does not matter. It was amazing.

Sounds great.

Too bad she can not travel in time.

Otherwise, she had been able to drop you off here 20 minutes ago.

Have you passive-aggressive to you? It is my favorite perfume.

It was networking.

She has many fans, so our profile improved if we meet with her.

We are ready.

Hi. Cool, I like it.

"Lev lite."

Never be boring.

"Från Electra Woman."

"Always on time.

Dyna Girl."

"PS, remember that you are a youth"

-and should have fun while you can.

Which means you might come sent-

"-A few minutes to the event."

"PPS, well, have fun while you can-"

- but remember to invite your old friends as well.

Some of them had loved to go out yesterday kväll-

- instead of keeping track of brottsstatistik-

-As nobody will ever see.

"And listen to your heart."

Have a nice day.



"Ät skit."

"Ake mushrooms, for your health's sake."

Have a nice day.

What's up?

- What is it? - I'm ashamed of you.

- Why? - Seriously?

Out of the way, zeros.

Would you look at that. Is not Electra Woman and Dung Girl.


Dynga Girl.

You know, like dung.

You try to be a hero, but you're dung.

It was good.

I have no name for you yet.

It is obvious that you spent all your kreativitet-

-and brilliance takes time.

I look forward to taking my breath. You better defenders.

This suit has seen better days.

- What do you think of your first Super Fest? - It's okay. You?

Yes, sweaty.

It's different for veterans like us.

If you are kind to the big boys, you might survive.

Most girls give up early.


Romantic feelings, klimakteriet-

-matprogram. Lots of stuff.

Then it must be relaxing for the big pojkarna-

- to not have to write so many autographs, because nobody cares about you.

Watch it, little girl.

Otherwise I'll fit you.


Which people. I know the taste of their body sweat.

- I have great stuff to talk about. - A new sponsor?

Not with you, vaunt. Them.

Come on. Big news.


I've fixed something substantial to my favorite girls.

This was not easy.

I had to do some affärer-

- with some really bad guys, but it was worth it.

I've caught the elections.

A sponsor of the world's heroes will envy you for.

Guess who the two new spokespeople for ENRG is.

Oh my God, we did it.

It was me who did it, but congratulate yourself anyway.

- Oh my God. - Look at this.

It's a war zone here in West Hollywood.

A mysterious woman appears to have fallen from himlen-

-and caused destruction around.

She seems unmoved by the police and their weapons.

We do not have all the facts, but it can move the signal

- if the first super villain, then the shadow war.

And superskurk?

We must do something.

I would have helped, but I can not.

I have more to write autographs.

The public would respect a hero ...

- who do not keep their promises? - A year ago, I had helped.

But I have a bad knee now.

We should let the police handle this. That's what they are for.

There are some plants that can take advantage ...

You are excused.

We can do this.

- You're right. - Think of all the publicity.

Thanks, but you should leave this to anyone-

- with real super powers. I do not want you to go bad.

Come on, Wingman. Now we fly.

Seriously? I just got off my wings.

You're talking shit.

- I fit better ... - health problems ...


This is the first super-villain we've seen in years.

None of us has had to withstand such threats before.

This reminds us of the previous heroes' time.

It is our turn to show the world what we're made of.

If we unite, we can defeat this villain ...



We have just heard that the super villain called the signal

- Evil Empress.

Okay, Empress. You are surrounded.

Give up now, so we can ...

What now? It seems that the famous hero Major Vaunt-

-have appeared to save us.

The Empress.

Evil Empress.

Certainly, evil empress.

MAJOR vaunt save us

Time to put this down.


I am here in the name of justice.

Let's make this easier for both of us.

Okay, I'm ready.

Where is vaunt?

- It's over. - You are right.


MAJOR vaunt murdered by evil EMPRESS

He will surely be all right?



Good morning, my name is Wallace Reed.

We continue to broadcast on tragedin-

- that shook Los Angeles last night.

Around 20:00 ...


declared the right doctor to superhero Major vaunt is dead.

The cause of death is said to be the huge hole through his body.

He was murdered by someone who calls the signal

- Evil Empress. She is the first superskurken-

- which has been shown since the shadow war.

We have with us two people with different views.

First, from Los Angeles, Electra Woman.

Thank you, Wallace.

And Dyna Girl. I am also here, Wallace.

Is my microphone even on?

And from New York, the sensationelle ...

- Holy Cannoli. - Thanks, Wally.

Let me ask you båda-

What does yesterday's events?

A proper supervillain?

Should we worry?

Good question, Wallace.

The answer is no.

Major vaunt, may he rest in frid-

- fought bravely, but failed to finish.

I do not allow it.

Justice will prevail. I'll force the Empress to her knees.

We. We should force the Empress to her knees, Wallace. We.

Holy Cannoli, what do you say about this in your neighborhood?

This is of course a great tragedy, and a super villain?

You have to be kidding. Stop it.

But as far as we see it, even though we love Los Angeles

- so we can not be involved. We have our own things to do.

And without being disrespectful, she seems to be angry at Los Angeles.

- So it has does not affect us. - We can do this.

There you have it. That's all.

Hi mom. Cheer, Yankees.

We should ask Frank to see what he can see with brottoskopet.

We know nothing about the Empress.

Right. Frank, brottoskopet. Let him do it while we were filming.

Wait, are we still filming commercials?

Why would not we?

Because it is a crazy super villain loose and kill superheroes.

You said yourself that we do not know anything about her.

So while brottoskopet do whatever it do-

- we do what we should do and filming commercials.

Additionally, you will look so nice out.

Get in on the other side. We must change.

I have to go, Todd.

I hate you, Todd. No, shut up, Todd.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. Lori and Judy, right?

Just that.

I just have a job today. Do you know what it is?

You are the director, so I would guess that directing.

Making super heroes to superstars.

- Are you familiar with the concept? - No.

We begin with a wide angle of the desert.

Your Silhouettes glitters in the distance through hettans waves.

Sweat covers your skin as molasses.

A cool helicopter hovers in the distance, no reason.

Then, when you approach a mysterious oasis, shows a group of sexy assassin.

And you kick them down in vattnet-

- and jump in after them to finish them off.

But now you're wet, so what will you do?

So you take of you those gowns

- and show your sexy, cruel bikinis.

But right next to you is two cans ENRG.

We go in to a close-up when you turn on your solglasögonen-

- and says, "annual leave is the only thing we can not take off."

But thanks to the energy drink ENRG we do not need it. "

Transition to black.


Do you hear?

It's the sound of all the world's tonårspojkar-

-As is male images of you both.

Can you give us a minute?


I do not know if excited mellanstadiepojkar-

- is something we should strive for. Ever.

- We're better than this. - The fact is...

that we have never been better, according jar.



Okay, calm down.

Who cares if he would like to see some tits?

He has a vision.

Then you have to learn to choose what to fight for.

- You know what? You are right. - Good. Let us...

I choose not to do this. This is not us, Lori.

I want us to be the best we can be.

I'm with, and I do not want to sell myself to succeed.

You are so focused on a way to succeed ...

- that you do not think about what is important. - It reminds me of someone.

What do you mean?


Do you think I'm the problem?

You've had problems since we got here.

Look around. It's stuff like this superheroes would kill for.

And look at you. You're still not satisfied.

See it from my perspective.

Everything we do is interview and advertising

- and half the time vidkänns not even me.

Great, so it's my fault because I'm more popular?

I do not care if people like me.

You do not care about anything.

I do not know what you're doing, but I make use of my opportunities.

I do not miss the Ohio or being broke.

I do not miss not getting any respect.

I have worked hard for this.

No, we've worked hard for this.

We're a team, remember?

- I can not stand this anymore. - Yes.

I can not either.

We calm down and talk about this later.

No, I can not anymore.

If you do not want to do that I will be able to fend for yourself.

Get a new costume, a new name, everything.

See how it goes for you.

- How can you ask me to go? - You better believe it.

Electra-train going full speed ahead and it does not stop for anyone.

- You sound like Dan. - Good. Dan is a winner.

Your ass must be jealous of all the crap that comes out of your mouth.

- Great, go your way. - I will.

- Move your feet. - That's how you go.

Look who finally figured out how something works.

- Stop, Lori. - Stop yourself, Judy.

I intend to do this yourself.

And we can up the ante? It's not my grandmother advertising.

All right, you heard her. Here we go.

- Home, please. - Okay, where is it?

I do not even know anymore.

Can you ask someone? I can not take all the streets ...

No, I know where I live, physically.

I was just dramatic. Oh my God.

You know what? Take me to the CMM.

Here's your coffee.

What is this?

It's full of debris.

I asked for a coffee without debris.

Pumpkin Spice. It burned.

- Jack? - Yes?

Your team is a bunch of amateurs.

I have seen dogs crapping more professional than this.

I will fix it.

You are fired. Go home.

Are we okay?

And why do you have so many brushes?

I'm just one person.

With a face.

- Hey, Frank. - Hey, Dyna Girl.

What you build there?

It is not finished yet.

Do you have something wrong with andningen-

- or are you trying to imply something that I do not understand?

You might ask Electra Woman explain it to me.

Unfortunately, Frank. We grälade-

and she runs her own race now.


Okay, either there is something wrong with your lungs, or hope you-

- I can solve your emotional problems with sound advice.

I guess you will visit your doctor,

- but just in case you really want my advice, then you should get it.

Sometimes you have to lose something-

-Before you realize how valuable it is.

Electra Woman comes back.

Thanks, Frank.

You are like Dr. Oz.

The guy who gives away the hearts and minds?

It's the Wizard of Oz, but almost.

- Just so. - Yes.

I will go myself to the crime scene.

- I've also lost things. - Look clues.

I threw out my Frisbee in the forest.

Okay. See what brottoskopet can find about the evil empress.

- I miss him. - Tell me what you find.

- His name was Jonathan. - Thanks, Frank.

Jonathan Frisbee.


We miss you!

- What's up, Dyna Girl? - Hello.

It's me, Wingman.

I came to say goodbye.

This is from that night he let me look at the three from the closet.

He was a good friend.

Major vaunt and I had a hard time sometimes.

Sometimes he took me for granted, or laughed at my idéer-

-or torched my head.

Sometimes he did not listen to me when I talked, or ...

I guess I felt that he did not appreciate me.

This is why it is important that we stick together aide ...

- Hey! - Nicely said, Wingman.

Good luck with that.

Nobody likes me.

Dyna Girl?

Can I take a picture?

Sure, absolutely.


Me too.

I want to take a picture of me and Dyna Girl.

- Damn it. - What the ...

Of course.

Me too.

I want to take a picture of me and Dyna Girl.

Damn it.

My God, Judy.

I should have been there.

What am I doing?

You threw a snowball in hell.

Now you get to see if it has any chance.


Your ego write checks your body can not bail out.

- What? - You're acting like a shit head.

My kids look up to you.

You're a superhero. It's time to act like one.

- Yes. - This is not you.

This is not me.

So go and be yourself.

I must go and be myself.

I must go and be myself.

I must go and be myself.

What the hell?

Who looked her in the eye?

She's like a wild animal. It's a sign of aggression.

I can not do this, Jack.

I'm a superhero.

It is about time that I behave like one.

I ate kale salad for lunch. Feed me with this kind of crap.

I will, Judy.

If you leave the studio is your reputation destroyed.

Do you understand?

You're finished in this town.

You are finished, Electra. Finished.

No abandons Jack Hurley.

Oh my God. Can not you close the door?

- Go to hell. - Skit Boot.

Talk to me, baby.

I know.

Did you think I did this?

What did I say? She will work.

Otherwise, we will force her to cooperate.

So do not worry.

It is her. I have to stop.


There she is.

Dan, she's Judy.

They said it on the news. It is tragic, but I have the solution.

You start with MSNBC.

They have a one-hour memorial service for Dyna Girl.

Assuming she dies, as seems likely. I'm sorry for your loss.

Are you kidding?

Judy is gone, and the only thing you think of is the TV?

I think of social media as well. Hashtag "Dyna languishing". Do you understand?

Listen to me, Dan.

I'm done with your media campaign.

They pay well. You should do this interview.

You can do the interview itself. I need to find Judy.

Do you know how many heroes who would kill to be in your position?


Hello, you loser.

- Frank. - Hej, Electra Woman.

Luckily, you do not have a home.

The Empress has kidnapped Judy. I have to save her.

I'll ask brottoskopet track her,

- based on the tracking device in her ElectraCom.

- Can you do it? - Strange.

Yes, it's strange.

You never mentioned this important fact.

- She is here. - What?

According brottoskopet is Dyna Girl here.

It does not add up. You must have read wrong.

Sorry, Frank, I'm just a little upset.

I'm not mad at you, but at myself.

I've been a lousy friend to Judy. I asked her to leave.

- Jesus. - I know, I feel awful.

I see Jesus in my orange again. He has a sombrero wearing.

Concentrate, Frank. Where is Dyna Girl?

Her current coordinates is here at the agency.

- Are you sure it is not broken? - I do not think so.

How do I get to you? Have the taxi in The Valley?

Use Uber.

You have them on your ElectraCom. 20 dollars discount with the code "Frank".

I can not say I'm surprised.

Should I save a divide for you?

- No thanks, Frank. - Okay, more Jesus-orange for me.

Why are you doing this, Bernice?

Supply and demand, you stupid.

All idiots, including you, want to be the hero.

It is so boring.

Why would I want to be one of many hjältar-

- when I can become the only super-villain in the world?

I'm taking over the market.

It's basic business economics.

- That paper went well. - Sure did it?

There is no point in discussing it.

The fact is-

- that, against all odds, you have two zeros without krafter-

- has become the most popular super heroes overnight.

It was not overnight. We worked for years ...


I wanted a piece of the pie.

And honestly talat-

-so I deserve it more than you.

Here's a fun fact: "Bernice" rhymes with "fair".

Okay, no more fun facts.

It is okay. She's okay.

You guys are friends.

You should go and see her.

The empress will be there. You have to save her.

She will say: "Sorry, what was I thinking of?"

And we are going to hug. Just as in "Full House".

We used to watch the series together. What was I ...


I have to CMM, as soon as possible.

- Emily, va? - Va? You, Lori.

Sorry, wrong car. I'll get Emily.

For the hell!

You suck, Emily.

I'm just joking. You are certainly nice.

- Hello? - It says that you are here. Where are you?

I'm at the Van Nuys and 7th.

I'm not on the 7th. I'm at the Van Nuys and Fenton.

It says that you are on the 7th.

Damn. Okay, stay there.

When did you get your powers, by the way?

A few months after you have left the city.

Are you jealous?

It's a pity you were not there when I found them.

I would have shown what I did to my foster parents.

Oh my God.

You really are evil.

And you are really observant.

HOPE There may be a little too late for that now.

Take me to the CMM's offices at Wilshire.

I have to get there as soon as possible.

Awesome. I'm not an Uber driver. Get out of my car.

Oh my God. How many black Prius cars are there in this city?

I has 11 dollars and half a bag of Fritos.


I lied about my Fritos.


I need my leg!

- Paul? - Ja. Lori?

- Yes. - Hey, where are we going?

- CMM's Office. It is urgent. - Okay.

Let me write it in my GPS.

I pressed the "N" button.


The corrected it to "CBS".

My God, just run.

Wait. Are you Electra Woman?

Holy shit. I'm a big fan.

When you beat the fishermen who smuggled MP3 player in cod ...

- Paul. - Yes?

Would you like to be my partner today?

Yes. Wait, Dyna Girl, then?

That's the thing. Dyna Girl needs my help.

She needs our help.

Can I be Uber Man?

Honestly, it is not so creative.

And it's probably a protected trademark.

You will need a lawyer in the long term, but today is fine.

Pedal to the metal, Uber Man.

- The Uber-time. - Sure.

- seat belts. - Okay.

Put on your belt before you drive.

Put on your belt order to maintain life.

Here we go.

She was right, Paul.

We did not come here to forget who we are.

We came here to be the best versions of ourselves.

I had forgotten that somewhere along the way.

I do not think I told her how much I appreciate her.

I did not know how much I appreciated her before she left.

- Turn left, I need something. - The mission, then?

Left, Uber Man.

I go downhill between these old ladies.

That was impressive.

I am Uber yet. I am Uber tastisk.

- Okay. - I ...

- This is the Ub-nation. - Okay.

I was actually a little excited for a second. And now?

Ub-baby. Uber...

- No, stop now. - Shut up, Paul.

How could I ever have defended you?

Lori was right.

The only Lori was right about was that you were a pathetic aides.

- Did she say that? - Probably.

It sounds like something she would say.

I really do not know.

I guess only that, eftersom-

- she always thought she was better than you.

Check this out.

My brain has become so kraftfull-

- I can change the molecular structure of my skin

-to avoid any damage.

I'm basically invulnerable.

Hashtagg "tack, puberteten".

But it's no big deal.

It is all very well for those who do not have any powers.

Wait, by the way.

Yes, I get it.

You are powerful.

It is unfair.


So if this does not arrange the signal

- I've been assistant to a number of heroes.

I would like to take this chance I got.

If the rescue operation fails.

And if it succeeds ...

call me anyway.

- Okay. - Thanks.

Paul Kaulkman.

Make sure to give me five stars.


Hej, Electra Woman.

- What can I do for you? - Dyna Girl is gone.

Just that.

According brottoskopet she is here, but I do not see her.


No, Frank.

What's in the box?

You have to fix it for me.




- Hey, your zero. - Bernice?

Evil Empress.


It's nice to see that you are still horrible.

What are you doing here in the CMM?

Dan saw something irresistible to me.

- What? - Yes, he's my agent now.

Hashtag "blessed".


Rise and shine.


What mature, Bernice.

Are you okay?

- I live. - Currently.

Looking for something?

I try not to hate you, but you make it so difficult.

Not for me. I hate you.

I do not care what you think about me.

Why do you do this, Bernice?

- Can you summarize for her? - Sure.

Much as I would continue to be impressed by your two-

- I promised on Reddit to do more evil things today.

A friendly stranger gave me even gold.

Although I do not know what that means.

In addition, Dan would still want me to cause more problems.

I do not understand dance floor. Why would he want to kill us?

It was my idea.

Dan has no idea. He laid the schedule just everything.

I must keep you in prison for a while.

Getting the public interested to look for you and rescue you.

And then...

I'm so sorry, Jude.

Do not worry. We said things, both.

And the truth is that we were both distracted by our egos.

We relied too much on our own definitions of right and error

-and assumed that our opinions were facts.

We forgot the important thing with respect, patience, humility ...

Lori? Lori.

Interrupts me with a false coma?

"Interrupting Koman 'is a classic. I have not used it in a long time.

- Sure, you do not like my speech. - No.

I like your voice.

And it was great.

It is sincerely to you.

It's very honest.

And super boring.



Hej, Dyna Girl.


- What are you doing down here? - I keep soup down here.

- What are you doing down here? - The Empress?

Judy was kidnapped. I came to look for her.

Did not you notice that I never came back from the corridor?

Right. I'm glad you found her.

Excellent job, as usual.

- Have fun. - Free us, Frank.

- We have to jump into our costumes. - You're welcome.

I said "jump", not "soup".

Okay. They sound very similar.

- Is that the minestrone? - You bet.


What is our plan anyway?

Oh, I ...

There I almost forgot. It is finished.

There are Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

And Electra-car.


All of the work.

Damn it.

We waited the whole program with the show car. Was that all?

We saw at least cool off.

- Really? - Yes.

It's true. You looked cool when you stood in front of it.

I agree with.

It would have been nice to see a bit more from the car. I enjoyed our time together.

No ElectraCom, no Electra-car. We sit at the Electra-glued.

We never had that stuff before. We were superheroes anyway, right?

Just that.

The Empress, do you remember when I said I was not beat children? I lied.

And I have not said anything about the subject until now.

Yes, take her.

So it should look like.

- Let me do this. - Okay.

She's not hurt.

I do not think it works.

Cute, guys.

We're a little early, but Dan certainly have nothing against it.

Electra Woman.

It seems that the world will see when you can not save your helpers.

She's not my sidekick.

She is my partner. There, she will always be.

Just like you always only going to be Bernice.

Our annoying, lousy neighbor ...

peanut allergy.

What do you think of your impermeable skin?

Damn it.

This was unexpected.

- Did you know this would happen? - No.

What have you done?

Oh my God.

I can not look away.

Where are you going, your zeroes?

This is not over.

I ...

I am grateful that you have stopped her.

But there were bloodier than necessary.

I agree with. Well done, but disgusting.

- Yes, definitely. - I agree with.

I guess we need to find Dan now.

- Do you know what would help? - What then?

Oh my God. Fixed to the Dyna-hungry?


Our old equipment was not so bad.

As I said. We are classic.

We did not change.

I appreciate that you did this.

But we could not have used this a few minutes ago?

When it looked like we were going to be defeated?

Sure, we could have done.

I thought you should have it at the end, thematically speaking.

The tie a nice bow on our common journey.

I understand why you risked our lives for it.

I'm a sucker for stories.

So what should we do with Dan? He tried to kill us.

True, but see it like this-

- is this really the worst thing an agent has done to a client?

Good point.

I could use a little holiday.

We go to Canada. They are said to have great tax benefits.

That's the spirit.

Translation: Shreyashjit