Eleanor's Secret (2009) - full transcript

Natanaƫl, seven, still doesn't know how to read. His eccentric old aunt bequeaths her house to his parents and her book collection to the young boy. Nat discovers that the books serve as a shelter for all the heroes found in children's literature. They are the original characters and are counting on him for protection. For if they leave the library, they will disappear along with their stories forever! When his parents start selling off the books, Nathanaƫl, who is shrunk by the evil witch Carabosse, braves everything to save his tiny friends.


Are we there yet?


If you could read, you'd know it's not very far.
'Cause it says so right there.

He can't read.
He can't read...

Stop it, Ang?lica.
We're almost there.

He can't read.
He can't read...


Last stop.
All change.

It feels strange to be here
without her.

That is right.

But we are here thanks to her.

Her house belongs to us now.

And we are gonna have a great holiday.

It smells musty.

"Ali Baba entered the cave,
and discovered great treasures:

chests full to bursting of gold and jewels,

and dozens of sumptuous carpets
woven with silver threads."

"Alice knew she would always keep
the spirit of her childhood.

Of that, she had no doubt.

She also knew that one day she'd be
regaling her grandchildren

with tales of the marvelous
adventures she had had".

did you see my kite?

Aunt Eleonor,
what is behind that door?

Don't worry, one day
you'll know, my dear.

But never forget this:

The one thing everybody has
in common is that

nobody can live without dreams.

What is it with you?

You have no right to spy through the keyhole.
This door is forbidden!

-Sorry I caught you.
-But I wasn't...


You wonder who will read
you stories now, eh?

Now that aunt Eleonor is dead.

Stop saying she's dead.
I don't like it!

It's the truth, isn't it?

Ah, I wonder,

do you think she'd be proud of you
if she knew you still can't read?

- That's not true at all.
- He can't read...He can't read

I don't like reading aloud, that's all...
But I know the whole alphabet.

Teacher told mom that
I have improved a lot...

It's because of the humidity.
Courtesy of the sea air.

Your aunt made sure that all the doors and
windows were open all the time.

Houses here need to be lived in
all year long.

We'd glady live here, Adrien but
I work in the city.

He is already back,
that cheeky son of a biatch.

The shark has smelled a new prey.

How may I help you?

The question is "How may I help you?"

My name is Piquetou
and I own a junk shop.

My card.

Piquetou, antique dealer:
what weighs you down lights my life up.

Exactly, dear friend.

And as told your late aunt,
if you have any junk

I could relieve you of them
in a heartbeat.

And my store is very close,
just behind these dunes.

I'll bear that in mind,
but I have nothing to give you.

Another time, perhaps.

Well, I am only a phone call away.

That man sure is nice.


Eleonor lived a good life, you know.

Her greatest pleasure was
to lie down in that hammock,

and that fateful morning,
she forgot to wake up.

She would have celebrated her
100th birthday this year.

A century...
few could reach that age.

I'm all alone now. Clinging to my rock
like an old mollusk.

Why not come dine with us tomorrow?

We'll have seafood.


I'll go pick up the clams
tomorrow morning

I will take the children with me,
if they want.

By the way,
can Nathaniel read yet ?

It was what worried Eleonor.

I tried to reassure her but
she was always worried about it.

He tried hard, but it has been
a difficult year for him.

It was as if the words got stuck
in his throat and refused to come out.

Maybe he's too dreamy.

Dreaming is good. Nothing wrong with it.
Everyone needs dreams.

Too bad Eleonor passed away
so soon.

She would have helped him learn to read.

Of course.

She was very wise
and she loved that child.

They were quite a pair! Hah!

We must prepare a great feast to
celebrate his return.

By going through the tunnel,
King Arthur will be reunited with

his Knights of The Round Table.

Ahah, Dragon,
you dare the anger of Sir Nathaniel?

The beast runs away
before the magic sword.

Pull harder.
More to the left.


It's difficult when
the wind is changing.

There will be a big storm tonight.

Children, as you know,
your great-aunt Eleonor left us the house.

And that's not all.

As she loved you very much,
she wanted each of you to have a souvenir of her.

She wrote a letter to explain everything.
We didn't want to open it without you.

Here, Nathaniel,
would you like to read it?

Dad, you know very well that
when it's written in small characters,

it's hard for me to read.
- Gimme, I'll read.

Otherwise we'll be here all night.

"Dear children,
even though I am no longer with you today,

know that you were my greatest joys

and that you have always occupied
a very special place in my heart.

To you, Angelica,
who were always so smart,

so independent,
I leave you the porcelain doll

of which you used to dream so often as a child.

I think it's time
you tell her all your secrets,

in return, she'll tell you hers.

And you, Nathaniel,

who have so many times waited wordlessly
for me in front of the door to the serect room,

I give you the key to the Kingdom.

You're now the master of the secret room.
Everything in it belongs to you

Take good care of them.

No, stay here, Ang?lica.

It's between your brother and Eleonor.

It's not our business.

Aunt Eleonor,
what is behind that door?

Don't worry, one day
you will know, little Nath.

All that mystery for books?

Good night, sweetheart.

Why didn't he open us?

Perhaps because he was too upset.

Are you sure he is the chosen one?

half the roof needs repair.

Oh, no, look.

Already I was wondering where to find
the money to maintain the house

and then this...
we really don't need this right now.

We'd never be able to pay for the repair.

We'll have to part with the house.

No! You have no right!

We could sell the furniture.

Unfortunately, I don't think
they will be worth much.

Well, what about Angelica's doll?

No. No way!

Let me remind you that
it's all I have left of her.

But Nath, he got lots of stuff.

You have absolutely no idea.

You wanna know what Eleonor gave me?


Tons and tons of books.

You want them, you can have them.

Oh wow, giving you books is like...
giving reading glasses to a blind person.

Anyhow, you're the last person
she'd give the books to.

You don't even believe in fairy tales.

Exactly. Because I'm no longer a baby.

That's for sure.

That's enough.
Stop fighting.

You know, Nath,

If you keep them,
one day you'll be able to read them.

I already know the tales,
Eleonor read them all to me.

Anyhow, it's the only way
to save the house.

A very generous gesture, sweetheart.

Well, then I'll call the antique dealer,

and ask him if these books are worth anything.

But...are you certain of your decision?

Yes, dad.

Keeping the house,
is what matters most.

Why don't you go up there and take a book?
As a souvenir of Eleonor.

Allo? mr. 'Peekto'?
Ah... Piquetou?

I'm Eleonor's nephew.

Yes, exactly, I got lots of books for you.

"Alice knew she would always keep
the spirit of her childhood,

of that, she had no doubt.

She knew one day she'd be regaling her grandchildren with..."

...can't read. He can't read.
He can't...

He can't read.
He can't read...

Is it him, then?

He is the substitute?

He is so small for a Big Foot.

He is waking up.

What are you doing here?

We are very happy to meet you.

Eleonor assured us that...


She could see you...
as I am seeing you now?

Yes. Of course.

Where do you come from?

From the books, for God's sake!
Where else do you think?

Eleonor told him nothing?

This library is very special, little man.

All of us are originals.

Our stories were edited
for the very first time in these books.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it,
is very simple:

for our stories to live on
around the world,

you must protect us.

More important,
you must never talk about us...

to anybody.
So then, you're Eleonor's chosen.

You know who we are?

Yes, I know who you are,
Eleonor read me your stories.

You are Red Riding Hood,

and you're...The Big Bad Wolf.

Ah! If he knows us so well,
that means he really is the chosen one.

Come on! Don't be shy!
Everyone out now!

Show yourselves, friends!

Come meet the new storyteller.

Eleonor's worthy successor.

Aladdin. Mowgli. Baloo.
The Great Merlin.

King Arthur.
Pinocchio. Lancelot. Perceval .

Gulliver. Cinderella. !!Karagarga!!
Nils Holgersson. Scheherazade.

Ali Baba. The Little Match Girl .
Simbad The Sailor. Peter Pan. Sleeping Beauty.

The Puss in Boots.
Snow White. Hansel and Gretel.



I have always loved you.

Er...well... I mean...

I've always...
I've always loved hearing about your adventures.

Ah, that's enough.
You really are Eleonor's successor.

Thanks to you we will live on.

And all the world's children
will continue to dream.

Will you move that big foot of yours?

Come on, get down here! Get down here!

Have you heard?

The time has come to
open the curtain.

We don't wanna be late for that.



He is going to read the magic words!

Have no fear.

You just need to read aloud the magic words.

And then we will live on for ten more years...
or even more...

Until you pass the legacy on to someone else.

It's not him! It's not him!

He is not the chosen one!

I repeat: He is not Keanu Reeves!

Oh no, again we forgot to invite her.

When you forget to invite her,
she becomes furious.

Don't I know it.

Last time, she made me sleep for a hundred years!

- Hey, listen here, Maleficent...
- Maleficent!? (the wicked fairy godmother in Sleeping Beauty)

If he is our savior,

let's hear him read the magic words.

Come on!

Come on! Read! Read!

Read the magic words, and we will live on as long as
you are alive!


I told you so, didn't I?

He can't even read.

You really think Eleonor would send us
someone who can't even read?

There is nothing wrong with that.
None of us can read!

You are so na?ve!!

It's precisely for that reason
that we need a protector

who possesses that extraordinary power.


- "...invent..."
- Make sure you do it right!

You only got one chance
to read the magic words!!

Just like my matches,
I only have one left.

According to my watch,
we still have some time left,

there is still hope.

But when the sun reaches its zenith
it will be too late.

Too late?

If you don't read the magic words before noon,
we will disappear.

And with us, all our stories.

If that happens, parents will have only
real-life stories to read to their children.

I can't, my friends.

But the children adore me!

If Captain Hook dies, they too
shall die of boredom.

Calm down. He will do it.

Let him concentrate.

Anybody home?

You called me about the old books.

- Did he say "old books"?
- You betrayed our secret?

No! I told no one!
I...I swear!

I am trying to keep the house...

When I came up here...I had no idea

that you lived in the books!

He is not the true successor
promised us.

He wants to get rid of our books.

Open your eyes,
this impostor betrayed us!

No, no...
I swear I didn't betray you.

I will prove it!
I'll go talk to my dad. He'll fix it.

You hear that?

He pretends to be on our side
and what does he propose?

To reveal our existence
to his father!

Even after everything we told him!!

Abracadabra, abracadabra.

Damn it! What have you done?

Are you mad?

You have put all our lives all in danger.
Including yours.

So what?
You think I care?

You have always excluded me.
If we die,

at least we will all die together!

- Anybody knows what to do now?
- Return him to his normal size.

Too late. They come.
To your books, quick!

Back in the books!

Original edition, 1870.

First Publication, printed in...

I don't know what to tell you,
those are old,

well, old and useless, but I'll try my best
to get rid of them for you.

You never know. Maybe someone will buy them.

per-pound, of course
- Per pound?

Well, if they are worthless, my son will
be better off keeping them then.

Ah... no!
Wait! Wait, wait, wait!!

Don't forget you're talking to
the famous Piquetou!

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

If I manage to sell the books,
you get the money.

If I find no buyer,
you take the books back.

What say you, dear lady?

Well... it sounds great to me.


I'll leave this one out.

It's in really bad condition.
And it's not the only one...

Dad! Mom! Help!

Look on the bright side.
We are all together.

And Maleficent?
Is she in one of the boxes?

- Not in ours.
- Not here either.

She is not in here.

Neither is she here.
Fortunately for us, then.

She must have been left behind.

Oh, she will be furious
to have been forgotten again.

How will I return to my normal size?

I assure you,
these are original editions.

It's the deal of the century.

Alice in Wonderland,
the very first edition.

The same with The Jungle Book

The Wizard of Oz...

It's a veritable gold mine,
Piquetou's word.

You won the jackpot,
dear old me.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

- Where are we?
- I don't know.

I know we are not in the...library!

Where are you going?
Come back here.

Dea Mrs. Aubrey,
of course I could sell them by the pound but...

...somebody has already shown interest in them
and if this person makes me an offer I can't refuse

for the whole lot,
then there's nothing I can do for you.

Did you hear that?

We might be sold individually,
we'll be separated!

Calm down, Lobo.

Nathaniel will have saved us all by then.

Don't forget that Eleonor appointed him
as her successor.

But I'm too small to take care of you.

And anyway, YOU are the heroes!

Yes, I understand very well
this young man's anxiety.

When one is very small,
the world is full of dangers.

Believe me, I know what I am talking about.
- And I didn't come out of a book either.

I don't know my own story.
I don't know how it will end.

Me, I know how it ends.

Look at that chicken run.

Poor Hook.

He thought you were the crocodile who swallowed
a ticking alarm clock.

Oh yeah? Are you sure?

No sleep for you, beauty.

A solution must be found.
- Anybody knows what to do?

- We must learn how to read.
- What for?

The magic words must be read
by a human.

We are condemned.
This is our last chapter.

It's The End.

"...Pinocchio looked at himself in the mirror...

...his was no longer the face of a
simple wooden puppet,

but that of a real boy..."

Never forget this:

"Everybody has this one thing in common:

nobody can live without dreams."

We only need to get back to the library.

To be seen by the humans
and then cease to exist?

- I will go.

Eleonor trusted in me. She has chosen me.
I don't want to disappoint her.

I'll go home and read
the goddamned magic words.

If you set sail now and go
across the beach

you should come into harbour in two hours.
Do we have time?

Don't be such a coward!

It's my watch,
not the crocodile's ticking clock.

The time is now 8 o'clock, 2 seconds
three, four, five, six, seven...

I've always loved your stories.

I shall make sure they live on.

And how are you gonna do that?

You're too small to save us from oblivion.

Don't worry,
I'll find Maleficent

and convince her to return me
to my normal size.

Then I'll go to my father
and tell him I'm keeping all the books.

We could already be sold by then.

If a buyer comes, do whatever you can
to prevent the sale.

I have total confidence in your imagination,

Yes! Bravo!
We are saved! Hurrah!!


Are you coming?
Adrien is waiting.

Oh, well..

Oh, poor aunt Eleonor would be so sad

if she knew which book
my idiot brother decided to keep.

Nath. Nathaniel.

Here, take this.

It's all I have to thank you.

Thank you, Little Match Girl.

You are our only hope.

Now that you've got "the right stuff",
you must act as a hero does.

To be a hero, I must somehow read
those ma-freaking-gic words

How will you do that?

If only we could read
we would tell you the words,

you would memorize them
and everybody would be happy forever after.

Eureka! I got an idea!

Here. They look ordinary but these
are magic glasses.

Even if you have never learned to read,
with these, you could.

French, English, even Chinese.

Why didn't you say so before,
you long-nosed-worm-with-legs?

Well...it just didn't occur to me.
I must admit, I haven't been very smart.

Ha! With this, I am sure to succeed.
Let's go. No time to lose.

Huh. Freshwater sailor.

Has anyone seen my glasses?

I'm coming with you

Me too.
You need someone to watch the clock.

With me, you'll always know
how much time we have left.

It is obvious that the outcome
will be certain shipwreck.

Can I go, too?

Are you crazy?

You want to eat them?

Have you gone mad, Ogre?

It's not fair.

All right, let's vamos.

What was that?

Let's go then?

It's way easier to walk on wet sand.

Where is the White Rabbit?

Well, you know, he comes and goes
as he likes.

He appears. He disappears.
It's his favorite game.

Tell me, what time do the Big-Feet
usually come to the beach?

After 10.
And they usually stay until the evening.

By the God of the lettuces!
They are already here.

- How I would like to approach them!
- No, no, Alice!

They must not see us!

You don't know how they treat
the little creatures who live here.

What do they do them?

When they catch the shrimps,
they let them die in full sun...

in a plastic bag.

Absolutely horrible!
They are monsters.


Come, this way.

This place is wonderful.

Is this New-Zealand?

Unless it's Australia.

I've never seen something like this
in my Geography books.


What is happening?

Perhaps we should run.


Don't let go off my hand!

Grab it!

It's too far...


The Ogre?

What luck, Alice!

My watch was under water for a minute,
and it's not even a second late.

Not even a second.

Thanks for saving us.

It's nothing.
I love humans.

Especially with bacon-onion-balsamic jam.

Think about it, Ogre...

To eat someone is a one-time affair,

but when you make a friend,
it's for life.

Hmm...OK...I don't really get it
but it's food for thought.

Hurry. Hurry. We are late.

We'll go faster if I carry you.

And if we stay behind those rocks,
no one will see us.

- Grrr...gre...aaattt...
- Th..th...th...anks a lot, Ogre.

Eh, up there.
What is happening?

You see them?

We have the right to know what's happening.

They were joined by the Ogre.
He will devour them for sure. Hah hah.

- Lemme see. Lemme see.
- Keep asking.

Gimme the spyglass.

Oh, no. A buyer.

Proceed as planned.
To your posts. Quick.

Has anyone seen my gl...?

Look at this, professor Kermadec.
The Tales of a Thousand and One Nights.

These books are of great beauty.

I'll take them.

Is this a joke?

Cinderella and the Big Bad Wolf?

You wasted my time for this rubbish?

Eh? No, of course not!

Truth is..er...I'm not an expert.

But..they make a great couple,
don't you think?

No, I don't think so.

Keep your books and forget me.

Well...someone else will be happy to buy them.

Your plan worked, Pinocho.

Yes, but I'm not sure
it will work a second time

Mrs. Aubrey?
Hi again.

Good news about the books.

No. No. No...

We must be careful. The Ogre's good intentions
won't last forever.

See how he looks at your feet?

If he ate them, it would be that much harder
for you to accomplish your mission

You must be tired.

Perhaps we better come down.

Don't want you dying from exhaustion.



Yes, darling, play.

I have lost sight of them.

One moment they were on the beach,
the next, they evaporated.

If you had let me keep watch,
it wouldn't have happened.

Where are you?

Come. Over here.

I know the way. I built this castle.

Hey, White Rabbit,
remember when we first met?

It was in a burrow not unlike this one.

I hate darkness.

Can't even see what time it is.

Over here.

I'll force it back.


Everyone is allright?

Yes, thanks to you.
Thank you, mon ami.

Thanks to him. Thanks to him.
What about me?

It was my watch that protected him.
- Thank you, Little Match Girl.

If we get out of this alive,

I'll never bother captain Hook again.

How will we get out of here?

Do you hear?

It's the tide.

Quick, hold hands,
we'll make a chain.

The incoming water will take us outside.

Are you sure it's a good idea?


- Alice!
- They are up there, look!


Toy, toy.
- Oh, no. Not him again.


What is he waiting for?
Why doesn't flee?


Look at his body.

Look, you too.

Looks like you're partially erased.

What is happening to you?

You are starting to disappear.

No time to lose.

Ogre, wake up.

Where am I?

You fainted.
Are you allright?

Yes, think I was too hungry.

Well, I promise you will never be
my snack.

All right. We need to get out right now.

We're getting farther and farther
away from the library.

Toy. Toy...

Have you seen your color?

We should rename you Rose Riding Hood.

He's right.
Have you seen your hood?

What is happening?
I don't know.

But whatever it is, it's spreading...
You don't look right either.


In 30 minutes, it will be noon.

And if Nath hasn't read the magic words by then

we'll become as washed-out as the pages of our books.

Oh, no...

- Will they arrive in time?
- Will Nath manage to read?

Bad news.
Another customer.

Proceed to plan B.

Please come in, mrs. Aubrey,
you look wonderful.

As I told you, my ancestors
wrote fairy tales.

And one fine morning I said to myself: 'Claudette,
You've never had a collection.

Don't you think it's time to start one?"

And what could be more natural than to collect fairy tales, eh?

But of course, naturally.

People can say what they want but
fairy tales make for exquisite reading.

When I talked about collecting fairy tales

my husband mocked me.

And now....he is reading them like crazy.

Really? How amusing!

I think it's time to introduce you to
this small treasure.

You will be filled with wonder,
the illustrations are so gorgeous.

Huh?...I'm confused.

Ah, too much exposure to sunlight, I think.

Let me see.

Oh la la.

Not a practical way to read a story, for sure.

Ah... well.

These books are ancient,
you understand.

You can't expect miracles.

Errr...mr..mr. Piquetou,

You understand why I can't buy
books with blank pages, unfortunately.

I'll come back later to see if you have
some of those hand-embroidered


We really need one for our country-house

Do you know where your brother is, Angelica?
We will eat soon.

Ang?lica. Go to Adrien's, dear,
perhaps Nath is there.

All right, all right. I'm going.

But I'll go fly my kite before coming back.

Ah, what a bother to have a little brother!

They fight all the time but deep down,
they love each other.

Come on.

One last little effort and we are finally there.

Oh, no.

These stairs are way too high.

Shrek, lift me up,
I'll use the algae to climb up.

It can't be.
We can't fail so close to our destination.

Hi, Adrien. Is Nath here?

Nath? No, no.

I waited for you all morning but...

Don't stay outside, come on in.

The coffee is boiling.

I looked for him everywhere,
in his room, on the beach...

Ah! What are all those?

Russian dolls. I love them.

Eleonor gave them to me.

She brought me back one each time
she traveled to Rusia.

She used to say:

"Dolls are like people.
Their treasure is hidden in their own being."

I'd have prefered such a lovely wooden doll

to the old porcelain one she gave me

To think aunt Eleonor gave all those books
to Nathaniel...

The little buffoon can't even read.

He was her little pumpkin.

Oh, no. Eleonor loved you both equally.

I'm sure she has done everything to make sure
there is no jealousy between you.

Doesn't matter anyway, since mr. Piquetou
took all the books.


That malicious shark has finally succeeded
in deceiving your parents!

Eleonor would be very very upset.

It's time someone gives that unscrupulous dealer
a lesson he won't soon forget.

Well, while waiting for my brother to
come out of his secret hiding place,

I've got a kite to fly.

All right. Keep me informed, would you?

And if there's something I can do for you
don't hesitate.

I really hope we're not doing all this for nothing,

and I hope no book was sold.

Alice? Alice?

Alice, where are you?

- Here.
- Whatever will be, will be.

But to be swallowed by a tiny human!
What supreme humilation for an Ogre!

Nope. We weren't eaten.

I know this cloth,
it's my siser's kite.

Perfect! It will take us to the library.
- How?

Just hang on tight!!
Whatever happens, don't let go.

Give us your hand!

Given my sister's formidable lack of dexterity,
we are gonna crash soon.

Thanks for reassuring me.

Poor friends...
you're even more transparent than before.

- Oh, I've had enough of this.
- Ogre, wait. Don't leave.

I promise you that...


I must be dreaming!
You are...shrinked?

We've been looking for you for hours!
And what the hell are those?

Listen, I must get to library asap.

To save them, and to return to
my normal size, if possible.

Hah! I used to have a small little brother,
now I have a tiny one!

Please, Angelica,
this is no time for jokes.

I know we fight all the time, but
I need your help right now.

To get Eleonor's books back.

If you don't want to do it for me,
do it for her.

Hey, since when do you get to tell me
what to do, huh?

Sorry, Angelica,
no offense meant.

But, please,
don't tell dad what you've just seen.

This is top secret,
nobody must know about it.

The most important thing now,
is to get the books back!

If mr. Piquetou sells them,
it's the End.

We must get them back at all costs.

You want my opinion,
there is no hope.

Just look at our colors.

Nathaniel hasn't succeeded in

I know all about the cost of letting time pass.

That whole affair with the chariot
turning into pumkin...

- I think the new color suits you well.
- Thank you.

Well, the time has come to say goodbye,
my dear Wolverine.

We are quite a pair, you and me.

Was I a good Big Bad Wolf?

You were terrible.
You scared generations of children.

They will miss us.

Come, friends. Time to set sail for the books.

- Has anybody seen my...?
- Papa, come back here.

These stairs...

exhausted me...

I'm spent.

Say, she is a bit odd, your sister.

She could have brought us to the library,
it'd would have been easy for her.

I thought we'd never reach the top.

Me, too.

What was so urgent that

she had to leave us at the foot of the stairs
and let me do all the work?

No idea, but I find it rather odd.

What matters now is to read the magic words

before it's too late.

Well, well.
It seems I'm needed, eh?

Quick, the magic words.

I'm sick of all this already.

Pinocchio's magic glasses.

I don't understand, it's all blurry,
I see nothing.

One minute left.
Then the carrots are cooked.

Don't hate him.

He just wanted to make you feel confident
about the mission.

but....magic glasses or not,
I'm sure you can read the words.

Come on, Nath,
you brought us all the way here.

Without you we couldn't have succeeded.

Overcome your fear,
you know the alphabet, you can read.

I am telling you again, he is not The One.
Jet Li is The One.

Don't listen to her, Nath.
Believe in yourself.

You can do it.

I'm looking for old books.

Any book, as long as it's ancient.

O..old books?

You've come to the right place.

I have tons of them. Please come in

Come on, Nath,
read the magic words.

Read with your heart.

Hurry, my friend,
I can't hold this up much longer.

The words are fading.



Just because it...



..it..isn't real!!

- Our colors are back!
- Saved by a hair's breadth!

You are truly Eleonor's successor.

Well, ok, this child can read...
No doubt.

And since he gave us our colors back,
I'll turn him back to normal.

but only after you get all the books back. Clear?

It'd be difficult but I assure you,
I can do it.

And this time, you come with us,
grumpy old witch.

You're hurting me. You overgrown brute.

I know where Nath is.

- Follow me.
- Adrien told me...

Careful. Well, where is he?

He is waiting for you at mr. Piquetou's,

What are you saying?

What is he doing there?

At Piquetou's?

But of course!
Into the pocket!


What really is marvelous
about this region...

is, in my opion,
the color of the sky.

Especially when the sky is...
far from the window...

the sea is...very...wet.

I don't know about you,
but, for me, the most important thing,

much more important than material goods,
is the Silence of The Lambs.

Eh? err..yes..the silence of the..

Ah, yes! Of course, of course!

The Lambs Who Weren't There!

They were silent because they weren't there.
About the books,

Do you have any preference?
Size? Thickness?

Ah, yes. Thickness.

It's what makes the difference between
War and Peace and a novella,

a cigarette and a Cuban cigar,
an anorexic Kate Beckinsale and Oprah..

She used to say:
"Dolls are like people,

"Their tresure is hidden within."

The end of the world and...and..the end of me.

Sorry to interrupt but...
this collection, you want it or not?

The books...

Books are simply
a bunch of words printed on dead trees...

All right, that's enough.

I've had a bad day and...

...excuse me, it seems
I have another client.

Where is my son?


Nath, it's dad.

Look. Our colors.

It's not the time to play hide-and-seek.

I know you're here, your sister told me, so

come out of your hiding place.


Where are you?

- There they are.
- Hurrah for Nathaniel!

Bravo! Bravo! Hurrah!


Mission accomplished. Look.
Everybody is there.

Now keep your words and
turn me back to normal.

But the books, if I am not mistaken,
are still not back in their right places.



- Papa, we need to bring the books back home.
- Why? What is happening?

These are unique copies
of fairy tales.

- Please, dad...
- What? Unbelievable.

I'm sure I didn't dream it.

All the pages were decolorized.

I was bewitched!
- Papa. Please.

All right, Nath,
we are bringing the books back.

About the house, well, we'll think of something.
- Hold on. I got client over there.


Angelica informed me about the situation.

So I had to try and play for time.

You insolent brat!

No, no.

No, no. I don't actually wanna lose weight.

Where is Piquetou?
Did he run away in shame?

Good riddance.

The house is saved.
The house is saved.

What do you mean saved?

The doll.
There was a treasure inside.

Eleonor's jewels.

There is no doubt now,

Eleonor made of you
this house's guardian angels.

We'll be able to repair the roof
and keep the house.

Angelica, if you weren't my sister,
I'd not hesitate to say you're so cool!

Now that you believe in them
you can see them.


"Alice was beginning to get very tired
of sitting by her sister on the bank,

and of having nothing to do"

Alice taught you how to read?

No, he did it all by himself.

Really...Just when I think I don't believe
in fairy tales anymore...

"once or twice she had peeped into

the book her sister was reading,
but it had no pictures or conversations in it.

'and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice?
'without pictures or conversation?"

(Parents reading Alice's story to their children)

''Alice told herself that one day,

when she would be an old woman

with the heart of a child,
she would be regaling her enchanted grandchildren

with all those extraodinary tales.''

(Subtitled by Croaker of Karagarga)