Elcano & Magallanes: First Trip Around the World (2019) - full transcript

Story of one of the most incredible adventures ever happened: the first trip around the world.

Captain! The Cape of Storms!

All hands, ahoy!

We'll do our best
to keep this distance.

Blimey! It's even bigger
than a mountain.

We have to circle around!

Hang on to what you can!

This is gonna be a bumpy ride!

Per favore, not so fast...

the rocking's making me

What the Italian's saying

is he doesn't like
his mother's cooking.

He didn't say that.

There's no need to worry,
it's just a slight breeze.

Be careful!

A little water never hurt

Full speed ahead!

Santa Madonna, Mr Elcano...

lower the sails.

I won't make it out alive.

I won't stand for this!

My name is Antonio Pigafetta,
the king's own notary!

Loosen up, Sir Notary.

We'll make it to the port
on time just like I promised.

Woah, we've got a loose end!

- Bah!
- Grab the ship's wheel.

Santa Madonna...

We're going to sink!

Nothing to worry about.

Not in a million years would
I allow you to become fish food.

I give you my word as captain.


Are you being serious, boy?

Elcano, you are no captain,
you're an unthoughtful brute.

Captain Unthoughtful!

Captain Unthoughtful!
Sure is a mouthful.

Thank you,
I'll be here all week.

The Guadalquivir, told you so.

You'll get to Sevilla on time.

This is the last barrel.

Come on, lad, we gotta
get them onto the boat!

I'll take any charity, madam.

Today's deal!

I'll read two fortunes
for the price of one.

Oh wow, where could everyone
be going in this blazing heat?

I've never seen Sevilla
this lively.

Hey, sir,
with this tiny rosemary leaf

I can predict your
joy and grief.

Sorry, lassie, I'm running
on empty myself.

I'm sailing out tomorrow.

Make way for the admiral!


Oh, who could he be?

The guy with the limp
is Ferdinand Magellan.

The navigator.

The Portuguese?

Oh! Magellan is recruiting men
for his voyage.

I hope he takes
my husband with him.

Mister Magellan,
for one doubloon

with this rosemary leaf,
I can read your fortune.

- Hm.
- You wretched girl!

Stop bothering the admiral!


Oh, my goodness.

They say he's a handsome fellow
and a daredevil.

He's a vicious lad,
and if he's limping so

it's because the Arabs
destroyed his leg.

The poor admiral!

Sir Magellan, how about some
charity for a crippled seadog?


Why thank you, noble sir.

Oh, they're made of gold!

He just handed me gold coins!


Wherever he goes,
his Indian fellow

from the Maluku Islands follows.

- Has he ever been?
- Magellan has been everywhere.

They say the devil himself
showed him a map of the world.


Look, he's right over there!

Is he a good of a navigator
as they say?

He's the best.

He's so accustomed
to the swaying of a ship at sea

that while he's on land,
he can't pee standing up.

We still don't know the route
we'll take.

When's that notary lad
getting here?

Silence. Or I'll kick you
out of the line.

Well, hurry it up then,
we're frying out here.

Why aren't you gathering
the crew already?

Sir Gomez!

Sir Pigafetta,
the king's notary

hasn't arrived yet, Captain.

Looks like the voyage
is off to a good start.

I can tell you where he is
if you'd like.

Mr Magellan, would you like me
to read your fortune?

There's no need,
we know what's waiting.

We're off to the Maluku Islands,
for spices.

Get out of here, you vermin!
Stop bothering the admiral!

But, uh...

wouldn't you like to know how
your expedition will turn out?

What is your nome?


Good Ines...

maybe you should give Captain
Cartagena back his belongings?

Ah? Uh!

Where's my pouch?

It probably fell.

Argh! You little thief!

It wasn't me.

Strange things happen in Sevilla
all the time, I swear it.

Would you like a rosemary leaf,

- Urgh!
- Calm down, Cartagena.

She's but a young lass.

And now my good captains and I
would be interested in knowing

just what's waiting for us
in this voyage.

Let's see, here.

Just know that the rosemary leaf
doesn't make mistakes

about the future.

- Smell it.
- Come on, tell us!

Will we have fair winds, lassie?

Be at ease, everybody,
you'll make it back home.

And they'll be talking about
this voyage

for a very long time!

Aye, aye!

Where do I sign up?

Halt in the name of Portugal!

I forbid you from sailing out.

We're on orders from
King Carlos from Castile

Mr Ambassador.

You know full well you're not
allowed in the Maluku Islands.

The only route into the Cape
of Storms is owned by none other

than Portugal!

That's very true, the route
to the east is Portuguesa.

That being so, Portuguese ships
are the only ones allowed

to bring spices into Europe.

So you can sell them
for outrageous prices!

You're bunch of pirates!

We are merchants!

However we won't be taking
the Portuguesa route.

We will look
for a new route to the west.

But that's impossible.

- No way.
- There's no way, Admiral.

Can you explain this matter?

There is no route to the west,
all you will find is death!

Or glory.

I promise to take you
to the Spice Islands.

Are you with me?


I don't know...

I'm sure that Mr Magellan
knows how to get there.

Sign me up.

The kingdom of Spain
has as much right as Portugal

to have commerce
with the Maluku Islands.

Say it with me, to the Islands!

- To the Islands!
- Yeah!

To the Islands!

You ungrateful traitor of a man,

The route to the
Spice Islands is ours.

The seas have no owner,
Senhor Ambassador.

And now if you'll excuse me,
I have a lot of work left.

We will leave port tomorrow.

Let's get on board, Enrique,
we have a voyage to plan.

You'll never get to the Islands,
I swear it.

Be careful, Ambassador.

Being that angry
will catch up to you.

Rosemary! Who wants
to buy some rosemary?

Good morning, my good sir.

Those ships can't get
to their destinacao.

You have to get ready
and gather em formacao.

About the route Magellan
is taking?

If that presumptuous fool has
a map with a route to the west

bring it to me.

If you manage to,
I'll shower you with gold.

Hm. It sounds like
a complicated mission...

I'll need a little bit more
to be persuaded

Alright, fine. Here.

I'm not persuaded.

You're a good spy,
but you are too expensive.

You know full well that you can
confide in me, Mr Ambassador.

There's a boat entering the dock
at great speed!

- Huh? Look there!
- There where?

Let's go!


Move out of the way!



Signore Elcano!

My name's Antonio...

I know. Antonio Pigafetta,
the king's own notary.

He's definitely got
a loose screw...

Go slower, per favore!

Blimey! Look there! Take a look!

Save me!

- Get me out of here!
- There he goes

- that Juan Sebastian Elcano.
- Who?

Only he'd come into the port
that recklessly.

Be careful, garzone, there isn't
enough space for the boat!

That captain has gone insane!

What are they doing?

Ah! You're going to
crash into the port!

- Elcano, turn the ship!
- We can make it!

Oh! Is he mad?

- Whoa!
- They're going to crash!

You can do it!

Yeah, I have it under control!

- He's going to kill himself!
- Oh!

Woo, yeah!


He's a great pilot.

What are you doing?

You've wrecked my ship!

Oh! Heh...
Nice ship you got there.

You'll pay for this, you cretin!

That man is nothing
but a savage!

The lad's got a loose screw!

Think he's any good?

Sorry about that, Sir Notary.

Oh, my!

How handsome.

Would you like to know
your fortune, sir?

No need for formality.

Can you tell me my future?

I can see... without a doubt...

some jail-time.

Good day.
Are you Juan Sebastian Elcano?

The one and only.

Your boat is confiscated
in the name of the king.

And ours as well.
He owes us a lot money.

I told you I'd pay you back.

Nothing but empty words,
empty words!

You should've payed your debt
months ago

and you haven't done it.

- It's time to pay, good sir.
- No, no! No.

The ship is my only means
of work.


do you have any other property
to repay your debts to us?

I have nothing but this ship
to my name

but if you can wait until I make
another voyage with goods...

Wait a minute,
the notary's journey!

You're crazy if you think
I'll pay you, Elcano.

You nearly sank your own boat
on the way here, and me with it.

I beg you,
grant me some more time.

I promise to pay my debts.

I've had enough of waiting.

Continue with your duties,

The boat belongs to us now.

As for you... you're arrested.

In your dreams!


Halt in the name of the king!

Arrest him!


I'll have you pay for that,
missy, just you wait!

He's escaping!

Run away, Juan Sebastian!

Look at that, we have
a banker in a fish bank!

We'll get you, you scum!

We'll see about that!

Stand back, stop!

Run back!

You'll have to answer
for your actions!

Look, that's
the Royal Notary, Piggy Feeta.

His name's Pigafetta.

It was about time!

Ah, come on!

Hurry up!

He's taking his sweet time.

I'm about to explode!

We don't have all day.

I'm going as fast
as my hands allow.

Oh, why us...

Juan de Lombardia.

- Mm-hm.
- Seaman of the Trinity.

Phew! I lost them.

Wait, what's that noise?

Stay right there!
You're mine now.

Halt! You have no escape!

He has to be around here.

Look, hey, he's over there!

Hold still!

I've got you now.

I think not!

Where do you think you're going,
you vermin?

We can do this the easy way
or the hard way.

You'll pay for the all damages
you've caused.

Come back here!


Follow him! Oh!

Follow him, but how?

Hope you have a great day,

Let's go!


The men in this town are getting
more and more shameless!

Make way for the king's men!


I think there's a thief
on the rooftops.

Where are you?

Where have you run off to,

We'll find you eventually,
count on it!

How will I get down from here
without getting caught?

- You won't be able to.
- Not again!

Planning on going somewhere?

You won't catch me
that easily.

He's escaping!


Come on!

We'll get you, Elcano!

You sneaky snake.
Damn it all!

Let's get to it.
What's the way down?

Ah! The girl with the rosemary.


Don't you worry, I'm just fine.
I'll come down now.

Hurry up! Hurry up!

If you sign up
for the expedition

they won't be able
to imprison you.

What expedition?

Magellan's, of course.

The Portuguese admiral?

It's my turn.

Sign me up for the trip!
Juan Sebastian Elcano.

Signore Elcano,
you're a wild beast.

The captain, Magellan, doesn't
want wild beasts on board.

What he wants is a...

Ahem. Great mariners.

Homnes? that are capable of
sailing a ship in the midst

of tempests
with their eyes closed.

Looks like you're in luck.
Make me a captain.

I wouldn't trust you navigating
a canoe, my boy.

You heard the admiral.
Who's up next?

Senhor Pigafetta,
please make Senhor Elcano

the quartermaster
of the Concepcion.

Under the orders
of Captain Jean de Cartagena.

What? I don't want that boy
anywhere near my ship.

He'd sink her
before even setting sail!

There's not a tempest that can
sink the ship I navigate.

Elcano, you are hereby detained
in the name of the king.

Marshall, Juan Sebastian Elcano
is the quartermaster

of one of the ships
in the king's expedition.

- You cannot detain him.
- But, uh...

And now if you'd please
excuse us

tomorrow we have a big day.

I am so sorry, Mr Marshall,
but I'm afraid I simply

cannot join your party.

I wouldn't be so happy
if I were you.

You're going to have a very
difficult voyage, lad.

Wait, why does he hate me?

He doesn't even know me.

I know exactly how he feels.

Intuition is everything,
you know?

Yago, mmm... cabin boy
of the Conception.

A cabin boy? Isn't there
something else, perhaps?

Juan Sebastian, I'll set off
with you in tomorrow's voyage.

I'm happy to hear that, lad.
We have a couple hours left.

And we'll be spending them doing
something of utmost importance.

♪ 21 bottles of rum
in the ship ♪

He's going to hurt tomorrow!

Is this really it?

That's where cloves come from.

You mean something that small
is worth sailing

to the other side
of the world for?

In the Spice Islands,
there's more than just cloves

you can also get cinnamon
and pepper.

Without them,
food wouldn't taste the same.

For a shipment like that

of course it's worth
going there.


It's even worth crossing
the Cape of Storms.

So you say you've been there?

Twice, mate,
and I'm alive and kicking.

Tradition goes that
for every time you cross

the Cape of Storms,
you pierce your ear.

You can't consider yourself
a true sailor

until you've done it.

Well, he hasn't done it

and for your information,
he's the real deal.

Only a fool who's never sailed
those waters

can run their mouth like that.

Who here's ever been
in the Cape of Storms?

- Aye!
- So have I!

I saw it from afar,
does that count?

I've been there...

If someone as feeble and puny
as you has done it twice

I don't think the voyage
is that dangerous.

Are ye calling me weak?

If Magellan wasn't taking us
in the opposite direction

I'd show you what I mean.

You'd better watch your tongue.

How dare you insult me?

The drinks!

Don't do it!

No, no, no!

Get off of me!

Stop fighting! Stop fighting!

The spices!

You savages!

It's dinner time, lad!

Oh... that was quite a brawl,

- You're telling me.
- You guys sure made a mess.

Bottoms up!

Hurry up, carpenter.

The sun's about to rise.

Water leak was pretty big...

- Er, Mr Dacosta...
- Huh?

Yago! But...
what on Earth happened?

I... already infiltrated
the ship's ranks.

What do you have for me?

No one knows anything
about Magellan's infamous map

but it's a voyage so long
that it wouldn't be a surprise

if something were to
happen to the admiral.

Hmm. Not a bad idea.

This is more dangerous
than I originally thought.

I will be waiting
in the Maluku Islands

just in case something happens.

You won't be coming along
for the ride, sir?

Are you crazy?
I'll go through the known route.

Leave it as is, carpenter,
get out of here.

We need to sail
as soon as possible.

Please let me finish
the repairs, sir

I'm begging you.

The ship will brave the seas,
we don't have more time.

Atencao, everybody!

We have to sail to the
Spice Islands without delay.

All hands on deck,
under full sail! Ropes away!

That's the signal!
Let's get moving.

Ah! Be more careful!

You'll regret it!
Your ship will sink at sea!


Oh, how we'll miss you.

Where's that head of yours,
Sir Elcano?

Huh? What?

Take a look at the deck.

All your men are slacking off!

Is that how you plan
to run a ship?

You heard what the captain said!
Let's get to work.

Captain's nothing but
a party pooper...

If he hears you,
you'll be in stuck in the bilge.

- Don't touch me!
- What's that?

- You beasts!
- Come here!

Let go of me or I'll give you
a black eye!

- We have a stowaway, Captain.
- Let go of me already!

Release her, she just came
to say goodbye.

She likes you.

I didn't get a chance to
tell you your fortune yesterday

All I want to know is if I'll be
able to navigate a ship again.

I can see adventure.
And I see...


But being a captain
is the only thing on my mind.

You're so handsome.

What's this for?

The rosemary leaf will give you
luck on your voyage

and maybe even make you captain.

You can return it
when you come back.

"When you come back".

Thank you, but I'll be a while
before then.

I'll wait for you.

- Juan Sebastian Elcano.
- Ah!


Do we have to wait much longer
for you to take your station?

No, sir.
I'm well prepared, Captain.

Weigh the anchor!

Ropes away!

Raise the sails!

The mainmast to starboard!

We'll see you soon!

Be safe!

Bye, honey! I love you!


We're off to the Islands.

To the Maluku Islands we go!

We'll see you soon, Sevilla!

I'll be missing you, Carmensita.

watch the ship's course.

We have to use these
winds in our favour.

I'm going to be
watching you closely.

Don't even think about pulling
the stunts you're known for.

You won't have any complaints,
sir, I'll make sure of it.

Under full sail!

- Under full sail!
- Why you little...



I'm sorry if I scared you.

Are you OK?

You presumptuous bilge rat!

You're going to be the lookout
tonight, Sir Elcano.

And for your own good,
I hope you don't take a nap!

He hates me.

The Maluku Islands.

They're very rich lands, Admiral

but unreachable by
navigating westward, sir.

If you consider our world to be
that way, the Maluku islands

are obviously out of reach

but there are others ways
perceive reality.

What do you mean, other ways?
You're talking nonsense.

What are you referring to?

Please allow me.

So the savage knows how to speak
our tongue?

I am no savage, good sir.

In the islands, my home,
there are no savages.

Enrique will serve
as our interpreter

when we get to his land.

If we look at it this way,
the Spice Islands

are at the reach of anyone
who sails to the west.

I don't believe for a second
that there's a passage

that'll lead us
from America to the islands.

They say that the last crew
that sought to discover it

was turned into an appetizer
for the cannibals.

And if I were to tell all of you
I'm completely sure

this passage exists,
would you believe me?


There are rumours about
a secret map in your possession

with said route. Is it true?

Well, in that case, it should
continue to be a secret.

The Portuguese
would give anything

to get their hands on it.

Oh, I'm sorry.

You're Portuguese yourself,

Yes, I am.

However, I serve the young
King Carlos from Castile.

He has given me command of this
flotilla, keep that in mind.

Well, in that case,
if I really am loyal to Spain

why don't you show us the map
with the route?

We are your captains, after all.
We need to know it.

To ease all our worries.

That won't be necessary.

The five ships will always be
sailing together.

In a line, one after the other.

Meu nau, the Trinity,
will go in front

and the rest will follow her.

So no one but you will know
where we're going?

That plan is completely insane.

What's going to happen
when night falls?

The ships will get lost at sea!

Every single night,
I will turn on this lantern

to guide the ship closest to us.

And in turn, that ship
will light their lantern

to guide the next ship,
and so on and so on.

You can trust me.
We won't get lost.

These stars are very different
from my land's.

Soon they won't be.

it's getting hard to see.

Night is falling,
light the lantern in the stern

so that the other ships
can follow us!

We'll do it at once, my admiral.

Come with me.

There... All done.

Look, the Trinity
lit their lantern.

Let's do the same.

Alright, we're done.

Did you see that?
They're shooting stars.

I need some shuteye.

I had better get some rest.

Go ahead, I'll take over.

You look wide awake, Sir Elcano.

Aye, my captain!

Then you'll have the pleasure
of being lookout tomorrow

and the day after tomorrow!

Thank you, my captain...

- Ugh...
- Aye.

I'm looking at the captain's
favourite soldier.

I need to navigate the ship

The only thing I've ever wanted
to be was a captain.

This ship has a captain already

and he despises you.

Good luck being the lookout,

If they'd only put me in charge,
I'd make this ship sail

like never before.

And so, we kept
navigating the oceans westward

following a route
unknown to everyone

except to the admiral,

The stool, please.

Here you go, sir.
Please be careful.

Obrigado, my loyal Enrique.

Mm. Let's see...

Here's the compass, sir.

Soon we'll be in
the Indias of America.

It's been five days now.

We're navigating blindly,
fearing for nostra vita.

It looks like we've entered
an eternal maelstrom.

Belay the mainmast's ropes
and pull, men, pull!

I'm going to lose
my lunch to the fish!

Shouldn't we lower the sails,

You want me to lower the sails?

There's no need.
This is nothing.

It's just a slight breeze.

This is my chance
to prove to Magellan

that I'm a worthy sailor!

You'll be on lookout duty
until the Spice Islands

if Captain Cartagena
ever wakes up.

Keep steady on the course.
Are the other ships following?

I see something!

Yes! There they are, Admiral.

- And the one closing in on us?
- That's the Conception, sir!

That arrogant boy Elcano is
going too fast for the waters.

Oh... I'm so dizzy! Scusi!

Write down that we've had
five days of nothing but storms.

I already did, Admiral.

I think we've picked up
too much wind.

We're going to crash!

We'll just have to dodge them.

In the name of Jolly Roger...
what's happening here?

Huh? What're we doing so close
to the admiral's ship?

You're going to sink the ship!

Told you. Now you'll see
a real storm brew.

Look at that!

We've passed
the Trinity, Captain!

You imprudent fool!

I'll have you pay for this,
Sir Elcano.

Captain Cartagena... America.


Land ho, ahead!

Land ho!

The Indias of America.

Just like that,
after 60 days of rain and storm

we arrived to the beaches
of Brazil

where all types of provisions
are plentiful.

We made excellent trades

with the natives
while in Brazil.

For a hook or a knife

they'd give us five or six
of their own hens

two geese for a comb.

For the tiniest of mirrors
or even a pair of scissors

we'd have enough fish and water

to feed ten of our personni.

The heads of their natives
were adorned with feathers

who looked to belong to strange
and colourful birds

inhabiting the area.

I told you that sailing
westward wasn't a big deal.

There's no helping you,
is there?

The generosity
and sympathy of these savages

made us feel like we're right
back home.

In spite of all the
communication problems

we made ourselves understood

by silly and sometimes funny

What was that urgent matter
you wanted to attend to

Sir Cartagena?

Uh, as you all know,
from now onwards

we'll be charting
unknown territory.

Isn't that so?

As soon as we stock up
on provisions.

Everybody here
is a good captain but, uh...

are you all sure that we can
keep navigating

without knowing the route?

If we continue to sail blindly
behind the admiral

we will end up getting lost.

Wait a minute. What exactly
are you proposing, Cartagena?

We need to demand that
Sir Magellan

hand over his map to us.

Sir, are you suggesting
we should rise up

against the admiral?

Well, if he's trying to turn us
into fish food...

Up until now, Magellan's system
has been working flawlessly.

What's so wrong about him
leading the way?

Mutiny is a serious matter.

We should be doubly sure

Are you OK with waiting a while,
Captain Cartagena?

Ah... Don't make it too long.

Magellan is Portuguese
after all, right?

Are all of you sure that
he's not secretly

working against Spain?


We continue
our voyage to the south

travelling on the coast
to unknown seas.

- There she blows!
- Whales!

And they're going faster
than we are!

Look at that...

The closer
we got to the months of summer

the colder the winds
blew our way

which made no sense
to us at all.

And with the cold,
the fog came as well.

The nebulous grey mantle grew
thicker with the passing days

thick enough to envelop
the ships.

The seafarers' faces turned
to fright and uncertainty.


Do you think we're
in summer or in winter?

What do you say?

That it's a cold summer-winter,
I suppose.

Back where I'm from,
this is what we call a winter.

And a good one too.

I just don't get it.

If we're really in summer

why is it getting colder
by the day?

That's because we've crossed
the equator, Captain

the more southward we sail.

What is that thing you just
mentioned, the "qui-quator"?

Never mind,
you wouldn't understand.

What exactly do you mean when
you say I wouldn't understand?

- Hm?
- Admiral.

There's a wide canal
right in front of us.

Finalmente, a canale!

The passage
to the Maluku Islands.

Could that be the passage
that we're looking for?

Oh! A fairway?
This can't be happening.

Inform the Concepcion that
they may explore the canal.

Got it, sir. Explore the canal!

Aye, at once!

You can't see where it ends.
What do you think, men?

Eh, it doesn't seem
to be a channel.

I'm fairly certain
it leads nowhere.

Paco, hold on to the wheel.

Excuse me, Captain.

Yago, the bucket!

- This bucket is mine!
- That's a good idea, lad.

What's going on?
What could they be up to?

There's too much fog ahead,

Not to worry,
I will write it all on paper.

"We can't see anything."

It's freshwater.

It's a river, it's not
the passage we're looking for.


Oh, my... how unfortunate,
isn't it?

Why, I knew that we wouldn't
be able to get anywhere

without a darn map.

Sir Elcano, go across
and board the Trinity

and inform the admiral
of the bad news.

Aye, aye. At once, captain!
You guys heard him.

Let's turn the ship around.

Be sure to put
your heart into it, mate.

This is an opportunity
to get warmed up!

Yago, prepare another boat.

I have to speak
with the other captains.

Aye, Captain.

Quickly, throw down
a Jacob's ladder.

Thank you.
You can wait for me here.

I have bad news, Admiral.

What have you discovered, boy?

That's not a passage,
it's just a river.

A river?

Tell me, what are your orders,

Give me a moment.

You heard what he said.



That can't be it.

Come on, row faster!

At this rate,
we'll never get there.

You all were right.
We're going in blind.

Magellan needs to show us
the map with the route.

Let's see.
Everyone's distracted...

The ones on the boat too.

I have to find out
what the captains are up to.

Every day I grow more and more
worried about our situation.

Has it occurred to anyone that
perhaps there is no such map?

That'd mean we're lost at sea.

If the map truly doesn't exist

we'll turn the ships around
and return back home.

I see no other resolution.
Does anyone oppose?

If that's the case,
I'll give you the signal

when the time is right.

- Till then, just be ready.
- Agh!


Let's leave this here and
go back to our ships for now.

I can't take this anymore.

I'm gonna speak
with the admiral.

Garzonne, stop!

I want to see the admiral.

Ah! What are you doing?

You're but a brute, Elcano.

- My good sir...
- Ah!

Oh! Huh...

Are you alright, sir?

You're a baldy?

And so what? I'm bald.

Your hat's unusually warm.

Well, I just hate it
when my head gets cold.

I'm sorry, my Admiral.

- It doesn't matter.
- What're your orders, sir?

We keep sailing south.

We kept navigating southward

through such harsh conditions

that we needed to stop
at a port to spend the winter.

Hey, look, huge chunks of ice!

Yeah! Those are huge!

I see lights at the coast!

It looks to be fire!

Those are bonfires, Admiral.

It's incredible
they can keep them burning.

From now on, we will name
this coast Terra do Fogo.

I'll write it immediately.
"Di Fuego..."

Why do the natives do that?

Why else, lad?
To endure this harsh winter.

We spent
five months unable to move.

At the time, it seemed like
winter would never have a fine.

This cold is unbearable!

This winter is never-ending.

I believe the winter
is almost over, my Admiral.

Thankfully, you're right.

We have to keep sailing
southward, Enrique.

I have the feeling the passage
is somewhere near.

The unusual winter

had taken a toll on the crew.


Oh, he's not looking too well.

I've had enough.
Let's put an end to this.

Lower a boat
for your captain, Sir Elcano.

Did something happen?

Stop asking questions,
just follow orders!

Just a moment.

Just where are we going,

Stop questioning me!

Hmm, we're going to the Trinity.

I don't like the looks of this.

Stop what you're doing.
Nobody move!

I, um, uh...

From now onward, we'll be
taking charge of the ship.

Would you like me
to write it down?

Hands up, fatty!

Out the way, I'll take the helm.

Come on, let's go get Magellan.

Hey, um, what's the plan?

Follow orders, for now.

Stop it!

You move and it'll be the
last thing you ever do, slave.

This better be a joke.

Admiral Magellan,
you are our prisoner.

Have you all gone insane?

I am the admiral
of this flotilla.

Get him out onto the deck!

Look, Paco,
they took the admiral hostage.

Come on, let's go inside.

Oh, I finally found it.
I found Magellan's map!

Uh, but...

the map is only logged with
the route we navigated.

There's no destination!

What kind of trickery is this,

Where are you keeping
the real map?

It's all in my head.

Things are about
to get real messy.

What're you saying, Admiral?
You never had a map?

Every day, I write down the
route that we'll be navigating.

I promise that every morning
I'll inform you

of the route we'll be taking.

Stop it, you savages!

We can't allow there to be
a mutiny on board!


What's going on?
Lower your weapons, everyone.

I do not want to see
a bloodshed.

I said to lower your weapons,

Alright, let's do
as the admiral says...

I'm begging you,
please return to your duties.

Well, in that case...

It's a tad late for that, sir.

Now we all know that
there was never a map

nor a passage
to the Maluku islands.

Magellan is crazy!

Surely he will get us killed!

We are going back to Spain!

Let's weigh the anchors,
Sir Elcano!

Uh, what do you think, Admiral?

I'm the only admiral now

and I order you
to weigh the anchors.

Do as he says.

We'll do as you say.
Weigh the anchors!

To Sevilla!

Look here.

We can't go back home
with Magellan alive

or we'll be chastised.

Let me go!

Never mind,
I'll take care of it.

We're navigating
too close to the coast!

We're going to get dragged in.
Be careful!


Admiral, the ships
are getting dragged

dangerously close
to the coast!


We're hitting the rock!

Try steering the ship!

That's the Santiago sinking!

My ship!

Hold on! Save yourselves!

These waters are way too rough
for us to endure.

We're putting our men
in unnecessary danger.

There's nothing we could do.

Heave ho! Prepare the boats,
we have to send some help.

Let's go!

Help me! Help me!

All of the crew is drowning

and the rest of the ships
may end up sinking!

Do something!

Everybody get back
to your ships.

Follow my orders at once.

Save everyone you possibly can

and be careful
with the currents!

We're headed straight for
the cliffs!

The current is pulling our ship
in as well.

We have to think of something.

There's a narrow channel
ahead, sir!

A narrow channel?

Finally, that's the passage
we're looking for!

I'm completely sure.

Trust me, captains,
I'm begging you.

Magellan is leading us
to certain death!

All of us swore loyalty
to Magellan and to Spain.

Lower your weapons.

Let him go!

Magellan made a promise to us
and I believe in him.

And so do I.

Me too.

Everybody here will die
if we venture into that channel

without a map.

Magellan has to die!

Out of my way!

My Admiral, you go ahead
and save the ships.

I'll take care of him myself.

This isn't the time to fight
amongst ourselves.

We must save the ships!

I will never hand over command
to a Portuguese again!

Neither will I.


Everyone to your stations!

The admiral's right!
Let's save the ships, men!

Enrique, tudo bem?

I'm at your service,
my Admiral.

My loyal friend,
I feared you died.

I won't be going with you.


We'll just have to take control
of one of the ships.

The San Antonia
is the closest one.

We're arresting you, Captain.

How dare you put your
little filthy hands on me?

This was a big mistake...

and my crew paid
the ultimate price for it.

Come on, get on with it.
Aren't you coming?

I think it's best if I stay.

I-I'd never be able to
betray my admiral, of course.

Mamma mia!
Stop them from leaving!

They're deserting us!

We'll go back to Sevilla.

Let them be. We have no need
for traitors amongst us.

What about him?
What'll you have us do with him?

Enough with the bloodshed.

Leave him in a boat so he can
make his way to the coast.

Maybe he'll survive.

What are your orders, sir?

There's no time to lose,
go back to your ships.

My ship's got no captain.
Put me in command.

Senhor Serrano
will be your new captain.

- Aye.
- I'm at your service, Captain.

You savages!

Everyone who follows Magellan
will meet their maker!

Hm? Oh...

As we sailed deeper

into what seemed to be
a natural canal

uncertainty spread
into the hearts of the crew.

The scenery changed completely,
and the cliffs and bluffs

demonstrated their grandeur
and also their dangerousness.

Sir, the currents
here are stronger.

That's perfect,
helmsman. Be on your toes.

It's colossal!

I should've ran
when I got the chance.

Not even in my worst nightmares
would I have imagined

a place like this.

Well, then, you should stop
and visit the Cape of Storms

it's even worse than this.

We're staying on course.

There has to be open sea
on the other side.

Madonna! I hope you're right!

Careful at starboard!

My men, be careful! Take cover!

Be careful!

Grab the oars,
push them into the cliffs!

We're reaching a bottleneck.

Getting through these cliffs
will be impossible.

- We'll make it through.
- And if we don't get through?

Hang on tight, men!

The Trinity is stuck!

Be careful!

I don't think
we're gonna make it.

- They're going to charge us!
- We're going to crash!

Come on, steer hard to port!

Jump while you can!

This is our only option.

The built-up water
is pushing us!

That won't be a problem for me!

Elcano has done it! Yeah!

38 days and 38 nights

that's how long we've been
trying to sail this stretch.

we finally made it through.

Hey, we actually did it, mates!

In this day, we've discovered
a passage into the sea

they'll now call
the Sea of the South.

Let's head to the Islands!

Now known as the South Sea.

Elcano, what's got you so down
in the dumps?

Here. You steer the ship.

This time, I nearly sank
our only way back.

You did a great job.
Better than anyone.

You'll be a great captain
soon enough.

Halfway through the passage,
I feared for my life.

And here I thought
I was brave enough

to get through
the Cape of Storms.

Everyone was scared to death.

If anything today,
you've learned how valuable

prudence is.
It's a good lesson indeed.

Now you're more likely to get us
all back home in one piece.

What's the hold up?
Steer the wheel.

It is the 28th November.

We left the canal
which led us to a great ocean

to which we immediately
gave the name, "the Pacific"

because we navigated in its
vast size for three months

and 20 days without having
a single bite to eat.

Tell me, have you ever seen
a sea so peaceful?

Have I? Never, lad.

It's like this ocean
is never-ending.

Almost four months
without seeing land.

Right now we have over 25
sick sailors, my Admiral.

And we'll have many more
than that

if we don't find provisions

We should be very close by now.

Where in the hell are you,
Maluku Islands?

So as to not die from hunger

we were forced to eat pieces
of leather and sawdust.

The bread loaves that were left
were no more than dust

mixed with worms,
and the water too was spoiled.

It made us all sick.

Hey, um, would you happen
to have any leather left?

Food was so scarce

rats became a delicacy.

So much so, they were
worth half a doubloon.

Hey, what are these?
Flying rats!


Are we seeing flying fish?


This one's for me!

food fell from the sky

at our wit's end.

- There's land!
- Huh?

There's land in sight!

It's land, Paco!


Could it be the Spice Islands?

All hands be prepared
to disembark!

Maayong pag-abot! Sa Cebu.

I'm not familiar
with their tongue.

Then these are not the Maluku
Islands, are they, Enrique?

I am the Admiral Magellan,
and I salute you.

Ah... Samar! Samar!

Who do you think he's calling

Um, I don't know

but there's no way we'll be
able to talk with them.

Samar! Mat a ban!

Ingna sila maayong pag-abot
sa isla sa Cebu.

The king says that you're all
welcome to the Island of Cebu.

You know how to speak
our tongue?

I learned in the Maluku Islands.
They aren't too far from here.

Portuguese? Portuguese ka?

He's asking if you're
Portuguese men.

No, we come in the name of
the King of Castile.

Mga foreign ships kinahanglan
mubayad ug buhis sa Cebu.

- What's he saying?
- He says that every ship

that enters Cebu has to pay
a tariff to its king.

A tariff? We have
an important mission to fulfil.

There's no way we'll be paying
any tariffs

to port in an island, senhor.

Well, we're not people.
We're gods. Touch, look.

My, what do you mean, gods?

I don't think anyone would dare
charge gods with tariffs.

Ingon siya.
Ginoo siya ginoo siya.

Oh! Mu bayad ug!

Mu bayad ug doble ang ginoo.

What? What did he say?

He says that in that case

"the gods"
will have to pay double.

This is outright wrong.
Why, I'd never!

Alright, Senhor Elcano, do you
have any other bright ideas?


Offer him a present.

The king really seems to like
the notary's tunic.

But why?
Why should it be my tunic?

Don't be so stingy.

I'm sure you have another tunic
back in the ship.

Buhis na para sa mga goods!


He says that they're good
tariffs to have.

Really good tariffs, at that.

Mamma mia!

The savages of these islands
are enamoured with taxes

just as much as a king or
an archbishop from our kingdom.

In my opinion, it's blasphemy.

The present was a great idea.
I congratulate you.

Thank you, Admiral.

Senhores, maintain a good
relationship with the natives

in the meantime.

We're going to be staying here
a few more days.

Wa man mubayad si Lapu Lapi
nako ug buhis!

I hope that girl Samar
comes quickly.

We have no idea
what he's saying.

Look, here they come.
Hey, there she is!

Oh! My beautiful lady,
my respects.


Samar! Samar!

Wa man mubayad si
Lapu Lapi nako ug buhis.

He says that the king of
the neighbouring Island, Mactan

never pays him his tariffs.

Tabangan ko ni Magellan
para kulatahon siya?

That king is a dangerous enemy
to us and he'd...

he'd like to know if you would
be willing to help us

defeat them in battle.

Tell him that if he provides us
with good helmsmen

that can guide us
to the Maluku Islands

we'll help him out.

And who do you suppose
that guide will be?

I'm sure he'll be nothing less
than a heartless pirate.

Samar, i-guide sila sa Mactan!

Uh, surely you're just
joking around?

After all, sir, I don't think
that she could...

Shh, Elcano!

It'd be enough if you could
just give us directions.

Well, here, men aren't the only
ones who sail the oceans.

I'll give you the directions
you need.

You can find the enemy
of my people that way, boy.


Hello! I bring you presents!

I guess no one's here...

What's happening?

I have necklaces, many jewels,
mirrors, bracelets

pocket knives, earrings,

Please... take it.

OK, so you don't like jewellery.

You guys are naked,
do you want some clothes?

Ah! Please don't hurt me.

A pair of almost
brand new shoes?

Some socks with pretty good

This lovely striped shirt.

A pair of pants with the finest
fabric in Spain.

Huh? My skivvies?

Unsa na skivvy!

Skivvies, you like them, huh?

Well, then, hear me out.

The time has finally come.

Everyone, to the boats!

Have all the men put on
their armour just in case.

Be careful, men!

Follow me! Be on the lookout.

Proceed with caution.

Something is going on here...

I don't like how quiet
this place is.

There's no one here.

Where do you think
the natives are?

It's way too quiet to be calm.

We've been betrayed!
Prepare to attack them!


They were waiting to ambush us,

Reload your blunderbusses, men!

I sure made a mess.


Come on,
we're getting back on the boats!

That's Magellan right there!

So, you betrayed us!


Look, our men are retreating!

We have to help them get back,
or they'll never get out.


We're going back
to the Concepcion!

Why didn't you keep your
helmet on, Admiral?

My head is harder than a helmet!

Oh no, Captain Serrano
has fallen!

- Admiral!
- On the boats, men!

We have no choice but to flee.

Wait for our admiral.


Your time has come, Magellan!

Ah! You traitor!

You're gonna pay for that.

Hey! They're attacking us!

Gather all the weapons
you can find, all hands on deck!

Hey, what do you think
you're doing?

I'll teach you!

No one's breaking my ship!

Let's get out of here
or they'll eat us all alive!

But what'll happen
to the admiral?

There's nothing left
to do, let's cut our losses!

Hey! Don't leave us!

Don't stop shooting! Fire!

Hey, you'll pay for that!

Hey, it's Samar!

Hang in there, Admiral!

Oh, no, Admiral!

You must keep this safe,
Senhor Elcano.

- It's very important.
- Juan Sebastian!

That's Samar!

You must hurry,
we don't have time to spare!

- Samar!
- Jump in!

The admiral died!

There's nothing
we can do right now.

Yago? Yago!

Where are you, you snake?

Calm down. What's wrong?

I should make you
walk the plank!

We've lost a lot of men
because of you, you traitor!

I did no such thing!
It was all those cannibals.

Oh yeah? If Yago's a traitor,
he'll walk the plank!

Hold on. For now, we'll lock him
away until we get back home

and there we'll hand him
to the authorities.

You idiots,
all of you are delusional!

You'll never get to
the Maluku Islands.


You're all morons.

Without Magellan's map,
all of you are lost at sea!

They're lost?

Then that means I'm lost
with them too! Ugh...

Had I been with him,
maybe I could've saved him.

This is all my fault.
I should've gone with you.

You did everything you could
for Magellan.

What matters most now
is that the injured

get proper treatment.

You're right, Paco.

We have to take care of them.
We need provisions

We should get to the
Maluku Islands

- as soon as possible.
- I will take you there.

Samar is the best sailor
we have on-board.

Then it's settled.
Today, she proved it.

We'll get you back home,
I promise you.

We need to get to the
Maluku Islands quickly.

The injured men can't wait.

What're you guys waiting for?

For a captain
to give his men orders.

Who here agrees that Elcano
should be our captain?

- Elcano the captain!
- Aye!

If the admiral gave it to you

it's because he thought that you
should wear it.

He's the captain once again.

Our fate is in your hands!

You'll be my right-hand man.

Do you think the Conception
can keep sailing?


The savages made a huge hole
in the ship, it's un-sailable.

Then I'll put myself in charge
of the Victory

and Captain Espinosa
will take the Trinity.

Attention, we're moving
everything to the Victory!

I hope we get to the
Maluku Islands soon.

Boy, do I need to
take a caulk already!

This rosemary branch did make me
into a captain after all.

We had
to leave behind the Conception

leaving us with only two ships
from the original five

which we left Sevilla with.

The exhausted and decimated cre

only wanted to get to the
islands of the spices

the Maluku Islands.

Get ready to set sail.
Weigh the anchors!

Everything's ready!

Hoist the sails!

To the Spice Islands!


Oh, I'm sorry.

Hard to starboard!





You're silly.

No need to worry, notary.

We'll get to the
Maluku Islands soon.

Land ho!

Finally, the Spice Islands!

Land ho! Goodbye to the swaying!

Yo ho-ho! Yeah!

Maluku Islands.

We're finally here.

We arrived
at the Maluku Islands

the 7th of November,
Anno Domini 1521.

The crew, who was used to
the monotonous life at sea

and weary from extreme weather
and hardships

were fascinated with
the surrounding greenery

the bustle of the streets,
and the majestic buildings.

Above all, the luxurious palace
of King Almanzor.

Almanzor se mangofa
yo sambut ngone.

Suru rai fangare yo mimpi
ngon haro.

Both Almanzor and his son
welcome you here.

He says that a long time ago,
he dreamt of your arrival.

Ngona na niat nega toma
perjalanan gulu ena re?

He wants to know
our intentions here.

What possessed you to make
such a long trip.

Tell him that we come here
in the name of the King of Spain

and we've come here
to make trade.

Hal ena re yang gahi ngone
sanang badagang

se manisa Kastilia.

It makes him very happy to have
commerce with the Spaniards.

From now on, this island
will be named in your honour.

It is our honour as well.

The port in the city of Tidore

the capital of
the Maluku Islands

was a continuous
come-and-go of people

who carried rich
and valuable goods

transported in giant carts.

Mister Pigafetta,
there's 380 bales of cloves

- and 100 of cinnamon.
- 100 bales of cinnamon?

Did you say a hundred of them?
Why, that's a fortune!

This many spices are worth
a million doubloons.

Cloves, cinnamon, even nutmeg.

Are you sure that our ships
will be able to carry

- that much weight?
- No idea...

Sir Elcano.

Are they your family?

You should be on your way.

The Portuguese government
considers the Maluku Islands

theirs, and they could be
arriving at any moment.

We're going to have to start
loading those ships faster.

I think we should listen
to Mr Elcano.

Get moving,
let's load up the ships.

What route will we follow?

Would it be wise to sail back
the same way we came?

That route is way too long
to sail again.

What do you propose?

I think we should
keep heading west.

Now we're aware
that the Earth is round

I'm sure we'll make it
back home faster.

I won't be much help
this time around.

I'm unfamiliar with the waters
that'll take you to Europe.

The Spaniards are crazy,
always going west with no map!

Ay, they're all insane!

Spice Islands ahead!

Muito bem. Tomorrow at sunrise,
we'll be in port.

You've been quiet lately.
Is everything OK?

If you need any help...


I've been away from home
for too long.

Why don't you stay then?

Should I stay?

There's plenty of sea
to sail here.

We could go on incredible
expeditions together.

But I have a debt I need to pay
to this ship.

I need to take it back home.
My men need me with them.

- I need you, Juan Sebastian.
- I'm very sorry.

Then why don't you get on your
stupid ship and leave already?

Don't bother coming back.


It's always the same story.
I'm no ladies' man.

I'm a nice guy and nice guys
never get the girl

of their dreams.

No matter, we'll have to
set sail tomorrow without a map.

I don't know what to do.

Promise her you'll come back,
do the right thing.

That's what you have to do.

You're going to put
cargo in this tiny room?

I refuse!

You shut yer trap,
you sneaky bilge rat!

From now on, we'll be solely
navigating in Portuguese waters.

We won't be able to make
stopovers, they'd imprison us.

That'd be the end
of our journey.

We can't be imprisoned.

We have to carry as many
provisions as we possibly can.

As well as the spices,
of course.

- Samar...
- Captain Elcano!

All of the cargo's good to go!
Captain, are you there?

Hoist the sails!

There's a leak in the ship!

Set sail without us, Elcano!

No worries, we'll help you
repair your ship.

Captain! Captain Elcano!

The Portuguese will be docking
in the port very soon.

If they find you,
they'll imprison everyone.

The king says he'll take
your friends under his care.

I'll be staying with them.

Quickly, weigh the anchors!

Tighten up the mainsail
a bit more!

But wait for me, wait up!

Juan Sebastian!

Juan Sebastian!


You need to know how
to turn the difficult cape!

The Cape of Storms?

To get through that cape

keep your distance
from the coast

or the tide will drag you in,
but never lose its sight

not once!

OK, I won't!

Now that I've told you...
come back.

I'll come back. I promise you!

West we go, Paco.

You should be happy now,
Juan Sebastian.

We were able to escape.

Write that down, Mr Pigafetta.

I'll write down everything.

She loved me, so I...
guess I should be happy.

Don't you worry, mate,
you'll see her again.

In the next several months

we voyaged islands and seas
where people, animals

and plants of all sizes
and colours lived

and again, we saw ourselves
in an immense ocean

where provisions were scarce.

The last loaf of bread,
and the last bit of cheese

At least we have food left.

Drink and eat slowly, mates,
so you may fool your stomachs.

But, uh,
this cheese has more holes

than the socks I'm wearing.

I don't even have enough
strength left

to get to the ship's shrouds.

This is inedible.
It's disgusting.

I'd rather eat my socks
full of holes!

We need actual food.

That mist tells me
there's land ahead.

Cabin boy, climb on the mast
and take a look!

Aye, aye, Captain!


The Cape of Storms!

There's no time to waste.
All hands on deck.

The time has finally come

to see if we're meant to be
real sailors.

Help me turn her, quickly!

We're in shallow waters!

Be careful,
we're surrounded by rocks!

The ship is going way too fast
for us to navigate it.

You've become a prudent lad,
Juan Sebastian.

Keep your
distance from the coast

or the tide will drag you in.

We have to get away
from the coast.

But never
lose its sight, not once!

Be careful, it's getting harder
to see ahead!

We'll do our best
to keep this distance!

Man the wheel,
we need to turn the ship around!

Come on, quickly!

Blimey! It's even bigger
than a mountain!

It'll swallow us whole!

Hang on to what you can!

This is gonna be
a bumpy ride!

Here we go!

Be careful!

Hang on tight!

Oh no! The ship won't be
able to endure this much longer!

Hold on!

Hard to port!

I'm still alive!

Great job, Elcano!

We got out alive!

Just barely!

Maybe we won't.

Captain, the current
is dragging us.

There are cliffs
in front of us, Captain!


We're being dragged back
to the rocks!

We were all
sick and exhausted.

What should we do?

Pray! The current is too strong,
it's pulling us in.

We have to think of something.

Grab all of the sails.

When I give you the signal,
let them out all at once.

Aye, aye, Captain!

But we made a last ditch effort

and on the 6th May,
we escaped the terrible waters.

Now! Now!

Let go of the sails!

There's rocks to port
and rocks to starboard!

I see them.

The ship was a wreck

and we were dead-tired.

But in spite of the dangers
of sailing through

Portuguese waters, we continued
to voyage to Cape Verde.

We actually did it!

Ah, roasted chicken...

Serrano ham,
Carmensita's stew...

Oh, when was the last time
we ate something?

Cape Verde in sight, sir!

We'll get to eat actual food?

- Mm!
- Just a second.

The Islands of Cape Verde
are Portuguese.

We'll have to tread lightly.

Don't you worry, I have a plan.

you get the barrels ready.

Oh, at your service!

Eh? Something's happening
up there.

Cape Verde?

Everything will turn out fine!

Paco, keep pretending!

And you, smile while you row.

- Walking into the lion's den...
- Faster!

How unusual, a Spanish ship.

They must be lost
if they're here.

Their ship must be
broken down.

Attention, the governor is here!
He'll know what to do.

What's wrong with you now?

My poor little tummy!

I've eaten a month's
worth of food.

Huh? How is that even possible?

Someone must've mistaken
the provisions with the spices

and placed them here instead.

The provisions?

Do I look like I've eaten?

Greetings, I'm the governor
of these islands.

Who might you men be?

We're Spaniard sailors,
Your Majestic Highness.

The thing is, a storm
deviated us from our route

and left us without provisions.

Er, and what exactly
are you transporting

in that, er, "spice-ific" ship?

Oh, well, we're chock full of...

Full of hope,
nothing but hope and faith.

We lost everything
to the storm.

You bunch of shipwrecked

We've been starving
for several days, sir.

Mm, I see that.
Provide them with food.

For a moment, it occurred to me
you might be

part of the Spanish expedition
to the Maluku Islands.

That's such a crazy idea, sir.

Everybody knows that
the Maluku Islands

belong to Portugal,
Your Majesty.

That's a lot of food...

- Ooh!
- A-ha!

- Bread!
- Bread!

- Wine!
- Fruit! Cheese!

Some ham!

We're back from
the Maluku Islands!

We're loaded with spices!
Arrest them!

Take as much as you can.

Arrest them!

Nah, you stay and take a nap!


There they are.
Prepare the cannons!

We'll blow them down.


Not on my watch.

Go the other way!

Quickly, men,
don't let them flee!

This is too heavy to carry...

I can't see anything!

What's going on, Paco?

I'm out of here!

Here's some fruit!

You won't catch me alive!

Here I am!

Oh, no.

Start rowing!

Be there in just a sec!

Hey, I'm leaving. Excuse me!

What a soft head!

Hey, I'm coming!

Be careful, Captain.

Get to the boats, men!

We'll hunt them down
like rabbits!

Don't fall, Yago.


You guys
from the Portuguese ship!

Hey, I'm over here
in the mainmast!

It's Yago,
your loyal servant!


Mr Dacosta, I'm right here!

That good-for-nothing spy.
Are the cannons ready to fire?

Turn them into fish food!


Come down, boy!

Mr Ambassador,
please wait for me!

Oh, wow,
I look like a parrot...

Fly, little bird!



Be careful!

- Row faster!
- There's no escape!

- We're surrounded!
- First, they have to catch us.

Everyone, hoist the sails.

Helmsman, hard to starboard.

They're closing in on us!
We're going to be fish food!

Don't worry.
Elcano will get us out of this.

- Fogo!
- Fogo!

Mr Ambassador,
please wait for me!

Oh, I'm sure those big ears
of his heard me.

This will be as easy as pie,
not that they'll be having any.

Sir, Dacosta's ship is
cutting off their escape route.

When I turn them in, I'll be
able to return to Portugal.

Wait for me to give you
the signal.

Nobody move.

How strange,
where could they have gone?

I don't get it.
There's no one aboard.

It looks like a ghost ship.

Open fire!

Captain Dacosta, they've engaged
fire with the Governor's men.

How should we proceed?

We'll board their ship.

I thought this would be easy!

Oh! Take cover!

Great, lads! They're fleeing!

Governor, should we follow
the Spaniards?

No, no, no, no, no.

This much excitement
is disastrous for my hairdo.

Let Dacosta handle it, please.

So the governor
has stopped following us.

Now just one more to go.

As soon as they try to escape,
they'll die.

Mr Dacosta,
they're holding Magellan's map.

No one is ever going to try
to make that voyage again.

Are you planning
to go through their ship?

Simmer down, lad.
That's his style, after all.

If we go head-to-head

we're sure to be out of
his cannon's reach.

Board their ship, men!

Sir, in my opinion,
that's way too dangerous.

Shut your trap.
Board their ship!

They're in front of us!

Men, arm yourselves!

We didn't get this far
to have it all end here.

Oh, this is so bad!
We're heavily outnumbered!

But who cares? Heave ho!

Take this!


Would you look at that?

I would bet my life
those repairs were done

where they keep the powder kegs.

This may be our only

Aye, aye. I'm on it, Captain.

We have to hang on!

Have the cannons ready!

Come on, come on.
We won't last much longer.

Make way, let me get through!
Help me get up with this.

Come on!

Blow them up!

Davy Jones' locker,
here they come.

I just knew it!

Ha-ho! We hit their powder kegs!

We have to gain some distance.

We're sinking, Mr Dacosta!

You imbecile!

You're to blame
for every bit of this!

Ahoy! I'm right here, mates.

Juan Sebastian,
the explosion caused a leak.

The ship's hold is flooded.

We'll have to get the water out

Once, in Cape Verde

we asked
what day of the week it was

and the Portuguese said
it was Thursday.

Although in my calendar,
it was Wednesday.

By sailing only to the west,
we gained back a day.

Land ho, in sight!

That's the Guadalquivir River!
I'll see my Carmensita soon!


Of the 240 men
that made up our initial crew

we were left with no more
than 18

most of which were sick.

We have sailed for more than
14,400 leagues

and we've gone around
the entire world

by only travelling west.

Look there!

Whose ship is that?

Why, it's one of Magellan's

Juan Sebastian!

We actually did it,
we went around the whole world!

It's safe to say you've become
a full-fledged captain, Elcano.

And to celebrate

we'll reward you with the proof
of your merits.

Hey! What are you...


Paco, it's you! You're back!

My dear Carmensita! A-ha!

Oh, my, how you've grown!

You too.

I still have
this rosemary branch.

It brought me back home.

And it made you captain.
Did you find love at last?

The rosemary's magic
is very powerful.

Will you go back to her?

A sailor always goes back
to the sea.

But before that...
let's all celebrate!


Good fortune, Captain Elcano.