Elaan (1994) - full transcript

Vishal Chaudhry is the second son of Assistant Police Commissioner of Police, Ramakant Chaudhry. His eldest son, Vikas, was killed by unknown elements, who are still at large. Ramakant is honest and dedicated, and in a corrupt city, is considered a major liability. Vishal is hot-tempered, and this often leads him into fist fights. When Vishal witnesses a murder, and is able to identify the killer, the son of a prominent and well-known person, his father disbelieves his son, and is reluctant to arrest the culprit. He does reconsider, and goes ahead with the arrest, only to have his wife, Parvati, abducted and released - with a time-bomb tied to her waist. Vishal and Ramakant must now decide whether to save their mother and wife respectively, or to compromise with the killer, his father, and corrupt elements within the police force itself.

Mother, hurry up and bless your son and...

..place a hundred rupee note on my palm.

Why? Why the money?

Mother, I'll get a job with your blessings,
and a girl with the money.

- What happened?

Mother, you are also looking stunning today.
- You naughty!

If some girl falls yor your handsome son, and like her too..

..then to discuss romance, we'll have to drink coffee.

And money is required for coffee.

Dear, here you are,
and have the breakfast now.

Mother, I've had my breakfast!

I'll go, and meet father. By the way,
how's the A.C.P's mood?

What was the need to
displace the file?

- Sir, I tought..
- Why did you think so?

You presume things on your own!

- Yes.

Blessings. I see.

You are going for the interview, right?
- Yes.

Why are you wearing such a shirt?

- You too are strange!

What's wrong with the shirt?
It's looking good.

It's not bad; I was just pointing
out the color.

Wait a minute. Wear a tie with it.

Mother, again!

Yes. This color would suit.

Button it.
- Sure.

Vishaal, it's dress that makes
the first impression.

The way you dress up says a lot
about your character.

It makes a statement about your personality too.

Thank you dad!
- Best of luck!

Ok, mummy!
- All the best, son.

Did you make your son understand?

He should've control over his anger
during the interview?

He fights with everybody.

He's taken the trait from you.
But he looks so handsome!

He is my son after all.

So you'll take the credit for this too?

Sit down man!
Why do you ask for water all the time?

There a shortage of water over here.

Brother, wenn will the Boss arrive?

How many times do I have to tell you?

Go and sit over there!
Bothering me so much.

Why do you come here daily when
the boss is not interested in meeting you.?

Is it any 'Flora-fountain'?

What's happening?

Sir, he..

Listen, you're avoiding
me for past three days.

I've spent 35 years of
my life in this company.

I've toiled for this company.
You got me out so easily.

Had your Brother been here,
he'd not have got me out in this manner.

Mr. Gupta, we need
people here that can work.

I can't pay salary to people sitting idle.
Moreover you can't even see properly.

Mr. Khanna, I've got a new glass made.
I won't have any trouble now.

I won't give you any chance to complain.

I've got two grown up girls.
Let me work for a few..

You're wasting my time.
I've done for you what I had to.

Babu, show him the way out!
- Yes Boss!

Didn't I tell you beforehand? Move! Move!
- Mr. Khanna!

You're weakening the company
by chucking out people like me!

Mr. Khanna, this isn't fair.
This isn't fair.

Mr. Vishal Chaudhary.

The children who are to be awarded here today..

..are the foundation stones of our country.

Children, I'll narrate you a true
story of a child's bravery:

There were many people
travelling in a city bus once.

Suddenly, a goon brandished a big knife..

..and tried to snatch a woman's gold chain

A child in the bus saw this.

He hit the goon on his
head, with his tiffin-box.

The goon then dropped the knife.

And the other passengers overpowered him.

This way, the brave child prevented

..the gold chain from being stolen.

That boy is Manish Sawant.

Tell me one thing.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I'll become an officer like you
and punish all the hooligans.

Mr. Chaudhary I am not against
attending any function.

But a such times when our police dept is being questioned

..it doesn' look proper to stand on stage, garlanded,..

..and listen to people' applaiuse.

Sir, I'd not gone there
to get myself garlanded.

I didn't even go to accept
any medal or shield.

I had simply gone
to encourage the children..

Hello! Mrs. Bharucha?

Oh yes Mrs. Bharucha, yes!
How are you doing?

What would I do in the
inauguration of a beauty parlour?

My wife will be coming.

All right. All right, Mrs. Bharucha.
I too shall join.

Daddy, I can't work with such people.
I can't tolerate such tings.

Dear, what's it that you can't stand?

What do you think you are?

Bring a little flexibility to your temperament.

It's now that you'll face the real world.

When you occupy yourself in some work,
you'll understand this.

Wonderful! I can't stand all this!

I've got a class early morning.

Mother, what does daddy
think about me?

Doe's he think I' am his daughter-in-law?

When I've already come into this world, I will get to see everything.

He keeps lecturing me all the time!

- Gone case!

Vishal, my file was lying here?
- Yes! Yes daddy!

- Oh! Alright!

I'm going.
- Yes.

It's good he left.
If not then I was about to tell him.

Do I fear him?
- No, no.

He fears you.
- What else?

By the way, what happened to the money I gave?

Did you ask someone out for a coffee?
- No, mother!

I never get any job or girl
- Keep quiet!

Marriages are made in heaven.

There must be a beautiful girl for you to.

Oh God!
- Oh God

Oh God!
- Oh God

O Lord, when would you notice me?

When would my prayers be answered?

O' Almighty! Please give me one chance!

I'll prove myeslf the best
amongst the heroines.

My obeisances to Mr. Dev Anand!

Do you see? This madness for films will ruin her.

She'll land herself in a big mess.

Ask her to pray a little to God.

She'll be on track. She's still a kid.
- She's still a kid.

What's this?
- Mohini's breakfast. - Is this breakfast?

Boiled potatoes and..
- Lukewarm water with honey.

Nowadays I'm on a diet.

Dad, actually we artists
have got to look after our figure.

But why have you left eating?

Even I don't get it. She
stopped eating all of a sudden.

I tell you. Take her to some doctor.

Am I crazy to take her to a doctor?

She'll get the doctor bedridden.

Daddy, I was thinking of something.

Suppose I got exchanged with a

..rich man's daughter in some nursing home.

Just like the film 'Bhagyawaan'..

I'd have been brought up over there.

Bungalow, cars servants...wow!

And she? Over here.
In this house of yours.

Enough. I am going.
You tolerate her.

Daddy, please give me 200 rupees.

You take these from that millionare.

Daddy, please give! I've got to visit the beauty parlour.
- No!

Don't you feel shy wearing these
clothes borrowing from people?

They are nice, right? Daddy,
I've got to have a face massage.

Please give me the money.

Shut up! I am not one
of the corrupt policeman..

..to give you 200 rupees for
a face massage in a salary of 1400 rupees.

Listen. Please
don't break her heart.

Take these bangles..

..give her 200 rupees by mortgaging them.
- No, mother!

No, mother! No, mother!
Don't do this!

I'll only make some way out.

Hey!...What nonsense are you talking?

Nothing. I was dreaming actually.

Look. You don't get
yourself in any other trouble.

I am always scared of you.

That, due to you I may get transferred to Junagadh.

I don?t wish to go to Junagadh at this age.

Before your duty, understand
the significance of this place.

What a condition this police station is in!

This..What files are these over here?

Sir, I?ll get them sorted out in a short while.

This is really shameful!

Please get this mess cleaned.

What?s this?

- It?s the F.I.R. register.- Yes.

You register the report in it.

Mr. Devki Nandan, I?ve got your transfer stopped twice.

I?ll get you sent straight to
Junagadh this time. Junagadh!

Do you know why the A.C.P keeps threatening

.. to transfer me to Junagadh?

He?s gone through my father?s file.

My father had killed the bandit Bhupat.

And Bhupat's grandson is
waiting for me at Junagadh.

If I happen to go there, then I?ll be..

I?ll only be going to Junagadh, but never returning back.

Now I'll have to do your work too.


Idiot. What do they think they are? Oh no!



Will you give me a lift?

Yes, yes. Please be seated.

Please come! It?s all yours!

Thank you. Thank you very much!

Take right from here.

Don?t worry.
- Left?

I asked you for right!
? Yes.

Not an issue.

Where are you taking me to?

Keep sitting quietly.

I took a wrong lift.
Brother, please drop me ahead.

Please. Actually..Actually..Look, I..

Please drop me at the side of the road!

? Don?t panic. Think this to be your own house.

Leave me! I am telling you! Leave me!

Sit, my Queen! Where are you going?

Oh no! Brother please let me go. Please!

I am like a sister to you, right?

Even I am like your husband, right?

You won't agree, scoundrel!

How can you escape? It?s my 25th rape.
I?ll celebrate a jubilee. Jubilee!

Save me! Leave me!

Leave me! Help!

Is somebody there?

Save me! Help! Help! Save me!

Save me!

Save me! Somebody save me! Save me!

Don?t hit me! Buddy, don?t hit me!

I?ve committed 24 rapes and
nobody hit me.You don?t do that too.

Don?t hit me.
? You cheap!


Open your eyes. Open your eyes.
Move. Move I said!

Mr. Hero!

Mr. Hero! Mr. Hero! Please wait!

What?s it?

Wonderful! You made entry at the perfect time.

Just like in the films.

How did you know a rape was going on?

Were you standing nearby?
? Leave me aside.

You tell me, what are you doing
in this isolated place?

I! I didn?t come here on my own.

I was brought to this place.

Actually, I?d asked him for a lift and..

Anyway! Whatever the God does,
he does it for the good.

Moreover there has to be a situation in the..

..films that the hero and heroine meet.

This situation has always been a hit.
It?s been a hit, right?

Ok come on. Now drop me home fast.

Have a cup of tea and meet my mother.

?It appears as if she?s crazy.?

What are you waiting for? Let?s go, dear!

Yes. Anytime later.

Don?t do this please.
How would I go home?

Take a lift.

He's leaving! It never happens like this!

Dear, how did you sprain yourself?

Mother! Something extraordinary
happened. Just like in films!

A girl ask for a lift from somebody.

The girl sits in the car as
the car comes to a halt.

By then the driver?s intention changes.

The girl realizes this. She tries to escape
but the man grabs her hand.

He holds her hand!

But what were you doing there
while this was happening?

Mother, I was that girl!

Again a new story!

Oh God!..Then?

Then the girl escapes from
the cluthes of the villain.

The villain runs after her. He?s able to get hold of her.
? Then?

Then the hero enters the scene on time,
in front of the camera.

After that it?s, all fisticuffs!

Mother, he bashes up the villain.

He was such hero! Wow!

The Almighty must?ve sent him!

Or else we would?ve lost our dignity today.
? Absolutely!

Else It?d have been the headline
of tomorrow?s newspaper.

That the daughter of head
constable Devki Nandan..

..becomes a victim of rape.

Look. You better srop these
nonsense acts of yours.

Or else I?ll get it published int he
papers that we share no relation.

Please don?t do this.
She?s still a kid.

What?s her age after all?

She?s the only daughter of ours.

She is my only mistake.

I?ve been listening to the same dialogue for the past 19 years.

She?s still a kid! She?s still a kid! She?s still..

Dear, you should?ve brought him home.

Mother, he was a very strange boy.

He didn?t give any importance to me at all!

The hero surely comes to drop the heroine to..

..her house in such a situation.

I?d to come by a bus.

Mother, you don?t worry.
He?ll meet me again.

Mother, he?s still got to sing songs with me.

?My heart cried!?

?My heart cried!?

?We?ve begun our love and you?re still smoring!?

?My heart cried!?

?I?ve become crazy
for such a crazy guy.?

?I?ve become oblivious
of the whole world.?

?I?ve become crazy
for such a crazy guy.?

?I?ve become oblivious
of the whole world.?

?Do let me know your
heart?s intentions.?

?My heart cried!?

"We?ve begun our love
and you?re still snoring!?

?My heart cried!?

?You?ve got to marry me
one day for sure.?

?We have got to put
up with each other.?

?You?ve got to marry me
one day for sure.?

?We have got to put
up with each other.?

?The one that the boys do is being done by a girl.?

?My heart cried!"

"We?ve begun our love
and you?re still snoring!?

?My heart cried!"

?My heart cried!"

Daughter, is it some new devotional song?

My?Yes priest.
You won?t understand.

For that, your mind has to be excited, romantic,

..and youthful.

Priest, a dashing hero has entered in my life.

Tell God to do something. Please.

It?s Monday today.

Your wish will surely
come true if you come..

..and worship for seven Mondays.

Is it true?
? Dear, don't doubt the greatness of God!


You? Wow!

The very first Monday has
begun to show its effect.

What are you doing here?

I keep frequenting this temple.

Is it! Alone?

No. With my mother.

But she comes separately.

Why separately?

She comes to ask for a
daughter-in-law and I for a job.

The wish of your mother has come true.

Your mother has found her daughter-in law.

I'll pray every Monday for your job.

Wait a moment!

What do you mean that she's
found a daughter-in-law?

Yes! It's me!

Priest, what do you have to say?

How do we look as a couple?

The woman has become so straightforward!
Heavens! O heavens!

Did you hear? I am Radha
and you are my Krishna.

Let?s go and sit somewhere.

No, no. I?ve got to make an important call.

Address, location, telephone number something..

A.C.P. Chaudhary is may dad.

I?ll find out your telephone number.

Yes, yes. I?ll surely meet you.
Yes, brother Vijay.

Please make it fast, man!
- Two minutes.

Two minutes! It?s been half an hour.

Hello. Yes.

Doctor, treat him fast and save him!
- What happened to him?

I?ve no idea who they were!

They came in a van and run him down.
Doctor, please save him!

It?s an accident case.
Gupta, please call up the police.

Doctor, this man shall die till the police arrive!

What can we do?

You can?t do anything, but I can.
? Stop!

Vishal, what are you doing? Leave him.

Look! Look!

He too is a human being.
He?s got a soul too! He..

He's dead.

He died! He died!
? Vishal!

Do accept the mistake you?ve made.

Yes! I?ve made mistake.

A man was suffering severely in a pool of blood.

I made mistake by taking him to the hospital.

I shouldn?t have done it. Right?
? Vishal!

Mother, I ought not to have done it.

I ought to have left him there to die.

Just the way people went away
leaving my brother. Isn?t it?

Dad, had someone made a similar mistake..

..my brother wouldn?t have died.

He would?ve been alive.

It?d be difficult to ascertain
that this man belonged..

..to Baba Khan or Mana Shetty.

His face has been..
? It?s burnt by acid.

Who did the other corpse belong to?

Sir, his name is Waman Chaurasia.

He lives int he nearby slum of Shanti Nagar.

Have you informed his relatives?

Sir, he?s got only one son.

He?s in coma at Cooper hospital.

Going to buy medicines for him,
he was crossing the road and..

Whatever is happening between Baba Khan and Mana Shetty.
? Yes sir.

It?s all the result of that.
? Yes sir.

That?s why keep an eye on the men of both the parties.
? Right, sir.

Somebody call my boss.
I?ll die!

Why are you crying like a whore?
Nothing will happen to you!

Just shut up! You crying like a girl!

Brother, please call the boss. I?ll die!

Shut up!

I can?t bear it! Call the boss!

I?ve removed the bullet and he?s out of danger.

But a rod will have to be fitted into the leg.

He won't be able to walk again

There is nothing without movement.

Boss, please save me!
- Dont worry Babba!

Time never remains constant.

It?s all natural movement.

Morning, evening, night and again morning.

Everything keeps rolling from time to time.

A man should face each and every moment.

You?ve done a big job by splashing acid on Masood?s face.

Don?t worry about the police.

Babba, the past seven year record of yours has been commendable.

On oct. 2 you killed constable
Sharma at Kherwadi.

You got arrested on 19th November..

.. remanded for 3 days, and bailed on nov. 23.

The file of Sharma?s murder
got closed on 26th January.

After this you faultlessy committed 7 murders.
after this without leaving any trace.

Babba, one enters a goverment
service at the age of 25,..

..the tenure is of 30 years and
the retirement age is 55.

We have no fixed age for getting a job
or one for retirement in our profession.

I'll retire you now.

No, boss! Boss, please forgive me!
Please forgive me!

No, Babba.I can't keep you
in a corner like broken furniture.

He ran away from the battlefield
like a coward.Hopeless creature!

He used to talk could only wrestle with women.

He was, in fact, a coward for sure.

Because of this bastard, Mana Shetty
must be beating his chest like this.

Like this! Like this! Like this!

He thinks he can fight Khan. With Khan.

The one that gave him the
first bread in this city..

..he dares to fight him!

Mana, what are you talking?
What?s this you?re talking?

This violence and blood shedding!

What would you gain out of it? Tell me!

Hey uncle! Do not teach Mana.

I know everything.
I know everything.

What do you know? To shoot people?

You shot him today
and shoot him tomorrow.

You may shoot your brother tomorrow, right?
? Yes, I will.

I?d told everyone before they
entered this profession.

Mana. Hey Mana! I fail to understand you!

You?ll shoot everyone.
You?ve gone mad! Mad!

Hey, uncle! Shut your mouth.
Or else I?ll shoot you.

Mana Shetty knows only one thing.

He should control the other
channels of the crime world.

Parvati, I?d got my transfer stalled.
Where are those papers?

Mohini?s diary! 629029

This number sounds familiar.
Dutta Maternity Home.. No!

Mohini is not married yet. 629029!

It?s the number of Mr. Chaudhary?s residence.

Mr. Chaudhary?s number! In Mohini?s diary!
? Daddy!

How many times I?ve told you that it?s my personal diary.

You too..

How did the number of Mr. Chaudhary
got mentioned in your diary?

Listen! Mohini! Heavens!

- Hello. Is Vishal at home?

Who?s speaking?
? I..I..Actually..

I got it. Vishal.
? Mother, coming.

It?s a call for you.

Who?s it mother?

I?ve no idea. It?s some that!
? That!

Yes, hello.
? Beloved, how do you do?

Are you wondering
from where I got your number?

Everything is possible.

Only the love should cross the limit.

Mother, it?s an old friend.
Very nice friend.

Yes, hello!

What happened?
Is aunt standing near you?

No. She?s sitting.

So what? You tell her that
you?re speaking to your..

..beloved, your lover and your life.

Yes, of course. Of course.

What?s yes of course? Listen. Look.

We'll have to drive our car of love
with the speed of this age.

That?s why an emergency meeting is very..

..important for the future planning.

Mother, she is asking about book.

Yes, I?ve given that book to someone.

I don?t know. Yes, I?ll find out. Yes, I?ll let you know.

That?s not rquired.

I?ll meet you at the same spot where we meet for the first time.

By the way, I hope
this book is not a love story.

Reading such books make one perspire so much!

Move away, you naughty!

So? Didn?t fast formula work?
- What formula?

Just see. We have come so close in just a few meetings..

..or else it takes years over
here to make the eye contact.

Yes, what you say holds true.

Love anyway shouldn't
be stretched out for too long.

Earlier the heroine..

..and the hero used to meet in
a veil and in Indian attire.

The books used to fall down.

Both used to bend
to pick up the books.

The head used to collide and then..

?My beloved I swear my love for you..."

These things don?t
work in today?s time.

Nowadays they meet,
the hearts melt, they hug and..

?Juma, give me a kiss!?

?It was morning and
then came evening.?

?The heart kept remembering you.?

?It was morning and
then came evening.?

?The heart kept remembering you.?

?The crazy in your love...?

?Yes, the crazy in your love...?

?..did remember you every
second and each moment.?

?It was morning and
then came evening.?

?The heart kept remembering you.?

?It was morning and
then came evening.?

?The heart kept remembering you.?

?The crazy in your love...?

?Yes, the crazy in your love...?

?..did remember you every
second and each moment.?

?It was morning and
then came evening.?

?The heart kept remembering you.?

?I?d never thought.?

?That so happens in love even.?

?I?d never thought.?

?That even this happens in love.?

?I and my soul have separated.?

?The heart keeps crying and laughing.?

?The past that I spent with you.."

".. happened to remember me.?

?It was morning and
then came evening.?

?The heart kept remembering you.?

?It was morning and
then came evening.?

?The heart kept remembering you.?

?When the cold breeze begins to blow.?

?I take hold of my heart.?

?When the cold breeze begins to blow.?

?I take hold of my heart.?

?I pray so that we
unite at the earliest.?

?The fragrance floating in
the air did remember you.?

?It was morning and
then came evening.?

?The heart kept remembering you.?

?It was morning and
then came evening.?

?The heart kept remembering you.?

?The crazy in your love...?

?Yes, the crazy in your love...?

?..did remember you every
second and each moment.?

?It was morning and
- then came evening.?

?The heart kept remembering you.?

?It was morning and
- then came evening.?

?The heart kept remembering you.?

Do you now understand..

..why did Mohini have the number of Mr. Chaudary?

She was singing a song with Mr. Chaudary?s son Vishal.

That?s fine. At least she liked a boy.

She's of age now.
? I see!

She was a kid until yesterday and she?s a grown up person today!

You're great! I salute you.

Please meet Mr. Chaudary and speak about their marriage.

You remained a duffer.

He?s an A.C.P. and I am a head constable.

We?ll become in-laws?

We?ll embrace each other tying the turban? Talk to him!

Daddy! Daddy, whose marriage? You?ll marry?

Mother! You?ll bring another woman in this house?

I am discussing about your marriage.

About your future with Vishal.

Have you given a thought to it?

Daddy, I know that there?ll be a turn in my love story.

That?s why I?ve got my dialogues ready beforehand.

Daddy, love is blind.

It doesn't differentiate between high and low.

Moreover it happens in every story.

Seth Karorimal's daughter Radha..

..always falls in love with a poor boy Kishen.

Mother, have you seen the film, ?Sawan Ko Aane Do??

Dear, I?ve seen only one film. Mother India.

So you've become like Mother India!

Daddy, why didn?t you show her a romantic film?

She?s watching your film now. Isn?t it?

Whatever happens to your love story..

..the end is bound to take place at Junagadh.

Don't leave him!
He's a murderer!

Don?t free him! No! Get hold of him!

Leave me and catch him!

He?s committed a murder!

Don?t talk to me at a high pitch!

I've seen the result
of my leniency with you!

Quarrels and fights everyday

Do you realize the meaning of whatever you did..

..in front of the police station?

Let it be done with. He?s a kid after all.
? You keep quiet!

Even you are responsible
for his waywardness

Daddy, he?s the same man that run down the man.

That man did have a revolver also with him.

The police couldn? catch him.

One.. a murderer kept openly
roaming on the streets.

But your police..

Don't teach me police work!

Aren't you concerned about my reputation?

Dad, I know how concerned
you are about our home and us.

I am aware of it.
- Vishal!

Mother, let me speak!

Dad, you bother only for
your reputation and name.

Look. Look at this picture!
Do you have any relation with it?

He?s your elder son Vikas Chowdhary.

Two years back, the police
had found his crushed body.

Calling it an accident,
the police got rid of the case.

Dad, tell me. If this was an accident then..

.. why couldn?t the police trace
the car and the driver?

By the way, what police and what law?

When the Police Commissioner couldn't
get justice for his son's death..

...what justice can an ordinary
person hope for?

He's your brother afterwards, and our son first!

He?s his father! Go! Go away from here!

I?ve no complaints with you.
No complaints.

I understand your difficulty.
Whatever he said..

No, Revathy. What Vishal said is right.

It's true that I've separated myself from
this house to quite some extent.

I am never able to give you time.

The situation of this city
is worsening day by day.

Some powerfull outlaws are playing
with our law and system.

I keep saying that everything's all right.

Everything is under control.

Revathy. The truth is that..

..we are gradually losing everything.

I?ve got so indulged..

..that I?ve forgotten my son?s demise.

Greetings, Mr Chaudhary. Greetings.

I could meet you at your office also.

But you know that I do everything
outside the law's premises.

Khan, good that you meet me outside.

If not, I?d not have given
you the chance to speak so.

Mr. Chaudhary, your son has
beaten up my man in open.

He?s displayed his outlaw skills.

Look. I am aware of whom he beat and why.

Yes, yes. He?s surely not
a priest or a clergyman.

He?s a murderer. Murderer.

Then issure an arrest warrant
on his name. Issue!

I?ve never stopped the police. Isn?t?

Then, it?d be only Vishal
to witness int he court, right?

Let's go.

Khan, I?ve got some legal limits.

Or else, people like you..
- Should be shot.

We should be sprayed with machine gun bullets.

Mr. Chaudhary, the idea is nice.

Do keep one thing in mind.

You can say your bad
time is about to arrive..

Khan, your days are numbered now.

Maybe, I don?t get any proof against you.

The day you?ll break my tolerance level..

..I'll turn you into such a state,
that you'll shed your misconception of being a man.

Let?s go.

Khan heart says that we?ll together weave a story for sure.

- Shut up!

How could you imagine that
you could marry my son?

I think Devki Nandan Sharma
is behind all this

He couldn?t get promoted int he department.

Now he wants to become my in-law
getting his daughter married to my son.

My in-law! The in-law of A.C.P.,
a head constable!

I?ll get him transferred.

I?ll get him sent to Junagadh. Junagadh.

I won?t go to Junagadh!
I won?t go to Junagadh!

I won?t go to Junagadh!

What?s wrong with you?

Whether you?re awake or asleep,
you keep mentioning Junagadh all the while.

I am afraid it?s related to
some supernatural force.

Get a talisman from the priest.

Get a talisman for our daughter. Call her.

I want ask her something.

She went somewhere in the morning,
looking really happy.

She looked very happy today!

She looked happy!
- Yes.

She was even humming a song.

She was even humming a song.

Sing it. Sing it. Which one?

?Love is crazy and uncontrolled.?

?Love is crazy..? ? It?s done.

? The transfer?s done. It?s done.

Even the letter must?ve got typed by now.

Only God can save me now! Oh God!

It?s the eight Monday. Eight!

People over here say that
the wish comes true in seven.

I thought maybe I committed some
error during one Monday.

That?s the reason
I?ve come again today.

Moreover I?ve not asked for, car,
bungalow jewellery os diamonds from you.

I?ve asked only for my love.

Can?t you bestow this happiness to a woman?

Look! You?ve seen only my devotion.

You?ve not witnessed my anger.

If my wish is not fulfilled,
I'll keep banging my head on this sill

Yes! I?ll die banging
my head on this temple.

I?ll die but your image shall suffer.

You'll keep pining for all these sweet offerings.

You?ll crave for it then. Yes!

Enough, enough.. How far would you threaten Him?

What?s the matter?
Why are you?re so angry with God?

Actually, Mother.. Can I call you Mother?

Yes yes
- Yes.

That, which happens to everyone at this age,..

..has happened to me too.


That which happened to Dimple in 'Bobby'..

..Meena Kumari in ?Pakheezah?.

Dear, what but?
? Love, aunt! Love!

Aunt, I am in love with someone.

Isn? true that love is sacred?
That love is worship?

It?s true? Isn?t it, aunt?
? Absolutely true!

Aunt, you too must?ve prayed for that.

You pay your attention over here.

I felt as if you were to go into a flashback. Yes!

So I hope I haven?t committed any crime by falling in love?

No. You haven?t committed any crime.

That?s what I was telling daddy.

He says that I can?t marry him..

..as the boy is a much higher
status compared to us.

Aunt, does love care for
status and social standing?

Isn? it?
? Not at all.

That?s what I was saying.

Can I take support on your shoulders?

Yes, yes. Sure.

At such times one needs shoulders..

..to cry on.

Aunt, isn?t it that an Indian
woman falls seriously..

..for someone only once in life?

Of course!

Then how can I marry somebody else?

After all, I am an Indian women, right?

Yes, but who?s that guy?

He?s the son of A.C.P. Chaudhary.

His name is Vishal.
My dad is a head constable.

Devki Nandan Sharma.

He says that this marriage can?t take place.

Aunt, it?s got nothing to do with the department
as this problem is related to heart.

Your case is really serious. Come to my home.

Everything shall be fine.

Tea without sugar.

I want two spoons of sugar.

She?s our daughter-in-law.
? I see.


How?s she?

She?s beautiful for sure.

Yes, I always look beautiful
in borrowed clothes.

But..How and when did this happen?

It?s Vishal?s choice. She?s
the daughter of Mr. Devki Nandan.

I see.. Devki Nandan?

Devki Nandan Sharma.
- Yes.

Head constable.
- Yes.

Yes. I must?ve seen her when she was a little child.

Yes, very right. I?ve played
on your lap. Father was telling me.

Good. Vishal has done a commendable job.

He has eased our burden But where he?

You stupid! Why did you hide our daughter-in law from us?

Then there should be no delay in this. Right?

You meet Mr. Devki Nandan and take up the subject.
? Yes.

But what can I do? Who should
I explain the things to?

And daughter..

Mr. Sharma.

Yes, sir!

Please come here. I want to talk you.

Sir, to me.

Yes, you please come here.
Please sit.

Not in front. Sit on the rear.


Yes. Driver, take us towards the headquarters.

Mr. Devki Nandan, I didn?t expect this from you.

That you?ll such..
? I'll be transferred now!

Think that you're already transferred.

Sir, I am not at fault in this.
I did explain to her a lot.

But she wouldn' listen.

I told the fool about positions between the two of us..

I scolded her, rebuked her..

I warn you if you say anything to her!

She?s to become our daughter-in-law.


Then we have become in-laws.

?From where should I begin the love??

?I won?t let you begin it.?

?From where should I begin the love??

?There?s no spot free as there?s eye-liner
and the make-up elsewhere.?

?There?s no spot free as there?s eye-liner
and the make-up elsewhere.?

?Do let me know of what I should be doing.?

?I won?t let you begin it.?

?I won?t let you begin it.?

?The skirt, the bangles, the ear-ring
the eye-liner and the make up.?

? They guard me all the time.?

?They look after me.?

?I am scared of your intentions.?

?From where should I begin the love??

?I won?t let you begin it.?

?Promising and then not fulfilling it.?

?Promising and then not fulfilling it.?

?You make me crazy by cracking up dialogues.?

?To make me feel impatient.?

?You?ve happened to call me here.?

?Give me love now.?

?Let me know where you have hidden it.?

"I am extremely impatient about it.?

?From where should I begin the love??

?I won?t let you begin it.?

?How do I tell you about the love spot??

?How do I tell you about the love spot??

?You?re a nave and I am a minor?

?Beloved, the heartbeats
never get separated.?

?I?ll give away my heart
to you, I swear on love.?

?You nave! Begin
the love from the heart.?

?From where should I begin the love??

?Begin it from the heart.?

?The skirt, the bangles, the ear-ring
the eye-liner and the make up.?

? They guard me all the time.?

?They look after me.?

?I apply make up only for you.?

?From where should I begin the love??

?Begin it from the heart.?

Mana Shetty has trespasses my
region by collecting the weekly tax.

Today it?s Teen Batti, then Golwaldi
and then Kali Chowki.

He'll try to usurp every place.

This is not a matter of money,
but the weights of our names!

Baba Khan. Mana Shetty. Reputation.
You understand the reputation of a name?

I could have sent this money through somebody.

But I thought the time has arrived
that we talk face to face.

I'm returning this money because I had called you "Boss " once.

..I had called you "Boss " once.

IYou had given me food and shelter once.

That?s what you?re returning to me now.

Shetty, when I was sheltering you,..

..I never knew you'd bite me one day.

Brother Khan, in our profession, people are not sheltered,..

..but kept like revolvers.

For your food,..

..I had to face death so many times.

It was all done by me until yesterday
and the name was that of yours.

Today, it?s my name and my movement.

By infringing on one region of mine, you think
you?ve become equal to me?

Shetty, one day you'll again have to wear
my collar around your neck!

Mr. Khan, your collar will turn out
to be too small for my neck now

If I want to, I can dethrone you at once.

In politics and crime..

..if there?s no opposition, then there?s no movement.

Brother Khan, we both are aware of one fact.

He rules in this profession,
who is the most powerful.

Punnu, you start killing each and every man of his.

Shetty, you forced me to start this game.

Prepare yourself to perform the last rites of all your men.

Brother Khan, if you tonsure a dead man he doesn?t become alive.

The movement of Mana Shetty doesn?t
get blocked by killing a couple of his men.

Nobody move!

I can get your movement blocked right away.

You?d once saved my life.

By leaving you today I've repaid your debt

Moreover it?s important that you stay alive.

So that I can explain...

.. to you the meaning if rivalry and power!

- Can I talk to the comissioner?

He?s asleep. He returned late at night.

Where had he gone?
? He?d gone to some party.

Oh! He must be very tired, right?

Alright. I?ll call up later.

This operation is undoubtedly
difficult, but we?ll succeed.

We?ll try to get them caught alive.

Punnu Jadiya has mentioned these names in his statement.

They are very dangerous and adept criminals.

These people are hiding in this part of Chembur
as per the report from constable Salvi.

And Pandey from barricade 7 and 11.

? Yes, sir.

Barricade this area..

..and start searching it!
? Right, sir.

Check properly at every liquor spot, motels, hotels..

..restaurants, shops, clubs and casinos.

What?s the position now?

Sir, the place is found locked over there..

.. of which we had the information.

Vijay Singh.
? Yes, sir.

You be in contact of Gupte.
? Yes, sir.

Keep giving me the information about 7,3 and 2.
- OK, sir!

Break this lock.
? Yes, sir.

Move, Thakur! Move aside!

Move aside! Move aside!

Get aside!

Get aside!

Khan! Vijay, call the ambulance immediately!

Mr. Chaudhary! It?s not a trivial issue.

It?s the result of your zeal and ignorance.

I do know. I do know that has happened.

I am sorry, but I know my job better than you.

Mr. Chaudhary!
? Don?t suppress my voice!

Please don?t suppress my voice!

The whole city is sinking in murder and violence.

If a man is late in returning home,..

..his family prays for his life.

It might be a case of pride you..

..but it?s a matter of shame for me.

That?s because I do care
for my position and duty.

I was fighting their bullets
with my men when..

..you were trying to get over
with last night?s hangover.

I shouldn?t have done this.
I shouldn?t have done that.

I shouldn?t have gone to the function
and encouraged the children.

You should go and inaugurate the beauty parlour.

You should go to film premieres and..

..get your photos clicked with
the heroes and heroines!

Mr. Chaudhary! It?s my personal life!

You?ve no idea of what loss you can incur..

..due to the operation getting flopped.

Then what would you do?

You?ll get me transferred?
Please do so!

I don't care!

Sir, Iqbal Khan is dead.


Have courage.

The police force is with you in this crisis of yours.

Mr. Chaudhary!
- No photographs please.

Mr. Chaudhary, what could be the reason of
the police failing int he operation?

Were 20 policemen not
enough to nab 4 criminals?

Is it that they had better weapons than yours?

Give me a chance to speak if you want the answers.

At what distance were you when Iqbal got shot?

What do you mean?

Mr. Chaudhary, is true that the police
ran away fearing their bullets?

Look at him! Look at him closely.

What do you think? Did he sacrifice his life
for 1419 rupees and 70 paise?


He died doing his duty dutifully.

Why? Why can?t you people see all this?

You can see only our drawbacks!
Not our sacrifices!

Ask the child!
Ask him what he has lost!

Ask his wife of what she has lost!

Ask his old father what he has lost!

You people only know to make issues!


Please breathe!

Mr. Chaudhary, you shouldn?t be
tense in this situation.

You need complete rest.

What's wrong with me after all?

You doctors!
? Please agree on some issues.

That too when the doctor says no.

Alright. I?ll make a move then.

Thank you, doctor!

? Vishal, handover to father.

Sure, just a moment. Father, it?s your phone call.

? Vijay here, sir.

Tell me, Vijay.
? Sir, my doubt proved to be correct.

Thakur is involved with them.

Are you sure?
? Yes, sir.

We failed in that operation due to him, sir.

Suddenly he came in front of me and
gave them a chance to flee.

Where have you placed him? ?
Right now he?s here. In my office.

Alright. Bring him to my office.

I'll be arriving right now.
? Right, sir.

Is it necessary for you to go in this condition?
? Yes, Revathy.

Dad, when the doctor has asked you not to..
? No, son.

How can I lie ont he bed at this juncture?

The whole city is observing our
police department right now.

Ok, Revathy!


Where is he?
? Right in front.

Please, sir! I made a mistake.
Please forgive me!

Please forgive me!

You?ve got our department
stained in a way..

..that can?t be washed away with any number
of sacrifices like that of Khan?s.

Please, sir! Please forgive me!

You've insulted the policeman's uniform!

You?ve ruined its dignity!
? Sir, I won?t repeat it!

Take him to the hospital.

It?s like an acid!

? Yes.

Get the consignment delivered at the warehouse.
- Fine, brother Khan.

Speak, doctor.
? Look!

I can?t kill him! I am a doctor.

I can?t kill him!

Dr. Vikas Chaudhary had
refused me int he same way.

The police had to collect the pieces of his corpse for his identification!

It was you that killed Vikas..

Yes I?d got him killed. Doctor, you?ll kill Thakur.

Or I'll do both the identification
and post-mortem of your corpse

Look! What would happen to
my career spanning 15 years?

If it gets disclosed, then my job..

Doctor, if you don?t kill Thakur, then my men are ever ready..

..to kill and get themselves killed at my behest.

Nothing will happen to you doktor.

A woman is called a whore only if she's caught.

The post-mortem report will show that
Thakur died, not because of you..

..but due to Chaudhary's blows!

Hello! Hello. Bombay Times?

Yes, I am press reporter Saxena speaking.

Note a headline for tomorrow?s issue.

The sub-inspector has died,
who was beaten-up by A.C.P. Chaudhary.

A.C.P. Chaudhary kills Inspector!

Give me one!
? Here..Inspector?s death..

Chaudhary, you finally killed my husband!

You?ve killed him finally!
- Constable.

Why did you do this? Why?

Why weren't you shot dead?

You?ve killed my husband! Why? Answer me!

How will I bring up my children? How?

From where will I bring food for them?

What will I do? Tell me! What will I do!

Lets go.
- Answer me, Chaudhary!

What do I do?

Mother! Mother!

?Let the eyes talk.?

?Let the eyes talk.?

?That what I couldn?t say..?

?That what I couldn?t say..?

?Let the silence say it all.?

?Let the eyes talk.?

?Let the eyes talk.?

?That what I couldn?t say..?

?Let the silence say it all.?

?Let the eyes talk.?

?The eyes.?

?The earth and sky.
The waves and the ocean.?

?The earth and sky.
The waves and the ocean.?

"They speak the language of love.?

?The earth and sky.
The waves and the ocean.?

"They speak the language of love.?

?Listening to our heart and the sound of love.?

?Let them get revealed.?

?Let the eyes talk.?

?Let the eyes talk.?

?That what I couldn?t say..?

?Let the silence say it all.?

?Let the eyes talk.?

?Let the eyes.?

?There are songs around,
of getting united.?

?There are songs around,
of getting united.?

?The heartbeat rests at peace.?

?There are songs around, of getting united.?

?The heartbeat rests at peace.?

?The flowers int he garden are spreading fragrance.?

?There are buds of hope int he heart.?

"Let them blossom.'

?Let the eyes talk.?

?Let the eyes talk.?

?That what I couldn?t say..?

?Let the silence say it all.?

?Let the eyes talk.?

?Let the eyes talk.?

?Let the eyes.."

Vishal, what are you thinking about?


I am unable to think.
I'm seeing everything!

I am not sure what else I?ve got to see.

Everything..Vishal, everything shall be fine.

Uncle will return home,
and everything will be like before.

Why am I not able to convince myself about this?

Why do I feel that it?s the beginning of some war?

- Yes!

I feel as..

..if I have placed my feet on a marsh I am sinking.

That I am drowning!
? Vishal!

I am drowning!

Who all were present..

..when Chaudhary hit Thakur? Their statement?

Sir, they too have mentioned
of Thakur getting beaten up.

Even the post-mortem reports have revealed that..

..its the injuries that killed him.
? Ok.

Dr. Gokhale, have you prepared Thakur?s medical report?

Yes, sir. I?ve put those papers in this file.

Mr. Thakur didn?t have any such disease.

I see! How?s Chaudhary feeling now?

He'll have to be in hospital for a few more days.

Good evening, sir.
I am Shetty speaking.

Yes, Shetty. What?s the matter?

Sir, one can understand if a goon kills a goon.

I couldn?t understand a police
personnel being killed by another.

Yes, but why are you
so worried about this?

Sir, nothing at all.

This matter is being discussed by the entire city.

Sir, we have got to keep an eye.

The police keep an eye
on us and vice-versa.

Do let me know if I can
serve you in any way.

? I want to meet Mr. Chaudhary.

We have the orders from our seniors
that nobody can meet him.

What do you say?

I am his son. Nobody can stop me.

Look, I can ever arrest you if
you force. That?s why..

Hello, Vishal. What brought you here?

Uncle, why am I not allowed
to meet my father?

You don?t understand that he?s been admitted in
the hospital as he?s not keeping well.

The doctors say that he shouldn?t be
allowed to meet anybody.

Son, Thakur's death has affected his mental balance.

But Thakur's death might have been an accident.

I?ll be the happiest man
if Mr. Chaudhary happens..

..to get released from this case.

And our department will also
escape from a big disgrace.

? You don?t bother yourself.

Everything will be fine in a couple of days.

Vishal, what happened?

He?s fine I guess.

Till when will he be kept in hospital?

Mother, I wasn?t allowed to meet daddy!


Vishal, you meet Desai and
talk to him at least!

I meet Mr. Desai! He..

He doesn?t bother about father, but his department!

He was saying that everything will be fine!

Mother, I don?t see anything right.

Everything is getting entangled!

I don't understand who wants to do what with Daddy!

Brother Khan, you say.
What do we do about Chaudhary?

I can fight case both ways.

I hope you?re getting what I am saying.

I can get Chaudhary awarded a life
imprisonment for Thakur?s death.

And I can also prove him to be mad.

You tell me what to do.

Tell me about everything
you require for this case..

..also of the papers that
I want from other offices.

I?ll manage things outside the court.

You manage the inside proceedings.

Doctor, take proper care of Chaudhary.

I?ve seen the file.

There are many difficulties in this case.

Still I?ll try.
? Do anything, advocate.

Some way has to come out.

We?ll be very grateful to you.

I am Khan speaking.

Alright. Fine. I?ll manage.

Look. Nothing can be done in this case.

I?ts a very weak case.

No lawyer would like to take up this case.

Why do you say so? You know legal procedures.

It's your profession.

Please get him released for now.

We?ll then fight the case on our own.

He?s not even keeping well these days.

He can be given proper
attention if he?s at home.

I?I beg of you!

No, mother! No!

Look. I do understand your problem.

I can?t do anything in it.
Please forgive me.

Mother, let?s go.
There?s no hope over here.

There?s no hope over here.


Who are you?
? I am Peter D?costa.

Do you have any Shakespeare book?

? Shakespeare!

Any book! Please lend me,
I?ll return after reading it.

You have come to a wrong place. Please go.

Lett hat aside. I am articulate. Isn?t it!

My speech is very good.

Do you feel from my speech

..am I Peter D?costa? No! No!

Actually I am not Peter D?costa!
Yusuf Khurram!

My name is Yusuf Khurram.
- Constable.

Kamat! Were you sleeping?

Go and call someone.

So that he can take him to the right place.

Cigarette! You don?t smoke this brand?

Can I use your match box?

Thank you.

My cigarette has fallen on the floor! Leave me!

Where?s my cigarette!
Where?s my cigarette!

The cigarette is so costly!
My cigarette!

Take away this lunatic.

Leave me! Leave! Leave!

Please get my cigarette
sent to room no.10 if you find it.

My cigarette is lying there!

Doctor! Doctor, please do something!

Please save my child!
He?ll die if he doesn?t get blood!

Don't trouble me!

The blood will be transfused
only when it?s available.

Please be seated!

Doctor, my child will die!
Please save him!

Oh no! What kind of crazy woman are you?
Please be seated!

Doctor, is this the way to talk?

Please explain to her understand properly.

You please be seated.
He?s making the arrangements.

PLease sit.

Mr. Chaudhary, let me introduce you to them.

Dr. Rastogi, Dr. Gupte, Dr. Sahay..

..and dr. Khan right in front of you.


What prank you think you people are playing?

This man had entered my room yesterday as a lunatic.

D?costa! After that Khurram..

..now he?s become Dr. Khan!

Relax Mr. Chaudhary.
Relax. Please have some water.

I don?t want to have water!

Mr. Chaudhary, you just asked for water.

When did I ask for water?

You refused for coffee
and asked water instead.

What nonsense!

Didn?t I say that I didn?t ask for water?

When was I offered coffee?

You can see as Ms. Rubina is
still standing with the coffee.

This woman was fighting with this doctor yesterday.

To get her child the blood transfused.

What's all this?

Am I being tried upon to become insane?

Am I being subjected to some kind of fun?

I?ll not spare anyone of you.

You?re all an accomplice in this conspiracy.

You'll suffer for this!
I am saying it!

Boys, take him to his room.

Shut up.

Leave me! Leave me!

I am saying I don?t
want this injection!

I can sleep even without it!
Leave me!

What's going on? Leave him.
Please leave him.

You don?t have any idea of who he is!

Commissioner. Mr. Chaudhary.

Greetings, Mr. Chaudhary.

Khan! You!
? Yes, it?s me.

I knew that there will be a story with you.

I got Thakur killed in the hospital.


You got Thakur murdered?
? Yes.

You did have great pride over your law.

Now, Baba Khan will get
unveil your the law's real nature!

I?ll prove that the law is governed by me.

I won?t only be proved in the court
that you killed Thakur..

..but it?ll also be proved that you?re cynical and mad.

Baba Khan! Leave me!

Chaudhary, this hot temper got you ruined.

I could?ve got you killed
like your elder son.

But instead of killing you, I want to make
you retire like a lame horse!

You?re the murderer of my son?

You killed my son?

I ordered Mana Shetty
to crush him under a vehicle.

I got him killed.

Like you, even he was
fascinated by uprightness.

A fake report was to be made and he refused.
? You swine!

You ruined my life and my career! I?ll..

Chaudhary, your health doesn?t
permit you to get angry.

Administer the injection to him.
He needs rest.

You?ve even got to reach
to the court tomorrow.

Khan, your end has arrived!

You can?t ruin the truth of law by bribing a few officials.

The truth is always safe under the roof of law.

Khan, your joy of victory won?t last for long.

Khan, I hope you?re listening? Khan, I hope you?re listening?


You honour, I?ve been doing my duty
honestly for the past 25 years.

I've risked my life innumerable
times for the sake of duty.

I?ve faced dangers several times.
endangering myself.

Your honour, look at this.
Look. The marks of bullets.

It?s a proof to that.

My Lord, we are not here
to ascertain what..

..Mr. Chaudhary has done for his department.

I do agree that he?s done
a few commendable jobs.

He?s shown exemplary feats
of courage and bravery.

But even these events
pertain to the period..

..when he was mentally perfectly fit.

Unfortunately, for a couple of years..

..he?s mentally imbalanced
since his son died.

It?s a lie! It?s wrong!
My dad is being plotted against!

You please be seated.

Do not interfere in the
proceedings of the court.

Vishal! Please!
? But..

My Lord, in a way, the police department got..

..saved from getting stained.

Else something worse
could have happened.

Your honour, I am saying I am not
responsible for Thakur?s death.

I want to say a few more things to the court.


My Lord, Mr. Chaudhary has been committing
a few mistakes earlier also.

Nobody paid any heed to those.

But recently without any precise plan,
he took 20 policemen..

.. and clashed with dangerous criminals at a public place.

He didn?t even feel the need to take advise
from the commissioner, Mr. Desai.

Not only that, but he shot
at public place due..

..to which two people got injured and are
still under treatment.

And the young constable Khan also died in this mishap.

His ferocity crossed its limits..

..when he beat to death sub-inspector Thakur.

Inspector Sharma was present there when he..

..was beating up Thakur.

I?d like to have the permission
to call him as a witness.

Permission granted.

Inspector Sharma, were you present there..

..when Mr. Chaudhary merciressly
was thrashing Thakur?

Yes. I was present.

But Thakur wasn?t hit to the extent
that he could die.

I feel there?s another reason of Thakur?s death.

I am not asking you what you feel.

Please say what you did see.

You get my point I guess.

What was the need to take Thakur to the..

..hospital if he wasn?t beaten up to that extreme?

You do agree I guess that you too felt the..

..need to take him to the hospital
seeing his condition?

- You may go now.

My lord, I've put the entire case before the court.

I?ve even presented the medical report of Mr. Chaudhary..

..that Dr. Thakker has prepared.

Which has? - Enough!

Enough of this drama!

Stop it now! Stop it!

Mylord! The report is a false one.

Dr. Thakker too is a liar! He?s been bribed.

They all have been bribed!

I was continuously tried upon to make me
go insane int hat hospital.

One face was presented to me in two ways.

Firstly, a lunatic enters my room at night..

..and the next day he?s introduced to me as Dr. Khan.

A woman ask for blood from the doctor.

She fights with the doctor.

The next day the same woman
comes to me as a nurse!

If these are not ruses to make me go mad..

She?s the woman!

My Lord! She?s the one!

She?s come as a lawyer this time!

My Lord, this action of Mr. Chaudhary..

..is the most important proof to the court.

He calls Mrs. Gupta, a lawyer, a nurse.

He might call me the priest of some temple.

He may even call you a film star
Dilip Kumar or Dharmendra.

Order. Order. Order.

This man!

Now you?ll say that he?s the same lunatic that..

..was later on presented as a doctor?

Yes, yes. He?s the one!

Order. Order. Order.

My Lord, it?s all a sham!

Baba Khan has orchestrated it all.

I wanted to end his illegal empire.

I beat up Thakur because he was an
accomplice of Baba Khan.

It was Thakur that was responsible
for the failure of our operation.

He was later killed by Baba Khan?s
men in the hospital.

So that I'd be blamed for that too.

Not only this, my Lord..

Baba Khan and Shetty are responsible
for the death of my elder son as well.

I didn?t wish to disclose this to the court in..

..the presence of my family.

No, mother!

If the court thinks I am lying and decides to..

..become a part of Baba Khan?s plot, then..

My Lord! Why is my husband subjected
to this extent of torture?

What did he not do for the sake of his duty?

He endangered his own life on several occasions.

Today in this crowded courtroom, in this manner..


My Lord. I am now going to present a very crucial witness.

He got delayed due to an important meeting.

He?s the commissioner Mr. Desai.

When did you have a doubt that the Mr. Chaudhary..

..is mentally not stable?

I found his behaviour strange
on many earlier occasions.

I simply ignored.

Like, one week after
his elder son's death..

..he wanted to take me
to the premiere of some film.

I thought maybe..

..he wished to go there so that
he can forget that event.

This man is lying.

He's framing my Dad!

This.. Desai is a part and parcel of Baba Khan!

Don't believe him!

Look. You please abide
by the court?s decorum.

You please speak when
you?re called int he witness box.

Yes, Mr. Desai. Please speak up.
? Yes.

One day he spoke to my daughter
about his carreer.

The number of times he was
transferred from city to city.

Mr. Desai. possibly, your daughter
was quite close to him..

..that she took extra interest
in his conversation?

My Lord, my daughter is just two years old.

Then I began to keep an eye on him.

I even got my officers informed.
? You scoundrel!

You're my dad's enemy, you dog!
You too are a part of this plot!


Vishal! What nuisance is this!

Vishal, you?re int he court!

Order. Order. Order.



Leave him, Vishal! Leave him!


On the basis of the witnesses proofs
and medical reports it has been proved..

..that Mr. Chaudhary is mentally unstable.

Therefore a qualified doctor should treat him..

..at govt. expense.

Mr. Chaudhary.

Babu, open the door.

Your son is absolutely fine.

Everybody says he?ll be soon set free.

You felt so proud, right?

On your honesty and truth.

You've performed your duty so well

You collected so many medals and awards.

You kept bringing your bravery awards..

..and I?ll kept decorating the house.

The house where I feel so lonely today!

Your duty snatched away everything from me.

Am I feeling happy to see you in this condition?

Revathy, Vishal shouldn?t have
done that int he court.

You don?t think Vishal rightfully got angry?

You were insulted in full view of the court.

How could your son, who's grown up now..

..bear all this silently?

Had he even killed Desai I'd have considered..

...him to have done the right thing!
? Revathy!

How many more tests do I have to give?

How many more sufferings have
I to go through for being your wife?

The law that you swore
to all your life has..

..struck havoc on my life today.

You've been thrown into this darkness..

.. as a handicapped man...

..and my son..

My son..My son..


You rogue! You hit police personnel?

What man!

What do you think? Only you know rowdyism?

You swine!

You?ve not encountered someone like me!

You rogue! It?s a beginning.

Until I freeze your warm blood,..

.. the court won't give a date!

Mrs. Chaudhary!

Desai, don't think that I've come
to you with some request.

I've come to warn you!

Your time to get destroyed has arrived.

If Vishal is my son..

..If he?s my son..

..then no iron bars can keep him imprisoned.

The decision of sinners like you will happen
the moment he?s out.

Mrs. Chaudhary, you..

You've drowned my life in tears.

If you can stop this hurricane
coming towards you.

Yes, Desai. Yes.

I, the wife of Ramakant Chaudhary..

..and Vishal?s mother..

..declare the war today.

Special information.

Vishal Chowder, that got arrested on assaulting
the police commissioner..

..has escaped from the prison.

While the police were trying to nab him..

..Mr. Ramakant Chaudhary escaped
from Thane?s Mental Asylum.

Mr. Ramakant Chaudhary was on a senior..

..designation in the police force.

Recently, he was declared
unfit and removed from service.

He was kept at ?Thane?s Mental Asylum?
for treatment.

If anybody gets any information regarding..

.. Vishal Chaudhary or Ramakant Chaudhary..

..then they can get in touch with the local police station.

The announcement is over.

O God!

Take this.
? No!

Hold it and speak.

You can?t kill me!

I can do anything.
? No!

A lunatic can do anything.
? No!

A lunatic can even commit a murder.
? No!

You want blood for your son, right?
? I don?t!

You want blood for your son, right?
- No!

Will you go to the court as a lawyer?
? No!

Speak up!

Please forgive me!

You know who killed Thakur!

Spare me!

Disclose his name to me.
? Leave me!

Who killed Thakur!
? I..I am saying.

If Chaudhary can reach to lawyer Gupte..

..then he?ll look for Dr. Vivek too.

Chaudhary shouldn?t get any proof.

Kill the doctor!



Vishal! My son!

Sir, I deserved punishment.

You saved me and my family.

I?ll tell everything int he court.
I?ll tell the truth.

I?ll let it know how they made me kill Thakur.

Maybe, it?d be my repentance.

Mr. Chaudhary, this place is
not safe for both of you.

I?ve witnessed so much in life!

I saw the pyre of Vikas.

I happened to see your mother?s tearful eyes.

I?ve seen you..

..and even myself as a criminal.

I don't know what else I'll have to see.


Time has trampled my arrogance in such a way.

I had only interest since childhood:

To run.

I don't know from where I'd get the strengh
to run in every competition.

Nobody could overtake me from any side.

I didn?t allow anyone to pass from my left.

Where did I wish to reach running?

Which line mark did I wish to touch?

I?ve understood it today.

Actually I was running all alone.

I spent 32 years of my life
in this blind race.

What did I gain out of it?

It?d have been better
if the bullet had pierced my heart.

I?d have died.

But I had to live to see this disgrace today!

Stop it, dad. Enough.

It wasn?t you that got embarrassed.

Humanity and truth have been disgraced.

It?s not you, the victim, but the honesty
has been pushed into the darkness of disgrace.

Nobody can fiddle with your kind of recognition.

The people of the world shall always recall you as an example.

Yes dad. They shall always remember your name.

They shall always remember.

I don?t want any excuse.

Kill them if you can?t catch them alive.

I give you 24 hours.

What bad news have you brought now?

Sir, we have arrested Mr. Chaudhary.

- Inspector Vijay, sir.

You must?ve got the news.

Mr. Chaudhary has created a scene in the lock up.

You please come over, sir.

Sir, I am very glad today.

My transfer to Junagadh
has finally got permanently stalled.

Sir, we both are to be promoted.

Yes, inspector Sharma.

Sir, we have taken away the revolver from him.
? Good.

It appears that you didn?t like
the environment of the mental asylum.

You forgot that I've cut all yours
links with the outside world.

What?s happening?

Why did you lock the door?

They won't obey you anymore

Because your dirty nature
has been exposed to them

? Yes, it?s me.

After being slapped by truth just once,
everything seems blurred to you!

Did you recognize him?

He?s one of those sinners that
proved my father a criminal.

Hello. Khadapasi police station.

What! Mr. Desai?

Actually he?s busy. He?s eating.

Yes. You call later?

Actually it?s like taking a chance.

Yes. Thank you.

Desai, now see my court!

Everything right from witness,
arguments to proofs..

..they are going to be presented right here today.

If you love your life..

..then you?ll kill him.

No! Mr. Desai, please don?t kill me! No!

Mr. Desai, I did so much for you!

No, Mr. Desai! No!
? Shoot!

Mr. Desai, sign these papers.
? What?s there in it?

It?s an order to raid Khan?s
and Shetty?s locations.

I won?t sign these papers.

Desai, you?ll sign for sure.


..this photopgraph and casette.

This photo will get published
within an hour if you don?t sign.

The headline shall be, ?Commissioner Desai
shoots constable Gupta.?

My job! My prestige!

Then sign on these papers.

Get hold of him!

Remove all our consignments from the
warehouses at Chembur and Virar.



Check at the rear side.

Let them go. Let them go. Go.

Bring that van.

Don?t move! Don?t move! Hands down!

Get hold of him!

A big stock of drug got seized.

The police have done a commendable job.

Hard to believe! Marvellous job!

The police can do anything
if it decides to.

Twenty girls freed from
the clutches of pimps.

Police found 20 girls in a flat
a building in Anderi

This flat is said to be of some
close relative of Baba Khan.

Such people should be hanged
irrspective of who they are.

The police are decisively
after Khan and Shetty.

I heard some girls were found
in a flat belonging to Khan.

They are worthless people! They should be caught that way.

Mr. Desai, I believe Khan and Shetty
are out of their dreams?

The whole city has come
to know of their evil deeds.

I think it?s high time you sign
arrest warrants.

No. Please don?t let me do this.
They will..

Please sign.

Sir, we should have tea on this occasion of you permit.

Mr. Desai, please have some tea.

? Now you?ll say he?s the one that you killed!

Yes! Yes, he?s the one!

Mr. Desai, even we know to play game.

The claim of nabbing them in 24 hours.

Shetty, today you?ve become
of equalled status.

Baba Khan! Mana Shetty!

It looks our weights look equal.

Even the law holders have proved
that even our prices are the same.

Brother Khan, it?s not
the time for us to fight.

It?s to befriend.

Brother Khan, Chaudhary and Vishal
want to stop both of us.

And the entire city
police force is with them.

Brother Khan, that's why this meeting
of ours was most necessary.

Azt sem akarom, hogy a rend?rs?g
valaha is vitassa az uralmunkat.

The criminal and police shall
have a face to face fight now.

Shetty, our first attack should be on any..

..weak point of theirs.

The weakness is Chaudhary?s wife
and Vishal?s mother.

? No!

No, Shetty.

Brother Khan, the blood of my brother on the road..

..shall be washed away only with blood!

Chaudhary?s constable is
roaming openly on the streets.

Inspector Sharma.
Another soldier of that lot.

That has proclaimed a war against us.

The police personnel roams
around alone at this hour..

..it implies that the reputation of crime world is in danger.

I?d told you earlier that these people
can do anything.

Mr. Chaudhary, you?re responsible
for inspector Sharma?s death.

It?s you!

People like you have empowered the people..

..that have murdered Sharma.

Mr. Desai, when a brave police personnel dies it
brings a sea change.

The punishment to Shetty
and Khan is not imprisonment..

..but death.

- Mr. Chaudhary.

It?s for the first time that a police personnel
has tried to uproot our reign.

You?ll have to bear its consequence.

? You didn?t give me any chance to save my brother.

We?ll surely give you a chance
to save your wife.

What! Revathy..

We'll leave your wife at the Fountain
crossroad at one o'clock.

You both can witness our unabashed
display of rowdysm over there.

Dad, what happened?

Is mother ok? Dad!

Vishal, your mother is not well.

We?ve got only an hour. Let?s go!

Dad! Mother!


Where?s she gone? She?s not to be seen.


? Don?t come close to me!

Don?t come near me!
- Mother!

Don?t get close to me! No!
Don?t come close to me!

Mother, nothing will happen to you!
? No!

I promise you! I love you, mother!
? Vishal!

Dad, please save mother!

Stop them! Somebody stop them!

Leave me! Leave me! Leave me!

Let me save my mother! Leave me!

? Save my mother!

? Mother! I love you! I love you!

Mother, you won?t get hurt! Mother!

Mother, you won?t be hurt!
We?ll return to our house.

? Revathy!

Leave me! Leave me!
My mother will die!

My mother will die!

Free me!

Mother, you don?t worry!
We?ll return to our house.





- Revathy!

- Revathy!

Mother! Mother!


Mother! Mother!


You got my son killed, right?

You killed my wife!

My wife?s killer!

He?s Mana Shetty!

This devil has killed many helpless people!

Hit him!
? Kill him!

Catch him!
? Kill him!


No, Chaudhary! Forgive me!


No! No!..No!

No! No!



Kill him! Kill him!



No, Chaudhary! Forgive me! No!

No! No!

No! No!

Kill him! Kill him!
? No!

Hit him! Kill him!
? No!

Brother Khan!

Brother Khan!

Brother Khan, please save me!
? What?

The movement of my life can stop any moment.
? What!

Chaudhary has tied a bomb to me.

Brother Khan, please remove it.

Brother Khan, please remove it.

Or else I?ll die.
? Then die! You?d kill me?

Brother Khan, please remove it. Brother Khan!
? Move away!

Brother Khan, save..
? Don?t come close!

Brother Khan, please save me. Brother Khan!

- Brother Khan, please save me.

Brother Khan, remove it.
? Leave me!

- Brother Khan, remove it. Or else we both shall lose our movement.

Brother Khan!
? Leave me!

Remove it soon!
? Leave me! I don?t wish to die!

Brother Khan!
- Leave me! Shetty, leave me!

Brother Khan!
- Shetty, leave me!

Sir, they got Thakur killed through me.

Mr. Chaudhary is not guilty.


You?re suspended, Mr. Desai.